Air Force Aircrew Name List - V

This scrollable table (as required) displays names listed in USAF or USAAF accident reports for all crew positions and time periods. You might also find additional information by searching on last name on our Air Force Accident Reports Database Search page. To learn how to order a report visit our Order Information page.

Aircrew Member Name
Vaadi, Eugene J
Vabdermarliere, Gilbert
Vabolis, A. E
Vacant [or Vagant] [probably Means A Vacant Aircraft]
Vacant [probably Means A Vacant Aircraft]
Vacant Ac
Vacant Ac [cut-off?] [possibly Meaning "vacant Aircraft" ??]
Vacant Ac [probably Means A Vacant Aircraft]
Vacant Ac+e2247
Vacara, Richard
Vacarella, Ross W
Vacarro, J.
Vacca, Derald A.
Vacca, Gabriel F
Vacca, Gerald B
Vacca, Gerald R
Vaccarelli, Jack A
Vaccarelli, Jack A.
Vaccarino, Joseph J, Jr
Vaccarino, Joseph J. Jr
Vaccaro, Emanuel S
Vaccaro, George W
Vaccaro, Ignacio
Vaccaro, John
Vaccaro, Joseph
Vaccaro, Joseph M
Vaccaro, V
Vaccaro, V (nmi)
Vacco, Alfred
Vacco, Alfred F
Vacek, Joseph G
Vacera, Richard
Vacerro, J.
Vachais, A. C
Vachon, Don J
Vachon, Don J.
Vachon, Donald J
Vachon, Donald J.
Vachon, F
Vachon, Paul E
Vachon, Paul-emile R
Vachon, Raymod P
Vachon, Raymond P
Vacin, William D
Vacin, William D.
Vactor, David C
Vacula, Igman L
Vacula, Ignac L
Vadas, Frank C
Vadav, Joseph P
Vadder, Edward W.
Vaden William
Vaden, J. C
Vaden, Joseph C
Vaden, Max
Vaden, Nathan B
Vaden, Woodrow W.
Vadenais, Roger R
Vadney, W. J.
Vaeth, Randall W., Maj
Vaeth, Sylvester L
Vaeth, Sylvester L, Capt
Vaffis, James C
Vage, E
Vaghe (or Vache ??), Floyd Ame, 2/lt; Afres
Vaglio, A. J.
Vagnino, Edward R
Vagts, Henry F
Vaguino, Edward R
Vahey, Charles A.
Vahraenkamp, Andrew G
Vai, Cesare
Vail, Claude U
Vail, Crosby J.
Vail, Donald E
Vail, Edmond J
Vail, Frederick W. Iii
Vail, Glenn W.
Vail, H B
Vail, Jan (nmi)
Vail, John W
Vail, John W.
Vail, Nile A.
Vail, Orrin W
Vail, Robert B
Vail, Robert K
Vail, Robert W.
Vail, Roger B
Vail, William H
Vaillancourt, Robert L
Vaillancourt, Vivian W
Vaillancourt, Vivian W.
Vails, Louis (nmi)
Vairekunas, Felix F
Vaissiere, E H
Vaitekunas, Felix F
Vaitonis, Anton F
Vakoc, Russell E
Vakos, Milton J.
Val Vliet, Charles T
Valade, Frank H
Valasco, Frank
Valaskovic, A. T
Valasote, Loreto C
Valatka, Casper A.
Valby, Robert M
Valcarce, Arland C
Valdes, Donald M
Valdes, Ernest A
Valdes, Ernest A.
Valdez, Charles R
Valdrini, Herman J
Valdwin, Rexford R
Vale, Francis A.
Vale, Harry M
Vale, Walter C
Valehradsky, James J.
Valeixo, Alberto
Valela, Salvatore
Valencia Henry R
Valencia, George (nmi), Jr
Valencia, George Jr
Valencich, Charles
Valenta, Irvin E
Valenta, Louis L
Valente, Anthony J.
Valente, Daniel G
Valente, Joseph A
Valente, Mario J.
Valenti, Frank P
Valenti, Fredrick
Valenti, J. S
Valenti, Joe J.
Valentine, C
Valentine, Carl L
Valentine, Charles N
Valentine, Colin
Valentine, Colin L
Valentine, Francis B
Valentine, Frank J
Valentine, Harold
Valentine, Henry H
Valentine, James H
Valentine, James L
Valentine, James N
Valentine, James R
Valentine, James W
Valentine, James W.
Valentine, Joseph C
Valentine, Orrin F
Valentine, Peter C Jr
Valentine, Richard H
Valentine, Robert F
Valentine, Robert J.
Valentine, Thomas C
Valentine, Victor V
Valentine, Ward D
Valentine, William J
Valentine, William S
Valentour, Louis F
Valenzano, Angelo A.
Valenzano, Julius
Valenzuela, Amble D.
Valenzuela, Don P
Valenzuela, Raul J.
Valenzuela, Rudolph
Valenzuela, William G
Valerian, Lasalle/(ro)
Valerio, Earl T
Valerz, E H
Valesh, Frank E
Valey, Robert M
Valgren, Robert E
Valiante, N
Valicento, Robert N
Valicoff, James
Valigorsky, Joachim P
Valigosky, Frank
Valigosky, Frank C
Valim, Antone
Valim, Antone (nmi)
Valine, Charles W.
Valine, Clarence W.
Valinski, John
Valis, Kenneth S
Valkenaar, John J
Valkenaar, John J.
Valkenburg, Cyril T
Valkevich, John A
Valkevich, John A.
Valkwitch, James A
Vallandingham, Robert C
Vallaro, Vincent M
Valle, Benjamin M
Valle, Javier M
Valle, Javier Martinez
Valle, L
Valle, Octaviano R Jr
Valle, William B
Vallea, William H
Valleau, R A.
Vallee, Edward J.
Vallee, Jimmie H
Vallee, Leonard
Vallee, William H
Vallejo, Donald
Vallejo, Edwin
Vallejo, Luis L
Vallejo, Peter
Vallejo, Peter (nmi)
Vallejo, Walter M
Vallentyne, Lawrence A
Vallentyne, Lawrence A.
Vallery, Dean B
Valles, Joe R
Valley, Faye R
Valley, Herbert Christian
Valley, James J
Valley, Michael D
Valley, Robert J.
Valliere, George W.
Vallilee, Robert
Vallone, Francis V
Vallone, Frank P
Valluzzi, Arthur J.
Valois, Arthur J.
Valore, Edward H
Valorz, Eh
Valot, Harry C
Valpey, Robert G
Valpreda, Peter
Valrano, Joseph V
Valuska, David
Valvano, R M
Valvoda, Leo W
Valvoda, Leo William
Valy, George G
Valys, Charles T
Vammen, H J.
Vammen, Herbert J
Vammen, Herbert J.
Vammen,herbert J
Van Aernam, Fred Jr
Van Aaren, W. J.
Van Aartsen, George A
Van Aartsen, George R
Van Abel, James C
Van Abel, Wilfred A
Van Abel, Wilfred A.
Van Able, Wilfred A
Van Ackerson, Maurice C
Van Aernam, Fred
Van Aernam, Fred (nmi)
Van Aernam, Fred (nmi) Jr
Van Aernam, Fred Jr
Van Aist, Rex W.
Van Aken, Harry F
Van Allen
Van Allen , John
Van Allen, E L
Van Allen, Francis V
Van Allen, Leo F
Van Alst, Rex W
Van Alstine, F R
Van Alstyne, David, Iii
Van Alstyne, Hugh
Van Alstyne, Vance B
Van Alstyne, W. T
Van Alta, Don W
Van Aman, John L
Van Amburg, John D
Van Amringe, Henry G
Van Antwero, Eugene M
Van Antwerp, Eugene M
Van Aradall, Carl E
Van Aradall, Dale A.
Van Aredall, Dale A.
Van Arkel, Ralph W
Van Arman, Charles E
Van Arsdall, Carl E
Van Arsdall, Dale A
Van Arsdall, Eugene T
Van Arsdall, Robert A.
Van Arsdall, Samuel P
Van Arsdall,samual P
Van Arsdell, Marion C
Van Artsdale, C M
Van Artsdalen, C M
Van Atta, Don W.
Van Atta, Dwight C
Van Atta, Lawrence C
Van Atta, Vernon H
Van Auken, H
Van Auken, Hanlon H
Van Auken, Harlon H
Van Auken, Jerome
Van Auken, Jerome Tracy
Van Ausdall, Robert L
Van Ausdell, Robert I
Van Benthuysen, Joseph W
Van Benthuysen, Max E
Van Benthuysen, Max E Leighton, Albert H
Van Beuning, Theodore (nmi) Jr
Van Bever, J. W.
Van Bibber, Billy E
Van Bibber, Charles E
Van Bibber, R E
Van Bibber, Richard E
Van Blair, Dale R
Van Blarcas, Murrell
Van Blarcas, Murrell (nmi)
Van Blarcom, Murrell
Van Blarcom, Nelson D.
Van Bloom, Jay C
Van Bolsom, Lucien V
Van Boouen, Donald W.
Van Bordeno, John
Van Bordero, John
Van Bossum, Clarence B, Jr
Van Bouen, Paul W
Van Boven, Paul W
Van Boxson, Lucian
Van Brandt, John R
Van Bruggen, Richard (nmi)
Van Brunt, Willard K
Van Brussel, J.
Van Buran, James H
Van Buren, A.
Van Buren, Fred C
Van Buren, Robert H
Van Buren, Robert L
Van Buskirk, A. I
Van Buskirk, A. L
Van Buskirk, Adam L
Van Buskirk, Francis L
Van Buskirk, Frank L
Van Camp, Claqra F
Van Camp, Clara F
Van Camp, Lawrence
Van Camp, Lawrence F
Van Camp, Rex A.
Van Campen
Van Cleave, Bly N
Van Cleave, Edward L
Van Cleave, Ely M
Van Cleave, Ely N
Van Cleave, Francis M
Van Cleave, Roy L
Van Cleave, William F
Van Cleef, Paul L
Van Cleeff, Jay
Van Clemens, Q
Van Cleve, J. H
Van Cleve, Russell R
Van Cleve, Walter F Jr
Van Cleve, William S
Van Cott, Byron Q
Van Cott, Bryce R
Van Cott, Byron Q
Van Cott, Clarence
Van Cott, Clarence E
Van Cuca, Robert J.
Van Cura, Arthur T
Van Cure, Arthur T
Van Dale, Armin E
Van Dalinda, Edward G
Van Dam, Jay L
Van Damme, Andre.
Van De Bossche, Robert C
Van De Car, Howard T
Van De Casteele, Robert F
Van De Plasch, Donald
Van De Sandt, Glenn
Van De Vanter, G E
Van De Velde, Valere F
Van De Velde, Valere P
Van De Venter, G E
Van De Venter, J. H
Van De Venter, J.l
Van De Vurst, Henry R
Van De Weghe, Aurele
Van De Weghe, Aurele R
Van Delinder, William E
Van Den Berge, E J.
Van Den Berge, Emil J.
Van Den Bergh, Leonard
Van Den Bosch, Johannes A
Van Denbrugh, William N
Van Densen, Joseph J.
Van Der Heyde, Donald S
Van Der Heyden, Reyer J
Van Der Linden, Clinton W
Van Der Meer, Walter H
Van Der Veen, Cornelius
Van Der Veen, Corneluis
Van Der Veen, S
Van Der Velden, Alfred C
Van Der Vort
Van Der Walker, Willard B
Van Der Zee, J J
Van Der Zee, J. J.
Van Der Zee, John A
Van Der Zee, John J.
