Air Force Aircrew Name List - U

This scrollable table (as required) displays names listed in USAF or USAAF accident reports for all crew positions and time periods. You might also find additional information by searching on last name on our Air Force Accident Reports Database Search page. To learn how to order a report visit our Order Information page.

Aircrew Member Name
Uary, William F Jr
Ubel, Robert W
Uber, Charles B
Uber, Clyde S
Ubl, John F
Ubor, J. P
Ucba, Edward
Ucha, Edward
Uchida, Hiroshi
Uchida, Sukeiiro
Uchiyana, Fusao
Uchmanowicz, Lawrence
Uckotter, Howard J.
Uczen, John
Uczen, John R
Udall, Franklin Doyle
Udaloff, Michael
Uddenberg, Alf E
Udell, Beauford
Udell, Brian J.
Udell, Raymond F
Uden, Morris L, 1lt
Udick, Earl W.
Udick, William H
Udouj, Carl J.
Udouj, Carl J. S
Udy, Frank N
Udy, Lowell J
Udy, Lowell J.
Uebel, Lawrence F
Uebele, Lawrence H
Uebelhoer, Wilbur L
Uedrick, Donald W
Uehlinger, William J
Uehlinger, William J.
Ueleke, Milton W.
Ueno Saturo
Ueno Shisuko
Ueno Tuneo
Ueno, Sature
Ueno, Saturo
Ueno, Shizuko
Ueno, Tsunejiro
Ueno, Tuneo
Uerling, Frank G
Uerlings, George R
Uffelman, Harry
Uffelman, Harry W.
Uffleman, W. D.
Uffleman, Walter D.
Ufrenevicz, George
Ugolik, Edward W.
Uhalt, Joseph H
Uhalt, Joseph H Jr
Uhden, Henry R
Uherka, Clarence W
Uhl, Alex W
Uhl, Alex W.
Uhl, Martin B
Uhl, Martin E
Uhl, Richard Dean
Uhl, Robert G
Uhl, Walter Jr
Uhl, Walter, Jr
Uhle, Joseph W.
Uhlen, H F
Uhlenbrock, George J
Uhlenbrock, George J.
Uhler, Joe B
Uhley, Charles R
Uhley, Richard H
Uhlhorn, Robert P
Uhlich, Robert W
Uhlig, William M
Uhlir, William
Uhlir, William O
Uhlman, William F Iii
Uhlman, William F, Maj
Uhor, J. P
Uhr, Clinton
Uhr, Clinton W
Uhr, Clinton W.
Uhrich, George A.
Uhrich, Harold B
Uhrlaub, Julius G
Uimbish, James L
Uitto, Donald M
Uitvlugt, Frank
Ukrainetz, Paul
Ukropen, Steve
Ulak, Eugene P
Ulaky, Kasmir E
Ulch, Shirley D
Ulch, Shirley D.
Uleberg, Stuart V
Ulerick, Estel E
Ulery C Jr
Ulery, B
Ulery, C Jr
Ulery, C., Jr
Ulfers, Arthur J
Ulfers, Arthur J.
Ulfers, Leo N
Ulfers, Leo W
Ulfers, Leo W.
Ulfrers, Arthur
Uliana, Enzo J
Uliana, Enzo J.
Ulibarie, Ernest
Ulich, Willie L
Ulichny, Robert W
Ulichny, Robert W.
Uliett, James H
Ulkus, Donald W
Ulland, Robert A.
Ullerick, Ralph T
Ullery, Martinn
Ullett, James
Ullett, James H
Ullman, Albert J.
Ullman, Howard R
Ullman, Kurt F
Ullman, Paul
Ullman, Richard H
Ullmann,karl F
Ullo, Neil F
Ullo, Neill F
Ullom, G K
Ullom, Robert E
Ullon, Max E
Ullrich, Dellie O
Ullrich, F J.
Ullrich, Henry P
Ullrich, Richard W
Ullrich, Robert C
Ullstrom, John A
Ullstrom, John A.
Ullstrom, William P
Ullstrup, Robert J
Ulm, Melvin A.
Ulman, Charles F
Ulmer, Alfred C
Ulmer, Doris B
Ulmer, F C
Ulmer, Frank H
Ulmer, Marion R
Ulmer, Max
Ulmer, R C
Ulmer, Robert C
Ulmer, Stiles C
Ulner, Alfred J
Ulner, Alfred J.
Ulner, Max
Ulrey, Donald B
Ulrey, Donald Roy
Ulrich, Alvin E
Ulrich, Arthir J.
Ulrich, Edward D Jr
Ulrich, Edward W.
