Air Force Aircrew Name List - C

This scrollable table (as required) displays names listed in USAF or USAAF accident reports for all crew positions and time periods. You might also find additional information by searching on last name on our Air Force Accident Reports Database Search page. To learn how to order a report visit our Order Information page.

Aircrew Member Name
C Connell, Ra
C Farland, Edward
C-53 Aircraft Taxied By Crew Chief, Collid
Caajkowski, Joseph
Caappalis, Aleck A
Cabangbang, Bartolone C
Cabaniss, Billy J
Cabaniss, Joe L Jr
Cabanr, Alexander E Jr
Cabas, Victor N
Cabas, Voctor N
Cabe, Charles L
Cabe, Earl A
Cabe, Henry W
Cabe, Jarvis B
Cabell, Warren A
Cabell, William W
Cabell, William W Jr
Cabella, Donald E
Cabill, Jerome H
Cabineas, Marshall S
Cabiness, Marshall S
Cable, A T
Cable, B R
Cable, Howard
Cable, Howard.
Cable, J V
Cable, Jess T
Cable, John A, 2lt
Cable, Paul
Cable, Stanley A
Cables, J R
Cables, James
Cables, James R
Cables, Warren M
Cables, Warren M F
Cables, Warrne
Cabonella, Joseph S
Cabot, Authur T Jr
Cabot, Authur T, Jr
Cabot, M
Cabot, N
Cabot, Nat
Cabot, Nat (nmi)
Cabot, Russell F
Cabrara, Leonard (nmi), Jr
Cabrara, Leonard Jr
Cabrera, Anthony J
Cabrera, Carlos T
Cabrera, Gustavo
Cabrera, Jesse
Cabrera, Leonard
Cabrera, Leonard Jr
Cabrera, Nelson
Cabrie, Roger R
Cacas, Charles J
Caccavale, Joseph F
Caccavella, P J
Caceres, Jose (n)
Caceres, Radames
Caceres, Radames E
Caceves, Radames E
Cache, Federice P
Caciahan, George E
Cackett, J H
Cackle, Roger O
Cackrison, E J
Cacopardo, John J
Cadazza, Vincent
Caddell, J W
Caddell, Jw
Caddick, Samuel C
Caddie, Herman C
Caddigan, Robert A
Cadding, Harold E
Cade, Charles E
Cade, Donald H
Cade, Edward W
Cade, G R
Cade, William A Jr
Cade, William A, Jr
Cadena, J V
Cadenhead, Alvis J
Cadenhead, J W
Cadenhead, James W
Cadenhead, John O Jr
Cades, Charles J
Cadet Ervin
Cadet No Name
Cadger, Edward J
Cadie, W S
Cadima, Celso (nmi)
Cadle, Dean A
Cadle, Dean A
Cadle, Fred
Cadle, William E
Cadlolo, Charles Jr
Cadman, Vivian C
Cadmus, George W
Cadmus, George W Jr
Cadmus, Richard
Cadson, William E
Cadugan, William R
Cadwalader, Benjamin R
Cadwallader, Charles W
Cadwallader, Donald J
Cadwallader, Harold L
Cadwallader, John S
Cadwallader, William A
Cadwallader, William M
Cadwell, Charles J
Cadwell, Franklin G
Cadwell, Harold L Jr
Cadwell, Harold L, Jr
Cadwell, Joseph D
Cadwell, L E
Cadwell, N L
Cadwell, Nl
Cadwell, W G
Cadwell, Wayne F
Cady, Arthur H
Cady, David A E
Cady, James L
Cady, John L
Cady, Melvyn A
Cady, R R
Cady, Robert D
Cady, Robert P
Cady, Robert R
Cadzik, Henry J
Cadzinski, Alexander J
Caepinello, Edward A
Caeron, Donald K
Caesar, Jack R
Caesar, R C
Caesar, Richard C
Caeser, Jack R
Caetano, Nelson J
Caetano, Nelson N
Caeth, Edgar W
Cafaccio, Paul M
Cafarelli, John (nmi)
Cafarelli, N Jack
Cafarelli, R
Cafey, Howard L
Caffee, Hayes W
Caffee, John P
Cafferty, Dayton W
Caffery, William J
Caffey, Ferris D
Caffey, Norman L
Caffey, Sanford L
Caffney, Bernard G
Caffney, J L
Cafford, John P
Caffrey, Edwin J
Caffrey, James J
Caffrey, John J
Caffrey, William J
Caffyn, Allan Eugene
Cagan, R C
Cage, Newton A
Cage, Phil B
Cage, Philip B
Cage, Robert
Cage, Robert M
Cage, Robert N
Cagene, Robert F
Caggiano, Cono C
Caggiano, John J
Caggino, Anthony (nmi)
Cagigas, Edmundo F
Cagle, C D
Cagle, C R
Cagle, Charles D
Cagle, Clyde J
Cagle, George W
Cagle, Henderson
Cagle, Henderson, Major
Cagle, James E
Cagle, Joseph W
Cagle, Leroy E
Cagle, Ned L
Cagle, Oscar L Jr
Cagle, Victor W
Cagle, William H
Caglia, Antony
Caglia, Antony J
Cagliani, Joseph
Cagne, Joseph
Cagney, Joseph J
Cagney, Joseph T
Cagnon, Charles W
Cagwin, Kenneth L
Cahal, Robert C
Cahall, Arthur B
Cahall, Donald R
Cahall, Everett F
Cahall, William
Cahall, William C
Cahaly, Dimitri M
Cahbannes, Norbert A R
Cahen, George L
Cahill, Andrew J
Cahill, Burr T
Cahill, Charles P
Cahill, Edward
Cahill, Edward E
Cahill, Edward F
Cahill, Edward R
Cahill, George
Cahill, George F
Cahill, George H
Cahill, Gordon L
Cahill, Harold K
Cahill, J C
Cahill, Jerome
Cahill, John C
Cahill, Joseph E
Cahill, Kenneth J
Cahill, Lawrence J
Cahill, Marion N
Cahill, Paul
Cahill, Paul S
Cahill, Robert J
Cahill, Thomas F
Cahill, Thomas J Jr
Cahill, W A
Cahill, William A
Cahill, William F
Cahill, William L
Cahles, Warren
Cahn, Bernard J
Cahoon, August T
Cahoon, Bud T
Cahoon, Carl W
Cahoon, Wells L
Cahpin, Marvin E
Cahsin, Burt L
Caicuts, Eli
Cail, Edwin V
Cail, James R
Caillibotte, Jean
Caillier, Frederick S
Caillier, James E
Caillouct, L A
Caillouet, Luaien A
Cailloutte, Charles, Jr
Cailly, James C
Caimln, W
Cain, Arthur F Jr
Cain, B
Cain, B (nmi)
Cain, C
Cain, C C.
Cain, C R
Cain, Carl G Jr
Cain, Carl R
Cain, Charles E
Cain, Charles L
Cain, Charles W
Cain, D O
Cain, Dines O
Cain, Edward M
Cain, Edwin R
Cain, Herman W
Cain, Higel H
Cain, Howard E
Cain, J A
Cain, J C
Cain, J O
Cain, Jacob L
Cain, James A
Cain, James M
Cain, James W
Cain, John E
Cain, John F
Cain, John L
Cain, John R
Cain, Joseph C
Cain, Kenneth D
Cain, Lloyd
Cain, Lloyd N
Cain, Marvin R
Cain, Nigel H
Cain, P G
Cain, P L
Cain, Paul W
Cain, Ralph B
Cain, Richard C
Cain, Richard U
Cain, Robert A
Cain, Robert H
Cain, Robert P
Cain, Theodore J
Cain, Thomas
Cain, Thomas G
Cain, W
Cain, W M
Cain, W W
Cain, Warden L
Cain, Willard W
Cain, William J
Cain, William L
Caine, L H
Caine, Louis H
Caine, Robert E
Caines, Wootz W
Cairnes, C J
Cairnes, George W
Cairney, Alexander
Cairney, Stanley J
Cairns, A J
Cairns, Aj
Cairns, Dana H
Cairns, David R
Cairns, Elden J
Cairns, Eldon J
Cairns, James F
Cairns, Robert H
Cairns, William D
Caissie, W J
Caissie, Wilfred J
Caka, George W
Caka, John G
Cake, Robert G
Cakerice, Kirk L
Cakert, T F X
Cakert, Thomas F X
Cakes, Lawrence G
Cakley, Charles D
Cala, Philip L
Calabrese, Anthony
Calabrese, Roy
Calabretta, Louis
Calabro, V
Calafate, E F
Calahan, Virgil L
Calalhan, L J
Calamas, Peter J
Calamas, Peter J, Capt
Calame, Harry M
Calame, Jack S
Calame, Paul G Jr
Calame, Paul G, Jr
Calamon, James R
Calander, Denford C
Calandra, Peter A
Calantowicz, Anthony A
Calarco, Fortunate J
Calbraith, James E
Calbraith, William H
Calbretta, Louis (nmi)
Calcon, Mark B
Calcote, Cecil
Calcote, Lee R
Calcoto, Lee R
Calcuts, Eli
Calcutt, Harry M
Calcutta India)
Caldara, Joseph D C
Caldara, Juleause
Caldara, Julius C
Caldare, Joseph D C
Caldarone, Robert M
Caldcleugh, Clarence M
Caldeleugh, Clarence M
Calden, Louis
Calder, Paul J
Calder, Alexander
Calder, Alexander W
Calder, Alexander W II
Calder, Arthur R
Calder, D J
Calder, Dj
Calder, John U
Calder, Paul J
Calder, Stephen G (p)
Calder, William B
Calderaro, James J
Calderazzo, Jacint L
Calderon, Raymond
Calderon, Salamon
Calderon, Salmoan E
Calderon, Severino B
Calderone, Robert
Calderotta, J A
Calderwood, Arthur A
Calderwood, Charles M
Calderwood, Neva
Calderwood, Wilby N
Calderwood, William E
Caldikas, Felix C
Caldon, George J
Caldonia, J
Caldwallader, Ralph L
Caldwell Jack Ecol.
Caldwell, A L
Caldwell, Andrew J
Caldwell, Archie P
Caldwell, Benjamin B
Caldwell, Cahrles B
Caldwell, Carl
Caldwell, Carroll L
Caldwell, Charles A
Caldwell, Charles B
Caldwell, Charles O
Caldwell, Charter L
Caldwell, Clarence B
Caldwell, Clive
Caldwell, D
Caldwell, Daniel E
Caldwell, David R
Caldwell, Earl H
Caldwell, Edwin O
Caldwell, F T
Caldwell, Frank
Caldwell, Freeman
Caldwell, Garland H
Caldwell, George E
Caldwell, George M
Caldwell, George T
Caldwell, Gilbert R
Caldwell, Glen
Caldwell, Harry
Caldwell, Harry E
Caldwell, Harry L
Caldwell, Harvey L
Caldwell, Hazlitt B
Caldwell, Jack E
Caldwell, James B
Caldwell, James C
Caldwell, James F
Caldwell, James R Jr
Caldwell, James R, Major
Caldwell, James T
Caldwell, James W
Caldwell, James W Jr
Caldwell, Jay H
Caldwell, Joel B
Caldwell, John E
Caldwell, John H
Caldwell, John J
Caldwell, John N
Caldwell, John N (crew Chief)
Caldwell, John W
Caldwell, John W Iii
Caldwell, Julian L
Caldwell, Keith M
Caldwell, Kenneth
Caldwell, Kenneth (nmi)
Caldwell, L V
Caldwell, Langston D
Caldwell, Lawrence L
Caldwell, Leon C
Caldwell, Leon G
Caldwell, Louis S
Caldwell, Maxwell W
Caldwell, Melvin G
Caldwell, Merril A
Caldwell, Merrill A
Caldwell, Morris C
Caldwell, N L
Caldwell, Norman E
Caldwell, R E
Caldwell, R K
Caldwell, R W
Caldwell, Richard T
Caldwell, Robert A
Caldwell, Robert E
Caldwell, Robert H
Caldwell, Robert M
Caldwell, Thomas E
Caldwell, Thomas G
Caldwell, Thomas M
Caldwell, Victor G
Caldwell, William C
Caldwell, William D
Caldwell, William J
Caldwell, William J Jr
Caldwell, William R
Caldwell, William R Jr
Caldwell, Wilma T
Cale, John L Jr
Cale, John L, Jr
Cale, Thomas
Cale, Thomas E
Calebaugh, David W
Caledin, Philip C
Calef, Richard T
Calef, Robert C Jr
Caleman, Carl N
Calenda, Anthony
Calenda, Anthony, Cohen, Joseph M
Calender, Marion E
Calender, Marvin E
Calender, Mervin
Caler, Benjamin B
Calero, Thomas M
Caleshill, Geoffrey R
Caletri, Ralph
Caley, Dean H
Calfee, William A
Calgaro, R R
Calgaro, Rihcard R
Calhan, Leo D
Calhan, Robert J
Calhoon, D J
Calhoon, Donald J
Calhoon, Joseph A
Calhoon, Ralph M
Calhoon, Ralph W
Calhoon, William E Jr
Calhoue, William E
Calhoun John C
Calhoun, Benjamin P
Calhoun, Earl (nmi)
Calhoun, Franklin E
Calhoun, Fred
Calhoun, Frederick E
Calhoun, Grant A
Calhoun, Hal A
Calhoun, Hal B
Calhoun, James A
Calhoun, James T
Calhoun, John C
Calhoun, John D
Calhoun, John L
Calhoun, John R
Calhoun, Joseph A
Calhoun, Joseph H
Calhoun, Lloyd G L
Calhoun, Patrick
Calhoun, Philip C
Calhoun, W H
Calhoun, Walter F
Calhoun, William R
Calhoun, William R Jr
Calhoun, William R, R
Cali, Ronald L
Calicott, Willis D
Calicotte, William F
Calicur, Dominic F
Caliendo, Lorenzo (nmi)
Califano, D
Caliguiri, Luigi
Calimberti, John
Calioto, Edward
Calire, James V
Calish, Sumner J
Calison, Charles J
Calissi, Aldo A
Calisto, James H
Caljan, J P
Calk, E J
Calkin, Virgil D
Calkins, Carroll C
Calkins, Chadwick
Calkins, Chadwick R
Calkins, Donald L
Calkins, Duane A
Calkins, Harold C
Calkins, John F
Calkins, Maurice
Calkins, Myron E
Calkins, Parreld K
Calkins, Radford C
Calkins, Ralph T
Calkins, Richard L
Calkins, Theodore A
Calkins, Wilbert S
Call, Billy W
Call, Fred
Call, Fred F
Call, George W
Call, Glen S
Call, Herbert J
Call, Hugh K
Call, Jack
Call, Jack H
Call, Lance
Call, Lee R
Call, Lyman W
Call, Marlin L
Call, Newell V
Call, Orland
Call, Ronald L
Call, Verdell A
Call, W A
Call, Wayne M
Callabrese, R P
Callabreze, R P
Callaghan, A V
Callaghan, Andrew J Jr
Callaghan, Andrew J, Jr
Callaghan, Cornelius (nmi)
Callaghan, Cornelius, J
Callaghan, Cornleius (nmi)
Callaghan, Edward
Callaghan, Edward (nmi)
Callaghan, Erwin
Callaghan, Erwin J
Callaghan, Francis J
Callaghan, James E
Callaghan, Phillip W
Callaghan, Theodore S
Callaham, Charles M
Callaham, Walter L
Callahan, Alfred S
Callahan, Alfred T
Callahan, Alvin F
Callahan, Alvin, Jr
Callahan, Arthur W
Callahan, Billy W
Callahan, Charles A
Callahan, Charles C
Callahan, Charles M
Callahan, Charles S
Callahan, Daniel B
Callahan, Daniel H
Callahan, Daniel W
Callahan, David M
Callahan, David W
Callahan, Donald P
Callahan, Duane C
Callahan, Edward F
Callahan, Edward M
Callahan, Eugene H
Callahan, Felton L
Callahan, Francis X
Callahan, George E
Callahan, George F
Callahan, H R
Callahan, Herbert W
Callahan, Howard D
Callahan, Howard K
Callahan, Hr
Callahan, J J
Callahan, Jack L
Callahan, James C
Callahan, James D
Callahan, James R
Callahan, Jeremiah
Callahan, Jeremiah F
Callahan, John A
Callahan, John J
Callahan, John L
Callahan, Joseph C
Callahan, Joseph T
Callahan, Kenneth G
Callahan, L J
Callahan, Leo Francis, 1/lt
Callahan, Leonard David
Callahan, Lewis E
Callahan, Noel E
Callahan, Patrick T
Callahan, Porter J Jr
Callahan, Richard A
Callahan, Richard C Jr
Callahan, Richard H
Callahan, Richard I
Callahan, Robert
Callahan, Robert (nmi)
Callahan, Robert A
Callahan, Robert E
Callahan, Stanley E
Callahan, Sylvester L
Callahan, V J
Callahan, V W
Callahan, Walter
Callahan, William J
Callahan, William L Jr
Callam, William K
Callan, E S
Callan, J P
Callan, O B
Callan, Orville B
Callan, R J
Callan, Raymond J
Callan, Richard A
Callan, Robert B
Callan, Thomas H
Callan, William L
Callan, William M
Callan, Winston F
Callander, A B
Callander, Albert W
Callander, Kenneth R
Callant, Edward B
Callard, Lavern W
Callawat, S
Callaway Jr, Jack S
Callaway, Adolphus S
Callaway, David L
Callaway, David P
Callaway, Earl W
Callaway, Edgar W
Callaway, Edward P
Callaway, Ernest E Jr
Callaway, Ernest E, Jr
Callaway, Jack C
Callaway, Jack L
Callaway, James
Callaway, James B
Callaway, James E
Callaway, James P
Callaway, John M
Callaway, Johnnie F
Callaway, Jones L
Callaway, Lawrence E
Callaway, Paul S
Callaway, Pete
Callaway, R D
Callaway, R L
Callaway, Raymond
Callaway, Raymond L
Callaway, Richard
Callaway, Richard D
Callaway, Steven W
Callaway, Voris O
Calldhan, Noel
Callen, Max W
Callen, R R
Callen, Thomas P
Callendar, Richard L
Callender, Alvin
Callender, Alvin D
Callender, Bernard M
Callender, Bernhard M
Callender, Bruce D
Callender, Donald A
Callender, Earl J
Callender, Ira B
Callender, M E
Callender, Me
Callender, Richard L
Callerini, B H
Callero, Monti D
Callery, John J
Calleson, Robert E
Callichia, Joseph
Callicoatte, George B
Callicotte, William F
Callie, Charles B
Callies, Robert J
Callies, Robert L
Calligan, Walter T
Calligen, Thomas H
Calliham, George A
Callihan, George A
Callihan, James R
Callihan, Milton L
Callihan, Noel
Callihan, R L
Callihan, Robert L
Callinan, Jay E
Callingham, C E
Callinicos, James N
Callis, ????
Callis, Benjamin L
Callis, Charles B
Callis, Gilbert M
Callis, Thasseus A
Callis, William A
Callis, William W
Callison, Benjamin
Callison, Benjamin (nmi)
Callison, Benjamin, Jr
Callison, Charles J
Callison, Richard E
Callison, Robert E
Callison, Warren G
Callison, William K
Callison, William X
Callister, Charles W
Callister, Lovell J
Callmeyer, Edwart T
Callo, Lawrence P
Callo, Raul (nmi)
Callon, George J
Callow, George B
Calloway, Clifford C
Calloway, Ernest E
Calloway, Gilbert H
Calloway, H F
Calloway, Howard C
Calloway, Howard C (mechanic)
Calloway, J E
Calloway, James W
Calloway, Rodney N
Calloway, Shirley L
Calloway, Stephen J
Calloway, William E
Calloway, William O
Callum, Gaston W
Callward, Floyd M
Callwell, E E
Calmes, Alben G
Calmes, William P
Calmes, William P Hiller, James M
Calmon, Mark B
Calnitz, Jerome
Calnon, James A
Calnon, Mark B
Calo, Edward W
Calof, Donald R
Calosso, Henrey S
Calrk, Robert H
Calrk, Stanley Jr
Calsch, Cecil J
Calswell, Archie D
Caltakn, Robert W
Calton, Ralph D
Caluori, Ernest
Calus, Paul G
Calusha, William B
Caluwaerts, Edward L
Calvacca, James V
Calvachio, Pat
Calvello, A
Calvello, Joseph A
Calvert, Carl C
Calvert, David E
Calvert, David R
Calvert, Edward H
Calvert, George H
Calvert, Hardin G
Calvert, J M
Calvert, James E
Calvert, James K
Calvert, James S
Calvert, John F
Calvert, John W, 1/lt
Calvert, Leland N
Calvert, Lewis D
Calvert, Reynolds
Calvert, Reynolds (nmi)
Calvert, Richard M
Calvert, Russell J
Calvert, Thomas A
Calvert, Van H
Calvert, Wallis R
Calvestri, Anthony A
Calvey, Aloysius J
Calvi, Alessandro.
Calvillo, Roy
Calvin, Calvin C
Calvin, Con E
Calvin, James K
Calvin, Jesse E
Calvin, La Verne W
Calvo, James W
Calwell, Robert A
Calyer, Denton O
Calyon, R C
Camacho, Enrique S
Camacho, Louis
Camada, Gerald D
Camady, Thomas H, Jr
Camapus, Paul A
Camara, John L
Camarada, Joe J
Camarck, James E
Camarda, Anthony
Camaren, C A
Camarena, Alfonso
Camarena, Alfonso (nmi)
Camarena, Elfonso
Camargo, Roberto M
Camaron, Robert James
Cambell, Aden M
Cambell, F R
Cambell, George W Jr
Cambell, Park H
Cambell, William B
Cambell, William R
Cambio, Anthony J
Cambon, Michael J Jr
Cambordella, Raymond F
Cambre, Emmett A
Cambri, Tino Randolph
Cambria, Salvatore M
Cambrill, Donald L
Cambron, Joseph W Jr
Cambucci, Bruno J
Camburn, Ralph J
Camby, Robert G
Camden, Donald K
Camden, W
Camel, Eugene R
Camenish, Orrin K
Camenzind, Paul R
Camerano, Phillip (nmi)
Camerer, Milton G
Camerer, Paul M
Cameron, Albert B
Cameron, Albert I
Cameron, Archie K
Cameron, Brinton W
Cameron, Bruce W
Cameron, Burr S (pilot)
Cameron, Burton G
Cameron, Charles
Cameron, Charles G
Cameron, Charles J
Cameron, Charles W
Cameron, Clarence W
Cameron, Daniel C
Cameron, Daniel M
Cameron, Donald
Cameron, Donald (nmi)
Cameron, Donald F
Cameron, Donald K
Cameron, Douglas C
Cameron, Elliott F
Cameron, Garrett L
Cameron, Glen G
Cameron, Harold D Jr
Cameron, Harold D, Jr
Cameron, Harry G
Cameron, Horace A
Cameron, Hugh E
Cameron, Hugh F
Cameron, J C
Cameron, Jack
Cameron, Jack A
Cameron, Jack W
Cameron, James L Jr
Cameron, John L
Cameron, Lander C
Cameron, Lauder C
Cameron, Leslie B
Cameron, Louis J
Cameron, Louis J Jr
Cameron, Louis J, Jr
Cameron, Margaret
Cameron, Maurice A
Cameron, Max F, 1/lt
Cameron, Maxsey L
Cameron, Peter P
Cameron, R C
Cameron, R G
Cameron, Ralph T
Cameron, Rex
Cameron, Richadfield J S
Cameron, Richard L
Cameron, Richard L, 1lt
Cameron, Richfield
Cameron, Richfield J
Cameron, Richfield J Jr
Cameron, Richfield J S
Cameron, Richfield J, Jr
Cameron, Robert J
Cameron, Robert T
Cameron, Robert W
Cameron, Roy C
Cameron, Roy Carl
Cameron, Sander C
Cameron, Stephen J
Cameron, Thomas P
Cameron, W E
Cameron, Wilford E
Cameron, Wilfred
Cameron, Wilfred E
Cameron, William A
Cameron, William F
Cameron, William G
Cameronn, Glen G
Camidge, Frank G
Camile, Richard
Camm, W T
Cammack Jr, Luther Sidney, 1/lt
Cammack, Billy E
Cammack, Darrell R
Cammack, Francis C
Cammack, James C
Cammack, James E
Cammack, John D
Cammack, Norphlet G Iii
Cammack, Norphlet G, Iii
Cammack, R E
Cammack, Vernon K
Cammack, William B
Cammady, John B
Cammarata, Joseph T
Cammer, Robert A
Cammerer, Cyril G
Cammers, Richard H
Cammon, Albert
Cammuzzi, Claude A
Camney, C N
Camon, Jose M
Camonica, Carl J
Camony, Robert J
Camp Jr, Sam
Camp L E
Camp, Aarron B
Camp, Aarron B Jr
Camp, Aarron B, Jr
Camp, Arthur W
Camp, Charles E
Camp, Clyde H
Camp, Clyde H Jr
Camp, Donald D
Camp, Donald G
Camp, Duanej
Camp, Earl C Jr
Camp, Earl C, Jr
Camp, Eilliam H Jr
Camp, G E Jr
Camp, Glenn E, Jr
Camp, H C
Camp, Harris K
Camp, Harry V
Camp, Howard C
Camp, James N
Camp, James W
Camp, John D
Camp, John T
Camp, Joseph B
Camp, Joseph C
Camp, Joseph O
Camp, Joseph W
Camp, Kenneth L
Camp, Laurence F
Camp, Leslie R
Camp, Lowell E
Camp, M P
Camp, Marshall P
Camp, Marvin (nmi), Jr
Camp, Marvin Jr
Camp, Owen F
Camp, Peter E
Camp, Robert G
Camp, Robert L
Camp, Salvatore J
Camp, Terence T
Camp, Wilbur
Camp, William E
Camp, William E Jr
Camp, William E, Jr
Camp, William H Jr
Campagna, Ferdiand J
Campagna, George A
Campagna, Joseph F
Campagnolo, Theodore J
Campaigna, Ferdinand J
Campana, Charles A
Campana, Henry E
Campana, Walter D
Campau, William R Jr
Campbell Jr, Nelson E, Captain, Student Pilot, Fatal
Campbell K
Campbell L B
Campbell Wade E, Jr
Campbell, Robert V L
Campbell, Woodrow R
Campbell, A, Jr
Campbell, Alan
Campbell, Albert J
Campbell, Albert L (bo)
Campbell, Albert M
Campbell, Alden M
Campbell, Alexander E
Campbell, Alfred M Jr
Campbell, Arch G
Campbell, Archibald Jr
Campbell, Archibald, Jr
Campbell, Archie A
Campbell, Arthur Dean
Campbell, Arthur E
Campbell, Arthur G
Campbell, Arthur R
Campbell, B S
Campbell, Banks
Campbell, Banks (nmi)
Campbell, Benjamin C
Campbell, Bernard M
Campbell, Billy B
Campbell, Blaine V
Campbell, Bruce G
Campbell, Bruce M
Campbell, Bruce R
Campbell, Byron A
Campbell, C
Campbell, C C.
Campbell, C G
Campbell, C J
Campbell, C W
Campbell, Carl H
Campbell, Carl W
Campbell, Carlton
Campbell, Charles E
Campbell, Charles F
Campbell, Charles J
Campbell, Charles M
Campbell, Charles O
Campbell, Charles R
Campbell, Charles W
Campbell, Charles W (vose, H C Jr)
Campbell, Clarence L
Campbell, Claston D
Campbell, Clethis W
Campbell, Cletis W
Campbell, Clyde D
Campbell, Clyde D Jr
Campbell, Clyde D, Jr
Campbell, Clyde Jr
Campbell, Clyde O
Campbell, Curtis K
Campbell, D B
Campbell, D H
Campbell, D L
Campbell, D S
Campbell, D W
Campbell, Daniel C
Campbell, Daniel D
Campbell, Daniel G
Campbell, Daniel N Jr
Campbell, Daniel N, Jr
Campbell, David C
Campbell, David C Jr
Campbell, David D
Campbell, David F
Campbell, David G, Capt
Campbell, Dean R
Campbell, Delbert L
Campbell, Delmar J
Campbell, Denver C
Campbell, Dewey A
Campbell, Dick M
Campbell, Dolly
Campbell, Don L
Campbell, Donald
Campbell, Donald C
Campbell, Donald D
Campbell, Donald Dewitt
Campbell, Donald Jr
Campbell, Donald L
Campbell, Donald M
Campbell, Donald R
Campbell, Donald W, Ltcol
Campbell, Donald, Jr
Campbell, Douglas A
Campbell, Douglas H
Campbell, Doyle R
Campbell, Duncan H
Campbell, Earle E
Campbell, Edley H
Campbell, Edward A
Campbell, Edward B
Campbell, Edward J
Campbell, Edwin
Campbell, Elizabeth
Campbell, Elmer C
Campbell, Elmer C (c/c)
Campbell, Elmer J
Campbell, Ernest E
Campbell, Ernest W
Campbell, F D
Campbell, Francis B Jr
Campbell, Francis H
Campbell, Frank C
Campbell, Frank S
Campbell, Frank W
Campbell, Frederick
Campbell, Frederick (nmi)
Campbell, Frederick J
Campbell, Fredrick J
Campbell, Frerick (nmi)
Campbell, G E
Campbell, G S
Campbell, G W
Campbell, G W Jr
Campbell, Gail C
Campbell, Gail O
Campbell, Gardner E
Campbell, Garth D
Campbell, George D
Campbell, George F
Campbell, George J
Campbell, George L
Campbell, George W
Campbell, George W Jr
Campbell, George W, Jr
Campbell, Gerald
Campbell, Gerald L
Campbell, Glen E
Campbell, Glenn E
Campbell, Glenn V
Campbell, Gordon
Campbell, Gordon W
Campbell, Granville M
Campbell, H M
Campbell, Hansel R
Campbell, Harold
Campbell, Harold C
Campbell, Harold G, Jr
Campbell, Harry D
Campbell, Harry M
Campbell, Harry N
Campbell, Harry R
Campbell, Harvey H
Campbell, Heber G
Campbell, Henry D
Campbell, Henry L
Campbell, Herbert M
Campbell, Herbert S
Campbell, Herman A
Campbell, Hillis S
Campbell, Homer N
Campbell, Homer, N
Campbell, Howard E
Campbell, Hugh B
Campbell, Hugh, J
Campbell, Ivan R
Campbell, J
Campbell, J A
Campbell, J D
Campbell, J F
Campbell, J L
Campbell, J P
Campbell, J W
Campbell, J Will
Campbell, Jack A
Campbell, Jack D
Campbell, Jack H
Campbell, Jack L
Campbell, Jack R
Campbell, Jack W
Campbell, Jackson B
Campbell, James
Campbell, James B
Campbell, James D
Campbell, James E
Campbell, James G
Campbell, James H
Campbell, James M
Campbell, James P Jr
Campbell, James P, Jr
Campbell, James R
Campbell, James V
Campbell, James W
Campbell, Jd
Campbell, Jefferson C
Campbell, Jerry M
Campbell, John
Campbell, John (nmi)
Campbell, John A
Campbell, John Arnold
Campbell, John B
Campbell, John C
Campbell, John D
Campbell, John H Jr
Campbell, John K
Campbell, John L
Campbell, John M
Campbell, John Miller
Campbell, John N Jr
Campbell, John R
Campbell, John T
Campbell, John W
Campbell, Joseph H
Campbell, K
Campbell, K B Jr
Campbell, Keith G
Campbell, Keith L
Campbell, Kelly
Campbell, Kemper B
Campbell, Kemper B Jr
Campbell, Kenneth A
Campbell, Kenneth C
Campbell, L T Jr
Campbell, Laughlin
Campbell, Lavern L Jr
Campbell, Lawrence E
Campbell, Lawrence E Jr
Campbell, Lawrence Jr
Campbell, Lawrence T
Campbell, Lawrence T Jr
Campbell, Leo J
Campbell, Leonard C
Campbell, Leonard N
Campbell, Leroy
Campbell, Leroy L
Campbell, Leroy M
Campbell, Lester P
Campbell, Lowill M
Campbell, Malcolm B
Campbell, Malcom M
Campbell, Mansel R
Campbell, Manuel R
Campbell, Mark R
Campbell, Martin H Jr
Campbell, Maurice D
Campbell, Max L
Campbell, Melvin E
Campbell, Melvin J
Campbell, Milton A
Campbell, Nathan C
Campbell, Ned F
Campbell, Neill P
Campbell, Nelson (NMI)
Campbell, Nelson E Jr
Campbell, Nincent O
Campbell, Norman L
Campbell, Ola D
Campbell, Ollie H
Campbell, Oral V
Campbell, Owen
Campbell, Park H
Campbell, Pat T
Campbell, Paul E
Campbell, Paul M
Campbell, Philip S
Campbell, Preston W Jr
Campbell, Preton W, Jr
Campbell, R A
Campbell, R B
Campbell, R E
Campbell, Ralph D
Campbell, Ralph D Jr
Campbell, Ralph E
Campbell, Raymond H
Campbell, Richard J
Campbell, Richard M
Campbell, Robert
Campbell, Robert B
Campbell, Robert C
Campbell, Robert D
Campbell, Robert D Jr
Campbell, Robert E
Campbell, Robert G
Campbell, Robert H
Campbell, Robert I Jr
Campbell, Robert L
Campbell, Robert M
Campbell, Robert R
Campbell, Robert S
Campbell, Robert T, Capt
Campbell, Robert W
Campbell, Roger W
Campbell, Roland A
Campbell, Roland J
Campbell, Roy A
Campbell, Russell C
Campbell, Russell W
Campbell, S Reed (civ)
Campbell, Seldon C
Campbell, Silar C
Campbell, Stanley D
Campbell, Stanley D *
Campbell, Stanley J
Campbell, Stanley P
Campbell, Sterling R
Campbell, Stewart A
Campbell, Stewart E
Campbell, T E
Campbell, T R
Campbell, T S
Campbell, Theron A
Campbell, Thomas A
Campbell, Thomas C
Campbell, Thomas E
Campbell, Thomas G, Major
Campbell, Thomas J
Campbell, Thomas J, Capt
Campbell, Thomas K
Campbell, Thomas L Jr
Campbell, Thomas M
Campbell, Thomas W
Campbell, Tillman E
Campbell, V L
Campbell, Van B
Campbell, Vere X
Campbell, Vernon J
Campbell, Wade E Jr
Campbell, Wallace L Jr
Campbell, Walter C
Campbell, Walter D
Campbell, Walter G
Campbell, Wendel M
Campbell, Wendell P
Campbell, Wilbur J
Campbell, Wiliam H
Campbell, Will?,c Lake, Frederick G
Campbell, William
Campbell, William A
Campbell, William A Jr
Campbell, William A, Jr
Campbell, William B
Campbell, William C
Campbell, William D
Campbell, William E Jr
Campbell, William E, Jr
Campbell, William F
Campbell, William G Jr
Campbell, William G, Jr
Campbell, William H
Campbell, William K
Campbell, William L Jr
Campbell, William M
Campbell, William N
Campbell, William O
Campbell, William P
Campbell, William R
Campbell, William T
Campbell, William T Maj.
Campbell, William V
Campbell, Wilson E
Campbell, Woodrow R
Campbell, Yates W
Campbell,james E
Campbrll, Bill B
Campe, F H
Campean, William B
Campeau, Paul F
Campen, Walter J
Camper, Francis E
Camper, Margie A
Campert, George (nmi)
Campes, Walter J
Campi, Louis R
Campion, Andrew
Campion, Andrew H
Campion, Edward G
Campion, Elwood G
Campion, Harry E
Campion, Henry R
Campion, Norman W
Campion, Stanley F
Campo, F Sh
Campo, Thomas A
Campodonico, Robert R
Campolietia, Patsy J
Campos, Liverato
Campos, Manuel F
Campton, B L
Campton, Robert L
Campus, Joseph T Jr
Campus, Joseph T, Jr
Campus, Paul A
Camry, H R
Camussi, Claude A
Camuzi, C A
Camuzzi, C A
Camuzzi, Claude
Camuzzi, Claude A
Can Arsdall, Dale L
Can Diner, James W
Can Huffel, Francis E
Canaam, Francis E
Canada, Harold B
Canada, Harold Brown
Canada, P H
Canada, Patti M
Canada, Phil H
Canada, W W
Canada, William W
Canaday, Denver M
Canaday, Henry
Canaday, Henry N
Canaday, John D
Canaday, K E
Canaday, Mark E
Canady, Clifford W
Canady, Craig R
Canady, Graig R
Canady, M R
Canady, Thomas H Jr
Canahan, Dwight E
Canaiy, Louis
Canaiy, Louis (nmi)
Canale, John F
Canales, Isidoro M
Canali, Armand
Canali, Armand, Eisert, Fred J
Canall, Armand (nmi)
Canamore, Olen A
Canan, Peter
Canant, Amuel B
Canant, Orion P
Canauken, Henry G Jr
Canavan, Edward J
Canavan, George J
Canavan, John F
Canavan, John P
Canavan, Mary C
Canavesde, Henry J
Canavit, Frank
Cancelleri, Philip V
Cancelleri, Phillip V
Cancelleri, Thomas R
Cancilla, Frank D
Canda, William R
Candee, R C
Candelaria, Richard G
Candelario, Amaro
Candellieri, Sylvester
Candello, Robert A
Canden, Ionel
Candola, Sam
Candusso, Amerigo E
Candy, Albert B
Candy, Charles L
Candy, M C
Canedy, Williams S
Canella, Keith E
Canes, Charles
Canetti, Isaac S
Canetti, Samuel
Caneva, Anthony J
Canfield, Charles C
Canfield, Charles G
Canfield, D K
Canfield, E B
Canfield, E E
Canfield, Elmer
Canfield, Elmer E
Canfield, Elmer R
Canfield, Gene W
Canfield, George E
Canfield, Guy
Canfield, James B
Canfield, James K
Canfield, Jeremiah R
Canfield, John O
Canfield, John O *
Canfield, Robert H
Canfield, Wallace B
Canfield, William E E
Canga, Pedre A
Cangialosi, Francis J
Canham, Arthur E
Canin, Irving P
Canisares, Arlington W,jr
Canizio, Patsy
Canjolie, Rene
Canley, George W
Cann, Altee P
Cann, Amos R
Cann, Harry H
Cann, Roy R
Cann, W A
Cann, Walter J
Cannaday, George L
Cannady, John F
Cannady, John F Jr
Cannady, John F, Jr
Cannady, William D (2ro)
Cannariato, Fortunato
Cannary, Harry A
Cannata, Thomas F
Cannath, Nicholas A
Cannatter, Earl C
Cannavaro, Donald W
Canner, Edwin M
Canner, Stanley L
Cannetti, Domenick
Cannetti, Domeniek (nmi)
Canniff, William E
Canning, F
Canning, John J
Canning, Thomas N
Canning, William B
Canning, William D
Cannock, George F
Cannon, Bob P
Cannon, Bob Pearce
Cannon, Bobby J (cc)
Cannon, Boyd M
Cannon, Cecil M
Cannon, Charles A
Cannon, Charles B
Cannon, Charles N
Cannon, Charles R
Cannon, Clyde C
Cannon, David S
Cannon, Donald E
Cannon, E F
Cannon, Earl F Jr
Cannon, Earl F, Jr
Cannon, Edgar A
Cannon, Edger L
Cannon, Edward L
Cannon, Everett E
Cannon, Frank F
Cannon, Frederick R
Cannon, G B
Cannon, George A
Cannon, George G, Jr
Cannon, George M
Cannon, George W
Cannon, Gomer L
Cannon, Harley E
Cannon, Harry E
Cannon, Harry N
Cannon, Henry B
Cannon, Henry R
Cannon, Howard A
Cannon, Hubert V
Cannon, Hugh B
Cannon, Hyrum
Cannon, J F
Cannon, James
Cannon, James (nmi)
Cannon, James B
Cannon, James W Jr
Cannon, James W, Jr
Cannon, Jay Victor
Cannon, Joe F
Cannon, Joe L
Cannon, Joe W
Cannon, John (nmi), Jr
Cannon, John A
Cannon, John E
Cannon, John H
Cannon, John Jr
Cannon, John T
Cannon, John W
Cannon, Joseph A
Cannon, Joseph F
Cannon, Joseph F Jr
Cannon, Kenneth W
Cannon, L .
Cannon, L F
Cannon, L L
Cannon, Lawrence F
Cannon, Leon W
Cannon, Leslie E
Cannon, Lovick E
Cannon, M E
Cannon, Marvie R
Cannon, Mervin B
Cannon, Michael D
Cannon, Michael G
Cannon, Michael J
Cannon, Murray E
Cannon, Paul A
Cannon, R L
Cannon, Revis L
Cannon, Riley W
Cannon, Ronald F
Cannon, T E
Cannon, Thomas E, Jr
Cannon, Thomas W
Cannon, Thomas W Jr
Cannon, Vincent D
Cannon, W D
Cannon, W T
Cannon, William D
Cannon, William O
Cannon, William P
Cannon, William R
Cannon, William W
Cannon. Leonard
Cannop, Carl R
Cannoy, C M
Cannoy, C M, Jr
Cannoy, Cm
Cannup, Thomas A, Jr
Canny, Paul
Canny, Paul (nmi)
Cano, Larry J
Canole, William L
Canoles, Wilbur C
Canon, Bobbie C
Canon, Charles
Canon, Lloyd S
Canopa, Vincent 3
Canott, F
Canova, Gene E
Cansdale, Walter C
Canss, Walter L
Cantebury, Earl W Jr
Cantello, George
Cantelmo, Vincent
Canten, Robert J
Canter, Darus A
Canter, Harold H
Canter, Harold H Jr
Canter, Merrill
Canter, Merrill (nmi)
Canter, Thomas H, Ltcol
Canterbury, Earl W Jr
Canterbury, Henry D, Capt
Canterbury, Sherman C
Canterbury, William A
Canterella, Robert (nmi)
Cantert, Harold F
Canthu, Raul
Cantin, Roger A
Cantley, Joseph C
Cantlon, H R
Cantlon, John E
Cantlon, R R
Cantlon, Roy J Jr
Cantlou, Roy J Jr
Canton, Ben
Canton, John E
Cantor, Allan
Cantor, Danial D
Cantor, Daniel D
Cantor, George D
Cantor, Leon
Cantor, Milton
Cantrall, John F
Cantrel, George K
Cantrell, Alvin D
Cantrell, Bailey Jr
Cantrell, Billie R
Cantrell, Bruce A
Cantrell, C R
Cantrell, Charles E
Cantrell, Donald E
Cantrell, Earl L
Cantrell, Edward R
Cantrell, Everett E
Cantrell, Evertt E
Cantrell, Hoarce D
Cantrell, Howard W
Cantrell, John F
Cantrell, Lloyd L
Cantrell, Lloyd L, Jr
Cantrell, Marion C
Cantrell, Marion C Jr
Cantrell, O D Jr
Cantrell, O D, Jr
Cantrell, Oscar L
Cantrell, Oscar L Jr
Cantrell, Oscar L, Jr
Cantrell, Oscar Lee Jr
Cantrell, Royal C
Cantrell, Royal G
Cantrell, Royce A
Cantrell, Tom
Cantrell, Warren H
Cantrell, William N Jr
Cantrelle, Albert B
Cantter, Donald A
Cantu, Erasmo
Cantu, Raul
Cantwell, Earl R
Cantwell, Frank P
Cantwell, James E
Cantwell, Lawrence
Cantwell, Robert H
Cantwell, Vincent E
Canty, Carroll C
Canty, Charles J
Canty, James J
Canup, Luther P
Canup, R R
Canup, Robert R
Canvin, Lewis F
Canway, James J
Canzoneri, James D
Caokley, R B
Caopek, A F
Capa, Andrew (nmi)
Capa, Robert
Capaccio, Paul M
Capalbo, Frederick B
Capalety, Thomas A
Capanna, Carmen
Caparole, Victor R
Caparole, Victor R (mechanic)
Capco, Carl D
Capdevielle, P L
Capdevielle, Philip L
Capdeville, Jean
Capducc, I
Capduce, I
Cape Cod, Ss
Cape, H
Cape, Rolf D
Capebianco, Joseph L
Capecci, Patsy H
Capehart, I E
Capek, George F
Capel, Frank
Capel, R L
Capel, Robert L
Capela, Paul
Capela, Paul (nmi)
Capell, Elmer H
Capella, Frank
Capella, Frank (nmi)
Capellan, Harvey
Capellan, Harvey M
Capelle, Francis X
Capelle, Frankcis X
Capelluto, Harold A
Capelutto, Harold A
Capen, Robert B
Capener, Vern K
Caper, F E
Capers, John D
Caperton, Arthur L
Caperton, Seth B
Capes, Hubbard C
Capes, Joe Jr
Capillos, J
Capin, Andre P
Capisto, Arthur L
Capitain, Robert H
Capitell, Alfred J
Capko, Allen J
Caplan, Donald S
Caplane, Christ E, Jr
Caple, Frank D
Caple, Joe A, Major
Caple, John W
Caples, George B
Caples, James E
Caples, W E
Caples, Walter E
Caplinger, Auston O
Caplinger, David L Jr
Caplinger, William
Caplinger, William, Pate, Raymond R
Caplis, F A
Capo, Philip A
Capoferri, Lewis R
Capoglu, Huseyin
Capone, Francisco F
Capone, Frank J
Caporal, James E
Caporale, Victor R
Capovilla, Romalo M
Capoville, Romalo
Capozio, Nick, Feil, Charles, Jr
Capp, Fred
Capp, Merle R
Capp, W C
Capp, William C
Cappadona, Nunzio A
Cappadonna, Charlie V
Cappadunna, Nunzio A
Capparelli, Ross A
Cappe, Roy R
Cappel, Frank E
Cappel, William
Cappeli, Mario Jr
Cappell, Elmer H
Cappelle, Jean P
Cappelletti, A J
Cappelli, Mario
Cappelli, Mario Jr
Cappello, Antonio
Cappello, J
Cappello, Louis W
Capper, Donald F
Cappi, Anthony H
Cappiello, Roland R
Capplo, Salvatore
Cappozzo, Bruno
Cappozzo, Bruno, Windham, Wiley C
Capps William E
Capps, Clyde C
Capps, D M
Capps, E S
Capps, Emmett S
Capps, Ethan L
Capps, Frederick M
Capps, Gordon L
Capps, Lloyd L
Capps, Oma G
Capps, Thomas W
Capps, William E
Capps, William E Jr
Capps, William V
Capps, William W
Cappy, Chester S
Capra, Carl D
Capral, George Jr
Caprio, Eugene D
Capron, Donald M
Capron, John A
Capron, Joseph R
Capron, William L Jr
Capsalis, Aleck A
Capsalis, Alock A
Capshaw, Bill D
Capshaw, David H
Capshaw, Roy C
Capt Chen
Capt. Combies, Philip P
Capt. Foy, John L
Capt. Jack E Wilhite
Capt. Mack, Thomas J
Capt. Norman Hardy Todd
Captain White
Captainian, Gilbert A
Captanian, Gilbert A
Capuccili, Leonard N
Capute, Anthony J
Caputkin, William
Caputo, Alfred A
Caputo, Anthony J
Caputo, Eugene G
Caputo, Frank
Caputo, Frank M
Caputo, Frnak M
Caputo, John A
Caquette, Louis R
Car Occupants: Hatcherott, Julius
Cara, Robert A
Caraajal, Bennie R
Caraberis, John G
Caraccio, Frank
Caradies, Kenneth M
Caradonna Matthew
Caradonna, Matthew
Caraeuzzo, John A Jr
Caragher, John T
Caragianif, Victor V
Caragianif, Victor V Cvengros, Robert
Caraher, Paul Thomas
Caraher, Richard R
Caram, John C
Carambia, Antonio
Carames, Manuel J
Caramia, Dominick J
Caran, Robert (nmi)
Carapelles, Dan A
Cararud, Willard E
Caras, Victor N
Caraway, Archie B
Caraway, James T
Caraway, Lester D
Caraway, Rayford A
Caray, George
Carb, Meredith R Jr
Carb, Meredith R, Jr
Carbajal, Bennie R
Carbajal, O H
Carbajal, O Henry
Carbajal, Octavio H
Carbajal, Ohenry
Carbaugh, Clifford C
Carbaugh, Cliffordc
Carbb, J V
Carberry, Edward C
Carberry, James E
Carberry, Patrick
Carberry, Robert J
Carbine, James T
Carbine, Ray P
Carbine, Thomas J
Carbo, Kenneth J
Carbone, Adolph V
Carbone, Paul J
Carboneau, Henry J
Carbonell, Henri J
Carbonell, Henri J S
Carbonell, Henri S
Carbonella, Joseph S
Carboni, Dominic
Carboni, Dominick
Carboni, Dominik
Carboni, Marshell
Carboni, Marshell (nmi)
Carbonne, Robert (nmi)
Carbonnean, William
Carbonneau, Leo J
Carbonneau, William F
Carborne, J P
Carboskas, Anthony
Carbough, Delbert H
Carby, E M
Carby, E M Shoop, E W
Carchia, Robert H
Carchietta, John A
Carcia, H C
Carcione, A R
Carcione, Anthony R
Card, Albert G
Card, Boyd E
Card, Clellan P
Card, Donald E
Card, Donald W
Card, Edward T
Card, Harry E
Card, Harry R
Card, Howard
Card, Jess E
Card, Keith B
Card, Kelsie F
Card, Kelsief
Card, Leonard E
Card, Richard W
Card, Rob C
Card, Thomas R
Card, Warren A
Cardamon, Frank M
Cardarella, Vincent C
Cardasco, Rocco A
Carde, B W
Carde, Benjamin W (ce)
Carde, Darrell D
Cardellhac, Jack
Cardello, Joseph J
Cardemone, Joseph R
Carden, Alva F
Carden, Alva F Jr
Carden, Branch J Jr
Carden, Bruce J
Carden, Carl D
Carden, Darrell D
Carden, Harvey H
Carden, J E
Carden, James N
Carden, John H
Carden, Maurice W
Carden, Roy W
Cardenas, Robert L
Carder, A B
Carder, Gerald L
Carder, Homer C Jr
Carder, John B
Carder, John E
Carder, John E Cooke, George
Carder, Richard H
Carder, William D
Cardiarella, George J
Cardie, William
Cardiff, Alfred V
Cardiff, Cecil G
Cardillo, Frank
Cardillo, Frank (nmi)
Cardimona, Joseph A
Cardin [or Gardin]
Cardin, Daniel J
Cardin, James E
Cardin, Philip G
Cardin, Philip George
Cardin, Raymond
Cardin, Robert
Cardinal, Albert A
Cardinal, Charles
Cardinal, Charles (mechanic)
Cardinal, Kenneth
Cardinal, Marlin L
Cardinal, Martin L
Cardinal, O J
Cardinal, Oliver J
Cardinalli, Carl
Cardinel, Robert W
Carding, George F
Cardner, Eugene F
Cardora, Peter P
Cardoso, Joseph M
Cardoza, Richard L
Cardoza, Stuart J
Cardwell, Burt
Cardwell, Burt J
Cardwell, H T
Cardwell, Herbert C
Cardwell, Jack E
Cardwell, Jack L
Cardwell, Jackie L
Cardwell, James P
Cardwell, L O
Cardwell, L Q
Cardwell, Lawrence Jr
Cardwell, Max A
Cardwell, Richard L
Cardwell, Thomas O
Cardwell, William C
Cardwell, William H Jr
Cardy, William G
Care, Bruce W
Care, Raymond C
Carel, Clyde W
Carella, Arduvino
Carellas, Edward P
Carelli, F J
Carelli, Francis J
Carelly, George F
Caren, Daniel L
Carenbauer, George E
Carenbauer, George E,jr
Carender, William E
Caretti, Lawrence J
Carew, Colin A
Carew, Dan Jr
Carew, Dan, Jr
Carew, John F
Carew, John P
Carew, Joseph T
Carew, Robert D
Carey, Albert J
Carey, Alexander M
Carey, Allen H
Carey, Bernard W
Carey, Carl E
Carey, Charles W, 1lt
Carey, Chester E
Carey, D H
Carey, D J
Carey, Daniel H
Carey, Declan J
Carey, Dennis J
Carey, Duane E
Carey, Duane K
Carey, E K
Carey, E R
Carey, E V
Carey, Edward J
Carey, Ernest
Carey, G L
Carey, George
Carey, George E
Carey, George F
Carey, George H
Carey, Gerald J, Jr
Carey, Gilbert A
Carey, Harold R
Carey, Harvey T
Carey, Henry H
Carey, Herman C
Carey, Howard
Carey, J H
Carey, James P
Carey, Jay A
Carey, John A
Carey, John B
Carey, John B, Jr
Carey, John F
Carey, John G
Carey, John J
Carey, John T
Carey, Joseph T
Carey, Judson W, Jr
Carey, Karl F
Carey, Leo A
Carey, Llewellyn
Carey, M W
Carey, Max R
Carey, Otis O
Carey, Paul E
Carey, Raynor, Jr (nmi)
Carey, Richard A
Carey, Robert F
Carey, Robert H
Carey, Robert L
Carey, Terrence J
Carey, Thomas I
Carey, Wesley G, Capt
Carey, William E
Carey, William E, 1lt
Carey, William Edward
Carey, William J
Carfer, Richard F
Cargiene, Frank A
Cargile, Daniel M
Cargile, Keneth W, 2/lt, Student Pilot, Fatal
Cargill, George H
Cargill, George Howard
Cargill, Harris B
Cargill, John A
Cargill, Lawrence E
Cargill, Ronald A
Cargill, Thomas C
Cargill, Thomas G
Cargill, William J
Cargill, William T
Cargle, Harold H
Carhart, Calvin T
Carhart, Thomas M
Carhart, William H C
Carhuff, Cc.
