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Part Number Prefix By Aircraft Type


When prefix numbers are followed by a dash (52-) the part number has a dash in it. Ex: 52-3574
When prefix numbers are followed by a plus (71+) the part number is continuous. Ex 719135
When a bold L (L) appears it represents any letter. Ex: 128+L+ would be 128J84625
Any other letters that appear are the actual letters in the prefix. Ex: VS would be VS10250
When a bold number sign (#) appears it represents any number. Ex: 7+####- would be 72563-256
Commas are used only to separate multiple prefixes. Ex: 208,209,244,248- represents four different prefixes. Examples of each: 208-63575, 208-15638, 244-68452, and 248-95132

Note: Some of these part numbers are not verified. While every effort has been made to assure accuracy, there may be errors. Nor does this represent all of the prefix numbers for each aircraft.
When trying to identify a crash site always use the most common prefixes found there, never rely on just one or two parts.

For North American aircraft the prefix number represents the North American model number.
Ex: the F-86E-5 (and F-86E-1) was NA-170 the prefix for the part numbers is 170-
At the crash site of an F-86E-5 I would expect to find 170- prefixes as well as prefixes for an F-86A
(140, 151, 161-) as the F-86E was an improvement of the F-86A, but still retained many of the same parts. I would not expect to find later model prefix numbers such as 193- (F-86F) or 203- (F-86H)
As always there are exceptions to the rule. An example would be if an F-86E was upgraded with F-86F-40  wings, which was a common practice in training Sabres.


