Country Codes:

Country Code Country
ADI Admiralty Islands
ADR Adriatic Sea
AES Allied-Egyptian States or Sudan
AFR Africa [where no distinct location is given or can be located]
AK Alaska 
ALG Algeria
ANT Antigua [Coolidge Fld], BWI
ARB Arabia [referring to the entire Arabian peninsula]
ARG Argentina
ARU Aruba [Dakota Fld], DWI
ASI Ascension Is [Wideawake Fld]
AST Australia
ATL Atlantic Ocean [all LAS a/c for the Atlantic Ocean]
AUS Austria
AZI Azores Islands
BAH Bahrain
BAR Barbados [Sewall Fld], BWI
BCO Belgian Congo
BEL Belgium
BER Bermuda [Kindley Fld]
BGA British Guiana [Atkinson Fld]
BHM Bahamas [Windsor Fld], Nassau
BOL Bolivia
BUR Burma
BWI British West Indies
BZL Brazil
CAM Cambodia
CAN Canada [all provinces-except for Labrador and Newfoundland]
CAR Caribbean area [used when an aircraft was lost at sea (LAS)]
CBI China-Burma-India Theater of Operations [used when an aircraft was, listed MIS (missing in service) often these aircraft were also listed, with an MACR but with no location or country of crash]
CEL Ceylon now Sri Lanka
CHI China [anywhere within continental borders-except Formosa/Taiwan]
CHL English Channel [loss in water or on any of the Channel Islands; all Islands are named or their close proximity in the Location column]
CHS Christmas Island [Casady Fld]
CLE Chile
CNP Central Pacific Ocean
COL Columbia
COR Corsica [only]
COS Costa Rica
CRE Crete [Heraklion Fld]
CUB Cuba
CUR Curacao [Hato Fld], DWI
CZ Canal Zone
CZE Czechoslovakia
DEN Denmark
DMR Dominican Republic
ECU Ecuador [Salinas Apt]
EGY Egypt
ENG England [anywhere on the main island-except Wales, Scotland, Islands]  (Channel Islands will be listed as CHL then look under Location)
ERT Eritrea
EUR Generic for a crash in Europe that the USAAF didn't know where it occurred
FCM Chad
FEA French Equitorial Africa
FGA French Guiana
FIJ Fiji
FMO French Morocco
FOR Formosa
FRA France
FWA French West Africa
GAL Galapagos Islands
GAM Gambia
GDC Gold Coast [or the current day Ghana]
GEI Gilbert & Ellice Islands
GER Germany
GIB Gibraltar
GRE Greece
GRN Greenland
GUA Guatemala
GUD Guadalcanal
GUM Guam and Prov AB #2
HAT Haiti
HEB Hebrides Islands
HOL Holland
ICE Iceland [for all Bases on the Island]
INC Indo-China [usually referred to as Viet Nam]
IND India [which includes the Indian sub continent and East/West Pakistan]
IO Indian Ocean [which included the Bay of Bengal]
IRE Ireland [anywhere on the Island]
IRN Iran
IRQ Iraq
IRS Irish Sea
ITA Italy
IVC Ivory Coast
IWO Iwo Jima
JAM Jamica  includes [Vernam Fld], BWI
JPN Japan
KOR Korea
LAB Labrador
LIB Liberia
LUX Luxembourg
LYB Libya
MAL Malta
MAR Marshall Island
MAU Mauritania
MED Mediterranean Sea [all losses over the water where no coast locater is Given]
MEX Mexico
MTO Mediteranian Theater of Operations
NCD New Caledonia
NEI Netherlands East India
NFD Newfoundland
NGI New Georgia Is
NGU New Guinea
NHB New Hebrides Islands
NIC Nicaragua
NIG Nigeria
NSE North Sea
NZD New Zealand
OKI Okinawa
OMN Oman
PAC Pacific Ocean area [usually used for aircraft being ferried]
PAK Pakistan [probably should be changed]
PAL Palau Island Group
PAN Panama
PAR Paraguay
PER Peru
PHI Philippine Islands
PLT Palestine
POL Poland or Prussia
POR Portugal
PR Puerto Rico
PTO Pacific Theater of Operations
RUS Russia
RYU Ryukyu Islands
SA South American [used for crashes with the ATC and ferrying of aircraft]
SAI Saipan
SAM American Samoa
SAR Sardinia
SCS South China Sea
SCT Scotland
SEN Senegal [Rufisque Apt]
SIC Sicily
SMO Spanish Morocco
SOL Solomon Islands