Carican, Audre
Carichoff, Jack S
Carico [or Garico]
Carico, Grover (nmi)
Carico, Grover C
Carigan, William E
Carignan, C B
Carille, Isidore H
Carillion, Raymond W
Carillo, Francis X
Carillo, Miguel Jr
Carina, Anthony T
Carine, Jerome C
Carini, Fred J
Cariozzi, Charles W
Caris [or Oaris Or Garis]
Caris, John A
Caris, John A,
Caris, John C
Carisio, Justin M
Cariss, Melvin G
Cariss, Mohan G
Carissimo, Emmanuel
Carithers, Herschel
Carithers, J B
Carithers, James
Carithers, James S
Cark, Robert , Jr
Carkhuff, George
Carl E Danner, Jr
Carl, Charles G
Carl, Charles Taylor
Carl, Daniel M
Carl, Floyd M
Carl, Forrest L
Carl, James
Carl, Jene W
Carl, Martin J
Carl, Merlin R
Carl, Morris J
Carl, Robert J
Carl, Ryle J Jr
Carl, William R
Carlberg, Dale E
Carlberg, Loren
Carle, Alpheus G
Carle, Clemence A
Carle, Frank C
Carle, G F
Carle, L M
Carle, Norman W
Carles, Gilbert
Carlesen, K V
Carleson, Carl E
Carleson, Howard F
Carless, Lionel S
Carleton, Charles D
Carleton, Kenneth H
Carleton, M E
Carleton, Merlin E
Carleton, Myron L
Carleton, William
Carleton, William T
Carlewicz, Vincent F
Carley, Curtis N
Carley, Curtisc
Carley, John
Carley, Samuel F
Carley, Thomas J
Carley, Virgil E
Carlgren, Robert F
Carli, Alibrando D
Carlile, Chalmus D
Carlile, Jessie C
Carlile, L C
Carlile, Lester C
Carlin, Cl
Carlin, Curtis H
Carlin, Curtis H (mechanic)
Carlin, Edwin
Carlin, Edwin (nmi)
Carlin, James C
Carlin, Joe
Carlin, Joe F
Carlin, Peter C
Carlin, Philip L
Carlin, Richard M
Carlin, Robert L
Carlin, William J
Carlin, William T
Carling, Albert E
Carling, Jack L
Carlington, W F
Carlington, William H
Carlini, Joseph J
Carlino, G J
Carlino, James A
Carlisle, Al K
Carlisle, Albert S
Carlisle, D B
Carlisle, E C
Carlisle, Edgar Grafton,jr
Carlisle, Emery D
Carlisle, Emory D
Carlisle, Frank W Jr
Carlisle, Franklin O
Carlisle, G I
Carlisle, Gi
Carlisle, H L
Carlisle, Jason J
Carlisle, Jason P
Carlisle, Joe L
Carlisle, John D
Carlisle, John F
Carlisle, Joseph E
Carlisle, Osborne T
Carlisle, Paul L
Carlisle, S C
Carlisle, Thurston C
Carlisle, Wilbur H
Carlisle, William
Carlisle, William C
Carlisle, William H
Carlisle, William W
Carll, Duane E
Carll, Edmund M
Carll, Jarvis G
Carll, Robert C
Carll, Robert G
Carll, William B
Carlman, Harold L
Carlman, Harold L, Jr
Carlmark, Carl W
Carlo, Jene W
Carlo, T F
Carlo, Thomas F
Carlock, Douglas N
Carlock, Edwin B
Carlock, John H
Carlock, Ralph L
Carlon, Phillip M
Carlone, Michele M
Carlone, Robert A (ip)
Carlos De Castro Swenson
Carlos, Paul F
Carlos, Warren
Carlotti, Vincent
Carlough, Thornton I
Carlough, Thornton L
Carlow, Earle W
Carlow, F T
Carlow, Harold F
Carlowe, Earle W
Carlozzi, Charles W
Carls, William H
Carlsen, Carl R
Carlsen, David I
Carlsen, Donald J
Carlsen, Kenneth V
Carlsen, M C
Carlsen, Raymond A
Carlsen, Roger A
Carlsen, William I
Carlsgaard, Theodore H
Carlsilion, Hc
Carlson [or Garlson]
Carlson Francis T J
Carlson, Allan A
Carlson, Allen A
Carlson, Arthur C (nav)
Carlson, Arthur C, Jr
Carlson, Arthur N
Carlson, Barley R
Carlson, Bert G
Carlson, Bertel H
Carlson, Bruce Jr
Carlson, Burt D
Carlson, Carl A
Carlson, Carl E
Carlson, Carl E C
Carlson, Carl H
Carlson, Carl I
Carlson, Carl Jr
Carlson, Carl W L
Carlson, Charles E
Carlson, Charles L
Carlson, Charles V
Carlson, Clair A
Carlson, Conald R
Carlson, Creighton C
Carlson, Curtis C
Carlson, D C
Carlson, D R
Carlson, Dayle W, Capt
Carlson, Dennis T
Carlson, Donald
Carlson, Donald A
Carlson, Donald C
Carlson, Donald D
Carlson, Donald E
Carlson, Donald G
Carlson, Donald R
Carlson, Dorris R
Carlson, Duane R (vo)
Carlson, E
Carlson, E D
Carlson, Earl D
Carlson, Edgar M
Carlson, Edwin O
Carlson, Elmer F
Carlson, Francis B
Carlson, Francis T
Carlson, Francis Tj
Carlson, Frederick
Carlson, Gene L
Carlson, Gerald L
Carlson, Glen C
Carlson, H E
Carlson, H J
Carlson, H R
Carlson, Harold
Carlson, Harold H
Carlson, Harold L
Carlson, Harry D
Carlson, Harvey E
Carlson, Helmer A
Carlson, Hjalmar F
Carlson, Homer D
Carlson, Howard Arthur
Carlson, Howard F
Carlson, Howard R
Carlson, James
Carlson, James G
Carlson, James R
Carlson, James W, Capt
Carlson, Joel H
Carlson, John H
Carlson, John K
Carlson, John P
Carlson, John W
Carlson, Karl W
Carlson, Karsten T
Carlson, Karston T
Carlson, Kendall E
Carlson, Kenneth C
Carlson, Kenneth W
Carlson, Kent P
Carlson, Laurence A
Carlson, Lavern A
Carlson, Lawrence A
Carlson, Leonard R
Carlson, Lester A
Carlson, Lester G
Carlson, Lloyd L
Carlson, Lloyd O
Carlson, Loren D
Carlson, Loyal D
Carlson, Martin E
Carlson, Maurice L
Carlson, Milton
Carlson, Murice L
Carlson, N E
Carlson, Norman D
Carlson, Norman V
Carlson, Oliver D
Carlson, Oscar
Carlson, Oscar F
Carlson, Oscar W
Carlson, Oscar W Jr
Carlson, Paul Cortland
Carlson, Paul E
Carlson, Pershing Y
Carlson, R O
Carlson, Raymond F
Carlson, Richard D
Carlson, Richard G
Carlson, Richard J
Carlson, Richard R
Carlson, Robert
Carlson, Robert E
Carlson, Robert F
Carlson, Robert G
Carlson, Robert J
Carlson, Robert O
Carlson, Robert S
Carlson, Robert V
Carlson, Robert W
Carlson, Roberzt E
Carlson, Ronald W
Carlson, Roy C
Carlson, Roy D
Carlson, Roy E
Carlson, Russell L Jr
Carlson, Russell L, Jr
Carlson, Rymond A
Carlson, Sherwood D
Carlson, Thomas
Carlson, Thomas E
Carlson, Thomas O, Capt
Carlson, Vernon P
Carlson, Vincent H
Carlson, W A
Carlson, W R
Carlson, Wallace J
Carlson, Warren O
Carlson, William
Carlson, William A
Carlson, William E
Carlson, William F
Carlson, Wilmer
Carlson. Loyal D
Carlsrud, Floyd
Carlsson, Carl C
Carlsson, Carl G
Carlsson, Gustav B
Carlstrand, Gordon R
Carlstrand, R E
Carlstrom Fld
Carlstrom, Robert D
Carlstrom, Wallace N
Carlstrum, Chester R
Carlton, Bruce N
Carlton, Charles C
Carlton, Charles H
Carlton, Clair E
Carlton, Creighton C
Carlton, Dennis R
Carlton, Donald H
Carlton, Edythe M
Carlton, George H
Carlton, Harry S
Carlton, J D, Jr
Carlton, James C
Carlton, Jim B
Carlton, John N
Carlton, K
Carlton, Keith T
Carlton, Kirkendall
Carlton, Merrill
Carlton, Merrill H
Carlton, Othar S
Carlton, P K
Carlton, Paul K
Carlton, R
Carlton, Ray V
Carlton, Reuben W
Carlton, Robert L
Carlton, Robert N
Carlton, W A
Carlton, Wayne W
Carlton, Wesley R
Carlton, William B
Carlton, William T
Carlucci, Joseph J
Carlyle, Abbott (nmi)
Carlyle, Robert R
Carlyon, William F
Carlyon, William P
Carmack, George N
Carmack, Harold H
Carmack, James H
Carmack, John
Carmack, John E
Carmack, Matt
Carmack, Matt (nmi)
Carmack, Morton C
Carmack, R E
Carmack, Ted R
Carman, Alan E
Carman, Clarence H
Carman, Fred
Carman, Horace R
Carman, Jack A
Carman, Jerl R
Carman, John J
Carman, Merle E
Carman, R M
Carman, R P
Carman, Richard L
Carman, Roy P
Carman, William B
Carmean, James D
Carmel, Arthur R
Carmele, Anthony L
Carmell, Edwin E
Carmell, Leonard
Carmen, E D
Carmen, Ernest T
Carmen, L
Carmen, Louis
Carmen, Robert
Carmen, Trione
Carmendy, T E
Carmical, Joe B
Carmichael J
Carmichael, Arthur J
Carmichael, B Y
Carmichael, Charles C
Carmichael, Dale M
Carmichael, Davion A
Carmichael, Donald L
Carmichael, Douglas W
Carmichael, Edward A
Carmichael, J W
Carmichael, John C
Carmichael, Mickie
Carmichael, Mickie M
Carmichael, Orlan D
Carmichael, Orville T
Carmichael, Paul
Carmichael, Raymond C
Carmichael, Richard A
Carmichael, Richard H
Carmichael, Robert E L Jr
Carmichael, Robert W, Jr
Carmichael, Thomas I
Carmichael, Thomas J
Carmichael, Thomas L
Carmichael, Victor V
Carmichael, Walter P
Carmichael, William A
Carmichael, William C
Carmichael, Winston
Carmichael, Winston L
Carmiencke, Lindon B
Carmine, Glora G
Carmock, Ted R
Carmody, Charles J
Carmody, Cortland L
Carmody, D W
Carmody, Daniel W
Carmody, Edward R
Carmody, Francis C
Carmody, Francis D
Carmody, J N
Carmody, James
Carmody, John M Jr
Carmody, Joseph N
Carmody, Nelle L
Carmody, Patricia
Carmody, Patricia (nmi)
Carmody, Richard J
Carmody, Welle L
Carmody, Wells L
Carmon, Newman E
Carmon, Raymon A
Carmona, A I
Carmona, Albert I
Carmony, R J
Carmony, Robert J
Carnack, William C
Carnahan, Eugene L
Carnahan, James P
Carnahan, James R
Carnahan, John E
Carnahan, Karubah
Carnahan, Malcolm D
Carnahan, Malcom D
Carnahan, Ross C
Carnal, Walter F Jr
Carnathan, H E
Carnathan, Hollis E
Carnby, James R
Carnduff, William H
Carne, Donald
Carne, Sydney F
Carneal, Charles W
Carneghi, James J
Carnegie, Lew J
Carnel, Pierre L
Carnell, Ben H
Carnell, Crevens G
Carner, Charles R
Carner, Clifton H
Carner, James E
Carner, Lawrence S
Carner, Robert W
Carnes, Arthur F
Carnes, Arthur H
Carnes, Earl
Carnes, F A
Carnes, G B
Carnes, Glenn B
Carnes, James J Jr
Carnes, James J, Jr
Carnes, Joe R Jr
Carnes, Joe R, Jr
Carnes, John
Carnes, John N
Carnes, Karl R
Carnes, Robert D Jr
Carnes, Robert K
Carnes, Robert W
Carnes, Walter R
Carnett, Fred G
Carnett, W R
Carnevale, Peter E
Carnevale, R R
Carnevale, Richard R
Carnevale, Rr
Carney, Arthur J
Carney, B R
Carney, Basil W
Carney, Bernard J
Carney, Boatner R
Carney, Donald T
Carney, E L
Carney, E W
Carney, Edgar G
Carney, Eugene J
Carney, Francis D
Carney, Francis M
Carney, Franklin K
Carney, Franklyn K
Carney, Franklyn R
Carney, Geoge H
Carney, George H
Carney, George W
Carney, Hall G
Carney, Harry R
Carney, Howard R
Carney, Howard S
Carney, James G
Carney, James R
Carney, Jesse R
Carney, Joe R
Carney, John H Jr
Carney, John H, Jr
Carney, John R
Carney, Joseph
Carney, Joseph L
Carney, Joseph V
Carney, Kenneth J
Carney, Leon D
Carney, M W
Carney, Malcolm S
Carney, Paul E
Carney, Regis R
Carney, Richard J
Carney, Robert
Carney, Thomas A
Carney, Vaden J
Carney, Vadon J
Carney, Walter I
Carney, Walter T
Carney, William C
Carney, William F
Carney, William R
Carnick, Norman S
Carnick, Reginald C
Carnie, Keith E
Carnie, Robert E
Carnine, Guy D
Carnivale, Angelo L
Carnivale, Enilio
Carnody, Richard
Carnot, Edward P
Carnright, Richard G
Carns, Delbert W, Capt
Carns, Franklin F
Carnvile, John B
Caroff, Wayne J
Carolan, James W
Caroli, William J
Carolin, Norbert
Caroll, Albert V H
Caroll, Walter J
Caron, Donald F
Caron, Edward H
Caron, George
Caron, Howard N
Caron, James L
Caron, Lionel J
Caron, Paul A
Caron, Phillip H
Caron, Roger C
Caron, W I
Caron, Walter J
Caronia, Albert M
Caronteo, Elmer J
Caronto, Elmer J
Caroon, Kenneth R
Carothers, Arthur G
Carothers, Harold M
Carothers, John M
Carothers, John W
Carothers, Leonard W
Carothers, William H
Carow, Robert B
Carozzo, Victor J
Carpels, Firmin J
Carpenito, Thomas S
Carpenter, Albert W
Carpenter, Allen W
Carpenter, B A
Carpenter, Bayard A
Carpenter, Brown H
Carpenter, C A
Carpenter, C C.
Carpenter, C H
Carpenter, C R
Carpenter, Caius M
Carpenter, Calvin A
Carpenter, Carl F
Carpenter, Charles C
Carpenter, Charles E
Carpenter, Charles H
Carpenter, Charles R
Carpenter, Charles W
Carpenter, Clayton J
Carpenter, David A
Carpenter, David E
Carpenter, Delos N
Carpenter, Delos R
Carpenter, Dustin E
Carpenter, E S
Carpenter, Earl J,jr
Carpenter, Earle J
Carpenter, Edward
Carpenter, Edward C
Carpenter, Edward L
Carpenter, Elmer J
Carpenter, Eugene H
Carpenter, F E
Carpenter, F S
Carpenter, Floyd B
Carpenter, Floyd E
Carpenter, Forrest E
Carpenter, Francis W
Carpenter, Frank G
Carpenter, Frank J
Carpenter, Frank M
Carpenter, Frank R
Carpenter, George (nmi)
Carpenter, George A
Carpenter, George D
Carpenter, George D, Capt
Carpenter, George W
Carpenter, Gerald W
Carpenter, Gregory D
Carpenter, Harold L
Carpenter, Homer F
Carpenter, Horace V
Carpenter, Howard G
Carpenter, James H
Carpenter, James J
Carpenter, James R
Carpenter, Jesse L *
Carpenter, Jesse P
Carpenter, Jessie E Jr
Carpenter, Jim H
Carpenter, Joe
Carpenter, John D
Carpenter, John D Jr
Carpenter, John H, Capt
Carpenter, John J
Carpenter, John L
Carpenter, John M Jr
Carpenter, John R
Carpenter, John W
Carpenter, Johnny F
Carpenter, Joseph
Carpenter, Joseph E Iii
Carpenter, Joseph F Jr
Carpenter, Joseph F, Jr
Carpenter, Joseph N
Carpenter, Kenneth
Carpenter, Kenneth P
Carpenter, Lawrence E
Carpenter, Le Roy A
Carpenter, Leory E
Carpenter, Leroy A
Carpenter, Leroy A Jr
Carpenter, Leroy E
Carpenter, Leslie M
Carpenter, M C
Carpenter, Marvin E
Carpenter, Matt G
Carpenter, Maurice D
Carpenter, Noel
Carpenter, R W
Carpenter, Raymond E
Carpenter, Raymond W
Carpenter, Reginald L
Carpenter, Reigh W Jr
Carpenter, Reigh W, Jr
Carpenter, Robert
Carpenter, Robert C
Carpenter, Robert D
Carpenter, Robert F
Carpenter, Robert G
Carpenter, Robert H
Carpenter, Robert M
Carpenter, Robert S
Carpenter, Robet L
Carpenter, Roy W
Carpenter, Roy W Jr
Carpenter, Russell W
Carpenter, Samuel
Carpenter, T H
Carpenter, T J
Carpenter, Thomas S
Carpenter, Thompson S
Carpenter, Tracey S
Carpenter, W F
Carpenter, W H
Carpenter, W R
Carpenter, Wallace R
Carpenter, Warren P
Carpenter, Wh
Carpenter, Wilbur L
Carpenter, William E
Carpenter, William F
Carpenter, William H
Carpentier, Claide
Carpentier, R R
Carpentier, Richard R
Carper, C A
Carper, Carvin L
Carper, Earl L
Carper, George P
Carper, George P>
Carper, Martin L
Carper, Robert L
Carpinallo, Edward A
Carpine Franklin J Jr
Carpinello, Edward A
Carpinetti, J J.
Carr Harrison C
Carr, Joe W
Carr, Alfred E Jr
Carr, Andrew B
Carr, Aris L
Carr, Bay D
Carr, Bruce W
Carr, Bruno A
Carr, Charles
Carr, Charles C
Carr, Charles D
Carr, Chester
Carr, Chester, Perhach, Peter
Carr, Clarence
Carr, Clarence A
Carr, Claude A
Carr, David (nmi)
Carr, David W
Carr, Dennis L
Carr, Donald B
Carr, Doran H
Carr, Earl T
Carr, Edward F X
Carr, Edward Fx
Carr, Edward J
Carr, Edward M
Carr, Edwin
Carr, Ernest R
Carr, Eugene F
Carr, Eugene S
Carr, F W
Carr, Foster E
Carr, Francis D
Carr, Frank
Carr, Frank H
Carr, Frank W
Carr, Fred
Carr, Fred C
Carr, Frederick W
Carr, Fredie J
Carr, G R
Carr, G R Jr
Carr, G R, Jr
Carr, G W
Carr, George R
Carr, Gerald H
Carr, Gerald H Jr
Carr, Gerald H, Jr
Carr, Gerald J
Carr, Gerald J (crew Chief)
Carr, Guy E
Carr, Harold H
Carr, Harrison C
Carr, Herbert M Jr
Carr, Herbert M, Jr
Carr, Horace E
Carr, Hugh V
Carr, J P
Carr, J T
Carr, Jack
Carr, Jack H
Carr, Jalma S
Carr, James A
Carr, James L
Carr, James R
Carr, Jesse R
Carr, John A
Carr, John B
Carr, John B Jr
Carr, John K
Carr, John L
Carr, Joseph E
Carr, Julian M
Carr, Keith H
Carr, Kenneth R
Carr, L B
Carr, Lawrence J
Carr, Lee D
Carr, Lee K
Carr, Leo H
Carr, Leo T
Carr, Lyle V
Carr, Mason C
Carr, Merle D
Carr, Michael J
Carr, P N
Carr, Patrick E
Carr, Paul
Carr, Paul J
Carr, Peter
Carr, R P
Carr, Ralph R
Carr, Ray
Carr, Ray (nmi)
Carr, Raymond
Carr, Richard E
Carr, Richard M (cc)
Carr, Richard P
Carr, Richard W
Carr, Robert
Carr, Robert A Jr
Carr, Robert A, Jr
Carr, Robert E
Carr, Robert J
Carr, Robert L
Carr, Robert S
Carr, Robert W
Carr, Robert W Jr
Carr, Robert W, Jr
Carr, Roy L
Carr, Roy L, Major
Carr, Rudolph C
Carr, Rudolph G
Carr, Samuel S
Carr, Sidney R
Carr, Sylvan F
Carr, Vernon D
Carr, W R
Carr, Walter J
Carr, Warren F
Carr, William B
Carr, William E
Carr, William H
Carr, William O
Carr, William R
Carr, William S
Carr, William T
Carradine, Douglas
Carradine, Douglas G
Carrado, P D
Carrado, Peter D
Carrado, Robert A
Carraher, Harry I
Carraher, James T
Carraher, Thomas M
Carraher, Thomas W
Carran, David W
Carrano, Michael R
Carrano, Ramon A
Carranza, Joe P
Carrara, Kevin L, Capt
Carraro Edward L
Carras, Anthony
Carras, George G
Carrasco, Desiderio
Carrasoo, W R
Carrasso, Manuel I
Carraway, A C
Carraway, Jesse B
Carraway, Marvin L
Carraway, Roy E
Carrell, D J
Carrell, Frank J
Carrell, H D
Carrell, Harley D
Carrell, J E C
Carrell, J E G
Carrell, L
Carrell, Ross
Carrella, Theodore
Carrella, Theodore (nmi)
Carrels, John A
Carren, John W
Carreras, Enrique
Carrere, Pierre
Carrere, Pierre (nmi)
Carrere, Rene J
Carreros, Rene J
Carrerras, Albert
Carress, Federick F
Carret, William W
Carrethers, Robert E
Carretson, Walter R
Carrican, George C
Carrick, C L
Carrick, Paul D
Carrico, Allen C (ib)
Carrico, Clarence J
Carrico, Frank A
Carrico, Frank C
Carrico, Ony M
Carridine, Douglas G
Carridne, Douglas G
Carrie, Roy B
Carrier, Clyde
Carrier, Clyde A
Carrier, Courtland
Carrier, George L
Carrier, George R
Carrier, Harold L
Carrier, Jean E
Carrier, Joseph A
Carrier, Merl M
Carrier, Raymond A
Carriere, Marshall B
Carrieres, Joseph E
Carrig, John J
Carrigan, Alfred R
Carrigan, Conway P
Carrigan, David J
Carrigan, Eugene B
Carrigan, Lawrence E
Carrigan, Noel H
Carrigan, Ralph E
Carrigan, Roland F
Carrigan, Rolland F
Carrigan, Wendell F
Carrigan, William E
Carrigan, William H
Carriger, Donald E
Carriger, William R
Carrignton, Henry A
Carriker, Clyde
Carriker, Clyde H
Carriker, Heath H
Carrillion, Raymond W
Carrillo, Frank O
Carrillo, Frank Q
Carrillo, Michael R
Carrillo, Miguel
Carrillo, Miguel Jr
Carrillo, Sandoval Isidoro
Carrillon, R W
Carringer, James R
Carringer, W D
Carrington, Arthur F
Carrington, Frederick M
Carrington, Fredrick M
Carrington, Henry A
Carrington, O'neil W
Carrington, R R
Carrington, Richard
Carrington, Richard G
Carrington, Richard T
Carrington, W
Carrington, W E
Carrington, W J
Carrington, William H
Carrinton, Henry A
Carris, Gerald R
Carris, Ray B
Carris, Vern A
Carrison, Edwin H
Carrison, James
Carrison, Julian O
Carrithers, Judd A
Carrithers, Judd M
Carrithers, William M
Carrlson, Robert J
Carrod, Charles G
Carrodus, Jack P, 1/lt
Carrol, E J
Carrol, Francis R (ro)
Carrol, Frank T
Carrol, J B
Carrol, J G
Carrol, James G
Carrol, John D
Carrol, Joseph A
Carrol, Ross C
Carrol, Thomas L
Carrol, William
Carroll J F
Carroll Wo;;oa, K
Carroll, Albert V
Carroll, Alfred Q
Carroll, Alva H
Carroll, Andrew A
Carroll, Arthur C
Carroll, Arthur F
Carroll, Arthur H
Carroll, C J
Carroll, Carroll H
Carroll, Charles H
Carroll, Charles W Jr
Carroll, D
Carroll, D J
Carroll, D M
Carroll, Daniel F
Carroll, Daniel L
Carroll, Daniel Louis
Carroll, Darwin J
Carroll, David T
Carroll, Donald C
Carroll, Donald C, 1lt
Carroll, Donald O
Carroll, Earl J
Carroll, Edgar A
Carroll, Edward D
Carroll, Edward J
Carroll, Edward P
Carroll, Edward S
Carroll, Edward W
Carroll, Edward W Clow, Dwane
Carroll, Edwin H
Carroll, Edwin J
Carroll, Ellison E
Carroll, Elmer
Carroll, Elmer (nmi)
Carroll, Eugene A
Carroll, Eugene E
Carroll, Eugene J
Carroll, F B
Carroll, F O
Carroll, F W
Carroll, Frank
Carroll, Franklin O
Carroll, Franklin W
Carroll, Gene L
Carroll, George H
Carroll, George M
Carroll, Harry S
Carroll, Harry W Jr
Carroll, Henry L
Carroll, J
Carroll, J A
Carroll, J E C
Carroll, J F
Carroll, J G
Carroll, Jack W
Carroll, James B
Carroll, James G
Carroll, James J
Carroll, James L
Carroll, James L Jr
Carroll, James R Jr
Carroll, James T
Carroll, James Y
Carroll, Jesse W
Carroll, Jimmie W
Carroll, Joe R
Carroll, John
Carroll, John C
Carroll, John C Jr
Carroll, John D
Carroll, John H
Carroll, John H Jr
Carroll, John J
Carroll, John K
Carroll, John L Jr
Carroll, John L, Jr
Carroll, John W
Carroll, Joseph A
Carroll, Joseph F
Carroll, Joseph L
Carroll, Joseph R
Carroll, L
Carroll, Lavoice H
Carroll, Lawrence N
Carroll, Lee
Carroll, Lenwood N
Carroll, Leo W
Carroll, Marvin W
Carroll, Maurice
Carroll, Merle J
Carroll, Mitchell B
Carroll, Oddis T
Carroll, Paul L
Carroll, Phillip J
Carroll, R C
Carroll, Ray D
Carroll, Ray H
Carroll, Ray H Jr
Carroll, Ray J
Carroll, Richard C
Carroll, Richard J
Carroll, Robert E
Carroll, Robert F
Carroll, Robert L
Carroll, Robert W
Carroll, Sterling P
Carroll, Sterling Price
Carroll, Tatko, J L
Carroll, Thomas
Carroll, Thomas (nmi)
Carroll, Thomas F
Carroll, Thomas H
Carroll, Thomas R Jr
Carroll, Thomas S
Carroll, Thomas W
Carroll, W T, Jr
Carroll, Walter J
Carroll, Walter J Jr
Carroll, Walter J, Jr
Carroll, Warren
Carroll, Warren (nmi)
Carroll, Warren L
Carroll, William
Carroll, William E
Carroll, William J
Carroll, William L, Capt
Carroll, William W
Carroll. Wo;;oa, K
Carron, Alain C
Carrothers, Robert E
Carrow, Raphael E
Carroza, Otto
Carrton, Robert M
Carrup, Thomas A Jr
Carruppo, G J
Carruth, Samuel L
Carruth, T
Carruth, Thomas A
Carruth, W J
Carruthers, Douglas H
Carruthers, Patricia A
Carruthers, W N
Carruthers, Warren L
Carruti, Edwin R
Carry, Jerry Frank
Carscaddon, Oliver C Jr
Carselia, John
Carshon, Milton E
Carskadden, Howard L
Carson, Albert B
Carson, Arnold W
Carson, Arthur B
Carson, B E
Carson, Bilbert W
Carson, Billy E
Carson, Billy Ee
Carson, Byrick B
Carson, Carl B
Carson, Cecil W
Carson, Charles E
Carson, Charles W
Carson, Clarence E
Carson, Clarence L
Carson, Cleo S
Carson, D W
Carson, David W
Carson, Dewey (nmi)
Carson, Donald W
Carson, Douglas Maj
Carson, Durward D
Carson, Eugene H
Carson, Gale E
Carson, Harold C
Carson, Henry G
Carson, Herbert Jr
Carson, Herbert, Jr
Carson, Hiram H
Carson, Howard C
Carson, Isaac F
Carson, J L
Carson, Jack .
Carson, Jack L
Carson, James
Carson, James A
Carson, James F
Carson, James S
Carson, James W
Carson, John H
Carson, John R
Carson, John R, Major
Carson, John W
Carson, Joseph L
Carson, Kendall E
Carson, Kenneth (NMI)
Carson, Kit L
Carson, L W
Carson, Lawrence L
Carson, Leslie J Jr
Carson, Myrick H
Carson, O F
Carson, R G
Carson, R J
Carson, Robert
Carson, Robert A Jr
Carson, Robert A, Jr
Carson, Robert S
Carson, Ross L
Carson, Ross L/
Carson, Roy R
Carson, Roy R (e)
Carson, V A
Carson, W H
Carson, W L
Carson, Wallace H
Carson, Walter E
Carson, Willam C
Carson, William
Carson, William C
Carson, William H
Carson, William Lucian
Carsons, E S
Carsrud, Willard E
Carss, Walter L
Carsson, Sherwood
Carssow, William B
Carstedt, Harold L
Carsten, Ernest M
Carsten, Ernest W
Carsten, Lionel M
Carsten, Paul R
Carstens, Alf (nmi)
Carstens, Vern L
Carstensen, Howard J
Carstensen, John J
Carstensen, Norris E
Carstenson, Eugene
Carstenson, Eugene L
Carstetter, Fred A
Carstetter, Fred R
Carstrand, Gordon R
Carswell, Horace S
Carswell, Horace S Jr
Carswell, Paul D
Carswell, R P
Carswell, Robert E
Carswell, William K
Carsy, James E
Cart, James D
Cart, Orville R
Cart, Richard R
Cart, Robert T
Cartage, Daniel M
Cartago, Daniel M
Carter John R
Carter, A D
Carter, A P
Carter, Al R
Carter, Albert V
Carter, Albert W
Carter, Alvis G
Carter, Arthur C
Carter, Arthur D
Carter, Arthur L
Carter, Arthur S
Carter, B
Carter, B S
Carter, Barnard
Carter, Benjamin S
Carter, Bernard P
Carter, Bill R
Carter, Bobby G
Carter, Bobby Gene
Carter, Bruce
Carter, Buren N
Carter, C A
Carter, C E
Carter, C G Jr
Carter, C W
Carter, Calvin M
Carter, Carl A
Carter, Carol F
Carter, Cary W
Carter, Charles A
Carter, Charles A Jr
Carter, Charles A, Jr
Carter, Charles F
Carter, Charles F Jr
Carter, Charles G Jr
Carter, Charles G, Jr
Carter, Charles J
Carter, Charles L
Carter, Charles W
Carter, Clarence J
Carter, Claudus E
Carter, Clifford E
Carter, Curtis L
Carter, Curtiss L
Carter, Cyrus F
Carter, David H
Carter, Delmar J
Carter, Don F
Carter, Donald C
Carter, Donald E
Carter, Donald L
Carter, Donald W
Carter, E
Carter, E J
Carter, Earl O
Carter, Edgar H
Carter, Edward N
Carter, Elkus
Carter, Ellis W
Carter, Emmet A
Carter, Faber H
Carter, Farrell D
Carter, Forrest E
Carter, Francis R
Carter, Frank L
Carter, Frank M Jr
Carter, Frank M, Jr
Carter, Fred E
Carter, Fred H Jr
Carter, G A
Carter, G I
Carter, G M
Carter, G W
Carter, Gary W
Carter, Gaylor
Carter, Gaylord
Carter, George E
Carter, George J
Carter, George N (sc)
Carter, George R
Carter, George S
Carter, George V
Carter, George W
Carter, Gerald F
Carter, Gerald L
Carter, Glen F
Carter, Grady L
Carter, Graham M
Carter, Graham Mcneil
Carter, Grant (NMI)
Carter, H, Jr
Carter, Haley H
Carter, Harold
Carter, Harold D
Carter, Harold F
Carter, Harold L
Carter, Harold L, Jr
Carter, Harold W
Carter, Harry F
Carter, Harry H
Carter, Henri
Carter, Henri G
Carter, Henry P
Carter, Herbert J
Carter, Hobart E
Carter, Horace M
Carter, Howard E
Carter, Howard K
Carter, Howard W
Carter, Hubert
Carter, Irwin L
Carter, J E
Carter, J H
Carter, J L
Carter, J P
Carter, Jack
Carter, James
Carter, James (nmi)
Carter, James A
Carter, James A Jr
Carter, James B
Carter, James B, Major
Carter, James D
Carter, James E
Carter, James H
Carter, James L
Carter, James O
Carter, James R
Carter, James T, Jr
Carter, James W
Carter, James Y
Carter, Jefferson W
Carter, Jimmy S
Carter, John
Carter, John A
Carter, John F
Carter, John H
Carter, John L
Carter, John L Jr
Carter, John M
Carter, John N
Carter, John R
Carter, John T
Carter, John W
Carter, Johnny B
Carter, Joseph E
Carter, Joseph H
Carter, Joseph H, Jr
Carter, Joseph Jr
Carter, Joseph M Jr
Carter, Joseph M, Jr
Carter, Joseph W
Carter, Kenneth B
Carter, L
Carter, L A
Carter, L E
Carter, L F
Carter, L O
Carter, Landis D
Carter, Landis O
Carter, Leo L
Carter, Leonard A
Carter, Leonard D
Carter, Leonard K
Carter, Leonard L
Carter, Leonard P Jr
Carter, Leonard W
Carter, Leslie C
Carter, Leslie D
Carter, Leslie H
Carter, Leslie R
Carter, Levi H
Carter, Lewis J
Carter, Leynard L
Carter, Lloyd
Carter, Lloyd A
Carter, Lloyd C
Carter, Lloyd R
Carter, Lloyde
Carter, Lynn
Carter, M H
Carter, Malcolm H
Carter, Marion R
Carter, Mark L
Carter, Marvin E
Carter, May (miss)
Carter, Meredith M
Carter, Merida L
Carter, Merlin I
Carter, Michael H
Carter, Michael J
Carter, Milton F
Carter, Nathan J
Carter, Neal J
Carter, Neale
Carter, Nigel B
Carter, Norman S
Carter, Olin B
Carter, Otte L Jr
Carter, Parks H
Carter, Paul L
Carter, R E
Carter, R P
Carter, R P.
Carter, R S
Carter, Ralph D
Carter, Ralph L
Carter, Ray P
Carter, Raymond C
Carter, Raymond E
Carter, Raymond L
Carter, Raymond S
Carter, Richard E
Carter, Richard G
Carter, Robert
Carter, Robert C
Carter, Robert D
Carter, Robert E
Carter, Robert F
Carter, Robert G
Carter, Robert L
Carter, Robert M
Carter, Robert P
Carter, Robert S
Carter, Robert V
Carter, Robert W
Carter, Roger M
Carter, Roland E
Carter, Roland E Jr
Carter, Roland F
Carter, Rollin L
Carter, Roy M
Carter, Roy T Jr
Carter, Roy William
Carter, Russell A
Carter, S O (pilot)
Carter, S T
Carter, Samuel M
Carter, Samuel M Jr
Carter, Samuel O
Carter, Samuel T N
Carter, Shannon F
Carter, Sidney D
Carter, Sidney M
Carter, Signey M
Carter, St
Carter, Stanley
Carter, Stanley, Rowlan, Arthur
Carter, T B
Carter, T L
Carter, Thomas B
Carter, Thomas H
Carter, Thomas J
Carter, Thomas J Jr
Carter, Thomas N
Carter, Tj
Carter, Truman W
Carter, Vernon H, Jr
Carter, W E
Carter, W R
Carter, W V
Carter, Waldon B
Carter, Wallace K
Carter, Walter A
Carter, Walter C
Carter, Walter T
Carter, Warren R
Carter, Wayne E
Carter, Weldon S
Carter, Wesley
Carter, Wesley E
Carter, Wilbur D
Carter, Wilbur O
Carter, William A
Carter, William B
Carter, William E
Carter, William F Iii
Carter, William G Jr
Carter, William H
Carter, William J
Carter, William P
Carter, William R
Cartereau, Pierre L
Cartersiu, Rene L
Cartier, Francis A
Cartier, Richard W
Cartier, Robert O
Cartin, Paul R
Cartledge, B M
Cartledge, Binford M
Cartledge, Binford, M
Cartledge, Bm
Cartledge, Ralph S
Cartler, Stanley M
Cartmell, B C
Cartmell, Thomas E
Cartmill, John B
Cartmill, John C
Cartmill, John M
Cartney, Thomas L
Carton, Ben T
Carton, Jean
Carton, Thor T
Cartt, Robert E
Carttar, Dean L
Cartter, William G Jr
Cartter, William G, Jr
Cartwell, B C
Cartwirght, Billy T
Cartwright, Billy T
Cartwright, C L
Cartwright, Charles S
Cartwright, David C
Cartwright, G E
Cartwright, George E
Cartwright, George O
Cartwright, Howard M
Cartwright, Jack A
Cartwright, James D
Cartwright, James I
Cartwright, L C
Cartwright, Lewis E
Cartwright, Luther W Jr
Cartwright, Marshall C
Cartwright, Otho W
Cartwright, Perry P
Cartwright, Phillip
Cartwright, Phillip E
Cartwright, Reuben E
Cartwright, Thomas C
Cartwright, Von L
Cartwright, William D
Cartwright, William J
Cartwright, Winfield S
Cartwright, Winfield, S
Carty, Dennis H G
Carty, Edwin L
Carty, Kenneth W
Carty, Lafayette M
Carty, M
Caruk, Peter (nmi)
Caruso, A J
Caruso, Frank L
Caruso, J A
Caruso, P J
Caruso, Paul J
Caruso, William F
Carusone, Nicholas M
Caruthers, Alex
Caruthers, Herschel
Caruthers, M F
Caruthers, Marion F
Caruthers, T D
Caruthers, Thomas A
Carvalha, Sergio Doss
Carvalho, Sergio Dos S
Carvel, Richard J
Carver T B
Carver, Alexander H
Carver, Andrew G
Carver, Ben M
Carver, Charles H
Carver, Charles N
Carver, Clarence E
Carver, Dan L
Carver, Donald R
Carver, Frank J
Carver, Gerald C
Carver, Harold I
Carver, Howard
Carver, James H
Carver, James R
Carver, Jessie H
Carver, John H
Carver, John R
Carver, Joseph H
Carver, Leo E
Carver, Leon W
Carver, Lloyd L
Carver, Norman E
Carver, Paul Townsend
Carver, Raymond D
Carver, Raymond Duke
Carver, Samuel W Jr
Carver, T B
Carver, Thomas B
Carver, William J
Carves, John M
Carveth, C
Carveth, Walter W
Carvey, James K
Carvile, John B
Carvill, P W
Carvin, Erwin L
Carvin, Louis A
Carvin, Willard T
Carvolth, Richard T
Carvolth, Richard T, Iii
Carwell, Jack L
Carwell, Jackie L
Carwile [or Oarwile Or Garwile Or Darwile]
Carwile, Cornelius
Carwile, Cornelius T
Carwile, Herbert C
Carwile, Jacob T
Cary, A R
Cary, Byron R
Cary, Charles M
Cary, Douglas V
Cary, Eugene
Cary, George A
Cary, Gilbert A
Cary, Guy F
Cary, Harry W Jr
Cary, Harry, E
Cary, James G
Cary, John B
Cary, John F
Cary, John P
Cary, Joseph B
Cary, Leon Jr
Cary, Leon M Jr
Cary, Patrick B
Cary, Philip W
Cary, Robert W
Cary, Robert W Iii
Cary, Sidney A
Cary, Thomas I
Cary, William W
Cary-elwes, A F
Cary-elwes, Arthur
Cary-elwes, Arthur F
Casada, Amos G
Casada, Howard Q, Capt.; Usmc
Casada, John B
Casaday, Frank A
Casadont, Lawrence Jr
Casady, Cecil A
Casady, Thomas C
Casagrande, Jeo J
Casagrande, Joel
Casagrande, Joel J
Casale, Eugene L
Casale, Joseph M
Casale, Steve R
Casalinvova, John S
Casancia, Fred
Casanova, Frank
Casanova, Frank H
Casanova, Fred
Casanova, John
Casanova, John (nmi)
Casap, Bennie
Casap, Bonnie (nmi)
Casaprana, Vincent
Casaprana, Vincent (nmi)
Casarella, Salvatore
Casarella, Salvatore P Jr
Casarella, Salvatore P, Jr
Casarez, Jesse
Casarta, C (nmi)
Casasoprana, Vincent
Casassa, Ernest G
Casaurang, Bernard A
Casazza, Vincent R
Casbeer, Roy N
Cascella, Frank A, 1lt
Caschigano, F P
Casciano, Casper J
Cascio, Carmel
Cascio, Don D
Cascio, John F
Casciola, Hugo
Casciola, Hugo (nmi)
Cascoigne, Joseph A
Casden, Sidney (NMI)
Case, Alan Henry
Case, Arnold S
Case, Bernard L
Case, C F
Case, Carl C
Case, Carle O
Case, Charles M
Case, Donald L
Case, Douglas F
Case, Douglas J Jr
Case, E F
Case, Emerald C
Case, Ernest F
Case, Eugene H
Case, Frank H
Case, G R
Case, Gerald
Case, Gordon L
Case, Harold A
Case, Harold R
Case, Harold W
Case, Henry H
Case, Howard C
Case, J L
Case, J R
Case, Jack K
Case, Jack S
Case, Jacob C
Case, James B
Case, James E
Case, James W
Case, Kenneth Robert
Case, M J
Case, Marion O
Case, Marshal
Case, Marshal R
Case, Phillip C
Case, R F
Case, Robert E
Case, Robert F
Case, Robert W
Case, Rodolph
Case, Rudolph (nmi)
Case, Spencer F
Case, Stanley G
Case, Theodore W
Case, W E
Case, Walter E
Case, Walter H
Case, Warner L
Case, Wayne I
Case, William D
Case, William R
Case, William R Jr
Case, William R, Jr
Case,earl H
Casebier, D E
Casebier, Dale C
Casebier, Donald E
Casebolt, E B
Caseley, Raymond P
Caseley, Raymone P
Casella, Angelo J
Casella, Charles
Casella, Charles H
Casella, Clement A
Caselli, George J
Caselli, Lamar M
Casello, Jon A
Caselman, Max E
Caselton, Paul N
Casere, Joseph L
Caseria, Anthony P
Caserta, Anthony J
Casey, A D
Casey, Anthony L
Casey, B J
Casey, Carl E
Casey, Cornelius D
Casey, Cyril J
Casey, Daniel
Casey, David J
Casey, Domingo G
Casey, Donald F
Casey, Durwood E
Casey, Edmund J
Casey, Edward D
Casey, Edward J
Casey, F W
Casey, Frank L
Casey, Frank W
Casey, Garland E
Casey, George R
Casey, Gerard J
Casey, Giles G
Casey, Gordon F
Casey, Guy (nmi) Jr
Casey, Guy Jr
Casey, Guy, Jr
Casey, H I
Casey, Henry
Casey, Henry A
Casey, Henry A (military Police)
Casey, Henry G
Casey, J D
Casey, J F
Casey, James D
Casey, James E
Casey, James F
Casey, James H
Casey, Jf
Casey, John C
Casey, John G
Casey, John J
Casey, John Jr
Casey, John S, Jr
Casey, Joseph (NMI)
Casey, Joseph F
Casey, Joseph M
Casey, Lawrence
Casey, Lawrence (nmi)
Casey, Lawrence R
Casey, Leonard L
Casey, Lloyd R
Casey, Marvin D
Casey, Milton W
Casey, Paul S
Casey, Paul S Jr
Casey, R
Casey, R L
Casey, Ralph D
Casey, Richard L
Casey, Robert
Casey, Robert E
Casey, Robert L
Casey, Robert P
Casey, Robert W
Casey, Shirley V
Casey, Thomas
Casey, Thomas A
Casey, Thomas E
Casey, Thomas J
Casey, Thomas M
Casey, Thomas P
Casey, Thomas V
Casey, William F
Casey, William H
Casey, William J
Casey, William M
Casey, William R
Casey,charles W
Casford, Merle E
Cash, Benjamin R
Cash, Bryson
Cash, Earston H
Cash, Foster L
Cash, Frank S
Cash, Harold V
Cash, Hollis C
Cash, Hugh P
Cash, John A
Cash, John V
Cash, Layman L
Cash, Lenval H
Cash, Loyd L Jr
Cash, Paul S
Cash, Russell C
Cash, S S
Cash, William A
Cash, William K
Cashatt, Burton
Casheer, Roy N
Casheman, Harry R
Cashen, William J Jr
Cashen, William J, Jr
Cashett, Burton W
Cashetta, Ralph
Cashetta, Ralph (nmi)
Cashin, Bunt L
Cashin, William
Cashin, William A
Cashio, C J
Cashio, Carlon J
Cashio, Carlos J
Cashio, Carlos L
Cashion, Robert L
Cashman, Frank T
Cashman, Joseph C
Cashman, Maurice D
Cashman, William A
Cashman, William J
Cashmere, Andrew A Jr
Cashner, Keath B
Casille, Raymond
Casini, Rento
Casino, Anthony T
Casjman, Frank T
Caskey, Frank R
Caskey, Harold A
Caskey, L E
Caskey, Lawrence L
Caskey, Paul
Caskey, Paul (nmi)
Caski, Walter A
Caskie, Walter A
Caskill, Murray (nmi)
Caskin, John O
Caskinette, Louis G
Caskins, Perse Lacy
Casmer, Edward
Casmire, William E
Casner, Jack T
Cason, Alfred G
Cason, Charles G
Cason, Edgar P
Cason, James R
Cason, M L
Cason, Rita G
Cason, Robert W
Cason, Robert W Jr
Cason, Robert W, Jr
Cason, Roy L
Cason, Taylor (nmi) Jr
Caspar, H G
Casparriello, Edward
Casper, Albert J
Casper, Andrew J
Casper, Andrew J (ground Crew)
Casper, Bw
Casper, Clifton G
Casper, Jerome C
Casper, Joe
Casper, John P
Casper, Richard H
Casper, S M
Casper, Theodore
Casper, Victor
Casperetti, Joseph L
Casperi, Raymond J
Caspers, J P
Casperson, A E
Casperson, J B
Casperson, J B Jr
Casperson, James B Jr
Casrlisle, Paul C
Cass, Don L
Cass, Eugene H
Cass, George D
Cass, Halbert S
Cass, Holbert S
Cass, James P
Cass, James T
Cass, Royal E
Cass, William F
Cassa Da, Edgar H
Cassa David G C
Cassa, David G C
Cassabaum, David W
Cassada, Arthur W
Cassada, Edgar H
Cassada, Ralph K
Cassada, Randall C
Cassaday, Charles
Cassaday, Charles G
Cassaday, John C
Cassady Robert D1lt.