Ulrich, Frederick H
Ulrich, George A.knedel, R F
Ulrich, George H Jr
Ulrich, Gerald
Ulrich, Jack R
Ulrich, John
Ulrich, John H
Ulrich, John R
Ulrich, Julius
Ulrich, Lloyd C
Ulrich, Milton R
Ulrich, Myron Dallas
Ulrich, Norman A.
Ulrich, Raymond H
Ulrich, Raymond M
Ulrich, Robert J
Ulrich, Robert J.
Ulrich, Robert L
Ulrich, William R
Ulrick, Charles W.
Ulricson, John R
Ulricson, John R,
Ulricson, John Russell
Ulriksen, Arnold C
Ulsh Robert L
Ulsh, A D
Ulsh, A. D.
Ulsh, Arvel D
Ulsh, Robert L
Ulshafer, Ronald M
Ultry, B
Ultvlugt, Frank
Ulven, Virgil B
Ulvestad, Richard J
Ulvestad, Richard J.
Umalp, Mejat
Umbarger, Cecil J
Umbarger, George A
Umbarger, George A.
Umbarger, Hobart
Umbarger, James P
Umbaugh, Jack E
Umbaugh, Raymond B
Umbaugh, Raymond E
Umbaugh, Raymond L
Umberger, Lawrence E
Umberger, Robert C
Umberhine, David G
Umhoefer, Frank W
Umhoefer, Frank W.
Umholtz, Russell A.
Uminski, Steve T
Umla, Walter E
Umla, Walter E Jr
Umla, Walter E, Jr
Umlang, Monroe C
Umlauf, Otto G
Umoff, Alexis P
Umphrey, Everett F
Umphries, Edwin L (ro)
Umphries, James O
Umpleby, Arthur N
Umpleby, Loren A.
Umreiko, Nicholas J
Umstead, Dwight L
Umstead, Stanley M
Umstead, Stanley M, Jr
Umstead, Wiley L
Umstead, William L
Umstead, William P
Umsted, William P
Unable To Read Names
Unalp, Nejat Mehmet
Unanget, Russell S
Unangst, Frederick R
Unangst, Robert F
Unbaugh, Raymond E
Unbaugh, Raymond L
Uncapner, C L
Undercoffer, James S
Underdahl, Sheldon J.
Underdown, Raymond S
Underhill Eh
Underhill, Edward H
Underhill, James D
Underhill, James D.
Underhill, Norman B
Underhill, William L
Underkofler, Donald B
Underside, Dennis L
Underwood, Anna S
Underwood, B
Underwood, Carol E
Underwood, Clifford N
Underwood, Eichard F
Underwood, Ernest R
Underwood, Gayne P
Underwood, George W
Underwood, George W.
Underwood, Gilbert E
Underwood, Glenn N
Underwood, Harry
Underwood, Harvey T Jr
Underwood, Howard H
Underwood, Isaac W
Underwood, J. D.
Underwood, J. P
Underwood, J. W.
Underwood, James A.
Underwood, James H
Underwood, James W
Underwood, James W.
Underwood, Jay D.
Underwood, Jesse U
Underwood, Jesse U **
Underwood, Jim T
Underwood, John D., Major
Underwood, John P
Underwood, Joseph D
Underwood, Joseph D.
Underwood, Kenneth E
Underwood, Kenneth H
Underwood, Kenneth W
Underwood, L
Underwood, L R
Underwood, Lee E
Underwood, Loy E
Underwood, Neil R
Underwood, Paul C
Underwood, Paul D.
Underwood, Richard F
Underwood, Robert
Underwood, Robert E
Underwood, T H
Underwood, Thomas A
Underwood, W.
Underwood, W. F
Underwood, W.f
Underwood, Walter B
Underwood, William
Underwood, William F
Underwood, William J
Underwood, William S
Underwrood, William E
Ungar, N
Ungar, N (nmi)
Ungaretti, Rudolph J
Ungaretti, Rudolph J (mechanic)
Ungarreti, Rudolph J.
Ungarsky, Stephen E
Unger, 5th Cav
Unger, Daniel S Captain
Unger, Edmund F
Unger, Edward C
Unger, Edwin H Jr
Unger, Frank
Unger, G A.
Unger, G E
Unger, George
Unger, George E
Unger, H D.
Unger, Harold D.
Unger, Herman P
Unger, Martin
Unger, Martin (nmi)
Unger, Martin B
Unger, Millard G
Unger, R E
Unger, Richard C
Unger, Robert W.
Ungerer, Carl L
Ungerer, Frederick K
Ungering, Klaus J., Ensign German Marineflieger
Ungerman, Kenneth A
Ungerman, Kenneth A.
