Air Force Aircrew Name List - N

This scrollable table (as required) displays names listed in USAF or USAAF accident reports for all crew positions and time periods. You might also find additional information by searching on last name on our Air Force Accident Reports Database Search page. To learn how to order a report visit our Order Information page.

Aircrew Member Name
Naas, Stephen W
Naastad, L M
Naastad, Lester M
Naatz, William E
Nabe, Edgar C
Nabe, Edgar G
Naberezny, Martin
Naberhuis, Burton J
Nabers, C D
Nabers, Samuel L Jr
Nabhole, Alfred B
Nabholz, Alfred B
Nabity, Frank J, Jr
Naborny, Edward (nmi)
Nabors, John R
Nabors, Miles H
Nabors, Owen K
Nabors, Robert G
Nabozny, Edward (NMI)
Nabozny, Edward C
Nabry, F H
Nace, E L
Nachajski, E J
Nachand, Charles D Jr
Nachatile, L E
Nachjski, Edward J
Nachreiner, Gerald F
Nachreiner, Gerard F
Nacht, Jack
Nachtrieb, Theodore W
Nachtwey, Paul A
Nack, Arthur
Nacke, Charles C
Nackmen, Robert L
Nacy, William P
Naczynski, Joseph A
Nadaady, Laurencio A
Nadalski, John J
Nadalskie, E
Nadashkevich, Paul N
Nadaus, John H
Naddeo, Michael J
Nadeau, Clifford E
Nadeau, H .
Nadeau, H L
Nadeau, James E
Nadeau, John P
Nadeau, Louis J
Nadeay, Paul J
Nadel, David
Nadel, David (nmi)
Nadel, Joseph J
Nadel, Stanley
Nadell, A I
Nadell, Melvin L
Naden, Grayson C
Nader, Ed B
Nader, Edward B
Nader, Joseph E
Nading, W D
Nading, William D
Nadler, Joseph
Nadler, Paul O
Nadolny, Chester J
Nadolski, Edmund J
Nadrasik, Eugene W
Nadzieja, Leon R
Naedele, Scott L
Naeger, Frederick B
Naegle, Raymond L
Naeher, Paul T
Naeve, Fred H
Naff, Owen L
Naffke, Richard M
Naffz, Betty L
Naffz, Betty L (wasp)
Naffziger, Richard H
Nafie, Marvin D
Nafis, W L
Nafteger, Clyde W
Naftel, S D
Naftel, Stacy D
Naftzger, Clyde W
Nagai, Harold
Nagar, Sidney
Nagar, Sidney (nmi)
Nagashima Kiyozo
Nagashima, Kiyozo
Nagdeman, Sollie R
Nagee, James S
Nagel, Berlin A
Nagel, Charles E
Nagel, D L
Nagel, Edward Jr
Nagel, Edward, Jr
Nagel, H C
Nagel, Harry J
Nagel, Jerome K
Nagel, John
Nagel, Joseph
Nagel, Leslie D
Nagel, M J
Nagel, Mark L
Nagel, Marvin C
Nagel, Marvin E
Nagel, Robert E
Nagel, Walter H
Nagelhout, Vincent L
Nagell, Richard C
Nagelstadt, Willard D
Nagelstadt, Willard G
Nageotte, Thomas E
Nagle, Ashley G
Nagle, Bernard M
Nagle, Charles W
Nagle, Clyde J
Nagle, Donald J
Nagle, Francis A Jr
Nagle, Francis A, Jr
Nagle, Frederick C
Nagle, Frederick C Jr
Nagle, Harold W
Nagle, John J
Nagle, John W
Nagle, Joseph C
Nagle, Lee E
Nagle, Leo J
Nagle, Paul F
Nagle, Richard J
Nagle, Robert A
Nagle, William
Nagle, William E
Naglee, Robert M
Naglich, John
Nagoda, John M
Nagorka, Henry J
Nagus, Jack V
Nagy, Albert F
Nagy, Charles K
Nagy, Charles K, Jr
Nagy, Custer L
Nagy, Elmer (nmi)
Nagy, Frank Jr
Nagy, Joe J
Nagy, John M
Nagy, Louis A
Nagy, Stephen J
Nagy, Stephen J Jr
Nagy, Stephen J, Jr
Nagy, Steve
Nagy, Vincent K
Nahkunst, Edward A
Nahl, Charles N
Nahnibida, Paul
Nahodil, Roy F
Nahrstedt, Dale P
Naiden, Earl L
Naiden, Neil D
Naigle, Alfred J
Naihoff, Thalbert W
Nail, O D
Nail, William C
Nail, William H
Nailen, John J
Nailey, Bert J
Naillouk, Norman R
Nailor, Richard
Naime, Paul A
Naimon, Carl M
Naioti, John F
Nair, Jack D
Nairn, Courtenay
Nairn, Courtenay M
Nairn, Edward P
Naismith, Robert E
Najarian, John J
Najarian, Sam J
Najvar, Jerome M
Nakagawa, Hideo
Nakamura, Frank M
Nakashima, George
Nakashima, George .
Nakedhead, C
Nakis, George M
Nakkula, Carl W
Nakpoor, Emil A
Nalbock, Walter N
Naldrett, Richard A
Nale, Cletus B
Nale, Douglas V
Nale, Joseph S Jr
Nale, Robert L
Naleid, James A
Naleid, Jerome F
Nalepa, Frank S
Naler, James D
Naletko, A H
Nalett, Walter E
Nalette, T A
Nalezinek, Edward
Nall John B1lt.
Nall, Carl T
Nall, Charles G
Nall, Clarence B
Nall, Eugene
Nall, G
Nall, J G
Nall, James D (student)
Nall, James E
Nall, James G
Nall, James Gay
Nall, James M
Nall, James N
Nall, James R
Nall, John B
Nall, John C
Nall, John L
Nall, Lancett L
Nall, Robert (nmi)
Nall, Robert D
Nall, Robert H
Nall, Standford
Nall, William
Nall, William C
Nalle, Edmond R
Nalle, Eugene
Nalley, Clement A
Nalley, Clement V
Nalley, Gene C
Nalls, Brozie E
Nally, Edward L Jr
Nally, William S
Nalph, William B
Naltom, C C
Name Blurred, May Be Cassidy, James W, P-3
Namet, John J
Namey, John
Namie, John P
Namiotka, Anthony J
Namowicz, J A
Namowicz, Joseph A
Nanaratowich, Joseph H
Nanashe, Alexander
Nance Charles R
Nance, Charles R
Nance, Clarence
Nance, Clarence E
Nance, Clifford P
Nance, Clyde J
Nance, Cort M
Nance, Cort W Jr
Nance, Darell E
Nance, Edward H
Nance, Elvin J
Nance, Ernest F
Nance, Ernest F M
Nance, Ernest T
Nance, F H
Nance, Francis G
Nance, Francis H
Nance, Harold E
Nance, Horace L
Nance, J K
Nance, James H
Nance, James W
Nance, Jk
Nance, Joe C
Nance, Joe Conrad
Nance, John H Jr
Nance, John H, Jr
Nance, Owen A
Nance, Paul L
Nance, Ralph R
Nance, Richard L
Nance, Robert
Nance, Robert E
Nance, Robert S
Nance, Roger J
Nance, Thomas H
Nance, Truett O
Nance, William B
Nance, William R
Nancina, Antonio F
Nandino, John E
Nanes, Donald W Jr
Nangeroni, Louis J
Nangeroni, Louis L
Nangle, Donald L
Nangle, John T
Nangle, Johnt
Nangle, McElroy
Nangle, McElroy (nmi)
Nania, John J
Nankervis, John W
Nankivell, Harold E
Nann, Robert A
Nannen, Raymond F
Nannest, L L
Nanney, Fred M
Nanney, Travis G
Nano, Edwards S
Nansel, Joseph
Napel, Leon
Naphas, Fred A
Naphes, Fred A
Napier, Cecil
Napier, E W
Napier, Edgar B
Napier, Edward L
Napier, Ezekiel W
Napier, J T
Napier, John G
Napier, Joseph R
Napier, Miles E
Napier, Normand S
Napier, Roy H
Napier, Tom E
Napier, William D
Napier, William S
Napier, Winston J
Napkins, Gerald W
Naples, Benjamin
Naples, Benjamin (nmi)
Napoleon, T P
Napoletan, Peter J
Napoli, Arthur L
Napoli, David L
Napoli, William V
Napolin, Arthur L
Napolitano, Aldo O
Napolitano, Arthur
Napolitano, J
Napolitano, Joseph
Napp, Donald E
Nappes, Charles E
Nappi, Ralph P
Napsmann, Richard A
Naquin, Arthur A
Nara, Joseph D
Naranjo, N G
Narber, Richard H
Narcholak, Thomas
Narcizo, Manuel P
Narcovich, Adolph J
Narcross, Kenneth L Jr
Nard, Anthony M
Nard, James P
Nard, Jefferson J
Nardi, Elmer J
Nardi, Joseph P Jr
Nardi, Richard L
Nardo, Peter J
Nardone, H J
Nardone, Harry J
Narducci, Charles R
Narehood, Charles B
Narehood, Charles D
Narel, Mathew J
Narey, William A
Narick, E E
Narick, Emil E
Narkewicz, S
Narkiewicz, S
Narlo, J C
Naroied, Chamnong, 2/lt, Thailand Af (rtaf)
Naron, Upton
Naron, Upton W
Narr, Henry
Narramore, Neale M
Narramore, Roth J
Narro, Humbert D
Narron, H L
Nartin,william N
Narvaez, Stafford F
Narvis, Charles W
Narwold, Richard H
Narzo, Robert L (gr Crew)
Nasch, R L
Nasch, Ralph L
Naseif, B J
Nasello, Angelo A
Nasen, George B
Nash, Allen T
Nash, Archie L
Nash, Blaine B
Nash, Charles B
Nash, Charles E
Nash, D T
Nash, Daniel Charles
Nash, David F
Nash, Don R
Nash, Edward C Jr
Nash, Edward J
Nash, Ernest F
Nash, F A
Nash, Fenton W
Nash, Frank C
Nash, Frederick
Nash, G W
Nash, George E
Nash, George J
Nash, George T
Nash, Harry L
Nash, Harry M
Nash, Herbert G Jr
Nash, James E
Nash, James N
Nash, James S
Nash, James T
Nash, John M, Lt - Us Navy
Nash, Joseph H
Nash, Lois
Nash, Lois L, Mrs.
Nash, Malcolm F
Nash, Paul E
Nash, R L
Nash, Reynold E
Nash, Reynold Eric
Nash, Robert A
Nash, Robert E Jr
Nash, Russell J
Nash, Russell, J
Nash, Verna M
Nash, Vincent E
Nash, Walter I
Nash, Walter W
Nash, Wilford
Nash, Wilford G
Nash, William J
Nash, William M
Nash, William M (ip)
Nash, William P
Nash, William S
Nashen, Ross
Nashold, Charles G
Nashold, Robert L, Capt
Nasief, Benjamin J
Naslund, Howard L
Nasoetion, M
Nasoff, Morton
Nason, Charles W
Nason, Willoughby C
Nasonheimer, Robert H
Nasov, Joe
Nasov, Joe (nmi)
Nassar, S W
Nassar, Sw .
Nassas, Es
Nassau, Robert G
Nasse, Warren I
Nasset, Erling
Nasset, Erling A
Nassi, Albert P
Nast, Walter H
Nasta, Thomas J
Nastanovich, George (nmi)
Nastanovitch, George (nmi)
Nastase, Nick A
Nastav, Joseph P
Nasto, Salvatore N J
Nasu, Sadao
Nasur, Charles W
Nasypany, Raymond
Natale, Gilbert J W
Natale, Joseph A
Natale, Pasquale C
Natale, Sebastian D
Natale, Thomas N
Natanek, C J
Nate, Eleanor C
Nate, Elenor C
Nate, J C C
Nate, Joseph Cc
Nath, Ray C
Nath, Robert E
Nathan, Gustus
Nathan, Jonas
Nathan, Ralph M
Nathans, Leo
Nathanson, H J
Nathanson, Harre J
Nathanson, Irving (nmi)
Nathanson, Joseph S
Natherton, Clyde B
Natho, J L
Nathon, David B
Nati, Rex
Natier, Pierre
Nation, Raymond E
Nation, Walter M
Nation, William R
Nations, Eddy
Nations, Ernest P
Nations, Ernest R
Nations, James O
Nations, John D
Natkin, Jack D
Natoli, Charles A
Natoli, Frank A
Natoli, Sam J
Natrass, William
Natter, Paul J
Nattkemper, R L Jr
Nattkemper, Robert L Jr
Nattkemper, Robert L, Jr
Natto, Anthony R
Nattrass, William
Natura, Arthur B
Natvig, O G
Nau, John R
Nau, Robert D
Nau, Wallace E
Nau, William E
Naubauer, Emil S
Naudain, Richard S
Naudin, Georges J
Nauen, Arthur J
Nauer, Norman A
Nauert, Nicholas H
Naugher, Jack W
Naughton, John J
Naughton, Joseph Jr
Naughton, Leroy J
Naughton, Robert E
Naugle, Harry C
Naugle, William B
Naugler, Winsor
Naujalis, A P
Naujalls, John A
Naujelle, John A
Naum, A C
Nauman, Daniel D
Nauman, David K
Nauman, Leonard G
Nauman, Reginald A
Nauman, W R
Naumann, Ernest A
Naumann, Hugh D
Naumann, Kenneth
Naun, A C
Nauraskat, William
Naurer, A
Naus, John D
Nauss, Donald W, Jr
Nauta, Arthur G
Nautulus, Jerome W
Nauven, Arthur J
Nava, Eleuterio Jr
Nava, Eleuterio, Jr
Nava, Lugio P
Nava, Rudolfe
Navaczyk, John
Navaczyk, John (nmi)
Navarra, Henry
Navarre, Joseph W
Navarrette, R R.