Cassady, Emmett B
Cassady, George S
Cassady, Howard Hale
Cassady, Leonard H
Cassady, Richard H
Cassady, Robert D
Cassady, Robert E
Cassady, Roy L
Cassalery, Harry A
Cassano, Humbert
Cassant, Frank O
Cassaro, Robert F, Jr
Cassavant, Donald H
Cassaway, James E
Cassdiy, Hedley E
Casseau, Charles H
Casseboom, John R
Cassedy, James A
Cassedy, James A, Jr
Cassedy, William P
Cassel, Cecil M
Cassel, Frank L
Cassel, Harrison E
Cassel, Harry (nmi), Jr
Cassel, Harry Jr
Cassel, Walter G
Casselberry, D E
Casselberry, Donald E
Casselberry, William W
Casselberry, Winter
Casselbury, Vern D
Casselis, J H
Casselis, John H
Cassell, Delbert J
Cassell, Ernest M
Cassell, Ernest W
Cassell, Lars E
Cassell, Lorrell
Cassell, Robert D
Cassell, Robert T
Cassell, William I
Casselle, Raymond
Cassells, Howard V
Cassells, J H
Cassells, John H
Cassells, R E
Casselman, Charles R
Casselman, Don L
Casselman, Everett
Casselman, Everett M
Casselmon, Kenneth L
Cassens, Kenneth H
Casser, P A
Cassera, Dominick
Casserley, Emanuel
Casserly, John P
Casserly, Thomas F
Casserly, Thomas F, Iii
Cassero, Frank M
Cassese, Angelo
Cassett, Ernest M
Cassetta, Anthony J
Cassetty, E
Cassetty, Eugene C
Cassibry, Graham H
Cassida, Everett W
Cassiday, B B
Cassiday, Benjamin B
Cassiday, Benjamin B Jr
Cassiday, Clyde E
Cassiday, Raymond F
Cassiday, Raymond F Wolf, Melvin A
Cassidy, Benjamin B
Cassidy, Charles (nmi)
Cassidy, Clarence
Cassidy, Clyde E
Cassidy, Dennis A
Cassidy, Duane A
Cassidy, E J
Cassidy, Edward K
Cassidy, Edward T
Cassidy, Francis A
Cassidy, Harry T
Cassidy, Hedley E
Cassidy, Hodley E
Cassidy, J A
Cassidy, J H
Cassidy, Jack S
Cassidy, James A
Cassidy, James C
Cassidy, James M
Cassidy, James Mathew
Cassidy, James W
Cassidy, Jbohn M
Cassidy, John A
Cassidy, John M
Cassidy, Joseph A
Cassidy, Joseph J
Cassidy, Joseph W
Cassidy, P B
Cassidy, Robert L
Cassidy, Robert T
Cassidy, Roy L
Cassidy, Sherman H
Cassidy, Thomas G
Cassidy, Walter M
Cassidy, Wesley L
Cassill, Glenn H
Cassille, Raymond
Cassity, Ben E
Cassity, Ben N
Cassity, M M
Cassity, Oscar F
Cassle, Joseph
Cassleman, Harry R
Cassler, Elmer H
Casson, H L
Casson, V
Cassou, Sylvester A
Cassun, Jack E
Cast, John A
Cast, John T
Castagnoli, Louis J
Castaneda, Antonio B
Castaneda, Augustine F
Castanedo, Wesley J (ip)
Castanedo, Wesley J Jr
Castanette, Frank W
Castani, Joseph
Castanias, James E
Castano, Nelson J
Casteanias, James E
Casteel, Calvin C
Casteel, Carlton M
Casteel, Marvin A
Casteel, Ruben L
Casteen, John W Jr
Castel, Robert C
Castelberry,james N Jr
Castelin, Everett H
Castelin, Jules E
Castell, Harold P
Castellano, Mark J
Castellari, B F
Castellaw, Billie J
Castellina, Valentino
Castello, George
Castellow, Billie J
Castells, Barney P Jr
Castellucci, Oreste
Castelot, Robert W
Casten, T B
Casten, Tb
Castenetto, Frank W
Castenson, Roland C
Caster, Eugene E
Caster, George E
Caster, John C
Caster, T
Caster, William I
Casterlin, Harry B
Casterline, Clyde J
Casterline, William E
Casterline, William H
Castetter, Robert D
Casties, Jacques J
Castile, Herman H
Castille, Henry D
Castille, Leo G
Castille, Merrick J
Castillo, Dionicio
Castillo, Jr, Dionicio
Castillo, Lee G
Castillo, M C
Castillo, Manuel Y
Castillo, Pete J
Castillo, Victor E
Castillon, H G
Castillon, R
Castillow, H G
Castimore, William T
Castine, John R
Castinel, Jacques A
Castings, George (nmi) Jr
Castle Donald O
Castle, A L
Castle, Allen L
Castle, Clarence V Jr
Castle, David J
Castle, Donald
Castle, Donald O
Castle, Dorman L
Castle, H G
Castle, Henry G
Castle, Herman J
Castle, J F
Castle, Jack B
Castle, Joe F
Castle, John A
Castle, John F
Castle, Loaton R Jr
Castle, Lyle W
Castle, Marion
Castle, Marion W Jr
Castle, N
Castle, Orville L
Castle, Owen D
Castle, Peter G
Castle, Robert
Castle, Robert D
Castle, Robert H
Castle, Theodore C
Castle, Vincent R
Castle, W J
Castle, William (nmi)
Castle, William.
Castle, Wilmot V Jr
Castleberry, Clint D Jr
Castleberry, D
Castleberry, David A
Castleberry, James N Jr
Castleberry, James P
Castleberry, Marvin H
Castleberry, Samuel L
Castlebury, Marvin H
Castledine, Willard I
Castleman, Alain
Castleman, Charles N
Castleman, Harry L Jr
Castleman, J L
Castlemen, Milton E
Castner, Allen G
Castner, John P
Castner, Max E
Castner, Stanley V
Casto, Flake
Casto, H E
Casto, Hancel E
Casto, Lloyd L
Casto, Llyod L
Casto, Orvie O
Castomguay, Auguste R
Caston, Arthur B, Jr
Caston, Arthur D
Caston, Earl W
Caston, Julian R
Caston, Samuel B
Castonguay, Frederick J
Castor, Bernard T
Castor, James R
Castor, John C
Castor, Lerpy W
Castor, Lynndel L
Castor, Lynndell L
Castor, Robert B
Castor, Samuel N
Castrillo, Fernando (nmi)
Castring, Joseph B
Castro, Edward
Castro, Ladislao C
Castro, Manual C
Castro, Manuel C
Castro, Pasquel
Castro, William J
Caswell, Albert D
Caswell, Gordon L
Caswell, Harvey L
Caswell, John L Jr
Caswell, Morton F
Caswell, Stanley E
Caswell, T A
Caswell, Thurston H
Catacomb, Morrill A
Cataiano, Charles J
Catalano, Alvin N
Catalano, Alvin W
Catalano, Anthony J
Catalano, Charles J
Catalano, Ellis J
Catalano, Francisco G
Catalano, Frank J
Catalano, Julius T
Catalano, Laawrence F
Catalano, Lawrence F
Catalano, Robert V
Catalano, Sam S
Cataldi, Jerome S
Cataldi, Nichols A
Cataldi, Nicola A
Cataldo, Alfred J
Cataldo, Gene L
Cataldo, Joseph
Catalfamo, Angelo
Catalina, A J
Catalino, Joseph A
Catalona, Frank J
Catanese, Salvatore L
Catasus, Felipe A
Catchel, David M
Catching, David O
Catching, Robert M
Catchings, John H
Catchings, Robert M
Catchpole, William T
Cate, Albert M
Cate, Charles H
Cate, Dayton T
Cate, Edgar W
Cate, Edgar W Jr
Cate, Edgar W, Jr
Cate, G F
Cate, George F
Cate, Hubert A
Cate, Ray C
Cate, Roy C
Catene, Arnold P
Cater, Clifford D
Cater, David L
Cater, Emer H
Cater, Emmer H
Cater, James C
Cater, Kenneth H
Cater, Roland E
Cater, Thomas L
Cater, William T
Cates, Clay F
Cates, Derril L
Cates, F W
Cates, Harold L
Cates, Harrell G
Cates, James N
Cates, Kelley M
Cates, Lee
Cates, Marvin F
Cates, V V.
Cates, Velgene V
Cates, W
Cates, W H
Cathart, Raymond P
Cathcart, A
Cathcart, Arthur
Cathcart, Charles E
Cathcart, Charles O
Cathcart, Glenn H Jr
Cathcart, Richard
Cathcart, Robert P
Catheart, Glenn H Jr
Catheart, Glenn H, Jr
Catheart, R E
Cathell, Walter F Jr
Cather, John S
Cather, Myers B
Cather, Robert M
Catheridge, W B
Cathers, Warren P
Cathey, Clifford C
Cathey, Forrest F
Cathey, Francis E
Cathey, James H
Cathey, Joseph W
Cathey, Lewis T
Cathey, Thomas R
Cathie, Archie
Cathrall, Eugene H Iii
Cathrall, Eugene H, Iii
Catington, James D
Catleberry, David A
Catledge, Richard C
Catledge, Richard E
Catlett, Landon C
Catlett, Landon C, Jr
Catlett, Melvin J
Catlin, Benjamin S
Catlin, Bill C
Catlin, Howard R
Catlin, John C
Catlin, John D
Catlin, John E
Catlin, Richard L
Catlin, Samuel T
Catlin, William R
Catlin,benjamin S, Jr
Catman, Clyde D, Jr
Cato, Charles P, Jr
Cato, Dallas R
Cato, Lewis F
Cato, William A
Cato, William A, Maj
Catogni, Frank N Jr
Caton, Horace E
Caton, James
Caton, William
Cator, Bruce
Cator, Bruce C
Cator, Clinton C
Cator, W E
Catren, Frank H
Catrett, Otis L
Catrett, Roy
Catrill, Ronald M
Catron, Jack
Catron, Joe S
Catron, Joel S
Catron, Thomas B
Catron, Walter L
Catron, William G
Catrow, Edmund J
Catt, Harold J
Catt, James L
Cattanach, Alexander R
Cattarius, Adolph
Catte, Joseph P
Catter, C S
Catterall, Herbert J
Catterel, Herbert J
Catterius, A
Cattermole, Gerald W
Cattivera, Leonard
Cattivera, Leonard (nmi)
Catto, William A
Cattoir, Rudolph D
Catton, Jack J
Catton, Ronald E
Cattotr, Rudolph D
Cattron, Lester A
Catts, William G
Cauaey, Charles W, Jr
Cauch, H H
Cauch, Norman L
Caudel, Donald C
Caudel, Everett C
Caudell, Frederick M
Caudill, Carl M
Caudill, Clarence M
Caudill, Dollie M
Caudill, Robert R
Caudill, Watson
Caudill, William W Jr
Caudin, Edward Pierre
Caudle, David W, Jr
Caudle, Herbert R
Caudle, Jack O
Caudle, Ralph E
Caudle, Richard
Caudle, Richard H
Caudle, Robert E L
Caudle, Ted J
Caudron, Jarvice G
Caudsmith, Richard A
Caudwell, Kathleen M
Caudwell, Kethleen M
Cauer, Ralph G
Caufield, F P
Caufield, John J
Caughery, Everett
Caughey, Everett
Caughey, W O
Caughlan, John C
Caughlan, Richard M
Caughlin, Charles T
Caughlin, Melvin E
Caughlin, William H
Caughman, Richard B
Caughran, Ad (cp)
Caughron, Walter .
Caughron, Walter O
Cauley, D L
Cauley, Jimmie T
Cauley, Jimmis T
Caulfield, Francis X
Caulfield, John G
Caulfield, Leslie J
Caulfield, Patrick J
Caulin, Richard A
Caulkett, George
Caulkett, George W
Caulkins, Frank A
Caulkins, Henry B
Caumont, Robert R
Caunce, Billy J
Cauole, Ted W
Caupak, Joseph (nmi)
Caurette, Paul A
Causa, Raymond.
Causby, Charles R
Causer, Herbert P
Causey, Albert N Jr
Causey, Albert N, Jr
Causey, Charles B
Causey, Charles W, Jr
Causey, Edgar E
Causey, Jerry O, Jr
Causey, Maurice L
Causey, W W
Causman, Sidney A, Jr
Causoy, C F
Caussat, Gerard G
Cauthan, Paul H
Cauthen, Robert H
Cauthorn, Glenn S
Cautman, Paul H
Cautreaux, Clinton A
Cauty, Ann
Cauty, Christie
Cauty, Joyce
Cautyeaux, A L
Cavadini, Leo E
Cavalier, Francis C
Cavalier, Francis R
Cavalier, James V
Cavalieri, Jack P
Cavalli, Duilio
Cavalli, Milton R
Cavallo, Anthony S
Cavallo, E A
Cavallo, Eugene A
Cavan, C H
Cavanagh, ,joseph G
Cavanagh, Charles
Cavanagh, Henry J, Ltcol
Cavanagh, Joseph G
Cavanagh, Thornton J
Cavanagh, Thornton J **
Cavanaugh, Arthur T
Cavanaugh, B
Cavanaugh, Bernard H
Cavanaugh, Charles B
Cavanaugh, Charles W Jr
Cavanaugh, Claude
Cavanaugh, Cornelius
Cavanaugh, Cornelius J
Cavanaugh, Dennis V
Cavanaugh, Dharle B
Cavanaugh, E E
Cavanaugh, Edward R
Cavanaugh, Frank W
Cavanaugh, Gerald F
Cavanaugh, Gerard F
Cavanaugh, John F
Cavanaugh, John M
Cavanaugh, P V
Cavanaugh, Timothy J
Cavannaugh, Frank W
Cavanough, Robert T
Cavaris, William T
Cavasse, Francis G
Cavazos, Juan H
Cave, Elmer
Cave, Glenn E
Cave, H S
Cave, John E
Cave, Mark W
Cave, Martin B
Cave, Martin T
Cave, Robert T
Cave-chinn, L H
Cavell, E L
Cavell, Everett L
Cavella, Patrick J
Cavello, Anthony S
Cavenah, K A
Cavenah, Kenneth A
Cavenaugh,herbert A
Cavendar, Ernest
Cavender, Ernest
Cavender, Gordon M
Cavender, James V
Cavender, John H
Cavender, Ray G
Cavender, Virgil W
Caverne, Clinton H
Cavers, Walter J Jr
Cavert, George R
Cavert, Tillman
Cavert, Tillman Jr
Caves, Earl E
Caves, Hensell W Jr
Caves, John A
Caves, S H
Caves, S R
Cavett, Clinton M
Cavey, Max C
Cavey, Paul H
Cavieehia, John M
Cavigga, Albert A
Cavill, Jack W
Cavin, C M
Cavin, Edgar R
Cavin, George E
Cavin, Glynn W
Cavin, James J, Jr
Cavin, John
Cavin, Leo J
Cavin, Riley F
Caviness, George E
Caviness, Ray B
Caviness, Roy B
Cavins, Donald E
Caviston, Hugh J
Cavit, C D
Cavit, Charles D
Cavna, Aldus B
Cavnar, Avery N
Cavner, Byron P Jr
Cavner, Byron P, Jr
Cavness, William H
Cavoli, William J
Cavos, Perry
Cavos, Perry (nmi)
Cavtier, J H
Cavuoti, Fm
Cawley, Ann E
Cawley, James P
Cawley, James T
Cawley, Paul T
Cawley, Roy S
Cawley, Thomas J
Cawley, Thomas J Jr
Cawlfield, John O
Cawlfield, John O Jr
Cawn, Paul S
Cawood, James M
Cawood, James T
Cawood, Raymond L
Cawthon F W
Cawthon, Elmer R Jr
Cawthon, Elmer R, Jr
Cawthon, Frank W
Cawthon, Orvil A
Cawthon, W C
Cawthon, William H
Cawthon, William P
Cawthorn, Orvil A
Cawthorp, Paul
Cawvey, H J
Cawyer, Raymond D
Caydos, Edmond J
Cayea, John E
Caylor, Donald H
Caylor, Joe
Caylor, Walter T
Cayna, Aldus B
Cayo, George A
Cayot, Jack E
Cayson, Wayman A
Caywood, Acle B
Caywood, David R
Caywood, Grant D
Caywood, Herbert L
Caywood, Jerry C
Caywood, John L
Caywood, Robert M
Caywood, Warren
Cayze, Robert C
Caze, Roger M
Cazel, Ralph S
Cazenave, Francois (nmi)
Cazier, Robert P
Cazzano, Humbert
Cazzell, Leslie C
Cchumacher, Nicholas
Ccreary, Cahrles E
Cea, J M
Cearley, Edwin B
Cearley, Henry K
Cearley, Kenneth B
Cearley, Louie C
Cearnal, A E
Cearnal, Auzie E
Cearnal, Auzie E Jr
Cearnal, Auzie E, Jr
Ce-arreola, Jesus L
Cease, Carl B Jr
Cebe, Jerry
Cebe-habersky, Jack V, 1/lt
Cebell, Warren A
Cebhardt, William P
Cebuhar, Stanley W
Cebula, M J
Ceccaldi, Paul
Ceccato, P
Ceccato, Peter
Cecchini, Anthony J
Ceccucci, Harold A
Cecenre, Dominick
Cecere, Dominick
Ceceri, Patrick J
Cech, Martin X
Cecho, Joseph J
Cechrane, Charles E
Cecich, D M
Cecil J
Cecil, Bernard B
Cecil, Chester W
Cecil, Chester W, Jr
Cecil, David L
Cecil, E W Jr
Cecil, Francis
Cecil, Francis X
Cecil, Harold E Jr
Cecil, Harold E, Jr
Cecil, Joseph J
Cecil, Lewis B
Cecil, Melvin J
Cecil, Owen W
Cecil, Paul K
Cecil, Paul P
Cecil, Ralph H
Cecil, Robert L
Cecil, Roy B
Cecil, Thomas J
Cecomini, Anthony J
Cecot, Chester R
Cecot, Walter A
Ceczi, Joseph (nmi)
Cedars, Russel O
Cedars, Russell O
Cedeno, Kenneth
Ceder, Charles W
Cedergren, John H
Cedergren, Orrin C
Cederholm, B
Cederholm, Bernard
Cederholm, Wallace H
Cederlund, Walter C
Cederquist, Morris A
Cederstrom, Horace W
Cederwall, Paul H
Cedillo, E M
Cedoz, Merle F
Ceece, Joseph A
Ceely, Wd
Ceely, William D
Cefail, Gordon E
Cegelka, Chester E
Ceglarski, George W
Ceigler, Alex
Ceileghin, Nestor A
Ceirney, Thomas N
Ceisman, Gw
Ceitlinger, Franklin H
Cejda, Emil J, Jr
Cejner, W
Cekola, Caarl G
Celand, John
Celani, John
Celani, John (nmi)
Celarco, Fortunate J
Celebi, John P
Celeskey, Thomas B
Celeste, Peter
Celeste, Peter (nmi)
Celey, Vernon E
Celiberti, Simon P
Celik, Henry M
Celik, Henry W
Celikkol, Ismet
Celikkul, Ismet
Celio, Gove C
Celker, Thomas L
Celko, Robert L
Cella, Joseph
Cella, Joseph A T
Cella, Richard T
Cellahan, Richard I
Celligan, Robert L
Cellini, Oliver G
Cellison, William K
Celly, Neal R
Celovsky, Andrew F
Cely, R E
Cely, William F
Ceman, Paul R
Cen, Daniel
Cenad, Benjamin M
Cenak, Frank M
Cencak, Frank M
Cencur, Rudolph R
Cenforte, Michael A
Cenley, Frederick K
Cenly, George W
Cennady, Don
Cennamo, Nicholas
Cenneno, Nicholas
Center, Fred S
Center, L G
Center, Roy R Jr
Center, Walter G
Center, Walter G Jr
Centers, Bob J
Centers, Robert D
Centerwall, William R
Centner, William F
Centofanti, Dominic A
Centolella, R
Centolella, Raymond
Centore, Anthony
Centrackio, Armond J
Centry, Thomas C
Cepek, George F
Cepko, Joseph A
Ceplecha, Cs
Cepuba, Stanley
Cepura, Stanley (nmi)
Cera, Robert A
Cerale, Nunzio B
Ceranich, Matthew L
Ceraola, Nunzio B
Ceraols, Nunzio B
Cerasale, Anthony G
Ceravola, Primo
Ceravolo, Primo
Ceray, Reed L
Cerba, Henry T
Cerbantes, W L
Cerboskas, Anthony
Cerboskas, Anthony (nmi)
Cercek, John F
Cercek, John P
Cerdes, Orlie O
Cereghind, Aldo
Cereghind, Aldo H
Cereghine, A H
Cerha, Henry T
Cerino, Anthony T
Cerka, Donald E
Cerles, R N
Cermack, Frank
Cermak, Frank
Cermak, George
Cermola, Leonard
Cernert, William E
Cernich, Emile L
Cernich, J P
Cernich, John P
Cernick, John P
Cernicky, Melvin L
Cernosek, Bernard D
Cernuto, Joseph
Cerny, Jerry Frank
Cerny, Thomas J
Ceronsky, Charles T
Cerosky, George
Cerotsky, Garrett C
Cerrato, Anothy J
Cerrato, Anthony J
Cerretta, Anthony J
Cerritelli, Rocco
Cerrito, George H
Cerrone, Ralph J
Cerruti, Edwin
Cerruto, Javier C
Certiner, H W
Certrond, Howard C
Cerulli, Donald P
Cervantes, Henry
Cervantes, Henry (nmi)
Cervantes, Miguel S
Cervantes, W L
Cerveny, Milo (nmi)
Cervi, E A
Cervi, Eugene A
Cervi, J J.
Cervin, Erwin L
Cervone, Joseph (nmi)
Cerwenka, J R
Cerwenka, John R
Cerwenka, Jr
Cerwin, Theodore A
Cesari, Robert J
Cesarini, Augustus J
Cesario, F T
Cesarz, Julian B
Ceschiat, Angelo O
Cesere, Joseph L
Cesey, Garland E
Cesney, John F
Cesnik, F P
Cesnik, Frederick P
Cesprini, Augustus J
Cessna, Carl L
Cessna, Horace
Cessor, O A
Cessou, Serge
Cestaro, Patrick P
Cester, Orville R
Cestley, Larue J
Cestreich, Kenneth J
Ceters, A P
Cetinich, John
Cetnarowski, T R
Ceuleeres, George F
Ceuleeres, Goerge F
Ceuleers, G F
Ceuleers, George
Ceuleers, George F
Cey, Marion
Cey, Marion J
Ceyanes, Mary H
Ceyrolles, Paul R
Ceyser, William E
Cezar, Antonio Debarros
Cgraggen, Robert W
Cgroggon, Robert W
Chaarters, John J
Chabannes, Norbert A R
Chabassol, Raymond (nmi)
Chabbert, Jean G
Chabot, William J
Chabra, Gregory
Chabra, Joseph
Chachonneais, Arthur P
Chaconas, Peter N
Chacos, Nicholas
Chad, J
Chadbourne, Allan W
Chadbourne, Allen W
Chadbourne, Arthur R, Jr
Chadbourne, Arthur W
Chadbourne, Charles
Chadbourne, Charles E
Chadbourne, H M
Chadbourne, Harry M
Chadbourne, James W
Chadderdon, Elmer J
Chadderdon, Gerald D
Chadderdon, Raymond N
Chadek, Robert A
Chadick, Harold L
Chadima, Harold P
Chadio, Ike A
Chadney, Robert W
Chadock, George M
Chadsbourne, Harvey C
Chadsey, C J
Chadwall, D S
Chadwall, Donald S
Chadwell, George T
Chadwell, Leeroy M
Chadwell, Walter L
Chadwick, Hudson, Jr
Chadwick, J L
Chadwick, Jefferson S
Chadwick, John B
Chadwick, John L
Chadwick, Lewis P
Chadwick, Quentin B
Chadwick, Ralph S
Chadwick, Robert W
Chae, R A
Chafe, Raymond L
Chafets, Albert
Chafetz, Albert.
Chaffee, A R
Chaffee, Arthur B
Chaffee, C R
Chaffee, Court B
Chaffee, Edward F
Chaffee, Herbert H
Chaffee, Raymond
Chaffee, Raymond M
Chaffee, Rush L B
Chaffee, Vernon E
Chaffee, William M
Chaffey, Charles G
Chaffin, Allan F
Chaffin, Allen F
Chaffin, Emmett K
Chaffin, Ennis O
Chaffin, George N Jr
Chaffin, George N, Jr
Chaffin, Henry G
Chaffin, J B
Chaffin, J H
Chaffin, Jesse H
Chaffin, Joseph C
Chaffin, William T
Chaffin, William W
Chaffos, Louis,
Chafyak, Edward J
Chagnon, Merivin E
Chagnon, Normand J
Chaimavich, David
Chaimovich, David
Chain, W H
Chaing, Wei Haung
Chairsell, William S
Chaisson, Raymond A
Chaiton, Leonard
Chakerian, V
Chakmakian, George E
Chakmers, Andrews S
Chakos, Guff W
Chalcroft, William A
Chale, Eugene R
Chaleck, William D
Chalek, Alverne
Chalek, William D
Chalifoux, Wallace N
Chalk, Norman
Chalker, Calvin C
Chalker, Calvin C Jr
Chalker, Charles L
Chalker, Rex I
Chalkey, Churchill
Chalkley, Churchill
Chalkus, Joseph W
Challacombe, Jack A
Challacombe, Jack B
Challoner, Charles H
Chalmers, Abram T
Chalmers, Andrew S
Chalmers, Douglas
Chalmers, G E
Chalmers, Gordon H
Chalmers, John D
Chalmers, John J
Chalmers, Richard H
Chalmers, Robert P
Chalmers, Robert T
Chalmers, Roy M
Chalmers, Warren H
Chalot, John A
Chalot, Robert R Jr
Chaloupka, Carrol G
Chaloupka, William J
Chaloux, Edmond A
Chalue, Raymond A
Chalwick, Norbert W
Chamber, Andrew (nmi) Jr
Chamber, Andrew, Jr
Chamber, D
Chamber, W H
Chamber, W R
Chamberlain, Alfred
Chamberlain, Alfred C
Chamberlain, Alma
Chamberlain, C B
Chamberlain, Callin
Chamberlain, Carl W
Chamberlain, Carlos J
Chamberlain, Carlton A
Chamberlain, Clarence N Jr
Chamberlain, Claude L
Chamberlain, Dan
Chamberlain, Daniel R
Chamberlain, Darl J
Chamberlain, Dennis E
Chamberlain, Dennis R
Chamberlain, Donald M
Chamberlain, Everette C
Chamberlain, Fordyce C
Chamberlain, Franklin D
Chamberlain, G L
Chamberlain, Garth G
Chamberlain, George F
Chamberlain, George H
Chamberlain, Gerda A
Chamberlain, Glenn L
Chamberlain, Gordon C
Chamberlain, Harold G
Chamberlain, Harry K
Chamberlain, Herbert C
Chamberlain, J C A
Chamberlain, J E
Chamberlain, James S
Chamberlain, Joe A
Chamberlain, John E
Chamberlain, Margaret L
Chamberlain, Mark (nmi)
Chamberlain, Marlin G
Chamberlain, Martin D
Chamberlain, Murl R
Chamberlain, Nelson W
Chamberlain, Paul C Jr
Chamberlain, Paul C, Jr
Chamberlain, Paul R
Chamberlain, Ralph
Chamberlain, Ralph H
Chamberlain, Robert F
Chamberlain, Robert H
Chamberlain, Robert L
Chamberlain, Russel C
Chamberlain, Theodore R
Chamberlain, Verl
Chamberlain, W C
Chamberlain, Willard J Jr
Chamberlain, William F
Chamberlain, William H
Chamberlain, Wilmot E
Chamberlain, Winthrop S
Chamberlain, Wm E Jr
Chamberlain,james S
Chamberland, Edward J
Chamberland, Normand H
Chamberlein, Jack S
Chamberlin, Alfred C
Chamberlin, Archie W
Chamberlin, Carloss J
Chamberlin, Charles L
Chamberlin, Claude L
Chamberlin, Ertel S
Chamberlin, Fred S
Chamberlin, G H
Chamberlin, George F
Chamberlin, J S
Chamberlin, J W
Chamberlin, Jack S
Chamberlin, James S
Chamberlin, Leiper P
Chamberlin, Philip L
Chamberlin, R
Chamberlin, Robert.
Chamberlin, Roy
Chamberlin, Thomas O
Chamberlin, Verl
Chamberlin, W J
Chamberlin, Wilbur H
Chamberlin, Willard J Jr
Chamberlin, William H
Chamberlin, William L
Chamberlin, Williard J, Jr
Chambers Robert W
Chambers, A J
Chambers, Albert R
Chambers, Alvin L
Chambers, Arthur
Chambers, Arthur L
Chambers, Billie L, Major
Chambers, Boyd B
Chambers, Boyd B Jr
Chambers, Carlton A
Chambers, Charles F
Chambers, Charles H
Chambers, Charles R
Chambers, Dean A
Chambers, Donald D
Chambers, Donald E
Chambers, Donald S
Chambers, Donald T
Chambers, E
Chambers, Edwin L
Chambers, Encil C
Chambers, Eugene M
Chambers, Frank C
Chambers, George L
Chambers, Gordon S
Chambers, H C
Chambers, Herbert C
Chambers, Irven J
Chambers, J C
Chambers, Jack G
Chambers, James D
Chambers, James L
Chambers, John
Chambers, John A
Chambers, John R Jr
Chambers, John R, Jr
Chambers, John S
Chambers, John W
Chambers, Joseph A
Chambers, Keith M
Chambers, L W
Chambers, Lee D
Chambers, Leo D
Chambers, Lloyd C
Chambers, Mj
Chambers, Morgan C
Chambers, Porter F
Chambers, Porter P
Chambers, Ralph H
Chambers, Raymond C
Chambers, Reed M
Chambers, Richard L
Chambers, Robert D
Chambers, Robert L
Chambers, Robert O
Chambers, Robert T
Chambers, Robert W
Chambers, S I
Chambers, S J
Chambers, S M
Chambers, S Y
Chambers, Samuel J
Chambers, Stanley G
Chambers, Stanley L
Chambers, Thomas E
Chambers, Thomas H
Chambers, Thomas W
Chambers, W J
Chambers, Wallace E
Chambers, Walter M
Chambers, Wayne G
Chambers, William S Jr
Chambers, Winfred L
Chambige, Pierre
Chambige, Pierre (nmi)
Chamblee, W A
Chambless, Bill
Chambless, Bill (nmi)
Chambless, S L
Chambless, William F
Chambless, William F,
Chamblin, A S
Chamblin, Archie W
Chamblin, Lee C
Chambliss, Charles M Jr
Chambliss, Charles M, Jr
Chambliss, J R
Chambliss, Rubyen M
Chambliss, Samuel E Jr
Chambliss, Turner M
Chamer, Stephen A
Chamers, Winfred L
Chamgers, Raymond C
Chamlee, Wick
Chamlin, A S
Chamness, Hubert (nmi)
Chamness, Morval W
Chamness, Noah
Chamness, Norval W
Chamovitz, Allen
Champ, Frank A J
Champ, J R
Champa, John J
Champagne, George J
Champagne, Loredan Y
Champagne, Lucien Joseph
Champagne, Malcolm A
Champagne, Paul L
Champagne, R
Champagne, Ray G
Champagne, Rene P
Champagne, Reynold A
Champagne, Wilbur A
Champeaux, Louis R
Champer, Paul E
Champion, Andrew S
Champion, Edward L
Champion, G B
Champion, J H
Champion, Jack E
Champion, John D
Champion, John D Jr
Champion, John D, Jr
Champion, Joseph F
Champion, Leland
Champion, Lloyd R
Champion, Louis C
Champion, Robert E
Champion, Russell A
Champion, Wayne C
Champion, William H
Champion, William N
Champlain, Daniel D
Champlain, Thomas R
Champlain, Wilfred P
Champlin, Everett H
Champlin, Homer D
Champlin, Jane
Champlin, Jane (wafs)
Champlin, John Jr
Champlin, John, Jr
Champman, James H
Champman, Norman Lee
Champman, Willis F
Champoin, Ronald
Champoin, William N
Chan Ben-wing
Chan, Chu-zee
Chan, Hai-chuan
Chan, Hsing Yan
Chana, William F
Chana, William Frank
Chanan, Peter, Edmonds, Gothin T
Chananie, Jay H
Chance, B B
Chance, Charles A
Chance, F E
Chance, Fred
Chance, Hance
Chance, Harry A
Chance, Jesse T
Chance, K
Chance, Perry B
Chance, T E
Chance, Walter R
Chance, Woodrow W
Chancellor, Billy
Chancellor, Elmer L
Chancellor, James W
Chancellor, Lester
Chancellor, Lester M
Chancellor, Richard F
Chancellor, Rihcard F
Chancelor, L M
Chancey, Donald G
Chancey, G
Chancey, Joe
Chancey, John
Chancey, Norman L
Chancey, Willard J
Chandell, Jack
Chandler, A A
Chandler, A E
Chandler, Allen I
Chandler, Archabald H
Chandler, Archibald H
Chandler, Archibald H **
Chandler, Arthur B
Chandler, Austin E
Chandler, Barry
Chandler, Berry
Chandler, Berry (nmi)
Chandler, Bill T
Chandler, Bob
Chandler, Bruce C
Chandler, Buster M
Chandler, Charles D
Chandler, Charles K
Chandler, Clarence C
Chandler, Clifton J
Chandler, Cobern O
Chandler, D
Chandler, Don B
Chandler, Donald H
Chandler, Donald W
Chandler, Donn F
Chandler, Douglas
Chandler, E J
Chandler, Earl
Chandler, Earl W
Chandler, Everett W
Chandler, Frank R
Chandler, Fred L
Chandler, Garfield M
Chandler, George T
Chandler, George W
Chandler, George W Jr
Chandler, Gilbert E
Chandler, Glenn E
Chandler, Glenn M
Chandler, Gordon D
Chandler, H N
Chandler, Harold C
Chandler, Harold Charle
Chandler, Harold D
Chandler, Harold G
Chandler, Henry D
Chandler, Henry J
Chandler, Homer B
Chandler, Ira B
Chandler, Jack J
Chandler, Jacob R
Chandler, James E
Chandler, John D
Chandler, John L
Chandler, John S
Chandler, John T
Chandler, Joseph S
Chandler, Kenneth D
Chandler, Kenneth D, Capt
Chandler, L D
Chandler, Lane
Chandler, Lawrence W
Chandler, Louis D
Chandler, Lyle H
Chandler, Lylse H
Chandler, Marion J
Chandler, Max E
Chandler, Orville C
Chandler, P W
Chandler, Phillip Z
Chandler, Rex
Chandler, Richard E
Chandler, Robert C
Chandler, Robert L
Chandler, Thomas E
Chandler, Van E
Chandler, Verlon J
Chandler, William F
Chandler, William G
Chandler, William H
Chandler, William J
Chandler, William M
Chandler, William R
Chandler, William S
Chandler, Wl
Chando, Peter
Chandor, Basil T
Chandor, H L
Chaneles, Benjamin B
Chaneles, Benjamin R
Chaney, Austin B
Chaney, Clarence E
Chaney, Clyde D
Chaney, Francis C Ii
Chaney, Hubert E
Chaney, J E
Chaney, Jack J
Chaney, John F
Chaney, Robert L
Chaney, Verne C
Chaney, Willard
Chaney, Willard H
Chaney, William B Jr
Chang Shu Chiao
Chang Yi Tseng
Chang, C H
Chang, C K
Chang, C M
Chang, Chang K
Chang, Chang-kuo
Chang, Chao-ching
Chang, Chen-tin
Chang, Chi M
Chang, Chi Ming
Chang, Chia-hua
Chang, Chih Kong
Chang, Chih P
Chang, Chih-ping
Chang, Chi-hua
Chang, Chu (nmi)
Chang, Chung
Chang, Feng C
Chang, H C
Chang, H H
Chang, Hai Shang
Chang, Howard T
Chang, J Y
Chang, Jeh Nam
Chang, K C
Chang, Keng-seng
Chang, Kit-han
Chang, Kuang-chuan
Chang, Kuan-xing
Chang, Kuen
Chang, Kuen (nmi)
Chang, Kyung S
Chang, L T
Chang, Lien Kwei
Chang, Ming-wei
Chang, Pei Yi
Chang, S A
Chang, Sai-hwa
Chang, Sheh-kwei
Chang, Sheiw-chong
Chang, Shih C
Chang, Shih Chen
Chang, Shi-hai
Chang, Shih-his
Chang, Shu-chiao
Chang, Shu-ta
Chang, Sien-ta
Chang, Siu-yu
Chang, T K
Chang, T Y
Chang, Ta-fu
Chang, Te-fu
Chang, Te-tsue
Chang, Te-yien
Chang, Tsai- Hwa
Chang, Tsi-ying
Chang, Tsun
Chang, Victor
Chang, Wei Lich
Chang, Wei-lich
Chang, Wen-chuang
Chang, Wen-tao
Chang, Y C
Chang, Y S
Chang, Yao
Chang, Yao-kiang
Chang, Yen-chu
Chang, Yu Nung
Chang, Yu Pen
Chang, Yuan-jen
Changala, J
Changala, J R
Changala, John
Changala, John R
Change, Shu, Chiso
Change, Y C
Changelo, Reece L
Changelo, Rocco L
Changnon, H M
Chanin, Bernard
Chaninard, Lj
Chankerman, Paul
Chankin, Burton
Chankin, Burton (nmi)
Chankles, Benjamin B
Chankowitz, Samuel C
Chanley, Uless B
Chanley, Ulessb
Channault, John S
Channell, Charles C
Channell, Eugene R
Channell, R E
Channer, Earl A
Channer, Earle A
Channer, Erle A
Channey, Richard L
Channin, Elihu A
Channing, Edwin
Channing, Robert F
Chanolin, Everett H
Chanson, Marcel C
Chanson, Marius J
Chant, George H
Chanteaux, Joseph G
Chantenesse, Guy M
Chantler, Harry
Chantler, Thomas R
Chanucey, C C.
Chany, Charles Robert
Chao Sheng Ti
Chao, Dong-yun
Chao, Jen Hsieh
Chao, Kuang Di
Chao, Kwang Li
Chao, Kwang-di
Chao, Kwang-li
Chao, L P
Chao, Li P
Chao, Li Pin
Chao, Li-pin
Chao, Ping Y
Chao, Ping Yao
Chao, S T
Chao, Sheng T
Chao, Sheng Ti
Chao, Shiang K
Chao, Shiang Kuo
Chao, Shiang, Kuo
Chao, Shih-tsan
Chao, Shin-tsan
Chao, Shu C
Chao, Shu-chuang
Chao, Sung-yen
Chao, T C
Chao, Wang Pao
Chao, Y H
Chao, Y K
Chapa, Amancio J
Chapa, Robert R
Chapapas, George Jr
Chapapas, George, Jr
Chapas, Joseph J
Chapeck, Richard C Jr
Chapek, Edard J
Chapek, Edward J
Chapel, Ralph H
Chapelain, Albert
Chapelain, Albert (nmi)
Chaper, Emanuel
Chapin, Alfred V
Chapin, Alfred V, Capt
Chapin, Carol
Chapin, Carol (miss)
Chapin, Charles H
Chapin, David F
Chapin, Dewey L
Chapin, George P
Chapin, Gerard S
Chapin, Harvey R
Chapin, J M
Chapin, J O
Chapin, James C
Chapin, Jay W
Chapin, John M
Chapin, John W
Chapin, L T
Chapin, Marvin E
Chapin, R B
Chapin, Ralph C
Chapin, Richard B
Chapin, Robert C
Chapin, Robert L
Chapin, Walter F Jr
Chapin, William G
Chapin, William P
Chapin, William P G
Chapin, William R
Chapital, Miguel C
Chaplain (name Unknown)
Chaplain, Francis A
Chaplick, F G
Chaplick, Frank G
Chaplin, Donald F
Chaplin, Eric
Chaplin, H C
Chaplin, Harold C
Chaplin, Herbert J
Chaplin, James B Jr
Chaplin, Pressley C
Chaplin, Ray J
Chaplin, Raymond J
Chaplin, Robert L
Chapline, Charles O
Chaplinski, Andrew
Chaplinsky, Andrew
Chaplo, Victor J
Chaplock, John V
Chapman, A B
Chapman, A G
Chapman, A J
Chapman, Alan T
Chapman, Allen
Chapman, Almod C
Chapman, Almon C
Chapman, Almon G
Chapman, Amos B
Chapman, Andrew J
Chapman, Arthur A
Chapman, Arthur E
Chapman, Benjamin F
Chapman, Benjamin F Jr
Chapman, Benjamin F, Jr
Chapman, C T
Chapman, Carl F
Chapman, Carl J
Chapman, Carl Joseph
Chapman, Carl M Jr
Chapman, Carlos A Jr
Chapman, Carlos A, Jr
Chapman, Caylos W
Chapman, Charles B
Chapman, Charles C
Chapman, Charles E
Chapman, Charles M
Chapman, Charles R
Chapman, Charles T, Jr
Chapman, Clark E
Chapman, Clayton M
Chapman, Clifford W
Chapman, D L
Chapman, David L
Chapman, Dean D
Chapman, Dewey L
Chapman, Donald I
Chapman, Donald P
Chapman, Doyle K
Chapman, E G
Chapman, Edgar E
Chapman, Edgar P Jr
Chapman, Edgar P, Jr
Chapman, Edwin R
Chapman, Elwin F
Chapman, Ernest
Chapman, Ernest A
Chapman, Ernest J
Chapman, F A
Chapman, F R Jr
Chapman, F W
Chapman, Floyd E
Chapman, Forest R Jr
Chapman, Forest R, Jr
Chapman, Francis H
Chapman, Frank W
Chapman, Franklin
Chapman, Franklin W
Chapman, Fred
Chapman, Fred D
Chapman, G H
Chapman, George J
Chapman, Gerald C
Chapman, Glenn S
Chapman, Gordon W
Chapman, Grant K
Chapman, H W
Chapman, Hamilton W
Chapman, Harold E
Chapman, Harold L
Chapman, Harris W
Chapman, Harvey H
Chapman, Henry A
Chapman, Henry S
Chapman, Hugh D
Chapman, Ira F
Chapman, J N
Chapman, J S
Chapman, J W
Chapman, James H
Chapman, James M
Chapman, James M Jr
Chapman, James W
Chapman, Joe H
Chapman, Joe L
Chapman, Joel L
Chapman, Joh M
Chapman, John C
Chapman, John C (e)
Chapman, John E
Chapman, John H
Chapman, John L
Chapman, John M
Chapman, John P
Chapman, John S
Chapman, John W
Chapman, Joseph V
Chapman, Kenneth R
Chapman, L
Chapman, L I
Chapman, Lawrence L
Chapman, Lawrence L, Jr
Chapman, Leon K
Chapman, Leonard Duane
Chapman, Leonard N, Capt
Chapman, Leroy
Chapman, Lester A
Chapman, Lewis T
Chapman, Lewis T Ii
Chapman, Lila B
Chapman, Lila B (wasp)
Chapman, Lila S
Chapman, Lloyd D
Chapman, Luther S
Chapman, Lyle C
Chapman, M M
Chapman, Mark D
Chapman, Marvin W
Chapman, Maurice
Chapman, Melvin
Chapman, Melvin N
Chapman, Milton R
Chapman, Mrs.
Chapman, Neil A *
Chapman, Nolan A
Chapman, Norman L
Chapman, Norman M
Chapman, Orville R
Chapman, Paul V
Chapman, Philip G
Chapman, R
Chapman, Ralph A
Chapman, Ralph E
Chapman, Richard A
Chapman, Richard E
Chapman, Richard K Iii
Chapman, Richard M
Chapman, Richard R
Chapman, Robert E
Chapman, Robert G
Chapman, Robert J
Chapman, Robert S
Chapman, Theodore I
Chapman, Theodore K
Chapman, Thomas H
Chapman, Vernon W
Chapman, W O
Chapman, W W
Chapman, Walter L
Chapman, Ward A
Chapman, Warren M
Chapman, Warren N
Chapman, Warren N Jr
Chapman, Wellington
Chapman, Wellington S
Chapman, William J
Chapman, William K
Chapman, William L
Chapman, William O
Chapman, William R
Chapman, William W
Chapman, William W Jr
Chapman, Willie F
Chapman, Wilson A
Chapman, Wilson M
Chapman, Wilson W
Chapman. Walter W
Chapment, Mark D
Chappal, Louis A
Chappas, Walter J
Chappee, James H
Chappel, Jerome J
Chappel, Keith H
Chappel, L A
Chappel, Paul I
Chappel, Paul L
Chappel, William L
Chappelie, Erling R
Chappell, Edgar E
Chappell, Everett N
Chappell, Frank B
Chappell, Herschell E
Chappell, Herschell R
Chappell, J F
Chappell, Jack W
Chappell, Jay F
Chappell, L G
Chappell, Philip R
Chappell, Richard K
Chappell, Thomas R
Chappell, Wallace W
Chappell, William W
Chappelle, Ernest C
Chappelle, Wm R
Chappellet, C
Chapple, Harry
Chapple, Harry (nmi)
Chapple, Paul R
Chapple, Robert W
Chapple, Stanley E
Chappuis, Alvin J
Chappuis, Claude L
Chaput, E L
Chaput, Edrich G
Chaput, Maurice J
Chaput, Raymond D
Chapyak, Edward J
Charade, Pierre G
Charanza, Louis J
Chararra, Alex C
Charbaugh, Michael E
Charboneau, Marcel J
Charbonne [hard To Read]
Charbonneau, C V
Charbonneau, Lawrence
Charbonneau, Lawrence G
Charbonneau, Leo B
Charbonnier, Charles E
Charchian, Daniel J
Chard, Richard E
Chardenot, Guy
Charek, Robert S
Chareowski, Raymond A
Charifson, Frederick
Charkowski, Raymond A
Charlebois, Edward W L
Charles A Ross
Charles Clark
Charles R
Charles, C R
Charles, Conrad E A
Charles, Conrad, E A
Charles, Edgar A
Charles, Edward T Jr
Charles, H
Charles, Howard C Jr
Charles, Howard C, Jr
Charles, Jack
Charles, Thomas
Charles, Thomas N
Charles, W
Charles, W I
Charles, Walter A
Charles, William E
Charles, William J
Charles, William L
Charleson, Norman
Charleson, Norman (nmi)
Charleston, Norman
Charlesworth, Edmond
Charlesworth, Edmond T
Charlesworth, William R
Charlet, Charles A
Charlet, Paul F W
Charleton, Harry T
Charleville, Denver R
Charley, Robert E
Charlier, P S
Charlier, Paul
Charlot, John A
Charloupka, Carroll G
Charlson, Donald G
Charlson, Marden B
Charlson, William E
Charlton, Edgar L
Charlton, G R
Charlton, Homer R
Charlton, James G
Charlton, John F
Charlton, Quentin
Charlton, Quentin (nmi)
Charlton, Ralph E
Charlton, Terry J
Charlton, Wade B
Charlton, Walter J
Charlton, Wilfred H
Charlton, William S
Charmack, Richard H
Charmes, Alvin H
Charmo, Robert T
Charneco, Antonio R
Charnes, Alvin E
Charneski, Kenneth L
Charneski, Paul C
Charney, David H
Charnley, William B
Charnley, William R
Charno, George W
Charno, Irving (nmi)
Charnowitz, Milton L
Charny, Theodore L
Charon, Hubert J
Charon, Rosario (ro)
Charpenaing, Lawrence A
Charpenning, Lawrence A
Charpentier, L A
Charpiot, Marion S
Charpiot, Robert B
Charrington, Henry W
Charron, Albert P
Charron, Paul W
Charron, Paul W, Jr
Charron, Raymond A
Charrosin, E W
Charsha, Grover
Charsha, Grover A
Chart, Marcuis L
Chartier, Alfred A
Chartier, Craig L
Chartier, Francis R
Chartier, John C
Chartier, John H
Chartner, Victor E
Charville, L D
Chase, Albert L
Chase, Allan S
Chase, Allen C
Chase, Arthur R (n)
Chase, B B
Chase, B M
Chase, Benjamin B
Chase, Benjamin J
Chase, Brad M
Chase, Brad M Jr
Chase, Brad M, Jr
Chase, Charles B
Chase, Clifford C
Chase, Donald E
Chase, Donald L
Chase, Edric R
Chase, Edward E
Chase, Eugene C
Chase, F N
Chase, Frank H
Chase, George T
Chase, George W
Chase, Harold D
Chase, Harold L
Chase, Hebert A
Chase, J R
Chase, James R
Chase, John E
Chase, John F
Chase, John F Jr
Chase, John I
Chase, John R
Chase, Jorge
Chase, Joseph A
Chase, Leo L
Chase, Leroy B
Chase, Lester B
Chase, Levi R
Chase, Lewis D
Chase, Lionel E
Chase, Louis S
Chase, Luther
Chase, Lynne E
Chase, Ned B
Chase, Philip A
Chase, Phillip A
Chase, R P
Chase, Richard F
Chase, Richard J
Chase, Robert E
Chase, Robert M Jr
Chase, Robert P
Chase, Robet M, Jr
Chase, Roy M
Chase, Stephen
Chase, Stephen M
Chase, Thomas Alvan
Chase, W
Chase, Walter T
Chase, William A, Jr
Chase, William M
Chase, William R
Chasko, Andrew (nmi)
Chason, Billy F
Chason, James W
Chason, John D
Chasser, William F
Chasstevers, Roland
Chastain [or Crastain]
Chastain, Claud L
Chastain, Claude M
Chastain, David L
Chastain, John W
Chastain, Perry V
Chastain, Robert L, Major
Chastain, S S
Chastain, T C
Chastain, Vincent
Chastain, Vincent E
Chastein, Thomas C
Chastin, Lester (NMI)
Chastnut, Sigman D
Chaswick, J R
Chaswick, Joseph R
Chataigner, Jacques M
Chatam, Milton E
Chateau, Andre C
Chatellier, John L
Chatfield, David Ew
Chatfield, Edward N Jr
Chatfield, Edward N, Jr
Chatfield, Evan W
Chatfield, Gene H
Chatfield, James D
Chatfield, James D L
Chatham, Ab
Chatham, Arthur E
Chatham, Charles P
Chatham, Clyde A
Chatham, L H
Chatham, Milton E
Chatham, Oscar L
Chatham, Walter E
Chatillon, Francis K
Chatlos, Lovie
Chatlos, William J
Chatmas, James C
Chattaway, W P
Chattaway, William P
Chattawy, William P
Chatterley, Archie W
Chatterly, Archie W
Chattermole, John W
Chatters, Eugene
Chatters, Milten E
Chatters, Milton E
Chatterton, David H
Chatterton, G A
Chaudoir, Alvin W
Chaufty, Paul E
Chaufty, Paul E **
Chaulsett, Edward H
Chauncey, C C.