SPA Spain
SRL Sierra Leone
STC St Croix [British Wet Indies]
STL St Lucia [Beane Fld], BWI
SUD Sudan
SUR Dutch Guiana/Surinam [Zandery Fld]
SWE Sweden
SWI Switzerland
SWP Southwest Pacific area
TAR Hawkins Fld, Tarawa Atoll
THI Hawaii [Territory of Hawaii for 7th AF only]
TIN Tinian Island
TOB Tobago Is, BWI
TRN Trinidad [Waller Fld]
TUN Tunisia
USA United States
VEN Venezuela
VGI Virgin Islands
WAL Wales
YUG Yugoslavia

U.S. States



Action Codes

Act Action Notes
AA Anti-aircraft  
ACB Accident combat  
ACC ACCident-unidentified  
ACF Accident due to Fire  
BACR Barrier Crash  
BB Bomb Blast  
BBDF Bomb Blast Destroyed by Fire  
BD Battle Damage  
BD Battle damage  
BEX Bailed out due to Explosion  
BLAS Bailed out-Lost At Sea  
BLS Blade Strike  
BMAC Bailed out due to Mid Air Collision  
BMACEF Bailed out Mid Air Collision due to Engine Failure  
BMACW Bailed out Mid Air Collison due to Weather  
BO Bail Out  
BOCR Bailed Out -CRashed  
BODF Bailed Out-Destroyed by Fire  
BOEF Bailed Out-Engine Failure  
BOEFB Bailed Out Engine Failure due to Bird strike  
BOEFW Bailed Out Engine Failure due to Weather  
BOEX Bailed Out due to EXplosion  
BOF Bailed Out due to Fire  
BOFF Bailed Out due to Friendly Fire  
BOMAC Bail Out, Mid Air Collision  
BOMF Bailed Out due to Mechanical Failure  
BOMFW Bailed Out due to Mechanical Failure/ Weather  
BOMIS Bailed Out/Missing In Service  
BOoG Bailed Out Out of Gas  
BOoGW Bailed Out Out of Gas due to Weather  
BOSF Bailed Out due to Structural Failure  
BOSSP Bailed Out due to Stall/ SPin  
BOW Bailed Out due to Weather  
BSL Blade Sail  
C Crash  
CBL Crashed Belly Landing  
CBLB Crash Belly Landed due to Bird strike  
CBLDF Crash Belly Landing Destroyed by Fire  
CBLEF Crashed Belly Landing due to Engine Failure or Fire  
CBLEFoG Crash Belly Landing Engine Fail Out of Gas  
CBLEX Crash Belly Landing due to EXplosion  
CBLF Crash Belly Landing Fire  
CBLFF Crashed Belly Landing due to Friendly Fire  
CBLMAC Crash Belly Landing due to Mid Air Collision  
CBLMF Crash Belly Landing due to Mechanical Failure  
CBLoG Crash Belly Landing Out of Gas  
CBLoGW Crash Belly Landing out of Gas due to Weather  
CBLSF Crash Belly Landing due to Struct Failure  
CBLTO Crash Belly Landing on Take Off  
CBLW Crashed Belly Landing due to Wether  
CGO Collision, Ground Obstacle  
CHT Crash Hovering Test  
CLGC Crashed Lack of Ground Cushion  
CLRRPM Crashed Low Rotor RPM  
CLWS Crash Landing Wire Strike  
CMRF Crashed Main Rotor Failure  
CPARL Crashed Practicing Auto Rotation Landing  
CR CRash [of unknown type]  
CRDF CRashed Destroyed by Fire  
CREF CRashed due to Engine Failure  
CREFTO Crashed due to Engine Failure on Take Off  
CREFW Crashed due to Engine Failure due to Weather  
CREX Crashed due to Explosion  
CREXBB CRashed due to EXplosion due to Bomb Blast  
CRF CRashed due to Fire  
CRFF Crashed due to Friendly Fire  
CRGC CRash Ground Collision Where pilot flew plane into water, ground or mtn, not due to stall/ spin, 
CRL CRash Landing  fire, structural failure, mid air collision, engine failure, etc aka CFIT
CRLDF CRash Landing Destroyed by Fire  
CRLEF CRash Landing Engine Failure  
CRLEX CRash Landing EXploded on ground  
CRLFF CRash Landing due to Friendly Fire  
CRLMF CRash Landing Mechanical Failure  
CRLOC Crashed loss of control  
CRLoG CRash Landing Out of Gas  
CRLoGW Crash Landing out of Gas due to Weather  
CRLSF CRash Landing Struactural Failure  
CRLTO Crash Landing on Take Off  
CRLW CRash Landing Weather  