Navarro, Andrew J
Navarro, Michael
Navarro, Michael (nmi)
Navas, A M
Navas, Frank
Nave, Harry K
Nave, Virgil I
Naven, Arthur J
Naven, Dean H
Navers, George
Naveschuk, Yaroslav
Naviken, V J
Navovitz, Bernard W
Navratil, John J
Navy Personnel
Navy Personnel: Milliken, George R
Navy Personnel: Ramba, W S
Naw, Clarence E
Nawley, Jack
Nawrocki, Casimir
Nawrocki, Casimire F
Nawrocki, Joseph C
Nawrocki, Paul J
Nawrocky, Joseph C
Nay, Martin N
Nay, Waymond C
Naye, John B
Naye, Rowland W
Naye, Rowland Wesley
Nayler, Gerald W
Naylon, Thomas A
Naylor, Arthur C
Naylor, George W
Naylor, Harold L
Naylor, James C
Naylor, James L Jr
Naylor, James L, Jr
Naylor, Joe M
Naylor, John C
Naylor, Richard G
Naylor, Richard L
Naylor, Rober A
Naylor, Robert D
Naylor, Roger A
Naylor, Wiliford M
Naylor, William E
Naylor, William P
Naylor, Winford C
Naymik, Daniel A
Naymik, John
Naymik, John (nmi)
Nayovitz, B W
Nayovitz, Bernard W
Nazareth, Nathaniel J
Nazarewicz, Rudolph J
Nazarian, John E
Nazimak, Frank J
Nazimova, George
Nazzarett, Daniel B
Nazzaro, Joseph J
Nboon, Byron B
Nc Namara, Hubert P
Nc Vay, William F
Nc Weeney, Philip E
Ncintosh, Richard K
Ncneese, G B
Nead, Bart D
Nead, Harry V Jr
Nead, Robert C
Neadeau, Leslie L
Neafus, Paul B
Neag,trian (nm)
Neagle, Leonard W
Neal, A M
Neal, Albert W
Neal, Allen J
Neal, Allen R
Neal, Arthur M
Neal, Authur G
Neal, Bascome L
Neal, C A
Neal, C W Jr
Neal, Carrol W
Neal, Carroll W
Neal, Carroll W Jr
Neal, Cecil R
Neal, Cecil Raymond
Neal, Charles A
Neal, Charles L
Neal, Charles P
Neal, Charles V Jr
Neal, Charles V, Jr
Neal, Charley
Neal, Charley E
Neal, Chester A
Neal, Conley A
Neal, Daniel K
Neal, Donald W
Neal, Edson L
Neal, Elmo
Neal, Frank B
Neal, Frederick E
Neal, Freerick E
Neal, G S Jr
Neal, Garland N
Neal, Geoffrey
Neal, Geoffrey E
Neal, Geogffrey E
Neal, George
Neal, George S, Jr
Neal, Gerald C
Neal, Glenn R
Neal, Harold L
Neal, Harold L Jr
Neal, Harold L, Jr
Neal, Harry E (civ)
Neal, Henry G
Neal, Hollis A
Neal, J A
Neal, J R
Neal, Jack L
Neal, Jack N
Neal, James P
Neal, Jerome B
Neal, Jesse
Neal, John O
Neal, John P
Neal, John T
Neal, John W
Neal, John W Jr
Neal, John W, Jr
Neal, Joseph A
Neal, Joseph A Jr
Neal, Leo A
Neal, Perry W
Neal, Raymond
Neal, Raymond K
Neal, Richard J
Neal, Robert F
Neal, Robert G
Neal, Robert J
Neal, Robert Tw
Neal, Roy W Jr
Neal, Roy W, Jr
Neal, S R
Neal, Sidney
Neal, Sidney L, Jr
Neal, Stanley P
Neal, Thomas F
Neal, Thomas F Jr
Neal, Van E
Neal, Warren
Neal, William K
Neal, William R
Neal, William W
Neal, Willie F
Neal, Wilson H
Neal, Wilson Hawks
Neale, Adelbert D Jr
Neale, Denison
Neale, Denison (nmi)
Neale, Douglas V
Neale, Harold H Jr
Neale, Harold N, Jr
Neale, Howard C
Neale, James M
Neale, John H
Neale, Malcolm D
Neale, Robert D
Neale, Robert D Jr
Nealey, Daniel J
Nealis, John E
Nealis, Leonard M
Neall, C M
Neall, George
Neall, George, M
Neally, Dale
Nealon, Ivan W
Nealon, John F
Nealon, John Francis
Nealon, John P
Nealy, Jesse M
Nealy, John E
Near, Albert H
Near, Harold K
Near, Hubert K
Near, James W
Near, Perry W
Nearburg, Eugene E
Nearhoof, James L
Neary, George N
Neary, J M
Neary, John M
Neary, Mark R
Neary, Raymond N
Neary, Richard T
Neary, William F
Neas, Lucas M
Nease, Linwood
Nease, Robert F
Nease, Robert F Jr
Nease, William L
Neasham, Ned
Neast, John K
Neater, George L
Neathery, Herbert L, 1lt
Neathery, Orphie
Neathery, Orphie Jr
Neatock, Marvin S
Neaves, W C
Nebeker, Delbert Jr
Nebeker, Delbert, Jr
Nebendahl, Carl P
Nebiker, Fred R
Nebinger, Edward M
Nebinger, Edward M, Capt
Neblett, Lloyd
Neblett, Lloyd G
Neblett, Loyd G
Neblett, Sherman E
Neblett, Thomas A
Neblette, George R
Neborak, Joseph
Neborak, Joseph (nmi)
Necell, Melvin A
Necessary, Orville K
Nechstile, L E
Necome, William L
Necrason, Conrad F
Nedeau, Bernard P
Nedeau, R E
Nedeau, Roy E
Nedell, Francis
Neder, Richard A
Nedrow, James B
Nedrow, James E
Nedved, E F
Nedwed, John L
Nedwick, Robert F
Nee Doyle F1lt.
Nee, Daniel E
Nee, Doyle F
Nee, Robert F
Neece, Richard D Jr
Neece, Richard D, Jr
Neeck, E A
Needham, Clarence W
Needham, Elton R
Needham, James C
Needham, James F
Needham, John W
Needle, Meyer J
Needle, Meyer, J
Needleman, Joseph
Needleman, Julius
Needles, Frederick L
Neef, Charles F, Ltcol
Neef, Melvin E
Neefe, Calvin A
Neehan, A T
Neel (lt)
Neel, Alan F
Neel, Alexas M
Neel, Alexis M
Neel, Allan F
Neel, B L
Neel, Billie B
Neel, Chester A
Neel, Francis L
Neel, J S
Neel, John S
Neel, Joseph S
Neel, Riger R
Neel, Robert F
Neel, Robert W
Neel, S G
Neel, Stewart
Neel, Stewart G
Neel, Vincent S
Neel, William F
Neel, William U
Neel, William W
Neelan, James H
Neelander, Frederick J
Neeld, Robert D
Neeldes, Richard E
Neeley, Albert V
Neeley, C E
Neeley, Charles B
Neeley, Clarence A
Neeley, Floyd W
Neeley, J D
Neeley, Margeret
Neeley, Richard C
Neeley, Samuel R
Neeley, W D
Neeley, William E
Neelson, Carl H
Neelson, Carl Henry
Neely, Charles W
Neely, Clarence
Neely, Clarence Arthur Colonel
Neely, David F
Neely, Eber J
Neely, Eugene
Neely, Everett A
Neely, Frey L
Neely, George E
Neely, Grey L
Neely, Harold L
Neely, J C
Neely, Jack J
Neely, James
Neely, Jesse M
Neely, Joe
Neely, June L
Neely, June L, Major
Neely, Paul W
Neely, Payton T Jr
Neely, Payton T, Jr
Neely, Richard H
Neely, Robert J Jr
Neely, Robert J, Jr
Neely, Roger C, Jr
Neely, Tom D
Neely, William C
Neely, Willis A
Neeper, Loy L
Neer, Donald R
Neer, Francis O
Neerland, Richard H
Neerlog, William G
Nees, Harol H
Nees, Lucas E
Nees, Peter J
Neese, James A
Neese, John N
Neese, Robert S
Neeshan, Herbert S
Neeshan, Robert L
Neet, John D
Neff, A
Neff, Benjamin G
Neff, Charles M
Neff, Evelyn
Neff, Evelyn K
Neff, Frank D
Neff, Fred H
Neff, George E
Neff, Harry E Jr
Neff, Harry E, Jr
Neff, Howard J
Neff, J M
Neff, Jacob H
Neff, James M
Neff, James W
Neff, Julian S
Neff, Kenneth E
Neff, Leo M
Neff, Lester W Jr
Neff, M S
Neff, Noble T
Neff, O
Neff, O L
Neff, Owen L
Neff, Rowan N
Neff, Samuel E
Neff, W C
Neff, Waldo
Neff, Ward L
Neff, Wesley C
Neff, William F
Neff, William H
Neffenegger, F
Neffinger, G G
Neffington, George L
Negast, F H
Negast, Fred H
Negele, John J
Negele, Joseph H
Negendank, Donaldc
Neggle, Max B
Negley, Paul L
Negranti, Peter A
Negro, Michael J
Negus, Jack V
Negusie, Cherinet, Cadet; Ethiopian Af
Nehberland, C B
Neher, Charles A
Neher, Charles A Jr
Neher, Edgar A
Neher, Elrino
Neher, Elrino (nmi)
Neher, Elrino Jr
Neher, Glenn
Neher, Glenn M
Neher, John B Jr
Neher, John T
Neher, Maurice A
Neher, Paul F
Nehls, Dorothy
Nehlsen, Hugo E
Nehrboss, Keith R
Nehrboss, Kent F
Nehus, George E
Neibhart, Robert G
Neibuhr, Vernon D
Neid, Bernard J
Neidenfuchr, G E
Neider, Joseph M Jr
Neiderhauser, Harold F
Neideringhaus, Holladay.
Neidhardt, William T
Neidhart, Lewis E
Neidigh, Kenneth E
Neiditz, Herman L
Neidy, Dewey L
Neie, Reuben
Neie, Reuben W
Neifert, Lorance N
Neifert, Lorance W
Neiffer, A R
Neiger, Henry T
Neighbor, Jerry
Neighbors, Carl H
Neighbors, Cary
Neighbors, Garred N
Neighbors, Lawler C
Neighbors, Robert O
Neihart, Robert E
Neihart, Robert G
Neihls, Hershal W
Neil, Albert G
Neil, Charles V
Neil, Glenn
Neil, Glenn B
Neil, Hugh M
Neil, Hugh W
Neil, James S
Neil, John G
Neil, John M
Neil, Joseph
Neil, Norman K
Neil, Robert G
Neil, Stanley W
Neilahn, John W
Neiley, Edward A
Neill, Donald K
Neill, Douglas H
Neill, E N
Neill, Earl
Neill, Earl E
Neill, Earl N
Neill, Egverett D
Neill, Everett D
Neill, Harry G
Neill, John C
Neill, John C, Ltcol
Neill, John G
Neill, John L
Neill, Larry
Neill, Martin N
Neill, Robert W
Neill,john C
Neillands, Richard G
Neillson, Leon F
Neilly, Harold V
Neilly, Walter M
Neilsen, Albert
Neilsen, Charles T
Neilsen, Elmer
Neilsen, Frederick S
Neilsen, Gilbert E
Neilsen, H M
Neilsen, Leif, Jr
Neilsen, Leland C
Neilsen, R B
Neilsen, Ronald J
Neilsen, William J, Major
Neilson, Alexander D
Neilson, Charles T
Neilson, Clifford
Neilson, David H
Neilson, George F Jr
Neilson, John H
Neilson, Rodney
Neilson, Rodney (nmi)
Neilson, Walter A
Neilson, Walter E
Neilson, William A
Neiman, M D
Neiman, Morris H
Neimann, Ralph W
Neimann, Robert E
Neimann, Robert I
Neimeier, Norman F Jr
Neimeister, Augustine F
Neimer, Howard W Jr
Neimeyer, Allen C
Neims, Robert
Nein, Richard A
Neindorf, Harry.
Neinfeldt, C L
Neinfeldt, Ernest
Neinkerchen, Kenneth J
Neira, Faustino Lopez
Neira, Samuel
Neirynck, Rene
Neirynck, Rene (nmi)
Neis, Merven L
Neish, William J
Neismore, Harry C
Neiss, Ainsley T
Neisser, Robert P
Neiswanger, Francis H
Neiswender, Carl
Neiswender, Carl H
Neiswender, U A
Neiswender, Van
Neiswender, Van A
Neith, Donald A
Neitland, Leo H
Neitlich, Gerald I
Neitling, Leo H
Neitz, Robert H
Neitzel, Donald J
Neitzel, Edwin G
Neitzel, Gordon N
Neitzel, Stanley E
Neitzke, Werner K
Neiva, Newton F
Nekervis, John H
Nekimkan, Phillip F
Nekimken, Philip F
Nekola, Frank R
Nekvasil, Charles M
Nelander Frederick Jmaj.
Nelander, Frederick J
Neldenhauer, Robert B
Neles, Tom M
Nelies, Edward P
Nelkirk, Robert D
Nell, C
Nell, Norman L
Nellar, Elmer E
Nelle, Kenneth Edward
Nellermoe, Kenneth L
Nelli, James F
Nelligan, P J
Nelligan, Pj
Nellinger, Henry R
Nellis, Charles W
Nellis, F W
Nellis, Fw
Nellis, George E
Nellis, Richard W
Nellis, William H
Nellis, William N
Nellis, William R
Nellissen, C H
Nellist, Billie L
Nellist, Harold L
Nells, Ray E
Nellson, Clifford
Nelms, George W
Nelms, H L
Nelms, James M
Nelms, Lawrence E
Nelms, R A
Nelms, Richard A
Nelms, Tom M
Nelon, Claude R
Nels, Van E
Nelsen, Frank N
Nelsen, Louis B
Nelsen, Ralph C
Nelsen, Raymond E
Nelsen, Robert D
Nelson C
Nelson Leroy
Nelson Russellv .
Nelson, A
Nelson, A G
Nelson, Addis D
Nelson, Albert C
Nelson, Albert E
Nelson, Albert L
Nelson, Alexander D Jr
Nelson, Alfred J
Nelson, Allan G
Nelson, Allan S
Nelson, Allen L
Nelson, Allen S
Nelson, Alton J
Nelson, Alton M
Nelson, Alvin H
Nelson, Arne E
Nelson, Arne S
Nelson, Arthur C
Nelson, Arthur G
Nelson, Arthur L
Nelson, Arthur R
Nelson, Arthur W
Nelson, Arvid S
Nelson, Bayard R
Nelson, Benjamin G
Nelson, Berkeley E
Nelson, Bernard I
Nelson, Bernard L
Nelson, Bernard W
Nelson, Bert C
Nelson, Beryl E
Nelson, Bill L
Nelson, Blaine
Nelson, Blaine F
Nelson, Brenton R
Nelson, Burton W
Nelson, C A
Nelson, C B
Nelson, C E
Nelson, C L
Nelson, Carl
Nelson, Carl A
Nelson, Carl C
Nelson, Carl E
Nelson, Carroll L
Nelson, Charles
Nelson, Charles A
Nelson, Charles D
Nelson, Charles E
Nelson, Charles K
Nelson, Charles P
Nelson, Charles R
Nelson, Chauncey E
Nelson, Chester L
Nelson, Chris.