Chaung, Fu-sen
Chauret, Colin J N
Chauret, Colin, Major
Chausow, Hymen
Chausow, Hymen M
Chaussee, Curtiss H
Chautteur, James R
Chauvin, Miller D
Chauwin, Roger J
Chavalas, George P
Chavannes, Archangel M
Chavarria, A C
Chavarria, Alec C
Chavasse, N H
Chaves, Amrtin J
Chaves, Ayres R
Chaves, Martin J
Chavey, Gerald E
Chavey, Henry
Chavez, Abelicie
Chavez, Abelicio (nmi)
Chavez, Ambrosio (nmi), Jr
Chavez, Ambrosio Jr
Chavez, Enrique R
Chavez, Felepe D
Chavez, Henry
Chavez, Henry L
Chavez, Manuel J
Chavez, Martin C
Chavez, Paul F
Chavez, Pete E
Chavez, Salvador (NMI)
Chavis, John H
Chavis, Van Dyke
Chavis, Wayne M
Chavis, Wilton R, Capt
Chavland, L E
Chaw, Robert E
Chdate, Joseph C
Cheadle, Geoffrey (nmi)
Cheak, Carol D
Chealander, A B
Cheatham, Arthur
Cheatham, Floyd
Cheatham, Jack W
Cheatham, James A
Cheatham, John A
Cheatham, Richard B
Cheatham, Richard D, Capt
Cheatham, Thomas A
Cheatham, Thomas C
Cheathan, Richard B
Cheathen, William
Cheatle, Charles
Cheatle, Charles (nmi)
Cheatle, F Edgar
Cheatle, F Edgar,
Cheatle, Walter J
Cheattle, F E
Cheattle, Francis
Cheatwood, J H
Cheben, Lawrence
Cheben, Lawrence (nmi)
Chebetar, Joseph C
Checchia, Anthony J
Cheche, Samuel P
Check, Earl E
Check, John H
Check, Joseph P
Check, Joseph P Jr
Check, R J
Check, Raymond J
Chee, H T
Cheek, Carol D
Cheek, Conrad H
Cheek, Douglas M
Cheek, Earl H
Cheek, Edward L
Cheek, Harley
Cheek, John H Jr
Cheek, John S
Cheek, Lloyd F
Cheek, R A
Cheek, Raymond T
Cheek, Roy A
Cheek, Thomas L
Cheek, Tommie
Cheek, Warren L
Cheeley, Harry D
Cheely, Lael M
Cheen, William E
Cheers, Harold W
Cheeseman, Albert V
Cheesman, Roy R
Cheesmond, Kenneth E
Cheever, Charles E
Cheever, Charles T
Cheever, Donald V
Cheever, Donald W
Cheever, Richard B
Cheever, Russell E
Cheffer, Donald J
Cheh, Chu
Chein Wei
Chejlava, Edward J
Chekemain, E H
Chekirda, Leonard
Chelchowski, Thaddeus
Chelchowski, Thaddeus F
Chele, Azet
Chelemedos, Dennis G
Chelf, James R
Chelf, James W
Chelf, Paul C
Chell, Paul L
Chellberg, Clair W
Chellman, William H
Chellmann, Chester E
Chello, Alexander
Chello, Alexander A
Chelo, Amet
Chelseth, Charles R
Chelton, Robert C
Cheltowski, Chester
Chemberlin, Larry R
Chemelik, Theodore F
Chemidlen, Fred J
Chemlik, Theodore F
Chempney, G R
Chempney, Guy R
Chen Cheng-chiao
Chen Chi Nip
Chen Kuo Ying
Chen Yen-chien
Chen Yo
Chen, Cao Yeen
Chen, Chao-yang
Chen, Cheng-ling
Chen, Chih
Chen, Ching-chin
Chen, Choon-choan
Chen, Chung K
Chen, F O
Chen, Ghoon-choan
Chen, Gwan-choon
Chen, Gwon-choon
Chen, H S
Chen, Hai Chung
Chen, Hai-chuan
Chen, Hai-chung
Chen, Hail-chuan
Chen, Han-ju
Chen, Heeng Yan
Chen, Hsing Yan
Chen, Hua Shih
Chen, Hung-chum
Chen, Hung-chun
Chen, Hwa-shun
Chen, K
Chen, Kuo C
Chen, Kuo Ying
Chen, Kuo, Chang
Chen, Kwan S
Chen, P C
Chen, P L
Chen, Pen L
Chen, Pen Lain
Chen, Pen-lien
Chen, Pie-chih
Chen, Shih-hsun
Chen, Soo
Chen, T H
Chen, Tai-chin
Chen, Ting-kwang
Chen, Ting-kwong
Chen, Tita
Chen, Tze-yuan
Chen, Yang P
Chen, Yang-ping
Chen, Yen-chien
Chen, Yen-jui
Chen, Yin-tung
Chen, Yo
Chenail, George E
Chenall, George E
Chenault, Claire L
Chenault, Harry K
Chenault, James A
Chenault, James M
Chenault, John S
Chenault, Millard W
Chenault, Robert M
Chenault, William I
Chenault, William O
Chenault, William T
Chencharik, G
Chencharik, George
Chenet, Jean P
Chenevert, Walter L
Cheneweth, D C
Cheney, Alger M
Cheney, Carroll
Cheney, David F
Cheney, Francis J
Cheney, Glen M
Cheney, Harold E
Cheney, J B
Cheney, James B
Cheney, James R
Cheney, James T
Cheney, Leo M
Cheney, Robert H Jr
Cheney, Robert H, Jr
Cheney, Sidney L
Cheney, Tom C
Cheney, William B
Cheney, William B Jr
Cheney, William G
Cheney, William J
Cheney, William R
Cheng Chung Fu
Cheng Ket-yung
Cheng Mien-kuang
Cheng, Ching-chun
Cheng, Fu Shen
Cheng, Fu-shen
Cheng, Hsueh T
Cheng, Kuang Hua
Cheng, Kut Jiu
Cheng, Kut Jui
Cheng, Kut-young
Cheng, Man-lup
Cheng, S T
Cheng, Sheb-kwei
Cheng, Shwu P
Cheng, T S
Cheng, T Y
Cheng, Ta Y
Cheng, Ta Yung
Cheng, Ting C
Cheng, Ting-chong
Cheng, Ting-tsu
Cheng, Tsun
Cheng, Tuan
Cheng, Yung-seng
Cheniou, Paul E, Jr
Chenkel, Claude W
Chenkin, Burton
Chennault, Claire P
Chennault, Claire P Capt
Chennault, Henry K
Chennault, James V
Chennault, William O
Chenney, John K
Chenney, William B Jr
Chenning, Eugene C
Chenning, Samuel H
Cheno, John Jr
Cheno, John, Jr
Chenot, Richard P
Chenoweth, D C
Chenoweth, Frank W
Chenoweth, J W
Chenoweth, Junior T
Chenoweth, Paul S
Chenoweth, Richard P
Chenoweth, Thomas
Chenoweth, Wendell R
Chenoweth, William A Jr
Chenoweth,william A
Chepy, Robert
Cheramie, Joseph A
Cheramie, Maurice J
Cherberie, Z T
Cherbonneaux, James W
Cherednik, Pete D
Cherer, Bernard F
Cherescavich, Vincent A
Cherevko, Michael
Cherewick, Alexander
Cherico, Felix W
Cherico, Sando T
Cheridan, James F
Cherkasky, Emanuel
Cherkes, S
Cherkes, Stanley
Cherkezian, Jack
Chermak, Frank W
Cherman, Frank W
Chermasky, Emanuel
Chermis, Phillip B
Chernega, John
Chernik, John A
Chernin, Milton
Chernis, Philip B
Chernis, Phillip B
Chernitser, Willie
Chernitzer, Willie
Chernock, Stanley
Chernock, Stanley (nmi)
Chernofsky Paul
Chernofsky, Paul
Chernosko, Paul
Chernosky, John E
Chernow, Bertram O
Chernowski, George R
Cherone, Anthony F
Cherpocvich, Alexander
Cherpoovich, Alexander, Bader, Herman D
Cherrington, Chester
Cherrington, Chester (nmi)
Cherrington, Chester Jr
Cherrington, Wayne D
Cherry, Adrian A
Cherry, Arthur M
Cherry, C S
Cherry, Claude S
Cherry, Clyde S
Cherry, David W
Cherry, Emerson E
Cherry, Encross H
Cherry, Eugene S V
Cherry, Fred V
Cherry, Gene F
Cherry, Granvel Y
Cherry, Harold
Cherry, Harvey A
Cherry, Horace C Jr
Cherry, Jack F
Cherry, James S
Cherry, Jimmie D
Cherry, Joe D
Cherry, M P
Cherry, Marion L
Cherry, Noel C
Cherry, R A
Cherry, Richard E
Cherry, Robert C
Cherry, Robert E
Cherry, Robert L
Cherry, Roy W
Cherry, Russell D
Cherry, Thomas R
Cherry, Tommy F
Cherry, W
Cherry, W T
Cherry, Weldon L
Cherry, William E
Cherry, William H
Cherry, William K
Cherry, Willis J
Cherven, J A
Chervenell, J W
Cherwin, Thaddeus F
Cherymisin, Gearld L
Chesanek, A T
Chesbrough, Warren
Chesbrough, Warren T
Cheseman, James W
Chesher, Cyril George
Chesher, Thomas A Jr
Chesher, Thomas A, Jr
Cheshewalla, Phillip Q
Cheshier, Elton E
Cheshier, Robert W
Cheshire, Harry V Jr
Cheshire, Harry V, Jr
Cheshire, W T
Chesire, Baynard L
Chesire, Raymond L
Cheska, P A
Chesla, C S
Cheslack, Raymond J
Chesle, C S
Chesler, Bernard
Cheslew, Morris (nmi)
Chesley, H Robertson
Chesley, Laueon J
Chesley, Ray
Chesley, Raymond
Chesley, Raymond D
Cheslock, Frederick
Cheslock, John S
Chesluk, Ralph P
Chesmore, E R
Chesmore, Floyd H
Chesney, Dalton
Chesney, Dalton L
Chesney, Frederick
Chesney, Herbert A
Chesney, P N
Chesney, R G
Chesney, Robert
Chesney, Robert G
Chesnutt, Guy C
Chesnutt, Julian M, Capt
Chesser, Alfred J
Chesser, Alvin J
Chesser, Jackie R
Chesser, L J
Chesser, Lester J
Chesser, R L
Chesser, Robert
Chesser, Robert L
Chessher, Daniel S Jr
Chessher, Daniel S, Jr
Chesshir, Bernard D
Chessi, Hector
Chessi, Hector E
Chessie, H E
Chessington, James B
Chessman Donald J
Chessman, Donald J
Chessmore, Charles M
Chessmore, Charles N
Chester, Dichter
Chester, Earl V
Chester, Earnest F
Chester, Paul A
Chester, R G
Chester, Russell C
Chester, Steven D
Chestnut, Edward E
Chestnut, Miller L
Chestnutt, Charles S, Jr
Chestnutt, Edward E
Chestnutt, Joseph D
Cheston (lt)
Chestrough, Warren T
Chesure, Joseph H
Cheswick, R R
Chetlain, Frederick H
Chetneky, Steve J
Chetwood, Kenneth
Chetwood, Kenneth (nmi)
Cheuvront, Robert W
Cheval, Henry L
Chevalier, Georges
Chevalier, Georges (nmi)
Chevalier, John A
Chevalier, Louis M
Chevalier, Robert
Chevalier, Robert J
Chevas, C
Cheverie, Paul O
Cheves, C L
Cheves, Marshall L
Chevraux, Raymond F
Chevrie, Dallas G
Chevront, R W
Chew, Beverly C
Chew, Beverly G
Chew, Beverly O
Chew, Claude C Jr
Chew, Claude C, Jr
Chew, Emerson S
Chew, Francis J
Chew, Haichung (nmi)
Chew, Hoover K
Chew, Lester
Chew, Robert
Chew, Robert (nmi)
Chew, Robert Z
Chewning, Eugene C
Chewning, Jack F
Chewning, Judson P
Chewning, Reuben K
Chewning, Samuel H
Cheymol, Robert F
Cheyney, Sam W
Chezen, Marvin W
Chi, Hain-cheng
Chi, Hsi C
Chi, Hsin C
Chi, Hsing Y
Chia, Chong-bsien
Chia, Chung-hsian
Chia, Jen-fu
Chiachiaretio, A V
Chiachiaretto, A V
Chiachiaretto, Anthony V
Chian Chung Liang
Chianese, Richard E
Chiang, Chou-peu
Chiang, Chow Peu
Chiang, Chow-peu
Chiang, Chue-shu
Chiang, Han Y
Chiang, Han Yin
Chiang, Shou K
Chiao, Chieh
Chiao, Chien
Chiao, Sun-ping
Chiao, Yao
Chiappini, Walter R
Chiarella, Af
Chiarello, Bruno J
Chiarello, Frank J
Chiarello, R H
Chiarini, Henry J
Chiarini, Philip A
Chiarollo, Frank J
Chiasson, John R
Chiavetta, Vincent M
Chiawetta, Vincent M
Chiba, Milan A
Chibault, E H
Chibbaro, S R
Chicarelli, V
Chicheater, John D
Chichester, James R
Chichester, Lawson C
Chichester, Stanley R
Chick, Arthur J
Chick, John H
Chick, L W
Chick, Lewis W Jr
Chick, Lewis W, Jr
Chick, Richard L
Chick, Warren
Chick, Warren B
Chickering, E S
Chickering, Edwin S
Chickering, Herbert R
Chickering, John B
Chickering, John F
Chickering, Rolfe L
Chickette, David N
Chicknowski, G R
Chico, Carl A
Chideckel, Zelig
Chideckel, Zelig M
Chidester, D H
Chidester, David B
Chidester, Jack D
Chidester, Jack H
Chidester, Julius B
Chidester, K R
Chidester, Lyon B (ce)
Chidester, Russell W
Chidester, William F
Chidgey, Maurice Ivan
Chidlaw, B J
Chidlaw, Benjamin W
Chids, Louis M
Chiekering, Rolfe L
Chien, Chen-yen
Chien, Chi-chia
Chien, Chin Shih
Chien, Ming
Chien, Tsu-lun
Chiero, Raphael
Chiesa, Guido
Chiesa, John P
Chievitz, Neils
Chievitz, Niels
Chigaeff De Procofieff,
Chigaeff De Procofieff, Robert
Chigaeffde, Procofieff
Chiglieri, Bud J
Chih, Yeh Ho
Chikar, James E
Chilcoat, J
Chilcoat, Merle D
Chilcote, Charles A
Chilcote, Herbert E
Chilcote, William G, Jr
Chilcott, Philip
Chilcott, Phillip
Chilcott, Richard H
Chilcutt, Howard D
Child, Clayton E
Child, Edward S
Child, Glenn H
Child, J
Child, J K
Child, John E
Child, Kenneth E
Child, Kenneth R
Child, Lewis R
Child, Lynn H
Child, William L
Childe, Marvin E
Childers, Anderson
Childers, Anderson J
Childers, Bloyd A
Childers, Bobby
Childers, Charles E
Childers, Curtis L
Childers, Edward J
Childers, Floyd A
Childers, Gc (fe)
Childers, J S
Childers, Jack B
Childers, Joe
Childers, Leona
Childers, Leonard H Jr
Childers, Leonard H Jr **
Childers, Loran B
Childers, Michael
Childers, Michael J
Childers, N
Childers, Thomas A
Childers, Vernon E
Childestar, William F
Childester, K R
Childn, Glenn H
Childre, C H
Childre, Cecil H
Childreee, John W
Childress, C W
Childress, C W, Jr
Childress, Donald D
Childress, F J
Childress, Frederick J
Childress, Garrett W
Childress, Gayle W
Childress, Hubert M
Childress, James W
Childress, John
Childress, John M
Childress, Joseph A
Childress, Peter M
Childress, R
Childress, Raymond K
Childress, Rollin D
Childress, William B
Childro, Louis G
Childs David A1lt.
Childs, A David
Childs, Alden B
Childs, Charles L
Childs, David H
Childs, Donald E
Childs, Everett L
Childs, Glen C
Childs, Glenn H
Childs, Gus T
Childs, John E
Childs, John J
Childs, John K
Childs, John L
Childs, John S
Childs, Kenneth E
Childs, Kenneth M, Jr
Childs, Louis M
Childs, Maarvin E
Childs, Marvin E
Childs, Ollie B
Childs, Paul V
Childs, Richard H
Childs, Robert O
Childs, Stuart R
Childs, Wallace R
Childsn Gus T
Chiles, C S
Chiles, Charles D
Chiles, Emil E
Chiles, Eugene D, Jr
Chiles, Jimmie W
Chiles, Richard W
Chiles, Seaborn
Chiles, Seaborn H
Chiles, Ted W
Chiles, Urnie W
Chiles, William B
Chilese, Frank J
Chili, Gastaf S
Chili, Gustaf S
Chill, John
Chillemi, Dominic J
Chilson, Donald M
Chilson, Donald N
Chilson, George H
Chilson, Robert E *
Chilstrom, Kenneth O
Chilton John F
Chilton, Andrew L
Chilton, Blake
Chilton, Carl K
Chilton, Forrest S
Chilton, Forrest S Iii
Chilton, G
Chilton, James R
Chilton, James W
Chilton, John F
Chilton, John H
Chilton, Leslie P
Chilton, Robert A
Chilton, Robert C
Chilton, Robert D
Chilver, Harold R
Chima, Cornelius P
Chima, Virgil
Chimanto, Joseph S
Chimbole, Carl A
Chimeno, Angelo
Chimento, Joseph S
Chimerinsky, Jacob Z
Chin An Y
Chin Huai, Chaing
Chin, An Y
Chin, Chien-lin
Chin, George
Chin, George (nmi)
Chin, George Y
Chin, Gilbert (nmi)
Chin, Hoang
Chin, Hong S
Chin, Huang
Chin, Hugan
Chin, Kai T
Chin, Lester
Chin, Lung T
Chin, Lung-tsao
Chin, Tse-ming
Chin, Wayne E
Chin, Yao Wei
Chin, Yoh Ho
Chinburg, Ml
Chinchilla, Francis
Chinchilla, Francis P
Chinera, Fran
Chinera, Fran (nmi)
Chinese Bystander
Chinese Coolie Bystander
Chinese Coolie Bystanders: Seng Shuo-ming
Chinese Patient
Ching Ting-wu
Ching, Fuon-ken
Ching, Kuan-ken
Chinlard, Harvey B
Chinn, Arthur K P
Chinn, Claude
Chinn, Claude A
Chinn, Edward K
Chinn, Homer M
Chinn, Homer W
Chinn, Wayne
Chinn, Wayne E
Chinn, William
Chinn, William R
Chinnery, Henry
Chinnery, Henry M
Chinnock, D R
Chinnock, Earl H
Chinnok, Earl W
Chinza, Cornelius P
Chioda, Joseph A
Chiodetti, Gino C
Chiodo, Chester H
Chioffe, Harry V
Chioles, Constantine S
Chiorsi, Walter W
Chiovani, Dominick J
Chiovari, Dominick J
Chipa, Milan A
Chipivan, N W
Chipkevich, Edward
Chipkevich, Edward A
Chipley, Simon B
Chipman, Albert W
Chipman, Allen
Chipman, G H
Chipman, George A
Chipman, George H
Chipman, Robert
Chipman, Vance J
Chipman, Vande J
Chipoletti, Arnold N
Chipp, Donald W
Chippeaux, Oral C
Chipps, John M
Chirico, Matthew
Chirstensen, Andrew H
Chirstensen, Warren J
Chis, Alexander R
Chisal, Dean M
Chisbolm, Donald W
Chiseck, Harry R
Chiselli, Francis J
Chisem, William H
Chisena, Woodrow A
Chisena, Woodrow H
Chisholm Harold S
Chisholm, A A
Chisholm, Alex R
Chisholm, Andre A
Chisholm, Daniel E
Chisholm, Daniel W
Chisholm, Dannie W
Chisholm, Donald W
Chisholm, Harold S
Chisholm, Richard K
Chisholm, Robert E
Chisholm, Robert H
Chisholm, Stanley J
Chisholm, Steward J
Chisholm, Stewart J
Chisholm, William H
Chisholm, William S
Chisler, Harold C
Chism, Buford B
Chism, H A
Chism, Robert L
Chism, William C
Chisnell, Dean P
Chisnell, Douglas A
Chistenden, Quentin D
Chisum, J Y
Chisum, Oliver W
Chisum, Silver C
Chitester, L C
Chitester, Lawson C
Chitra, Birko, Badukur
Chittenden, Duncan R
Chittenden, Flagg L
Chittenden, James C
Chittenden, Robert A
Chittendon, Quentin
Chittum, Warren A
Chittum, Watren A
Chitty, Audrey O
Chitty, Billy D
Chitty, Charles D Jr
Chitty, Charles D, Jr
Chitty, Charles, D, Jr
Chitty, Joseph A
Chitty, Marvin L
Chitty, W C
Chitwodd, Russell J
Chitwood, Clyde
Chitwood, Harold Otis
Chitwood, J F
Chitwood, Jackson F
Chitwood, Robert A
Chitwood, Royce R
Chitwood, Russ
Chiu, Yi S
Chiuc S C
Chivari, Stephen (nmi)
Chivas, Ronald A
Chizek, Charles W
Chizek, Richard H
Chladek, Clair F
Chlarson, Marden B
Chletri, Ralph
Chlevin, Edward (nmi)
Chlhault, Paul R
Chlidress, Frederick J
Chloupek, Tom V
Chloupek, Raymond F
Chloupek, Tom V
Chmelik, Theodore E
Chmiel, Benny M
Chmielinski, Richard
Chmiklewski, Stanley J
Chmil, Julian (nmi)
Chmura, Edward (nmi)
Cho, Chih-yuan
Cho, Chun-ying
Choaney, Michael J
Choate, Cecil C
Choate, George R
Choate, George R Jr
Choate, Henry L
Choate, Joseph C
Choate, Murray R
Choate, Paul T
Choate, Pual T
Choate, R E L
Choate, Robert E L
Choate, Stanley F
Choate, Vernon L
Choats, Vernon L
Chobot, John
Chobrach, Steve J
Chochrek, C T
Chock, George G
Chock, Joseph P
Chodelka, John
Chodero, Joseph J
Chodkowmki, Stanley R
Chodrick, Robert L
Choe, Hsu Tung
Choen, Curtice L
Choens, R C
Choens, R C (io)
Chohrach, Steve J
Chohrach, Steven J
Choice, Hudson (nmi)
Choinski, Adrian R
Chojnacki, David M
Chojnicki, Edmund J
Cholders, Vernon E
Cholewa, Joseph S
Cholewa, Joseph W
Choliet, Francois M
Cholipski, Adolph G
Chollak, Joseph P
Chollar, George A
Chollar, Glen A
Cholson, Edward L
Choma, Joseph
Choma, Joseph (nmi)
Choma, Meryslaw
Chomak, Walter
Chominski, Francis A
Chonedy, Joseph Jr
Chones, Nicholas E
Chong, C S
Chong, Collin S
Chong, Quon H
Chong, Quon H (ro)
Choniski, W J
Chonka, Charles C
Chonka, Joe M
Chonskie, Edward F
Chooche, William P
Chope, George
Choper, Emanuel
Choper, Emanuel (nmi)
Choquette, John H
Choquette, Paul D
Choquette, Paul R
Choquette, Ruth
Choquette, Ruth A
Chorak, F H
Chorak, Francis H
Chorak, Jacob N
Chorba, Robert T
Chorn, Milton E
Chorola, Joseph S
Chory, Elmer R
Chos Juhng Soon
Chosta, Louis
Chosta, Louis (nmi)
Chote, Jack B
Chotes, William C
Chou, C S
Chou, Chang Ki
Chou, Chu-hsung
Chouinard, Bernard
Chouinard, Herbert W
Choupek, Tom V
Chourre, Emile
Chout Tung Sheng
Chouteau, Henry E
Chovan, Edward
Chovanac, David A
Chow, Choung-lin
Chow, Hak C
Chow, Henry Strong
Chow, Henry-strong
Chow, Hsin-teh
Chow, Hsin-the
Chow, Hsu Tung
Chow, Hung Shun
Chow, Kue Ching
Chow, Kuo Ching
Chow, Liang
Chow, Li-kan
Chow, Mu-nong
Chow, Ping T
Chow, Ping-tsai
Chow, Shun-dien
Chow, Shun-dien (china)
Chow, Tein-do
Chowning, Robert W
Chowning, Vivian R Jr
Choy, James C
Choy, James C N
Choy, Jimmy
Chram, Elmer P
Chraniuk, William
Chrastka, Frank T
Chrep, George E
Chretien, John H
Chriesman, Horace D
Chrietzberg, Keith D, Capt
Chrisco, Sam D
Chrisemer, John W
Chrisenson, Harry B
Chrisinger, John E
Chrisman, E L
Chrisman, Edward C
Chrisman, Everett
Chrisman, Everett L
Chrisman, James E
Chrismer, Charles R
Chrismon, Harold L
Chrisohon, Michael. (wse)
Chrisp, R N
Chriss, Theodore S
Chrissinger, Donald E
Christ, Charles J
Christ, Charles M
Christ, Christain
Christ, Christain (nmi)
Christ, Christian
Christ, Christian (nmi)
Christ, Dale D
Christ, Donald R
Christ, Edward H
Christ, Jack M
Christ, Robert A
Christadore, M A
Christadoro, Maurice A
Christan, Verne D
Christansen, Clayton L
Christefere, Ledevice
Christen, Donald
Christen, Ernest W
Christen, Verne D
Christen, William J
Christenberry, Theo E
Christenburg, Keith D
Christensen, Adrian L
Christensen, Albert M
Christensen, Allen E
Christensen, Alvin M
Christensen, Andrew H
Christensen, Anton
Christensen, Arthur G
Christensen, Bernard
Christensen, Carl B
Christensen, Carl Sofis A
Christensen, Charles
Christensen, Charles G
Christensen, Charles R
Christensen, Chesley H
Christensen, Christian.
Christensen, Clayton
Christensen, Clayton A
Christensen, Clifford
Christensen, David A
Christensen, David R
Christensen, Donald F
Christensen, Donald I
Christensen, Donald N
Christensen, Donald R
Christensen, Douglas H
Christensen, E P
Christensen, Edward M
Christensen, Edwin O
Christensen, Elmer D
Christensen, Erik
Christensen, Ernest L
Christensen, Fay B
Christensen, Fred J
Christensen, Fred J Jr
Christensen, Gene A
Christensen, George W
Christensen, Gordon M
Christensen, Gordon N
Christensen, Grant S
Christensen, H A
Christensen, H A (tow Crew)
Christensen, H R
Christensen, Harold E
Christensen, Harold R
Christensen, Harold S
Christensen, Harry L
Christensen, Harvey J
Christensen, Hr
Christensen, John
Christensen, John R
Christensen, Jorgen.
Christensen, Keith L
Christensen, Kenneth W
Christensen, L E
Christensen, Laura E
Christensen, Lawrence W
Christensen, Leslie G
Christensen, Ma
Christensen, Max C
Christensen, Max J
Christensen, Maynard W
Christensen, Neil J
Christensen, Nevin G
Christensen, Niels A
Christensen, Niels C
Christensen, Norman L
Christensen, Otto A
Christensen, Paul W
Christensen, Philip J
Christensen, R D
Christensen, Ralph N
Christensen, Ray
Christensen, Rd
Christensen, Richard D
Christensen, Robert H
Christensen, Robert K
Christensen, Robert N
Christensen, Robert W
Christensen, Russell J
Christensen, Russell L
Christensen, V
Christensen, Vernal O
Christensen, Verner J
Christensen, Viggo
Christensen, W E
Christensen, Walter M
Christensen, Walter M Jr
Christensen, Walter P
Christensen, Warren J
Christensen, Warrn J
Christensen, William
Christensen, William E
Christensen, William G
Christensen, William L
Christenson, Arthur L
Christenson, Carl M
Christenson, Cornell R
Christenson, Csa
Christenson, E W
Christenson, George A
Christenson, Harold B
Christenson, Harold L
Christenson, Howard B
Christenson, John M,
Christenson, Kent L
Christenson, Leon R
Christenson, Lyle E
Christenson, Morrisson C
Christenson, Otto L
Christenson, Richard A
Christenson, Richard M
Christenson, Warren J
Christenson,adrian L
Christenson. R .a
Christgau, Roger A
Christgau, Roger Albert
Christi, Geoge
Christi, George
Christia, Donald R
Christian, Berthold B
Christian, C M
Christian, C S
Christian, Calvin B
Christian, Carl
Christian, Carl F
Christian, Charles D
Christian, Charles M
Christian, Charles N
Christian, Charles W
Christian, Clarence D
Christian, Conrad W
Christian, Edwin A
Christian, Edwin S
Christian, Emmett C
Christian, Francis R
Christian, Frank J
Christian, Harold W
Christian, J B
Christian, J O
Christian, James B
Christian, James J
Christian, James K
Christian, James O
Christian, James S
Christian, John C
Christian, John H
Christian, Kenneth P C
Christian, L M
Christian, Lawrence M Jr
Christian, Lewis O
Christian, N B
Christian, Noel F
Christian, Norman M
Christian, Paul R
Christian, Ray
Christian, Raymond W
Christian, Richard A
Christian, Robert E
Christian, Robert Jr
Christian, Robert T
Christian, Roy
Christian, Roy **
Christian, Roy (nmi)
Christian, Roy J
Christian, Shannon
Christian, Shannon (nmi)
Christian, Shannon,
Christian, Te
Christian, Thomas J J Jr
Christian, Thomas J J.
Christian, Thomas J J., Jr
Christian, Thomas J Jr
Christian, Unk
Christian, W
Christian, Wallace J
Christian, William A
Christian, William S
Christian, Woodrow
Christian, Woodrow W
Christiana, Frederick A
Christiano, Theodore
Christiansen C A
Christiansen, Alf E Jr
Christiansen, Clifford O
Christiansen, Erik
Christiansen, Evan C
Christiansen, Francis (nmi)
Christiansen, Guenther H
Christiansen, Hans C
Christiansen, Harold M
Christiansen, Herbert
Christiansen, Herbert W
Christiansen, Herman L
Christiansen, John C
Christiansen, Nogens
Christiansen, Perry A
Christiansen, Wesley D
Christianson, Alan (NMI)
Christianson, Allen E
Christianson, Bergers
Christianson, Cornelius
Christianson, Cornelius R
Christianson, Dean
Christianson, Donald B
Christianson, Edwin L
Christianson, Ellery M
Christianson, Francis (nmi)
Christianson, Franklin O
Christianson, George A
Christianson, J S
Christianson, R W
Christianson, Roy
Christianson, Warren C
Christie, Bob H
Christie, Dana B
Christie, David P
Christie, Earl W
Christie, George S Jr
Christie, H W
Christie, Hearschel O
Christie, James G
Christie, James R
Christie, Joe A
Christie, John R
Christie, Joseph F
Christie, Lewis W
Christie, Robert C
Christiensen, Allen D
Christiensen, Andrew H
Christiensen, Anton
Christiensen, Clifford
Christiensen, George W
Christiensen, Walter P
Christienson, Neil W
Christison, Charles B
Christler, Melvin H
Christmacher, Rene A
Christman, Edward C
Christman, George H
Christman, H E
Christman, Harold
Christman, Harry W
Christman, Jack (nmi)
Christman, James R
Christman, John N
Christman, L O
Christman, Lloyd A
Christman, Luther C
Christman, Luther O
Christman, Maurice E
Christman, Paul
Christman, Paul E
Christman, Richard D
Christman, Richard J
Christman, Robert H
Christman, Roman
Christman, Verle D
Christmas, C H
Christmas, Charles H
Christmas, Francis N
Christmas, Vernon P
Christmore, Leonard I
Christnacher, Rene A
Christner, G S
Christner, John W
Christner, Samuel L
Christner, Warren E
Christner, Winton
Christner, Winton (nmi)
Christodolou, Christ (nmi)
Christoe, Gordon A
Christofero, Lod J
Christofero, Lodovico
Christofero, Lodovico S
Christoffell, Mafflin E
Christoffersen, Ve Noy
Christoffersen, Venoy
Christofferson, Fe
Christofferson, Folmer
Christofferson, Frank B
Christofferson, Frank E
Christonson, William E
Christoph [full Name Probably Cut-off Here] [possibly "christop
Christoph, Joseph B
Christopher, A M
Christopher, Albert M
Christopher, Charles W
Christopher, Cleatus B
Christopher, Cremo (bystander)
Christopher, Dominic J
Christopher, E H
Christopher, George B
Christopher, Guyton M
Christopher, Hayes
Christopher, Kenneth H
Christopher, Leroy A
Christopher, Michael A
Christopher, Michael J
Christopher, Richard S
Christopher, Robert W
Christopher, Thomas R
Christopherson, Gerald A, Capt
Christopherson, Robert
Christoplas, George
Christoplas, George C
Christoplos, George
Christos, Theodore, Capt
Christtensen, Verner J
Christy, Arthur D
Christy, C C.
Christy, Charles R
Christy, Clayton E
Christy, Cornelius C
Christy, Donald B
Christy, Harrison R
Christy, Harrison R Jr
Christy, Jack T
Christy, James C Jr
Christy, James P
Christy, John Y
Christy, Leo P
Christy, P
Christy, P (nm)
Christy, Paul E
Christy, R H
Christy, Ray H
Christy, Raymond L
Christy, Raymond M
Christy, Robert H
Christy, Robert W
Christy, Warren B
Christy, William S
Christzberg, Keith D, Major
Chritian, Lawrence M, Jr
Chritoffersen, John M
Chritopherson, Robert
Chrombie, Ronald T
Chromble, Ronald T
Chronic, Jack G
Chronister, George W
Chronopolos, Theodore
Chronopolus, Theodore
Chronowski, Charles P
Chrosniak, Charles E
Chrostek, John W
Chrouser, Roland J
Chrun, E G
Chrysler, Franklin
Chryst, Thomas P
Chrystal, Milan H
Chtka, William J
Chu Cheh
Chu Te-lou
Chu Teng-ihien
Chu Yung-pie
Chu, An Chi
Chu, Chae Fu
Chu, Chao Fu
Chu, Chao-fu
Chu, Cheh
Chu, Chi T
Chu, Hwen
Chu, Liang
Chu, Pin-chun
Chu, Rey
Chu, Shen H
Chu, Shih C
Chu, Shih Chien
Chu, Shing Hsan
Chu, Shu-chuay
Chu, Sung K
Chu, Sung, Ken
Chu, Sung-ken
Chu, T F
Chu, Ta Fuh
Chu, Wei C
Chu, Yi-ching
Chuang, Han-kuang
Chuatal, Edward F
Chubb, Mary E
Chubb, R G
Chubb, Ralph W
Chubb, Rg
Chubbuck, Frd W
Chubbuck, Fred W
Chubet, Bernard J
Chubia, Peter
Chubin, Peter
Chubomin, Louis L
Chuby, W
Chuby, William
Chuby, William (nmi)
Chuck, John J
Chuck, Warren S
Chudars, James E
Chudej, Josef R
Chudleigh, Walter I
Chudoba, E J
Chudoba, Edward J
Chudy, Joseph T
Chudzinski, E S
Chudzinski, Nikolaus (nmi), Cadet; German Af
Chuel, Ross E
Chuett, Carl A
Chuhamel, Arthur J
Chuhran, Erven A
Chuisy, George B
Chuit, Carl E
Chulko, George F
Chum, William J
Chumbley, William E
Chumbley, William E (crew Chief)
Chumney, Jerome T
Chun Yong Yi
Chun, Matthew L Jr
Chun, William C
Chunat, Orlyn D
Chung Ta-ru
Chung Y Mo
Chung, Daisy A
Chung, Gorn Foon
Chung, H F
Chung, Han Fei
Chung, Jia-chan
Chung, N F
Chung, Pa C
Chung, Pao-chuen
Chung, Pe-chuan
Chung, Ta-ru
Chung, Y Mo
Chunis, A J
Chunn, Donald B
Chunn, Matthew L Jr
Chupp, Donald W
Churbuck, D F
Churbuck, Donald F
Church, Bernard H
Church, Charles (nmi)
Church, Charles E
Church, Charles Eugene
Church, Charles R
Church, Clarence G
Church, Curtis C
Church, Curtis S
Church, Curtis T
Church, Dewey R
Church, Donald L
Church, Frank C
Church, George B
Church, George H
Church, Jack M
Church, Jack N
Church, James O
Church, James W, Capt., Instrctr Plt, Fatal
Church, James Weldon, Capt; Usafres
Church, Jesse H
Church, John M
Church, Julius H
Church, Kenneth C
Church, Leo T
Church, Marion T
Church, Milton L Jr
Church, Paul B Jr
Church, Raymond H
Church, Robert C
Church, Rufus L Jr
Church, Russel M
Church, Russel M Jr
Church, Russel M, Jr
Church, Russell M
Church, Russell M Jr
Church, Russell N, Jr
Church, W W
Church, Wayne W
Church, William (NMI)
Church, William E
Church, William R
Church, William T
Churchhill, John W
Churchhill, Lyle C
Churchhill, Randolph F
Churchill, Deane G
Churchill, E J
Churchill, Elmo E
Churchill, Eugene E
Churchill, F R
Churchill, Frank T
Churchill, Frank W
Churchill, Henry N
Churchill, James L
Churchill, John B
Churchill, John D
Churchill, John P
Churchill, John W
Churchill, Jordan M
Churchill, Lyle C
Churchill, Lyle L
Churchill, Randolph F
Churchill, Robert D, Capt
Churchill, W L
Churchill, Walter L
Churchill, Wesley H
Churchman, G E
Churchman, Oscar D
Churchville, Louis J
Churchwell, Christopher
Churchwell, Christopher, Kesler, Armand C
Churchwell, George
Churchwell, Hebard H
Churchwell, Thomas L
Churgin, Robert E
Churging, Stanley G
Churgwing, Stanley G
Churley, J R
Churma, Edward V
Chuse, J F
Chuse, John F
Chuse, Joseph R
Chuta, John J
Chute, Robert G
Chvatal, Edward F
Chvatal, Franklin P
Chwatek, Frank W
Chwatel, John
Chwei, Ming Chuan
Chwei, Ming Chung
Chwei, Ming-chuan
Chyhai, Alex
Chyle, Walter (nmi)
Chynoweth, S W
Chynoweth, Samuel W
Chynoweth, William R
Chysler, Franklin L
Chzescikanek, Theodore
Cia????aki, G H
Ciabettari, Victor J
Ciacelli, Mario J
Ciagne, John
Ciagne, John J
Ciak, Stanley J
Ciallanza, Paul S
Ciampa, Robert C J
Cianci, Gale J
Cianci, Harry A
Cianci, J A
Cianci, Stephen L
Cianelloni, V J
Cianli, Stephan L
Ciano, Belfione N
Ciano, Belfiore N
Ciaramitaro, Frank
Ciaramitaro, Frank (nmi)
Ciardi, Arhtur (NMI) Jr
Ciarfeo, Glenn T
Ciari, A S
Ciasson, Henry G
Ciavardoni, Otto
Ciavardoni, Otto (nmi)
Ciavatonne, Anthony G
Ciba, John J
Cibor, Walter W
Cibroski, James
Cibulsky, Michael, Jr
Cicak, Peter
Cicalese, John P
Ciccarelli, Silvio A
Ciccarello, Arthur F
Ciccarello, Joseph (nmi)
Ciccio, Salvatore J
Ciccolella, Edward W
Cicconi, Anthony D
Cicero, Nicolas
Cicero, William M
Cicerone, Raymond S
Cicewicz, Thaddeus P J
Cichanaki, George
Cichelli, John A
Cichocki, E J
Cichocki, Theodore S
Cichon, Edward J
Cichoski, Maurice J
Cicnek, Francis T
Cicogna, Ernest G
Cicon, Michael J
Cicone, Benedict W
Cicons, Benedict W
Cicotti, Raymond F
Cicsi, Charles D
Cid, Joseph
Cidulka, Edward
Cidulka, Edward (nmi)
Ciegler, A
Ciegler, Alex (nmi)
Ciehooki, E J
Cielewich, Donald E
Ciemny, Frank A
Cieplinski, Chester
Cieplinski, Chester P
Cieri, A S
Cieri, Anthony S
Cieri, Eugene L
Cieriak, Chester
Cierlak, Chester
Cierlak, Chester (nmi)
Ciervo, Pasquale A
Cieser, Ralph H, Jr
Ciesielski, Gene C
Ciesielski, Joseph F
Ciesielski, Walter S
Ciesla, Sylvester J
Ciesla-sylvester, J
Ciesler, E J
Ciesler, Edward J
Cieslinski, Thomas F
Ciesluk, Leon S
Cieslux, Leon S
Cieszkowski, Norbert F
Cieutat, Vernon W
Ciezarek, John J
Cifrese, Rocco .
Cifrese, Rocco L
Cihiy, John J
Cihlar, Edward G
Ciliotti, Albert
Cilker, George
Cilker, George E
Cilley, Edwin J
Cilli, Alexander
Cilli, Alexander F
Cilli, Nickolas G
Cillings, Kenneth L
Cillingsworth, Jack M
Cilvick, Raymond Z
Cima [or Oima]
Cima, Ralph R
Cimaglia, John
Cimaglia, John O
Ciminelli, Philip A
Ciminiti, Carmelo P
Cimino, Alphonse A
Cimino, Anthony P
Cimino, William L
Cimmins, Carl W
Cinalli, George O
Cindrich, Matthew A
Cinecne, Charles
Ciniello, Michael J
Cinini, James T
Cinnamon, Floyd W
Cinquemani, Roy
Cinsone, Charles
Ciocchi, Dante G
Cioff, John J
Cioffi, Augustine J
Cioffi, John J
Ciokajlo, John Joseph
Ciontz, L M
Cioppa, James J
Ciopps, James J
Ciordano, Bruno Antonio
Ciorrocco, Dominic J
Cipella, John O
Cipolla, Anthony F
Cipot, Stephen F
Cipple, Donald R
Cippolla, John J
Ciprian, Joseph E
Cipriani, Eugene A
Cipriano, V
Ciprich, John P
Cipullo, John F
Circle, Elbert W
Circle, R W
Cire, Donald B
Cirgliano, Louis R
Ciriack, Elmer F
Ciriak, Elmer F
Ciriani, Antonio H
Cirincione, Domenic H
Cirinicione, Domenic H
Cirinna, E S
Cirinna, Emmanuele S
Cirino, Joseph S
Ciriono, Joseph S
Ciriza Leo H
Ciriza, Leo H
Cirlincione, Andrew F
Cirmo, Ralph A
Cirolla, Joseph J
Cirone, John
Cirouard, Arthur D, Jr
Cirrincione, Joseph
Cirrincione, Joseph S
Cirzan, George P
Cisar, Norman Henry
Cisco, Arnold W
Cisco, George E
Cisco, Guy C
Cisco, Guy C Jr
Ciscoe, Milton H
Ciseneros, Samuel
Cish, Jack (nmi)
Cisinski, R A
Ciskow, George W
Cislo, Chester E
Cismowski, Aloysious M
Cisna, W A
Cisna, William A
Cisnaros, Samuel
Cisne, C M
Cisne, Charles N
Cisneros, Joe, Jr
Cisneros, Ralph N
Cisneros, Ralph R
Cisneros, Samuel
Cisowski, Stanley J
Cisto, William J
Ciszak, C J
Ciszek, C J
Citro, Frank F
Citron, Alan B
Citta, James P
City, Damon F
Ciulia, Frank
Ciulla, Frank B
Ciunga, Eli
Ciungan, Eli
Ciurczak, John
Civ Mech, Name Unknown
Civil, Thomas J
Civil, Thomas J, Jr
Civilian Aero Engineer Wright Field: Shorr,
Civilian Bystanders, Waitresses In Mess Ha
Civilian Employees Of American Airlines: Ko
Civilian Employees Of Curtiss-wright Corpor
Civilian Employees Of North American Aviati
Civilian Employees Of Northwest Airlines: E
Civilian Flight Engineers Consolidated Vult
Civilian Girl
Civilian Mechanic, Name Unknown
Civilian Pilot
Civilian Test Crew: Ship, Richard
Civilian Test Pilots And Engineers: Fraser,
Civilian Test Pilots Consolidated Vultee: E
Civilian Test Pilots: Warren, Francis E
Civilian Worker
Civilians Employed By Douglas Aircraft Comp
Civilians Employed In Hangar Injured By Fl
Civilians In House: Clapton, Barbara
Civilians On Beach: Silva, Mary
Civilians On Ground: Giddens, Betty Lou
Civilians On Ground: Winter, Alfred
Civilians, Bechtel Mccone Corporation: Maxw
Civilians, North American Aviation: Bach, E
Civilians, Pan Am: Randall, John L
Civilians, Republic Aviation Corporation: W
Civilians: Becker, W D
Civilians: Bush, H J
Civilians: Chapin, J C
Civilians: Cobb, Norman C
Civilians: Colvin, Walney A
Civilians: Craigin, Karl F
Civilians: Fiduccia, A
Civilians: Finzer, Vernon L
Civilians: Genovese, Joseph
Civilians: Gerish, Virginia M
Civilians: Glover, Grout G Jr
Civilians: Gower, Jack
Civilians: Hathaway, K G
Civilians: Hayes, Burt V
Civilians: Heaton, Jennison
Civilians: Jackson, Elizabeth E
Civilians: Kern, Frank B
Civilians: Lampasas, Ciro S Jr
Civilians: Lampman, Billy
Civilians: Loomis, R
Civilians: Mcmakin, Richard Addison
Civilians: Morrison, Lewis Howard
Civilians: Savage, Linton A
Civilians: Schaffer, Walter T
Civilians: Sigfred, S V
Civilians: Smith, Mrs R E
Civilians: Taaffe, Edward P
Civilians: Tyson, George W
Civilians: Winsett, William F
Civilianspoplawski, H R
Civilianssopke, John
Cix Lew
Ciza, J J.
Cizek, Charles F
Cizine, William H Jr
Ckocklet, Pete
Claar, Robert G
Claar, Robert O
Claark, Edwin A
Claarke, Raymond E
Claasen, C B
Claassen Clayton B
Claassen, C B
Claassen, Clayton B
Clabaugh, Leslie C
Clabaugh, Martin E
Clabaugh, Rutherford
Clabo, Roy
Clabough, Harry E
Clachko, Adolph B
Clack, James H
Clack, Strout L
Clackson, G T.