Ungerott, Donald C
Unia, Charles
Unidentified Civilian
Union, A. M
United States Marine Corps Personnel: Thom
United States Navy Passengers: Nerschen, H
Universaw, Myron L
Unknown 1lt
Unknown Airman
Unknown Alert Crewman
Unknown British Army Officer
Unknown Bystander
Unknown Captain
Unknown Civilian
Unknown Civilian Farmer
Unknown Civilian In Automobile)
Unknown Copilot
Unknown Co-pilot
Unknown Crew
Unknown Crew Chief
Unknown Crew Members
Unknown Crew Of Nine
Unknown Crewman
Unknown Driver Of Tractor
Unknown Driver Of Truck
Unknown Engineer
Unknown Enlisted Man
Unknown Farmer
Unknown Indian Civilian
Unknown Individual
Unknown Lt Col
Unknown Lt Colonel
Unknown Major
Unknown Man
Unknown Mechanic
Unknown Number Of Indian Citizens
Unknown Paratroopers
Unknown Passenger
Unknown Passengers
Unknown Patient
Unknown Person
Unknown Person In Tea Truck
Unknown Personnel
Unknown Pilot
Unknown Power Mower Operator
Unknown Royal Air Force Pilot
Unknown Student
Unknown Student And Civilian Instructor
Unknown Telephone Operator
Unknown Truck Driver
Unknown Tug Driver
Unknown Tug Operator
Unknown Wingman
Unknown Workman
Unknown, 1lt
Unknown, Accident Due To Loose Mooring Rope
Unknown, R B
Unkown Passenger
Unland, Theodore F
Unlickeney, Robert W.
Unmanned Drone
Unnamed Burmese, Chinese And British Perso
Unnamed Crew Chief
Unnamed Crew Members
Unnamed Passengers
Unnamed Personnel
Unora, Joseph Jr
Unrath, Kenneth M
Unrue, Howard B
Unrue, Howard E
Unruh, Marion D
Unruh, Marion Daniel
Unruh, Victor E
Unruh, Victor L
Unruh, Virgil R
Unser, Edward F
Unsworth, Colin E Jr
Unsworth, Laurence
Unter, Robert L
Unterkircher, James C
Untermeyer, H C
Untermeyer, Herbert C
Unterschuetz, Eugene E
Untersee, Walter F
Untiedt, L F
Untiedt, Leonard F
Unum, Robert F
Unvergart, Alec
Unverzagt, Alec
Unverzagt, William C
Uotila, Otto O
Uotiln, Otto O
Upchurch, Alvin G
Upchurch, Alvis G
Upchurch, Claude E
Upchurch, Frank B Jr
Upchurch, Frank B, Jr
Upchurch, G
Upchurch, G R
Upchurch, George
Upchurch, Goerge L
Upchurch, Harry L
Upchurch, James H
Upchurch, John W.
Upchurch, Joseph S
Upchurch, Louis H
Upchurch, Robert H
Upchurch, Warren D.
Upchurch, William D.
Updegraff, Gail T
Updegraff, L
Updike, James M
Updyke, P L
Updyke, Paul L
Updyke, Robert
Upell, Wayne Jr
Upham, Donald C
Upham, Hudson H
Upham, John E
Upham, Ronald M
Uphoff, Warren J.
Uphoff, William H
Uphouse, Earl W
Uphouse, John R
Upmeier, T J.
Upmeier, Thomas J.
Upp, James M
Upquhart, Charles T Jr
Upquhart, Charles T, Jr
Upshaw, Don C
Upshaw, La.
Upshaw, Morse K Jr
Upshur, Otho M
Upshur, Otto M
Upson, Bruce S
Upson, Linus E
Upson, Linus F
Upson, Linus F Jr
Upstill, Paul E
Upston, J. E
Upston, John E
Uptagrove, F J.
Uptain, J. Y
Uptain, Joel Y
Uptegraph, C E
Uptegraph, Clarence
Uptegraph, Clarence E
Uptegrove, F J.
Uptegrove, John H
Upthegrave, L
Upthegrove, Fay R
Uptmor, Robert E
Upton, Allen E
Upton, Charles H (pilot)
Upton, Charles M
Upton, Clifford A.
Upton, Edwin L
Upton, Frank W.
Upton, Irvine G
Upton, J. F
Upton, John T
Upton, Julian F
Upton, Lincoln H
Upton, Raymond L
Upton, S M
Upton, Thomas J
Upton, Thomas J.
Upton, V D.
Upton, William C
Upton, William M
Urak, Carl
Urankin, Michael J.
Urasek, M
Urasek, Michael G
Urba, Danny L
Urban, Anthony J.
Urban, Donald F
Urban, E W.
Urban, E L
Urban, E W.
Urban, Emil L
Urban, Ernest W.