Nelson, Clare L
Nelson, Clarence E
Nelson, Clarence H
Nelson, Clarence M
Nelson, Clark N
Nelson, Clarnece H
Nelson, Claron R
Nelson, Claude R
Nelson, Clifford Eugene
Nelson, Clifford G
Nelson, Clifford W
Nelson, Conrad K
Nelson, Conrad N
Nelson, Curtis A
Nelson, Dale F
Nelson, Daniel J
Nelson, Daniel Jack
Nelson, Daniel K
Nelson, Danny G
Nelson, David R
Nelson, Donald A
Nelson, Donald G
Nelson, Donald L
Nelson, Donald Odin
Nelson, Donald W
Nelson, Doran W
Nelson, Douglas
Nelson, Douglas G
Nelson, Douglas J
Nelson, Douglas S
Nelson, Douglas T
Nelson, Dwight Q
Nelson, E
Nelson, E E
Nelson, E L
Nelson, E W
Nelson, E> E>
Nelson, Earl
Nelson, Earl F
Nelson, Earl H
Nelson, Earl L
Nelson, Earl M
Nelson, Edgar
Nelson, Edward C
Nelson, Edward M
Nelson, Edward W
Nelson, Edwin A
Nelson, Edwin E
Nelson, Edwin L
Nelson, Elliot M
Nelson, Ellsworth E
Nelson, Elmer T
Nelson, Elom L
Nelson, Elzie C
Nelson, Emil Jr
Nelson, Emil, Jr
Nelson, Ernest F
Nelson, Ernest R
Nelson, Erven J
Nelson, Erwin K
Nelson, Eugene A
Nelson, Eugene B
Nelson, Everett W
Nelson, Ewell F
Nelson, F
Nelson, F S
Nelson, F W
Nelson, Foy E Jr
Nelson, Francis E
Nelson, Francis P
Nelson, Francis W
Nelson, Frank E
Nelson, Frank L
Nelson, Frank P
Nelson, Franklin S
Nelson, Fred
Nelson, Fred B
Nelson, Fred C
Nelson, Fred E
Nelson, Fred W
Nelson, Frederick C
Nelson, Frederick W
Nelson, Fredrick
Nelson, G H
Nelson, G R
Nelson, G T
Nelson, Garland H
Nelson, Garnold S
Nelson, Gaylord
Nelson, George
Nelson, George (nmi)
Nelson, George A
Nelson, George B
Nelson, George D
Nelson, George J
Nelson, George M
Nelson, George M Jr
Nelson, George R
Nelson, George T
Nelson, George W
Nelson, Gerald I
Nelson, Gerald K
Nelson, Giles F
Nelson, Glenn R
Nelson, Goerge R
Nelson, Goerge W
Nelson, Gordon P
Nelson, Gordon T
Nelson, Grover F
Nelson, H D
Nelson, H E
Nelson, H J
Nelson, Hal J
Nelson, Harbart J
Nelson, Harlan W
Nelson, Harold A
Nelson, Harold E
Nelson, Harold F
Nelson, Harry
Nelson, Harry (nmi)
Nelson, Harry A
Nelson, Harry D Jr
Nelson, Harry E
Nelson, Harry Jr
Nelson, Harvey M
Nelson, Henry
Nelson, Henry B
Nelson, Henry F
Nelson, Herbert
Nelson, Herbert A
Nelson, Herbert H
Nelson, Herbert J
Nelson, Howand W
Nelson, Howard D
Nelson, Howard E
Nelson, Howard J
Nelson, Howard L
Nelson, Howard V
Nelson, Howard W
Nelson, Hubert E
Nelson, Irene
Nelson, Irwin E
Nelson, Ivan W
Nelson, J R
Nelson, J W
Nelson, Jack A
Nelson, Jack H
Nelson, Jack O
Nelson, Jack R
Nelson, James A
Nelson, James A Jr
Nelson, James C
Nelson, James F
Nelson, James H
Nelson, James O
Nelson, James R
Nelson, James S
Nelson, Jesse
Nelson, Jesse E
Nelson, Jesse L
Nelson, Jimmie J
Nelson, Joe D
Nelson, John
Nelson, John (nmi)
Nelson, John A
Nelson, John B
Nelson, John C
Nelson, John E
Nelson, John F
Nelson, John H
Nelson, John L
Nelson, John P
Nelson, John R
Nelson, John T
Nelson, John W
Nelson, John W (rb)
Nelson, John Y
Nelson, Joseph E
Nelson, Joseph H
Nelson, Joseph Howard
Nelson, Joseph L
Nelson, Joseph W
Nelson, K J
Nelson, K L
Nelson, Kay L
Nelson, Keith E
Nelson, Kenneth E
Nelson, Kenneth H
Nelson, Kenneth K
Nelson, Kenneth L
Nelson, Kenneth M
Nelson, Kingsley D
Nelson, L E
Nelson, L J
Nelson, La Tier O
Nelson, Lawrence P
Nelson, Lawrence W
Nelson, Lawrence W Jr
Nelson, Lee E
Nelson, Lenn L
Nelson, Leon M
Nelson, Leonard E
Nelson, Leonard F
Nelson, Leonard L
Nelson, Leroy
Nelson, Leroy B
Nelson, Leslie D
Nelson, Lester V
Nelson, Levine S
Nelson, Lewis A
Nelson, Lincoln W
Nelson, Lloyd A
Nelson, Lorraine M
Nelson, Louis D
Nelson, Louis W
Nelson, Louise B
Nelson, Lowell W
Nelson, Loyd S
Nelson, Lyles B
Nelson, Lyles, B
Nelson, Lynn T
Nelson, M A
Nelson, Manly W
Nelson, Marion O
Nelson, Marshall E
Nelson, Martin B
Nelson, Marvin R
Nelson, Mary A
Nelson, Maurice C
Nelson, Melvin L
Nelson, Milton E
Nelson, Morris E
Nelson, Morris R
Nelson, Mylon H
Nelson, Myron J
Nelson, N E
Nelson, N E Fetkew, P
Nelson, Neal V
Nelson, Newel A
Nelson, Norman
Nelson, Norman H
Nelson, Norman M
Nelson, Norman N
Nelson, Norris N
Nelson, Norval M
Nelson, Nylon H
Nelson, O M
Nelson, Oliver
Nelson, Omer C
Nelson, Orrin A
Nelson, Orrin A (fe)
Nelson, Orrin A (ie)
Nelson, Orville W
Nelson, Orvis M
Nelson, Oscar A
Nelson, Oscar B
Nelson, Oscar W
Nelson, Otto C
Nelson, P
Nelson, Palmer A
Nelson, Palmer H
Nelson, Paul A, Jr
Nelson, Paul B
Nelson, Paul M, Jr
Nelson, Paul W
Nelson, Peter
Nelson, Peter G
Nelson, Philip J
Nelson, Quentin
Nelson, Quentin (nmi)
Nelson, Quinten
Nelson, R
Nelson, R A H
Nelson, R C
Nelson, R H
Nelson, R L
Nelson, R O
Nelson, R R.
Nelson, R T
Nelson, Ralph
Nelson, Ralph C
Nelson, Ralph W
Nelson, Randall V
Nelson, Ray H
Nelson, Raymond C
Nelson, Raymond E
Nelson, Raymond G
Nelson, Raymond S
Nelson, Reniamin G
Nelson, Rex A
Nelson, Richard C
Nelson, Richard E
Nelson, Richard F
Nelson, Richard G
Nelson, Richard L
Nelson, Robert A
Nelson, Robert C
Nelson, Robert D
Nelson, Robert E
Nelson, Robert F
Nelson, Robert G
Nelson, Robert H
Nelson, Robert H Jr
Nelson, Robert K
Nelson, Robert L
Nelson, Robert M
Nelson, Robert N Jr
Nelson, Robert P
Nelson, Robert R
Nelson, Roger E
Nelson, Roland K
Nelson, Roy A
Nelson, Roy B
Nelson, Roy E
Nelson, Roy E Jr
Nelson, Roy W
Nelson, Rr.
Nelson, Rudolph N
Nelson, Russell A
Nelson, Russell E
Nelson, Russell J (fe)
Nelson, Russell L
Nelson, Russell V
Nelson, Samuel W
Nelson, Sheldon R
Nelson, Shirl M
Nelson, Sj
Nelson, Stanley A
Nelson, Stanley F
Nelson, Stanley R
Nelson, Stephen J
Nelson, Stewart (nmi) Jr
Nelson, T P
Nelson, Terence (NMI)
Nelson, Theodore J
Nelson, Theodore M
Nelson, Thomas C
Nelson, Thomas D
Nelson, Thomas P
Nelson, Thomas R
Nelson, V E
Nelson, Verl R
Nelson, Vernon M
Nelson, Victor A
Nelson, Virgil E
Nelson, W A
Nelson, W C
Nelson, W E
Nelson, W G
Nelson, Waldo D
Nelson, Wallace G
Nelson, Walter T
Nelson, Walter W
Nelson, Warren O
Nelson, Wayne H
Nelson, Wendel J A
Nelson, Wiley C
Nelson, Willard D
Nelson, William
Nelson, William A
Nelson, William Boyd
Nelson, William C
Nelson, William D
Nelson, William E Jr
Nelson, William F
Nelson, William F, Jr
Nelson, William H
Nelson, William H, Jr
Nelson, William J
Nelson, William K
Nelson, William M
Nelson, William P
Nelson, William S
Nelson, William S Jr
Nelson, William W Jr
Nelson, Willis S
Nelson, Willis W
Nelson,berkeley E
Nelson,lynn T
Nemanick, Ralph A, Jr
Nemath, Robert
Nembach, Marshall A
Nemberg, James M
Nemchick, Ellsworth A
Nemcovich, Peter
Nemcovich, Peter (nmi)
Nemec, Robert F
Nemecek, Harold J
Nemecek, James L
Nemecek, James L Jr
Nemecek, Nick
Nemecek, William J
Nemeo, D F
Nemer, Alexander
Nemer, Rosce (nmi)
Nemer, Roscoe
Nemer, Rosoe
Nemesh, Frank P
Nemet, Michael
Nemet, Michael (nmi)
Nemeth, F
Nemeth, John J
Nemeth, Joseph F
Nemeth, Stephen R
Nemetz, John J
Nemeyer, Matthew T
Nemges, Edward Jr
Nemitz, L H
Nemmers, Roman J
Nemmole, Dante M
Nemocovich, Peter
Nemshick, Andrew J
Nemshick, Andrew J L
Nendel, James D
Nendell, Donald F
Nendell, E F
Nendell, Ezra F
Nendell, Jack A
Nengel, Stewart L
Nenle, Floyd R
Nenne, John R
Nennemann, E B
Nennemann, Ernest B
Nenno, E H
Nenon, Ulmer E
Nenon, Ulmer H
Nenon, Ulmer H Matukonis, Joseph S
Nenry, Edward B
Nent, Dexter H
Nent, John (nmi)
Neogra, Charles W
Nephew, Ralph S
Nephew, Ralph, Snyder, Theodore
Nephew, Wiliam F
Nepowada, S
Neppes, Charles E
Nepple, Earl W
Nepple, Earl W Mrs.
Nepple, Mrs Earl W
Nepple, Mrs. Earl W
Nergan, Leroy M
Nerge, Herbert N
Nerheim, Leif
Nerhood, H
Nerhus, Walden A
Neringer, Edward M
Nerley, Lewis H
Nerney, Frederick W
Nerney, Jerome
Nerone, Anthony M
Nerschen, H
Nery, Guy G
Nesbit, C H
Nesbit, George
Nesbit, Joseph H
Nesbit, Nancy E
Nesbit, Simon A Jr
Nesbitt, Archfe L, Jr
Nesbitt, Archie L Jr
Nesbitt, Charles M
Nesbitt, Donald James
Nesbitt, James
Nesbitt, James H
Nesbitt, James H Jr
Nesbitt, James H, Jr
Nesbitt, James W
Nesbitt, John C
Nesbitt, Richard M
Nesbitt, Robert E Jr
Nesbitt, S A
Nesbitt, Stephen A
Nesbitt, Virgil L
Nesbitt, Wayne E
Nesel, John J
Nesen, William R
Neshine, Severt B
Neshitt, Miller T
Nesius, John M
Nesmeth, Donald J
Nesmith, Ben L
Nesmith, Joseph F
Nesmith, Robert L
Nesmith, William W
Nesper, Fred G
Ness, Charles S
Ness, H C
Ness, Hugh F
Ness, Hugh P
Ness, Kenneth P
Ness, O E
Ness, Ralph D
Ness, Vernon L
Ness,h C
Nesse, John O
Nessel, Robert I
Nesselbeck, Glenn F
Nesselbush, Donald J
Nesselbush, Louis K
Nesselhaus, Eugene P
Nesselrode, George H
Nessen, Kenneth
Nesslebeck, Glenn F
Nessler, Charles A
Nessline, William S
Nesta, J
Nestel, Dale A
Nester Walton E
Nester, Alfred A
Nester, Clyde A
Nester, Harry E
Nester, Howard W
Nester, John H
Nester, L H
Nester, Lloyd D
Nester, Ralph A
Nestingen, Lyle E
Nestingen, Monte U
Nestingon, Monte U
Nestle, Ralph M
Nestle, Roger
Nestle, Willard R
Nestor, Donald G
Nestor, Francis E
Nestor, Gerald J
Nestor, Morgan A
Nestor, V N
Nestor, Vergil N
Nesvik, John E
Nesworthy, F E
Netardus, Bruce A, Maj
Netcher, Thomas G
Neth, George E
Nethaway, R C
Nethaway, Richard C
Nethercutt, Earl W
Netherland, C B
Netherland, J O
Netherland, James O
Netherlands Crew: Hartman Kok, J J.