Cladel, John A
Claeys, Charles B
Claeys, Robert J
Claff, Ray M
Claffey, Raymond P
Claffy, Foseph A Jr
Claffy, Joseph A Jr
Claffy, Raymond P
Claflin, Chester W
Claflin, Harold D
Claflin, Ralph B Jr
Claflin, Ralph B, Jr
Claflin, Richard E
Clager, Howard P
Clagett, Albert L
Clagett, H C
Clagett, H C B Jr
Clagett, H C, Jr
Clagett, Henry Black
Clagett, Henry C B
Clagett, S M
Clagget, Ellwood T
Clagget, George
Claggett, Ellwood T
Claggett, Laurence G
Claggett, Ralph B
Claggett, William W
Clague, Robert E
Claiborn, Olden F
Claiborne, Eugene S
Claiborne, H G
Claiborne, Harry C
Claiborne, Sam V
Clair, D M
Clair, Louis D
Clair, W A
Clair, William
Clair, William A
Claire, Robert S
Clairmont, Victor L
Clakr, Austin W
Clam, Fred W
Clamack, R R
Clamp, Ira L
Clampitt, Clanton W
Clampitt, Robert C
Clamurro, Phillip C
Clanccy, E J
Clancey, Charles A
Clancey, Charles C
Clancey, Donald R
Clancey, J E
Clancey, Thomas J
Clanche, Luke M
Clancy, Andrew A
Clancy, Andrew N
Clancy, Charles W
Clancy, D R
Clancy, E J
Clancy, Edwin A Jr
Clancy, Ej
Clancy, Gilbert T
Clancy, John G
Clancy, John H
Clancy, John J
Clancy, John T
Clancy, Maurice M
Clancy, Thomas F
Clancy, Thomas J
Clancy, Thomas L
Clancy, Thomas R
Clancy, W E
Clancy, William E
Clandenin, Harland G
Clandenin, Richard H
Clandy, William E
Claney, Kenneth L
Claney, Thomas R
Clanton, Charles C
Clanton, Charles T
Clanton, Gene L
Clanton, John R
Clanton, R W
Clanton, William L
Clantzberg, Frederick E
Clapa, Albert A
Clapham, D J
Clapham, Duane J
Clapham, George L
Clapham, Lester E
Clapham, Lloyd M
Clapp, A J
Clapp, Chauncey D
Clapp, Clement M
Clapp, Erite W
Clapp, Frederick H
Clapp, Frederick R
Clapp, Harold B
Clapp, Harvey R
Clapp, Harvey S
Clapp, Keith W
Clapp, L E
Clapp, Murray O
Clapp, R M
Clapp, Ray M
Clapp, Robert B
Clapp, Robert D
Clapp, Victor
Clapp, Victor (nmi)
Clapp, Victor.
Clapp, W L
Clapp, Walker L
Clapp, William L
Clapp, William L Jr
Clapper, Elwin E
Clapper, Gean
Clapper, Ricahrd T
Clapper, Richard T
Clapperton, Alexander W
Clapperton, Edward T
Clapps, Ralph T
Clappy, Joseph A Jr
Claprood, Richard L
Claps, Albert A
Clapsaddle, George F
Clapsaddle, Harold D
Clapsaddle, James R
Clapsaddle, Merle A
Clapton, Jean
Clapton, June
Clapton, Mary
Clardy, David B
Clardy, David B, Major
Clardy, Tom C
Clare, David James
Clare, Jack W
Clare, James W
Clare, Robert S
Clarendon, James P Ii
Clarendon, James P, Ii
Clarey, Donald J
Clarey, Elmer W
Clarey, Howard A Jr
Clarey, James P
Clarida, Freddie A Jr
Clarida, Willard J
Claride, Freddie A Jr
Clark Robert H1lt.
Clark, Charles W
Clark, A D
Clark, A G
Clark, A H
Clark, A L
Clark, Alan D
Clark, Alan H
Clark, Albert A
Clark, Albert H
Clark, Albert J
Clark, Albert P
Clark, Albert P Jr
Clark, Albert R
Clark, Albert T
Clark, Albert W
Clark, Alden C
Clark, Alfred M
Clark, Alger H
Clark, Algernon W
Clark, Alvin F
Clark, Amos B
Clark, Andrew F
Clark, Andrew R
Clark, Arodd W
Clark, Arthur B Jr
Clark, Asa V
Clark, Austin W
Clark, B A
Clark, B J
Clark, Benjamin L Jr
Clark, Bernard T
Clark, Bernice C
Clark, Bert
Clark, Beryl L
Clark, Betty J
Clark, Billy
Clark, Billy V
Clark, Bradley B
Clark, Brafley B
Clark, Bruce L
Clark, Bruce R
Clark, Buell R
Clark, Byron B
Clark, C C.
Clark, C D
Clark, C H
Clark, C I
Clark, C R
Clark, Campbell R
Clark, Carl A
Clark, Carl M
Clark, Carlton H
Clark, Cecil E
Clark, Cecil H
Clark, Chalmers Jr
Clark, Chalres R
Clark, Champ W
Clark, Charles
Clark, Charles (nmi)
Clark, Charles A
Clark, Charles A, Jr
Clark, Charles C
Clark, Charles D
Clark, Charles L
Clark, Charles M
Clark, Charles M Jr
Clark, Charles M, Jr
Clark, Charles N
Clark, Charles P
Clark, Charles R
Clark, Charles T
Clark, Charles V
Clark, Charles W
Clark, Charles W (cp)
Clark, Chester B
Clark, Chester W Jr
Clark, Clair A
Clark, Clarence
Clark, Clarence B
Clark, Clifton G
Clark, Clinton W
Clark, Clyde R
Clark, Coleman
Clark, Colton R Jr
Clark, Cornelius T (ro)
Clark, Curtis A Jr
Clark, Curtiss H
Clark, D
Clark, D A
Clark, D E
Clark, D L
Clark, D M
Clark, Danold R
Clark, Darrell A
Clark, David (nmi)
Clark, David M
Clark, David S
Clark, David W
Clark, Dean
Clark, Dean C
Clark, Delbert A
Clark, Dennis J
Clark, Devaughn L
Clark, Dewey M
Clark, Donald
Clark, Donald E, 2lt
Clark, Donald F
Clark, Donald J
Clark, Donald L
Clark, Donald M
Clark, Donald R
Clark, Douglas B Jr
Clark, Doyle D
Clark, E M
Clark, E Maude
Clark, Earl D
Clark, Earl W
Clark, Edsel O
Clark, Edward
Clark, Edward C
Clark, Edward H (et)
Clark, Edward L
Clark, Edward L, Capt
Clark, Edward P
Clark, Edward R
Clark, Edward R, Capt
Clark, Edward S
Clark, Edwin
Clark, Edwin E
Clark, Edwin Harold ,1lt
Clark, Edwin I
Clark, Edwin I Jr
Clark, Eldon D
Clark, Elton W
Clark, Ernest
Clark, Ernest A
Clark, Eugene L
Clark, Eugene T
Clark, Euguen T
Clark, F T
Clark, Fay H
Clark, Floyd B
Clark, Floyd M
Clark, Floyd R Jr
Clark, Forrest S
Clark, Francis
Clark, Francis B
Clark, Francis C
Clark, Francis R
Clark, Francis X
Clark, Frank B
Clark, Frank C
Clark, Frank E
Clark, Frank H
Clark, Frank L
Clark, Frank N
Clark, Franklin William
Clark, Fred
Clark, Fred L
Clark, Frederick (NMI)
Clark, Frederick A
Clark, Frederick H
Clark, G
Clark, G E
Clark, G G
Clark, Garnce
Clark, Garth E
Clark, George A
Clark, George B
Clark, George D
Clark, George E
Clark, George F
Clark, George G
Clark, George H
Clark, George L
Clark, George M Jr
Clark, George Q
Clark, George R
Clark, George S
Clark, George W
Clark, Gerald O, Ltcol
Clark, Gilman
Clark, Glen C
Clark, Glenn
Clark, Glenn C
Clark, Glenn E
Clark, Glenn R
Clark, Glenn R Jr
Clark, Goerge W
Clark, Gordon B
Clark, Gordon E
Clark, Guy P Jr
Clark, H A
Clark, H E
Clark, H L
Clark, H W
Clark, Hal S
Clark, Harlon M
Clark, Harold D
Clark, Harold E
Clark, Harold F
Clark, Harold H
Clark, Harold L
Clark, Harold W
Clark, Harris G
Clark, Harrison
Clark, Harry J
Clark, Harry L
Clark, Henry E
Clark, Henry Edward
Clark, Henry F
Clark, Henry P
Clark, Herbert A
Clark, Herbert L
Clark, Herbert V
Clark, Herbert W Jr
Clark, Hewitt H
Clark, Hiram B
Clark, Howard C
Clark, Howard D
Clark, Howard E
Clark, Howard L
Clark, Hugh C
Clark, Irving F
Clark, Irwin L
Clark, Iver H
Clark, J C
Clark, J D
Clark, J F
Clark, J H
Clark, J I
Clark, J M
Clark, J R
Clark, J S Jr
Clark, J S, Jr
Clark, J W
Clark, J, Marvin
Clark, Jack
Clark, Jack E
Clark, Jack F
Clark, Jack W
Clark, James
Clark, James A
Clark, James A Jr
Clark, James C
Clark, James E
Clark, James F
Clark, James F Jr
Clark, James F Kirdaikis, Joseph P
Clark, James F, Jr
Clark, James G
Clark, James H
Clark, James J
Clark, James K
Clark, James L
Clark, James O
Clark, James R
Clark, James S
Clark, James Scott
Clark, James W
Clark, Jay C
Clark, Jim B
Clark, Jimmie R
Clark, Jimmie W
Clark, Joe L
Clark, Joe W
Clark, John
Clark, John A
Clark, John B
Clark, John B Jr
Clark, John B, Jr
Clark, John C
Clark, John D
Clark, John E
Clark, John F
Clark, John F, Jr
Clark, John G
Clark, John J
Clark, John Jr
Clark, John M
Clark, John P
Clark, John R
Clark, John S
Clark, John S Jr
Clark, John S, Jr
Clark, John V
Clark, John W
Clark, Johnathan D
Clark, Jonathan
Clark, Joseph C
Clark, Joseph H
Clark, Joseph L
Clark, Joseph M
Clark, Joseph P
Clark, Joseph R
Clark, Joseph W
Clark, Julian C
Clark, Julian L Jr
Clark, K G
Clark, Kenneth
Clark, Kenneth (nmi)
Clark, Kenneth A
Clark, Kenneth F
Clark, Kenneth S
Clark, Kenneth W
Clark, L F
Clark, Lawless E
Clark, Lawrence J
Clark, Lawton E
Clark, Lehman A
Clark, Leigh W
Clark, Leo B
Clark, Leonard A
Clark, Lester E
Clark, Lester M
Clark, Lewis A
Clark, Lloyd C
Clark, Lloyd G
Clark, Lloyd T
Clark, Louis G
Clark, Louis M
Clark, Louis M Jr
Clark, Loyal H
Clark, Lyman B
Clark, Lynwood E
Clark, M
Clark, M F
Clark, M I
Clark, M L
Clark, M R
Clark, Mansel R
Clark, Margaret Ann
Clark, Marion F
Clark, Marshall W
Clark, Martin W
Clark, Maurice E
Clark, Maurice L
Clark, Max J
Clark, Mccauley
Clark, Mckinley F
Clark, Mckinley R
Clark, Melvin A
Clark, Merle K
Clark, Milo
Clark, Milo M
Clark, Milo N
Clark, Morice G
Clark, Morris
Clark, Murphy J
Clark, Nathaniel B
Clark, Ned J Jr
Clark, Ned J, Jr
Clark, Neil D
Clark, Neild
Clark, Norman C
Clark, Norman H
Clark, Norman J
Clark, Norman M
Clark, Norman R
Clark, Norris C
Clark, Norris J
Clark, Norton G
Clark, O D
Clark, O L
Clark, Oliver W
Clark, Ollie E
Clark, Ollie H
Clark, Orien F
Clark, Owen
Clark, Owen F
Clark, Owen L
Clark, Owen R
Clark, P
Clark, Paul A
Clark, Paul F
Clark, Paul H
Clark, Paul I
Clark, Paul M
Clark, Peter M
Clark, Philip R
Clark, Philip S
Clark, Q E
Clark, R A
Clark, R C
Clark, R E
Clark, R F
Clark, R G
Clark, R J
Clark, R L
Clark, R O
Clark, R W
Clark, Ralph F
Clark, Ralph P
Clark, Ralph S
Clark, Ralph T
Clark, Ralph W
Clark, Ray G
Clark, Ray H
Clark, Raymond E
Clark, Raymond S
Clark, Raymond W
Clark, Reagen
Clark, Reagon A
Clark, Reuben J
Clark, Richard
Clark, Richard E
Clark, Richard G
Clark, Richard H
Clark, Richard J
Clark, Richard K
Clark, Richard R
Clark, Richard T
Clark, Richard W
Clark, Rihcard E
Clark, Robert
Clark, Robert A
Clark, Robert B
Clark, Robert C
Clark, Robert D
Clark, Robert Dean
Clark, Robert E
Clark, Robert F
Clark, Robert G
Clark, Robert H
Clark, Robert J
Clark, Robert K
Clark, Robert L
Clark, Robert M
Clark, Robert N
Clark, Robert R
Clark, Robert S
Clark, Robert T
Clark, Robert W
Clark, Robert W, 2/lt
Clark, Roderick D
Clark, Roger
Clark, Roger R
Clark, Roland
Clark, Roland H
Clark, Ronald M
Clark, Roscoe O
Clark, Rowell B
Clark, Rs
Clark, Russel W
Clark, Russel W, Jr
Clark, Russell
Clark, Russell E
Clark, Russell W
Clark, Samuel L
Clark, Sherman E
Clark, Spurgeon W Jr
Clark, Spurgeon W, Jr
Clark, Stanley Jr
Clark, Stanley O Jr
Clark, Stanley O, Jr
Clark, Stanley S
Clark, Stuart W
Clark, Susan Parker
Clark, Sydney E C
Clark, Sydney, E C
Clark, T R
Clark, Terry A
Clark, Thasd W
Clark, Theodore E
Clark, Theron O
Clark, Thomas
Clark, Thomas A
Clark, Thomas F
Clark, Thomas J
Clark, Thomas L
Clark, Thomas S
Clark, Thomas W
Clark, Townsend E Jr
Clark, Vera R
Clark, Vern R
Clark, Vernon E
Clark, Vernon W
Clark, W B
Clark, W H
Clark, W T
Clark, W T Jr
Clark, W T, Jr
Clark, Walter
Clark, Walter D
Clark, Walter E
Clark, Walter E Jr
Clark, Walter E, Jr
Clark, Walter F
Clark, Walter F Jr
Clark, Walter F, Jr
Clark, Walter M
Clark, Ward N
Clark, Warren H
Clark, Warren J
Clark, Wayne E
Clark, Wellman A
Clark, Wilford E
Clark, Willaim L
Clark, William
Clark, William B
Clark, William B Jr
Clark, William C
Clark, William D
Clark, William E
Clark, William F
Clark, William G
Clark, William H
Clark, William J
Clark, William Jr
Clark, William L
Clark, William M
Clark, William M Jr
Clark, William O
Clark, William P
Clark, William R
Clark, William S
Clark, William T
Clark, William T Jr
Clark, William W Jr
Clark, William W, Jr
Clark, William, Jr
Clark, Willie A
Clark, Willie A Grace, Robert L
Clark, Willis A
Clark,bruce R
Clark. John M
Clarke Oliver L
Clarke William T
Clarke, A
Clarke, Arlie E
Clarke, Arnold A
Clarke, Arthur M
Clarke, B M
Clarke, Barbara M
Clarke, Basil M
Clarke, Charles E
Clarke, Charles L
Clarke, Clarence A
Clarke, Clifford C
Clarke, D
Clarke, D L
Clarke, Donald .
Clarke, Donald L
Clarke, Donald P
Clarke, Donald R
Clarke, E W
Clarke, Edward A
Clarke, Edward J., Jr
Clarke, Edward K
Clarke, Ernest A
Clarke, Frank W
Clarke, Fred
Clarke, Fred J L
Clarke, Fred W
Clarke, Fredrick E Jr
Clarke, George B
Clarke, George C
Clarke, George H
Clarke, George J
Clarke, H A
Clarke, Harold F
Clarke, Harold K
Clarke, Harrison (nmi)
Clarke, Harry J
Clarke, Herbert A
Clarke, J M
Clarke, J M C
Clarke, J W
Clarke, Jack C
Clarke, James H
Clarke, James W
Clarke, Jesse C
Clarke, John
Clarke, John A
Clarke, John C
Clarke, John F
Clarke, John M O
Clarke, John S Jr
Clarke, John S, Jr
Clarke, John W
Clarke, Joseph M
Clarke, Joseph W
Clarke, Kenneth
Clarke, Keylon W
Clarke, Laurence W
Clarke, Laverne E
Clarke, Lawton J
Clarke, Louis T
Clarke, M E
Clarke, Mack E
Clarke, Malcolm F
Clarke, Marvin M
Clarke, N G
Clarke, Norman G
Clarke, Oliver L
Clarke, Owen F
Clarke, Owen P
Clarke, Paul A
Clarke, Paul E
Clarke, Philip W
Clarke, Phillip W
Clarke, Raymond D
Clarke, Robert C
Clarke, Robert E
Clarke, Robert F
Clarke, Robert G
Clarke, Robert G Jr
Clarke, Robert H
Clarke, Robert W
Clarke, Rovert C
Clarke, Russell C
Clarke, Susan
Clarke, Susan P
Clarke, Susan Parker
Clarke, Sydney L
Clarke, Thomas T
Clarke, Vincent J
Clarke, W C
Clarke, Walter C
Clarke, Walter G
Clarke, William A Jr
Clarke, William B
Clarke, William D
Clarke, William E Jr
Clarke, William R
Clarke, William S
Clarke, William T
Clarks, J M O
Clarks, Kenneth
Clarkson, Billie T
Clarkson, C
Clarkson, Donald J
Clarkson, Harry W
Clarkson, J G
Clarkson, Jack B
Clarkson, James L
Clarkson, John
Clarkson, John P
Clarkson, Marcus E
Clarkson, Marion C
Clarkson, Raymond E
Clarkson, Robert M
Clarkson, William L
Clarne, Joseph
Clarno, Joseph
Clarr, Donald C
Clarry, Edmund J
Clarx, Albert A
Clary, Dallas J
Clary, Dennis M
Clary, Frank L
Clary, James L
Clary, Lawson Jr
Clary, Lawson, Jr
Clary, William E
Clary, William R Jr
Clary, William S
Clasbey, Sam H
Clasby, Coleman L
Clasen, Frederick D
Claser, R W
Clasle, A
Clason, Philip S
Clason, Phillip S
Claspill, Meldon A
Class, Kenneth A
Classen, Kenneth L
Classen, Thomas J
Classen, Tj
Classford, Pelham D Jr
Classgens, Robert F
Classic, George F
Classick, James J
Classon, Sheldon
Classon, Sheldon A
Claster, Leon H
Clatterbuck, Drexel W
Clatworthy, Jonathan E
Claud, J Sherman
Claud, Shirley T
Claud, W H
Claude, Charles L
Claude, Laurens
Claudius, Robert E
Claunch, J G
Claunch, John G
Clauneh, J G
Claus, Charles R
Claus, Daniel G
Claus, Donald R
Claus, James N
Claus, James N Mckeatchie, D C
Claus, John G
Claus, Paul E
Claus, Paul G
Claus, Paule
Claus, Robert P
Claus, Thomas E (1p)
Claus. Paul G
Clausen, Archibald N
Clausen, Charles
Clausen, George A
Clausen, George C
Clausen, Harry H
Clausen, L F
Clausen, Leland F
Clausen, Lemoine H
Clausen, Merle T
Clausen, R A
Clausen, Ra
Clausen, Radcliffe C
Clausen, Ras M
Clausen, Sigurd
Clausen, William E
Clauser, Frank W
Clausius, George E Jr
Clausius, George E, Jr
Clauson, Curtis S
Clauss, Edward R
Clauss, Teophil, Jr
Claussen, Claus F
Claussen, Gerald A 1/lt
Claussen, James F
Claussen, Robert A
Claussen, Roy R
Clautice, A R
Clautice, Alban R
Clautice, Albanr
Clauws, Paul J
Clavel, E C
Clavelle, Robert R
Clavenger, Wayne
Claver, Carlos F
Claverie, Gaston R
Claverie, Leon M
Claville, D L
Claville, Daniel L Jr
Claville, Daniel L, Jr
Clawson, Alba
Clawson, Arthur J
Clawson, E J
Clawson, J H
Clawson, J M
Clawson, James H
Clawson, John L
Clawson, Johnie H G
Clawson, Johnnie H G
Clawson, K C
Clawson, Kenneth C
Clawson, Lawerence W
Clawson, Lawrence W
Clawson, Lloyd F
Clawson, Lloyd Firman, Schultz, Delbert Rob
Clawson, Oliver R
Clawson, Robert E
Claxton, Charles G
Claxton, Forrest B
Claxton, June
Claxton, Mary
Claxton, Mrs. Barbara May
Claxton, Wesley
Clay, Adolphus S
Clay, Arthur F
Clay, Arthur M
Clay, Ben C, Capt
Clay, Billy J
Clay, Charles Allen
Clay, Charles E
Clay, Claudis W
Clay, David W
Clay, Earl D
Clay, Edward A
Clay, Edward H
Clay, George R
Clay, Gordon C
Clay, Gordon D
Clay, Harry E
Clay, Hoarce B
Clay, Horace B
Clay, Iola
Clay, Iola V
Clay, James A
Clay, James E
Clay, Jesse P
Clay, John
Clay, John C
Clay, John E
Clay, John G
Clay, John H
Clay, Joseph E
Clay, Julian L
Clay, Lawrence H
Clay, Leon C
Clay, Leonard E
Clay, Leslie D
Clay, Lucius D Jr
Clay, Milford O
Clay, Neal Jr
Clay, Oscar E
Clay, Paul E
Clay, Raymond V, Major
Clay, Robert B
Clay, Robert J
Clay, Stanley R
Clay, Ted N
Clay, Thomas K
Clay, Troy W
Clay, William M
Clay, William T
Claybaker, Dale W
Claybaugh, Blair F
Claybaugh, K Wayne
Claybaugh, Vernon C
Claybaugh, Wayne M
Clayberg, James G
Claybourn, George R
Claybourn, Jack J
Claybrook, G G
Claybrook, Robert A
Claycomb, Donald E
Claycomb, P E
Claycomb, Tom Jr
Clayman, H P
Clayman, Martin R
Claypool, Perry B
Claypool, Perry E
Claypool, R E
Claypool, R L
Claypool, Robert H Jr
Claypool, Thomas D
Claypool, Thomas L
Claypoole, Gordan
Clayton Howard D
Clayton, Albert J
Clayton, Andrew G
Clayton, Ben H
Clayton, Benjamin H
Clayton, Billy W
Clayton, Burleigh G
Clayton, C
Clayton, Carl
Clayton, Carlos N
Clayton, Cassie
Clayton, Charles G
Clayton, Charles K
Clayton, Chesley C
Clayton, Cossie
Clayton, D B
Clayton, Donald B
Clayton, E
Clayton, Eugene L
Clayton, Fielding
Clayton, Floyd N
Clayton, Frederick W
Clayton, Gerald H
Clayton, Gurnee A
Clayton, H
Clayton, Harold (nmi)
Clayton, Herbert
Clayton, Hugh A
Clayton, Hugh D
Clayton, J B
Clayton, Jackson B
Clayton, John
Clayton, John F, 1lt
Clayton, John F, Capt
Clayton, John M
Clayton, Joseph C
Clayton, Lawrence E, Capt
Clayton, Lawrence L Jr
Clayton, Lewis F
Clayton, Lyle M
Clayton, Lyman M Jr
Clayton, Lyman M, Jr
Clayton, Lyman, M Jr
Clayton, Orville H
Clayton, Pollard
Clayton, R H
Clayton, Ralph V
Clayton, Raphael C
Clayton, Raphael Craig
Clayton, Raymon L
Clayton, Raymond L
Clayton, Richard L
Clayton, Robert H
Clayton, Roderick K
Clayton, Tom F
Clayton, Virgil R
Clayton, W B
Clayton, W N
Clayton, William L Jr
Clayton, William N
Clayton, William T
Clayton, Wofford G
Claytor, Andrew G
Claytor, David L
Claytor, Roy F
Claytor, Vernon J
Claytor, William Jr
Clayville, Hg
Claywell Elgie C
Claywell, Elgie C
Clear, James A
Clear, John (nmi)
Clear, John Jr
Clear, Joseph M
Clearman, Pervy L
Clearwater, George W Jr
Clearwater, Melvin B
Clearwater, William T
Cleary, Charles J
Cleary, Charles W
Cleary, E J
Cleary, Edward G
Cleary, Edward J Jr
Cleary, Francis J
Cleary, George M
Cleary, Gerald J
Cleary, Gerald O
Cleary, Harold G
Cleary, J J.
Cleary, James G
Cleary, John
Cleary, John J
Cleary, John Jr
Cleary, John R
Cleary, John W
Cleary, John, Jr
Cleary, Maurice J
Cleary, Richard
Cleary, Richard E
Cleary, Robert
Cleary, Robert (nmi)
Cleary, Walter
Cleary, Walter(ro)
Cleary, William H
Cleary, William J
Cleath, Harold L
Cleaton, Charles T
Cleave, R A G
Cleave, Ra
Cleave, Robert A G
Cleaveland, Floyd J
Cleaveland, Henry F
Cleaveland, Jerry P
Cleaveland, Norman
Cleavenger, James D
Cleavenger, Jan D
Cleaver, James W
Cleaver, Maxwell
Cleaver, Maxwell B
Cleaver, Richard M
Cleaver, Samuel J
Cleaves, Haskell
Cleaves, Mark M, Capt
Cleaves, William E
Cleavland, Dale S
Cleb, O
Clee, Donald B
Cleek, Melvin D
Cleere, George L
Clees, Randall J
Clees, Randell J
Clees, Robert J
Clees, Robert S
Clegg, G A
Clegg, Harold W
Clegg, J W
Clegg, Jack M
Clegg, John E
Clegg, John M
Clegg, Joseph W
Clegg, Lavere W
Clegg, Maynard E
Clegg, Robert C
Clegg, Robert G
Clegg, Robert S
Clegg, Rubert S
Clegg, Vernon A
Clegg, Warren Erastus
Clegg, William G
Cleghorn, William E
Cleland, Carl E
Cleland, Charles C
Cleland, Deaton K
Cleland, Deston M
Cleland, Enos L Jr
Cleland, Enos L, Jr
Cleland, Gordon E
Cleland, James B
Cleland, James R
Cleland, Mark R
Cleland, Thomas H
Cleland, Thomas N
Clelland, Donald Max
Clelland, Virgil
Clellen, Gerald B
Clem, Howard E
Clem, J N
Clem, James N
Clem, Jd
Clem, Roy D
Clem, Thomas
Clemans, Walter J
Clemans, Walter Jr
Clememts, Frank B
Clemence, Charles J, Jr
Clemens, Arthur E
Clemens, Charles E
Clemens, Curtis F
Clemens, Eugene M
Clemens, Frank C
Clemens, Frank C Ii
Clemens, Frank C, Ii
Clemens, Fred J
Clemens, G E
Clemens, John M
Clemens, Kenneth G
Clemens, Otis W Jr
Clemens, Q Van
Clemens, Royce M
Clemens, Thomas E
Clemens, Walter J
Clemens, Wilson F
Clemens, Winston D
Clemenson, Robert C
Clemenst, Richard P
Clement, Arthur
Clement, Asa F (civ)
Clement, Barbara
Clement, Browne
Clement, Earl R
Clement, Edmund A
Clement, Edwin G
Clement, Ernest J
Clement, Fred P
Clement, Fred R
Clement, Georges
Clement, Hewitt M
Clement, Jack
Clement, Jack F
Clement, James W
Clement, Jean-marie
Clement, Joe L
Clement, John A
Clement, John L
Clement, Joseph C
Clement, Joseph W Jr
Clement, Melvin D
Clement, Pruitte L
Clement, Raymond D
Clement, Reginald
Clement, Richard W
Clement, Robert C
Clement, Robert F
Clement, Robert L
Clement, S
Clement, Stanley C
Clement, Wesley Y
Clement, William R
Clemente, Frank Jr
Clemente, Frank, Jr
Clemente, Harold R
Clemente, James H
Clementh, Raymond
Clements, A L
Clements, Alfred T Jr
Clements, Austin B Jr
Clements, Austin B, Jr
Clements, Ben H Jr
Clements, Ben N
Clements, C M
Clements, David C
Clements, Douglas T
Clements, Frank B Jr
Clements, George W
Clements, Harold R
Clements, Harwell J
Clements, Herbert R
Clements, J B
Clements, J V
Clements, James H
Clements, James J
Clements, James L
Clements, James W
Clements, Joe L
Clements, John
Clements, John A
Clements, John Jr
Clements, John P
Clements, John T
Clements, Joseph B
Clements, Joseph B Jr
Clements, Kenneth P
Clements, Leonard A
Clements, Luther D
Clements, M F
Clements, M O
Clements, Manner O
Clements, Maurice F
Clements, Michael E
Clements, N R
Clements, Noah R
Clements, O A
Clements, Philip L Jr
Clements, Raymond D
Clements, Richard K, 1lt
Clements, Richard P
Clements, Samuel
Clements, Stanley B, Jr
Clements, Walker E
Clements, Wallace E
Clements, Walter F
Clements, William B
Clements, William D
Clementson, Gerhardt C
Clemmenning, William R
Clemmens, Alfred D
Clemmens, Charles H
Clemmens, John F
Clemmensen, Frank C
Clemmer, Ersie E
Clemmer, George W
Clemmer, Julius N
Clemmer, M R
Clemmer, Rex G
Clemmons, Billy
Clemmons, Billy (nmi)
Clemmons, F (nmi)
Clemmons, Frank Jr
Clemmons, Frank, Jr
Clemmons, James A
Clemmons, Julius D
Clemmons, Morris C Jr
Clemmons, Morris C, Jr
Clemmons, Robert D
Clemns, Royce M
Clemons, Douglas W
Clemons, Frank B
Clemons, Henry J
Clemons, L L
Clemons, Louis L
Clemons, Pressly G
Clemons, Prue J
Clemons, Q Van
Clemons, R C
Clemons, Roy E
Clemons, Samuel A
Clemons, Walter L
Clemovitz, Feodor (nmi)
Clemow, Joseph
Clemow, Joseph W
Clemson, Benjamin
Clendenen, James D
Clendenen, James D, Capt
Clendenen, Norman B
Clendenen, W F
Clendenin, Harland G
Clendenin, Paul
Clendenin, Paul E
Clendenin, R A
Clendenin, Richard H
Clendenin, Robert A
Clendening, John B
Clendennen, Milton R
Clendenon, W F
Clendinen, Norman W
Clendinnen, C D
Clendinning, Robert
Clerget, Gerald D
Clerget, Geraldd
Clerici, Henry J
Clerihew, Walter M
Clerk, Orien F
Clerke, Henry
Clerl, Armando
Clerry, James R
Cles, Leslie
Cles, Leslie P
Cles, Lester P
Clesson, Edwin E
Cleve, Howard H
Cleveland, Arthur B
Cleveland, Blair
Cleveland, Brian (NMI) Jr
Cleveland, Edward D
Cleveland, George
Cleveland, George S
Cleveland, Goerge
Cleveland, Gordon B
Cleveland, Gordon V
Cleveland, J B
Cleveland, John H
Cleveland, John Henry
Cleveland, Lewis A
Cleveland, Milton D
Cleveland, Parker M
Cleveland, R M
Cleveland, Richard B
Cleveland, Richard J
Cleveland, Robert (NMI)
Cleveland, Robert W
Cleveland, Roland
Cleveland, Roland M
Cleveland, W H
Cleveland, Walter
Cleveland, Walter E
Cleveland, Willard E
Cleveland, William C
Cleveland, William D
Cleveland, William H
Cleveland, William J
Cleven, G W
Cleven, Gale W
Cleven, Orville
Clevenger, Harold T
Clevenger, Harry E
Clevenger, James C
Clevenger, Linley V
Clevenger, Lomar J
Clevenger, Richard P
Clevenger, Russel H
Clevenger, Russell H
Clevenger, Wayne
Clevenger, William C
Clevenger, William E
Clever, Robert S
Clever, Stanley B
Cleverdon, William H
Cleverly, Maisie K
Clew, H F
Clewett, Kenneth W
Cliburn, Charles E
Click, Austin A
Click, Benjamin A L Jr
Click, Benjamin A L, Jr
Click, D W
Click, Dale W
Click, J C
Click, James E
Click, James F
Click, John C
Click, Justin S
Click, Leonard W
Click, Leonard W Jr
Click, Leonard W, Jr
Click, Lonnie
Click, Roy M
Clickner, Albert H
Cliett, Otis J Jr
Cliff, Benjamin F
Cliff, Raymond
Cliff, W R
Clifford, Arthur L
Clifford, Bernard J
Clifford, Clume J
Clifford, D D
Clifford, Donald M
Clifford, E L
Clifford, Earl W
Clifford, Edwards
Clifford, Harry
Clifford, Harry W
Clifford, Hayden M
Clifford, Howard M
Clifford, Howard N
Clifford, Jack B
Clifford, James E
Clifford, James H
Clifford, John E
Clifford, John J
Clifford, John Jr
Clifford, Joseph F
Clifford, Milton L
Clifford, Paul V
Clifford, Peter
Clifford, Raymond L
Clifford, Raymond M
Clifford, Raymond P
Clifford, Repbert V
Clifford, Rex L
Clifford, Richard D
Clifford, Robert R
Clifford, Robert V
Clifford, Romin
Clifford, Russell A
Clifford, Thomas E
Clifford, Timm E
Clifford, Urie
Clifford, Urie (nmi)
Clifford, Walter L
Clifford, William
Clifford, William D
Clifford, William J
Clifford, William W
Clifford, Wright C
Clifgard, Fred G
Clift, C A
Clift, Childress C
Clift, Earl W
Clift, William H
Clifton, Arthur G
Clifton, Billy G
Clifton, Clinton B
Clifton, Clinton J
Clifton, David S
Clifton, E G
Clifton, Earl W
Clifton, Emice G
Clifton, Emile G Jr
Clifton, Frank A
Clifton, G Billy
Clifton, Glenn A
Clifton, H W
Clifton, Hardie W
Clifton, Henry C
Clifton, Howard J
Clifton, John C
Clifton, John D
Clifton, Kenneth E
Clifton, Lloyd T
Clifton, O B
Clifton, Ray W
Clifton, Richard M
Clifton, Walter H
Clifton, Warren B
Clima, Luther E
Climer, Ted H
Climes, Arlan C
Climie, Claudie C
Clinard, Dempsey B
Clinard, Joseph M
Clinch, John F
Clinch, Nicholas B
Clinch, W J
Clinch, William J, Jr
Clinchy, Arthur H
Clinchy, Arthur Henry
Clindenbeard, Elvin E
Cline, Alvin G
Cline, Arthur A
Cline, Burris F
Cline, Clair W
Cline, Claude W Jr
Cline, Ellis W
Cline, Floyd W
Cline, George O
Cline, George W
Cline, Gerald L
Cline, Glen H
Cline, Hardy
Cline, Harold S
Cline, Henry M
Cline, Howard F
Cline, Isaac
Cline, Isaac (nmi)
Cline, James F
Cline, John R
Cline, John T
Cline, Julian D
Cline, M
Cline, Matthew J
Cline, Maurice D
Cline, Merle E
Cline, Newman C
Cline, Newton C
Cline, Orville L
Cline, Paul M
Cline, Paul W
Cline, Ralph R
Cline, Ray M
Cline, Raymond S
Cline, Richard A
Cline, Richard L
Cline, Stewart P
Cline, Stewart P Jr
Cline, Ted R
Cline, Theodore Jr
Cline, Thomas G
Cline, Thomas H
Cline, Varney D
Cline, Vernon F
Cline, Victor K
Cline, W C
Cline, Wallace C
Cline, Wardy N
Cline, William B
Cline, William F
Cline, William M
Clines, Robert E
Clinesmi, Gene F
Clingan, Melvin L
Clingan, Wilbur L
Clingen, Harry A
Clingen, Harry A
Clinger, Clifton D
Clinger, John R
Clingerman, W R, Jr
Clingerman, William R
Clingerman, William R Jr
Clingman, David H (civ)
Clingman, William A
Clingman, William P
Clingmen, William P
Clingr, Clifton D
Cliniak, Joseph S
Clink, Glenn O
Clinkascales, S J
Clinkenbeard Ii, Robert L, 1/lt (pilot)
Clinkenbeard, Charles R
Clinkenbeard, Elvin E
Clinkenbeard, Neil E
Clinkenbeard, Paul S
Clinkenboard, Charles R
Clinkscale, Hal B
Clinkscales, R H
Clinkscales, Robert J
Clinkscales, Robert S
Clinton, Dale L
Clinton, Ernest J
Clinton, Gilbert G
Clinton, Harry D
Clinton, J R
Clinton, J W
Clinton, John L
Clinton, Keith J
Clinton, O B
Clinton, Philip J Jr
Clinton, Philip J, Jr
Clinton, Phillip J, Jr
Clinton, Phillip M
Clinton, Posie M
Clinton, Ralph L
Clinton, Robert L
Clinton, Robert L Jr
Clinton, T W
Clinton, W M
Clinton, W N
Clinton, Willaim M
Clinton, William C
Clinton, William L
Clippard, John F
Clippenger, David L
Clippinger, W C
Clippinger, William C
Clise, Darwin M
Clisham, John
Clisham, John W
Clisham, Stephen A
Clishem, James E
Clissold, Roger K
Clizbe, Reginald J
Cloake, H A
Cloaninger, Francis A
Clock, J
Clock, James E
Clocker, E
Clocum, William M
Clodfelter, Archie
Clodfelter, Archie B
Clodfelter, Elton A
Clodfelter, Raymond P
Clodfelter, Thomas C
Clodfelter, Wood D Jr
Clody [hard To Read]
Clody, Laurent
Clody, Laurent A
Cloe, Keith D
Cloeman, Lloyd A
Cloer, Alvin B
Cloer, George R
Cloer, Robert
Cloes, W G
Cloes, William G
Cloetscher, Frederick
Cloey, Arthur P
Clohessy, Gerard J
Cloke, Marshall
Cloninger, Carrol B
Cloninger, Charles R
Cloninger, Dennis E
Clonts, Charles P
Clonts, Charles R Jr
Clonts, Charles R, Jr
Clonts, John E
Clonts, William T
Clontz, L M
Clooney, William G
Cloppas, William P, Jr
Clopper, Harry S Jr
Clopper, Henry E
Clopton, Harold H
Clopton, James A
Clopton, Jeremiah C
Clopton, John A
Clopton, V M
Clopton, Vern M
Clopton, Verne M
Clopton, Verne M Jr
Clopton, Verne M, Jr
Clopton, William H
Cloquindo, Pauyl A
Clore, Cecil M
Clore, John G
Clore, Robert B
Clore, William W
Clos, Herbert L
Close, Billy P
Close, Clarence A
Close, Duane E
Close, F J
Close, George F
Close, Kelsel C
Close, Robert A
Close, Robert H
Close, W R
Close, Whitney C
Close, William H Jr
Close, William T
Close, Winton R
Closen, Robert N
Closs, George A
Clotfelter, Raymond F
Clotfelter, Raymond P
Clothier, Arthur
Clothier, Arthur W
Clothier, Ralph E
Clothier, Richard B
Clothier, William D
Clotiaux, Lester O
Clouatre, Louis J
Cloud, At
Cloud, Carl E
Cloud, Carlton
Cloud, Carlton Jr
Cloud, Cecil H
Cloud, Cecil H (mechanic)
Cloud, Howard H
Cloud, Howard H Jr
Cloud, Jack M
Cloud, Keith W
Cloud, Lester A
Cloud, Lewis K
Cloud, Philip B
Cloud, R F Jr
Cloud, Vivian A
Cloud, Wade
Cloud, William S
Clough, Carl W
Clough, Dean V
Clough, Edwin C
Clough, Ernest E
Clough, Gerald C
Clough, Herbert N
Clough, Jack C
Clough, Leland U
Clough, W J
Clough, Walter D
Clough, William J
Clough, William N
Clough, William R
Clougherty, Regis J
Cloughh, William P (ro)
Cloughley, Robert E
Cloughly, Cecil
Cloughly, Cecil P
Clounch, Richard F
Clouse, James A
Clouse, James B
Clouse, Ralphc
Clouser, Delbert L
Clouser, Gordon L, Capt
Clouser, Robert R
Clousing, Lawrence A
Cloutier, Edward
Cloutier, Edward J
Cloutier, George A
Cloutier, Maurice E
Cloutier, William M
Cloutte, George S
Clover William J
Clover, Charles R
Clover, Donald K
Clover, Frank
Clover, Henry A
Clover, Rex D
Clover, William E
Clover, William J
Clover, Wm J
Cloves, Robert N
Clow, Charles R
Clow, Donald
Clow, Dwan E
Clow, Dwane
Clow, James M
Clow, Kenneth H
Clow, Philip M
Clow, Robert (nmi)
Clow, Robert B
Clowacki, Edward J
Cloward, Glannin A
Cloward, Glennon A
Clowe, Charles F
Clower, Freeling H
Clowers, David M
Clowers, George D
Clowers, James W
Clowes, Robert
Clowes, Robert (nmi)
Clowes, Robert N
Clowienke, Gerard A
Clowry, John P
Cloyd, E T
Cloyd, Earvie T
Cloyd, Harvie R
Cloyd, James H
Cloyd, Jerry S
Cloyd, Jesse
Cloyd, John C
Cloyd, Jon C
Cloyd, Virgil E
Cloyd, Virgil M
Clubb, Fred J
Cluck, Fred B
Cluck, Martin
Cluck, Martin S
Cluen, William R
Cluett, Gregory S
Cluett, William
Cluff, Howard E
Clugh, Carl W
Clugh, William P
Clugston, Harry V
Clulow, George M
Clunan, Sam D
Clune, Arthur J
Clune, Boynton N
Cluny, William H
Clute, Donald L
Clute, Grant M
Clute, Leslie F
Clutter, Arthur E
Clutter, Charles M
Clutter, Harold E
Clutter, Kensel E
Clutter, Orval R
Clutter, Robert D
Clutts, Eugene E
Clutts, George F
Cluxton, William L
Cluzel, Max
Cluzel, Max F
Clveleand, John Henry
Clyburn, Wesley C Jr
Clyde, George A Iii
Clyde, John W
Clyde, Robert W
Clyde, William H
Clyman, Neal V
Clymans, Carl R
Clymer, Ah
Clymer, Ludwick M Ii
Clyne, Edward K
Clyne, Harold J
Clyne, Robert
Cmdr Forrestall Usn
Cmreynolds, Elwood (nmi)
Cnatlon, John E
Co Er, Gerald D
Coachman, B P
Coachman, Bonnell P
Coachman, Ernest L
Coad, Hunter S
Coad, J V
Coade, W A
Coade, William A
Coady [or Goady]
Coady, Leo J
Coady, Neil J
Coady, Philip
Coagrave, Richard P
Coahran, Robert Allen
Coakley [or Goakley]
Coakley, Donald O
Coakley, H B
Coakley, Henry B
Coakley, J F
Coakley, James E
Coakley, John J
Coakley, R B
Coakley, Richard W
Coakley, Robert C
Coakley, Theodore D
Coale, Allen R
Coale, Carl W
Coale, Joseph I Jr
Coale, Robert D
Coale, Robert D G
Coale, Victor M
Coalson, John
Coalson, John B
Coalter, Jesse L
Coan, A D
Coan, Alexander D
Coan, Carl M
Coan, J E
Coan, James E
Coan, John L
Coar, Daniel L
Coar, Harold G
Coard, E D
Coard, Elmer D
Coate, G D
Coate, Roy
Coates, Archie J
Coates, Arthur E Jr
Coates, B A
Coates, Byron B
Coates, Charles L
Coates, Charles O Jr
Coates, Dale R
Coates, Edward N
Coates, F D
Coates, Francis M
Coates, George D
Coates, Harry T
Coates, Howell B
Coates, Hugh M
Coates, J W
Coates, Joseph
Coates, Mark E
Coates, P D
Coates, Philip D
Coates, R R
Coates, Richard J Jr
Coates, Robert E
Coates, Roy C
Coates, Rr
Coates, Thomas M
Coates, William D
Coates, William P
Coates, William R
Coatley, Andrew
Coatley, Larue J
Coatney, Robert N
Coatoam, William (nmi)
Coats, B A
Coats, Basil A
Coats, Charles
Coats, Charles B
Coats, D
Coats, Edward N
Coats, Everette R
Coats, Frank (nmi) Jr
Coats, James B
Coats, James D
Coats, John M
Coats, John Norberg
Coats, Kenneth W
Coats, Lee B
Coats, Neil (nmi)
Coats, Oliver M
Coats, Phillip D
Coats, R A
Coats, Raymond A
Coats, Roy
Coats, Roy R Jr
Coats. Lee B
Cobac, Charles
Cobana, William E
Cobb Child
Cobb, (child)
Cobb, A M
Cobb, Albert M
Cobb, Alvin B Jr
Cobb, Alvin B, Jr
Cobb, Billy B
Cobb, Bruce C
Cobb, Carl M
Cobb, Charles L
Cobb, Cleveland
Cobb, Clifford E
Cobb, Donald B
Cobb, Donald S
Cobb, Dwight K
Cobb, Edward E Jr
Cobb, Edward E, Jr
Cobb, Edward L
Cobb, Elmon
Cobb, Elmon R
Cobb, Eugene M
Cobb, Franklin H
Cobb, Frederick
Cobb, Frederick M
Cobb, Fredrick
Cobb, Garland L
Cobb, Guy T
Cobb, Guy T Jr
Cobb, Guy T, Jr
Cobb, H
Cobb, H W
Cobb, Harold C
Cobb, Harold J
Cobb, Harold L
Cobb, Harold P
Cobb, J D
Cobb, Jack M
Cobb, James A Jr
Cobb, James A, Jr
Cobb, James B
Cobb, James F
Cobb, James H
Cobb, James L
Cobb, James O
Cobb, James W
Cobb, John C
Cobb, John M Iii
Cobb, John M, Iii
Cobb, John T
Cobb, Joseph F
Cobb, Kelsey K
Cobb, Kelsey R
Cobb, Lee J
Cobb, Leslie R
Cobb, Louis H Jr
Cobb, M B
Cobb, Mark W
Cobb, Marvin R
Cobb, Mrs T L
Cobb, Mrs. T L
Cobb, Naomi R
Cobb, Newton R
Cobb, Nolan F
Cobb, Norman C
Cobb, O R
Cobb, Orville P
Cobb, Phillip G
Cobb, Pierce L
Cobb, Richard E
Cobb, Richard L
Cobb, Robert A
Cobb, Robert F
Cobb, Robert G
Cobb, Robert H
Cobb, Roland J
Cobb, Roy F
Cobb, Sam H
Cobb, Stuart E
Cobb, T B
Cobb, T L
Cobb, Talmage W
Cobb, Theodore F
Cobb, Thomas A
Cobb, Thomas C
Cobb, Thomas W
Cobb, Tommy
Cobb, W S
Cobb, Wallace L
Cobb, Ward R
Cobb, Wilbur W
Cobb, Willard S
Cobb, William
Cobb, William A
Cobb, William B Jr
Cobb, William B, Jr
Cobb, William E
Cobb, William H
Cobb, William H, Jr
Cobb, William J
Cobb,harold J
Cobbe, Thomas D
Cobbiere, Edgar L
Cobbino, Anthony A
Cobble, James E
Cobbs, Donald M
Cobbs, James P
Cobbs, Russell L
Cobeaga, Mitchell A
Coben, Charles R
Cober, Paul H
Coberly, Dale L
Coberly, J G
Coberly, Jack N
Coberly, Jay G
Coberly, Theodore S
Coberly, Thomas M
Cobert, Maxwell
Cobey, Bartholomew T
Cobia, Harry J
Cobislero, Joseph V, Capt
Coble, Clifford D
Coble, Clifford G
Coble, Harold E
Coble, Henry L
Coble, R R
Coble, Robert R
Coble, Walter M
Coblentz, Gaston
Coblentz, Gaston (nmi)
Coblentz, Harold
Cobrey, Robert E
Cobrin, Marvin E
Coburn, Albert
Coburn, Albert L
Coburn, B K
Coburn, C E
Coburn, Harold J
Coburn, J R
Coburn, James E
Coburn, John R
Coburn, Julius H Jr
Coburn, Olaf A
Coburn, Ralph F
Coburn, Raymond
Coburn, Robert Byron
Coburn, Wallace A
Coburn, Walph F
Coburn, Warren P
Coburn, Warren, P
Coburn, William P
Coburn, William V
Coby, Irl R
Cocagne, A C
Cocagne, Arthur C
Cocanougher, H F
Cocanougher, Harold F
Cocanougher, Ida L
Cocanour, Richard L
Cochan, Drexel Barney
Cochel, Alvin E
Cochell, Alvin E
Cochell, Arthur L
Cochell, Donald E
Cochet, C G
Cochet, Gilbert C
Cochey, Charles C
Cochi, Romolo J
Cochley, Herbert L Jr
Cochnar, Richard
Cochnar, Richard (nmi)
Cochran, Adam G
Cochran, Alexander M
Cochran, Alexander N
Cochran, Alexander T
Cochran, Cecil C Jr
Cochran, Charles E
Cochran, Charles F
Cochran, Davis C
Cochran, Donald D Jr
Cochran, Donald E
Cochran, Donald S
Cochran, Edward S
Cochran, Edwin H
Cochran, F M
Cochran, Fielding B Jr
Cochran, Fielding B, Jr
Cochran, Franklin M Jr
Cochran, Franklin M, Jr
Cochran, George W
Cochran, Grant D
Cochran, Grant D (ip)
Cochran, H W
Cochran, Harry L
Cochran, Howard J
Cochran, James C
Cochran, James M Jr
Cochran, John B
Cochran, John D
Cochran, John R
Cochran, Joseph
Cochran, Joseph L
Cochran, Kenneth M
Cochran, Paul H Jr
Cochran, Paul R
Cochran, Paul R Jr
Cochran, Paul R, Jr
Cochran, Philip G
Cochran, Richard C
Cochran, Robert E
Cochran, Robert L
Cochran, Roger C
Cochran, Samuel W
Cochran, Thomas R Jr
Cochran, Thomas R, Jr
Cochran, Victor E
Cochran, Wayne E
Cochran, Wharton C
Cochran, William E
Cochran, William F
Cochran, William T
Cochrane, Albert C
Cochrane, C J
Cochrane, Carlos J
Cochrane, Charles E
Cochrane, Clarence R
Cochrane, Donald H
Cochrane, Earl J
Cochrane, George A
Cochrane, George B
Cochrane, James R
Cochrane, John F
Cochrane, Keith M
Cochrane, Kenneth M
Cochrane, Leonard J
Cochrane, Murray M
Cochrane, Paul L
Cochrane, Robert
Cochrane, Robert M
Cochrane, Spencer G
Cochres, Donald E
Cock, Charles A
Cock, Charlie G
Cock, Dwight M
Cock, George M
Cock, John M Jr
Cock, Joseph C
Cock, L G
Cock, Lyle L
Cock, Mrs S
Cockburn, John A
Cockburn, Robert E Jr
Cocke, D B
Cocke, Dudley B
Cocke, Leaman C
Cocke, W A
Cocke, W B
Cocke, Wiliam B
Cocke, William M Jr
Cocke, William M, Jr
Cockell, Robert W
Cocker, James E
Cockerham, Edward H
Cockerham, Roy W
Cockerill, James J
Cockerille, Walter E
Cockerille, Water E
Cockerum, Forrest H
Cockey, John O
Cockfield, Thomas N
Cockineos, John
Cocking, Paul D
Cockings, Rector R
Cockinos, John
Cockinos, John N
Cockle, Charles P
Cocklin, James D
Cockling, James D
Cockman, Chester W
Cockran, I E
Cockran, Ivan E
Cockrell, Alton W
Cockrell, C E
Cockrell, Connie N
Cockrell, Fred B
Cockrell, Robert B
Cockrell, Robert E
Cockrell, Thomas M
Cockriel, James R
Cockrill, Marshall K
Cocks, Charles A
Cocks, Leaman C
Cocks, Samuel W
Cocks, Samuel Webster
Cocney, Charles
Cocozzo, Philip A
Cocrane, George B
Codara, Marino B
Coday, D S
Coday, William E
Codding, Arthur M
Codding, Gordon E
Codding, John E
Coddington Montgomery A2lt.
