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Site 7, Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero

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Site 7 was my favorite site because it was not only one of the most complete planes, it was also the most hidden.

These two pictures show what it first looked like when we first stumbled upon the plane.
These two pictures are essentially the same as the ones immediately above them, but were taken after the vegetation was cleared.

Two more shots showing the vegetation. Note the plants growing on the wing.

Two views of the front of the plane.

The engine. Again, note the "extractor" exhausts which helps identify the Zero as a late model.


The right wing. Note the 55 gallon drum under it.

  A 7.7mm gun port sticking out from the firewall.
Looking at the cockpit, before (most of) the vegetation removal.  

Looking at the cockpit, after vegetation removal.


Notice the tree growing out of the back of the cockpit and the back of the fuselage.

  The tree is really evident in this view.
Looking down the right wing.  
Several shots inside the cockpit. Some of the painted stenciling is still visible.


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