USAF Trainers
AT-6 North American 55,59-
AT-6 A North American 77,78-
AT-6 B North American 84-
AT-6 C North American 88-
AT-6 D North American 88,121-
AT-6 F North American 121-
AT-6 G North American 168-
AT-11 Beechcraft 804-
AT-17 Cessna 54576
BT-9 North American 19-
BT-9 A North American 19A-
BT-9 B North American 23-
BT-9 C North American 29-
BT-13 Vultee 63,74,79-
BT-14 all North American 58-
BT-15 Vultee 63,74,79-
PT-13 Stearman 75-
PT-19 Stearman 64,68-
T-6 A Raytheon 133-
T-28 A North American 159,171,174,189-
T-28 B North American 200,219-
T-28 C North American 226,252-
T-33 A Lockheed 176,177,178+
T-34 B Beechcraft 45-
T-37 Cessna 412+
T-38 Northrop 2,3-
T-39 A North American 246,265,276-
T-39 B North American 270-
T-39 D North American 277,285-
T-39 E North American 282-
T-39 G North American 306-
USAF Laison & Observation
L-1 Stinson 70-
L-5   Stinson 76-
L-19/ O-1 Cessna 172 to 186+, 800 to 890+
O-47 A North American 25-
O-47 B North American 51-
OV-1 Grumman 134-
OV-10 Rockwell 249,300,305-
O-2 A Cessna 142+
USAF Fighters & Recon.
P-38 Lockheed 19,20,21,22,23,24+
P-39 Bell 12,14,15,23,24,25,26-
P-40 40,A,B,C on Curtis-Wright 81-
P-40 E, on Curtis-Wright 87-
P-47 D Republic 89,93,101-
P-47 N Republic 96-
P-51   North American 91-
P-51 A North American 99-
P-51 B North American 102,104-
P-51 C North American 103,111-
P-51 D North American 109,111,122,124-
P-51 H North American 126-
P-51 K North American 111-
P-59 Bell 27-
P-61 A,B Northrop 51- or  513, 516, 517
P-63 Bell 33,37,41-
P-80 Lockheed 174,175,176+
P-82 North American 120-
P-82 B North American 123-
P-82 E North American 144-
P-82 F North American 149-
P-82 G,H North American 150-
F-84 Republic 30,37,38+L+
F-86 A North American 140,151,161-
F-86 D North American 164,165,173,177,190,201-
F-86 E North American 170,172-
F-86 F North American 172,176,191,193,202,227,231,238,256-
F-86 H North American 187,203-
F-86 K North American 205,222,213,221,242-
F-94 C Lockheed 45+
F-100 A North American 180,192-
F-100 C North American 214,217,222-
F-100 D North American 223,224,235,245-
F-100 F North American 243,255,261,262-
F-101 McDonnell 20,33+
F-102 A Convair 8-
F-104 A Lockheed 72,76,77,78,79+
F-105 D Republic 57,79-
F-106 A Convair 8-
F-107 A North American 212-
F-111 General Dynamics 12+L+
F-117 A Lockheed 20-
F-4 all McDonnell 32,53-
F-5 Northrop 2,3,4,6,7,14-
F-15 all McDonnell Douglas 67,68+L+
F-16 all General Dynamics 16+L+
F-22 Lockheed 50+L
SR-71 Lockheed 4A,549-
USAF Attack
A-1 Douglas 525+
A-7 Ling-Temco-Vought 215,216,218-
A-10 Fairchild 160+L+
A-26 Douglas 412,415,419,512,515,519+
A-27 North American 69-
A-35 Vultee 72-, 88-
A-36 A North American 97-
A-37 Cessna 41+
USAF Bombers
B-17 all Boeing # - one to three digit number followed by a dash.
B-24 D thru J Consolidated 32+L+
B-25   North American 62-
B-25 A   North American 62A-
B-25 B North American 62B-
B-25 C North American 82,90,93,94,96-
B-25 D North American 87,100-
B-25 G North American 96- NOTE: 96 is also used for C
B-25 H North American 98-
B-25 J North American 108-
A/B-26 Douglas 412,415,419,512,515,519+
B-26 all Martin 34,36,38-
B-29 all Boeing # - one to three digit number followed by a dash.
B-32 all Consolidated 33-
B-36 Convair 36L
B-45 North American 130-
B-45 A North American 147-
B-45 C North American 153-
B-52 Boeing 4,5,25,34,35,36-
B-57 Martin 272-
B-70 North American 259,278-
B-1  A,B Rockwell L3,L5,L6,L12,L30,L32,L63+
USAF Transports
C-45 all Beachcraft 74,84,94,734,784,794-
C-46 all Curtis-Wright 20-
C-47 all Douglas 511,512,513,514+
C-54 Douglas 517,523,524+
C-78 Cessna 54576
C-119 Fairchild 110-
C-130 Lockheed 3+L+ to 38+L+
C-135 Boeing 5,6,8,9,25,35,39,60,64,65,69,90+
C-141 B Lockheed 5+L+
C-5 A  Lockheed 4+L+
E-3 A Boeing 65,69,204+
C17 Lockheed NBA+
AH-1 all Bell 209,212-
UH-1 all Bell 204,205-
H-2 all Kaman K6+
H-3 all Sikorsky S61+
H-34 all Sikorsky S16+
CH-46 all Boeing A02+L+
H-47 all Boeing 114+L+
H-53 all Sikorsky 65+
H-54 all Sikorsky S64+
H-58 all Bell 206-
H-60 A  Sikorsky 7+####-
AH-64 A  Hughs-McDonnell-Douglas 7-
USN Trainers
SNB all Beachcraft 74,84,94,734,784,794-
SNJ 1 North American 52-
SNJ 2 North American 65,79-
SNJ 3 North American 77-
SNJ 4 North American 88-
SNJ 5 North American 88,121-
T2J 1 North American 241,249,253,266-
T3J   North American 246,277,285-
T-28 B North American 200,219-
T-28 C North American 226,252-
T-34 B Beechcraft 45-
USN Fighters
F2H McDonald 15-, 23-
F3H McDonald 25-
F4F all Grumman 71+
FM all General Motors 71+
F6F 3,5 Grumman 24,25,26,27+
F7F all Grumman 37,38,39,40+
F8F all Grumman 10 to 16+,23,33,53,55,57+,66 to 80+
F9F all Grumman 136+,137+,139+
F4U all Chance-Vought VS+
FG all Goodyear VS+
FJ 1 North American 134,141-
FJ 2 North American 179,181-
FJ 3 North American 194,215-
FJ 4 North American 208,209,244,248-
F-4 all McDonnell-Douglas 32,53-
F8U all Chance-Vought CV+
F-14 all Grumman A51+L+
F-18 all Northrop Grumman 74+L+
USN Attack
A-1 Douglas 525+
AJ 1 North American 146,156,160-
AJ 2 North American 169,184-
AJ 2P North American 175,183-
A3J 1,2 North American 247,263,269-
A3J 3 North American 269,279,283,296-
A-4 Douglas 155,355,400,557,566,567,582+
A-5 see A3J North American
A-6 all Grumman 128+L+
A-7 Ling-Temco-Vought 215,216,218-
AV-8 B McDonald 75+L+
USN Bombers
PBM Martin 162-
PBY all Consolidated 28-
PB4Y all Consolidated 100-
P2V Lockheed 14,28,30,31,33,41,42,43,44,51,52,
53,66,82+,87 to 98+
P-3 Lockheed 800 to 940+
C-2 A  Grumman 123+L+
S-2 all Grumman 89+L+
SB2C 5 Curtis-Wright 84-
SBD Douglas 106,109,119,205,206,219,405,406,412,
TBM 3 Grumman 20,21,22,32,34,35,36,51+
BQM-34 A Ryan 124+L+

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