Van Derau, Ralph A
Van Derhei Vivian S
Van Dern, Wesley N
Van Dersarl, Vincent
Van Dersarl, Vincent A
Van Derveer, Dunbar N
Van Derwerken, B J.
Van Derworp, Kenneth T
Van Deusen, Clark B
Van Deusen, George H
Van Deusen, John G Jr
Van Deusen, John G, Jr
Van Deventer, Cowell
Van Deventer, R G
Van Deventer, S D.
Van Devoorde, Rene A.
Van Devuurst, Henry R
Van Dewalker, Carl W.
Van Dewalle, David J.
Van Deweker, W C
Van Dine, Delos C
Van Divert, Richard
Van Divort, Richard
Van Domelen, James G
Van Doren, Benjamin Jr
Van Doren, Charles F, 1lt
Van Doren, Donald C
Van Doren, Miles C
Van Dorn, Charles R
Van Dorn, Wesley N
Van Driel, Charles E, Major
Van Driessche, Gilbert F
Van Drisse, Vernon J
Van Drisse, Vernon J.
Van Duesen, Robert C
Van Dulm, Robert E
Van Duren, Henry W
Van Duren, Henry W.
Van Dusen, Charles A
Van Dusen, Charles T
Van Dusen, Gordon P
Van Dusen, W. L
Van Dusen, William A.
Van Dusen, William L
Van Dyck, A. H
Van Dyck, Arthur H
Van Dyck, Louis M
Van Dyk, Edward, Jr
Van Dyk, Warren V
Van Dyke, Alfred B
Van Dyke, Ambrose F
Van Dyke, Donald
Van Dyke, Edward E
Van Dyke, H A.
Van Dyke, Harold Q
Van Dyke, Henry E
Van Dyke, James (nmi)
Van Dyke, John W
Van Dyke, John W.
Van Dyke, Joseph S
Van Dyke, Melvin
Van Dyke, Melvin R
Van Dyke, R F
Van Dyke, Vernon C
Van Dyke, W. H
Van Dyke, Wallace F
Van Dyken, Harold B
Van Dyles, H A.
Van Dyne, James W
Van Dyne, James W.
Van Eden, Richard
Van Eeuman, Charles W.
Van Eeuwen, Charles W
Van Eewen, Charles W.
Van Ells, Donald S
Van Epps, David A
Van Ert, Bernard M
Van Etten, Bernard R
Van Etten, Chester L
Van Etten, Chester L, Col
Van Etten, Gaylord L
Van Etten, Lawrence E
Van Euizen, William P
Van Every, William J
Van Eyck, Vincent A.
Van Eyck, Willard H
Van Fleet, B
Van Fleet, Claude W.
Van Fleet, Dorance L
Van Fleet, Dorence L
Van Fleet, Ellsworth
Van Fleet, Ellsworth H
Van Fleet, George N
Van Fleet, Gerald
Van Fleet, James A Jr
Van Fleet, Raymond A
Van Geenen, Richard A.
Van Gemert, C A.
Van Gemert, G A.
Van George, James
Van Gilst, Gerald W
Van Ginkle, Joseph G Jr
Van Ginkle,josephg,jr
Van Goetham, W. L
Van Goethem, Marcel J
Van Goor, John C
Van Gosen, Gilbert F
Van Gott, Clarence E
Van Graafeiland, R M
Van Grafeiland, R M
Van Gronigen, C
Van Gronigen, Cornelius
Van Grouw, John
Van Guelpen, E H
Van Guelpen, Ernest H
Van Gundy, Donald O
Van Hall, Ronald J.
Van Hallen, Russell C
Van Hamm, Samuel J.
Van Hellen, Russell C, Capt
Van Hemert, Charles C
Van Hersett, George E
Van Heyningen, Antonie
Van Hoesen, Ellis R
Van Holstein, Cornelis J
Van Hook, Lyndon B
Van Hoorelbeke, Joseph
Van Hoose, Fred C
Van Hoose, Leo O
Van Hooser, George
Van Hooser, George E
Van Hooser, Vance W.
Van Hoozer, George E
Van Hoozer, J J
Van Horn, Allyne W.
Van Horn, Ardell
Van Horn, Ben A
Van Horn, Child
Van Horn, Donald J
Van Horn, Earl R
Van Horn, Eugene T
Van Horn, Everett E
Van Horn, Gaylord
Van Horn, H E
Van Horn, Harold E
Van Horn, Howard B
Van Horn, John W.
Van Horn, L A
Van Horn, L A.
Van Horn, Lewis A
Van Horn, Ralph C
Van Horn, Robert I
Van Horn, Robert L
Van Horn, Robert P
Van Horn, Robert W
Van Horn, Robert W.
Van Horn, Roy H
Van Horn, William E
Van Horne, James
Van Horne, James H
Van Horssen, Ollie N
Van Houten, Eugene T
Van Houten, John G
Van Houten, Warren G
Van Hovel, Vance N
Van Hoy, Lonnie E
Van Hoy, Lunnie, E
Van Hoy, Thomas H
Van Hulle, Jean A.
Van Husen, Richard E
Van Huss, George D.,jr
Van Hyning, Oren G
Van Hyning, Theodore T
Van Iderstine, Gilbert J.
Van Ingen, Glen T
Van Kalmthout, Leonard C
Van Kampen, Arthur H
Van Kamper, Arthur H
Van Kauren, E
Van Kauren, E H
Van Keuren, Edward
Van Keuren, Edward H
Van Keuren, Herbert E
Van Keuren, Philip O
Van Kirk, Norman C
Van Kirk, Paul C Jr
Van Klaveren,arie J.
Van Kleeck, Harold
Van Kleeck, Harold H
Van Koten, Charles W
Van Koten, Charles W.
Van Kurin, Walter H
Van Kuster, Paul Jr
Van Landingham, Gail
Van Lear, William L Jr
Van Leer, Floris H
Van Leer, Howard S
Van Leer, William L
Van Leer, William L Jr
Van Leer, William L, Jr
Van Leer, Wm L Jr
Van Leeuwen, Paul
Van Leuven, Harry F
Van Liere, William P
Van Liers, William P
Van Lith, Martin C
Van Lom, Gerald E
Van Luve, George N
Van Lydegraf, Clayton
Van Maanen, Paul F
Van Maburg, Ned B Jr
Van Manning, Warren
Van Mansart, Louis J
Van Marter, Harold R
Van Marter, J.
Van Marter, John O
Van Mater, Robert A
Van Mater, Robert A.
Van Mathe, David F
Van Matre, Benton W.
Van Matre, James P
Van Matre, Peter
Van Matre, Peter (nmi)
Van Matre, R I
Van Mechelen, Warren E
Van Meel, Cuido C
Van Meir, Vernon F
Van Mere, R
Van Meter, Charlie (nmi)
Van Meter, George C
Van Meter, Kenneth J.
Van Meter, Malcolm
Van Meter, Malcolm (nmi)
Van Meter, Samuel W.
Van Metre, R L
Van Morris, Albert G
Van Nada, James C
Van Name, Edward E
Van Name, Griffen
Van Name, Griffin
Van Name, Griffin (nmi)
Van Namo, Griffen
Van Natta, Marvin R
Van Natta, Richard H
Van Natter, Emmett L
Van Nearden, Hartwig M
Van Ness, R W
Van Ness, Roy W
Van Ness, Roy W.
Van Ness, Sidney B
Van Nest, Lloyd L
Van Neste, H
Van Neste, H I
Van Neste, Henry I
Van Netts, Clyde A
Van Niel, Jasper
Van Nimwegen, Robert R
Van Nimwegen, Rodney A
Van Nimwegen, Rodney A.
Van Noorden, Hartwig M
Van Norman, Verl C
Van Nortwick, John E
Van Nostrand, George
Van Nostrand, Gordon L
Van Nostrand, Hobart S
Van Nostrand, Norvin N
Van Nostrand, P E
Van Nostrand, Stephen E
Van Noy, George H
Van Noy, George H Jr
Van Noy, George W. Jr
Van Noy, Glen S
Van Ogden, Knox
Van Olden, Micolai
Van Oordt, Paul K
Van Orden, Floyd G
Van Orden, Lawrence C
Van Ormer, Darrell N
Van Otten, Ralph J.
Van Parys, John P
Van Parys, Joseph M
Van Patten
Van Patten, Everett H
Van Patten, Isaac T
Van Patten, James
Van Patten, Kenneth E
Van Patten, Perry H
Van Patton, James G
Van Pelt, Charles A
Van Pelt, Charles A.
Van Pelt, David B
Van Pelt, Donald E
Van Pelt, James
Van Pelt, James H
Van Pelt, John C
Van Pelt, Leslie L
Van Pelt, Leslie Lee
Van Pelt, Wilber D.
Van Peursen, Lawrence G
Van Platen, William G
Van Popering, Earle Allen
Van Popering, Henry G
Van Preter, Earl
Van Pul, Frans M
Van Putten, Paul W.
Van Raam, Rudolph
Van Randwyk, Henry C Jr
Van Ranesse, Hendrik J.
Van Rassel, A. F
Van Rassel, A. P
Van Read, Charles H
Van Ream, Rudolph (nmi)
Van Reed, Charles
Van Reed, Charles H
Van Reed, Richard W
Van Reed, Richard W.
Van Reenen, Albert
Van Reey, William T
Van Renesse, Hendrik J.
Van Rensselaer, Schuyler K
Van Rijswijk, Pieter C
Van Riper, Fleet
Van Riper, Thomas L
Van Ripper, Fleet
Van Risswick, Anton G
Van Ronzelen, William C
Van Roose, Fred C
Van Rooy, William T
Van Rossum, Clarence B Jr
Van Roten, Charles
Van Roy, Harlan Q
Van Ryn, Josephus J.m
Van Salter, Marvin M, Civilian Test Pilot With General Electri
Van Sandy, James H
Van Sant, Alan G
Van Sant, Edward R
Van Sant, Richard M
Van Sant, Richard W
Van Santen, Harold A.
Van Schaick, Perry F
Van Schoar, C G
Van Schoik, William M
Van Schooneveld, John
Van Schriltz, Richard J
Van Schuyler
Van Scoy, Roderick
Van Selus, Carlyle A
Van Seters, Joseph H
Van Sice, Robert B
Van Sickel, Raymond R
Van Sickle, Carl L
Van Sickle, Dick W
Van Sickle, Dick W.
Van Sickle, Earl R
Van Sickle, H
Van Sickle, H L
Van Sickle, Harley
Van Sickle, Harold C
Van Sickle, Harris L
Van Sickle, Marcus.
Van Sickle, N D.
Van Sickle, Neil D.
Van Sickle, Philip E
Van Sickle, Philip H
Van Sickle, Raymond R
Van Sickle, William W
Van Sicklen, Nh
Van Sicklen, Norton A
Van Sicklen, Norton H, Iii
Van Sicklen, Norton Harding Iii
Van Sielleghem,roger A
Van Sistine, Apul R
Van Sistine, Paul R
Van Sitine, Apul R
Van Slager, Henry G
Van Slinger, Henry G
Van Slyck, Ashley
Van Slyke, Elvin T
Van Slyke, Forrest A
Van Slyke, Jack
Van Slyke, Kenneth L
Van Son, George (NMI)
Van Sprang, Etienne A
Van Steenberg, E F
Van Steenberg, Leslie J.
Van Steenburgh, Richard
Van Steenburgh, Richard P
Van Steenwyk, Donald H
Van Stone, Mark S, Capt
Van Story, James P
Van Stratton, Joseph M
Van Stratton, Joseph N
Van Syckle, Leon C
Van Syckle, Leon G
Van Sycle, Leon C
Van Sycle, Leon G
Van Tasell, Carl L
Van Tassel, Lawrence W.