Coddington, M A Iii
Coddington, Mh
Coddington, Nathan H
Coddington, Walter
Coddington, Walter E
Coddington, William H
Coddington, William I
Code, Alfred L
Code, Dale R
Code, Ernest B
Code, Howard J
Coder, George.
Coder, John L
Codey, Joao C
Codington, Russell E
Codispoti, Vincent A
Codrington, Clay C
Codron, James (nmi)
Codron, James Jr
Codron, James, Jr (nmi)
Cody, A W
Cody, Aw
Cody, Cj
Cody, Enoch S
Cody, Howard E
Cody, John P
Cody, John R
Cody, John W
Cody, Lawrence E
Cody, Leo
Cody, Mervin B
Cody, Robert B
Coe, Alfred R
Coe, Alvin R
Coe, Charles S
Coe, Clare
Coe, Craig J
Coe, Dewey E
Coe, Don
Coe, E J
Coe, E W
Coe, Edwin J
Coe, Fred C
Coe, Frederick H
Coe, G
Coe, G C
Coe, J D
Coe, James C
Coe, Jerome M
Coe, John F
Coe, Mames C
Coe, Robert H
Coe, Robert P
Coe, Thompson J
Coe, W L
Coe, William J
Coe,gerald L
Coefield, Thomas G
Coekig, James
Coen, Francis R
Coen, Frederick J
Coen, John A
Coen, Oscar H
Coen, Robert B
Coen, Robert J
Coenan, John E
Coenen, A L
Coenen, Alphonse L
Coenen, Cyril B
Coenen, John E
Coering, Werner C
Coeringer, Alex B
Coesfeld, Charles H
Cofer [or Gofer] [hard To Read]
Cofer, Floyd S Jr
Cofer, Floyd S, Jr
Cofer, Wesley E Jr
Cofer, Wesley R
Coff, James F
Coff, Roy E
Coffe, Harold B
Coffed, Dale H
Coffee, Aubrey D
Coffee, C G
Coffee, Clifford
Coffee, Clifford G
Coffee, Donald Jr
Coffee, Donald, Jr
Coffee, George S
Coffee, Harold B
Coffee, J A
Coffee, Jesse D
Coffee, John A
Coffee, Kenneth H, Major
Coffee, Leslie J
Coffee, Loy G
Coffee, Paul S
Coffee, Robert D
Coffee, William C
Coffel, Eugene R
Coffelt, J R
Coffelt, Smith C
Coffelt, Smith C Jr
Coffelt, Smith C, Jr
Coffer, Henry F
Coffer, Leslie J
Coffey, Albert J
Coffey, Alva
Coffey, Alvin F
Coffey, Arthur J
Coffey, Charles F
Coffey, Collis D
Coffey, Edward G
Coffey, Frank E
Coffey, Frank W
Coffey, George L
Coffey, George S
Coffey, Grahame.
Coffey, Haskell D
Coffey, Howard L
Coffey, Irwin
Coffey, J F
Coffey, Jay R
Coffey, Jay R Jr
Coffey, Jay R, Jr
Coffey, John F
Coffey, John R
Coffey, John V
Coffey, Martin D
Coffey, Richard M
Coffey, Robert L
Coffey, Robert L Jr
Coffey, Robert L, Jr
Coffey, Robert R
Coffey, Robert W
Coffey, Thomas D
Coffey, William H
Coffey, William J
Coffield, Harold W
Coffield, Leo J
Coffield, Michael J
Coffin, Ian B
Coffin, Ian P
Coffin, Monty D
Coffin, Richard A
Coffin, Richard V
Coffin, Robert A
Coffin, Sherman L
Coffin, T G
Coffinger, Ernest G
Coffinger, Ernest, Jr
Coffman, Alfred T Jr
Coffman, B L
Coffman, C
Coffman, Carl D
Coffman, Carll D
Coffman, Charles O
Coffman, David H Jr
Coffman, David H, Jr
Coffman, Donald G
Coffman, Everett F
Coffman, F G
Coffman, Gilbert
Coffman, Howard D
Coffman, Kenneth
Coffman, L W
Coffman, Lloyd R
Coffman, Maurice A
Coffman, Owen B
Coffman, P H
Coffman, R L
Coffman, Ralph
Coffman, Ralph C
Coffman, Ralph G
Coffman, Ralph S
Coffman, Robert E
Coffman, Sam E, Jr
Coffman, Sam H Jr
Coffman, Thomas R
Coffman, William L
Coffrey, Allen B
Cogan, Arthur B
Cogan, Francis W
Cogan, Walter J
Cogelka, Chester E
Cogewell, Elmer C
Coggeshall, Chester E Jr
Coggeshall, Edward O(e)
Coggin, James D
Coggin, John L
Coggin, Joseph F
Coggin, Roy
Coggins, Billy B
Coggins, James E
Coggins, Roy L
Coggsahll, Chester E Jr
Coggwell, Anthony
Coghill, H F
Coghill, Milo B (fe)
Coghlan, Jack V
Coghlan, John N
Cogley, Floyd
Cognaghan, Frank J
Cognetta, J A
Cogozza, Alphonse V
Cogswell, Anthony
Cogswell, Elmer C
Cogswell, Emory L
Cogswell, James K
Cogswell, Kirch J
Cogswell, Norman H
Cogswell, Robert W
Cogut, Justin P
Cogwin, John M Jr
Cogwin, John M, Jr
Cohagan, Mckinley B
Cohan, Alvin R
Cohan, Lewis R
Cohan, Sydney A
Coheen, Norman R
Cohen A
Cohen, A
Cohen, Adriel
Cohen, Albert
Cohen, Alfred J
Cohen, Alvin
Cohen, Alvin (nmi)
Cohen, Alvin R
Cohen, Benson W
Cohen, Bernard
Cohen, Bernard (nmi)
Cohen, Carl
Cohen, Charles
Cohen, Cyril M
Cohen, D T
Cohen, Daniel T
Cohen, Daniel W
Cohen, David
Cohen, Donald M
Cohen, Donald S
Cohen, Edward B
Cohen, Gilbert G
Cohen, H J
Cohen, H M
Cohen, Harold M
Cohen, Herbert S
Cohen, Howard
Cohen, Irving
Cohen, Irving (mechanic)
Cohen, Irving (nmi)
Cohen, Irving J
Cohen, Jack
Cohen, Jack (nmi)
Cohen, Jack R
Cohen, Jack, Montgomery, E H
Cohen, Joseph M
Cohen, Julius
Cohen, K W
Cohen, L A
Cohen, L H
Cohen, Lee A
Cohen, Leon
Cohen, Leon (nmi)
Cohen, Leroy M
Cohen, Lester
Cohen, Lewis
Cohen, Louis
Cohen, M
Cohen, Marshall L
Cohen, Martin
Cohen, Martin (nmi)
Cohen, Martin S
Cohen, Marx (nmi), Jr
Cohen, Marx Jr
Cohen, Maureice L
Cohen, Maurice
Cohen, Maurice L
Cohen, Max
Cohen, Merwin R
Cohen, Michell D
Cohen, Milton
Cohen, Milton S
Cohen, Mitchell D
Cohen, Norman
Cohen, Philip
Cohen, Philip D
Cohen, Philip E
Cohen, Phillip
Cohen, Richard
Cohen, Robert
Cohen, Robert C
Cohen, S P
Cohen, Seymour T
Cohen, Sherman L
Cohen, Simon
Cohen, Simon (nmi)
Cohen, Soloman P
Cohen, Stanley J
Cohen, Stanley S
Cohen, Sumner R
Cohen, T
Cohen, T H
Cohen, Theodore
Cohen, Walden D
Cohen, William
Cohen, William (nmi)
Cohen, William A
Cohen, Zola (nmi)
Coher, Albert K
Cohill, Gale B
Cohl, Jules R
Cohlmeyer, Warren S
Cohn, Benjamin J
Cohn, Bernard
Cohn, Carroll W
Cohn, Donald R Capt
Cohn, Harry
Cohn, Harry D
Cohn, Herbert M
Cohn, Irwin
Cohn, Irwin, Martin, Justin T
Cohn, Jerry J
Cohn, John A
Cohn, Lewis H
Cohn, Martin G
Cohn, Marvin S
Cohn, Melvin
Cohn, Merle D
Cohn, Murray E
Cohn, R H
Cohn, Robert C
Cohn, Robert L
Cohn, Robert S
Cohn, Sidney A
Cohn, Theo Lloyd
Cohn, William
Cohn, Zelnor L
Cohrac, Stephen E
Cohron, Byron Leslie, Jr
Cohum, Delbert M
Coil, Orville L
Coile, Henry G
Coile, Henry G Jr
Coile, Luren
Coiner, John
Coiner, John R
Coinley, Paul F
Coins, Joe
Coins, William F
Cointepas, C M
Cointepas,charles M(pass
Coira, L A
Coira, Louis E
Coire, Louis E
Coith, Stephen S
Coke, Bonner Jr
Coke, Dewey
Coke, Joseph R
Coke, W P
Coke, Wyatte P
Coke, Wyatte P, Jr
Coke, Wyette P Jr
Cokeley, Edmund R
Cokeley, Edmund R,
Cokeley, Ralph C
Cokeley, Ralph Clyde
Coker, A K
Coker, B
Coker, Bernard
Coker, Carl W
Coker, J B
Coker, Jeter B
Coker, Joseph R
Coker, Joseph W
Coker, Leo
Coker, Montell
Coker, Montell (nmi)
Coker, Percy B
Coker, Robert
Coker, Robert (passenger)
Coker, Robert D
Coker, Robert N
Coker, Thomas
Coker, William
Coker, William G
Coker, William W
Col Butler
Col Erickson
Col Mackillop (inf)
Col Rudolph
Col, Asst Sec Of War
Col. Buttler
Cola, Theodore (nmi)
Colacino, P W
Colady, Martin G
Colahan, John A
Colaianne, Ralph H
Colais, Robert G
Colaiuta, Nick
Colaman, Chancey
Colan, Robert T
Colange, Anthony
Colangelo, Leonard P
Colangelo, Partick P
Colant, Ernest J
Colarich, G M
Colarich, George M
Colasuonno, Leonard J
Colasuono, Danial L
Colasurdo, Louis L
Colb, Clifford
Colb, Clifford H
Colbach, Lloyd E
Colberg, E
Colberg, Eali
Colberg, Esli
Colbert, Charles L
Colbert, John E
Colbert, R T
Colbert, Robert H
Colbert, Robert T
Colbert, Ronert H
Colbert, Vernon L
Colbert, William H
Colbin, Marc J
Colborn, Robert L
Colbroth, James M
Colburn, Cecil H
Colburn, Ellsworth F
Colburn, Ernest H
Colburn, Ernest P
Colburn, Eugene A
Colburn, Frank W
Colburn, Gerald B
Colburn, H J
Colburn, Jack A
Colburn, James E
Colburn, Leo T
Colburn, Leonard J
Colburn, R J
Colburn, Richard J
Colburn, Stanley L
Colby, C F
Colby, Carl M
Colby, Chester A
Colby, Cornelia Y
Colby, Cornellia Y
Colby, Denver A
Colby, Eldon N
Colby, F B
Colby, F H
Colby, Francis
Colby, Francis B
Colby, Franklin H
Colby, Gordon
Colby, Harry M
Colby, Holly
Colby, Holly W
Colby, James F
Colby, John B
Colby, John W
Colby, Kenneth L
Colby, Malcolm O
Colby, Richard W
Colby, Ronald C
Colby, William W
Colcasure, John W
Colceasure, A C
Colcleasure, A C
Colcombe, Stanley J
Colcord, Harvey Ii
Colcord, Harvey Ii, Duncan, Seth V
Colcord, Harvey, Ii
Coldberg, Isedor S
Coldenberg, Jules B
Coldern, Clyde L
Coldiron, Edword E
Colditz, Albert J
Coldman, Jerome L
Coldon, David A, Jr
Coldren, Clyde L
Coldren, Ralph E
Coldwell, William H
Coldwyn, Alvin M
Cole, A C
Cole, A E
Cole, Adrian H
Cole, Adriian H
Cole, Albert
Cole, Alden C
Cole, Alfred H
Cole, Alton B
Cole, Arlington R
Cole, Arrell V, Jr
Cole, Bertrum E Jr
Cole, Burr T
Cole, Cedric C
Cole, Charles A Jr
Cole, Charles B
Cole, Charles C
Cole, Charles C Jr
Cole, Charles C, Jr
Cole, Charles E
Cole, Charles H
Cole, Charles H Jr
Cole, Clarence J
Cole, Clarence R Jr
Cole, Clarence R, Jr
Cole, Clayton C
Cole, Clifford A
Cole, Clifford E
Cole, Courtney W
Cole, D V
Cole, Darrell V
Cole, Daryl D
Cole, Datis E
Cole, David
Cole, David (nmi)
Cole, David E
Cole, David J
Cole, David V
Cole, Dean C
Cole, Donald E
Cole, Donald L
Cole, Donald R
Cole, Dorwin L
Cole, Douglas P
Cole, Douglas W
Cole, Dyle C
Cole, E
Cole, Earl G
Cole, Earl W
Cole, Edgar B
Cole, Edgar W
Cole, Edgard B
Cole, Edward A
Cole, Edward H
Cole, Edward L
Cole, Edward W
Cole, Eldred E
Cole, Emmett E
Cole, Eugene (nmi)
Cole, Eugene A
Cole, Eugene E
Cole, Francis A
Cole, Frank E
Cole, Frank W
Cole, Fred W
Cole, G R
Cole, Gene H
Cole, George P
Cole, Geroge W
Cole, Gilbert M
Cole, Gordon D
Cole, H C
Cole, H H.
Cole, Harry H
Cole, Harry J
Cole, Henry S
Cole, Herbert W
Cole, Herman A
Cole, Heston C
Cole, Hilary P
Cole, Hoild
Cole, Homer H
Cole, Howard R
Cole, Howard W
Cole, Irwin H
Cole, J (nmi)
Cole, J L
Cole, J P
Cole, J R
Cole, James A
Cole, James E
Cole, James H
Cole, James L
Cole, James P
Cole, James R
Cole, John D
Cole, John F
Cole, John M
Cole, John R
Cole, Joseph M Jr
Cole, Joseph P
Cole, Julian I
Cole, Kenneth L
Cole, Kenneth R
Cole, Lamont E
Cole, Lawrence M
Cole, Leo E
Cole, Leon J Jr
Cole, Leroy J Jr
Cole, Lloyd R
Cole, Louis B
Cole, Mark (nmi)
Cole, Matheson B
Cole, Miner T
Cole, Minor T
Cole, Morris I
Cole, Murray W
Cole, N E
Cole, Nester E
Cole, Nestor E
Cole, Norman C
Cole, Norman S
Cole, P S
Cole, Perry S
Cole, R A
Cole, R L
Cole, R M
Cole, R W
Cole, Ralph W
Cole, Raymond D
Cole, Raymond L
Cole, Richard E
Cole, Richard F
Cole, Richard H
Cole, Richard M
Cole, Richard S
Cole, Richard W
Cole, Robert A
Cole, Robert B
Cole, Robert F
Cole, Robert M
Cole, Robert R
Cole, Robert S
Cole, Robert T
Cole, Robert V
Cole, Robert W
Cole, Ross F
Cole, Roy J
Cole, Roy S
Cole, Samuel N
Cole, Samuel P
Cole, Samuel P Jr
Cole, Sanford C
Cole, Sheldon S
Cole, Sylvester D
Cole, Theodore
Cole, Thomas E
Cole, Truman C
Cole, Vernon K
Cole, Victor J
Cole, Victor O
Cole, Virgil E
Cole, Vitalis I
Cole, W
Cole, W W
Cole, Warren L
Cole, Warren W
Cole, Wayhon G
Cole, Waymon G
Cole, Waymond C
Cole, Wayne C
Cole, Wayne S
Cole, Wesley R
Cole, William A
Cole, William B
Cole, William E
Cole, William G Jr
Cole, William G, Jr
Cole, William J
Cole, William L
Cole, Woodbury
Cole, Woodrow W
Colebourne, Robert T
Colebrook, Charles E
Colebrook, Donald E
Colebrook, Theodore M
Colegrove, James Herald 1st Lt
Colegrove, Russell W
Colek, David
Colelough, William C
Coleman F H
Coleman, A D
Coleman, Alfred C
Coleman, Alfred R
Coleman, Andrew M
Coleman, Bernard
Coleman, Betty J
Coleman, C
Coleman, C C.
Coleman, Carl N
Coleman, Carroll R
Coleman, Charles J
Coleman, Charles L
Coleman, Charles W
Coleman, Clarence D
Coleman, D P
Coleman, Darrin W
Coleman, David B
Coleman, Dorothy L
Coleman, Douglas C, Maj
Coleman, E
Coleman, E F
Coleman, Earl H
Coleman, Earl H, Major
Coleman, Edward A
Coleman, Edward J
Coleman, Edward R
Coleman, Emerson D
Coleman, Emmett E
Coleman, Erol R
Coleman, F H
Coleman, Fa
Coleman, Fran J
Coleman, Frank
Coleman, Frank J
Coleman, Frank T
Coleman, Fred H
Coleman, Fred H Jr
Coleman, Freddy R
Coleman, George C
Coleman, George R
Coleman, Gerald D
Coleman, Gerard W
Coleman, Gerlad D
Coleman, Harold J
Coleman, Harold L
Coleman, Harry A
Coleman, Harry S
Coleman, Harry S Jr
Coleman, Harry S, Jr
Coleman, Henry C
Coleman, Herbert
Coleman, Herbert (nmi)
Coleman, Hubert L
Coleman, Hugh C
Coleman, Ira D
Coleman, J C
Coleman, J H
Coleman, J W
Coleman, Jack
Coleman, Jack W
Coleman, James
Coleman, James (nmi)
Coleman, James A
Coleman, James B
Coleman, James D
Coleman, James E
Coleman, James F
Coleman, James K
Coleman, James R
Coleman, James W
Coleman, Jarrod T
Coleman, Jc
Coleman, Jesse L
Coleman, Jesse W
Coleman, John B
Coleman, John B Jr
Coleman, John C
Coleman, John F
Coleman, John J
Coleman, John S
Coleman, John U
Coleman, John W
Coleman, Jsees
Coleman, Kenneth
Coleman, Kenneth (nmi)
Coleman, Kenneth S
Coleman, L A
Coleman, Lamar Q
Coleman, Leslie
Coleman, Leslie A
Coleman, Lewis W
Coleman, Lloyd A,
Coleman, M M
Coleman, M W
Coleman, Marion L
Coleman, Martin E
Coleman, Martine E
Coleman, Marvin A Jr
Coleman, Marvin A, Jr
Coleman, Melvin W
Coleman, Norman C
Coleman, Oliver G
Coleman, P T
Coleman, Patrick T
Coleman, Paul
Coleman, Paul L, Jr
Coleman, Prescott W
Coleman, R
Coleman, Ralph
Coleman, Ralph Edward
Coleman, Ralph F
Coleman, Ralph L
Coleman, Ralph T
Coleman, Richard
Coleman, Richard D
Coleman, Richard L
Coleman, Richard R
Coleman, Robert (nmi) Jr
Coleman, Robert A
Coleman, Robert C
Coleman, Robert D
Coleman, Robert E
Coleman, Robert F
Coleman, Robert L
Coleman, Robert L Iii
Coleman, Robert M
Coleman, Robert R
Coleman, Robert S
Coleman, Robert W
Coleman, Roger B
Coleman, Roger D
Coleman, Russel W
Coleman, Russell
Coleman, Russell E
Coleman, Sheftall B
Coleman, Sidney M
Coleman, Stephan D Jr
Coleman, Stephen D Jr
Coleman, Stephen D, Jr
Coleman, Thomas A
Coleman, Vincent P
Coleman, W F
Coleman, Walter B
Coleman, Walter F
Coleman, Walter R
Coleman, Warren H
Coleman, Will E
Coleman, William A
Coleman, William C
Coleman, William D
Coleman, William E
Coleman, William G
Coleman, William H
Coleman, William L
Coleman, William W
Coleman, Williamg .
Colemere, Burgess E
Colemna, Jack
Colemna, Melvin M
Colenia, Thomas P
Coler, Carl A
Coleran, Robert A
Coles, Calverton
Coles, Dennis A L
Coles, George W Jr
Coles, George W, Jr
Coles, Henry C
Coles, Ira S Jr
Coles, Ira S, Jr
Coles, James E
Coles, Jesse C
Coles, John A
Coles, S C
Coles, T J
Coleshill, Geoffrey H
Coleshill, Geoffrey R
Coleson, Robert P
Colestock O R
Colestock, O R
Colestock, Or
Colet, Frank H
Coletree, Robert L
Coletree, Robert Z
Coletta, Leonard L
Colette, Richard L
Coletti, Nicholas R
Coletti, Thomas
Coley, Herman D
Coley, Perry J
Coley, Scott B
Colfer, Joseph B
Colflesh, Ralph M
Colfrey, Allen B
Colgan, David J
Colgan, J G
Colgan, John Jr
Colgan, Michael E
Colgan, Robert H
Colgan, Robert P
Colgan, William
Colgan, William B
Colgan. John G
Colgin, William P
Colie, George V
Coligny, Edward M
Colimore, James A
Colimore,james A
Colin, M A
Colin, Marcol A
Colin, William J
Colingsworth, William F
Colino, Dominic G
Colins, Aulton A
Colins, Jessie C
Colis, Carl
Colket, Grant N
Coll, David J
Coll, John J
Coll, Phillip A
Coll, Phillippe J
Colladay, Harold A
Collander, Alf B
Collar, Carl W
Collar, Carl Wilbur
Collar, Gilbert T
Collard, Claren R
Collard, John E
Collard, Leonard D
Collard, Wilbert J
Collart, Adrian A
Collazo, Rodolfo
Colle, Henry B
Collector, Joseph M
College, Paul S
Collen, Leonard
Collen, Leonard (NMI)
Collens Iii, John W
Collens, John W
Collensworth, William
Collepe, Jb
Colleran [or Golleran]
Colleran, Robert J
Colleron, R J
Collet, Charles C Jr
Collet, Charles C, Jr
Collett, Anthony N
Collett, Carl S
Collett, J G
Collett, James B
Collette, James A
Collette, John W
Collette, Marcel (nmi)
Collette, Patrick W
Collette, Robert W
Collette, William H
Colletti, Carmen
Colletti, Nicholas R
Colletti, Nicholas Rwasher, Wayne D
Collettie, Carmen
Colley, Albert S
Colley, Allen F
Colley, Floyd D
Colley, Floyd Durant
Colley, Gene J
Colley, Gene J Alesauskas, John S
Colley, Glen A
Colley, James B
Colley, Robert V
Colley, Thomas P
Colley, Willard H
Colley, William A
Colley, William H
Collican, T X
Collidge, Dean R
Collidge, Glenn I
Collie, Dan L
Collie, Hurray T
Collie, Jack H
Collie, Murray T
Collie, R L
Collie, Robert L
Collier, Arthur G
Collier, Bobby C
Collier, Byron H
Collier, C B
Collier, C J
Collier, C J Jr
Collier, C, J , Jr
Collier, Calvin J Jr
Collier, Charles W
Collier, Cj
Collier, Fred B
Collier, Gordon W
Collier, H F
Collier, Harris F
Collier, Henry L Iii
Collier, Homer G
Collier, Howard H
Collier, J O Jr
Collier, Jack
Collier, Jack (nmi)
Collier, Jackson A
Collier, James B
Collier, James J
Collier, James O
Collier, James O, Jr
Collier, John C
Collier, John C Jr
Collier, John C, Jr
Collier, John P
Collier, Joseph S
Collier, K C
Collier, Louis W
Collier, Milton
Collier, Neil R
Collier, Neil R Jr
Collier, Neil R, Jr
Collier, Phillip J
Collier, Ralph P
Collier, Ray W
Collier, Robert S
Collier, Roy D
Collier, Samuel L
Collier, Thomas C Jr
Collier, Thomas I
Collier, Venon E
Collier, W
Collier, Wayne (nmi)
Collier, William D
Collier, William E
Collier, William J
Collier, Zack C Jr
Colligan, Arthur P
Collignon, King
Collimore, Charles F
Collin, Elmer F
Collin, Emery L
Collin, Hal H, Jr
Collin, Hal N, Jr
Collin, Harold
Colline, Robert
Colling, Billy C
Colling, Charles R
Colling, George W
Colling, Thomas H
Colling, V K
Collinger, Bernard
Collingnon, King
Collings, Bruce W
Collings, Buford E
Collings, Buford Jr
Collings, Buford, Jr
Collings, Burford E
Collings, Douglas
Collings, Herbert F
Collings, Hudson M
Collings, John E
Collings, John H
Collings, Kenneth L
Collings, Kenneth N
Collings, L M
Collings, Orval D
Collings, Oscar E
Collings, Robert L
Collings, Wentworth E
Collingsworth, J C
Collingsworth, Jack M
Collingsworth, Jack T
Collingsworth, William
Collingsworth, William (nmi
Collingsworth, William F
Collinot, Jean N
Collins, Albert J
Collins, Albert L
Collins, Albert S
Collins, Alfred F
Collins, Arland G
Collins, Arland O
Collins, Arthur C
Collins, Aulton A
Collins, Billy C
Collins, Bradford L
Collins, Bruce W
Collins, C A
Collins, C B
Collins, C H, Jr
Collins, C K
Collins, Carvel K
Collins, Charles A
Collins, Charles B
Collins, Charles D
Collins, Charles J
Collins, Charles L
Collins, Clark (nmi)
Collins, Clayton J
Collins, Clifford D
Collins, Clifford D Jr
Collins, Clifford D,
Collins, Clyde B
Collins, Clyde E
Collins, Clyde V
Collins, Clynton J
Collins, D R
Collins, Dan T
Collins, Dealfred W
Collins, Donald D
Collins, Donald E
Collins, Donald G
Collins, Dr
Collins, E
Collins, E J
Collins, E J
Collins, Earl J
Collins, Edward B
Collins, Edward J
Collins, Edward M
Collins, Eleanor M
Collins, Ellwood
Collins, Ellwood E
Collins, Elmo Jr
Collins, F A
Collins, Fl
Collins, Floyd J
Collins, Foley
Collins, Foley D Jr
Collins, Frank
Collins, Frank C
Collins, Frank C Jr
Collins, Frank J
Collins, Frank M
Collins, Frederick B
Collins, Frederick H
Collins, G A
Collins, Gamaliel M
Collins, George A
Collins, George A Jr
Collins, George Anthony
Collins, George Antony
Collins, George B Jr
Collins, George D
Collins, George H
Collins, George S
Collins, George W
Collins, Gerald S
Collins, Glenn E
Collins, Glenn R
Collins, Gregory W
Collins, Guy F
Collins, H A
Collins, Harbert F
Collins, Harold C
Collins, Harold D
Collins, Harold E
Collins, Harold E, Ltcol
Collins, Harry C
Collins, Harry H Jr
Collins, Harry L
Collins, Harry L Jr
Collins, Hayden
Collins, Henry E
Collins, Henry W
Collins, Herbert A
Collins, Herbert F
Collins, Herman R
Collins, Hester J
Collins, Homer C
Collins, Howard A
Collins, Hubert R
Collins, J
Collins, J F Jr
Collins, J N
Collins, J O
Collins, Jack A
Collins, Jack F
Collins, Jack W
Collins, James A Jr
Collins, James B
Collins, James F
Collins, James H
Collins, James H (pilot)
Collins, James J
Collins, James L
Collins, James M
Collins, James M, Jr
Collins, James N
Collins, James P
Collins, James Q
Collins, James S
Collins, Jessie C
Collins, Joe
Collins, John A
Collins, John D Jr
Collins, John E
Collins, John F
Collins, John F (n)
Collins, John G
Collins, John H
Collins, John J
Collins, John L
Collins, John M
Collins, John R
Collins, John R Jr
Collins, John R, Jr
Collins, John Richard
Collins, John W
Collins, Joseph
Collins, Joseph A
Collins, Joseph D
Collins, Joseph S
Collins, Julian C
Collins, Julius F
Collins, K F
Collins, Ken, Cia Pilot
Collins, Kenneth F
Collins, Kenneth L
Collins, Kenneth S
Collins, Kent H
Collins, L M
Collins, Lawrence H
Collins, Leo A
Collins, Leonard L
Collins, Leslie W
Collins, Lloyd
Collins, Lloyd D
Collins, Louis J
Collins, Lurlin O
Collins, Lyman, I Jr
Collins, Marvin B
Collins, Matthews M
Collins, Max H
Collins, Melvin W
Collins, Merle M
Collins, Michael
Collins, Morris R
Collins, Orell
Collins, Orell (nmi)
Collins, Orval B
Collins, Otto C
Collins, Otto O
Collins, Otto O Jr
Collins, P L
Collins, Patrick F
Collins, Paul L
Collins, Perry V
Collins, Peter O
Collins, Pl D
Collins, Preston B
Collins, R
Collins, R B
Collins, R B Jr
Collins, R C
Collins, R D
Collins, R W
Collins, Raymond B
Collins, Reggie D
Collins, Richard B
Collins, Richard C
Collins, Richard D
Collins, Richard G
Collins, Richard J
Collins, Richard T
Collins, Rickard W
Collins, Robert A
Collins, Robert B
Collins, Robert J
Collins, Robert L
Collins, Robert M
Collins, Robert R
Collins, Robert S
Collins, Robert T
Collins, Robert W
Collins, Roger W
Collins, Ronald G
Collins, Roy L
Collins, Rufus F
Collins, Rupert P
Collins, S
Collins, Sherwood C
Collins, Spurgeon L
Collins, Stephen M
Collins, Theron U
Collins, Thomas E Jr
Collins, Thomas E, Jr
Collins, Thomas F
Collins, Thomas G
Collins, Thomas J
Collins, Thomas V
Collins, Troy L
Collins, Victor J
Collins, W H
Collins, W P
Collins, Walter L G
Collins, Warren G
Collins, Wesley B
Collins, Wesley T
Collins, Wilbur W
Collins, Wiliam J
Collins, William
Collins, William A, Jr
Collins, William B
Collins, William C
Collins, William D
Collins, William H
Collins, William H Jr
Collins, William H, Jr
Collins, William J
Collins, William M
Collins, William R
Collins, William W
Collins, Willie D
Collins, Wilmer W
Collinske, Davis W
Collinske, Davis Walter
Collinson, J P
Collinson, John Leonard, Major, Afres, Fatal
Collinson, William F
Collinson, William S
Collinsworth, Charles L
Collinsworth, Willie
Collinsworth, Willie L
Collis, Angelo
Collis, Chris F
Collis, Christ F
Collis, E M
Collis, Edwin M
Collis, Francis W
Collis, Peter F
Collis, Porter F
Collish, Johne
Collison, Arden J
Collison, James W
Collison, William K
Collister, Frank C
Collister, Franklin R
Collister, Frederick
Collister, Frederick P
Collister, John H
Collitt, John A
Colliver, Harry F
Colllins, Albert S
Collns, John J
Collom J
Collopy, Robert J
Collyer, Arthur R
Collyer, Frank F
Collyer, Richard P
Colm, W P
Colm, William F
Colman, Alan E
Colman, Hubert E
Colman, Martin E
Colman, Max E
Colman, Philip E
Colman, William T
Colmer, Robert S
Colmey, John Iii
Colmey, John, Iii
Colmus, Albert T
Coln, Robert W
Coln, Walter O
Colnago, Jose Wz
Colomb, Francis J
Colomb, Jean A
Colombo, Angelo
Colombo, Anthony P
Colombo, Carlo
Colombo, J D
Colon, Gloria Jean
Colon, Joseph M;
Colon, Michael A
Coloney, Paul L
Coloney, Robert A
Coloney, W G
Coloney, William G
Colonna, Charles
Colopy, John W
Colorusso, James
Colorusso, James T
Colosky, Raymond A
Colossimo, Livio B
Colotta, Ignatius J
Colpitts, Bernard
Colpitts, Bernard E
Colpitts, Keith F
Colpitts, Patrick W
Colpitts, Walter W Ii
Colpitts, Walter W, Ii
Colpus, Jack H
Colquitt, Lewis R
Colquitt, Louis R
Colquitt, Robert E
Colrons, Ralph F
Cols, Morris I
Colsch John W1lt.
Colsch, John W
Colslit, R
Colson, Andrew E
Colson, Benjamin F
Colson, Carl C
Colson, Charles Arthur Jr
Colson, Charles Arthur, Jr
Colson, John V
Colson, R E
Colson, William B
Colson, William G
Colston, Alton B
Colston, Johnny W
Colt, Henry F Jr
Colt, James B
Colt, John A Jr
Colten, Donald
Colter, Craig G, 1/lt
Colter, H W
Coltey, E Z
Colthap, Teddie J
Coltharp, Chester A
Coltharp, Melbourne L
Colthorp, Eustace D
Colthorp, Harry J
Colthorpe, S E
Colthurst, Wallace G
Coltiron, V
Coltman, William G
Coltmann, Melvin L
Colton, Arthur B
Colton, Arthur S Jr
Colton, Don E
Colton, Done E
Colton, Rodney P
Coltrain, Randolph M
Coltrane, David
Coltrane, David O
Coltrin, James V
Colubchin, Abraham I
Colubock, Ralph
Columbia Ab, Sc
Columbo, Wellington
Columbus, T B
Colvard, Eugene J
Colvard, Harold D
Colver, William K
Colville, Leonard R
Colvin, Billy L
Colvin, Charles R
Colvin, Claude E
Colvin, Delaine L
Colvin, E J
Colvin, Glenn D
Colvin, J T
Colvin, Jesse
Colvin, Jesse J
Colvin, Lodwich P
Colvin, Mark A
Colvin, Morris A
Colvin, Orgene V
Colvin, Paul J
Colvin, Ralph M
Colvin, Richard C
Colvin, Walney A
Colvin, William A
Colvin, William B
Colvin, William C
Colvin, William T
Colwell, Arthur B
Colwell, Charles H
Colwell, Donald G
Colwell, Harry L
Colwell, Harry L Jr
Colwell, Harry L, Jr
Colwell, O M
Colwell, Oakes M
Colwell, Osburn R
Colwell, R J
Colwell, Robert J
Colyer, Elmer L
Colyer, Henry D
Colyer, T I
Colyer, Thurman R
Comac, Peter
Comack, Walter
Comalli, Dominic
Coman, James B
Comar, Joseph E
Comar, Joseph H
Comart, Thomas R
Comatas, Alexander B
Comates, Alexander B
Comb, Bernard F
Comb, David
Comb, David (nmi)
Combe, Eugene R
Combe, John (nmi)
Combe, John Iii
Combe, John, Iii
Combe, Thomas C
Comber, Cornelius J
Comber, W E
Comber, William
Comber, William E
Combest, James M
Combest, Merwin J
Combest, Ross T
Combest, W L
Combest, William L
Combest, William M
Combet, Marcel
Combier, Francois
Combo, Clio L
Combrinck-graham, William L
Combrinck-graham, Wm L
Combrohwie, Felix
Combs, Albert
Combs, Alice A
Combs, Carl W
Combs, Cecil E
Combs, Chalmer J
Combs, Clarence G
Combs, Craig A
Combs, David C
Combs, David E, Capt
Combs, David O
Combs, E C
Combs, Earl H
Combs, Earl Howard
Combs, Edward E
Combs, Elbert C Jr
Combs, Elbert P
Combs, Frank P
Combs, Harry B
Combs, Howard R Jr
Combs, John R
Combs, John Richard
Combs, John S
Combs, John W
Combs, John William
Combs, Louis J
Combs, Max E
Combs, R A
Combs, R L
Combs, Richard A
Combs, Richard C
Combs, Richard F
Combs, Rober L
Combs, Robert
Combs, Robert E
Combs, Robert H
Combs, Stanley
Combs, Thomas E
Combs, Virgil C Jr
Comeau, Alyre J
Comeau, Edric J
Comeau, Edward
Comeau, Edward J
Comeau, Edward L
Comeaux, E J
Comeaux, Edric J
Comeaux, Edrik J
Comeaux, Everett J
Comeaux, J M
Comegys, Wallace R
Comek, Andrew
Comella, Samuel J
Comer, Cecil C
Comer, Edward A
Comer, Everett E
Comer, Fred B
Comer, Grover M
Comer, Jack N
Comer, James F
Comer, Joseph H
Comer, Joseph H Jr
Comer, Joseph H, Jr
Comer, Joseph P
Comer, Richard W
Comer, Roger Drake
Comercon, Robert H
Comerford, Bill G
Comerford, Bill G Lemieux, Harold F
Comerford, Charles V
Comerford, Frank D
Comerford, John L
Comerford, Lewis D
Comerford, Neill D
Comerford, Richard
Comerford, Richard D
Comery, William R
Cometh, L
Cometh, Lawrence
Comey, Richard J
Comfort, Arthur B
Comfort, Bernard R
Comfort, Charles H
Comi, Thomas F
Comi, Thomas Francis
Comi,thomas F
Comier, Richard H
Cominole, David
Cominole, David H
Cominole, Hamlet
Comiskey, Martin J
Commander, Jack B
Commander, Mordeis
Commander, William O
Commander,jack B
Commans, Leendert G
Commaraito, Rocco J
Commaratto, Rocco J
Commers, Richard H
Commerton, George P
Commings, G S
Commins, Clifford D
Commins, L C
Common, James
Common, James R
Commons, Charles P
Commons, Stanley F
Como, Bernard F
Comolli, Carl R
Comolli, Domenic
Comolli, Ferdinand
Comolli, Ferdinand M
Compa, Adrian K
Compa, Neil A
Compa, Niel A
Compan, Claude P
Companella, Ralph S
Comparin, Robert
Comperatore, Michael J
Comperatore, Rocco
Compf, Jack W
Completo, Constantino C
Compo, Anthony
Compodonico, Robert R
Compolietia, Patsy
Componation, Paul J
Comporatore, Michael J
Compson, J K
Compson, Kenneth F
Compton, Alonzo G Jr
Compton, B L
Compton, Bruce
Compton, Charles J
Compton, Charles W Jr
Compton, Craig O
Compton, D N
Compton, David N
Compton, Dean
Compton, Dean (nmi)
Compton, Don D
Compton, Eno
Compton, Eno (nmi)
Compton, Frank J
Compton, George
Compton, George A
Compton, George E
Compton, Gordon
Compton, Gordon B
Compton, Henry W
Compton, Hershel
Compton, J H
Compton, Jack A
Compton, Jack S
Compton, James
Compton, James C
Compton, James D
Compton, Jh (passenger)
Compton, John E
Compton, John R
Compton, K K
Compton, L G
Compton, Leelvy
Compton, Leelvy (nmi)
Compton, Lloyd G
Compton, Paul A
Compton, Ralph (nmi), Jr
Compton, Ralph Jr
Compton, Raymond F
Compton, Richard H
Compton, Robert D
Compton, Robert E
Compton, Roy L
Compton, Samuel
Compton, William
Compton, William B
Compton, William J, Jr
Compton, William O
Comroe, Daniel B
Comroy, Leroy J
Comstock Horace N
Comstock, Carl D
Comstock, Charles H
Comstock, Clark W
Comstock, Donald W
Comstock, Edward J
Comstock, Frank A
Comstock, H B
Comstock, Harold E
Comstock, Harrison F
Comstock, Horace N
Comstock, Ira A
Comstock, John A, Capt
Comstock, John A, Capt, Pilot
Comstock, John E
Comstock, Lennard C
Comstock, Leon A
Comstock, Leonard C
Comstock, M B
Comstock, Milton B
Comstock, Paxton
Comstock, Robert G
Comstock, Robert O
Comstock, Roy H
Comstock, Virgil E
Comstork, Horace N
Comtois, Pw
Comway, Paul
Con Cannon, W F
Con, Paul R
Conable, Fredrick E
Conaghan, Frank J
Conahue, John T
Conalli, Dominic
Conant [or Gonant Or Oonant]
Conant Jack L2lt.
Conant, Carl C
Conant, Chester C
Conant, Grant P
Conant, H F
Conant, Harold E
Conant, Hiram F
Conant, Jack L
Conant, James D
Conant, Robert E
Conant, Thomas L., Airman
Conard, Clayton H
Conard, Cletus H
Conard, Colen G
Conard, Jule V
Conard, Ray H
Conard, Vule V
Conarroe, Warren
Conarroe, Warren E
Conary, D
Conary, Robert D
Conary, Victor W
Conaster, Jack D
Conatser, Harold G
Conatser, William E
Conavan, Mary C
Conaway, James M
Conaway, James T
Conaway, R H
Conaway, Rh
Conaway, Richard A
Conaway, Roy H
Conaway, Wilson K
Conboy, James E
Conboy, John F
Conboy, Thomas W
Concannon, Thomas A
Concannon, Thomas A (mechanic)
Concher, Bernard A
Conchue, H J
Cond, W
Cond, Whalen
Conde, John R
Condella, A T
Conden, Robert A
Conder, Fred E
Conder, George
Condie, Robert A
Condie, Robert Alden
Condiff, O Y
Condit, A B
Condit, Aubrey B
Condit, Lester N
Condit, R B
Condit, Richard M
Condit, Richard R
Conditt, J H
Condo, Jack L
Condon, Bruce L
Condon, Francis H
Condon, Henry L
Condon, James C
Condon, James D
Condon, John
Condon, John A
Condon, John O
Condon, John V
Condon, Joseph L
Condon, Richard M
Condon, William J
Condra, Donald M
Condra, Paul T
Condraski, Joseph F
Condray, Newton F
Condray, Robert L
Condre, William C
Condreras, Frank J
Condrey, Richard W
Condrey, Richard W, 1/lt
Condrey, Rw (o)
Condron, George Tolman
Condron, Lee R Jr
Condron, Max
Condron, Max H
Condron, Thomas J
Conduff, Jesse W
Condy, William L
Cone, Richard M
Cone, Bobby P
Cone, Charles Luther
Cone, D H
Cone, Dallas S Jr
Cone, Edmund L
Cone, Everett
Cone, Everett (nmi)
Cone, Frederick B
Cone, H
Cone, Horace L
Cone, John W
Cone, Luther Charles
Cone, Paul J
Cone, Philip C
Cone, Phillip C
Cone, Pual J
Cone, Richard E
Cone, Richard M
Cone, Robert C
Cone, Russel A
Cone, Thomas E Jr
Coneby, William H
Conely, Emerson H
Conerly, Elton C
Conery, John K
Conesford, Richard D
Conety, Raymond J
Coney, John Hale
Coney, William
Coneybeer, George H
Coneys, Matthew
Coneys, Matthew J
Confer, Clayson E
Confer, Elza L
Confer, Leroy
Confer, Louis C
Confer, Robert L
Conforto, Michael A
Congalton, Lawrence
Congalton, Lawrence E
Congdon, Charles B
Congdon, Gordon H
Congdon, J N
Congdon, J Nl
Congdon, Jn
Congdon, Robert C
Congdon, Robert D
Conger, Delbert D
Conger, George E
Conger, Grover C
Conger, Guy H
Conger, Jack E
Conger, John R
Conger, Morley R
Conger, Paul A
Conger, William B
Congleton, Clayton C Jr
Congleton, George
Congleton, George F
Congnatta, J A
Congresman Kvale
Congressman 32dist Ny
Conick, Richard B
Coniglio, Joseph J
Coniglio, Louis D
Conine, Melvin E
Conine, Milton
Conine, Milton R
Conine, W
Conkey, Howard L
Conkey, Lucius W
Conkey, R A
Conkin, Cecil H
Conkle, Leonard L
Conkle, Richard L
Conkle, William O
Conklin, Charles H
Conklin, Clifford E
Conklin, Cyril D
Conklin, Daniel W
Conklin, Daniel, W
Conklin, Dewitt C
Conklin, Dominic E
Conklin, Donald O
Conklin, Garrett
Conklin, Howard B
Conklin, Howard E
Conklin, Joe V
Conklin, John G
Conklin, John O
Conklin, John P
Conklin, Lawrence W
Conklin, Merlin L
Conklin, R A
Conklin, R F
Conklin, Richard A
Conklin, Theodore A
Conklin, Theodore H
Conklin, William F
Conklin, William R
Conkling, Arthur P
Conkling, Brendan J
Conkling, John
Conkling, John L
Conlan, D M
Conlan, Douglas
Conlan, Douglas M
Conlee, Charles B
Conlee, Howard M
Conlee, R C
Conlee, R G
Conlee, William J
Conlen, Wilfred P
Conley, Allen J
Conley, David M
Conley, Donald R
Conley, Donald W
Conley, Douglas C
Conley, E J
Conley, Earl U, Jr
Conley, Edward J
Conley, Ernest S
Conley, Erwin D
Conley, Erwin D Hildebrand, Harner H
Conley, Eugene O
Conley, Frank R
Conley, Frederick K
Conley, Frederick Z
Conley, George L
Conley, H W
Conley, Harold C
Conley, Harry J
Conley, Henry C
Conley, Homer
Conley, Homer (nmi)
Conley, Homer M
Conley, James H
Conley, John
Conley, John E
Conley, John F
Conley, John T
Conley, Joseph E
Conley, Keith
Conley, Keith (nmi)
Conley, Keith, Maj
Conley, Kenneth
Conley, Kenneth E
Conley, Kenneth H
Conley, Manford V
Conley, Meredith A
Conley, Norris
Conley, Norris E
Conley, Patrick D
Conley, Robert
Conley, Robert C
Conley, Robert E
Conley, Robert L
Conley, Robert W
Conley, Sidney E
Conlin, John J
Conlin, John J Jr
Conlin, John J, Jr
Conlin, John Joseph
Conlin, Joseph S
Conlogue, John A
Conlon, Alfred
Conlon, Alfred J
Conlon, David A
Conlon, David Arnold
Conlon, Francis J
Conlon, John P
Conlon, Kenneth B
Conlon, Wilfred P
Conly, J W
Conly, John C
Conly, John W
Conly, Richard T
Conly, William S
Conn, Atlee P
Conn, Bill
Conn, Bill (nmi)
Conn, Charles F Jr
Conn, Charles F, Jr
Conn, Charles J
Conn, Charles W Jr
Conn, Charles W, Jr
Conn, David M
Conn, Glenn L
Conn, John C
Conn, John F
Conn, Kenneth A
Conn, Max W
Conn, Paul R
Conn, Richard Dean
Conn, Robert J
Conn, Troy V
Conn, Willard N
Connable, Joseph M
Connaghan, Frank J
Connaghan, John D
Connaghan, John J
Connaghen, Frank J
Connally, Arthur F
Connally, Cecil H
Connally, Eugene F
Connally, James P
Connally, James T
Connally, L C
Connally, Lanham C
Connally, Robert E
Connally, Robert W
Connalomga, T F
Connalonga, Tj
Connard, Malcolm J
Connaro, Jouis T
Connaughton, Edward M
Connaughton, Joseph
Connaughton, Joseph B
Connaughton, Joseph B Jr
Connegan, Frederick H
Connel, Johnnie B
Connell, Alan B
Connell, Alan, B
Connell, C W
Connell, Charles G
Connell, Don L
Connell, Duncan G
Connell, Earle W
Connell, Edward W
Connell, Hall T Sr
Connell, James B
Connell, John L
Connell, Julian L
Connell, Kenneth K
Connell, Maurice J
Connell, Milton M
Connell, Nathan G, 1lt
Connell, Ralph J
Connell, Robert E
Connell, Royal W
Connell, Samuel M
Connell, Tinsley G
Connell, Victor
Connell, Walter J
Connell, William H
Connelley, H M
Connelley, Herbert M
Connelly Martin R
Connelly, B J
Connelly, Billy J
Connelly, D W
Connelly, Dale L
Connelly, David W
Connelly, Dick D
Connelly, Eugene M
Connelly, Francis R
Connelly, Frank M
Connelly, Frank Mc.
