U.S. Civil Aircrew Name List - C

This scrollable table (as required) displays names listed in U.S. Civil accident reports for pilot and co-pilot positions. You might also find additional information by searching on last name on our Civil Accident Reports Database Search page. To learn how to order a report visit our Order Information page.

Aircrew Member Name
Caboche, Jean
Caines, Harry D.
Callahan, James W.
Calloway, Martin J.
Cameron, Donald S.
Camm, Harry L.
Camm, Harry L.
Campbell, F. A.
Campbell, Gordon E.
Campbell, Harry E.
Campbell, Kenneth
Canepa, James J.
Cann, Fred
Cannin, James A.
Capps, Everett E.
Capps, Jerry E.
Carey, David C.
Carey, J.E.
Carey, Robert W.
Carey, W. P.
Carlson, Carl E.
Carlton, William C.
Carmichael, James A.
Carr, Harold
Carr, William G.
Carrier, Raymond A.
Carroll, Thomas H.
Carruthers, Peter
Carson, Frederick R.
Carter, Harold L.
Carter, Howard L.
Carter, Lesley G.
Cartmill, Robert A.
Case, Augustus B.
Casper, Robert
Catz, Theodore
Causey, Alfred M.
Cavalier, Anthony J.
Cavalier, Silvio
Cave, John G.
Cavella, Patrick J.
Cawley, M. R.
Cerveny, George E.
Chamberlain, C.B.
Chamberlain, Richard H.
Chambers, Clarence G.
Chang, Ju-Yu
Chapin, Dwight E.
Chase, Henry J.
Chatfield, E.W.
Chauveau, Louis
Chavers, G.W.
Chaves, Ayres R.
Cheek, James T.
Cheney, W.J.
Chesher, Donald L. J.
Cheshire, Jon L.
Cheshire, Jon L.
Chevalier, Marcel
Childress, Robert K.
Cho, Bong Hyun
Christian, Benjamin W.
Christian, Robert R.
Chu, Chien
Church, Floyd F.
Church, Richard J.
Clancy, John J.
Clark, Don E.
Clark, Ernest A.
Clark, Lester W.
Clark, R.G.
Clark, Robert E.
Claude, Laurene
Claunch, Clayborne P.
Clemens, Archie R.
Click, Marion Harvey
Clifton, Glenn A.
Clyne, Lowell N.
Coble, Walter O.
Coburn, George W.
Cochran, Charles A.
Cochran, Charles L.
Cochran, R.L.
Cockrill, Alfred
Coffin, Henry L.
Cokeley, Ralph C.
Cole, Gordon
Cole, Jack R.
Cole, Walter R.
Coleman, Frederick D.
Coleman, Gary R.
Coleman, William J.
Coligny, Edward
Collins, Charles H.
Collison, H.A.
Conaway, Danny M.
Concialdi, Frank G.
Condax, Thomas
Coney, n/a
Coney, William E.
Conilio, Salvatore J.
Conley, Mabel I.
Connell, John
Connick, Charles C.
Connors, Edward N.
Conrad, Thomas C.
Conrad, William H.
Converse, Laurence F.
Conway, R.J.
Conway, Ronald H.
Cook, Elmer J.
Cook, Franklin M.
Cook, Henry E.
Cook, James A.
Cook, LeLand T.
Cook, William G.
Cooke, Clinton C.
Cooper David I.
Cordero, Reynold E.S.
Cornish, Frank L.
Corry, William M.
Coryell, Thomas N.
Coryell, William H.
Cote, Roderick O.
Cotton, Lloyd L.
Cox, Artemus W.
Cox, William W.
Crabtree, Byron M.
Craig, Charles W.
Craig, James A.
Cramer, Eleanor
Cramer, Leonard W.
Crandall, Mitchell E.
Crane, F.A.
Crane, Joshua
Crapo, David L.
Craven, Homer H., Jr.
Crawford, F.J.
Crawford, James R.
Crawford, Lawrence B.
Crawford, W. Clark
Creason, Jesse J.
Creekmore, R.N.
Crenshaw, David C.
Crimmins, Adrian B.
Crocker, Danny E.
Crocker, P. Raymond
Crocker, Sheldon A.
Crockett, William B., Jr.
Crofts, Alfred
Cronin, David
Crosman, Ralph M.
Crosson, Keith K.
Crowther, R. E.
Crump, Morris J.
Culbertson, W.B.
Cullom, Philip H.
Culp, John H.
Culver, George L.
Currie, Lawrence F.
Cushing, George R.
Cushing, Gordon W.
Cuzzort, James T.