Nethers, Warner C
Nethersale, Leonard B
Netherton, B M
Netherton, Clyde B
Netherton, Clyde E
Netherton, Ellsworth A
Netherton, Walter D
Netherton, William R
Netherton, William S
Netherwood, Douglas B
Nethetton, Ellsworth A
Netland, William C
Netsch, Joseph J
Nett, Edward H
Nettekoven, R O
Nettekoven, Robert
Nettekoven, Robert O
Nettenfeller, T R
Netter, John C
Netterblad, John M
Nettere, Fred L
Netterville, Robert E
Netties, William B
Netting, A E
Netting, Conrad J
Nettler, Jesse W
Nettles, Bydie J
Nettles, Bydie J Jr
Nettles, Bydie J, Jr
Nettles, R
Nettles, R E
Nettles, Randle
Nettles, Randle E
Nettles, Silas S
Nettleton, Elmer D
Nettleton, John G Jr
Nettleton, John G, Jr
Nettleton, Thomas E
Netto, Euler Ferreira
Netto, Othon C
Netto, Othon Correia
Netz, Stanley G
Netzer, Bernard E
Netzer, Leon
Neu, Edward F
Neu, John J
Neu, John P
Neu, Robert D
Neubauer, George W
Neubauer, Richard B
Neubauer, Richard L
Neubauer, Rudloph E
Neubauer, Rudolph E
Neubauer, William L
Neuberger, William E
Neubert, Ernest F
Neubert, Jerome P
Neubert, M A
Neubert, Paul (nmi)
Neuberth, Paul R
Neubeuer, Richard L
Neubiberg Ab
Neubig, Earl E
Neubner, Emil. Jr
Neubuck Leon E
Neubuck, Leon E
Neuburg, Gerald E
Neuburger, Lawrence B
Neudorfer, William E
Neuendorf, Charles A
Neufeld, Edmund H
Neugent, Hubert R
Neugent, Jerald J
Neuha, Oiva K
Neuhart, Richard E
Neuharth, Richard E
Neuhaus, John M
Neuhauser, Albert L
Neuhoff, Theodore H
Neuhoff, Theodore, H
Neuhren, Robert E
Neukam, Curt F
Neuman, Alfred E
Neuman, Bernard A
Neuman, Bert
Neuman, Birge A
Neuman, C W
Neuman, D J
Neuman, Daniel J
Neuman, Elliot S
Neuman, Elloit S
Neuman, Ellsworth I
Neuman, George N
Neuman, Goerge N
Neuman, Harlan G
Neuman, Harold L
Neuman, Howard B
Neuman, Karl W
Neuman, Leo J
Neuman, Walter A
Neuman, Walter M
Neumann, A P
Neumann, Birge A
Neumann, Charles H
Neumann, E A
Neumann, Edward A
Neumann, Frederick H
Neumann, Henry C
Neumann, Karl W
Neumann, Leslie
Neumann, Leslie W
Neumann, M T
Neumann, Paul E
Neumann, Robert C
Neumann, Robert E
Neumann, Russell C
Neumann, Walter A
Neumann, Walter M
Neumann, Warren T
Neumann, Warrren T
Neumann, William X
Neumanz, Alfred R
Neumayer, Anthony W
Neumayer, Robert T
Neumeister, Robert E
Neumer, Otto J Jr
Neumer, Robert A
Neumeyer, Frederic E
Neumeyer, Griffith T
Neumuller, Donald J
Neun, William T Jr
Neun, William T, Jr
Neundorf, Charles A
Neundorfer, John W
Neuner, Louis G Jr
Neurohr, Joseph
Neuschwander,emery A
Neuwald, John E
Neuwald, John K
Neuwirth, Edward (nmi)
Nevak, W H
Nevans, Robert G
Neve, Douglas H
Neve, Guy S
Neveh, Richard J
Nevel, Fred C
Nevels, James H
Nevens, Robert E
Nevenswander, John R
Neverbuckas, B J
Nevers, Joseph R, Captain
Nevers, Joseph R, Major
Neveu, Harry E
Neveu, Lucien E
Nevile, Davis C
Nevill, Clarence A
Nevill, James F
Nevill, Rex F
Neville, Albert B
Neville, Albert R Jr
Neville, Albert R, Jr
Neville, Charles H
Neville, Dale
Neville, Donald F
Neville, Forrest L
Neville, Hugh E
Neville, James E
Neville, L E
Neville, Lacy
Neville, Lewis J
Neville, Paul E
Neville, Robert R, Capt
Neville, William A
Neville, William E
Nevils, Davis C
Nevils, Elmer
Nevils, Elmer, Jr
Nevils, Elmer. Jr
Nevin, Jerald R
Nevin, John K
Nevin, R S
Nevin, William B
Nevins, Crawford
Nevitt, John F
Nevitt, John I
Nevitt, William H
Nevitt, William R
Nevius, Charles W
Nevling, Gilbert
Nevling, William E
Nevue, Lucien E
Nevuis, Chearles W
New, Albin R
New, Almon W
New, Alvin
New, Alvin R
New, Charles E
New, George J
New, Illegible, Captain
New, James L
New, Lloyd
New, Lloyd V
New, Robert S
New, Russell A
New, Shun
New, William F
Newak, Edwin H
Newall, Jerry G
Newalt, Samuel D
Newbanks, M W
Newbanks, Merrill W
Newbauer, J A
Newbauer, John A
Newbauer, Robert F
Newberg, Gordon K
Newberg, James M
Newberg, R O
Newberg, Robert F
Newberg, Russell O
Newberg, Warren R
Newbern, Orbert G
Newbern, Robert G
Newberry, Cecil E
Newberry, Donald E
Newberry, Frazier A
Newberry, Isaac M
Newberry, Ivan
Newberry, J
Newberry, J P
Newberry, James F
Newberry, James P
Newberry, James R
Newberry, Roger C
Newbert, Paul
Newbill, R W
Newbill, Randall H
Newbill, Robert W
Newbille, Robert W
Newbold, Bernon W
Newbold, Earl B
Newbold, Melvin
Newbold, Robert L
Newbold, Thomas B
Newbold, Vernon W
Newbold, William C
Newboldt, Elisha
Newborn, Rufus W
Newborn, Walter N
Newborn, Walter N(pass0
Newbrey, Myron E
Newbrough, Paul E
Newbrough, Roland
Newbrough, Rolland E
Newburg, Russell O
Newburn, Charles E
Newburn, Walter E
Newbury, Edward Se
Newbury, Raymond L
Newbury, Richard W, Capt
Newbury, Richard W, Major
Newby, Carleton H
Newby, Hartley
Newby, Hartley (nmi)
Newby, John R
Newby, Leroy W
Newby, Raymond P
Newby, Richard E
Newby, Walter R
Newby, Warewn L
Newby, Warner E
Newby, William R
Newby, Willis C
Newcomb, Bruce C
Newcomb, Bryon K
Newcomb, Byron K
Newcomb, C L
Newcomb, Clarence L
Newcomb, Clarence L Jr
Newcomb, Clarence L, Jr
Newcomb, Clarnece L
Newcomb, Conroy
Newcomb, David
Newcomb, F K
Newcomb, Fred Wilson
Newcomb, Jack B
Newcomb, Jack Bradish
Newcomb, Jack C
Newcomb, Jack D
Newcomb, Lynn O
Newcomb, Phillip K
Newcomb, Reed S
Newcomb, Robert E
Newcomb, Robert J
Newcomb, Roland C
Newcomb, Sidney M
Newcomb, Walter R
Newcomb, Warren K
Newcomb, Winton E
Newcombe, Donald T
Newcombe, Douglas P
Newcombe, Walter E
Newcombs, F K
Newcome, William
Newcomer, A R
Newcomer, Henry C
Newcomer, Henry C, Briggeneral
Newcomer, Henry M
Newcomer, Luther P
Newcomer, Martin M
Newcomer, Wilbert S
Newel, Robert A
Newell, Arthur F
Newell, Burton M Jr
Newell, Charles
Newell, Donald J
Newell, Eugene
Newell, Eugene (nmi)
Newell, Frank C
Newell, Harry D
Newell, Herbert L
Newell, Holden A Jr
Newell, Jackson, H B
Newell, James F
Newell, James Q
Newell, John
Newell, John (nmi)
Newell, John (nmi) Jr
Newell, John B
Newell, John D
Newell, John Jr
Newell, John W
Newell, John, Jr
Newell, Kenneth C
Newell, Kenneth H
Newell, Loren C
Newell, Louis
Newell, Louis R
Newell, M S
Newell, Max A
Newell, Mayer C
Newell, Merle S
Newell, Mervin C
Newell, Meyer C
Newell, Noel N
Newell, Ray A
Newell, Richard D
Newell, Richard M
Newell, Robert
Newell, Robert (nmi)
Newell, Robert .
Newell, Robert A
Newell, Robert O
Newell, Robert T
Newell, Robert W
Newell, Roger V
Newell, Ronald E
Newell, Russell R
Newell, S D
Newell, Samuel D
Newell, Thomas J
Newell, Thomas M
Newell, Wallace B
Newell, William E
Newell, William John
Newett, Arthur W Jr
Newey, Virgil D
Newfield, Harold F
Newfield, Harold P
Newfield, L K
Newfield, Lou K
Newgarden, P W
Newgarden, Pw
Newha, John
Newhaeusler, Henry G
Newhall, Jack
Newhall, Wilman V
Newhall, Wilson V
Newhall, Wilson, V
Newhall, Winthrop A
Newhart, Dewey E
Newhart, John T
Newhart, Talbert S
Newhauser, Albert J
Newhouse, Bernard E
Newhouse, Charles W
Newhouse, Durwood R
Newhouse, Ernest H
Newhouse, James K
Newhouse, K K
Newhouse, Kenneth K
Newhouse, Lafayette W
Newhouse, Mathias W
Newhouse, R W
Newhouse, Robert F
Newick, Arthur H
Newington, Howard L
Newkirk, Arlington W
Newkirk, Earl H Jr
Newkirk, Earl H, Jr
Newkirk, Elbert L
Newkirk, George L
Newkirk, Maurice D
Newkirk, Micjael R
Newkirk, Renford R
Newland, Gus
Newland, Lewis T
Newland, Millard R
Newland, R J
Newland, Regis
Newland, Regis J
Newland, Tandy H
Newland, Vincent A
Newland, William F
Newlander, Carl E Jr
Newlander, Willet O
Newlands, John P
Newlands, Robert D
Newlin, John R
Newlin, R E
Newlin, Robert V
Newlin, Russell E
Newlin, Virgil A
Newlon, John W
Newlon, Ray B
Newlon, Richard J
Newlon, William G
Newlow, Kenneth M
Newman, A E
Newman, A J
Newman, Al E
Newman, Albert B
Newman, Albert J
Newman, Arthur E
Newman, Arthur V
Newman, B F
Newman, Bruce E
Newman, Burrel F
Newman, C M
Newman, Carl R
Newman, Christopher W
Newman, Clovis C
Newman, Clyde D
Newman, Cyril D
Newman, David
Newman, David A
Newman, David G
Newman, Davis H
Newman, Edward
Newman, Edward H
Newman, Ellis A
Newman, Everett
Newman, Everett J
Newman, Everett O
Newman, F J
Newman, Frank
Newman, Frank M
Newman, Frank R
Newman, Fred E
Newman, Fred H
Newman, G V
Newman, Gayle W
Newman, Gene F
Newman, Georga A
Newman, George
Newman, George A
Newman, George A Jr
Newman, Gilbert A
Newman, Goerge A Jr
Newman, H W
Newman, Harold
Newman, Harold J
Newman, Henry G
Newman, Herbert
Newman, Herbert B
Newman, Herbert H
Newman, Howard E
Newman, Irving T
Newman, Isadore
Newman, Isadore (nmi)
Newman, Jack E
Newman, Jack M
Newman, James B
Newman, James C
Newman, James G
Newman, James R
Newman, James V
Newman, John
Newman, John C
Newman, John G
Newman, John S
Newman, John W
Newman, Johnc
Newman, Kenneth L
Newman, Lacy G
Newman, Lewis
Newman, Lionel E
Newman, Milton (nmi)
Newman, Morgan
Newman, Morgan J
Newman, Morris J
Newman, R F
Newman, Ralph E
Newman, Ralph F
Newman, Rex Collin
Newman, Richard E
Newman, Richard K
Newman, Richard S
Newman, Richard W
Newman, Riley R
Newman, Robert A
Newman, Robert C Jr
Newman, Robert D
Newman, Robert G
Newman, Robert L
Newman, Robert M
Newman, Robert W
Newman, Robert W, Capt
Newman, Sammie T
Newman, Samuel D, Capt
Newman, Stanley C
Newman, Stanley F
Newman, Stanley Fh
Newman, Sterling R
Newman, Thomas O
Newman, Ulmer J
Newman, Vernon V
Newman, Virgil O T
Newman, W A
Newman, W N
Newman, Walter H
Newman, Warren B
Newman, Welcom M
Newman, Wendel W
Newman, Wendell W
Newman, William A
Newman, William C
Newman, William E
Newman, William G
Newman, William J
Newman, William N
Newmann, Birge A
Newmann, Earnest
Newmann, Vincent E
Newmann,ernest (killed)
Newmark, Burton J
Newmark, Jerome P
Newmark, Louis
Newmark, Phillip
Newmax, James G
Newmayer, Charles E
Newmeyer, A M
Newmeyer, A W
Newmeyer, Charles E
Newmunz, Alfred R
Newmyer, Albert L
Newmyer, John Jr
Newnam, Eugene E
Newouist, Weldon D
Newport, James E
Newport, Ralph W
Newport, Robert A
Newquist, Russell P
Newquist, Weldon D
Newry, Max C
Newsham, Louis R
Newsom, B B
Newsom, L L
Newsom, Lew D
Newsom, Sid A
Newsom, Thomas L
Newsom. Lew D
Newsome, A J
Newsome, Curtis D
Newsome, George Jr
Newsome, Harold E
Newsome, Jack
Newsome, James W
Newsome, Orris M
Newsome, Reese W
Newsome, S S
Newsome, William D
Newson, Ben M
Newson, G V
Newson, Garry V
Newson, Ray C
Newstreet, Martin
Newstrom, Carroll M
Newstrom, H M
Newstrom, James A
Newstrome, Herbert N
Newswanger, Quentin L
Newth, Burle L
Newto, Charles A
Newton, A L
Newton, A S
Newton, Alvin L
Newton, Arthur E
Newton, Carlyle E
Newton, Carroll R
Newton, Charles
Newton, Charles (nmi)
Newton, Charles A
Newton, Charles B
Newton, Charles T
Newton, Charles, Buell, Henry E
Newton, Charlie B
Newton, Clair L
Newton, Clark E
Newton, D C
Newton, Darwin M
Newton, Dewey G
Newton, Don R
Newton, Dorr E
Newton, E L
Newton, Earl B
Newton, Earl W Jr
Newton, Earl W, Jr
Newton, Edwin M
Newton, El
Newton, Eloise
Newton, Eugene L
Newton, Eugene L ?