CRMF CRash due to Mechanical Failure  
CRoG CRashed Out of Gas  
CRoGW CRash Landing Out of Gas Weather  
CRSF CRashed due to Structural Failure  
CRT CRashed on Take off CRT would then be when an aircraft cleared the Base perimeter and
CRTDF CRashed on Take off Destroyed Fire         was airborne for some distance before coming down. See TOA
CRTEF CRashed on Take off Engine Failure  
CRTEX CRashed on Take off Explosion  
CRTF CRashed on Take off due to Fire  
CRTMF CRashed on Take off Mechanical Failure  
CRToG Crashed on Takeoff out of Gas  
CRTW CRashed on Take off Weather  
CRU Crash of undetermined cause  
CRW CRashed due to Weather conditions  
CTRF Crashed Tail Rotor Failure  
CTRS Crashed Tail Rotor Strike  
DECR Deck Crash  
DF Destroyed by Fire on ground  
DFEF Destroyed by Fire due to Engine Fire  
DMAC Destroyed due to Mid Air Collision  
DTC Ditched  
DTCEF Ditched due to Engine Failure  
DTCFF Ditched due to Friendly Fire  
DTCMF Ditched due to Mechanical Failure  
DTCoG Ditched Out of Gas  
DTCW Ditched due to weather  
DTRF Ditched Tail Rotor Failure  
EA Enemy action  
EAA Enemy anti-aircraft  
EF Engine Failure or Engine Fire  
EFDF Engine Failure Destroyed by Fire  
EFF Engine Failure & Fire  
EMS Enemy strafing  
EX EXplosion  
EXCR EXplosion & CRash  
EXDF EXplosion Destroyed by Fire  
F Fire [used as a suffix]  
F Fire  
FDWL Fuselage Damaged While Landing  
FF Friendly Fire [shoot down]  
FKMF Fire Killed due to Mechanical Failure  
FL Forced Landing  
FLAC Forced Landing ACcident  
FLBS Forced Landing Bird Strike  
FLDF Forced Landing Destroyed by Fire  
FLEF Forced Landing due to Engine Failure  
FLEFDF Forced Landing due to Engine Failure, Destroyed by Fire  
FLEFF Forced Landing [repeat of FLEF ?]  
FLEFW Forced Landing due to Engine Failure by Weather  
FLEX Forced Landing EXplosion in air  
FLF Forced Landing due to Fire in air  
FLL Forced Landing Lost  
FLMAC Forced Landing due to Mid Air Collision  
FLMF Forced Landing Mechanical Failure  
FLMFoG Forced Landing Mechanical Failure/ Out of Gas  
FLoG Forced Landing Out of Gas  
FLoGW Forced Landing Out of Gas/Weather  
FLSF Forced Landing Structural Failure  
FLW Forced Landing due to Weather  
GAC Ground ACcident  
GACBB Ground Accident due to Bomb Blast  
GACDF Ground ACcident, Destroyed by Fire  
GACEF Ground ACcident due to Engine Failure  
GACEXF Ground ACcident, Explosion & Fire  
GACF Ground ACcident Fire  
GACFF Ground ACcident due to Friendly Fire  
GACMF Ground Accident due to Mechanical Failure  
GACW Ground Accident Weather  
GACX Ground ACcident due to eXplosion  
GDF Ground accident Destroyed by Fire  
GEF Ground accident caused by Engine Failure  
GEX Ground accident caused by EXplosion  
GEXDF Ground accident caused by Explosion Destroyed by Fire  
GEXF Ground Explosion and Fire  
GF Ground Accident Fire  
GL Ground Looped  
GLDF Ground Loop Destroy by Fire  
GLEF Ground Loop due to Engine Failure  
GLEFTO Ground Looped due to Engine Failure on Take Off  
GLEFX Ground Looped due to Engine Failure, eXplosion  
GLF Ground Loop due to Fire  
GLMF Ground Loop Mechanical Failure  
GLTO Ground Looped on Take Off  
GLTOA Ground Looped on Take Off Accident  
GLW Ground Looped due to Weather  
GLX Ground Looped due to Explosion  
GMAC Ground Collision  
GMACTO Ground Mid Air Collision on Take Off  
GMF Ground accident due to Mechanical failure  
GR Ground Resonance  
GyACC Gunnery ACCident  
INT INTerned  
KBMAC Killed Bailing out due to Mid Air Collsion  