Connelly, Frank W
Connelly, G J
Connelly, Glenn W
Connelly, J W
Connelly, James A
Connelly, John C
Connelly, John T
Connelly, Joseph W
Connelly, Josh W
Connelly, M D
Connelly, Martin R
Connelly, Milton E
Connelly, Paul W
Connelly, R S
Connelly, Richard B
Connelly, Richard D
Connelly, Robert E
Connelly, Sam R Jr
Connelly, Sam R, Jr
Connelly, William A
Connelly, William M
Connely, Charles R
Connely, Jack W
Connely, Martin R
Conner George H
Conner John P
Conner, Bertis A Jr
Conner, Billy J
Conner, Bruce S
Conner, C H
Conner, Charles T
Conner, Claud E
Conner, Claude
Conner, Dally M
Conner, Daniel G
Conner, David C Jr
Conner, Donald G
Conner, E E
Conner, Edward E
Conner, George H
Conner, George L
Conner, Gerald D
Conner, Gilman M
Conner, Gilmn M
Conner, H D
Conner, Hal C
Conner, Herman
Conner, Herman D
Conner, Howard A
Conner, J L
Conner, J M
Conner, J S
Conner, J W Jr
Conner, Jacob L
Conner, James D
Conner, James E
Conner, James G
Conner, John J
Conner, John M
Conner, John P
Conner, John V Jr
Conner, John W
Conner, Joseph A
Conner, Joseph H
Conner, Joseph H Jr
Conner, Joseph H, Jr
Conner, Joseph J Jr
Conner, Joseph S
Conner, Keith A
Conner, Leo B
Conner, Leo R
Conner, Lillian M
Conner, O M
Conner, P
Conner, Peyton, Jr
Conner, Preston G
Conner, Ralph E Jr
Conner, Richard M
Conner, Robert F
Conner, Robert J
Conner, Robert R
Conner, Robert W
Conner, Thomas B Jr
Conner, Thomas B, Jr
Conner, Thomas E
Conner, Tom E
Conner, William A
Conner, William W
Conneran, Edward J
Connerley, Harold W
Connerly, C A
Connerly, Clarence A
Conners, George L
Conners, Clarence H
Conners, Ellars J
Conners, George L
Conners, Jack M
Conners, Jeffrey D
Conners, Russell T
Connery, John K
Connery, Joseph J
Connery, Paul R Jr
Connery, Paul R, Jr
Connery, Thomas B
Connet, D L
Connet, Delmar L
Connet, Delmer L
Conney, John F
Connick, William J
Connie, W
Connif, Halford R
Conniff, Eugene F
Conniff, Richard P
Conningham, Apul D Jr
Connley, Charles R
Connolly, Calvin E
Connolly, Edward B
Connolly, Harry J
Connolly, Hugh J, Capt
Connolly, James A
Connolly, James E
Connolly, James J
Connolly, James T
Connolly, Jeremiah S
Connolly, John G
Connolly, John J
Connolly, John J Jr
Connolly, John M
Connolly, John P
Connolly, John T
Connolly, Martin A
Connolly, Maurice F
Connolly, O F
Connolly, Patrick J
Connolly, R W
Connolly, Theodore Jr
Connolly, Theodore L, Jr
Connolly, Thomas D Jr
Connolly, Thomas F
Connolly, Thomas M
Connolly, Thomas P
Connolly, W S
Connolly, William M
Connolly, William S
Connoly, J F
Connoly, John P
Connon, Luther E
Connon, Michiel D
Connor, Alan G
Connor, Arthur H
Connor, Arthur W
Connor, Bernard V
Connor, Bertis A Jr
Connor, Buster M
Connor, C J
Connor, Cleone C Jr
Connor, David T
Connor, Donald K
Connor, Donald R
Connor, Edward H
Connor, Edward H Iii
Connor, Edward Iii
Connor, Edward S, Jr
Connor, Eugene W
Connor, George L
Connor, Gerald
Connor, H R
Connor, Hendsley R (n)
Connor, Herman L
Connor, Ingram C
Connor, J S
Connor, James H
Connor, James J
Connor, Joh P
Connor, John
Connor, John B
Connor, John E
Connor, John H
Connor, John J
Connor, John J Jr
Connor, John P
Connor, John W
Connor, Joseph A
Connor, Joseph S
Connor, Larry E
Connor, Lawrence E
Connor, Marvin W
Connor, Patrick R
Connor, Ralph S
Connor, Raymond H
Connor, Robert
Connor, Robert J
Connor, Robert P
Connor, Robert S
Connor, Robert S Jr
Connor, Robert S M
Connor, Robert S, Jr
Connor, Roy J
Connor, Roy L
Connor, Thomas C
Connor, Thomas M
Connor, Thomas R
Connor, Tom E
Connor, Walter T
Connor, Wiley K
Connor, William A
Connor, William H
Connor, William S
Connors, Albert W
Connors, Arthur F
Connors, Charles E, Capt
Connors, Charles Jr
Connors, Charles, Jr
Connors, Edmond
Connors, Edmond R
Connors, Ellard J
Connors, George
Connors, George W
Connors, Howard
Connors, Howard F
Connors, J M
Connors, Jack M
Connors, John
Connors, John E
Connors, Joseph
Connors, Joseph I
Connors, Joseph T
Connors, Jp
Connors, Lawrence J (n)
Connors, Leonard T
Connors, Lewis J
Connors, M J
Connors, Paul M
Connors, Raymond E
Connors, Stanley W
Connors, Wayne C
Connors, Wayne S
Connors, William J
Connors,joseph T
Connrell, Samuel M
Conoder, James E
Conolly, John G
Conopask, Royden E
Conor, Richard M
Conoscenti, Frank
Conot, Fred P
Conour, Ronalot
Conover, A W
Conover, Aaron C
Conover, Howard E
Conover, J M
Conover, J N
Conover, James C Jr
Conover, James E
Conover, James F
Conover, John H
Conover, Richard L
Conover, Richard V
Conover, Robert E
Conowall, J
Conoway, Raymond W
Conowell, Robert
Conrad Jacob J
Conrad, C M
Conrad, Charles "pete", Capt (astronaut Gemini, Apollo, Skylab)
Conrad, Charles A
Conrad, Charles M
Conrad, Churchill P
Conrad, Clyde L
Conrad, Delbert
Conrad, Edmond W
Conrad, Eugene E
Conrad, F N
Conrad, Francis
Conrad, Francis B
Conrad, Francis V
Conrad, Fred
Conrad, G V
Conrad, George J
Conrad, George M
Conrad, Gladys
Conrad, Guy L
Conrad, Harold L
Conrad, Harry L
Conrad, Henry W
Conrad, Henry W Jr
Conrad, Henry W, Jr
Conrad, J
Conrad, J L Jr
Conrad, J L, Jr
Conrad, Jack S
Conrad, Jacob J
Conrad, James D
Conrad, James M
Conrad, John B
Conrad, John H
Conrad, John L, Jr
Conrad, John W
Conrad, Johnson Jr
Conrad, Joseph R
Conrad, Jule V
Conrad, Lewis J
Conrad, Lewis J Jr
Conrad, M P
Conrad, Michael K, Capt
Conrad, Mile M
Conrad, Morgan P
Conrad, Peter P
Conrad, Ray H
Conrad, Robert D
Conrad, Roland M
Conrad, W E
Conrad, Wade K
Conrad, Wilbur D
Conrad, William C
Conrade, Burton M
Conrade, Burton N
Conrader, John S, Capt
Conradi, Arthur Jr
Conradi, Arthur, Jr
Conradi, Leslie J
Conradt, Alfred E
Conrath, Benjamin G Jr
Conrath, Benjamin G, Jr
Conrath, Robert A
Conray, Robert R
Conring, Walter M
Conroe, James A
Conroe, James A (p)
Conron, Laurence F
Conrow, Jeremiah W
Conrow, Jerimiah W
Conrow, Russell C
Conroy, Benjamin J
Conroy, Calvin M
Conroy, Calvin W
Conroy, John J
Conroy, John M
Conroy, John T
Conroy, Joseph T
Conroy, Lawrence J
Conroy, Patrick
Conroy, Ralph J
Conroy, Robert B
Conroy, Robert J
Conroy, Robert R
Conroy, Robert T
Conroy, Stephen J
Conroy, T M
Conroy, Thomas C
Conroy, Thomas M
Conroy, Thomas P
Conroy, Wf
Conroy, William S
Conroy, William S Jr
Conry, Luther G
Consaul, Harold F
Conserva, Philip J
Conserva, Philly J
Consey, Robert L
Considine, James I
Considine, James R
Considine, James T
Considine, John M
Considine, William H
Consler, Donald R
Consling, Robert P
Consoli, Samuel S
Consta, Arthur L
Constable, John S
Constable, Wilson W
Constance, Max
Constaney, Paul
Constant, L R
Constant, Leonard A
Constant, M A
Constant, Max A
Constant, Raymond L
Constant, Stephen
Constantin, J J Jr
Constantin, J J, Jr
Constantin, Jules J Jr
Constantine, Anthony J
Constantine, Richard T
Constantine, Robert
Constantine, William H
Constantino, Mike A
Constantino, Sam N
Constantinos, N A
Constantopoulos, Alexander
Conta, John
Contardi, L R
Contardi, Lewis R
Contento, John
Conter, Berndard H
Conti, Aldo J
Conti, Armand R
Conti, George I
Conti, Julian R
Conti, Sandy
Conti, Sandy (nmi)
Conti, Stephen
Conti, Victor N
Contino, Charles A
Contino, Paul
Contino, Raymond S
Conto, Albert G
Conton, Eleas L
Contopidis, Homer
Contopidis, Homer (NMI)
Contos, Arthur P
Contos, George G
Contos, James G
Contos, Peter
Contos, Roman G
Contreras, A M
Contreras, A M Jr
Contreras, Mario A
Contreras, Richard G
Conuscenti, Frank
Conver, Milton K
Converchel, Jean P
Converse, George D
Converse, L F
Converse, Lawrence F
Converse, Newton B
Converse, Robert F
Converse, Stanton D
Converse, Theodore G
Converso, Raymond G
Converstone, Robert
Convery, Joseph T
Convington, John M
Conway J J
Conway, Carl F
Conway, Charles C
Conway, Daniel E
Conway, Daniel R
Conway, Donald E
Conway, Douglas J
Conway, Douglas M
Conway, E A
Conway, E S
Conway, Edmond
Conway, Edwin A
Conway, Elbert E
Conway, Emmett G
Conway, Erol E
Conway, Francis G
Conway, Francis J
Conway, Francis R
Conway, Francis, Jr
Conway, Franklin W
Conway, Franklin W Jr
Conway, Franklin W, Jr
Conway, George T Jr
Conway, Grover G
Conway, H C
Conway, Harry C
Conway, Harry T
Conway, Herbert G
Conway, J B
Conway, J H
Conway, J J
Conway, J V
Conway, J W
Conway, James A
Conway, James J
Conway, James O
Conway, James T
Conway, James T.
Conway, John
Conway, John E
Conway, John H
Conway, John J
Conway, John L
Conway, John P
Conway, John T
Conway, John W Jr
Conway, Joseph W
Conway, L E
Conway, L J
Conway, Leo E
Conway, Malcolm J
Conway, Paul
Conway, Q T
Conway, Quentin T
Conway, Richard D
Conway, Richard F
Conway, Richard J
Conway, Robert C
Conway, Robert W
Conway, T C
Conway, Tc
Conway, Thomas J Jr
Conway, William G
Conway, William T
Conwell, Charles R
Conwell, E W
Conwell, Edward W
Conwell, Gc
Conwell, John V
Conwell, Larry M
Conwell, Richard J
Conwell, Richard L
Conwell, William R
Conwill, Joseph D Jr
Conyea, William
Conyer, Wilford R
Conyers, Roy C
Coodman, Howard L
Coody, Shelby G
Cooey, Dale
Coogan, Alphonsus J
Coogan, Charles O
Coogan, George C
Coogan, Robert Paul
Coogan, Thomas C
Coogler, James D
Coohran, Harry L
Cook John J
Cook [or Gouk Or Couk]
Cook Alfred B Jr
Cook Edward A
Cook J K Jr
Cook John M Jr
Cook Lee E
Cook Norman J2lt.
Cook, A A
Cook, A J
Cook, Abbott J
Cook, Albert R
Cook, Alford B
Cook, Alford D
Cook, Alfred B
Cook, Alfred B Jr
Cook, Alfred L
Cook, Alfred P
Cook, Allen W
Cook, Amos F
Cook, Ancil R
Cook, Andrew A
Cook, Andrew A Jr
Cook, Archie D
Cook, Archie L
Cook, Arnold E
Cook, Arnold I
Cook, Arthur L
Cook, Augustus L
Cook, B C
Cook, Bernard D
Cook, Bobby A
Cook, Bruce S
Cook, Bryan J
Cook, Bryon F Jr
Cook, Byron F Jr
Cook, Byron F, Jr
Cook, C
Cook, C E
Cook, C T
Cook, Can E
Cook, Carl L
Cook, Carrol
Cook, Carrol E
Cook, Carroll E
Cook, Cearanus W
Cook, Charles
Cook, Charles A
Cook, Charles C
Cook, Charles C Jr
Cook, Charles C, Jr
Cook, Charles E
Cook, Charles G
Cook, Charles H
Cook, Charles J
Cook, Charles R
Cook, Charles, Oltz, Rodger
Cook, Charlie G
Cook, Chester L
Cook, Cl
Cook, Clarence E
Cook, Clarence F
Cook, Clarence L
Cook, Clarence W
Cook, Claude P Jr
Cook, Claude P, Jr
Cook, Clem H
Cook, Clifford
Cook, Coleman B Jr
Cook, Coleman B, Jr
Cook, Conrad J
Cook, Curtis C
Cook, D C
Cook, D H
Cook, D M
Cook, Dale H
Cook, Dan E
Cook, Dave M
Cook, David A
Cook, David C
Cook, David G
Cook, David L
Cook, Delmah D
Cook, Denver
Cook, Denver O
Cook, Denyer
Cook, Derwood M
Cook, Donald
Cook, Donald D
Cook, Donald F
Cook, Douglas W
Cook, E A
Cook, E E
Cook, E R
Cook, Edgar L
Cook, Edgar S
Cook, Edmund G
Cook, Edmund G Jr
Cook, Edmund G, Jr
Cook, Edward H
Cook, Edward J
Cook, Edward L
Cook, Edward W
Cook, Edwin D
Cook, Edwin J
Cook, Edwin L
Cook, Egbert C
Cook, Egbert Colburn
Cook, Elmer E
Cook, Elmer J
Cook, Elmer, J
Cook, Emerson C
Cook, Emery
Cook, Emery C
Cook, Emmete
Cook, Erlon D
Cook, Ernest J
Cook, Ernie F
Cook, Eugene
Cook, Eugene C
Cook, Eugene E
Cook, Eugene H
Cook, Everett E
Cook, F H
Cook, F L
Cook, Fletcher M
Cook, Floyd R
Cook, Francis E
Cook, Francis M
Cook, Frank J
Cook, Frank L
Cook, Frank R
Cook, Frank, R
Cook, Fred
Cook, Fred F (o)
Cook, Frederick C
Cook, Frederick P
Cook, George A
Cook, George C
Cook, George G
Cook, George M
Cook, George T
Cook, Gerald S
Cook, Glen A
Cook, Glenn A
Cook, Gordon
Cook, H D
Cook, H W
Cook, H Weir
Cook, Harold D
Cook, Harold E
Cook, Harold L
Cook, Harold V
Cook, Harry L
Cook, Harry R
Cook, Harry S
Cook, Harvey
Cook, Harvey C
Cook, Harvey D
Cook, Harvey L
Cook, Harvey W
Cook, Harvey W Jr
Cook, Hebert L
Cook, Henry E
Cook, Herbert L
Cook, Homer B
Cook, Howard G
Cook, Howard T
Cook, Hurley
Cook, J
Cook, J J
Cook, J K Jr
Cook, Jack D
Cook, Jack E
Cook, James A
Cook, James B
Cook, James C
Cook, James E
Cook, James H
Cook, James J
Cook, James L
Cook, James M
Cook, James R
Cook, Jefferson E
Cook, Jetty R
Cook, Joel B
Cook, John A
Cook, John E
Cook, John G
Cook, John H
Cook, John J
Cook, John J, Jr
Cook, John K
Cook, John K Staab, Leonard V
Cook, John M
Cook, John M Jr
Cook, John M, Jr
Cook, John P
Cook, John R
Cook, John S
Cook, John V
Cook, John W
Cook, Johnny R
Cook, Joseph
Cook, Joseph A
Cook, Joseph C
Cook, Joseph K
Cook, Joseph R
Cook, Joseph W
Cook, Karl F
Cook, Kelly F
Cook, Kenneth E
Cook, Kenneth F
Cook, Kenneth W
Cook, L B
Cook, L E
Cook, L L
Cook, L W
Cook, Landis B
Cook, Lawrence N
Cook, Lee
Cook, Lee A
Cook, Lee E
Cook, Leo W
Cook, Leonard J
Cook, Leroy H
Cook, Leroy H Jr
Cook, Leroy H, Jr
Cook, Loran R
Cook, Louis G
Cook, Louis J
Cook, Lowell D
Cook, M A
Cook, M E
Cook, M L
Cook, M R
Cook, Maurice E
Cook, Max A
Cook, Max J
Cook, Max N
Cook, Merrill R
Cook, Merwyn G
Cook, Mrs. W
Cook, Murl J
Cook, N B
Cook, Noel L
Cook, Norman J
Cook, Norman R
Cook, Norman W
Cook, O H
Cook, O R
Cook, O S
Cook, Olen C
Cook, Orval R
Cook, Orvill L
Cook, Orville L
Cook, Orwin S
Cook, Otis C
Cook, Otis S
Cook, Palmer L
Cook, Patrick H
Cook, Paul Durwood
Cook, Paul E
Cook, Paul M
Cook, Philip C
Cook, Phillip
Cook, Phillip F
Cook, Phillip G
Cook, Quentin D
Cook, R D
Cook, R G
Cook, R W
Cook, Ralph L
Cook, Ralph S
Cook, Ray
Cook, Raymond D
Cook, Raymond G
Cook, Raymond L
Cook, Rex C
Cook, Rex L
Cook, Richard E
Cook, Richard G
Cook, Richard Jr
Cook, Richard S
Cook, Richard T
Cook, Robert A
Cook, Robert E
Cook, Robert J
Cook, Robert L
Cook, Robert P
Cook, Robert R
Cook, Robert T
Cook, Robert W
Cook, Ronald
Cook, Roy B
Cook, Roy B Jr
Cook, Roy V
Cook, Rufus E
Cook, Seith R
Cook, Seth R
Cook, Theodore L
Cook, Thomas A
Cook, Thomas L
Cook, Thomas M
Cook, Thomas R Jr
Cook, Vera
Cook, Vera K
Cook, Verne A
Cook, Vincent A
Cook, W
Cook, W A
Cook, W B
Cook, W J
Cook, W U
Cook, Wa
Cook, Walter L
Cook, Walter V
Cook, Walter W
Cook, Warren G
Cook, Welborn R Jr
Cook, Welborn R, Jr
Cook, Wesley J
Cook, Wilbur V
Cook, Wilford T
Cook, Wilfred E
Cook, William
Cook, William A
Cook, William C
Cook, William E
Cook, William J
Cook, William J Jr
Cook, William Jr
Cook, William L
Cook, William N
Cook, William P
Cook, William R
Cook, William W
Cook. Glenn A
Cooke, Addison S
Cooke, Andrew C
Cooke, Bennie L Jr
Cooke, Bennie L, Jr
Cooke, Bill E
Cooke, Cecil R
Cooke, Charles C
Cooke, Charles J
Cooke, Charles L
Cooke, David E
Cooke, Dwight A
Cooke, Edwin J
Cooke, Francis A
Cooke, Francis Allyn
Cooke, Francis E
Cooke, George
Cooke, H H.
Cooke, Harold H
Cooke, Henry
Cooke, Horace G
Cooke, Irving W
Cooke, J J
Cooke, Joseph C
Cooke, Joseph T
Cooke, Keith M
Cooke, Keith N
Cooke, Laurence H
Cooke, Marvin J
Cooke, Mary
Cooke, Mary J
Cooke, Maurice A
Cooke, Richard D Jr
Cooke, Richard D, Jr
Cooke, Robert D
Cooke, Robert E
Cooke, Rowland E H Jr
Cooke, Roy L
Cooke, Russell E
Cooke, S C
Cooke, Sydney F
Cooke, Thomas O
Cooke, Thornton
Cooke, Willard H
Cooke, William E
Cooke, William J
Cooke, William P
Cooke, William S
Cooke, William S Jr
Cookfair, John R
Cookinham, Franklin
Cookinham, Franklin T
Cookman, Robert G
Cookmeyer, Joseph E
Cooks, David E
Cooks, S C
Cooks, Sidney F
Cooks, William S Jr
Cooksey, Albert B
Cooksey, D H
Cooksey, Douglas L
Cooksey, Dudley H
Cooksey, George C Jr
Cooksey, James M
Cooksey, James R
Cooksey, Kermit Q
Cooksey, Melvin D
Cooksey, Ronald L
Cookson, Jerold A
Cookson, Paul H
Cookston, Audrey M
Cookston, Thomas W
Cookston, Thomas W (bo)
Cooksy, Charles B
Cool, L D
Cool, Leed
Cool, P E
Cool, Paul E
Coolbaugh, Robert K
Cooley, Arthur S
Cooley, Bill Lee
Cooley, Carl K
Cooley, Charles P
Cooley, Daniel C
Cooley, David P, Lockheed Test Pilot
Cooley, Donald A
Cooley, E J
Cooley, Eugene L
Cooley, Eugene Lavell
Cooley, Frank W
Cooley, Frederick B
Cooley, Glen A
Cooley, Harold W
Cooley, Harry T
Cooley, J H
Cooley, J S Jr
Cooley, James G
Cooley, Jh
Cooley, John S
Cooley, John S Jr
Cooley, John S, Jr
Cooley, Kenneth C
Cooley, Paul B
Cooley, R E
Cooley, R L
Cooley, R P
Cooley, Ray E
Cooley, Raymond A
Cooley, Richard (nmi)
Cooley, Richard A
Cooley, Richard P
Cooley, Robert L
Cooley, Roy A
Cooley, Thomas P
Cooley, Warren C
Cooley, Webb B
Cooley, Willam R, Capt
Coolican, T X
Coolidge, Barnum
Coolidge, Benjamin W
Coolidge, Charles A Iii
Coolidge, Charles A, Iii
Coolidge, Dean R
Cooligan, Frank X
Coolman, Don O
Coologhan, Thomas F
Coomans, Leendert G
Coombe, Jn
Coombe, Percy N
Coombe, Richard L
Coombe, T C
Coombe, Thomas H
Coomber, Theodore R
Coombes, Perley W
Coombs, Arthur
Coombs, Arthur M
Coombs, D E
Coombs, David B
Coombs, J S
Coombs, John R, 1lt
Coombs, Robert P
Coombs, Thomas J
Coombs, Virgil M
Coombs, Willam N
Coomer, Archie.
Coomer, Davi G, Jr
Coomer, David G Jr
Coomer, Jack C
Coomer, Winett A
Coomer, Winette A
Coomes, Harry R
Coomes, Richard K
Coon, C E
Coon, Charles W
Coon, Donald H
Coon, Donald R
Coon, Firman A
Coon, Frank G
Coon, George H
Coon, Harry J
Coon, J Stuart
Coon, John B
Coon, Lawrence H
Coon, Lionel D
Coon, Lionel D Jr
Coon, Lionel D, Jr
Coon, Richard D
Coon, Richard P
Coon, Richard W
Coon, Robert A
Coon, Robert E
Coon, Robert L
Coon, Thomas E
Coon, William H
Coon, William K
Coonan, Daniel J
Coonan, John F
Coonan, John J
Coonce, Jacob M
Coonce, Jacob W
Cooner, C
Cooner, William H
Cooney, Andrew J
Cooney, C J
Cooney, Charles J
Cooney, Curtis J
Cooney, Edward W
Cooney, Gerald
Cooney, James H
Cooney, James P
Cooney, James W
Cooney, John F
Cooney, John J
Cooney, John P
Cooney, M A
Cooney, Melvin J
Cooney, Robert G
Cooney, Russell C
Cooney, Thomas G Jr
Coons, Alfred E
Coons, Charles D
Coons, Charles E
Coons, Charles H
Coons, Charles L
Coons, Donald E
Coons, Donald V
Coons, Forrest H
Coons, John A
Coons, Joseph D
Coons, Richard L
Coons, Robert J
Coons, Robert W
Coons, Walter H
Coons, William H
Coop, Kenneth O
Coopat, Robert C
Coope, George F
Coope, George F Jr
Cooper, William W
Cooper, A B
Cooper, Adrian D Jr
Cooper, Albert D Jr
Cooper, Albert D, Jr
Cooper, Alford C
Cooper, Alfred C
Cooper, Alfred W
Cooper, Alva S
Cooper, Andrew J
Cooper, Arnold A
Cooper, Arthur (nmi)
Cooper, Arthur S
Cooper, Aubrey W
Cooper, Austin A
Cooper, B S
Cooper, Ben
Cooper, Bill Dick
Cooper, Bob E
Cooper, Bromley F
Cooper, C A
Cooper, C N
Cooper, Carl B
Cooper, Carl F
Cooper, Carter O
Cooper, Cecil E
Cooper, Cecil E Jr
Cooper, Charles E
Cooper, Charles J
Cooper, Charles M Iii
Cooper, Charles R
Cooper, Charles W
Cooper, Chester L
Cooper, Clyde F
Cooper, Curtis N
Cooper, D W
Cooper, Dale H
Cooper, Dale L
Cooper, Dale V
Cooper, Dale W
Cooper, Daniel A
Cooper, Darrel W
Cooper, David D
Cooper, David W
Cooper, Dean M
Cooper, Dean W
Cooper, Deane B
Cooper, Denis
Cooper, Dewitt T, Jr
Cooper, Donald C
Cooper, Donald H
Cooper, Donald L
Cooper, Donald W
Cooper, Dowd L
Cooper, E T
Cooper, Earl T
Cooper, Edward C
Cooper, Edwin M
Cooper, Ernest G
Cooper, Ernest G Jr
Cooper, Erwin N
Cooper, F
Cooper, Francis L
Cooper, Franklin H Jr
Cooper, Franklin H, Jr
Cooper, Fred Mitchell, 1/lt; Regaf
Cooper, G I
Cooper, Gary N
Cooper, George C
Cooper, George L
Cooper, George M
Cooper, George W
Cooper, George W Perkins, Harold E
Cooper, George Webster
Cooper, Gi
Cooper, Gilbert
Cooper, Gilbert Jr
Cooper, Gordon W
Cooper, Gordon Webster
Cooper, H
Cooper, H P
Cooper, H S
Cooper, Harold E
Cooper, Harold M
Cooper, Harry E
Cooper, Harry F
Cooper, Harry S
Cooper, Henry Iii
Cooper, Henry N
Cooper, Henry N Iii
Cooper, Herbert G
Cooper, Horace J
Cooper, Howard M
Cooper, Hugh J
Cooper, Hugh M
Cooper, Hugh W
Cooper, Hugo M
Cooper, Isaac L
Cooper, J G
Cooper, J G W
Cooper, J H
Cooper, Jack L
Cooper, Jacob L
Cooper, James C
Cooper, James E
Cooper, James E Jr
Cooper, James E, Jr
Cooper, James F
Cooper, James G
Cooper, James H
Cooper, James K
Cooper, James L
Cooper, James R
Cooper, James W
Cooper, Jerome C
Cooper, Joe P
Cooper, John A
Cooper, John D
Cooper, John E
Cooper, John E Jr
Cooper, John F
Cooper, John H
Cooper, John J
Cooper, John N
Cooper, John P
Cooper, John R
Cooper, John W
Cooper, John Watson
Cooper, Joseph D
Cooper, Joseph E
Cooper, Joseph R
Cooper, Joseph W
Cooper, Julius B
Cooper, L B
Cooper, L O
Cooper, Lee
Cooper, Lee (nmi)
Cooper, Leo F
Cooper, Leonard C
Cooper, Leonard N
Cooper, Leroy G
Cooper, Leslie B
Cooper, Lester L
Cooper, Levi A
Cooper, Linn S
Cooper, Linn S Jr
Cooper, Lloyd A
Cooper, Louis O
Cooper, Lucian L
Cooper, Luther B
Cooper, M D
Cooper, M W
Cooper, Mahlon W
Cooper, Marcus P
Cooper, Mark A Jr
Cooper, Mark A, Jr
Cooper, Mark Ament Jr
Cooper, Mary E
Cooper, Millard V
Cooper, Millard V C
Cooper, Milton V
Cooper, Morris W
Cooper, N J
Cooper, Norman H
Cooper, Ottis S Jr
Cooper, Owen G
Cooper, Paul F
Cooper, Paul R
Cooper, Paul T
Cooper, R A
Cooper, R B
Cooper, R E
Cooper, R H
Cooper, R J
Cooper, R L
Cooper, Rafel L
Cooper, Ralph B
Cooper, Ralph R
Cooper, Randolph W
Cooper, Rex L
Cooper, Richard B
Cooper, Richard F
Cooper, Richard M
Cooper, Robert A
Cooper, Robert E
Cooper, Robert H
Cooper, Robert J
Cooper, Robert L
Cooper, Robert N
Cooper, Robert S
Cooper, Roisert E
Cooper, Roy D
Cooper, Roy T
Cooper, Royal G
Cooper, Rr
Cooper, Russell A
Cooper, Russell H
Cooper, Samuel J
Cooper, Samuel L
Cooper, Saul A
Cooper, Sheldon H
Cooper, Stanley C
Cooper, Stanley J
Cooper, T D
Cooper, T D Jr
Cooper, Thomas E
Cooper, Verner A
Cooper, Vernon E
Cooper, Vernon R
Cooper, Virgil A
Cooper, W H
Cooper, Walter D
Cooper, Wayne B
Cooper, Wibb E
Cooper, Willard G
Cooper, William A
Cooper, William E
Cooper, William F L
Cooper, William G
Cooper, William G Jr
Cooper, William H
Cooper, William L
Cooper, William S
Cooper, William T
Cooper, Willis E
Cooper, Winfield W
Cooper, Winston E
Cooper, Winston, E
Cooperider, Noel (nmi)
Cooperider, Noel.
Cooperioner, Noel (nmi)
Coopet, Joseph L
Coopins, William J
Cooprider, Charles E, 1lt
Coorey, Robert E
Coorpender, Raymond F
Coos, Albert G
Cooter, Alvin B
Cooter, Glenn R
Cooter, William F
Cootey, Thomas A
Cooy, Grover L
Coozes, Harry R
Copa, George J
Copack, Charles P
Cope, Alma R
Cope, Archie P
Cope, C E
Cope, Earl W
Cope, Fanny
Cope, Frederick L
Cope, H
Cope, James C
Cope, James R
Cope, James Richard
Cope, James Rp
Cope, James W
Cope, Jesse R
Cope, Joe B
Cope, Leland S
Cope, Mart L Jr
Cope, Ralph D
Cope, Robert E
Cope, Robert F
Cope, Robert J
Cope, Robert L
Cope, Robert W
Cope, Rolf D
Cope, Stanley S
Cope, Stanley S **
Cope, Troy G
Cope, W S
Cope, Walter B
Cope, Welton L
Cope, William L
Copel, R L
Copelan, Haywood R
Copeland, Alton E
Copeland, Arthur E
Copeland, Arvil G
Copeland, Boyd
Copeland, Buy W
Copeland, Carter C
Copeland, Carter G
Copeland, D W
Copeland, Donald W
Copeland, Guy W
Copeland, Henry R
Copeland, Herbert J
Copeland, Howard C
Copeland, Howard O
Copeland, J Herbert
Copeland, James F
Copeland, James M
Copeland, James R
Copeland, Jm
Copeland, John P
Copeland, John W
Copeland, Johnny P
Copeland, Lewis A
Copeland, Loye M
Copeland, Norman D
Copeland, Oliver K
Copeland, Ralph B
Copeland, Richard J
Copeland, Richard L
Copeland, Robert L
Copeland, Robert S
Copeland, Sam H
Copeland, Victor T
Copeland, Wilbur R
Copeland, William A
Copeland, William C
Copeland, William D
Copeland, William J
Copeland, William N
Copeland, William R
Copeland, William U
Copely, John O
Copen, Charles B
Copen, Paul T
Copenbarger, Charles
Copenhaber, Elbert R
Copenhaner, Joe Y
Copenhaver, B M
Copenhaver, Bm
Copenhaver, Boyd M
Copenhaver, Edward C
Copenhaver, Joe Y
Copenhaver, Kent L
Copenhaver, Lawrence B
Copenhaver, Ulysses G
Copenhaver, Walter B
Copenhaver, Ward N
Copenhaver, Ward W
Copeyon, Donald P
Copher, Paul D
Co-pilot + 6 Passengers
Copin, Charles R
Coplan, P E
Coplan, Philip E
Copland, Bert F
Copland, Hednett J
Copland, Mathew J
Coplen, Charles M
Copley, Bill
Copley, C E
Copley, Charles J Jr
Copley, Clyde E
Copley, Howard
Copley, Howard H
Copley, John K
Copley, John O
Copley, R D
Copley, Robert E
Copley, Robert H
Coplin, Haskell R
Coplin, J F
Coplin, John F
Coplin, Mark E
Copozio, Mike
Copp, Charles B
Copp, Eugene F
Copp, R D
Copp, Robert D
Copp, William D Jr
Copp, William D, Jr
Coppack, Charles P
Coppadge, Robert, Jr
Coppage, Alfred B
Coppedge, Gene T
Coppedge, Jess W
Coppel, Alfred J
Copper, Elton
Copper, Morris W
Copper, Mrs.
Copper, W L
Copper, Walton C
Copperthite, Harry S
Coppess, Ivan M
Coppess, Jack E
Coppin, Charles C
Coppin, Tedd O
Copping, Clarence H
Coppinger, William
Coppins, William J
Copple, Darrel D
Copple, Herbert G
Copple, Robert H
Copple, Robert Harding
Coppler, Melvin J
Coppoch, Grace
Coppola, Luis B
Coppolino, Salvatore N
Coppolla, Michael L
Coppom, John F
Coppoolse, Theodor W
Copps, Calvin W
Copps, James R
Coprian, Joseph E
Copsey, Harry J
Copsey, R L
Coquillette, Leon W
Coragem, Jansen A
Coran, Robert G
Coranios, Harry
Corato, Peter V
Coray, Francis M
Corazzini, Clarence T
Corba, Michael A
Corbacio, John L
Corbeil, Vernon J
Corbelle, A C
Corbelli, A
Corbello, Albert C
Corbello, Walter L
Corbet, Frank W
Corbet, G M
Corbet, James E
Corbet, James H
Corbet,wayne L (iro)
Corbett, Cal P
Corbett, F C
Corbett, Frank C
Corbett, Frank W
Corbett, George M
Corbett, George T
Corbett, Goerte T
Corbett, H S
Corbett, Harold M
Corbett, Horace S
Corbett, James B
Corbett, James E
Corbett, John E
Corbett, Richard J
Corbett, Richard K
Corbett, Richard Marvin, Captain
Corbett, Robert E
Corbett, Robert S
Corbett, Russell Mac
Corbett, William
Corbett, William D
Corbett, William P
Corbi, Anthony T
Corbiere, Edgar L
Corbiere, Ovila S
Corbin, Bernard L
Corbin, C W
Corbin, Charles
Corbin, Charles C
Corbin, Harold B
Corbin, Harold V
Corbin, Harry C
Corbin, Harry E Jr
Corbin, Harry E, Jr
Corbin, Harry G
Corbin, Henry
Corbin, Henry D Jr
Corbin, Henry L
Corbin, Howard
Corbin, Howard Jr
Corbin, J H
Corbin, James P
Corbin, John C
Corbin, John H
Corbin, Joseph H
Corbin, Luther L
Corbin, Mavin W
Corbin, Oscar M
Corbin, Paul R
Corbin, Reuben E
Corbin, Richard L
Corbin, Robert
Corbin, Robert W
Corbin, Robert, Capt
Corbin, Thurman R
Corbin, Vance R
Corbin, William B
Corbin, Zane E
Corbisello, Joseph J
Corbisiero, Paul R
Corbitt, Charles H Jr
Corbitt, George T
Corbitt, James H
Corbitt, Johnnie B
Corbitt, Jonnnie B
Corbitt, William N
Corbitt, William W
Corbo, N
Corby, Philip R
Corby, Walter E
Corces, George E
Corchran, John W
Corckette, David R
Corcoran, A F
Corcoran, Arthur F
Corcoran, Charles E
Corcoran, Charles F
Corcoran, Charles F Jr
Corcoran, Clement G
Corcoran, Donald T China)
Corcoran, Edward L
Corcoran, Edwin
Corcoran, George
Corcoran, James A
Corcoran, James D
Corcoran, Jeremiah F
Corcoran, John H
Corcoran, John J
Corcoran, John W
Corcoran, Joseph
Corcoran, Joseph A
Corcoran, Martin E
Corcoran, T M
Corcoran, Theodore
Corcoran, Theodore J
Corcoran, William D
Cord, Archie B Jr
Cord, Robert A
Cord, Talmage W
Cordasco, Rocco A
Cordaway, F A
Cordaway, Fred A
Corday, John B
Cordea, George Jr
Cordea, George, Jr
Cordell, John F
Cordell, John T
Cordell, M V
Cordell, R E
Cordell, Richard F
Cordell, Robert C
Cordell, Robert Q
Cordell, Samuel
Cordell, William F, Capt
Cordell, William P
Corder, Bill F
Corder, Earle J
Corder, Gran V
Corder, Harry P
Corder, Murrell (nmi)
Corder, Noel R
Cordes, Alexander O
Cordes, Dale C
Cordes, Edward W
Cordes, Keith D
Cordes, Kenneth H
Cordes, Paul D
Cordes, Wesley N
Cordes, Winfred C
Cordill, Clark
Cordill, Clark (nmi)
Cordis, Gerald L, 2/lt
Cordle, J D
Cordner Frederick W1lt.
Cordner, Frederick W
Cordoba, Uni
Cordon, Jean
Cordonier, Robert R
Cordora, Joseph C
Cordora, Uni
Cordova, Abraham
Cordova, Henry D
Cordova, John P
Cordova, Toby A
Cordova, Valdemar A
Cordoza, Stuart J
Cordray, Robert
Cordray, Robert M
Cordry, Robert C
Cords Erwan T
Cords, Erwin T
Cords, Howard H
Cordy, Claude N
Cordy, Robert C
Core, Harvey E Jr
Core, Jack C
Core, Jack S
Core, Jesse R Iii
Core, Orville B
Core, Paul (nmi)
Core, Vincent H
Corekin, Robert M
Corelangton, Eaton A
Corell, Joseph
Corely, William H
Coren, Harry
Corenman, Aaron
Corenman, Aaron (nmi)
Coretti, Henry J
Coretto, F A
Corey, Charles
Corey, Charles O
Corey, Clarence R
Corey, Clark L
Corey, Clifford
Corey, Clifford (nmi)
Corey, Francis E
Corey, Fred
Corey, George R
Corey, Horace Mh
Corey, Horance M H
Corey, John J
Corey, Norman E
Corey, O C
Corey, P J
Corey, R W
Corey, Theodore F
Corey, Warner L
Corey, Wl
Corfits, Joe F
Corfman, Daniel B
Corgan, Robert D
Corgill, James N Jr
Corgnati, E M
Corhan, George A
Corhia, Howard G
Coric, Kenneth
Coriell, F W
Corin, Charles A
Corin, P J, Jr
Corin, Peter J
Cork, Clifford D
Cork, Joseph F
Cork, R C
Cork, Robert O
Corka, Walter T
Corkery, Joseph D
Corkery, Joseph O
Corki, Joseph F
Corkill, John M
Corkille, John D
Corkin, Philip R
Corkin, Philip R Jr
Corkin, Phillip R
Corkuan, Medford D
Corkum, Arthur S
Corl, Donald E
Corl, G P
Corle, L M
Corlen, Lucien C
Corleto, Nicholas A
Corlette, Douglas
Corlette, Tom N Jr
Corlette, Tom N, Jr
Corlew, Paul M
Corley, Cp
Corley, Donald W
Corley, Ewel D
Corley, John A Jr
Corley, John E
Corley, Melvin V Jr, Capt
Corley, Paul
Corley, Paul E
Corley, Perry O
Corley, Quinn M
Corley, R C.
Corley, Robert W
Corley, Thomas W
Corley, Willard B
Corley, William H
Corlis, John W
Corliss, Phillip W
Corlson, C H
Cormack, Laawrence A
Cormack, Lawrence A
Cormack, William B
Corman, Bernard
Corman, E M
Corman, Frank M
Corman, Harry
Corman, Robert J
Corman, Victor
Cormany, Edward G
Cormany, Eugene M
Cormany, William F Jr
Cormeny, Eugene M
Cormey, Frederick J Jr
Cormey, Frederick J, Jr
Cormier, Dt
Cormier, Jerome F
Cormier, Leonard C
Cormier, Lionell J
Cormier, Ralph E
Cormier, Raymond P
Corminus, F N
Cormon, Edward M
Corn, Allen L
Corn, Byron D
Corn, Carl D
Corn, Eugene F
Corn, Jack B
Corn, James T
Corn, Lloyd L
Corn, Marvin D
Corn, Robert R
Corn, S E
Cornatt, William
Cornay, Rubert N
Corncal, Mr.
Corne, M J
Corneilie, Barrett D
Corneille, Barrett D
Cornelias, Theron
Cornelison, Dan G
Cornelison, Virgil V
Cornelison, Woodrow
Cornelison, Woodrow (nmi)
Cornelius, Anthony J
Cornelius, C
Cornelius, Carl J
Cornelius, Conley J
Cornelius, Earl W
Cornelius, Edward H
Cornelius, Edward K
Cornelius, Elmer J
Cornelius, Hal S
Cornelius, Harold F
Cornelius, Harold J
Cornelius, Ira D
Cornelius, Lucion H
Cornelius, R G
Cornelius, W B
Cornelius, Wade
Cornelius, William B
Cornelius, William L
Cornelius, William R
Cornell, C C
Cornell, C C.
Cornell, Charles L
Cornell, Clark (nmi)
Cornell, Clifford C
Cornell, Donald A
Cornell, Donald D
Cornell, Earl K
Cornell, Gene F
Cornell, George B
Cornell, George N
Cornell, Harold T
Cornell, Harry L
Cornell, Irving D
Cornell, Jack W
Cornell, John J
Cornell, John R
Cornell, John W
Cornell, Josiah H
Cornell, Loren
Cornell, Loren (nmi)
Cornell, Loren G
Cornell, Maric L
Cornell, Mario L
Cornell, Merrill
Cornell, Nathaniel T
Cornell, Philip R
Cornell, R W
Cornell, Raymond E
Cornell, Richard S
Cornell, Richard S Jr
Cornell, Richard S, Jr
Cornell, Richard W
Cornell, Ross H Jr
Cornell, William E
Cornell, William H
Corneluis, Lucion H
Corneluis, William B
Cornely, Charles F
Cornely, William F
Cornely, Williams F
Corner, Marvin D
Cornett, Benton V
Cornett, Earl
Cornett, Edgar L
Cornett, Frank
Cornett, George F
Cornett, Goerge F
Cornett, Herman J
Cornett, Jack B
Cornett, Jack D
Cornett, Ralph B
Cornett, Ralph S
Cornett, Warren G
Cornett, William
Cornett, Woodrow R
Cornette, Charles M
Cornfeldt, Harold
Cornia, Howard G
Cornick, Ray L
Cornick, T R Jr
Corning, Lowell O
Corning, M E
Corning, Mervyn E
Cornish, Chester L
Cornish, David O
Cornish, George O
Cornish, James F
Cornish, Lee H
Cornish, Loren T
Cornish, R T
Cornish, W C
Cornstockm Howard I
Cornut, William A
Cornwall, Donald W
Cornwall, Joseph S
Cornwall, N C
Cornwall, Neill C
Cornwell, Gardiner (nmi) Jr
Cornwell, Gardiner, Jr
Cornwell, Grady D
Cornwell, Harvey F
Cornwell, James W
Cornwell, John W
Cornwell, Lucian L
Cornwell, Marvin E
Cornwell, Ottaway B
Cornwell, Richard E
Cornwell, Robert P
Cornyn, T J
Coro, Ernest J Jr
Corolis, Nicholas J
Corones, James G
Corones, Jimmie S
Coronies, Harry
Coronies, Harry (nmi)
Coronios, Harry
Coronios, Harry (nmi)*
Coronis, Harry
Corp, Clark
Corp, Lynn J
Corpe, Alvin
Corpening, Clarence C
Corpening, Wayne G
Corpora, Joseph S
Corpus, S A
Corquick, Ralph E
Corradini, Frank
Corrado, F C
Corrado, Robert A
Corral, F R
Corral, Jesus O
Correa, Henry A
Corregan, Frederick
Correia, D L
Correia, Edward C
Correia, Jose I
Correia, Jose T
Correia, Lionel (nmi)
Correia, Louis
Correia, Raymond
Correll, Carl E Jr
Correll, Clyde W
Correll, Harold M
Correll, Hugh B
Correll, James L
Correll, R T
Correll, Ralph E
Correll, Randolph T
Correll, W E
Correll, W R
Correll, Walter E
Correll, William C
Corrick, D L
Corrick, James R
Corrick, John A
Corriddi, Federico G
Corriddi, Frederico G
Corrie, Ralph C
Corriea, Lionel
Corrier, Dwight W
Corrigan, Archibald A
Corrigan, C H
Corrigan, Donald J
Corrigan, Emmett J
Corrigan, F
Corrigan, F H
Corrigan, J G
Corrigan, James A
Corrigan, James P
Corrigan, James T
Corrigan, John
Corrigan, John J
Corrigan, John T
Corrigan, Peter F
Corrigan, R F
Corrigan, Robert A
Corrigan, T F
Corrigan, Theodore B
Corrigan, Thomas F
Corrigan, Thomas P
Corrigan, Walter L
Corrigan, William T
Corrigan,john J
Corringer, Jack
Corrington, Caleb W
Corrington, Caleb.
Corritore, Pascal J
Corriveau, Alphonse J
Corrodino, Louis J
Corry, James F (abo)
Corsa, Lawrence J
Corsatea, Cornell
Corse, Wayne Y
Corsea, Franklin
Corsette, Douglas F
Corsiglia, J B
Corsillo, Frank C
Corsini, Albert B
Corski, Charles J
Corson, Charles O C
Corson, Dan
Corson, Donald M
Corson, Edward M
Corson, Frank
Corson, Harold
Corson, Henry F
Corson, Kenneth V
Corson, Peter (NMI)
Corson, Robert E
Corson, Victor C
Corsuch, Edwin J
Cort, William A
Cortenbach, L J
Corter, John H
Cortes, Arthur E
Cortes, Hubert T
Cortese, Frank
Cortese, Leon J
Cortese, Saverio
Cortese, V R
Cortess, Leon J
Cortez, Hubert T
Cortez, Rodolfo
Cortez, Rudolfo
Corti, Renate E
Cortilet, Bartholomew
Cortilet, Bartholomew A
Cortines, V H
Cortner, Alexander W
Cortner, Anexander W
Cortner, George V
Cortner, Warren J
Corts, Frank A
Cortwright, John M
Cortwright, John M Jr
Cortwright, William J Jr
Corum, Delbert Maurice
Corum, John L
Corum, T D
Corvette, Theodore R
Corvetto, Salvatore J
Corvilli, Daniel D
Corvin, Ernest H
Corvin, Stanley E
Corvino, Benjamin
Corwin, Charles T
Corwin, Howard F
Corwin, James A
Corwin, Ralph E
Corwin, Robert J
Corwin, Warren B
Corwin, William
Corwin, William Harmon
Corwine, Maurice D
Corwinus, F M
Cory, Albert (nmi)
Cory, Albert A
Cory, Claude N
Cory, Cwight P
Cory, Grant H
Cory, Howard D
Cory, John F
Cory, Paul E
Cory, Thomas
Cory, Thomas H
Cory, Wh
Coryell, Gene P
Coryell, H S
Coryell, Robert B
Coryell, Robert C
Coryell, Tom N, Capt
Corzette, John B
Corzine, Clarence G
Corzo, Angel H
Cos, Frank (nmi) Jr
Cosart, Darrell R
Cosart, Darrell Russell
Cosby, Chester
Cosby, Irl R
Cosby, Irl R Jr
Cosby, John W
Cosby, Kenneth
Cosby, Michael G
Cosby, Norman
Cosby, Norman (nmi)
Cosby, William L Jr
Coscarelli, Paul
Cosden, Bryan L
Cosden, Bryan, L
Cosentino, George
Cosey, Harry R
Cosey, Virgil L Jr
Cosey, William L
Cosgrave, Richard P
Cosgriff, Robert L
Cosgriff, Thomas A
Cosgrove, Charles P
Cosgrove, George J
Cosgrove, Howard R
Cosgrove, J
Cosgrove, J J
Cosgrove, James J
Cosgrove, John R
Cosgrove, Joseph E
Cosgrove, Joseph G
Cosgrove, Roy E
Cosgrove, Thomas
Cosgrove, Thomas W Jr
Cosgrove, William T
Cosgrove,john M
Cosher, Howard W
Coshoorn, Gerben A
Cosich, E P
Cosich, Edward P
Cosich, John W
Coskun, Orhan (nmi)
Cosler, Mckinney P
Coslett, Franklin D
Cosman, Richard N
Cosmos, Alexander M
Cosnahan, Robert W
Cosnar, E E
Cosnell, Earl S Jr
Cosnell, Samuel M
Cosner, E E
Cosner, Eugene B
Cosney Am2c
Cosnoll, Johnnie W
Cosoff, Nathan
Cosola, Anthony B
Cosper, Edward T
Cosper, Roy P
Cosper, Wallace J
Cosper. Lloyd C
Coss, Bernard R
Coss, J W
Coss, James W
Coss, John J
Coss, Joseph D
Coss, Robert T
Coss, Wesley G
Coss, Wilbur J Jr
Coss, Wilbur J, Jr
Cossaboom, William N
Cossaboom, William W
Cossairt, T
Cossairt, Theodore
Cosseboom, Clinton E
Cossel, Peter G
Cossey, John H
Cosstephens, Claudius M, 2/lt
Cost, Edward
Cost, James R
Costa, David A
Costa, Edward
Costa, Edward H
Costa, Frances J
Costa, Joseph P
Costa, Kenneth J
Costa, Louis J
Costa, Paul (nmi)
Costa, Philip B
Costa, Roberte
Costa, Roberte T
Costage, George
Costage, George (nmi)
Costain, Phillip M
Costain, Vincent
Costan, Jack H
Costaney, Paul
Costantini, R
Costanza, Joseph A
Costas, Basil G
Coste, Rene
Coste, Rene (nmi)
Costell, Carl A
Costell, William M
Costella, Donald W
Costella, Mortin J
Costelle, James M
Costello, Daniel M
Costello, Donald J
Costello, Edward M
Costello, Edward V
Costello, Francis M
Costello, Frank J Jr
Costello, George B
Costello, George P
Costello, Harry B
Costello, Harry R (fp)
Costello, Hugh V
Costello, J A
Costello, J P
Costello, James F Jr
Costello, James J
Costello, James M
Costello, Jerome J
Costello, John E
Costello, John M
Costello, John M(cong)
Costello, John N
Costello, John R
Costello, John S
Costello, Jonh J
Costello, Keith W
Costello, Kenneth
Costello, Marion M
Costello, Martin J
Costello, Milton O
Costello, Murray J Jr
Costello, Murray J, Jr
Costello, Orlando R
Costello, Peter W
Costello, R H
Costello, Raymond E
Costello, Richard D J
Costello, Richard Dj
Costello, Robert
Costello, Robert A
Costello, Robert E
Costello, Robert I
Costello, Thomas G
Costello, Walter O
Costenbader, Ralph K, Major
Costeseque, Jean
Costi, George.