Newton, Everett E
Newton, F M
Newton, Frank E
Newton, Frederick B
Newton, George C
Newton, George L
Newton, George L, Jr
Newton, Glair L
Newton, Gordon B
Newton, Harmon C, Jr
Newton, Harmon W Jr
Newton, Harold S
Newton, Herbert A
Newton, Horace W
Newton, Howard F
Newton, Ivan L
Newton, J A
Newton, J M
Newton, James A
Newton, James E
Newton, James G
Newton, James R
Newton, James W
Newton, John A
Newton, John C
Newton, John K
Newton, John N Jr
Newton, John R
Newton, Joseph
Newton, Joseph B
Newton, L R
Newton, Leo B Jr
Newton, Loren T
Newton, Madison H
Newton, Milton H
Newton, Osborne E
Newton, Preston C
Newton, R D
Newton, R H
Newton, R V
Newton, Ralph E (cp)
Newton, Roger W
Newton, Rolland L
Newton, S G
Newton, Stewart H
Newton, Thomas E
Newton, V F
Newton, Vernon
Newton, Vernon F
Newton, William (nmi) Iii
Newton, William G
Newton, William H
Newton, William H Sr
Newton, William H, Sr
Newton, William J
Newton, Willie S
Newton, Willis S
Newton, Wilson C
Newville, Van H
Ney, John C
Ney, Marshall A
Ney, Merle E
Ney, Russel L
Neyenhouse, John F
Neyens, Sylvester R
Neyens, William R
Neyer, Joe Lee
Neyer, Raymond J
Neyland, Mayo W
Neyland, Praeger
Neyland, Praeger (nmi)
Nezon, Steve A
Ng, Gang W
Ngaffey, Francis E
Ni, K Y
Nial, George A, 1/lt
Nial, George Anderson, Capt; Regaf (pilot)
Nibbett, Francis J Jr
Nibert, John J
Niblack, Emmett A, Jr
Niblett, Charles T
Nibley, Emmett D
Nibley, Owen S
Niblo, Ray E
Niblock, Joseph O
Niblock, Polk H
Nicaine, Frank F
Nicastro, Quentin R
Niccio, Michael F
Niccolai, Adam E
Niccolai, Albert T
Nice, Bernard R
Nice, F K
Nice, Kenneth H
Nice, Ralph A
Nice, Robert A
Nice, Robert Andrew
Nice, Stanley N
Niceler, Edward
Niceley, Lewis D
Nicelle, R A
Nichael, Haskell T
Nichals, Birgie C
Nichand, Raymond L
Nichels, Lloyd
Nichels, Loren S
Nichelson, Hubert L
Nichelson, Martin H
Nichelson, W D
Nichepor, Paul
Nicherson, Clifford J
Nicherson, Joseph E
Nichlaides, M R
Nichlas, George R Jr
Nichlas, Gilbert H
Nichlson, L T
Nichodovitz, William H
Nichoi [or Nishli Or Nishii] [hard To Read]
Nichol, Frederick D
Nichol, Harold R
Nichol, J D
Nichol, Jame D
Nichol, James E
Nichol, John E
Nichol, John W
Nichol, Richard E
Nichol, Robert C
Nicholai, Adam F
Nicholai, Adam F Jr
Nicholaides, M R
Nicholaisen, Arthur R
Nicholas, Billy B
Nicholas, C G
Nicholas, Charles
Nicholas, Charles Jr
Nicholas, Claude G
Nicholas, David A
Nicholas, Donald R
Nicholas, Earnest L
Nicholas, Ernest
Nicholas, Ernest L Jr
Nicholas, Jack
Nicholas, James F
Nicholas, Justin D
Nicholas, Leo G
Nicholas, Nicholas C
Nicholas, Paul A
Nicholas, Paul E
Nicholas, Rand
Nicholas, Robert E
Nicholas, Rufus R
Nicholas, T A
Nicholas, Theron E
Nicholas, W U
Nicholas, Walter U
Nicholas, Warren G
Nicholas, William
Nicholas, William (nmi)
Nicholas, William E
Nicholas, William W
Nicholescu, George V
Nicholeson, George V
Nicholis, James C
Nicholls, Ben H
Nicholls, Bernard
Nicholls, George H
Nicholls, Robert W
Nicholls, W A
Nichols Peter T
Nichols Theo
Nichols, A R
Nichols, Albert J
Nichols, Alfred B
Nichols, Alfred W
Nichols, Apul L
Nichols, Archie E
Nichols, Archie J
Nichols, Arthur J
Nichols, Billyj
Nichols, Birgie C
Nichols, C B
Nichols, Charles A
Nichols, Charles B
Nichols, Charles E
Nichols, Clarance A
Nichols, Clarence A
Nichols, Clarence L
Nichols, Claude G
Nichols, Clyde R, Jr
Nichols, Cyril
Nichols, Cyril E
Nichols, D E
Nichols, D H
Nichols, David A
Nichols, David E
Nichols, David F
Nichols, Dean
Nichols, Donald
Nichols, Donald B
Nichols, Donald L
Nichols, Dorothy M
Nichols, E C
Nichols, E M
Nichols, Earnest
Nichols, Earnest H
Nichols, Edgar S
Nichols, Edgar W
Nichols, Edward A
Nichols, Edward M
Nichols, Edward P Jr
Nichols, Elmer A
Nichols, Elvin C
Nichols, Eolyne Y
Nichols, Erickson
Nichols, Erickson S
Nichols, Ernest H
Nichols, Ernest R
Nichols, Ervin H
Nichols, Eugene P
Nichols, Eugene W
Nichols, Forrest R
Nichols, Forrest R Jr
Nichols, Francis H
Nichols, Frank A
Nichols, Fred J
Nichols, Frederick L
Nichols, Fredrich L
Nichols, Fredrick L
Nichols, Fredrick M
Nichols, George F
Nichols, Gerald C
Nichols, Gerald D
Nichols, Harold J
Nichols, Henry C
Nichols, Henry J
Nichols, Howard B
Nichols, Howard D
Nichols, Howard E
Nichols, Howard F
Nichols, Hubert C
Nichols, J C
Nichols, J D
Nichols, J J.
Nichols, J R
Nichols, Jack B
Nichols, Jack R
Nichols, James F
Nichols, James Godfrey
Nichols, James M
Nichols, James R
Nichols, James T
Nichols, Jerry D
Nichols, Jimmy L
Nichols, Jimmy Lee
Nichols, Joe
Nichols, John
Nichols, John A
Nichols, John C
Nichols, John P
Nichols, John R
Nichols, John W
Nichols, L C
Nichols, Lawrence Jr
Nichols, Lawrence W, Jr
Nichols, Leonard E
Nichols, Leslie C
Nichols, Lloyd C
Nichols, Lucine H
Nichols, Marvin E
Nichols, Marvin J
Nichols, Max B
Nichols, Max E
Nichols, Max E, Major
Nichols, Morris W
Nichols, O H Jr
Nichols, O H, Jr
Nichols, Parker C
Nichols, Paul L
Nichols, Pericles G
Nichols, Peter T
Nichols, Peter T (cp)
Nichols, R F
Nichols, Raymond H
Nichols, Rhea L
Nichols, Richard A
Nichols, Richard M
Nichols, Robert E
Nichols, Robert J
Nichols, Robert N
Nichols, Roland D
Nichols, Ronald B
Nichols, Ronald M
Nichols, Roy L
Nichols, Russell W
Nichols, Theo
Nichols, Theodore J
Nichols, Thomas B
Nichols, Tom N
Nichols, Veryl I
Nichols, Veryl L
Nichols, Warren C
Nichols, Warren G
Nichols, Warren H
Nichols, Whittington H
Nichols, Whittington H Jr
Nichols, Willard A
Nichols, William
Nichols, William F
Nichols, William G
Nichols, William L
Nichols,j J.
Nicholso, Edward M
Nicholson, Alexander
Nicholson, Alexander G
Nicholson, Alvie H
Nicholson, Alvis H
Nicholson, Arthur
Nicholson, Arthur A
Nicholson, Arthur D
Nicholson, Ben W
Nicholson, Bradford L
Nicholson, C A
Nicholson, Carol A
Nicholson, Charles A
Nicholson, Clifton L
Nicholson, Colin J Jr
Nicholson, Ernest C
Nicholson, Frank C
Nicholson, G H
Nicholson, Gilbert O
Nicholson, Hamp B Jr
Nicholson, Harold E
Nicholson, Harold T
Nicholson, Hubert L
Nicholson, J
Nicholson, James B
Nicholson, James D
Nicholson, James W
Nicholson, John A
Nicholson, John H
Nicholson, John K
Nicholson, John L
Nicholson, John Robert
Nicholson, Julius K
Nicholson, Kenneth E
Nicholson, Kenneth F
Nicholson, L
Nicholson, L C
Nicholson, L E
Nicholson, L W
Nicholson, Lc
Nicholson, M L
Nicholson, Martin H
Nicholson, Myron L
Nicholson, R E
Nicholson, Raymond F
Nicholson, Richard A
Nicholson, Robert A
Nicholson, Robert G
Nicholson, Robert J
Nicholson, Robert L, Capt
Nicholson, Robert W
Nicholson, Rodney (nmi)
Nicholson, Rodney Jr
Nicholson, Rodney, Jr
Nicholson, Thomas G
Nicholson, W B
Nicholson, Warren G
Nicholson, William
Nicholson, William B
Nicholson, William C
Nicholson, William D
Nicholson, William G
Nicholson, William N
Nicholson, William N (mechanic)
Nicholson, William P
Nicholson, William S
Nichswonger, Paul F
Nick, Bernard
Nick, Carl E
Nick, Charles W
Nick, Dallas G
Nick, Jean
Nick, Reavus F
Nickeil, Dorise C
Nickel, Dean W
Nickel, Fred E
Nickel, John F
Nickel, Joseph G
Nickel, Nelson A
Nickelbur, John M Jr
Nickelhoff, Richard
Nickell, Billy J
Nickell, Charles N
Nickell, Dorise C
Nickell, James E
Nickell, W
Nickels, Albert B
Nickels, L S
Nickels, Loren S
Nickels, Milo A
Nickelson, R C
Nickelson, Robert B
Nickelson, W D
Nickens, John L
Nickerl, Frank
Nickerl, Frank (nmi)
Nickerson Clifford J
Nickerson, Bernard N
Nickerson, Clifford J
Nickerson, Corbin E
Nickerson, David A
Nickerson, Earl L
Nickerson, Joseph F
Nickerson, Laurence M
Nickerson, Lawrence M
Nickerson, Ralph L
Nickerson, Richard E
Nickerson, Richard L
Nickerson, Richard L Sr
Nickerson, Robert E
Nickerson, Robert L
Nickerson, Thomas H
Nickeson, William E
Nickilson, John G
Nicklas, Douglass R
Nicklas, Gilbert H
Nicklas, Joseph P
Nicklas, O R
Nicklas, Ooliver R
Nicklas, William H
Nicklasson, Gordon A
Nicklawski, Donald T
Nickle, James D
Nickle, Maurice C
Nickle, W L
Nickles, Jean V
Nickles, William C
Nickless, Arthur H
Nicklin, Charles H
Nickola, Ray L
Nickolaisen, Harold L
Nickolaisen, Howard L
Nickolas, James O
Nickolaus, Albert J
Nickolson, James B
Nicks, Benjamin A
Nicks, Lyle M
Nicks, Patrick M
Nicksich, Nick J
Nickson, Henry Jack
Nickson, Scott D, 2/lt
Nickum, Willard E
Nicodemus, Donald L
Nicodemus, Ralph J
Nicodemus, Ralph J (44-7-10-52)
Nicol, James C
Nicol, Kenneth David
Nicol, Robert A
Nicol, Robert W
Nicol, W F
Nicola, William T
Nicolai, A F Jr
Nicolai, Adam F
Nicolai, Adam F Jr
Nicolai, Adam F, Jr
Nicolai, Edwin G Jr
Nicolai, Frank L Jr
Nicolai, Henri E
Nicolai, Marion C
Nicolai, Noel (nmi)
Nicolaides, Ernest D
Nicolaieff, Vitaly
Nicolaiff, Vitaly
Nicolaus, Alexander G
Nicolazzo, C R
Nicolet, Walter O
Nicoliesen, Pete
Nicoll, Kenneth
Nicoll, Melvin A
Nicoll, Robert W
Nicolle, R A
Nicolleta, Angelo M
Nicoloan, Lenin S
Nicols, Avdley D
Nicols, Avis E
Nicolson, Alfred D
Nicolson, Alfred N
Nicolson, George A
Nicorvo, C C
Nicorvo, Chirs C
Nicoson, James B
Nicoson, James W
Nicoud, John H
Nicponski, Edward A
Nicula, John P
Niday, James E
Niday, Raymond
Niday, Raymond (nmi)
Nidiffer, T J
Nidley, James E
Nido, Alberto A
Nidura, Carl J
Niebauer, Lawrence
Niebergall, Louis F
Nieberger, Helen L
Niebojewski, Edward
Niebrugge, James A
Niebtojewski, Edward
Niebuhr, August
Niebuhr, August L
Niebur, Ralph E
Niece, Ralph E
Niece, William E
Niechwei, Edward
Niechweij, Edward
Nieckhoff, Fred H
Niecznikowski, Chester S
Nied, George J
Nied, Goerge J
Nied, Henry L
Nied, J B
Nied, Pj
Niedbala, Mathew A
Niedbalski, Eugene
Niedbalski, Eugene (nmi)
Niedbalski, Raymond M
Niedekorn, Edward S
Niedenthal, Eugene J
Niedenthal, G J
Niedenthal, Robert A
Nieder, Harold
Niederhofer, William F
Niederhofer, William P
Niedermeyer, Frederick W Jr
Niedermeyer, Frederick W, Jr
Niedernhaser, W F
Niedernherfer, William F
Niedernhofer, W F
Niedernhofer, William F
Niederriter, R A
Niederriter, Richard J
Niederriter, Robert A
Niedhamer, Charles A
Niedhart, H (civ)
Niedheiser, Robert W
Niedziela, Walter J
Niedziels, Walter J
Niedzwiaecki, Thaddeus
Niegles, Joseph (nmi)
Niehaus, Harry P
Niehaus, Owen
Niehaus, Owen A
Niehoper, Paul
Niek, Jean
Nieland, Clifton C
Nieland, Elmer K
Nieland, Ralph G
Nieland, Raymond E
Nield, Raymond C Jr
Nield, Thomas A
Nields, Robert L
Niell, Donald E
Niels, Chievitz
Nielsen, Albert
Nielsen, Albert L
Nielsen, Archer W
Nielsen, Arild C
Nielsen, Bent P
Nielsen, Carl E
Nielsen, Carl M, Jr
Nielsen, Danny D, Maj
Nielsen, Donald M
Nielsen, Elmer
Nielsen, Fred H
Nielsen, Gilbert E
Nielsen, Glenn R
Nielsen, Harvey C
Nielsen, Henry L
Nielsen, Howard R
Nielsen, Howard W
Nielsen, Jerold A
Nielsen, Jesse L
Nielsen, John F
Nielsen, John J
Nielsen, Jules F
Nielsen, Laurence E
Nielsen, Laurine Y
Nielsen, Laurine Y (wafs)
Nielsen, Leland
Nielsen, Leland C
Nielsen, M J
Nielsen, Melvin J
Nielsen, Milton S
Nielsen, Myles R
Nielsen, Niels R
Nielsen, R
Nielsen, R S
Nielsen, Richard S
Nielsen, Robert N Jr
Nielsen, Roy A
Nielsen, S W
Nielsen, Tage
Nielsen, Theodore D
Nielsen, Thorman R
Nielsen, Walter N
Nielsen, Walter R
Nielsen, William A
Nielsen, William R
Nielson, Arnold R
Nielson, Charles Jr
Nielson, Clair L
Nielson, Delmar A
Nielson, Donald H
Nielson, Donald L
Nielson, Edward J
Nielson, Fred H
Nielson, Gordon A
Nielson, James
Nielson, Jim J
Nielson, John A
Nielson, L C
Nielson, L H
Nielson, Laurine Y
Nielson, Lester L
Nielson, M J
Nielson, Melvin J
Nielson, Ml
Nielson, Mourse A
Nielson, Myles R
Nielson, R
Nielson, Richard S
Nielson, Robert W
Nielson, Robet M
Nielson, S A
Nielson, Theodore D
Nielson, Thomas S
Nielson, Thorman R
Nielson, Tore
Nielson, Walter N
Nielson, William R
Nieman, Harry Jr
Nieman, K B
Nieman, Marvin J
Nieman, Merle D
Nieman, Robert F
Niemana, Carl
Niemann, Bernard G
Niemann, Harry Jr
Niemann, Marvin J
Niemeier, Howard W Jr
Niemeier, Norman F Jr
Niemela, J A
Niemela, John R
Niemela, John R, Capt
Niemeo, John
Niemeyer, Robert W
Niemi, Alfred
Niemi, Carl O
Niemi, E V
Niemi, Walfred
Niemiec, Edward B
Niemiec, Joseph F
Niemiec, Jospeh F
Niemiec, Rudolph P
Niemier, Howard W, Jr
Niemiller, Marvin E
Nieminen, Matt A
Nieminen, Niilo.
