U.S. Navy Accident Reports For the Vought O3U Corsair
July 1941 thru June 1952

This scrollable table (as required) displays summary information contained in U.S. Navy accident reports for the type of aircraft indicated. To learn how to order a report visit our Order Information page.

Crash Date YYMMDD Aircraft Type Bureau# Squadron Unit Base Action Code Damage Code Pilot Country State Location
410813 O3U-3 9164 VN2D8 _ NAS Pensacola LAC A Gates, B. V. USA FL NAS Pensacola
410905 O3U-3 9146 VN2D8 _ NAS Pensacola MAC A Tanner, Charles S. USA FL NAS Pensacola, vicinity
410905 O3U-3 9321 VN2D8 _ NAS Pensacola KMAC A Weaver, Lee T. USA FL NAS Pensacola, vicinity
410905 O3U-1 8575 VN2D8 _ NAS Pensacola TAC C Whitemore, Clifford M. USA FL NAS Pensacola
410930 O3U-3 9163 VN1D8 _ NAS Pensacola TAC C Olsen, Reo W. USA FL Corry Field
421105 O3U-3 9312 Ferry _ _ LAC C Goodman, Warren H. USA CA Bakersfield, Kern County Airport
430219 O3U-3 9312 Drone _ NAS San Diego ACC A _ USA CA NAS San Diego