U.S. Navy Accident Reports For the McDonnell F3D Skyknight
July 1941 thru June 1952

This scrollable table (as required) displays summary information contained in U.S. Navy accident reports for the type of aircraft indicated. To learn how to order a report visit our Order Information page.

Crash Date YYMMDD Aircraft Type Bureau# Squadron Unit Base Action Code Damage Code Pilot Country State Location
501214 F3D-1 123752 NATC _ NAS Patuxent River BOoG A Warner, Robert E., Lt.Cmdr. USA MD NAS Patuxent River, 145deg 38mi.
501227 F3D-1 123747 VC-3 _ NAS Moffett Field LAC D Hughes, Robert L., Lt USA CA NAS Moffett Field
510816 F3D-2 124601 Service Test _ NAS Patuxent River KCR A Sellars, Jimmie J., Lt. (A) USA MD NAS Patuxent River
511208 F3D-1 123763 VMF-542 MAG-15 MCAS El Toro MAC B Lambrecht, Peter D., Lt.Col. USA CA San Clemente Island, Castle Rock Target
520111 F3D-2 124612 VMF(N)542 MAG-18 MCAS El Toro ACC B Scott, Jack C., Lt.Col. USA CA NAS San Diego, 35mi. S
520218 F3D-2 124596 Test _ NAS Patuxent River ACC B Sickel, Horatio G., Lt. USA AL Maxwell AFB
520228 XF3D-1 121458 NAMTC _ NAS Point Mugu LAC C Andrews, Clyde C., Lt.Cmdr. USA CA NAS Pt. Mugu
520317 F3D-2 124616 VMF(N)542 MAG-15 MCAS El Toro MAC D Panska, Donald A., Capt USA NE Offutt AFB, 10mi. W
520404 F3D-2 124612 VMF(N)542 MAG-15 MCAS El Toro TOAMF B Corvi, Joseph A., 2nd.Lt. USA CA Maxwell AFB
520411 F3D-2 124609 VMF(N)542 MAG-15 MCAS El Toro ACC C Keller, Karl T., Capt. USA CA MCAS El Toro
520419 F3D-1 123762 VMF(N)531 MAG-24 MCAS Cherry Point SF D Henley, Maurice W., Lt. (Royal Navy) USA NC MCAS Cherry Point, 35mi. W