Urban, Eugene
Urban, George R
Urban, Goerge R
Urban, Harry
Urban, James E
Urban, John
Urban, John A
Urban, John A.
Urban, John H
Urban, Joseph (nmi)
Urban, Joseph A
Urban, Joseph A.
Urban, Joseph C
Urban, Michael A.
Urban, Norman.
Urban, R K
Urban, Robert K
Urban, Theodore J
Urbanc, John B
Urbanek, Frank D
Urbanek, Frank D.
Urbanek, John R
Urbaniak, Edwin
Urbanowicz, Chester J.
Urbanski, Everett T
Urbanus, Ralph A
Urbanus, Ralph A.
Urbino, Ferdinand R
Urch, Francis L
Urda, Nicholas A
Urdahl, Kenneth A., Capt
Urdy, Bruce W.
Ureke, George
Ureta, Fortunato M
Urey, Harry B Jr
Urgas, H
Urghoffer, John M Jr
Urguhart, Alexander A.
Urheim, Ken
Uriah, Frank
Uribe, George A.
Uribe, Ramiro A
Urich, Lawrence C
Urich, Richard F
Urick, Frank S
Urick, John A
Urick, John A.
Urie, Rolland C
Urie, Rolland G
Uriel, Johnson R
Urioste, George A.
Urk, Roy T
Urlacher, Charles B
Urlik, Sheldon W., 1/lt
Urnoski, Nicholas
Urolatte, Edwin J.
Urpschot, Gerald J (cp)
Urquart, William T, Jr
Urquhart, Alexander A.
Urquhart, Burges Jr
Urquhart, Charles T Jr
Urquhart, Don R
Urquhart, Donald A
Urquhart, Donald A.
Urquhart, Donald V
Urquhart, Edward J
Urquhart, Edward J.
Urquhart, Edwin D
Urquhart, Edwin D.
Urquhart, George R
Urquhart, Roland .
Urquhart, Roland L
Urquhart, Roland L Jr
Urquhart, Roland L, Jr
Urquhart, Wesley
Urquhart, Wesley (nmi)
Urquhart, William L
Urream Gilberto G
Urrutia, Carlos A
Urrutia, Ezequiel V
Urschall, Rachel
Urschel, Earl E
Urschitz, Henry
Urseth, Orton G
Ursillo, Alfred
Urso, James D
Urso, James D.
Urssell, Robert
Urton, Raymond L
Urton, Thomas A
Uruburu, J. A.
Urvaniak, Edwin
Urwaider, Frederick W. Jr
Urweider, Frederick E Jr
Usaaf: Asher, Irving
Usas Anthony A.2lt.
Usas, Anthony A
Uscinowicz, Henry J
Usey, Charles O
Ushakow, Eugene E
Usher, George L
Usher, Leonard H
Usiak, Raymond T
Usiatynski, John J
Usiatynski, John J.
Uskela, Allen A
Usrey, Crawford C
Usry, Tom H
Usry, William F
Usry, William F, Jr
Ussery, A E
Ussery, A. E
Ussery, A. M
Ussery, Lee R
Ussery, William
Ustick, O, B,
Ustick, Owen B
Ustiy, L L
Ustruck, James N
Ustuntas, Rasat (nmi)
Ustuntas, Resat M
Uszak, Frank J.
Utecht, Alfred M
Utes, W. W.
Utes, Warren W
Uthlein, Julius P
Utka, Chester H
Utke, Chester H
Utkewich, John W.
Utley, Billy H
Utley, David A
Utley, David A.
Utley, Fred Herbert
Utley, Fred M
Utley, Harry S
Utley, J. A.
Utley, Leon C
Utley, Lloyd E
Utley, Royden E
Utley, Royden R
Utley, Tom W.
Utley, William L
Utne, Amund R
Utsey, Pierce T Jr
Utsey, Pierce, T Jr
Utsey, Thomas A.
Utt, William
Utt, William R
Uttal, Irving L
Uttenweiler, Fred L
Uttenweiler, Frederick L
Utter, Charles W
Utter, Charles W.
Utter, John D
Utter, John D.
Utter, John W
Utter, Joseph C
Utter, Wilber J.
Utter, Wilbur J.
Utterbach, Harlan
Utterback, Curtis Loyd
Utterback, Edmond L
Utterback, George C
Utterback, R R.
Utterback, Robert W
Utterback, Roy R
Utterweiler, Frederick L
Uttery, Fred H
Utton, Dan C
Utton, Daniel C
Uttrich, Eugene L
Utz, Fielding A
Uvanni, William A.
Uyehara, Masaru
Uzdrowski, J. A.
Uzdrowski, John A
Uzzi, Ralph J.