Van Tassel, Robert Delos
Van Tassell, Morgan H
Van Tavern, N
Van Theese, Russel H
Van Thiese, Russel H
Van Treese, William O
Van Treese, Wm O
Van Tress, R
Van Trigt, John
Van Trigt, John R
Van Trump, William F
Van Tuil, Norbert C
Van Tuil, Richard A
Van Tuyn, Charles C
Van Unen,aldrich V
Van Vaghten, Theodore S
Van Valen, Maxwell
Van Valin, Blaine C
Van Valkenburg, A. P
Van Valkenburg, Cyril T
Van Valkenburg, Cyril Thomas
Van Valkenburg, Norman L
Van Valkenburgh, Dean
Van Valkenburgh,wayne
Van Vark, Robert C
Van Vechten, James M
Van Veen, John D
Van Veen, John D.
Van Veghten, Theodore S
Van Vilst, Glenn F
Van Vleck, Dennison W.
Van Vleck, John F
Van Vleet, Gerald E
Van Vleet, Homer
Van Vleit, Charles T
Van Vleit, John E
Van Vlest, Vernon D
Van Vliat, Charles T
Van Vliet, Charles T
Van Vliet, Glenn F
Van Vliet, Howard E
Van Vliet, Robert M
Van Vlist, Charles T
Van Voast, Warren C
Van Volkenburg, Lyle D
Van Voorhis, John W
Van Voorhis, Paul E
Van Vorst, Donald E
Van Vrauken, Clarence A.
Van Waes, Donald A
Van Waes, Donald A.
Van Wagenen, Bernard P
Van Wagener, Benjamin W
Van Wagner, Harry C
Van Wagner, Harry G
Van Wagner, Raymond J
Van Wagner, Raymond J. Jr
Van Wagner, Raymond V Jr
Van Wagoner, Robert E
Van Wagoner, Robert N
Van Walshauser, Joseph M
Van Wart, Franklin I
Van Wart, Franklyn K
Van Wart, Paul H
Van Weelden, Douglas C
Van Weeldon, Douglas C
Van Welsenaere, Harry I
Van Weren, Ralph W
Van Wie, Robert L
Van Wieren, Gilbert J.
Van Wijnen, Bert G
Van Wingerden, Nicolas (n)
Van Winkle, Keith
Van Winkle, Phil
Van Winkle, William
Van Woert, Richard L
Van Wormer, Charles A
Van Wormer, Charles A.
Van Wormer, Harold H
Van Wormer, Howard Alfred
Van Wormer, Howard S
Van Wye, Glen J.
Van Wye, Neil
Van Wyk, A. J.
Van Wyk, Art J
Van Wyk, Art J.
Van Wyk, Neil (nmi)
Van Zandt Robert W.2lt.
Van Zandt, Barney B
Van Zandt, Harry M
Van Zandt, Robert W
Van Zandt, William K
Van Zant, Charles E
Van Zant, Claude L
Van Zant, Claude L Jr
Van Zant, Dorothy Jane
Van Zile, Calvin A
Van Zon, Andre C
Van Zutphen, Louis A
Van Zutphen, Louis A.
Van, Burton C
Van, Edward E
Van, Shao C
Van, Shao-chang
Van, Walter H
Vanable, Peter B
Vanalstyne, Hugh
Vanalstyne, William J.
Vanaman, A. W.
Vanaman, Arthur W.
Vanamburg, Ned B Jr
Vanantwerp, Anthony G
Van-arkel, J. P
Vanarkel, Ralph W.
Van-arket, J. P
Vanarman, Charles E
Vanatta, Herbert V
Vanatta, Paul W
Vanatta, Paul W.
Vanatta, Robert L
Vanausdal, James
Vanausdal, James F
Vanausdall, Robert L
Vanbenthuysen, Joseph N
Vanberber, Wendel.
Vanbibber, Charles E
Vanblastelaar, Joost
Vanbobler, Wendell
Vanboven, Paul W
Vanboxel, E I
Vanbrocklin, Murlin E
Vanbruggen, Richard
Vanbrunt, Willard K
Vanbrussel, Peter B
Vanburen, A. F
Vanbuskirk, Francis L
Vancamp, Douglas R
Vancamp, Lawrence F
Vancas, Philip F
Vance, Aaron T
Vance, Alonzo A
Vance, Arthur C
Vance, Benjamin C
Vance, Brooks
Vance, Brooks C
Vance, Cliva J
Vance, Cyrus B
Vance, Duane S
Vance, Earl T
Vance, Edwin E
Vance, Edwin Eugene
Vance, Elmer E
Vance, Eugene E
Vance, F J.
Vance, Glenwood
Vance, Glenwood (nmi)
Vance, Hervie S
Vance, J. B
Vance, J.b
Vance, Jack
Vance, James Egrieshop, Jerome B
Vance, James J.
Vance, Leon R Jr
Vance, O
Vance, Oliver M
Vance, Paul E
Vance, Paul S
Vance, Randolph
Vance, Raymond D.
Vance, Reginald F C
Vance, Reginald, F C
Vance, Richard
Vance, Richard (nmi)
Vance, Richard E
Vance, Richard G
Vance, Richard L
Vance, Richard, Drew, Robert W.
Vance, Robert J.
Vance, Robert M
Vance, Roger O
Vance, Roy
Vance, Roy (nmi)
Vance, Walter R
Vance, William R
Vance, William S
Vance, Zeb.
Vancer Leun, Gerard
Vancer Leun, Gerard (nmi)
Vanciel, Melvin L
Vancil, Alfred E
Vancise, Robert E
Vancleave, Edward L
Vancleave, Roy L
Vancott, Bryce R
Vancott, Clarence E
Vancour, Wesley E
Vancure, Arthur T
Vandagriff, Clifford T
Vandagriff, William H
Vandam, Frank W
Vandarwarka, Clayton W
Vandayburg, Kenneth D
Vandayburg, Kenneth D.
Vande Bossche, Robert C
Vande Kraats, John
Vande Lune, Gerrit R
Vande Plasch, Donald
Vande Voorde, Julius A
Vande Voorde, Julius A.
Vandecar, Howard T
Vandeford, Robert W
Vandegiff, Howe L
Vandegrift, J. W.
Vandegrift, James B
Vandeguchte, Chris E
Vandekerk, Johannes E
Vandel, G M
Vandeli, A. A.
Vandeli, Arthur N
Vandelin, Vern A.
Vandelsen, Jimmie H
Vanden Berg, Peter M
Vanden Bulcke, August C
Vanden Heuvel, George R
Vandenbeldt, Ray J
Vandenbeldt, Ray.
Vandenbelt, Ray J
Vandenberg, Bryon F
Vandenberg, Byron
Vandenberg, C E
Vandenberg, Cornelious E
Vandenberg, Hoyt S
Vandenberg, Hoyt S Jr
Vandenberg, Hoyt S, Major
Vandenberg, Jacques
Vandenberg, John L
Vandenberg, Lawrence H
Vandenberg, Peter M
Vandenberg, Tunis
Vandenberge, E J.
Vandenbes, J.
Vandenboe, Jackson
Vandenboom, J. F
Vandenbos, J.
Vandenbos, Jackson
Vandenbos, Jackson Jr
Vandenbos, Jackson, Jr
Vanden-bosch, John E
Vandenbroek, John W
Vanden-bulcke, August
Vandenbulcke, Auguste C
Vandenburg, Byron F
Vandenburg, Carl W
Vandenburg, Carl W.
Vandendries, William P
Vandenheuvel, Robert J
Vanden-heuvel,robert J.
Vanden-houvel, Theodore R
Vandenover, Jack S
Vandeplesch, Donald
Vander Heyde, Reyer J
Vander Leest, George M
Vander Linde, Milton R
Vander Linden, Lewis L
Vander Roest, Robert
Vander Schans, William J
Vander Schans, William J.
Vander Vate, Herbert J Jr
Vander Vate, Herbert Jr
Vander Veen, Cornelius (nmi
Vander Veen, Stewart L
Vander Zee, John J.
Vander Zroest, Robert (nmi)
Vander, Wierre H
Vanderbie, Van
Vanderbilt, Austin D.
Vanderbilt, Austin D. Jr
Vanderbilt, Austin D., Jr
Vanderbilt, Vern C
Vanderbogart, Warren M
Vanderburg, Otto H
Vanderburg, Robert N
Vanderburg, William R
Vanderburgh, Richard C
Vanderbush, Raymond
Vandercook, David C
Vandercook, Eugene L
Vanderdecker, Joseph C
Vanderdoes, Roy C
Vanderford, Robert W
Vanderford, Willie M
Vandergift, James W
Vandergriff, Clifford T
Vandergriff, Mabrey C
Vandergriff, Maybray C
Vandergriff, William H
Vandergrift, Arthur P
Vandergrift, Burley O
Vandergrift, J. W.
Vandergrift, Jack E
Vanderhagen, Robert
Vanderhaven, Robert M
Vanderhei, Vivian S
Vanderherchen, Frank H
Vanderherchen, Frank H Jr
Vanderherchenk Frank H
Vanderherehen, Frank, Jr
Vander-heuval, Theodore R
Vanderhoef, Peter B
Vanderhoeven, Gerard L
Vanderhoff, Merl
Vanderhoff, Merl Q
Vanderhoff, Rex
Vanderhorst, A.
Vanderkamp, P
Vanderkamp, Walter P
Vanderkerk, Johannes E
Vanderlaan, John C
Vanderlaan, Robert H
Vanderleest, George M
Vanderlick, William J.
Vanderlinden, Galen R
Vanderlyn, Harold
Vandermark, R
Vandermark, Robert E
Vandermarliere, Gilbert E C
Vandermeer, G R
Vandermeyden, Herbert A
Vandermoere, William
Vanderneck, Richard V
Vanderoest, Robert
Vanderoest, Robert (nmi)
Vanderploeg, David L
Vanderploey, David L
Vanderpoel, John A
Vanderpoel, Wayne G
Vanderpool, Homer D.
Vanderpool, John A.
Vanderpool, Paul F
Vanderpool, Wain T
Vanderpool, Wayne G
Vanderpool, Wayne S
Vanderpool, Willard W
Vanderpool, Willard W.
Vanderpoole, Victor
Vanderpoole, Victor M
Vanderschans, William J
Vanderschans, William J.
Vandersluis, John P
Vandersteel, William
Vandersteel, William G
Vanderulis, Francis C
Vandervate, Herbert (nmi) Jr
Vandervate, Herbert J
Vandervate, Herbert J.
Vanderveen. Arthur A
Vanderveer, Dunbar N
Vanderveer, Earl K
Vanderveld, Robert
Vanderveld, Robert W
Vanderven, Harry W.
Vanderventer, Elliot
Vandervoort, Jack C
Vandervoort, John M
Vandervoort, Larry E
Vandervort, Jack C
Vandervort, R M
Vandervort, Tedford R
Vanderwalker, Richard L
Vanderwalle, Kenneth J.
Vanderwerf, Harold.
Vanderwielen, Lloyd G
Vanderwilt, Arnold L
Vanderwilt, Lawrence M
Vanderwood, Paulg
Vanderyerk, Allan H
Vandetta, Delvin W
Vandetta, Delvin W.
Vandeusen, G H
Vandeusen, Henry T
Vandeuson, Joseph W.
Vandevalle, Kenneth J
Vandevanter, Chauncey P
Vandeveer, Lawrence E
Vandevend [full Name Possibly Cut-off Here??]