Niemira, Alfred J
Niemyer, Ervin W
Nienaber, Bernard F
Nienaber, John W
Nienaber, Merle A
Nienow, William B
Nienstedt, Kenneth E
Nier, William F
Nierenberg, Gerard I
Nierengarden, John S
Niergarth, Omer O
Nieri, Silvio
Nieri, Silvio,
Nierrva, Eulalio M
Nierzejewski, Roman (nmi)
Nies, A E
Nies, Ae
Niesibicki, Edward J
Niesig, R H
Niespodziewany, Walter F
Niess, Harry A
Niess, Robert J
Nieters, George E
Nieto, Angel N
Nieto, Ruben De Avila
Nietz, Robert E
Nietzke, Clarence C
Nieukerke, Rudolph F
Nieuwama, Clarence
Nieva, R
Nieva, Ramon C
Niewald, Glenn M
Niewolak, Philip E
Niffenegger, Fred (nmi)
Nifferlogger, Richard L
Niger, Frank L
Nigg, Charles Q
Nighan, J P
Nighan, Joseph P
Nighbert, Donald F
Nighsmonger, Roy
Nighswonger, Clyde E
Nighswonger, Laurence L
Nighswonger, Paul F
Nighswonger, Roy F
Nightengale, F N
Nightengale, Thomas E
Nightingale, A
Nightingale, B T
Nightingale, Brailsford
Nightingale, Efton H
Nightingale, Elton H
Nightingale, Frank N
Nightingale, Fred D
Nightingale, Laawrence J
Nightingale, Richard E
Nightower, Marion E
Nightwine, Ward B
Nigro, Bert A
Nigro, Charles J
Nigro, Daniel A
Nigro, Daniel Alfonse
Nigro, Edward H
Nigro, John
Nihill, Robert J
Nike, G W
Nike, Joe A
Niketh, Edward G
Nikkel, Daniel J
Nikkila, Reino J
Nikkola, Rudolph W
Nikl, Vaclav (nmi)
Niklas, George C
Niklaus, Robert C
Niklos, George C
Nikodem, Daniel F
Niksic, Stephen
Niksic, Stephen (nmi) **
Nila, Tony R
Niles, Florence C
Niles, Howard
Niles, James R
Niles, Robert H
Nilford, Lonnie C
Nilgua, Orion D
Nill, Kenneth A
Nill, Ray W
Nill, Thomas K
Nilles, C J
Nilles, Carl J
Nilsen, Aaseund Svain
Nilsen, Barney
Nilsen, Gunnar (nmi)
Nilson, G N
Nilson, Harry Baird
Nilson, S J
Nilson, T N
Nilsson, Blair E
Nilsson, Jack A
Nilsson, Richard H
Nim, Theodore R
Niman, Haskall
Niman, Haskall (nmi)
Nimberger, Robert C
Nimmo, William A
Nimocks, John R
Nimoto, Maurice E
Nims, Buell E
Nims, Frank L
Nims, James D
Nims, Lawrence E
Nimtz, Joseph R
Nincehelser, Forland F
Nine Airboren Infantrymen
Nine Indistinguishable Names, First And Las
Nine Infantrymen Passengers
Nine Unknown Crew
Nine Unknown Crewmembers
Nine Unknown Crewmen
Nine Unnamed Passengers
Nine Unreadable Names
Niner, William G
Ninesling, Elbert J Jr
Ning, S Y
Ninnemann, Herbert G
Ninnis, Clifford B
Nino, C A
Ninser, R D
Nintz, Loren E
Nioehaus, Charles J
Niomi, E V
Niosi, John J
Niosi, John Joseph
Nipper, Eli
Nipper, Paul N
Nipper, R V
Nipper, Rv
Nippert, Boyd H
Nippert, Clifton W
Nippress, Elton R
Nirmaier, Clayton B
Nirmaier, Clyaton B
Nisbet, W
Nisbet, William G
Nisbett, Charles A
Nischan, Joseph A
Nisen, Herbert
Nisener, Othur L
Nisewonger, Boyd A
Nisgore, Philip (nmi)
Nishibayashi, Raymond S, 1lt
Niskala, J J.
Niskanen, Rafael E
Nislar, Oscar L
Nislar, Oscar L Jr
Nisler, Oscar L
Nispec, Margaret L
Nispel, Margaret L
Nispel, Melvin D
Nissel, William N
Nissen, Duane O
Nissen, Harley A
Nissen, James M
Nissen, James W
Nissen, L J
Nissen, Lj
Nissen, Martin W
Nissen, Norbert E
Nissle, Trott R
Nissley, Andrew H
Nissley, Charles K
Nissley, John K
Nissley, Robert C
Nistal, E A
Nistal, Ernest A
Nisum, Harold L
Nisun, Harold L
Nitkin, Bernard (nmi)
Nitsche, Arthur E Jr
Nitsche, Arthur E, Jr
Nittel, Henry, Jr
Nitti, Leonard J
Nitto, John N
Nitz, Jack Dalhart, 1lt
Niven, John F
Nivens, Delbert S
Nivens, Eugene A
Nivens, Thomas A
Nivens, William B
Niver, Robert R
Nivison, John W
Nix, Albert L
Nix, Archie N
Nix, Clarence J Jr
Nix, Clarence J, Jr
Nix, Claud A
Nix, Claude A
Nix, Cowan G, 1lt
Nix, Elbert C
Nix, H M
Nix, Henry
Nix, Henry D
Nix, Joseph R
Nix, Lloyd W
Nix, Loyd W
Nix, M
Nix, Ralph W
Nix, Robert C
Nix, Robert E
Nix, Roland
Nix, Roland (nmi)
Nixby, Joseph
Nixdorf, Charles F
Nixen, Vern E
Nixfdorf, Charles F
Nixforf, Charles F
Nixon, A
Nixon, Alton D
Nixon, Alva E
Nixon, Arthur E
Nixon, Authur E
Nixon, Charles R Jr
Nixon, David J
Nixon, Donald O
Nixon, E C
Nixon, Edwin H
Nixon, Ernest C
Nixon, F A
Nixon, Forrest D
Nixon, Forrest D Jr *
Nixon, Gerland G
Nixon, Glynn H
Nixon, Horace C
Nixon, J L
Nixon, Jack V
Nixon, James F
Nixon, John W
Nixon, Lewis W
Nixon, Lloyd A
Nixon, Mark
Nixon, Mark F
Nixon, Paul P
Nixon, R C
Nixon, Ralph E
Nixon, Richard J
Nixon, Robert J
Nixon, Robert L
Nixon, Robert R
Nixon, Robert T
Nixon, Thomas
Nixon, Vern D
Nixon, Vern E
Nixon, Vernon O
Nixon, W
Nixon, Warren W
Nixon, William B
Niznik, Chester
Niznik, Chester (nmi)
Njus, Casper M
No Occupant
No Perso El
No Personnel
No Pilot
Noack, Alfred Jr
Noack, George E
Noag, Traian
Noah, J B
Noah, Meldon A
Noah, Norbert C
Noah, Norbert O
Noah, R C
Noah, Richard B
Nobies, Bobbie L
Nobilione, Joseph V
Nobis, Raymond H, Capt
Noble, A B
Noble, Armsted B Jr
Noble, Arthur S Iii
Noble, Arthur S, Iii
Noble, C M
Noble, C R
Noble, Charles R
Noble, Curtis R
Noble, Dennis D
Noble, Dennis Dale
Noble, Dennis L
Noble, Duane A
Noble, E R
Noble, E W
Noble, Earl C
Noble, Earl L Jr
Noble, Earl L, Jr
Noble, Edmond R
Noble, Edward W
Noble, Frank J
Noble, Fred E
Noble, Frederick E
Noble, Harold F
Noble, Harry R
Noble, Howard C
Noble, Isom J Jr
Noble, Isom J, Jr
Noble, J B
Noble, Jack L
Noble, James A Jr
Noble, James B
Noble, James F Jr
Noble, Jerry W
Noble, John B
Noble, John P
Noble, John R
Noble, John W Jr
Noble, Jose R
Noble, M C
Noble, Norman A
Noble, Paul V
Noble, Peter G
Noble, Richard F
Noble, Robert C
Noble, Robert H
Noble, Robert J
Noble, Thomas H
Noble, Willard
Noble, William A
Noble, William D
Noble, William Jr
Noble, William, Jr
Nobles, E J Jr
Nobles, E J, Jr
Nobles, James P
Nobles, Leonard T
Nobles, Ralph M
Nobles, Tim A
Nobles, William D
Nobles, William W
Noblet, James
Noblet, James E
Noblett, Lewey J
Noblett, Raymond J
Noblett, Raymond J (mechanic)
Nobley, Alfred L
Noblin, Charles R
Noblitt, Charles G
Noblitt, L J
Noblitt, Lewey J
Noblitt, Wayne M
Noblitt, William G
Noce, Vincent J
Nocek, Thaddeus S
Nocelles, C
Nochberg, Alvin S
Nocher, Marcel J
Noches, Ramon F
Noches, Raymon F
Noches, Raymond F
Nocifera, S C
Nock, George A
Nock, Harry A
Nocket, Joseph
Nocnan, Maurice N
Nodecker, Leo I
Noderer, Charles
Noderer, Charles D
Nodier, John M
Nodine, John P
Nodine, Willard L
Nodler, John M
Nodolf, Laverne R
Noe, Frank G
Noe, J
Noe, James E
Noe, Jarvis J
Noe, Roy F
Noel, Charles R
Noel, Claude J
Noel, Dana
Noel, Dana E
Noel, Dane E
Noel, Elmo V
Noel, F J
Noel, George F
Noel, Jack A
Noel, James A
Noel, James L
Noel, John H
Noel, John H Jr
Noel, Kenneth B
Noel, L L
Noel, Lawrence H Ii
Noel, Leonard (nmi)
Noel, Lorren L
Noel, Melvin S
Noel, Murrice L
Noel, Paul R
Noel, R D
Noel, R K
Noel, Robert B Jr
Noel, Robert K
Noel, Robert M
Noel, Vincent S
Noel, William W
Noeldechen, Robert J
Noeldechen, Roland J
Noelke, M
Noelke, Marne
Noell, L P
Noell, Myers (nmi)
Noellasch, Myron D
Noeller, Clifford J
Noellsch, Myron D
Noelp, Robert G
Noelp, Robert S
Noelsen, Ener L
Noelting, Harold L
Noerling, H Joseph
Noesgee, John C
Noesges, John C
Noetinger, Jacques M
Nofal, Charles A
Noffman, Paul S
Noffman, Paul S, Jr
Noffsinger, Lloyd E
No'flight Personnel
Noftsinger, W L
Nogay, Edward
Nogay, Edward (nmi)
Nogay, William
Nogent, Patrick H
Nogge, George F
Noggle, Max B
Noggle, Roy L
Nogle, Robert B
Nogle, Robert E
Noguchi, Morit
Nogy, Joseph
Nogy, Joseph (nmi)
Noise, Robeson S
Noisette, Jean
Nokes, Virgil B
Nokken, Roy M
Nolan (lt)
Nolan , James V
Nolan, Bernard A
Nolan, C H
Nolan, Charles F
Nolan, Clarence
Nolan, Clarence F
Nolan, Daniel C
Nolan, Daniel T
Nolan, Edward J
Nolan, F W
Nolan, Francis J P
Nolan, Frank A
Nolan, Frank P
Nolan, Frederick W
Nolan, Henry B
Nolan, Howard H
Nolan, J F
Nolan, James A
Nolan, James C
Nolan, James D
Nolan, James F, Capt
Nolan, James J
Nolan, James P
Nolan, John D
Nolan, John E
Nolan, John H
Nolan, John J
Nolan, Joseph S
Nolan, Lawrence M
Nolan, Marshall E
Nolan, Paul P
Nolan, Paul V
Nolan, Pierce F
Nolan, Ralph
Nolan, Raymond
Nolan, Raymond T
Nolan, Raymondschmid, Robert R
Nolan, Robert A
Nolan, Robert J
Nolan, Russell
Nolan, T V
Nolan, Thoams J
Nolan, Thomas F
Nolan, Thomas J
Nolan, Valmore
Nolan, Walter J
Nolan, William E
Nolan, William F
Nolan, William J
Nolan, William J Jr
Nolan, William J, Jr
Nolan, William T
Nolan. David J
Noland, George B
Noland, George W
Noland, Harold B
Noland, Kenneth C
Noland, Norman A
Noland, Oliver M, Major
Noland, Russell
Noland, W B
Noland, Wb
Noland, William M
Nolano, Neal W
Nolcomb, Alfred W
Nold, Elmer E
Nold, Ewell K
Nold, Ewell K Jr
Nold, Kendall R
Nold, William H
Nold, Woodrow V
Nolden, Harry A
Nolden, Henry A
Nolen, Albert E
Nolen, Carl L
Nolen, Cecil K
Nolen, Cregg P
Nolen, Cyril (nmi)
Nolen, Dan R
Nolen, Gregg P Jr
Nolen, H E
Nolen, Heiman E
Nolen, Herman
Nolen, Herman E
Nolen, I E
Nolen, Jack M
Nolen, Jack W
Nolen, John A
Nolen, Lawrence N
Nolen, Lee
Nolen, Lee R, Jr
Nolen, Peter L
Nolen, Robert B
Nolen, Rudolph (nmi)
Nolen, S N
Nolen, Thomas E
Nolen, William F
Noles, Charles F
Noles, Robert R
Nolfo, Frank
Nolin, Albert E
Nolin, P
Nolin, Paul G
Noll, George A
Noll, Gertrude
Noll, Horace D
Noll, Jesef W
Noll, John R
Noll, Josef W
Noll, Maurice P
Noll, Richard H
Noll, Verner V
Noller, C B
Noller, Lawrence R
Nollkamper, James L
Nollmeyer, E W
Nollmeyer, Edward M
Nollmeyer, Edward Max
Nolt, Dean D
Nolt, Maxine A
Nolt, Robert J
Nolte, Frederick E
Nolte, Henry A
Nolte, James R
Nolte, James W
Nolte, Ray G
Nolte, Roy G
Nolte, William A Jr
Nolte, William A, Jr
Noltemeier, Alvin P
Noltemeier, Ralph H
Nolting, Roger
Noltingham, Charles W
Noltje, Charles E
Nolton, George E
Nolton, Lee B
Nolton, Lee Blackstone
Nombalais, Frank B
Nomollini, Joseph L
Nomura, Kenichi
Nomura, Kenichi.
