The Old Truck
`89 Toyota Extended Cab V6 4X4

The earliest picture of the `89 truck. After adding the light bar.
After adding the light bar (rear view). With the winch, lights, & aluminum TJM bumper.
Some dirty pictures of the truck.
How many people could you fit in it? 10 here on the way to an F-15 crash. 9 here on the way to an F-100 crash site.
Camping in El Golfo, Mexico. Camping south of Yucca, AZ.
Camping in the Mojave, CA desert.
Winching a P-38 engine for a museum. Winching a friend out of sand in NV.



A great spot we used to drive to (now closed to vehicles) where we would rappel.
It had a great cliff to teach beginners (below left) and another cliff that was fun (below right).
We would tie the rope right to the bumper of the truck (below).


A run through Box Canyon, Florence, AZ.



Stuck in the Big Sandy River, AZ.

First, on the way down I discovered that the Toyota was significantly heavier than the ATVs whose tracks I was following! (Left)

Then, on the way back, I got stuck crossing the river (below). It did not look to bad from the front, but the right rear was well sunk. The Big Sandy lived up to its name.


Got caught deep in the AZ outback when a heavy summer monsoon hit.




Perhaps my favorite picture of the truck. The contrast of the dry lake in the sun to the dark shadowed mountains in the background. Leading a Hummer and Land Rover to a F-100 crash site.
Looking for a P-51 crash on this trip. Heading up to a T-38 crash site here.



Coup de Grāce
The rock that did her in...

I saw rock #1, but #2 was hiding behind a clump of grass. Rock #2 is much more visible from the other side.
Below, the scar on the rock, or more like an iceberg, as only a tiny bit of it was sticking out of the ground, the bulk of it was deep underground.

I was only going 5 mph and could have easily gone to the right of rock #2, but decided to go to the left and drive over the "clump of grass." However there was a rock hidden in the clump. It stopped me dead cold and the rock did not budge at all. It moved the front tire back 1 1/2 inches!!!

I replaced the lower A arm and had a body shop straighten the frame. I drove the truck for another 6 months. It would barely hold an alignment.
So with that, all the other creaks, groans, and fatigue issues, combined
with the fact that I didn't like the 2005 Tacoma, I decided to look for
a one-year-old 2004 Tacoma!


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