KBO Killed, Bail Out  
KBOEF Killed, Bail Out due to Engine Failure  
KBOF Killed while Bailing Out due to Fire  
KBOMAC [same as above]  
KBOoG Killed, Bail Out out of Gas  
KBOSF Killed while Bailing Out due to Structural Failure  
KCBL Killed, Crash Belly Landing  
KCBLEF Killed, Crash Belly Landing Engine Failure  
KCR Killed in a CRash  
KCRBB Killed in a CRash due to Bomb Blast  
KCRDF Killed in a CRash Destroyed by Fire  
KCREF Killed in CRash due to Engine Failure  
KCREX Killed in CRash due to EXplosion  
KCRF Killed in CRash due to onboard Fire  
KCRFF Killed in a Crash, Friendly Fire [shoot down]  
KCRGC Killed in Crash Ground Collision See note on CRGC
KCRL Killed in CRash Landing  
KCRLDF Killed in Crash Landing Destroyed by Fire  
KCRLEF Killed in CRash Landing Engine Failure  
KCRLF Killed in CRash Landing due to Fire  
KCRLog Killed in CRash Landing out of Gas  
KCRLW Killed in CRash Landing due to Weather  
KCRMF Killed in CRash Mechanical Failure  
KCRMR Killed in a CRash due to Mechanical or Material Failure  
KCRog Killed in CRash out of Gas  
KCRSF Killed in a CRash due to structural failure  
KCRT Killed, CRashed on Take off  
KCRTDF Killed in Crash on Take Off Destroyed by Fire  
KCRTEF Killed CRash on Take off Eng Failure  
KCRTEX Killed CRash on Take off EXplosion  
KCRTMF Killed, CRashed on Take off Mechanical Failure  
KCRTX Killed CRash on Take off EXplosion  
KCRW Killed in a CRash due to Weather  
KCRX Killed in CRash due to eXplosion  
KDEF Killed-Destroyed due to Engine Failure  
KDF Killed aircraft Destroyed by Fire  
KDFF Killed Destroyed by Friendly Fire  
KDTC Killed in Ditching the aircraft  
KDTCFF Killed while Ditching due to Friendly Fire  
KEF Killed due to Engine Failure  
KEFW Killed due to Engine Failure/Weather  
KEX Killed due to EXplosion  
KEXFF Killed EXplosion due to Friendly Fire  
KEXMF Killed due to Explosion due to Mechanical Failure  
KEXSF Killed EXplosion due to Struct Failure  
KFCR Killed due to in air Fire-Crashed  
KFL Killed in a Forced Landing  
KFLEF Killed in a Foreced Landing Engine Failure  
KFLEX Killed in a Forced Landing EXplosion  
KFLoG Killed in a Forced Landing out of Gas  
KGAC Killed, Ground ACcident  
KGEX Killed in Ground Explosion  
KLAC Killed, Landing ACcident  
KLACEF Killed in a Landing Accidnet due to Engine Failure  
KLACoG Killed in a Landing Accident out of Gas  
KLAS Killed, Lost At Sea  
KLEX Killed, Lost due to EXplosion  
KMAC Killed, Mid Air Collision  
KMACB Killed due to a Mid Air Collision with a Bird  
KMACTO Killed, Mid Air Collision on Take Off  
KMAX Killed Mid Air Explosion  
KMF Killed, Mechanical Failure  
KMFDF Killed due to Mechancial Failure-Destroyed by Fire  
KMIS Killed in a MISsing aircraft  
KPARL Killed Practising Auto Rotation Landings  
KSD Killed due to Structural Damage  
KSF Killed due to Structural Failure  
KSFEX Killed due to Structural Fail cause EXplosion  
KSR Killed [look the Accident up]  
KSSP Killed, Stall / SPin  
KTAC Killed in a Taxiing ACcident  
KTACW Killed due to a Taxiing Accident caused by Weather  
KTOA Killed in a Take Off Accident  
KTOADF Killed in a Take Off Accident-Destroyed by Fire  
KTOAEF Killed in Take Off Accident due to Engine Failure  
KTOAX Killed in a Take Off Accident due to Explosion  
KXCR Killed due to eXplosion and CRash  
LAC Landing ACcident  
LAC [E] Landing ACcident  
LAC 3 Landing Accident 3  
LACC Launch accident  
LACDF Landing ACcident Destroyed by Fire  
LACEF Landing ACcident due to Engine Failure  