Vandevender, Dewey E
Vandeventer, Garland G
Vandeventer, Thomas C
Vandeventer, Walter E
Vandevoort, John R
Vandewater, William J.
Vandiver, Charles
Vandiver, Charles M
Vandiver, Joe E
Vandiver, John J
Vandiver, John J.
Vandiver, Loy C
Vandiver, R
Vandiver, Robert S
Vandiver, William J
Vandiviere, Blanche
Vandiviere, Stuart P
Vandiviere, Stuart P Jr
Vandivort, David H
Vandlandgeham, Geo A
Vandling, Joseph C
Vandling, Joseph T
Vandonberg, Lawrence H
Vandorn, Wesley N
Vandorne, Gerald J.
Vandover, Herman E
Vandruff, George M
Vandruff, George N
Vanduren, Charles E
Vandusan, William V
Vandyck, Louis M
Vandyk, Edward (nmi) Jr
Vandyk, Edward Jr
Vandyke, Barclay
Vandyke, G S
Vandyke, Kenneth J.
Vandyle, Walllace F
Vandyne, A. E
Vanecek, Edward J
Vanecek, Edward J.
Vaneer, J. J.
Vaneeuwen, Charles W.
Vanek Gerald Leroy, 1st Lt, Afres
Vanek, George J
Vanek, Joseph A.
Vanemon, Walter C
Vanert, Bernard
Vanerwegen, Julius E
Vanevenhoven, L J.
Vanevenhoven, Louis J.
Vanevery, William J
Vanex, Paul C
Vanflateren, Homer L
Vanfleet, Dorence L
Vanfleet, Ellsworth H
Vanfleteren, Homer L
Vanfoursen, Lawrence O
Vang, Marshall S
Vangeenen, Richard A
Vangham, Bryan
Vanghan, Bryan
Vangiesen, Joseph H
Vangor, Cornell S
Vangos, E A
Vangos, E A.
Vangos, Eleftherios A
Vangos, Eleftherios A.
Vangosen, Gilbert F
Vangronigen, Cornelius
Vangrouw, John
Vangsness, Martin O
Vangundy, D. M
Vangundy, Donald O
Vanhalewijn,cornelis H
Vanhall, Ronald J
Vanhatta, Robert L
Vanhaverin, Carl C
Vanhey, J. W.
Vanhock, Walter C
Vanholstein,cornelis J.
Vanhood, Harold H
Vanhook, Walter C
Vanhook, Wlater C
Vanhoose, Leo O
Vanhorn, Allyne W.
Vanhorn, Everett E
Vanhorn, John N
Vanhorn, John V
Vanhorn, Raymond R
Vanhorn, Robert A
Vanhorn, Robert E
Vanhouten, E
Vanhouten, Eugene
Vanhouten, Warren G
Vanhoy, Lonnie E
Vanhyning, Theodore T
Vanhyning, Thomas C
Vaniderstine, Gilbert J
Vaniderstine, Gilbert J.
Vanina, Ernest W. Jr
Vanina, Ernest W., Jr
Vankalmout, Leonard C
Vankalmthout, Leonard C
Vankerkhove, Ralph
Vankeuren, Russell T
Vankirk, Loren
Vankirk, Loren E
Vankirk, Norman C
Vankubim, Walter H
Vanlandingham, Gail
Vanlderstine, Gilbert J
Vanleer, Harold S
Vanleer, William L, Jr
Vanleevwen, John J
Vanlier, John W.
Vanlith, Martin C
Vanlouven, Harry P
Vanlue, Orval E
Vanluehrte, Robert C
Vanmaanen, Paul F
Vanmansart, Louis J
Vanmansart, Louis J.
Vanmere, P
Vanmeter, George C
Vanmeter, I D.
Vanmeter, Malcolm
Vanmetom, R
Vanmucci, Victor H
Vann, David A.
Vann, Gene F
Vann, James F
Vann, Kenneth R
Vann, Kirby L
Vann, Orville H
Vann, Thomas J
Vann, Thomas P Jr
Vann, William Could
Vanname Griffin 2lt.
Vanname, Edward E
Vannatter, Earl C
Vanneer, J. J. G
Vanneote, Henry I
Vanness, Sidney B
Vannest, A.
Vannest, L L
Vannest, Richard V
Vanneter, R
Vanning, John G
Vanningerden, Nicholas
Vannortwick, William V
Vannostrand, Stephen E
Vannoy, Charles A.
Vannoy, E L
Vannoy, Edward L
Vannucci, Victor H
Vanoadall, Orville L
Vanon, John
Vanosdall, Orville L
Vanover, Freddie E
Vanplaten, Roy
Vanplaten, William G
Vanpopering, Henry G
Vanrope, Roy W
Vanroy, Harlen Q
Vansant, Edward R
Vansant, W. M
Vansant, W. W.
Vanschaick, Jack R
Vanschuyler, Philip
Vanscott, James H
Vanselow, W. S
Vanseoy, Roderick
Vanseters, Joseph H
Vanshort, Frederick
Vansice, Robert B
Vansickel, Daniel Phillippi, Capt
Vansicken, Norton H
Vansickle [full Name Possibly Cut-off Here]
Vansickle, Philip H
Vansickle, William W.
Vansingel, Harrism
Vanslauskas, Jonas
Vanslette, J. A.
Vanslette, J. F
Vanslyck, Deforest Jr
Vanslyck, Deforest, Jr
Vanslyke, Jack
Vanson, George
Vanston, Richard C
Vansuken, Jerome
Vansyckle, G
Van't Sant, Marc A.
Vant, Arthur V
Vant, Donald J
Vant, Donald J.
Vantassel, Robert
Vantassel, Robert D.
Vantassell, Roger C
Vantrease, Hubert C
Vantrease, William
Vantreese, Francis
Vantries, Kenneth D.
Vantuyl, Frederick A.
Vanvleet, Henry L
Vanvliet (van Vliet), Gerrit H
Vanvliet, Glenn F
Vanwagner,raymond J
Vanwagoner, Robert N
Vanwaning, Warren
Vanwaning, Warren (nmi)
Vanwart, Paul H
Vanwingerden, Nicholas
Vanwye, William J.
Vanyo, David J
Vanzandt, Bernard G
Vanzant, Bernard C
Vanzutphen, Louis A
Vapenick, James J
Vara, Arthur
Vara, Donald O
Varbalow, Theodore H
Varble, Edward A.
Varble, Edwin A.
Varble, Thomas A
Varbola, Rudolph J
Varchette, Joseph A.
Varchetto, Joseph A.
Vardel, Wilbur E
Vardon, Walter C
Vareika, Woodrow J.
Varela, Carlos L
Varerka, Theodore L
Varga, E J.
Varga, Elmer R
Varga, George
Varga, George (nmi)
Varga, J. A.
Varga, Joseph A.
Varga, Lazlo K
Varga, P J.
Varga, Steven A
Varga, Steven A.
Vargas, Alfred
Vargas, Alfred (nmi)
Vargas, Cleofas M
Vargas, Joseph J.
Vargas, Juan P
Vargas, Michael A.
Vargas, Rodolfo
Vargas, Steven;
Varge, Steve
Varge, Steve (nmi)
Vargo, Albert J
Vargo, Andrew
Vargo, John M
Vargo, John Mishael
Vargo, Joseph
Vargo, Joseph (nmi)
Vargon, Victor
Vargon, Victor (nmi)
Varhola, Rudolph J
Variames, Spearo G
Varin, Harold E
Varino, Marion H
Varino, Marion J
Varino, Marion J.
Varisco, Anthony J
Varley, Forrest V
Varley, Harold B
Varley, J H
Varley, J H O
Varley, J. H O
Varley, William J
Varley, William J.
Varmer, Frank E
Varn, Fred H Jr
Varnadere, Clarence H
Varnadore, Clarence H
Varnadore, H T
Varnadore, Henry C
Varnedge, William W
Varnedoe, W.e
Varnell, Ingram W
Varnell, Ingram W.
Varnell, James S Jr
Varnell, John P
Varner, Benjamin R Jr
Varner, Benjamin R, Jr
Varner, Frank H
Varner, Fred
Varner, Fred (nmi)
Varner, Lawrence C
Varner, Lawrence D
Varner, Lawrence D.
Varner, Ralph E
Varner, Richard M
Varner, Stuart L
Varner, Walter W
Varney, Admiral D.
Varney, Alexander
Varney, R F
Varney, Raymond H
Varney, Richard G
Varney, Thomas S
Varnum [or Varnom] [hard To Read]
Varnum, George J.
Varnum, Richard B
Varoff, George D.
Varosio, Leandro
Varosio, Leandro G
Vars, Clifford J
Vars, D. O
Varsaesky, Charles A.
Varsamine, Nicholas
Vartanin, Richard L
Vartardis, Anthony C (cp)
Varva, Harold C
Varval, Dana V
Varvil, Dana V
Varvil, William E
Varvil, Willis E
Varvill, Dana V
Vasaly, Edward J.
Vasatka, T T
Vasatka, Theodore T
Vasbinder, Richard L
Vaschenko, Nikifor
Vasconcellos, Joseph
Vasey, Ronald D.
Vasil, Stanley
Vasilas, James N
Vasile, Alphnse
Vasile, Alphonse
Vasile, Alphonse (nmi)
Vasiliadis, Charles C
Vasilik, John
Vasina, Clarence J.
Vaske, Lawrence E
Vason, James H
Vasques, Jesse S
Vasquez, Edward J
Vasquez, Francisco
Vasquez, Guillermon A.
Vasquez, John
Vasquez, John J.
Vasquez, Leonard
Vasquez, Martin
Vasquez, Miguel A.
Vasquez, Natividad
Vasquez, Stanley D.
Vass, John A
Vassal, Georges M
Vassallo, Louis E
Vassallo, Louis R
Vassalo, Joseph V
Vassar, Edgar L
Vassar, Russell J
Vassar, Russell J.
Vassar, Thomas E
Vasseur, Peter C
Vassey, Clem M
Vassey, Emuel E, Jr
Vassey, John W.
Vassilakis, Constantinos N
Vassilaxis, Constantinos
Vassiliadis, Charles C
Vassuer, Peter C
Vastine, John E
Vastine, John Edward
Vata, Arthur A
Vatalaro, J Richard
Vatalaro, Ralph L
Vath, Gerald W
Vath, Gerald W.
Vath, John L
Vath, Tannis L
Vatision, Narkessos
Vatty, Jesse E
Vattyl, Jesse E
Vaubouro, Edmund
Vaubouro, Edmund (nmi)
Vaucher, T R
Vaughan, Arthur L
Vaughan, Arthur S
Vaughan, Bryan
Vaughan, Clyde C
Vaughan, D (nmi)
Vaughan, Daisy M
Vaughan, David S
Vaughan, E C
Vaughan, Edward M
Vaughan, Edwin R
Vaughan, Elijah C
Vaughan, F L
Vaughan, Frank W
Vaughan, Frank W.
Vaughan, Haywood C
Vaughan, James C
Vaughan, Jennings L
Vaughan, John H
Vaughan, John J
Vaughan, John J.
Vaughan, John T
Vaughan, John W
Vaughan, John W Jr
Vaughan, John W.
Vaughan, Joseph A Jr
Vaughan, Joseph A., Jr
Vaughan, Kenneth L
Vaughan, Leslie L
Vaughan, M G
Vaughan, Marcus F
Vaughan, Norman L
Vaughan, Orval A.
Vaughan, P G
Vaughan, R G
Vaughan, Ralph G
Vaughan, Robert H, Jr
Vaughan, Robert L
Vaughan, Ronald E
Vaughan, Ross E
Vaughan, Sidney R
Vaughan, Stanley N
Vaughan, T S
Vaughan, Thomas D
Vaughan, Thomas D.