Nonamaker, Lawrence E
None (parked Aircraft)
None (parked Aircraft9
Noneaker, Daniel O
Noneman, Walter L
Nonnemacher, Walter
Nonnenmacher, N T
Nonnenmacher, Walter
Nonniel, Harold P
Nonnmacher, N T
Nonnmacher, Nicholas J
Nooger, Abraham
Nooger, Abraham (nmi)
Noon, Byron B
Noon, Eilliam J
Noon, Harry B
Noon, William J
Noona, Warren F
Noonan, F J
Noonan, Francis J
Noonan, Frank J
Noonan, G C
Noonan, J H
Noonan, J T
Noonan, James R
Noonan, John E
Noonan, John F
Noonan, John P
Noonan, John T
Noonan, Joseph F
Noonan, Maurice E
Noonan, N
Noonan, Thomas B
Noonan, Thomas J Jr
Noonan, Thomas J, Jr
Noonan, Thomas T
Noonan, Warren F
Noonan, William C
Noone, Harry (nmi)
Noone, James M
Noone, Michael F
Noone, Norman C
Noone, Norman G
Noone, T E
Noonen, William P
Nooner, Daryl W
Nooney, Robert
Nooney, Robert C
Noonhan, E J
Noordewier, Edwin A
Noordyk, Edward D
Noordyk, Edward P
Noorigian, George
Noorlag, William G
Nootz, Robert S
Nootz, Willard E
Noozar, Alexander S
Nope, Ulysses S
Noran, W T
Norbeck, Jeanne L
Norberg, James F
Norberg, William C
Norberg, William C Jr
Norberg, William C, Jr
Norbury, Thomas C
Norbut, George Thomas, 1/lt (afres, 20th A Div, 328th Ftr Op, 3
Norby, Alfred Raymond
Norby, John A
Norby, Robert A
Norcom, James F
Norcross, Elvin C
Nord, Ardell A
Nord, H E
Nord, Harold E Jr
Nord, James E
Nordahl, Knuta (nmi)
Nordahl, Knute
Nordahl, Knute (nmi)
Nordale, Arnold M
Nordan, Fabian F
Nordbeck, Harry T
Nordberg, Carl L
Nordberg, David J
Nordberg, P R
Nordberg, Paul R
Nordby, Clifford K
Nordby, Richard P
Nordeen, E P
Nordeen, Eric P
Nordeen, Ronald E
Nordell, Paul H
Nordell, Paul R
Nordenstrom, Wallace C
Nordenstrom, Wallace O
Nordgran, Orville J
Nordgreen, Orville J
Nordgren, Orville J
Nordhagen, Arnold B
Nordhal, Lynn C
Nordheim, Bryan K
Nordheim, Robert H
Nordhoff, Nancy A
Nordhoff, Nancya
Nordholm, Julius R Jr
Nordhurs, Richard E
Nordland, Charles W Jr
Nordlie, James O
Nordlie, Wayne E, Capt
Nordlie, Wayne E, Major
Nordling, Kenneth E
Nordlohne, Robert A
Nordlund, Maurice E
Nordlund, William A
Nordman, Grover C Jr
Nordquest, Harold
Nordquist, Dan A
Nordquist, Dean A
Nordquist, Ernest O
Nordquist, R W
Nordquist, Roger W
Nordquist, W H
Nordruff, Nancy A
Nordseth, Ordell T
Nordstrom, Arthur W
Nordstrom, H A
Nordstrom, Herbert A
Nordstrom, John W
Nordstrom, Paul
Nordstrom, Paul A
Nordwall, D E
Nordyke, Harold B
Nordyke, Robert A
Nore, Earl K
Nored, Ralph R
Noreiga, Virgil V
Noreli, Vincent E
Norelius, Jack
Norelius, Jack E
Norell, Glen F
Norelli, Giorgio
Norem, Jay A
Norem, Merle E
Noren, Hana D
Noren, Hans D
Noreng, Harold A
Norfleet, Marvin B
Norford, George C
Norford, Julian R
Norgaard, Henry A
Norgaard, J A
Norgard, C D
Norgard, Clifford D
Norgard, Milton A
Norgorden, Oscar
Norich, Albert S
Noriega, Luis
Noriega, Virgil (nmi)
Noriega, Virgil V
Noriega, Virgil.
Norim, Chester W
Noris, Irene B
Noris, Weldon C
Norkitis, Joseph
Norkus, Lloyd W
Norlain, Georges M J
Norland, Carl E
Norley, Louis H
Norley, Samuel P
Norlie, Merle O
Norman, A G
Norman, Albert F
Norman, Alvin J
Norman, Arthur G
Norman, Bertil W
Norman, Carroll Y
Norman, Charles A
Norman, Clarence E
Norman, Clifton B
Norman, Clyde E
Norman, Darwin W
Norman, Donald G
Norman, Edward M
Norman, Eugene E
Norman, F
Norman, Frank M
Norman, George G
Norman, H H.
Norman, Harold C
Norman, Harold Clement
Norman, Harry H
Norman, Henery W
Norman, Henry H
Norman, Howard G
Norman, Isaac G
Norman, J C Jr
Norman, J C, Jr
Norman, J I
Norman, J W
Norman, Jack
Norman, Jack W
Norman, Jacob M
Norman, James
Norman, James L
Norman, James M Jr
Norman, James R
Norman, Jc
Norman, John C
Norman, John Clifford
Norman, John K
Norman, John P
Norman, John R
Norman, Joseph
Norman, Joseph S
Norman, Lawrence C
Norman, Leon H
Norman, Marion F
Norman, Melvin M
Norman, Melvin W
Norman, Murray Allen
Norman, Myron A
Norman, P M
Norman, Raymond L
Norman, Reuben N
Norman, Robert B
Norman, Robert H
Norman, Robert I Jr
Norman, Robert L
Norman, Ross W
Norman, Roy S
Norman, S B
Norman, Seth W
Norman, Thomas A Jr
Norman, Thomas A, Jr
Norman, Tom E
Norman, Valentine Jr
Norman, Valentine, Jr
Norman, Wilburn J
Norman, Wilburn S
Norman, William
Norman, William B
Norman, William C
Norman, William E
Norman, William P
Norman, William R
Normand, Charles G Y
Normand, Claude
Normand, Filmore J
Normand, Leo J
Normandin, Raymond A
Normile, Joseph P
Norminton, John (nmi)
Norpoth, Theodore
Norpoth, Theodore (nmi)
Norpoth, Theodore Iii
Norr, Ralph V
Norred, David W
Norrell, Lloyd H
Norrell, Richard
Norrie, Keith
Norris , Gene
Norris, Arnold H
Norris, Benjamin Jr
Norris, Benjamin R
Norris, Charles E
Norris, Charles H
Norris, Charles L
Norris, Charles P
Norris, Charles W
Norris, Duane L
Norris, Earl C
Norris, Earl E, Jr
Norris, Earl J
Norris, Edward R
Norris, Ernest A
Norris, Ernest T
Norris, Floyd V
Norris, Forrest D
Norris, Frank
Norris, Frank S
Norris, Gene
Norris, George B
Norris, Gwynne
Norris, H D
Norris, Harold F
Norris, Harold K
Norris, Harold S
Norris, Henry
Norris, Henry (nmi)
Norris, Henry.