LACEX Landing Accident Explosion  
LACF Landing ACcident due to Fire  
LACGC Landing Accident Ground Collision  
LACGL Landing ACcident causing a Ground Loop  
LACLL Landing ACcident Landed Long  
LACLS Landing ACcident Landed Short  
LACMF Landing ACcident due to Mechanical Fail  
LACoG Landing ACcident out of Gas  
LACSF Landing ACcident due to Structural Failure  
LACW Landing ACcident due to Weather  
LACWL Landing accident water looped  
LAS Lost At Sea  
LASEF Lost At Sea due to Engine Failure  
LCRF Lost-CRash due to Fire  
LCRL Lost-CRash Landing  
MAC Mid Air Collision  
MACB Mid Air Collision with Bird  
MACBL Mid Air Collision with resulting Belly Landing  
MACBZ Mid Air Collision Buzzing  
MACCBL Mid Air Collision with resulting Belly Landing  
MACCR Mid-Air Collision causing a CRash  
MACCRL Mid Air Collision with resulting Crash Landing  
MACEF Mid Air Collision due to Engine Failure  
MACL Mid Air Collision with resulting Crash Landing  
MACRL Mid-Air Collision causing a cRash Landing  
MACT Mid Air Collision with tow Target  
MACTO Mid-Air Collision during Take Off  
MACW Mid-Air Collision due to Weather  
MAF Mid Air Fire  
MCRL Mid-Air Collision causing a CRash Landing  
MDTC Missing Ditched  
MEA Missing enemy action  
MEC Mechanical  
MF Mechanical Failure  
MFDF Mechanical Failure Destroyed by Fire  
MFEF Mechanical Failure due to Engine Fire  
MFF Missing due to Friendly Fire  
MFFF Mechanical Failure due to Friendly Fire  
MFL MIA flak  
MFW Mechanical Failure due to Weather  
MIS Missing In Service [often a MACR]  
MISEA Missing Enemy Action  
MISEF Missing In Service Engine Failure  
MISFF MISsing due to Friendly Fire  
MISoG Missing out of Gas  
MISW Missing due to Weather  
MLAC [look this one up]  
MMAC Missing due to a Mid air Collision  
NBD Non Battle Damage  
NBF Non Battle Fire  
PE Pilot Error  
PI Personal Injury  
SF Structural Failure  
SFDF Structural Failure, Destroyed by Fire  
SFEF Structural Failure due to Engine Fire  
SFW Structural Failure due to Weather conditions  
SSP Stall /SPin  
SWO Spin Wave-off  
TAC Taxiing ACcident  
TACDF Taxiing ACcident later Destroyed by Fire  
TACEF Taxiing ACcident due to Engine Failure  
TACF Taxiing ACcident Fire  
TACGC Taxiing Accident Ground Collision  
TACGL Taxiing Accident causing a Ground Loop  
TACMF Taxiing ACcident due to Mechanical Fail  
TACSF Taxiing ACcident due to Structural Failure  
TACTO Taxiing Accident during Take Off  
TACW Taziing Accident due to Weather  
TACX Taxi Accident resulting in Explosion  
TOA Take Off Accident TOA generally means that the a/c did not leave the ground or 
TOACBL Take Off Accident resulting in Crash Belly Landing  
TOADF Take Off Accident Destroyed by Fire  
TOAEF Take Off Accident due to Engine Failure         possibly a little bit broader version would be, the a/c got into the air
TOAEF Take-off accident engine failure  
TOAEX Take Off Accident, EXplosion  
TOAF Take Off Accident due to Fire  
TOAFX Take Off Accident, Fire and eXplosion  
TOAGL Take Off Accident with resulting Ground Loop         but didn't leave the confines of the Air Base. See CRT 
TOAGL Take-Off Accident Ground Looped  
TOAMF Take Off Accident due to Mechanical Failure  
TOASF Take Off Accident Structural Failure  
TOASSP Take Off Accident Stall /SPin  
TOAW Take Off Accident Weather  
TOAWL Take-off accident water looped  
TOAX Take Off Accident due to eXplosion  
TOMAC Take Off Mid Air Coll  
TRF Tail Rotor Failure  
TRS Tail Rotor Strike  