Vaughan, Thomas S
Vaughan, Thomas W
Vaughan, Virgil W.
Vaughan, W. A.
Vaughan, W. L
Vaughan, W. R
Vaughan, Wayne A
Vaughan, William L
Vaughan, Wyne A
Vaughn, Ashton
Vaughn, Bernard E
Vaughn, Bruce A.
Vaughn, Burse J
Vaughn, Carroll L
Vaughn, Charles E
Vaughn, Charles M
Vaughn, Clarence C
Vaughn, Claude W
Vaughn, Clifford F
Vaughn, Clifford H
Vaughn, Clyde C
Vaughn, D (nmi)
Vaughn, Dale N
Vaughn, Dewey L
Vaughn, Donald
Vaughn, Dorothy
Vaughn, Edwin R
Vaughn, Frank M Jr
Vaughn, George B
Vaughn, George R
Vaughn, George W
Vaughn, George W.
Vaughn, Harley C
Vaughn, Harold M
Vaughn, Hayden G
Vaughn, Henry C
Vaughn, J.
Vaughn, J. D.
Vaughn, J. E
Vaughn, James
Vaughn, James H
Vaughn, Jasper M
Vaughn, Jasper M P
Vaughn, Jesse
Vaughn, Jesse J.
Vaughn, Jessie J.
Vaughn, John A
Vaughn, John D
Vaughn, John E
Vaughn, John H
Vaughn, John J.
Vaughn, John T
Vaughn, John W
Vaughn, John W Iii
Vaughn, John W Jr
Vaughn, John W.
Vaughn, Joseph A
Vaughn, Junior G
Vaughn, Kenneth L
Vaughn, Lawrence M
Vaughn, Leonard O
Vaughn, Norbert B
Vaughn, Norman L
Vaughn, Norville
Vaughn, Oscar R
Vaughn, Ova V
Vaughn, Philip R
Vaughn, Ralph C
Vaughn, Ralph G
Vaughn, Richard G
Vaughn, Richard R
Vaughn, Robert A.
Vaughn, Robert G
Vaughn, Robert L
Vaughn, Robert W.
Vaughn, Ronald E
Vaughn, Rose D
Vaughn, Rudolph M
Vaughn, Shelby F
Vaughn, Sidney R
Vaughn, T W.
Vaughn, Thomas W
Vaughn, Thomas W.
Vaughn, Tony D
Vaughn, V W.
Vaughn, Walter T
Vaughn, Watson
Vaughn, William B
Vaughn, William D.
Vaughn, William O
Vaughn, William R
Vaughn, Wilson H
Vaught, Bertie M Jr
Vaught, Lewis E, Jr
Vaught, Steve M
Vaught, William R
Vaught, Winston W
Vaught, Winston W.
Vauk, Cleland H
Vaupre, L A.
Vaupre, Louis A.
Vause. Matthew G
Vaut, Bert A.
Vaut, Bert A., Jr
Vauthier, Marcel P
Vaux, C H
Vaux, Clelan H
Vaux, Cleland H
Vaux, Frederic J
Vaux, Frederic J.
Vauzanges, Jean (nmi)
Vavera, Godfrey F Jr
Vaverra, Jerry F
Vavier, Charles
Vavra, Donald A
Vavra, Martin Jr
Vavrina, Richard F
Vavrinek, Raymond H
Vavrisel, Raymond H
Vavzincak, Joseph A.
Vayda, John J.
Vayghn, John E
Vazquez, Raymond
Vbeecham, William P
Vcarney, Leo D.
Veach, Adrian W.
Veach, Henry S
Veach, P D.
Veach, Paul D.
Veach, Ray
Veach, Richard A.
Veach, Vern M
Veal, Frederick (nmi)
Veal, Sidney M
Veal, W J
Veal, W. J.
Vealc, Norman C
Veale, Norman C
Veale, Warren E
Vealey, S L
Vear, Judd G
Vear, Leland A
Veasey, Floyd E
Veasey, Paul W.
Veasy, F
Veasy, Floyd E
Veasy, William H
Veatch, B W.
Veatch, Bernard W
Veatch, Bernard W.
Veatch, Charles W
Veatch, Clarence P
Veatch, David S
Veatch, Frances M Jr
Veatch, Francis M
Veatch, Francis M Jr
Veatch, J. C
Veatch, Robert E
Veatch, Wayne C
Veazey, George R
Veazey, James M
Veazey, Roy J
Veazey, Roy J.
Veber, Max B
Veccery, Herbert
Vecchiarelli, Joseph P
Vecchietti, George J.
Vecchione, Casper
Vecchione, Casper, Thompson, William W.
Vecchione, Nicholas
Vecchry, Herbert
Vecera, Richard
Vecera, Richard (nmi)
Veck, Mar M
Veck, Mark M
Vedder, Edward W.
Vedder, James K
Vedder, Norbert F
Vedera, Harold T
Vedo, Francis L
Vedrine, Pierre H
Vedrody, Martin A.
Vedroy, Theodore F
Veech, Evart M
Veechek, James C
Veeder, Garrett A
Veeder, Garrett A.
Veelzew, Bernard F
Veerman, Ralph E
Veers, Robert W.
Vega, Jose J.
Vegel, M C
Veghte, Dale T
Vegnol, Pierre Fernand
Vegunst, Lloyd R
Veher, R C
Vehihe, Leo
Vehlow, Roy C
Vehr, Norbert J
Vehr, Norbert J.
Vehra, Herman F
Vehrs, Herman F
Veich, Mike
Veich, Mike (nmi)
Veide, Douglas L
Veillard, Roland H
Veillette, Henry A
Veilleux, Lionel A.
Veio, Ernest A
Veio, Ernest A.
Veirlard, Roland H
Veirs, Dorhman E
Veirs, Evan I
Veirs, Orval L
Veit, Fred R
Veitch, Charles Jr
Veitenheimer, Charles G
Veith, Bernard J
Veith, Fernand G
Veith, Pierce L
Veitich, Charles Jr
Veitinghoff, A. L
Veitz, Jack H
Veium, Gordon P
Vejda, Charles J
Vejda, Charles J.
Vejroda, Marie, Ansc
Vela, George E
Velan, George L
Velan, Robert C
Velander, Arnold E
Velarde, Armando
Velarde, Armando C
Velarde, Armando, C
Velasquez, Antonio A.
Velchik, John
Veldheuzen, John C
Veldhuizen, John C
Veldman, Dickson R
Veldon, Charles A.
Velesky, Peter P
Velez, Robert R
Velie, Jack W.
Veline, Aleard
Veling, George M
Velis, Jack W.
Velis, Samuel J
Velis, Samuel J.
Veljkov, Paul
Vella, J.
Vellere, Yves V
Velling, George C
Vellinquette, Richard E
Velliquette, James E
Velliquette, Richard E
Vellone, Enrico G
Vellota, George L
Vellozzi, Julius C
Velte, Clifford E
Velte, Louis J
Velte, William E
Velten, William
Velthouse, John J
Veltkamp, Henry S
Veltkemp, Henry S
Veltman, Jack A
Veltman, Jack A.
Velton, John P
Velton, William
Velvington, Thomas M
Ven John, George G
Venabe, Eugene R
Venable, Albert J
Venable, Albert J.
Venable, Calvin
Venable, John M
Venable, Okie
Venable, Okie Jr
Venable, Peter B
Venamon, Ralph L
Venberley, P W.
Vence, William J.
Vench, P D.
Vencil, Alfred H
Vencill, Charles H
Venderley, P W
Vendetta, Richard
Vendiver, Robert L
Venegon, John L
Venell, Irvin E
Venell, Irvine
Venell, Irwin E
Venella, Edmund A.
Venen, W. J.
Venerella, Joseph A.
Venezia, Edward
Venezia, Nicholas G
Vengel, Daniel L
Venkus, Robert E, Ltcol (difficult To Read)
Venn, William H
Vennell, Harold E
Venneman, Francis
Venner, W. H
Vennest, A.
Venning, Richard E
Veno, Vincent W.
Venor, William J
Venor, William J.
Vensel, J.
Venski, Alexander
Venskus, Albin F
Venskus, Alvin F
Venslauskas, Jonas
Venson, Arnold E
Venters, Travis R
Ventora, Michael J.
Ventora, Mike J.
Ventre, Thomas
Ventres, Robert L
Ventress, Joseph E
Ventriss, Don E
Ventulett, Thomas W.
Ventura Anthony J
Ventura Anthony J (mechanic)
Ventura, Anthony J.
Venturia, August B
Venus, Paul J.
Venus, Ralph W.
Venuti, L C
Venzke, Earl P
Venzke, Earle P
Venzke, William F
Veon, Leroy L
Vequist, Lloyd R
Ver Berkmoes, Peter
Ver Nooy, Russell A.
Vera, John J
Vera, John J.
Veraa, Michel J.
Verback, Peter (nmi)
Verbance, C E
Verbanec, C E
Verbeck, Bernard S
Verbeck, Ernest L
Verbeck, William J
Verbeck, William J.
Verberg, Merlin H
Verberg, Milton J.
Verbich, Peter P
Verbiski, Alex
Verbout, John E
Verbrugge, Gene N
Verbruggen, George J
Verbruggs, James A.
Verbuch, Robert
Verbulecz, Wendell
Verbulecz, Wenell
Verbulst, Jean Pierre
Verburg, M J.
Verburgt, James P
Verby, Russell J
Vercio, Sam P
Verderame, Vincent L
Verderber, Robert W
Verderber, Robert W.
Verdery, Orville B
Verdery, Orville B Mansfield, L B
Verdesh, George
Verdi, Theodore R
Verdick, Hubert A.
Verdis, Evangeles
Verdrine, Pierre H
Verdugo, William R
Verdusco, Carlos R
Vereen, H H
Vereen, Henry V-civilian
Vereen, Lindsey H
Veregge, Gerald S
Verellen, Barton G
Verelli, Rocco A.
Verema, Raymond E
Verener, Mrs. Carolina
Vergara, J.
Vergara, Joseph
Vergars, John B
Vergen, Rheinhold W
Vergie, Fred W
Vergie, Fred W.
Vergillo, Frank
Vergnol, Pierre F
Vergon, Frederick P
Verhagen, L E
Verhagen, Laverne
Verhulat, Don B
Verhulst, Alfred
Verhulst, Don B
Verhulst, Donald
Verhulst, Donald V
Verhulst, Jean Pierre
Veri, John
Verin, Harold E
Verinis, James A
Verinis, James A.
Verket, Lloyd J
Verket, Lloyd J.
Verlander, Archie E
Verlander, Marion J.
Verlanic, Robert J.
Verle, Evon
Verle, Evon R
Verley, Kenneth E
Verley, Paul F
Verme, Stephen J
Verme, Stephen J.
Vermeek, George J.
Vermeer, Bernard E
Vermeer, David K
Vermeire, Virgel L
Vermer, Rex L
Vermillion, Bayred O
Vermillion, Charles E
Vermillion, J. A.
Vermillion, James
Vermillion, Louis F
Vermillion, Robert A
Vermillion, Robert A.
Vermilya, Hugh C
Vermilya, Wright
Vermilyea, Robert C
Verna, Paul J
Verna, Paul J.
Verna, Ralph G
Vernadore, H T
Vernaire, Piet S
Verne, Stephen J
Verne, Stephen J.
Verneuille, Walter O
Vernighi, Hughes A.
