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Site 3, Mitsubishi A6M5B Zero

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Four Views of site 3.

When we first visited this site we it was moderately covered in vegetation.


Nice shot of the cockpit. Notice the control stick that was hacksawed off. The fuselage fuel tank is visible at the top with the ammo canisters on this side of it. Notice how the right canister is larger. This is for the 13mm machine gun which helps identify this as an A6M5B. The left canister is for the 7.7mm machine gun which was found in both locations on earlier model Zeros.


This wing also has the structural failure from
the corrosion on the
spar caps.


In this photo of site 3 you can see site 2 in the background as well as the wind sock for the modern airport.


In this photo you can see the shore gun in the background.

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