W Weather related accident  
WAC Weather related Accident  
WO  Wave-Off  


 US Navy Abbreviations

A&R Assemble & Repair
A.S.R.C. Artillery Spotting Replacement Center
A.S.R.T.C. Artillery Spotting Replacement Training Center
ACV Auxiliary Aircraft Carrier
ASD Artillery Spotting Division
ASD Artillery Spotting Division
ASDDA Anti-submarine development detachment-Atlantic
ASDDA Anti-submarine development detachment-Atlantic
ASDDA Anti-submarine development detachment-Atlantic
AV Seaplane Tender
AVD Seaplane Tender Destroyer
AVP Small Seaplane tender
BB Battleship
CA Heavy Cruiser
CAP Combat Air Patrol
CASU(F) Carrier Air Service Unit (Forward)
CASU-F Combat Air Service Unit
CB Large Cruiser
CFAW Commander Fleet Air Wing
CFAWC Commander Fleet West Coast (Com Fair West Coast)
CL Light Cruiser
CNAOPTRA Chief of Naval Air Operations Training (educated guess)
CNAOT Chief of Naval Air Operational Training
Com NAD Commander Naval Air District
CV Aircraft Carrier
CVE Escort Aircraft Carrier
CVL Small Aircraft Carrier
D Fleet photographic
ETTC Eastern Technical Training Command
FASRON Fleet Air Service Squadron
FASRON Fleet Aircraft Service Squadron
FATU Fleet Air Tactical Unit
FAW Fleet Air Wing
FMAW 1st Marine Air Wing
HDN Hedron (Headquarters Squadron)
IFIS Instrument Flight Instructors Squadron
MAW Marine Air Wing
MOD Modification, Modify
MOP Maintenance Operations Protocol
N.A.F. Naval Aircraft Factory
N.A.M.C. Naval Aircraft Modification Center
NAB Naval Air Base
NAES Naval Air Experimental Stations
NAGS Naval Air Gunnery School
NAMU Naval Aircraft Modification Unit
NAOT Naval Air Operational Training
NAOTC Naval Air Operational Training Command
NAS Naval Air Station
NATB   Naval Advanced Training Base
NATB FIS Naval Advanced Training Base  Flight Instructors Squadron
NATT Naval Air Technical Training
NATTC Naval Air Technical Training Center
NOTS Naval Ordnance Test Station
NOTS Naval Ordnance test Station
NOTU Naval Operational Training Unit
O&R Overhaul & Repair
O&R Overhaul & Repair
OLF Out Lying Field
Ops Div Operational Division
P Patrol
PAU Pilotless Aircraft Unit
PG Gunboat
R.T.C. Replacement Training Center
SOC Stricken off Charge
SWETTU Special Weapons Experimental Tactical test Unit
V Heavier than air (fixed wing aircraft)
VB Bombing Squadrons
VBF Bomber-Fighter Squadrons
VC Cargo/Transport Squadrons
VCS Cargo/Transport-Scout Squadrons
VD Fixed wing aircraft fleet photographic
VD Photographic Squadrons
VD-1 Fixed wing aircraft fleet photographic squadron-1
VF Fighter Squadrons
VF(N) Night Fighter Squadrons
VFB Fighter-Bomber Squadrons
VGB Transport-Bomber Squadrons
VGF Transport-Fighter Squadrons
VH Hospital Squadrons
VJ Utility Squadrons
VMB Marine Bombing Squadrons
VMBF Marine Bomber-Fighter Squadrons
VMD Marine Photographic Squadrons
VMF Marine Fighter Squadrons
VMF(N) Marine Night Fighter Squadrons
VMJ Marine Utility Squadrons
VMO Marine Observation Squadron
VMO Marine Observation Squadrons
VMR Marine Transport Squadrons
VMS Marine Scout Squadrons
VMSB Marine Scout-Bomber Squadrons
VMTB Marine Torpedo-Bomber Squadrons
VMTD Marine Target Drone Squadrons
VN Navy Training Squadrons
VO Navy Observation Squadrons
VOC Composite Spotting Squadron
VOF Navy Observation-Fighter Squadrons
VP Navy Patrol Squadrons
VPB Heavier than air Patrol Bomber
VPB Navy Patrol Bomber Squadrons
VPB-111 Heavier than air Patrol Bomber squadron-111
VR Navy Transport Squadrons
VRF-2 Ferry Squadron -2
VS Navy Scout Squadrons
VT Navy Torpedo Squadrons
VT(N) Navy Night Torpedo Squadrons