Vernola. Rocco E
Vernon, Allen H
Vernon, Conrad (nmi)
Vernon, Conrad (nmi) Jr
Vernon, Dallas, Jr
Vernon, Dalls Jr
Vernon, Edward M
Vernon, George R
Vernon, James D
Vernon, Kenneth S
Vernon, Marvin O
Vernon, Miles H
Vernon, Miles Hedstron
Vernon, Ralph J.
Vernon, Robert J
Vernon, Rufus R
Vernon, Sheldon I
Vernon, William O
Vernooy, Russell A
Vernor, John E
Veroba, Abe
Veroda, Victor J
Veroda, Victor J.
Veronke, J. B
Veronke, J. S
Veronko, J. S
Verploegh, Russall A
Verploegh, Russell A.
Verreau, Tillis J
Verreau, Tillis J.
Verret, Jerry Gordon
Verrett, Alvin P
Verrill, Earle R
Verrill, Rodney E
Verrill, Stanley L
Verrochi, Patsy
Verry, Frank P
Verschuuren, Richard L
Versemah, Elmer J.
Verseman, Elmer J.
Verser, J. C
Vershure, Richard H
Versiackas, Albert J
Versiackas, Albert J.
Versiacks, Albert J
Versley, Clyde
Verspoor, Jilles P
Verstaeg, Bobby L
Versteeg, Bobby L
Versteeg, Coenraad.
Verstreate, James F, Capt
Versuk, Theodore
Versuk, Theodore (nmi)
Vertar, J. A.
Vertar, John A.
Verter, J. G
Vertrees, Richard B
Vertress, Richard B
Vertz, P
Verville, James L, Capt
Verwaerde, Robert A.
Verwayne, Peter C
Verzella, Paul D.
Verzi, Louis R
Verzole, W. R
Vesburg, Franklin W.
Vesch, P D.
Vesely, Edward J
Vesely, Edward J.
Vesely, Frank
Vesely, Frank (nmi)
Vesely, Gene A
Vesely, Joseph B
Vesiliaddis, Charles C
Vesley, Edward J
Vesnesky, Walter G
Vesonate, John W
Vesowate, John W
Vesowate, John W.
Vesper, Albert R
Vessa, Phillip A.
Vesse, Phillip A.
Vessels, Franklin R
Vessels, Harry E
Vessels, Vernon V
Vessy, W. E
Vest, B R
Vest, B R, Jr
Vest, Billy D.
Vest, Br
Vest, Carl W.
Vest, Clayton F
Vest, F S
Vest, Harvey T Jr
Vest, James R
Vest, Loys E
Vest, William P
Vesta, Marion S
Vestal, Donald A
Vestal, Harold M
Vestal, John S
Vestal, Leroy N
Vestal, Robert E
Vester, H M
Vester, I R
Vester, Incorick R
Vester, John A
Vestey, Edgar G
Vetch, Ellis R
Veteto, Weldon E
Veth, John J., Capt
Vetort, Francis J
Vetorti, Francis J
Vetrecin Jr, Michael G
Vette, Alan R
Vetter, Arthur A
Vetter, Arthur M
Vetter, Everett E
Vetter, Fred W Jr
Vetter, Fred W.
Vetter, Gale K
Vetter, George O
Vetter, Glenn H
Vetter, Gustave J
Vetter, Gustave J.
Vetter, Hugo H
Vetter, Robert H
Vetter, Walter J
Vetterlein, Wayne. Jr
Vetterman, George O
Vetterneck, Edward L
Vetters, Jack H
Veum, Ole E
Vevante, Augustus C
Veverka, E W
Veverka, Eugene W
Veverka, Eugene W.
Veverka, Joseph A.
Vevier, Roland
Vexenat, Joseph A
Vey, William Charles
Veyles, Woodrow B
Veynar, Milton Y
Vezina, Edward J
Vezina, G W.
Vezina, John P
Vezina, R E
Vezine, Camille M
Vezine, Samuel A
Via, Ernest A
Via, Ernest A.
Via, Raymond B
Via, Richard D
Via, Richard Douglas
Viafore, Danie G Jr
Viafore, Daniel G
Viafore, Daniel G, Jr
Viahakes, P L
Viaille, Delbert D.
Vial, Donald G
Vial, Leon C
Vial, Theodore M
Vial, Vincent B
Vialette, Michel P
Viall, Francis L
Viall, Robert E
Viall, Willard
Viall, Willard, Bryant, Wayne H
Vialpando, Amadeo (nmi)
Vialpando, Amaneo
Viapiano, Paul
Viar, L A
Viar, Leland A.
Viar, Paul
Viatuba, S P
Viau, Robert J
Vibbert, Harry J
Vibbert, Harry J Jr
Vibbert, Harry J.
Vibert, Jacques R
Vibert, Peter L
Vicars, J. H
Viccellio, Henry
Viccellio, Henry, Major
Vice, Carl R
Vicent, John M
Vicery, Harry C
Vicha, Elmer W.
Vicha, Joseph J
Vicha, Joseph J.
Vicha, R A.
Vick, Alexander R
Vick, Donald B
Vick, Glen F
Vick, Goldman W.
Vick, Gollman W.
Vick, H P
Vick, Herbert
Vick, Herbert (nmi)
Vick, Howard C
Vick, John A
Vick, John A.
Vick, John O
Vick, Joseph M
Vick, Joseph W
Vick, Marvin W
Vick, Marvin W.
Vick, Robert L
Vick, Tom P
Vick, Verl L
Vick, William L
Vickdery, Ralph L
Vicker, Robert (nmi)
Vickerman Charles W.f/o
Vickerman, Charles W
Vickers, A J
Vickers, Alan B
Vickers, Albert H
Vickers, Charles D.
Vickers, Dorrell C
Vickers, Edward W.
Vickers, Elwyn R
Vickers, Ernest M
Vickers, Eugene C
Vickers, James J
Vickers, James J.
Vickers, James S
Vickers, John R
Vickers, John V
Vickers, Leon H
Vickers, Luke R
Vickers, Robert E
Vickers, Robert J.
Vickers, Thomas F
Vickers, Vernon C
Vickers, Vernon E
Vickers, William F
Vickerson, Charles S
Vickery, B P
Vickery, Benjamin P
Vickery, Carl V
Vickery, David B
Vickery, E W
Vickery, Earl W. Jr
Vickery, Ellison B
Vickery, James E
Vickery, James M
Vickery, Joseph P
Vickery, Nolan J.
Vickery, Nolen J.
Vickery, O B
Vickery, Ob
Vickery, Ralph L
Vickery, Robert C
Vickery, Robert Claude
Vickery, Walton D
Vickery, William W
Vickless, Elmer D.
Vickless, William H
Vickman, Junior M
Vickory, B P
Vickory, Carol D.
Vickrey [or Voikrey]
Vickrey, Charles R
Vickrey, G N
Vicks, Robert C
Vicovich, Harlyn S
Victery, Harry C
Victor, Ellis F
Victor, Henry G
Victor, J. A.
Victor, Jerome S
Victor, Jerome Selig
Victor, John A. Jr
Victor, Joseph G
Victor, Lorenz G
Victor, Paul E
Victoria, Justin R
Victorino, Edwin J
Victorino, Edwin J.
Victoris, Earl W.
Victory, Harry C
Viczas, Herbert J.
Vidal, Felix L
Vidal, Felix L Jr
Vidal, Felix L, Jr
Vidal, William
Vidal, William S
Vidas, Charles M, Capt
Videl, Felix L
Videnque, Rene
Videto, Richard H
Vidler, Robert L
Vidmar, F
Vidmer, Julian D.
Vidmer, Julian R
Vidmer, Julian R Jr
Vidoni, Ra.
Vidosic, Joseph P
Vidovich, Harlyn S
Vidovich, Marlyn S
Vidra, Peter J
Vidrine, George B
Viduvrak, Theodore J
Viebrock, Theodore C
Vieceli, Angelo
Vieceli, Angelo (nmi)
Vieck, Louis L
Vied, Lawrence M
Viehman, Eugene A
Viehman, Junior M
Vieille, Robert A
Vien, Nai-pin
Vienna, Howard B Jr
Viereck, Richard V
Viering, Frances D
Vierling, Anthony S
Vierling, Arthur J.
Vieroski, William J, Jr
Vierra, James P,
Viers, David T
Viers, T
Vierson, Samuel K
Viertel, Glen J
Viescas, John P
Vieson, Frederick J
Vieson, Frederick J.
Vieson, Fredrick J
Viet, Fred R
Vieth, George W
Vieth, George W.
Vieth, Paul W.
Vietor, Ellis F
Vietor, John A Jr
Vietor, John A.
Vifcuian, Richard J.
Vigalant, R T
Vigar, Joseph A.
Viger, Joseph A
Viger, Joseph A.
Vigh, Ernest M
Vigier, Marc T
Vigil, Arthur
Vigil, Cecil
Vigil, E M
Vigil, Placido L
Vigil, Reuben
Vigilante, Anthony
Vigilante, Anthony J.
Viglucci, Nicholas M
Vigmostad, Torgeir F
Vigna, Joseph J
Vignau, Robert
Vignault, Rene
Vignault, Rene R
Vigne, Henri
Vigne, Henri G
Vignes, Robert R
Vignetti, John L
Vignon, Edmond (nmi)
Vigue, George D
Vigue, George D.
Vigue, W. R
Vigue, W.r
Vigue, William R
Viguier, Ernest R
Vik, J. H
Vikan, Gordon W.
Vikan, Norman V
Vikertovsky, William S
Vikse, Arnold C
Vikse, Maurice A
Vilardi, Dante
Vilardi, Dante (nmi)
Vilas, Clay W.
Vilas, Edward P
Vilas, Homer B Jr
Vilas, Homer B, Jr
Vilas, Ward A
Vilas, Z P
Vilcheck, Joseph
Vilchek, Joseph
Viles, Charles D.
Vilialba, Domingo B
Viliese, Paul P
Villa, Edwin (nmi)
Villa, Richard G
Villaceque, Marc E
Villain, Gaston
Villalobos, Rafael J.
Villalonga, Cesar
Villani, Lewis
Villani, Ralph A.
Villano, Gabrielle
Villano, Louis J.
Villanueva, Romulo Y
Villar, Fred A
Villar, Fred A.
Villare, Anthony
Villare, Anthony (nmi)
Villareal, Robert J
Villari, Anthony G
Villari, Peter J
Villari, Peter J.
Villarreal, Aliver (nmi)
Villarreal, Fidel A.
Villarroel, Viceforo
Villa-verde, Cledio T
Villavicencio, Roberto J
Villegas, Jaime R
Villegas, V R
Villeia, Gaston
Villelli, Frank A.
Villemarette, Raymond
Villerot, E I
Villerot, Ernest I
Villetto, William P
Villines, Fritz S
Villinger, George K
Villotto, William P
Villre, Fay D.
Villro, Fay D.
Vilminoff, Francis J.
Vinall, P H
Vinay, Michael
Vince, L J.
Vincello, Phillip C
Vincent, Allen B
Vincent, Billy
Vincent, Billy (nmi)
Vincent, Bully
Vincent, Carl
Vincent, Carl E
Vincent, Charles J
Vincent, Charles J.
Vincent, Clinton D.
Vincent, Donald E
Vincent, Donald L
Vincent, Donald W.
Vincent, F E
Vincent, F F
Vincent, Frederick W Iii
Vincent, Gaines W
Vincent, Gaines W.
Vincent, George H
Vincent, Gerald E
Vincent, Gerald J.
Vincent, Hobart S
Vincent, Jack K
Vincent, John D
Vincent, John M
Vincent, Larry W.