Norris, Howard D
Norris, Hugh
Norris, Irene
Norris, Irene B
Norris, Ivan K
Norris, J C
Norris, J D
Norris, James F Jr
Norris, James F, Jr
Norris, James H
Norris, James R
Norris, Jerrold
Norris, Jerrold G
Norris, John A
Norris, John B
Norris, John D
Norris, John F
Norris, John I
Norris, John L
Norris, Joseph
Norris, Joseph E
Norris, Joseph W
Norris, Julius C
Norris, Keith
Norris, Kenneth E
Norris, L S
Norris, Lowell E
Norris, Lyle S
Norris, M D
Norris, Marlin C
Norris, Marvin D
Norris, Maynard M
Norris, Merlin K
Norris, O'Neal
Norris, O'Neil
Norris, O'Neil (nmi)
Norris, Othneil
Norris, Othniel
Norris, Perry
Norris, Peter D
Norris, R H
Norris, R J
Norris, R W
Norris, Ralph H
Norris, Richard R
Norris, Richard V
Norris, Rj
Norris, Robert E
Norris, Robert H
Norris, Robert J
Norris, Robert M
Norris, Robert P
Norris, Robert S
Norris, Robert W
Norris, Robt M
Norris, Roscoe E
Norris, Roy E Jr
Norris, Russel J
Norris, Samuel N
Norris, Sarah M
Norris, Sidney J
Norris, Stanley E
Norris, Stewart M
Norris, T R
Norris, Thomas J
Norris, W A
Norris, W F
Norris, W M
Norris, Warren G
Norris, Warren V
Norris, Weldon C
Norris, Wilden T
Norris, William A
Norris, William C
Norris, William F
Norris, William G
Norris, William J
Norris, William P
Norris, William S
Norris, William T
Norris, Willie D
Norris, Wyatt A
Norrison, Blake C, Capt
Norrmans, Charles J
Norrod, Alberg B, Jr
Norrod, Albert
Norrod, Albert A
Norsigian, J
Norsigian, John
Norstrom, John J
Norstrom, John W
Norstrom, Svenn A
Norswing, Kenneth R
Norswing, Kenneth T
Norsworthy, Charles J
Nortartamoso, M
North, Albert B
North, Albert M
North, Alexander F
North, Benny M
North, Charles F
North, Charles L
North, Clyde F
North, Ernest J
North, Fred W
North, Gb
North, George M Iii
North, George M, Iii
North, Gilbert B
North, Harry L
North, Howard L
North, Hugh D
North, John R
North, John R Jr
North, Mack C
North, Orner W
North, R V
North, Richard B
North, Robert C
North, Robert L
North, Safford M
North, Thomas R
North, Vincent W
North, W L
North, Warren
North, Willilam N
North, Willis L
Northcott, Freeman C
Northcott. Clyde A
Northcross, Samuel H
Northcut, Charles W
Northcutt, Carol R
Northcutt, Charles R
Northcutt, Charles W
Northcutt, Clinton B
Northcutt, George C
Northcutt, Huff H
Northcutt, Merlin P
Northcutt, Robert E
Northcutt, Wh
Northcutt, William E
Northcutt, William O
Northern, Harry J
Northern, M A
Northern, Max A
Northern, Roy
Northern, Roy P
Northern, William L
Northern, William L Jr
Northern, William L, Jr
Northington, Robert R
Northington, Robert S
Northington, William S
Northrop, Charles L
Northrop, Claude B, Jr
Northrop, John R
Northrop, Robert L
Northrup Aircraft, Incorporated Employees:
Northrup, A H
Northrup, C B
Northrup, Douglas C
Northrup, Eddie M
Northrup, George G
Northrup, Jerome K
Northrup, Robert L
Northrup, Stanley C
Northup, Jerome K
Northup, Robert L
Northwest Airlines Employees: Hartley, Gil
Northwood, Ray
Norton, Alfred D
Norton, Alfred D
Norton, Alfred Dobson
Norton, Aura J
Norton, Aura J Jr
Norton, Avra J
Norton, C F
Norton, Charles E
Norton, Charles E Jr
Norton, Charles E, Jr
Norton, Charles W
Norton, Clarence O
Norton, Claude J
Norton, Corneilus J
Norton, Cornelius J
Norton, D B
Norton, Desmond H
Norton, E
Norton, Edward R
Norton, Edwin N
Norton, Ellis R
Norton, Eric
Norton, Eugene H
Norton, Frank A
Norton, Frederick A
Norton, Harmon J
Norton, Harry W Jr
Norton, Harry W, Jr
Norton, Howard J
Norton, J A Jr
Norton, J A, Jr
Norton, J B
Norton, J E
Norton, J F
Norton, James
Norton, James B
Norton, James E
Norton, James F
Norton, James P
Norton, James W
Norton, James W Jr
Norton, John P
Norton, John V
Norton, John W
Norton, John Warren
Norton, Joseph D
Norton, Lee S
Norton, M E
Norton, Marlin E
Norton, Melvin J
Norton, Mont F
Norton, Myron
Norton, Paul L
Norton, Phillip A
Norton, Ralph R
Norton, Raymond F
Norton, Richard A
Norton, Robert B
Norton, Robert E
Norton, Robert H
Norton, Robert L
Norton, Rolland G
Norton, W L
Norton, W N
Norton, Walter P Jr
Norton, William
Norton, William A
Norton, William F
Norton, William H
Norton, William J
Norton, William N
Norton, Wilson K
Norvell, Donald E
Norvell, Frank C
Norvell, Ned W
Norvell, Richard T
Norvell, Robert A
Norvell, William H
Norwich, Walter
Norwine, Jack M
Norwood, Call M
Norwood, Charles B
Norwood, Colvin
Norwood, Colvin G
Norwood, Donald W
Norwood, Evan W Jr
Norwood, Frank
Norwood, James A
Norwood, James M
Norwood, Joseph O
Norwood, Norman A
Norwood, Ross A
Norwood, Ross M
Norwood, Stancell L
Norwood, William A
Norwood, William M
Norwood, Willis E
Norwoud, Willis E
Nosal, George
Nosal, Johnnie E
Nosal, Thomas E
Nose, Daniel W
Nosek, Walter S
Nosel, George (nmi)
Noser, John H
Nosker, Paul W
Nosker, Robert W
Nosker, William C
Noskowskie, Harry E
Nosratull [or Nosratoll]
Noss, Elmer C
Noss, Harvey F Jr
Noss, Harvey F, Jr
Nosworthy E
Not Available
Not Given
Not Listed
Not Manned
Not Noted
Not Personnel
Not Readable
Notartamoso, M
Notartomaso, Michael J
Noteriani, Frank
Nothagle, Ralph H
Notheis, Alvin L
Notheisen, Berthold J
Nothnagle, Ralph E
Nothnagle, Ralph H
Nothnagle, Ralph J
Nothstein, Charles L
Notkowitz, Herbert A
Notley, Roy J
Notman, J W
Noto, Henry A
Notoro, Frank R
Notowitz, Jerome M
Notsworthy, Ralph E
Nott, Charles A
Nott, Charles H
Nott, Howard B
Nott, Joel B
Nott, Thomas E
Notte, Dominic J
Notti, Nick L
Nottin, Claude L
Nottingham, Charles W
Nottingham, George L
Nottingham, John D
Nottingham, William E
Notts, Kendall C
Notzenbecker, John W
Nourauter, Otto P
Nourse, Charles C
Novack, Donald
Novack, J S
Novacs, Gale H
Novak, C E
Novak, Charles G
Novak, Clarency F
Novak, Donald
Novak, Donald (nmi)
Novak, Donald A
Novak, Donald F
Novak, Donald P, 1lt
Novak, E R
Novak, Edward F
Novak, Emil
Novak, Eugene A
Novak, F J
Novak, G J
Novak, Harold T
Novak, Henry J
Novak, Jack C
Novak, James F
Novak, John A
Novak, John P
Novak, John T
Novak, Joseph A
Novak, L W
Novak, Michael
Novak, Michael J
Novak, Michrell
Novak, Peter A (pax)
Novak, Robert L
Novak, S T
Novak, Sheldon (nmi)
Novak, Stanley
Novak, Stanley T
Novak, T
Novak, Vernon A
Novak, W H
Novak, Wilbur P
Novakoski, Henry J
Novakovits, Joseph
Noval, G J
Novaresi, Sidney S
Novareski, Sidney S
Novarest, Sidney S
Novarra, Salvitorg M
Novelli, Angelo J
Novello, Robert L
Novello, Salvatore
Noveta, John W
Novetta, Walter
Novich, Sidney
Novich, Sidney (nmi)
Novick, Lawrence
Novick, Philip
Novik, Albert J
Novitzkie, Alexander A
Novlan, Ludwig
Novoiny, Joseph F
Novokowski, H J Jr
Novosedlik, Michael N
Novosel, C P
Novosel, Michael J
Novota, J W
Novotney, Joe
Novotny, Arthur J
Novotny, Billy H
Novotny, Edmund E
Novotny, Joe
Novotny, Joseph F
Novotny, Russel A
Novotny, Russell A
Novotny, Steve J Jr
Novy, George R
Novy, James
Novy, James S
Nowacki, Walter R
Nowacky, John C
Nowak, Arthur A
Nowak, Chester A
Nowak, Chester F
Nowak, Chester L
Nowak, Donald R
Nowak, Edward
Nowak, Edward G
Nowak, Eugene R
Nowak, Ike S
Nowak, J R
Nowak, John I
Nowak, John I.
Nowak, Joseph J
Nowak, Robert J
Nowak, Steve J
Nowak, W T
Nowak, Walter C
Nowakowski, Arthur H
Nowakowski, Henry J
Nowakowski, Ollie D
Nowalis, Harrison V
Nowark, Charles G
Nowell, John C
Nowell, Richard L
Nowell, Rufus H Jr
Nowell, Rufus H, Jr
Nowell, Wesley R
Nowell, Wilard M Cox, Roy E
Nowell, Willard M
Nowick, Peter
Nowicki, Eugene A
Nowicki, J A
Nowicki, Leo Peter
Nowicki, Walter
Nowinski, Stanley T
Nowitzk, Edward M
Nowitzke, Edward M
Nowland, Bob E
Nowland, William S
Nowland, William S (2p)
Nowlin, Charles F
Nowlin, Clyde W
Nowlin, Duard E
Nowlin, Duard K
Nowlin, John R
Nowlin, Louis E
Nowlin, Robert E
Nowlin, Walter L
Nowling, John K
Nowling, Kenneth D
Nowotny, Billy H
Nowotny, Raymond A
Nowsk, W T
Nox, Thomas Jr
Noxon, Donald E
Noxon, Donald F
Noxon, Winifred C
Noyce, James E
Noyd, Joel W
Noyee, Russell C
Noyer, Russell E
Noyes, A A
Noyes, C A
Noyes, Clarence A
Noyes, E T
Noyes, Francis E
Noyes, Glen
Noyes, Glen (nmi)
Noyes, J R
Noyes, Paul W Jr
Noyes, Robert C
Noyes, Russell C
Noyes, Theodore E
Noyes, William C
Noziglia, Robert E
Noziolia, Robert E
Nrman, Myron A
Nuber, Herbert A
Nuber, Robert E
Nuble, Robert C
Nucci, Nicholas J
Nucci, Salvadore (nmi)
Nuccio, Joseph L
Nuckells, James E
Nuckels, Howard T
Nuckles, Boyd R
Nuckles, Walter L
Nuckolls, C W
Nuckolls, Cw
Nuckolls, Heath B
Nuckolls, Heath, B
Nuckolls, James E
Nuckolls, Robert M
Nuckolls, William P
Nuckols, Ernest B Jr
Nuckols, Ernest B, Jr
Nuckols, George E
Nuckols, James C
Nuckols, James O
Nuckols, Jemes O
Nuckols, Samuel S
Nudd, H C
Nudd, Walter
Nudd, Walter W
Nudelman, Sam
Nuebauer, Rudolph E
Nuedorfer, William E
Nuelle, James E
Nueman, H W
Nuffine, Claude L
Nugen, William A
Nugen, William H
Nugent, Francis E
Nugent, Harold E
Nugent, Jerry J
Nugent, Lee John
Nugent, Leo J
Nugent, Leo John
Nugent, Malcolm E
Nugent, Patrick B
Nugent, R E
Nugent, Richard E
Nugent, William A
Nugent, William Allen
Nugent, William J
Nugteren, Cornelius
Nulkey, James M
Null, Charles
Null, Lloyd J
Null, Rodger D
Nulman, David
Nulph, J B
Nulph, John B
Nulty, Leonard B Jr
Nulty, Leonard B, Jr
Nulty, Robert F
Numan, James D
Numbelais, Frank B
Number, Herbert A
Numbers, Ralph A Jr
Numbers, Ralph A, Jr
Numbers, Thomas R
Numedahl, Richard J
Nuna, Jacey E
Nuna, William T
Nunan, John M
Nunemacher, Francis W
Nunenkamp, Victor L
Nunes, Albert S
Nunes, Francis
Nunes, Francis (nmi)
Nunes, Harold
Nunes, Harold E
Nunes, Henry P
Nunes, James J.
Nunes, Joseph L
Nuneviller, Edward V
Nuneviller, William H
Nuneviller, William H Iii
Nunez, A J
Nunez, A Jr
Nunez, A, Jr
Nunez, F
Nungesser, Daniel A
Nunimaker, Richard W
Nuniu, M S
Nunley, Billy Fletcher 1st Lt.
Nunley, Howard P, 1/lt
Nunn, Charles M
Nunn, George C
Nunn, Howard S
Nunn, James R
Nunn, James W
Nunn, John A
Nunn, John B
Nunn, John F
Nunn, John H
Nunn, John W
Nunn, Joseph L
Nunn, Rodolph L, Capt
Nunn, Roy H Jr
Nunn, Roy H, Jr
Nunn, Rudolph Lee Je. Capt.
Nunn, William (nmi)
Nunn, William D
Nunn, William G
Nunn, William T
Nunnaley, D Gerald
Nunnallee, Hue E
Nunnally, Frank W
Nunnally, Jackson L
Nunnally, Robert W
Nunneley, Clarence M
Nunnell, Jackson L
Nunnelley, Chauncey C
Nunnelley, Chauncey G
Nunnelley, F B
Nunnelley, Joe M, Sr
Nunnelley, Paul R
Nunnelley, Richard A Iii
Nunnery, Charles C
Nunnery, Lawrence E
Nunnery, Randolph A
Nunning, E P
Nunnsley, D Gerald
Nuno, Julio (nmi)
Nunziato, Joseph A
Nunziato, Ralph J
Nunziato, Ralph Joseph
Nuoffer, Paul E
Nurczyk, Mitchell Z
Nuree, Richard C
Nuremburger, T S
Nurnberg, Malcolm L
Nurnberg, Malcomb L
Nurnberger, Robert G
Nurre, Richard C
Nurthrup, Edgar A
Nusbaum, J M
Nusbaum, Laverne
Nuscher, Herman T
Nusger, Lawrence C
Nuss, E M
Nuss, Eugene M
Nuss, Gerald L
Nuss, Kenneth E
Nuss, Merrill E
Nussar, Ernest H
Nussenhoff, Joel
Nusser, Eugene L
Nusser, Lawrence C
Nussman, Harold C
Nussman, Harold G
Nuszloch, Allan J
Nuszloch, Allen J
Nuth, John F
Nutley, Paul J
Nutt, C C
Nutt, Clifford C
Nutt, Frank R Jr
Nutt, Frank R, Jr
Nutt, J E
Nutt, James R
Nutt, Norman W
Nutt, Ray S
Nutt, Robert W
Nutt, Sherill A
Nutt, Sherrill Z
Nutt, Sidney Jr
Nutt, Thomas S
Nutt, Waymond C
Nuttall, Alfred C
Nuttall, Stanley M
Nutter, Carrol G
Nutter, Carroll G
Nutter, Foster F
Nutter, Francis J
Nutter, James B
Nutter, R F
Nutter, Ralph H
Nutter, Ralph L
Nutter, Thomas A
Nutter, W N
Nutter, Warren M
Nutterffield, Michael L Capt
Nuttes, Carrol G
Nutting Lowell O
Nutting, Lowell O
Nutting, Orin E
Nutting, Raymond J Jr
Nuttling, Lowell O
Nutto, Niran O
Nutty, Jean W
Nuuttila, Edwin
Nuuttila, Edwin O
Nuzzi, Frank S
Nuzzi, J P
Nvid, Howard R
Nyberg, Arthur I
Nyberg, Emil E
Nyberg, George W
Nyberg, Richard A
Nyborg, John M
Nycum, H J
Nycum, Harold L
Nydegger, Donald G
Nydegger, John A
Nye, Avery M
Nye, Charles B
Nye, Chester W
Nye, George H
Nye, J A
Nye, J A Jr
Nye, Jack
Nye, Jack W
Nye, John A
Nye, John W
Nye, R M
Nye, R S
Nye, Richard
Nye, Richard (nmi)
Nye, Richard C
Nye, Robert
Nye, Robert M
Nye, Robert R
Nye, Walter T
Nye, Warren F
Nye, Wayne A
Nyers, Robert W
Nyeste, Joseph P
Nyeum, H J
Nygaard, Charles W
Nygaard, J D
Nygard, Lloyd H
Nygren, Edgar A
Nygren, G E
Nygren, Gordon E
Nygren, James C
Nygren, Robert F
Nygren, W F
Nygren, William F
Nyholm, Leland O
Nyhous, Gordon B
Nyikos, David M
Nykiel, S A
Nylaan, Sidney
Nylander, Herbert W
Nylander, Keith G, Capt
Nylen, Arthur H Jr
Nylen, Arthur H, Jr
Nylen, R T
Nylen, Russell T
Nylund, L E
Nyman, John M
Nyman, Richard W
Nypert, Wallace R
Nypunt, W T (usn)
Nyquist Fabian A
Nyquist, Clarence G
Nyquist, Fabian A
Nyquist, Rueben W
Nyreen, Donald G
Nys, Isidoor T H
Nysewander, Louis E
Nysteen, H A
Nystrom, Arthur L
Nystrom, Arthur W Jr
Nystrom, Conrad P
Nystrom, Harry J
Nystrom, Harvey N
Nystrom, James C
Nystrom, Paul A
Nystrom, Richard C
Nystrom, Verner
Nystrom, Wayne C
Nystrom, Wayne G
Nystrum, Conrad P
Nyswenger, Franklin C
Nyswonger, Franklin
Nyswongeri, Franklin
Nytzak, William