Vincent, Norman B
Vincent, P E
Vincent, R
Vincent, Ralph L
Vincent, Randolph C, Major
Vincent, Roland L
Vincent, Thomas B
Vincent, Thomas E
Vincent, Wilfred
Vincent, Wilfred H G
Vincent, William C
Vincenzi, August
Vincenzi, August.
Vincinzi, August
Vincoli, Vincent A
Vincon, George F
Vincon, Georges F
Vine, George
Viner, John P
Vines, Harold R
Vines, John A
Vines, John H
Vines, John O
Vines, Perry C
Vines, W. C
Vinet, Amable
Vinet, Champ L
Viney, Alvin G
Viney, Earl J.
Viney, William H
Vineyard, E H
Vineyard, Gerald N
Vineyard, Paul W
Vineyard, Paul W Jr
Vineyard, Paul W. Jr
Vingerhoets, Antoon M
Vining, A. W.
Vining, Arthur
Vining, C
Vining, C E
Vining, Douglas E
Vining, Glen G
Vining, James E
Vining, L A
Vining, L A.
Vining, Leland P
Vinision, James L
Vinitskie, Edwad W.
Vinitskie, Edward W.
Vink, John W.
Vinne, Drayton K
Vinnedge, Roy A.
Vinnedge, S P
Vinolus, James D.
Vinopal, William J
Vinopal, William J., Major
Vinslauski, Clarence C
Vinson Marvin N1lt.
Vinson, Albert E
Vinson, Aldridge J.
Vinson, Arnold E
Vinson, Billy J., 1lt
Vinson, Bobby G
Vinson, Charles D
Vinson, Eugene
Vinson, Frank
Vinson, James H
Vinson, John H
Vinson, L E
Vinson, Lunsford W Jr
Vinson, Lyle E
Vinson, Marvin N
Vinson, Matthew
Vinson, Matthew D.
Vinson, R H
Vinson, Richard G
Vinson, Robert H
Vinson, Silbur G
Vinson, Ted M
Vinson, Theodore R
Vinson, Thomas E
Vinson, Wilbur F
Vinson, Wilbur G
Vinston, Stonewall P
Vinton, Keith E
Vinton, Percy
Vintson, Stonewall P
Vintze, Joseph (nmi)
Vinum, Henry L
Vinyard, Clayborne O
Vinyard, Claybourne O
Vinyard, Paul M
Vinzant, Warren
Vinzant, Warren E
Vinzent Pat C
Viola, Isadore C
Viola, Leonard (nmi)
Viola, Samuel J.
Violand, Basil G
Violett, Richard E
Violett, Russell L, 1lt
Violette, Arthur D, Jr
Violette, Charles R
Violette, Lionel
Violette, Mitchel L
Vipond, Roger B
Vipond, Roger P
Virden, Carlton R
Virden, Garland G
Virden, Ralph
Virden, Ralph B
Virdin, Aldred H
Virdin, Alfred H
Virga, Frank
Virga, Vincent J.
Virgil, Arthur
Virgil, Robert M
Virgili, Americo
Virgin, Carl F
Virgin, Charles A
Virgin, Charles H
Virgin, Edward W.
Virgin, Everett E
Virgin, Everette
Virgin, John R
Virgin, Joseph E
Virgin, Nelson D.
Virginio, Luciano
Virginio, Luciano (nmi)
Virgulak, John J
Virgulak, John J.
Virgulak, John J. Jr
Virgulek, John J
Virkham, Theon E
Virkler, Henry J
Virkler, Henry J.
Virkus, R P
Virkus, Robert P
Virnelli, Thomas
Virnelli, Thomas (nmi)
Virnig, Delroy Leo
Virostko, Fred (nmi)
Virter, Warren R
Virueta, Eduardo J
Visalli, Frank (NMI)
Viscaine, Augusto
Viscaino, Augustine
Viscaino, Benito
Viscarra, Raymond M, 1lt
Visconte, George R
Visconte, Romildo
Visconte, Romildo (nmi)
Visconti, Lawrence
Visconti, Lawrence (nmi)
Viscoti, Lawrence
Vise, Harley J
Visick, Hubert Hal, 1/lt, Af Res
Viskochil, Benjamin C
Viskodil, Benjamin S
Vislosky, John D.
Visnauskas, A. A.
Visnauskas, Algerda A.
Visnousky, Michael J
Visnousky, Michael J.
Visosky, John J.
Visscher, Herman W
Visscher, Herman W.
Visscher, Hugo
Visscher, James W
Visscher, John M
Visser, E J.
Visser, Edward J.
Visser, J. M
Vissher, Hugh K
Vissher, Hugo Knight
Vissing, Paul R
Vissman, Eugene J. Jr
Vissor, John M
Vissotzky, Raymond W
Vissotzky, Raymond W.
Vista, Gerald R
Viste, Gerald D
Viste, Gerald D.
Viste, Gerald R
Vistein, Joseph J., Jr
Vistejn, Joseph J. Jr
Vistuba, Paul
Vistuba, S P
Vita, Charles J.
Vita, Edward J
Vita, Edward J.
Vital, Reuben
Vitale, Anthony M
Vitale, Donald J.
Vitale, Francisco A
Vitale, Francisco A.
Vitale, Joseph
Vitale, Joseph (nmi)
Vitale, Salvatore J
Vitale, Thomas E
Vitalle, Donald D
Vitalle, Donald D.
Vitamanti, Richard.
Vitch, Richard D.
Vitek, Alvin J
Vitek, Alvin J.
Vitek, Lawrence J
Vitek, Lumir J
Vitek, Lumir J.
Vitek, Richard D
Vitelli, Louis R
Vitello, James V
Vitiello, James J.
Vitkavage, Stanley W
Vitko, James D.
Vitko, Lloyd R
Vitkovits, John A
Vitkovits, John A.
Vitkus, Raymond D
Vito, Albert C
Vitol (dept Comm)
Vitt, Robert J
Vittitow, Linley G
Vitulli, Marino A.
Vitulli, Vito
Vitulli, Vito N
Vitunac, Walter C
Vitz, John S
Vivas, Frank P Jr
Vivero, D. L
Vivero, Elias L
Vivian Joseph H1lt.
Vivian, Edward A
Vivian, Edward A.
Vivian, James E
Vivian, Jerrold M
Vivian, Joseph H
Vivian, Joseph W
Viviano, Frank P
Vivier, Norman C
Vivier, Norman C Jr
Vivinetto, Anthony J.
Vivion, Joe H
Vivirito, Joseph J.
Vivirito, Orlando J
Vivirito, Orlando J.
Vivona, James W
Vivona, James W.
Vizaneo, Thomas J
Vizard, George J
Vizard, George J.
Vizard, Goerge J
Vizard, Goerge J.
Vizcarra, Gilbert
Vizi, Joseph C
Vizzard, Patrick F
Vizzini, Rudolph R
Vlad, Emil J
Vladuchick, William R
Vlahos, John M
Vlahovic, Albert
Vlann, R J.
Vlass, N G
Vlass, N J.
Vlass, Nick J.
Vlass, Nj.
Vlassis, James G
Vlassis, James George
Vlassis, Theodore Jr
Vlegheis, Andre J
Vleghels Andre J.1lt.
Vleghels, Andrew J
Vleghels, Andrew J.
Vlha, Victor V
Vlisides, George F
Vlymen, John R
Voan Slooten, Harold (nmi)
Vobbe, W H
Vobora, Frank S
Vodde, William R
Vodicka, Leonard R
Vodicka, Rudy E
Vodra, Richard J
Vodra, Richard J.
Vodrey, Oliver B
Voe, H E
Voegeli, Alfred H
Voegeli, Lawrence J
Voegtli, Robert F
Voegtlin, Raymond A
Voegtlin, Raymond A.
Voehring, Paul W.
Voehringer, P W.
Voelkel, Arthur R
Voelkel, Curtis H
Voelker, D. P
Voelker, Donald
Voelker, Donald P
Voelker, Jack C
Voelker, James C
Voelker, Kenneth E, 1lt
Voelker, Marvin A
Voelker, Marvin A.
Voelker, Robert J.
Voelker, Robert T
Voelkers, James C
Voeller, Rex E
Voellmeck, Joseph W
Voellmeck, Joseph W.
Voelm, Jerry D
Voeltner, R A
Voelzon, Bernard
Voelzon, Bernard F
Voelzow, Bernard
Voermans, Gerry H
Vogal, Arthur
Vogal, Arthur J.
Vogan, Everrett W.
Vogan, Glenn L
Vogel, A J
Vogel, A. J.
Vogel, Alfred
Vogel, Arthur A
Vogel, Arthur A.
Vogel, Arthur J
Vogel, Bernard J.
Vogel, Charles A.
Vogel, Charles R
Vogel, Curt M
Vogel, Curt Milton
Vogel, Don W
Vogel, Donald R
Vogel, Donald W
Vogel, Earl A
Vogel, Edwen L
Vogel, Eugene G
Vogel, George W
Vogel, Harold A
Vogel, Harold E
Vogel, J. E
Vogel, James H
Vogel, James W.
Vogel, John E
Vogel, John S
Vogel, Joseph F Jr
Vogel, Kinstantin J
Vogel, Konstantin J
Vogel, Konstantin J.
Vogel, Leonard D.
Vogel, Louis F
Vogel, Marshall C
Vogel, Nicholas C
Vogel, Phillip A.
Vogel, Richard A
Vogel, Richard C
Vogel, Richard W
Vogel, Robert (NMI)
Vogel, Robert I
Vogel, Robert J
Vogel, Robert R
Vogel, Rudi W
Vogel, Sebastian L
Vogel, Seymour
Vogel, Thomas E
Vogel, Thomas H
Vogel, Victor L
Vogel, William F
Vogel, William J
Vogel, William J.
Vogeler, Edwin A.
Vogeler, Howard E
Vogeley, Charles B
Vogel-nielsen, Franz
Vogelo, Konstantine J
Vogelsang, Leonard A
Vogelsang, Merlin C
Vogelsberg, Roy C
Vogelson, Charles T
Vogelson, Harry H
Vogelsong, Charles T
Vogelsong, Harry H
Vogelsong, Harry M
Vogelstein, Henry
Vogelstein, Henry (nmi)
Voget, T W.
Voght, Gordon F
Vogiatzis, George
Vogl, George A.
Vogl, George A. Jr
Vogl, John J
Vogl, John J.
Vogle, Charles J.
Vogler, Charles S
Vogler, Elwin A.
Vogrin, Felix F
Vogt, Arthur C
Vogt, G A.
Vogt, Howard W
Vogt, James S
Vogt, John W
Vogt, John W Jr
Vogt, John W.
Vogt, John W.,jr
Vogt, Lawrence C
Vogt, Louis P
Vogt, Louis R
Vogt, Oliver
Vogt, Richard G
Vogt, Robert R
Vogt, Vernon W.
Vogt, Wayne D.
Vogt, William
Vogt, William L
Vogtle, Alvin W
Vogtle, Alvin W Jr
Vogtle, Alvin W.
Vogtman, Leo O
Vogtmann, Lawrence A.
Vogtmann, Lawrence C
Vohs, Henry G
Voiers, Lewis
Voiers, William D
Voiers, William D.
Voight, Arthur H
Voight, Charles S Jr
Voight, Charles S, Jr
Voight, Fred H
Voight, Harry J.
Voight, James D
Voight, Leonard P
Voight, Leonard Paul
Voight, Linden K
Voight, Richard M
Voight, W.
Voight, W. B
Voight, William M
Voight, Willie C
Voights, Wayne A
Voigt, Charles S Jr
Voigt, Eugene D
Voigt, Harry J.
Voigt, Richard M
Voigt, Rihcard M
Voigt, Robert
Voigt, Robert W
Voigt, Ted L, Capt
Voigt, William F
Voigt, Willie C
Voigt, Willis C
Voigtmann, Frank L
Voilemin, Georges
Voisard, Arthur P
Voisin, Martin L
Voith, C J.
Voith, Clifford J.
Voitier, George P
Vojcik, John J
Vojir [or Vouir]
Vojvodich, Mele, Cia Pilot
Vojvodich, Mele, Jr
Vojvodich, Mele, Jr (nmi)
Vokaty, Alfred E
Vokersien, James T
Vokovich, Joe
Volack, Andrew A.
Voland, Kenneth W.
Volandt, William F
Volant, Marc C
Volante, Harvey James
Vold, I M
Volechenisky, Mike
Volechenisky, Mike, Stock, Harold D.
Volgamore, Paul I
Volimuth, John C
Volin, Herbert R
Volin, Saul
Volk, Alan Maurice
Volk, James P
Volk, Jerome A
Volk, Jerome A.
Volk, Kenneth R
Volk, Richard D
Volkay, Arnold M
Volke, Norman F
Volke, Robert D
Volker, Calvin L
Volker, J. R
Volker, William W
Volkir, Paul
Volkman, C H
Volkman, Clarence H
Volkman, Howard W
Volkman, Howard W.
Volkman, Robert E
Volkman, Robert R
Volkman, Thomas F
Volkmer, William W.
Volkner, William W.
Voll, John J
Voll, John J.
Vollano, Vincent E
Vollant, James G
Vollata, J. J.
Volleiler, Emanuel A.
Vollendorf, William C
Vollendorf, William G
Vollendorff, William C
Vollenweider, Edward E
Vollenweider, Thomas (nmi)
Vollenweider, Thomas C
Vollerstein, Jack R
Vollett, Russell E
Vollimer, William J. Jr
Vollkommer, B A.
Vollmann, Jacob J.
Vollmar, Emil K
Vollmar, Harold H
Vollmar, Robert E
Vollmer, Allen F
Vollmer, Harold H
Vollmer, Robert D
Vollmer, Robert W
Vollmer, William J Jr
Vollota, J. J.
Vollrath, Edward T
Vollrath, Louis R
Vollstedt, John A
Vollweiler, Emanual A.
Vollweiler, Emanuel A.
Volmer, Albert C, Capt
Volmut, Robert J
Volmut, Robert J.
Voloshin, Stewart H
Voloyed, William B
Volpe, Anthony R
Volpe, Leonard V
Volpe, Roland (nmi)
Volpiccini, John (nmi)
Volponi, Joseph
Volponi, Joseph (nmi)
Volpp, Spencer A.
Volsin, John E
Voltkamp, Henry S
Volts, Edmond E
Volts, Edmund E
Voltz, Billy (nmi)
Voltz, Glen A.
Voltz, James
Voltz, Wilbur E
Volz, Forrest
Volz, Jack E
Volz, R G
Volz, Richard H
Volz, Thomas F
Vomaske, Richard F
Von Apel, Alton C
Von Arb, George W.
Von Arb, Neil C
Von Berckefeldt, W C
Von Berckefeldt, Werner C
Von Bergen, Ralph W.
Von Blon, John H
Von Blond, Phillip A., Capt
Von Bokel, Raymond J
Von Der Heyde, Don S
Von Der Heyde, Donald S
Von Derau, Ralph A.
Von Dis, Paul R
Von Duke, R
Von Dulm, Robert E
Von Esley, Joseph F
Von Fabrice, William H
Von Gemmingen, Elalie B
Von Gemmingen, Elmelie B
Von Gemmingen, Elmslie
Von Gemmingen, Elmslie B
Von Gemmingen, Elslie B
Von Goeben, Carl J Jr
Von Hademan, Leopold
Von Hagel, Charles T
Von Hagen, Horst P
Von Hake, Richard A.
Von Hausen, William W
Von Hedemann, Leopold.
Von Hollen, C H
Von Hollen, Charles H
Von Holzhausen, T
Von Holzhausen, Thomas
Von Holzhausen, Thomas (nmi)
Von Ins, Paul R
Von Ins, Paul Russell
Von Kaenel, Ralph
Von Kaenel, Ralph L
Von Kuster, Paul Jr
Von Lackum, Herman L
Von Leer, Lemuel
Von Lohr, Morgan W
Von Mabod, Arnold E
Von Moos, Walter
Von Rissen, Joseph A.
Von Rossum, C B
Von Runnen, John
Von Schenk, Walter E
Von Schenk, Walter K
Von Schrilitz, Robert S
Von Schriltz, Richard J
Von Schriltz, Richard J.
Von Schriltz, Robert S
Von Strobe, Steven S
Von Thaden, Herbert
Von Thadenm Herbert
Von Weller, Phil J.
Von Weller, Philip J.
Von Weyerhausen, O S
Von Wiedenfield,paul N
Von Wold, Arthur P
Von Wold, John W
Vonapel, Alton C
Vonberg, Emil
Vonder Becke, Anthony C
Vonderbecke, Anthoney E
Vonderlin, C G
Vondra, Eldon (nmi)
Vondra, James F Jr
Vondra, James F, Jr
Vondracek, Joseph P
Vondrachek, C E
Voneitzen, Carl Jr
Vong, Warren A
Vong, Warren A.
Vongal, George E
Vongrey, P J.
Vonhollen, C H
Vonholzhausen T
Vonholzhausen, Thomas
Voninski, Peter
Vonplaten, Roy
Vooclo, Anthony, C
Voogd, Calvin W
Voogd, Calvin W.
Voorhees, Alan V
Voorhees, Alen V
Voorhees, Alen V, Major
Voorhees, Burton K
Voorhees, Charles R
Voorhees, Daniel W Jr
Voorhees, H M
Voorhees, Harry C
Voorhees, Louis F Jr
Voorhees, Louis F, Jr
Voorhees, Rs
Voorhees, William C
Voorhees, William P
Voorhees, William V
Voorhese, Daniel F
Voorhess, M
Voorhies, Abbie
Voorhies, Elden H
Voorhies, Elder H
Voorhies, Frederick J, Jr
Voorhies, Frederick J., Civilian Test Pilot
Voorhis, Richard H
Voorhis, Richard H H
Voorin, Felix F
Voormess, M E
Voornevald, Albert H
Voorneveld, Albert H
Vopatek, Matthias J
Vorba, J. Thomas
Vorbeck, Chester M
Vorbeck, Howard W.
Vordahl, O E
Vordahl, Oscar E
Vore, Ralph N
Voreck, J. A.
Voreck, Joseph A
Voreck, Joseph A.
Vorel, Paul M
Vorel, Paul M Jr
Vorgrin, Felix F
Vorhes, Wesley B
Vorhies, Albert C
Vorhies, James W
Vorhies, Marshall E, 1/lt, Usafr
Vori, John (nmi)
Vories, Albert C
Voris, Arthur R
Voris, George A
Voris, Glenn L
Voris, L J. Willis
Voris, Lj. Willis
Voris, Roy M
Voris, Walter L
Voroniesk, Alexis
Voros, Charles F
Voros, Grant L
Vorpahl, Weldon
Vorres, Glenn H
Vorrhies, Elden H
Vorrier, Joseph
Vorrier, Joseph H
Voruz, Herbert G Jr
Vorwek, Paul F
Vorwerk, Paul F
Vorwerk, Paul G
Vos, Benjamin J Jr
Vos, Henry E
Vosbargh, Frederick G
Vosburg, Franklin W
Vosburgh, A. E
Vosburgh, Frederick G
Vosburgh, Harry G
Vosburgh, Leland E
Vosburgh, Raymond R
Vosburgh, William F
Vose, H C Jr
Vose, Howard C
Vose, M C, Jr
Vose, Marshall T
Vose, Owen W.
Voshell, Laverne M
Voskamp, L W
Voskian, Alfred A
Voskian, Alfred A.
Vosler, Kenneth B
Vosler, Wilson L
Vosper, Frederick K
Vosper, Howard A
Voss, Albert L
Voss, Alfred
Voss, Bert M Jr
Voss, Carl H
Voss, Charles K
Voss, Clyde K
Voss, Gustave C
Voss, Hardin H
Voss, Harold D N
Voss, Harry C
Voss, Henry D
Voss, Herbert
Voss, J. E
Voss, James (jason?) E
Voss, Jesse E
Voss, John D
Voss, John D.
Voss, John R
Voss, John S
Voss, Leonard D
Voss, Leonard D.
Voss, Owen W.
Voss, Regis D
Voss, Robert C
Voss, Robert H
Voss, Thomas S
Voss, Victor E
Vosse, Fred M
Vosswinkel, Paul
Votava, Richard J
Votava, Richard J.
Votaw, Virgil L
Votles, P
Voudouris, Theodore
Voudouris, Theodore (nmi)
Vought, H W.
Vought, Thomas B
Vousden, John L
Voutes, Carl V
Vowell, Burwell M
Vowell, Morris A
Vowels, Cecil V
Voy, Kenneth C
Voyce, Charles J
Voyce, Charles J.
Voyles, Robert A
Voyles, Robert A.
Voyles, Robert L
Voyles, Robert P
Voyles, Robert S
Voyles, Ross E
Voyles, Valley J
Voyles, Woodrow B
Voyten, John E
Voytina, Edwin M
Voytko, Andrew G
Voytko, John J.
Voytko, Steve
Vozzella, Carmen J
Vozzo, Anthony D
Vozzy, Nicholas W
Vozzy, Nicholas W.
Vrabec, Paul A.
Vrabec, Paul A., Jr
Vrabel, Andrew A.
Vrable, G T
Vrable, George
Vrable, J E
Vrable, J. E
Vradenburg, Kenneth C
Vralsted, Igles
Vralsted, L
Vralsted, Lyles
Vrana, Clarence F
Vrana, John E
Vranesich, Tony F
Vraniak, Damian J.
Vranna, James A.
Vrastil, Robert F
Vratny, Frank
Vratny, Frank (nmi)
Vravis, Paul
Vrbicky, Frank J Jr
Vreck, Louis L
Vreeland, Charles
Vreeland, Charles L
Vreeland, Eugene M
Vreese, Vance
Vretenar, John (nmi)
Vrhel, Frank J
Vrilakas, Robert A
Vrla, George Edwin
Vrmeer, Charles D
Vrobelsky, Alex E
Vroblesky, Alex E
Vroma, Claude W.
Vroman, Claude W
Vroman, Claude W.
Vroman, Richard L
Vroman, Robert F
Vroman, William R
Vrooman, Donald R
Vrooman, Melford E
Vroome, Albert G
Vrungos, Gus
Vrungos, Gus (nmi)
Vryland, George W
Vryland, George W.
Vugrinovich, Steve
Vuillemin, Armand F
Vuillemin, Edouard G
Vujanlia, Alexander
Vukas, John P
Vukelic, Rade
Vukelich, Milan F
Vukemanevich, Ned
Vukemanevich, Ned (nmi)
Vukic, John.
Vukomanovich, Savo
Vukovich, Joe
Vukovich, Joe (nmi)
Vukovich, Mathew
Vukovich, Matthew (nmi) Jr
Vukovich, Matthew Jr
Vukovich, Milan (nmi)
Vulgamore, Donald F
Vuotto, Mario
Vurgaropulos, J. C
Vurgaropulos, James
Vurgaropulos, James C
Vurgarppulos, James C
V'valkenburg, Irving S
Vverby, R H
Vyhnanek, Charles W