Costick, Joseph
Costick, Joseph (nmi)
Costigan, James J
Costigon, E F
Costille, Maurice M
Costilow, Ralph N
Costilow, Raplh N
Costin, Thomas C
Costley, Eugene R
Costley, Francis W
Costley, H E
Costley, Harry E
Costley, Lenny S
Costley, Roland E
Costlow, Joseph R
Costlow, V A
Costlow, Va
Coston, R W
Costos, Constantine
Costs, James D
Cosyne, Howard L
Cosyns, Howard L
Cota, Francis K
Cota, John F
Cota, Norman D Jr
Cota, Norman D, Jr
Cotanch, Robert M
Cotanch, Robert N
Cote, Daniel D
Cote, Donald P
Cote, Edmund E
Cote, Francis A
Cote, Joseph R
Cote, N L
Cote, Paul
Cote, Ralph A
Cote, Raymond G
Cote, Richard D
Cote, Robert E
Cotea, Albert J
Cotenoff, Samuel F
Cotham, Christian M
Cotham, John
Cotham, William C
Cotham, Willie C
Cothdan, William A
Cotherman, George F
Cothern, Billie R
Cothern, Billie Richard
Cothran, W M
Cothran, Walter M
Cothran, William N
Cothran, Wm
Cothren, Ralph F
Cothrun, Charles
Cotlentz, Harold (nmi)
Cotler, Martin
Cotner, Francis W
Cotner, Franklynn V
Cotner, Gail J
Cotner, J M
Cotner, Justic C
Cotner, Orville H
Cotner, Wilbur C
Cotnoir, Armand J
Cotnoir, George P
Cotrell, Arthur R
Cotropia, F L
Cottam, Edwin G
Cotter, Donald L
Cotter, Ernest R Jr
Cotter, Ernest R, Jr
Cotter, Harold E
Cotter, J A
Cotter, Jack G
Cotter, John A
Cotter, Leo V
Cotter, Paul B
Cotter, Richard F
Cotter, Thomas E, Jr
Cotter, Thomas Jr
Cotter, Thomas R
Cotter, William F
Cotter, William W
Cotterill, Wray P
Cottie, Clyde J Jr
Cottingham, Dixon P
Cottingham, John J
Cottingham, Paul F
Cottingham, William G
Cottingham, William J
Cottingham, William O
Cottingham, William O J
Cottingham, William O Jr
Cottingham, William O, Jr
Cottle, Everett
Cottle, Everett (nmi)
Cottle, Richard A
Cottle, Robert S
Cottman, Brooks P
Cottmann, Alvin
Cotton Thomas W
Cotton, Allen B
Cotton, Andrew D
Cotton, Benjamin F
Cotton, C W
Cotton, Charles F
Cotton, Charles P
Cotton, Charles W
Cotton, Curtis L
Cotton, Donald J
Cotton, H G
Cotton, Harold L
Cotton, Horace G
Cotton, Horace W
Cotton, Horce G
Cotton, J F
Cotton, J W
Cotton, J W Jr
Cotton, John H
Cotton, John W
Cotton, Joseph
Cotton, Joseph C
Cotton, Joseph F
Cotton, Joseph L
Cotton, Lawrence V
Cotton, Martin E
Cotton, Ralph A
Cotton, Thomas W
Cotton, Willard L
Cotton, Willard L Jr
Cotton, Willard Leslie
Cottongin, Leonard B
Cottrell, Albert D
Cottrell, Bert M
Cottrell, Couglas C
Cottrell, Didley P
Cottrell, Donald C Jr
Cottrell, Donald G, Jr
Cottrell, Douglas C (tro)
Cottrell, Dudley F
Cottrell, George J
Cottrell, Glynn C
Cottrell, James H
Cottrell, Kenneth D
Cottrell, L E
Cottrell, Leland E
Cottrell, Leon W
Cottrell, Oswald
Cottrell, Paul A
Cottrell, R N
Cottrell, Richard S
Cottrell, Rn
Cottrell, Robert C
Cottrell, Robert N
Cottrell, Samuel S, Capt
Cottrill, James A
Cottros, A G
Cottschalk, Charles L
Cottschalk, Howard E
Cotu, Francis K
Cotugno, Vito
Cotugre, Vito
Cotz, Richard C
Couant, Jean Y
Couberly, John M
Couberly, John N
Couch, Alexander P
Couch, Billy A
Couch, C L
Couch, Damiel R
Couch, Darrell V
Couch, Fred
Couch, Frederick I
Couch, Frederick L
Couch, Gene
Couch, Gene E
Couch, H H.
Couch, Harold N
Couch, Harry L
Couch, J R
Couch, Jack
Couch, Jack H
Couch, James H
Couch, John R
Couch, L H
Couch, Llewellyn H
Couch, Louis H
Couch, Robert F
Couch, Robert P
Couch, Thomas
Couch, Thomas (nmi)
Couch, Walter R
Couch, William G
Couchigian, Donald E
Couchman, Albert R
Couchman, Royal
Couchot, Lawrence C
Couderq, J J
Coudon, Jean
Cougen, Richard L
Couget, W P
Cough, Edward L
Cough, Llewellyn H
Cough, Ray E
Coughenour M H
Coughenour, Robert A Jr
Coughlan, James P
Coughlan, John K
Coughlan, William H
Coughlin Richard L
Coughlin, D F
Coughlin, David F
Coughlin, Fracis J
Coughlin, Frances E
Coughlin, Francis C
Coughlin, Francis J
Coughlin, J A
Coughlin, James E
Coughlin, James M
Coughlin, James R
Coughlin, John A
Coughlin, John G
Coughlin, Lawrence E
Coughlin, Lawrence M
Coughlin, Richard L
Coughlin, Robert
Coughlin, Robert J
Coughlin, Warren C
Coughlin, William H
Coughran, Samuel J
Cougill, Robert P, 1lt
Couglan, John K
Cougle, Gordon T
Cougler, Thomas J
Couglin, Fracis J
Couglin, Francis J
Couglin, Warren C
Couil, Douglas F
Couis, S P
Couison, O G
Couk, Vera K
Coukoulis, Theodore C
Coul, Claude L
Coulahan, John E
Coulbourn, Harold J
Coulbourne, Joseph O
Could, Dwight E
Coule, Wayne A
Coulet, Paul P
Coulombe, Laurier F
Coulombe, Lionel J
Coulon, Bob W
Coulon, Robert E
Coulson, Eldon E
Coulson, Frank D W
Coulson, James B
Coulson, Merle A
Coulson, Milton F Jr
Coulson, O G
Coulson, Walter W
Coulston, Joseph
Coultas, F E
Coultas, Floyd
Coultas, Floyd E
Coulter Arthur E
Coulter, Arthur E
Coulter, Austin N
Coulter, Calvin B
Coulter, David R
Coulter, Don A
Coulter, Donald M
Coulter, Emma
Coulter, Fred O
Coulter, Harry E
Coulter, Henry E
Coulter, Herbert H
Coulter, J M
Coulter, John M
Coulter, John W
Coulter, K V
Coulter, Kenneth R
Coulter, Kenneth V
Coulter, Marshall G
Coulter, Robert
Coulter, Robert E
Coulter, Robert V
Coulter, Robert W
Coulter, Theron
Coulter, Theron (nmi)
Coulter, William R
Coulter,austin N
Coulthard, P F
Coultherman, Paul
Coulton, Theron
Coultraf, Ralph C
Coultrap, Ralph C
Coultry, Douglas F
Coumatos, James M
Coumbs, Thomas J
Coumo, Thomas J
Counce, Charles H
Counce, James M, Capt
Council, Clyde H
Council, David E
Council, John Malone, Jr
Councill, David E
Councill, James W
Councill, W H
Councill, William H
Counihan, Michael A
Counillon, Pierre F
Counsell, Clarence
Counselman, Orville L
Counselman, Wallace D
Counter, Russell F
Countess, Stanislaus
Countryman, B W
Countryman, D W
Countryman, Dayton W
Countryman, Fw
Countryman, Weldon E
Counts, Carroll E
Counts, Clement L Jr
Counts, Dave (nmi)
Counts, Fred W
Counts, George H
Counts, Jack
Counts, James W
Counts, John T
Counts, Morris R
Countway, Lewis E
County, Walter C
Countz, Charles
Countz, Charles W
Coupe, Alvin
Couper, James W
Couperthwaite, James W
Couperus, Otto E
Coupland, L D
Coupland, Lorenzo D
Coupland, Robert W
Coupland, Thomas D
Couple, Gilbert J
Courade, Gerard L
Couradi, Leslie J
Courage, Arthur N
Courcelle, Frederick M
Courcelle, Lucien C
Courcey, Leslie
Courchesne, Maurice R
Courcier, Henry P
Courcier, James M
Courech, Arnold J
Courey, Robert L
Courington, Bill (nmi)
Courlaud, Jackson
Courley, Roy Clark
Courley, Theodore J
Cournaya, Ernest J
Cournean, Robert D
Courneen, Bernard J
Courneen, Robert D
Courney, Phillip H
Courney, Phillip J
Courneyer, Bertrand T
Cournoyer, Bertrand T
Cournoyer, Bertrandt
Cournoyer, Edgar V
Cournoyer, Richard
Cournoyer, Richard L
Couroier, Henry P
Course, William B
Coursem William B
Coursen, William B
Courser, Bruce M
Coursey, Harry
Coursey, Mayland L
Coursey, Richard R Jr
Coursey, Richard R, Jr
Coursey, Roger A
Coursey, W A
Courson, Donald S
Courson, Loren T
Courson, Wesley E
Court, Richard S
Courtad, Paul K
Courtade, Pierre
Courtemanche, Ralph E
Courten, Robert P
Courter, Donald E, Capt
Courter, Edward S
Courter, Edwin E
Courter, H
Courter, Howard
Courter, Russel B
Courter, Russell B
Courtial, A W
Courtland, Elmer C
Courtlay, Walter J
Courtley, Walter I
Courtley, Walter J
Courtney, E W
Courtney, A S
Courtney, Amick G
Courtney, Buford S
Courtney, Charles W
Courtney, Clyde
Courtney, David H
Courtney, David Hf
Courtney, Donald A
Courtney, E W
Courtney, Edward L
Courtney, Eric
Courtney, Eric (nmi)
Courtney, Floyd S
Courtney, Floyd S Jr
Courtney, Floyd S, Jr
Courtney, Francis F
Courtney, Francis J
Courtney, Harold D
Courtney, Harold J
Courtney, Harold O
Courtney, Jack L
Courtney, John
Courtney, John (nmi)
Courtney, John J
Courtney, John J Jr
Courtney, John J, Jr
Courtney, Keith C
Courtney, Leo
Courtney, Leo W
Courtney, Lucian J, Jr
Courtney, Lucian Jr
Courtney, Marcia E
Courtney, Marcus V
Courtney, Marion L
Courtney, Mary I
Courtney, Mary Ivey
Courtney, Melvin M
Courtney, Richard D
Courtney, Robert H
Courtney, Thomas H
Courtney, Thomas Jr
Courtney, William B Jr
Courtney, William E Jr
Courtney, William E, Jr
Courtney, William F
Courtney, William T
Courtright, James C
Courtright, James S
Courtright, James W
Courtright, W D
Courts, John W
Courture, Robert
Courverette, Joseph E
Courville, Earl A
Courville, Ovis P
Courvinus, Frederick N
Coury, Edgar P
Coury, Robert A
Cousar, Robert W Jr
Couse, Fred A
Cousell, Jon E
Cousemaker, Arthur F
Couser, Ralph S
Cousey, Norman L
Cousin, Edward J
Cousin, James T
Cousineau, Donald J
Cousino, Clarence P
Cousins, A
Cousins, Augustus
Cousins, Don E
Cousins, Earl B
Cousins, James H
Cousins, John L
Cousins, Josh L
Cousins, Peter P
Cousins, Ralph P
Cousins, Richard W
Cousins, Robert R
Cousins, Roy L
Cousins, W M
Cousins, Wallace D
Cousins, Weldon A
Cousins, William H
Cousins, William M
Cousland, C W
Cousland, Cornelius W
Cousnaine, R F
Cousoulis, P
Coussement, Sylvere H, Capt
Cousson, Georges P
Couter, Donald E, 1/lt
Coutinho, John
Coutinho, John (nmi)
Coutlas, Floyd E
Coutlee, M J
Coutray De Pradel, Michel G
Coutray Depradel,michel
Coutre, Robert D
Coutrney, John J
Coutts, Jb
Coutts, R L
Coutts, Warren M
Coutu, Daniel H
Coutu, Paul A
Coutu, Paul F
Couture, Albert R
Couture, Charles N
Couture, Edgar A
Couture, J N
Couture, Robert D
Couture, Robert E
Couture, Romeo S
Couture, Zoel L
Couturier, A J
Couturier, James C
Couverchel, Jean
Couverchel, Jean F
Couverette, Joseph E
Couvillon, Richard
Couvillon, Richard E
Couvrette, George J
Couvrette, Joseph E
Couzens, Willard, Jr
Couzins, Peter P
Covan, Claude B
Covarrubias, John
Covart, B L
Covault, Darrell W
Cove, Robert L
Covell, Dwight, W
Covell, Paul M
Covell, Stephen D
Covelle, Lloyd K Jr
Coventry, James A
Cover, Bruce F
Cover, Carl A
Cover, Charles E
Cover, Edward W
Cover, John H Jr
Cover, John H, Jr
Cover, Richard C
Cover, Robert R
Cover, W
Coverdale, Milton M
Coverdill, Edward M
Coverhill, Edward M
Coverick, George M
Covert, Arthur R
Covert, Bert L
Covert, Clarence (nmi) Jr
Covert, George H
Covert, Harry M
Covert, Robert B
Covert, Wayne L
Coves, Georges
Covey, Albert E
Covey, C L
Covey, Carlton
Covey, Carlton (nmi)
Covey, Charles D
Covey, Charles N
Covey, Eulan W
Covey, John E
Covey, John F
Covey, John L
Covey, N L
Covey, Richard H
Covey, Robert M
Coveyou, James A
Covic, Donald M
Covich, Howard J
Coviello, Andrew P
Coville, Alan
Coville, Paul A
Coville, Roy L
Covington , John W
Covington, Everett A
Covington, Frank E Jr
Covington, George B
Covington, Harold A
Covington, Harrison
Covington, Harrison W
Covington, Harry K
Covington, Henry H Jr
Covington, Henry H, Jr
Covington, J C
Covington, James C
Covington, James S
Covington, John J
Covington, John M
Covington, John W
Covington, Lee G
Covington, Loren C
Covington, M E
Covington, Paul J
Covington, Royston T
Covington, Royston T Jr
Covington, W E Jr
Covington, W E,jr
Covington, W Jr
Covington, W P
Covington, Wallace P
Covington, Wayne A
Covington, William C
Covinsky, Ralph W
Covlasky, R C
Covlasky, Richard G
Covolo, Paul M
Covolo, Paul Mario
Cowal, John
Cowan [or Gowan]
Cowan, A M
Cowan, Albert
Cowan, Andrew M
Cowan, Ansel
Cowan, Bruce
Cowan, Charles E
Cowan, Cornell T
Cowan, D W
Cowan, Dee G
Cowan, George C
Cowan, George D
Cowan, George O
Cowan, George S
Cowan, Harold G
Cowan, Harold O
Cowan, Homer L
Cowan, J A
Cowan, Jack H
Cowan, James K
Cowan, John E
Cowan, John R (sp)
Cowan, L Morell
Cowan, L W
Cowan, Merrell L
Cowan, Merrell L Jr
Cowan, Noah
Cowan, Oliver T
Cowan, R R
Cowan, Ray A
Cowan, Richard A
Cowan, Richard S
Cowan, Robert B
Cowan, Robert C
Cowan, Robert E
Cowan, Roscoe H
Cowan, Roy L
Cowan, Rr
Cowan, Stanley L Jr
Cowan, Stuart W
Cowan, Wesley D
Cowan, William C
Cowan, William J H
Cowan, William M
Cowar, Ansel
Coward, Huey R
Coward, Ira E Jr
Coward, James S
Coward, James W
Coward, John W Iii
Coward, John W, Iii
Coward, Kenneth W
Coward, Matt T
Coward, William A
Cowart, Albert H
Cowart, Alfred H
Cowart, Andrew
Cowart, Bailey V
Cowart, Curtis V
Cowart, Frank E
Cowart, Lewis J
Cowart, Ray J
Cowart, Thomas R
Cowart, William J
Cowart, William R
Cowart, William S
Cowart, William S Jr
Cowden, Dwight L
Cowden, John H
Cowden, Robert O
Cowdery, Burnham W
Cowdin, Robert L
Cowee, Fred M
Cowel, Carl R
Cowell, Carl R
Cowell, Charles F, Jr
Cowell, Earl F
Cowell, G L
Cowell, George L
Cowell, Gilbert L
Cowell, J F
Cowell, Lawrence A
Cowell, Richard K
Cowell, Roger R
Cowell, Tomas M
Cowell, W R
Cowell, Wesley
Cowell, Wesley J
Cowell, Wilbur C
Cowen, Alfred M
Cowen, Daniel C
Cowen, Daniel G
Cowen, Glenn R
Cowen, Noah N
Cowen, Raymond S
Cowey, Albert E
Cowey, Robert A
Cowger, G T
Cowger, John P
Cowger, Norval A
Cowger, Robert J
Cowgill, Arden
Cowgill, Arden W
Cowgill, Eugene H
Cowgill, George W
Cowgill, George W, 1lt
Cowgill, George W, Capt
Cowgill, John W
Cowgill, Warren T
Cowgill, Wayne J
Cowherd, Ford C
Cowherd, Lewis B
Cowie, Albert A
Cowie, R P
Cowie, Robert P
Cowin, Fred P
Cowin, James (nmi) Jr
Cowing, Charles A
Cowland, Robert R
Cowle, Stewart W
Cowle, Stewart W, Jr
Cowles Maynard L1lt.
Cowles, Cheney
Cowles, Frank M
Cowles, Kenneth W
Cowles, Maynard L
Cowles, Ned A
Cowley, Gerald D
Cowley, Irvin J
Cowley, Joseph G
Cowley, Louis M
Cowley, Robert G
Cowley, Theodore F
Cowley, William F
Cowman, Clarence L
Cown, Lewis C
Cowper, William R Jr
Cowper, William R, Jr
Cowrey, Sterling R
Cowsar, Jon W
Cowsert, John L
Cox Ernest O
Cox Lucien K
Cox, A C
Cox, Adalphers D
Cox, Al B
Cox, Albert L
Cox, Albert M
Cox, Albert R
Cox, Albert Ray
Cox, Alexander J Jr
Cox, Allan W
Cox, Allen W
Cox, Alva C
Cox, Arnold G
Cox, Arthur B Jr
Cox, Atlee D
Cox, Aubrey
Cox, B E
Cox, Billy J
Cox, Burton E
Cox, C E
Cox, C L
Cox, C M
Cox, Carlos C
Cox, Carroll B
Cox, Cecil E
Cox, Charles
Cox, Charles A
Cox, Charles B
Cox, Charles B Jr
Cox, Charles B, Jr
Cox, Charles C
Cox, Charles F
Cox, Charles G
Cox, Charles L
Cox, Charles M
Cox, Charles W
Cox, Charlie C
Cox, Clarence W
Cox, Clifford G
Cox, Clyde E
Cox, Cm
Cox, Cord R
Cox, Curtis T
Cox, D F
Cox, Donald E
Cox, Dorris E
Cox, Dudley S
Cox, E G
Cox, E W
Cox, Earl H
Cox, Edward
Cox, Edward C
Cox, Edward D
Cox, Edward H
Cox, Edward L
Cox, Edward L Jr
Cox, Ennis
Cox, Ernest C Jr
Cox, Eugene W
Cox, F F
Cox, Francis M
Cox, Frank (nmi)
Cox, Frank E
Cox, Frank Jr
Cox, Fritz L
Cox, George
Cox, George A
Cox, George I
Cox, Gilbert E
Cox, Gilbert H
Cox, Glen M
Cox, Glenn W
Cox, Grady L
Cox, Graham G
Cox, H B
Cox, H D
Cox, H F
Cox, H K
Cox, Hammond H
Cox, Hannibal M
Cox, Harlen L Jr
Cox, Harley K
Cox, Harold D
Cox, Harold E
Cox, Harold L
Cox, Harold M
Cox, Harry E
Cox, Harvey G
Cox, Helio C
Cox, Henry O
Cox, Herbert P
Cox, Hollie Roy
Cox, Hollis
Cox, Homer L
Cox, Howard
Cox, Howard L
Cox, Hugh D
Cox, Hugh R
Cox, Hugh T
Cox, Hughy K
Cox, J T
Cox, J W
Cox, Jack C
Cox, Jack J
Cox, Jack J (fuel Truck Driver)
Cox, James A
Cox, James D
Cox, James H
Cox, James R
Cox, James W
Cox, Jasper J
Cox, Jerry J
Cox, Joe
Cox, Joe R
Cox, John
Cox, John B
Cox, John C
Cox, John E
Cox, John I Jr
Cox, John J
Cox, John M
Cox, John P
Cox, John T
Cox, John T, Capt
Cox, John W
Cox, Joseph C
Cox, Joseph F
Cox, Joseph G
Cox, Joseph L
Cox, Joseph O
Cox, Karl T
Cox, Kenneth L
Cox, Kenneth W
Cox, Kermit R
Cox, Lawrence
Cox, Lee R
Cox, Leonard L
Cox, Leslie O
Cox, Lester L
Cox, Lloyd L
Cox, Louis G
Cox, Lucien K
Cox, Luther A
Cox, Lynd J
Cox, Lynn A
Cox, Malcolm F
Cox, Margaret L
Cox, Marion J
Cox, Marvin R
Cox, Melburn L
Cox, Melvill W
Cox, Melville W
Cox, Melvin C
Cox, Melvin G
Cox, Morgan H
Cox, Myrle F
Cox, Noah A
Cox, Norman R
Cox, Omar L
Cox, Omer L
Cox, Oscar B
Cox, Oscar H
Cox, Otis J
Cox, Otto H
Cox, Perry S
Cox, Philip A
Cox, Philip K
Cox, Phillip A
Cox, Phillip K
Cox, R B
Cox, R R
Cox, R S
Cox, Ralph G
Cox, Ralph J
Cox, Ralph L
Cox, Ray
Cox, Raymond E
Cox, Raymond I
Cox, Raymond J
Cox, Rennard L
Cox, Rex E
Cox, Rex G
Cox, Richard C
Cox, Richard E
Cox, Robert A
Cox, Robert B
Cox, Robert D
Cox, Robert F
Cox, Robert G
Cox, Robert J
Cox, Robert L
Cox, Robert L Jr
Cox, Robert M
Cox, Robert S
Cox, Robert W
Cox, Roger B
Cox, Ronald E
Cox, Rondel L
Cox, Roy E
Cox, Russell H
Cox, Samuel J
Cox, Stanley S
Cox, Thomas
Cox, Thomas B
Cox, Thomas E
Cox, Thomas H
Cox, Thomas J
Cox, Thomas M
Cox, Thomas V
Cox, Thomas W
Cox, Tommy E
Cox, Tommy M
Cox, V L
Cox, Verdon L
Cox, Vincent J
Cox, Virgil L
Cox, W M
Cox, Wallace C
Cox, Walter
Cox, Walter (nmi)
Cox, Walter E
Cox, Walter, E
Cox, Ward Jr
Cox, Wilbur G
Cox, William A
Cox, William Anson
Cox, William Bacon
Cox, William E
Cox, William F
Cox, William F Jr
Cox, William G Jr
Cox, William G, Jr
Cox, William H
Cox, William H Jr, Capt
Cox, William Henry, Jr
Cox, William J
Cox, William L
Cox, William O Jr
Cox, William O, Jr
Cox, William R
Cox, William T
Cox, William W
Cox, William Z
Cox, Willie C
Cox, Willis C
Cox, Woodie (nmi)
Cox,hannibal Maceo
Cox. Arthur R
Coxall, E
Coxen, Harlon F
Coxen, Vernon R
Coxey, John T
Coxhill, W
Coxwell, John E
Coxwell, Johnathan
Coxwell, Johnathan E
Coxwell, Jonathan E
Coy, C H
Coy, Charles H
Coy, Dean F
Coy, Edwin P
Coy, John M
Coy, Richard W
Coy, William L
Coyenhaver, James C
Coykendall, Ralph
Coyle, B A
Coyle, Benedict A
Coyle, Benjamin J
Coyle, Cecil R
Coyle, Charles L
Coyle, Clifford
Coyle, Clifford,
Coyle, Donald J
Coyle, Donald P
Coyle, Frank J
Coyle, George B\l Jr
Coyle, H J Jr
Coyle, Henry J Jr
Coyle, Henry J, Jr
Coyle, James A
Coyle, James J
Coyle, John R
Coyle, Joseph M
Coyle, L W
Coyle, Lawrence W
Coyle, Maurice
Coyle, N J
Coyle, Patrick J
Coyle, Richard
Coyle, Richard N
Coyle, Richard W
Coyle, Robert F
Coyle, Robert J
Coyle, Stanley V
Coyle, Thomas W
Coyle, Wayne D (cc)
Coyne, Harry
Coyne, Harry (mechanic)
Coyne, James H
Coyne, James J
Coyne, James P, 1lt
Coyne, Joseph W
Coyne, Kenneth
Coyne, Kenneth W
Coyne, Kerrin H
Coyne, M J
Coyne, Robert B
Coyne, William
Coyner, Donald F
Coynner, Orville J
Coysh, William J
Coyte, Richard B
Cozad, John W
Cozad, Thomas D
Cozbey, Earl R
Cozby, Billy D
Cozens, Albert J
Cozens, Richard B
Cozens, Thomas H
Cozier, James O
Cozine, Ellis L
Cozine, William M Jr
Cozine, William M, Jr
Cozmanoff, Stephen
Cozor, Alexander;
Cozza, Raymond A
Cozzens, G
Cozzens, James S
Cozzens, James S Jr
Cozzens, James S, Jr
Cozzens, Wallis O
Cozzolino, Leo J
Cpiella, John O
Cprme, Rocjard W
Cpusins, Clinton B
Crabb, Alvis R
Crabb, Cecil D, Capt
Crabb, Charles N
Crabb, Everett
Crabb, Everette
Crabb, J V
Crabb, Jarred V
Crabb, John P
Crabb, Kenneth R
Crabb, Leslie L
Crabb, Robert C
Crabb, Robert Charles
Crabb, Robert J L
Crabb, Robert L
Crabbe, Charles W
Crabbs, Richard
Crabe, Herbert E
Crabenhoft, L H
Craber, John E
Crabs, Harold E
Crabtree, Archie E
Crabtree, Billie R
Crabtree, C E
Crabtree, Chester N
Crabtree, Clifford A
Crabtree, Clifford E
Crabtree, Dean R
Crabtree, Elroe L
Crabtree, Elroe Z
Crabtree, Ernest V
Crabtree, Everett E
Crabtree, Henry S
Crabtree, Holland K
Crabtree, James C
Crabtree, Jean E
Crabtree, John Q
Crabtree, Kenneth
Crabtree, Kenneth V
Crabtree, Lloyd W
Crabtree, Ln S
Crabtree, Mansfield
Crabtree, Martin P
Crabtree, Murl M
Crabtree, Norman V
Crabtree, Ormand D
Crabtree, Ormand N
Crabtree, Paul O
Crabtree, Robert O
Crabtree, Roger L
Crabtree, Thomas E
Crabtree, Thomas T
Crabtree, Truman S
Crabtree, William Max
Cracchiola, A
Crackel, Robert E
Cracknell, Christian W
Cracknell, Frank K
Crackwell, Christian W
Cracolici, Joseph Jr
Cracolici, Joseph, Jr
Cracraft, Bruce N
Cracraft, Jack E
Craddick, J
Craddock, Abram P Iii
Craddock, Abram P, Iii
Craddock, B F
Craddock, J
Craddock, James R
Craddock, Jeffress P
Craddock, Joseph H
Craddock, R P
Craddock, Reynold C
Crader, Jerry W
Crafford, Hs
Craft, Archie D
Craft, Bert O
Craft, Bill
Craft, Charles W
Craft, F W
Craft, Jacob F
Craft, Leslie D
Craft, Lowell K
Craft, Ray K
Craft, Raymond E
Craft, Richard L, Capt
Craft, Robby R
Craft, Vernon L
Craft, W L
Crafton, Eugene C Jr
Crafton, J Jack
Cragen, John D
Cragg, Auston G
Cragg, Edward
Cragg, Ernest T
Craghead Jr, Charles E
Craghill, Richard M
Craghill, T E
Craghill, Thomas E
Crago, Felix H
Crago, John W
Crago, John Walter
Cragoe, Clarence R
Crahan, John F
Crahan, John T
Craig Thomas M
Craig, Alfred H
Craig, Arthur B
Craig, Benjamin E
Craig, Benjamin H Jr
Craig, Billie Don
Craig, C D
Craig, C H
Craig, C M
Craig, Carlisle M
Craig, Charles C
Craig, Charles H
Craig, Charles R
Craig, Clark F
Craig, Donald C
Craig, Donald G Jr
Craig, Donald W (ro)
Craig, E B
Craig, Earl William
Craig, Earle M Jr
Craig, Edward E
Craig, Edward M
Craig, Edward P
Craig, Edward S
Craig, Edward W
Craig, Eugene C
Craig, F
Craig, Fletcher H
Craig, Fm
Craig, Frank B Jr
Craig, Frank B, Jr
Craig, Frank R
Craig, Frank S Jr
Craig, Franklin J
Craig, Franklin, Jr
Craig, Fred
Craig, Fred C
Craig, Fred G
Craig, Fred Jr
Craig, Fritz
Craig, Garrett A
Craig, George A
Craig, George A, 1/lt
Craig, George S
Craig, Goodman S
Craig, Gordon W
Craig, Grant
Craig, H P
Craig, Harry
Craig, Harry J
Craig, Horace C
Craig, Howard A
Craig, Hugh W
Craig, J C
Craig, J Paul
Craig, Jack B
Craig, James
Craig, James D
Craig, James E
Craig, James G
Craig, James M
Craig, James N
Craig, James R
Craig, James R, 1/lt
Craig, James S
Craig, James W Jr
Craig, John
Craig, John D
Craig, John P
Craig, John S
Craig, John T
Craig, John W
Craig, Joseph G
Craig, Laverne
Craig, Lawrence A
Craig, Lc
Craig, Lee M
Craig, Leroy
Craig, Leroy (nmi)
Craig, Leroy M
Craig, Lewis W
Craig, Melvin
Craig, Melvin W
Craig, Milford S
Craig, Milton W
Craig, Paul J
Craig, R L
Craig, R P
Craig, Richard M
Craig, Robert C
Craig, Robert D
Craig, Robert J
Craig, Robert Jay
Craig, Robert L
Craig, Robert T
Craig, Ronald E
Craig, Russell C
Craig, Samuel L
Craig, Stephen F
Craig, Thomas E
Craig, Thomas F
Craig, Thomas J
Craig, Thomas M
Craig, Thomas W
Craig, Thurman A
Craig, Tunis H
Craig, W G
Craig, Walter J
Craig, Walter R
Craig, Walter S
Craig, Wesley H
Craig, William
Craig, William B
Craig, William C
Craig, William G
Craig, William J
Craig, William L
Craig, William P
Craig. Earle M, Jr
Craigen, William J
Craigg [or Craigo]
Craighead, J L
Craighill, Richard
Craighton, Oscaar M
Craighton, Oscar M
Craigie, John E
Craigie, Laurence C
Craigin, Karl F
Craigle, John H
Craigmyle, Sheldon C
Craigo, Cecil E
Craigo, Cecil E Jr
Craigo, R
Craigo, Robert E
Craigston, J W
Craigwell, Ernest M
Craik, James S Jr
Craik, James S, Jr
Craik, Ronald W
Crail, William J
Crain, Charles E Jr
Crain, Charles E, Jr
Crain, Franklin C
Crain, George K
Crain, J E
Crain, John C
Crain, Richard T
Crain, Walter C
Crain, Wilse E
Craker, Edward C
Crakes, Joe H
Crall, John S
Crall, Robert O
Cralton, Donald H
Cram, Bruce H
Cram, Charles D
Cram, James A
Cram, James J
Cram, John G
Cram, Robert W
Cram, Victor E Jr
Cram, William C
Cram, William C Iii
Cramasta, Joseph
Cramblat, Byron S
Cramblet, Byron S
Crame,r Eugene F
Cramer, Bryant L
Cramer, Carl W
Cramer, Cecil H
Cramer, Charles
Cramer, Charles O
Cramer, Charles W
Cramer, D
Cramer, D L
Cramer, Dale W
Cramer, Darrell S
Cramer, Darrell S, Colonel
Cramer, David
Cramer, David S
Cramer, Donald L
Cramer, Earl R
Cramer, Eugene F
Cramer, Frederick D
Cramer, G F
Cramer, George W
Cramer, Gordon D
Cramer, Hugh G
Cramer, Hugh W
Cramer, J M
Cramer, Jack R
Cramer, James A
Cramer, James M
Cramer, John H
Cramer, Keith E
Cramer, Kenneth P
Cramer, Oscar J
Cramer, Paul H
Cramer, Richard D
Cramer, Robert T
Cramer, S S
Cramer, Seward S
Cramer, William L
Crammer, David S
Cramond, W R
Cramond, Wallace R
Cramp, William W
Crampe, Earl E
Crampton, M D
Crampton, William C
Crampton, William C Jr
Crampton, William M
Crampton, William M (p)
Cramwell, James E
Cran, J S
Cranatry, Fred I
Crance, Jerome
Crance, Joseph C
Cranche, M
Cranche, M F
Crandal, Edward F
Crandall, Clarence L
Crandall, Cortiand C
Crandall, Donald
Crandall, Edmund B
Crandall, Edward F
Crandall, Fred
Crandall, Gordon C
Crandall, Grover
Crandall, H R
Crandall, Horace B
Crandall, Hugh G
Crandall, Jess F
Crandall, John E
Crandall, John R
Crandall, Lewis W
Crandall, Ma
Crandall, Robert J
Crandall, Roy L Jr
Crandall, Roy L, Jr
Crandall, Thomas D
Crandall, Thomas O
Crandall, W M
Crandall, W R
Crandall, William M
Crandall, William P
Crandall, William R
Crandall, Winston R
Crandell, Edmund B
Crandell, Elmo C
Crandell, George W Jr
Crandell, George W, Jr
Crandell, Harry M
Crandell, Jack S
Crandell, Leonard J
Crandell, Richard T
Crandell, Walter W
Crandell, William P
Crandell, William W
Crane, Andrew F
Crane, Andrew J
Crane, B C
Crane, Bradley C
Crane, Carl H
Crane, Carl Hampton
Crane, Carlisle B
Crane, Charles M Jr
Crane, Clayton L
Crane, Dean C
Crane, Donald F
Crane, Edwin R
Crane, Everett L
Crane, Fleet F
Crane, Frederick V
Crane, G S
Crane, George A, Jr
Crane, George S
Crane, Gerald H
Crane, Henry T
Crane, Holland P
Crane, Hubert H
Crane, Hubert M
Crane, J E
Crane, Jack
Crane, Jack J
Crane, Jack V
Crane, James E
Crane, Joe B
Crane, John A
Crane, John E
Crane, John H
Crane, John L
Crane, John R, Capt.
Crane, Joseph
Crane, Joseph E
Crane, Joseph T Jr
Crane, Joseph T, Jr
Crane, Lawrence G
Crane, Leon
Crane, Leon (nmi)
Crane, Leroy R
Crane, Lewis G
Crane, Martin M
Crane, Marvin R
Crane, O D
Crane, P
Crane, Perry H
Crane, R N
Crane, Raymond N
Crane, Renfro V
Crane, Robert C
Crane, Robert L
Crane, Robert P
Crane, Ross
Crane, Roy B
Crane, Russell D
Crane, Theodore P
Crane, Theodore R
Crane, Theodore R (ip)
Crane, Thomas R
Crane, Vernon P
Crane, Vincent.
Crane, Warren E
Craney, Lloyd
Cranfill, Britten E
Cranfill, Britton E
Cranfill, Marvin S
Cranford John P
Cranford, Clinton F
Cranford, Garth D
Cranford, Jack
Cranford, James C
Cranford, James H
Cranford, James R
Cranford, Leonard C
Cranford, Leondard C
Cranful, Britton E
Cranger, William J
Crank, Edward R
Crank, Fillmore
Crank, H G
Crank, Howell G
Crankbeam, Ronald A
Cranke. Joe H
Crankshaw, J F
Cranmer Robert Acapt.
Cranmer, Charles W B
Cranmer, Edwin A
Cranmer, Leland W
Cranmer, Robert
Cranmer, Robert A
Cranmer, Vernon E
Crannon, Robert A
Crans, Preston M
Crans, Robert E
Cranston, Charles E
Cranston, Frank H
Cranston, G E
Cranston, George E
Cranston, Henry W
Cranston, J F
Cranston, Robert
Cranston, Robert G
Cranston, Robert L
Cranston, Robert V
Cranston, Willaim R
Cranston, William E
Cranston, William R
Cranstrom, Ernest L
Crantz, Martin E
Cranwell, James E
Crany, George
Crapela, Joseph C
Crapenhoft, L H
Crapenhoft, Lh
Crapenhoft, Lloyd H
Crapp, Julian M
Crary, James D
Crary, Robert, Jr
Crary, Thomas H
Crasbner, Lawrence A
Crashner, Lawrence A
Crask, Jesse M
Crass, Charles A
Crasscus, Gervais
Craswell, L S
Craswell, Lewis C
Craswell, Lewis S
Crate, James B
Crater, Richard B
Crater, Richard B **
Crater, Richard P
Cratin, W S
Cratin, William S
Cratsley, Robert A
Cratty, Jacob W
Crausaz, Gilbert R
Crausby, M K
Cravath, Dale (nmi)
Craven, Arthur
Craven, Arthur (nmi)
Craven, Bernard
Craven, C W
Craven, Charles W
Craven, Claude L
Craven, Dusan J
Craven, Eacy
Craven, George W
Craven, J C
Craven, James D
Craven, John
Craven, John L
Craven, Paul R
Craven, Robert E
Craven, William W
Cravens, Everet E
Cravens, Hugh C
Cravens, James R
Cravens, Joseph M, Jr
Craver, Jermiah J
Craver, Joe D
Craver, Luther S
Craver, Robert E
Craver, Robert F
Craver, Robert W
Craves, William L
Cravey, Silas
Cravey, W L
Cravey, Walter L
Cravy, Mose
Cravy, Mose (nmi)
Craw, Demas T
Crawford, A
Crawford, A B
Crawford, A R
Crawford, Albert
Crawford, Albert (nmi)
Crawford, Alden
Crawford, Alexander J
Crawford, Allen H Jr
Crawford, Almus E
Crawford, Alvin G
Crawford, Arthur
Crawford, Arthur B
Crawford, Arthur B Jr
Crawford, Arthur B, Jr
Crawford, B L
Crawford, Benjamin
Crawford, Benjamin F Jr
Crawford, Benjamin F, Jr
Crawford, Bernard E
Crawford, Bernard L
Crawford, Bl
Crawford, C D
Crawford, C E
Crawford, C L
Crawford, Cd
Crawford, Cecil W
Crawford, Charles D
Crawford, Charles K
Crawford, Charles P
Crawford, Dalfon E
Crawford, Dalson
Crawford, David
Crawford, David F
Crawford, David J
Crawford, Delano R
Crawford, Donald E
Crawford, Donald H
Crawford, Donald J
Crawford, Donald L
Crawford, Douglas L
Crawford, Earl Jr
Crawford, Earl, Jr
Crawford, Edward C
Crawford, Edward R
Crawford, Elmer L
Crawford, Ernest
Crawford, Ernest L
Crawford, Eugene H
Crawford, F A
Crawford, F B Jr
Crawford, F B, Jr
Crawford, F D
Crawford, Francis A
Crawford, Francis D
Crawford, Franklin (nmi)
Crawford, Franklin A
Crawford, Fred A
Crawford, Fred B
Crawford, Fred P
Crawford, Fred R
Crawford, G E
Crawford, George H
Crawford, Glenn D
Crawford, Glover D
Crawford, Gordon E
Crawford, Gordon W
Crawford, Graham A
Crawford, H
Crawford, H D
Crawford, H G
Crawford, Harold R
Crawford, Harold R Jr
Crawford, Harold, R
Crawford, Harris F
Crawford, Henderson M
Crawford, Henry F
Crawford, Henry J
Crawford, Henry O, Jr
Crawford, Herman O
Crawford, Howard E
Crawford, Hugh D
Crawford, Hugh E
Crawford, I C
Crawford, Ireland C
Crawford, Ivan L
Crawford, Iven L
Crawford, J J
Crawford, Jack
Crawford, Jack E
Crawford, Jack J Jr
Crawford, Jack L
Crawford, Jack T
Crawford, James
Crawford, James A
Crawford, James B
Crawford, James D
Crawford, James F
Crawford, James G
Crawford, James H
Crawford, James J
Crawford, James K
Crawford, James L Jr
Crawford, James S
Crawford, James S Jr
Crawford, James T
Crawford, James W
Crawford, Jean
Crawford, Jean G
Crawford, John A
Crawford, John D
Crawford, John H
Crawford, John W
Crawford, Joseph B
Crawford, Joseph P
Crawford, Kenneth
Crawford, Kenneth E
Crawford, Kenneth I
Crawford, Kenneth J
Crawford, Leonard
Crawford, Lowell Lee, Capt
Crawford, Lucien K
Crawford, Lucien K (usn)
Crawford, Lyle D
Crawford, Malcolm R
Crawford, Matthew
Crawford, Matthew (nmi)
Crawford, Michael J, Capt
Crawford, Monte L
Crawford, N J
Crawford, Nathaniel J
Crawford, Nevins.
Crawford, Newton J
Crawford, Norman
Crawford, Norman W
Crawford, O B
Crawford, Owen
Crawford, Owen J
Crawford, Paul B
Crawford, Paul M
Crawford, Paul W
Crawford, Peter G
Crawford, R C
Crawford, R H
Crawford, R L
Crawford, R R
Crawford, Ralph E
Crawford, Raymond H
Crawford, Raymond S
Crawford, Richard W
Crawford, Riley A
Crawford, Rl (fe)
Crawford, Robert
Crawford, Robert (nmi)
Crawford, Robert E
Crawford, Robert H
Crawford, Robert Jr
Crawford, Robert, Jr
Crawford, Rodman L
Crawford, Roger L
Crawford, Roscoe
Crawford, Roscoe C
Crawford, Russel
Crawford, Saxton D
Crawford, Sterling B
Crawford, Thomas H
Crawford, Thomas M
Crawford, Thomas M, Jr
Crawford, Thomas S
Crawford, Thomas V
Crawford, Troy W
Crawford, W C
Crawford, W Clark
Crawford, Warren L, 1/lt
Crawford, Warren Lamar 1st Lt.
Crawford, Wayne L
Crawford, Wayne S, Jr
Crawford, William
Crawford, William A
Crawford, William A Jr
Crawford, William B
Crawford, William C
Crawford, William E
Crawford, William J
Crawford, William K
Crawford, William L
Crawford, William R
Crawford, William W
Crawford, Willie E
Crawley, Eugene V
Crawley, Henry K Jr
Crawley, John O
Crawley, Paul
Crawley, Paul R
Crawley, Robert I
Crawley, Robert L
Crawshaw, William T
Cray, James R
Cray, Leo R
Cray, Oscar B Jr
Cray, Oscar B, Jr
Craycraft, Billy E
Crayton, James J Jr
Crayton, William H Jr
Crayton, William H, Jr
Craytoon, Wendell R
Creach, Earnest E
Creager, Robert E
Creagh, Eugene M
Creahar, John T
Creain, Richard C
Creain, Richard G
Creakbeam, Ronald A
Creal, George W
Creal, Harold L
Cream, John J
Creamer, Charles R
Creamer, George A
Creamer, John H
Creamer, John W
Creamer, Richard M
Creamer, Robert W
Creamer, Ronald A
Creaney, Robert F
Crear, Ralph S Jr
Creasamar, Emanuel E
Creaseman, Roy A Jr
Creasey, Elmer C
Creasman, Paul (nmi)
Creason, Lowell (NMI)
Creasy, Everett T
Creasy, Leonard S
Crecca, Joseph R
Crecelius, Charles E
Crecelius, Charles M
Crecelius, Horace M
Crecelius, Horace N
Crecelius, William R
Creden, Timmothy J
Cree, George B
Cree, M B
Cree, Ronald K
Cree, Ronald R
Creech, Burl L
Creech, Elbert W
Creech, Fielden A
Creech, Floyd A
Creech, Robert M
Creech, Robert W
Creech, Wesley J
Creech, Wilbur L
Creech, William T
Creecy, Robert J
Creed, Clifford K
Creed, Desmond L
Creed, Frank C
Creed, Frank G
Creed, J A
Creed, James A
Creed, Joseph A
Creed, Leon V (aob)
Creed, Lewis F, Jr
Creed, R L
Creed, Richal L
Creed, Richard L
Creeden, Joseph P
Creedon, Jeremiah.
Creedon, Joseph P
Creedon, T J
Creek, Douglas W
Creek, Thomas H
Creek, Timothy D
Creek, William E
Creekmore, James T
Creekmore, Romulus N
Creekmore, Virgil M
Creekmur, Thomas C
Creel, Cecil C
Creel, George W
Creel, Harold L
Creel, James H
Creel, John P
Creel, John P, Jr
Creel, M M
Creel, Nicholas
Creel, William A
Creelman, Edmund W
Creelman, James E Jr
Creemers, Lewis J
Creemrin, Lyman F
Creeney, Robert F
Creer, William E
Creesy, A
Creesy, A E
Creetch, Burl L
Creevy, Thomas E
Cregan, Peter J
Cregg, Charles A Jr
Cregg, Mathew A
Cregg, Roy E
Creggan, F L, Jr
Creggor, Charles W
Cregier, Roderick L, 1lt
Cregin, Cornelius D
Crego, Ralph W, Jr
Crehore [or Crehorb]
Creichunos, Joseph A
Creighton, Charles D
Creighton, David B
Creighton, Donald F
Creighton, George W
Creighton, Kenneth
Creighton, Neal
Creighton, Richard D
Creighton, Roger L
Creighton, T W
Creighton, W R
Creighton, Walter R
Creith, Lou C, Jr
Crekille, Armand.
Crell, John M
Crellin, Edward B
Crellin, Erwin B
Crellin, Leonard C
Crem, Daryl E
Creme, A R
Cremen, William S
Cremer, Gordon
Cremer, Herman
Cremer, Hermann
Cremer, James H
Cremley, Edward E
Cremona, Vincent L
Crenchaw, M P
Crenchaw, Milton P
Crendall, Jess F
Crendiss, Martin F
Crenshaw, Carl M
Crenshaw, Charles C
Crenshaw, Charles T
Crenshaw, Claude J
Crenshaw, Curtis I
Crenshaw, E M
Crenshaw, Edmund M
Crenshaw, Giver R
Crenshaw, James G
Crenshaw, Miner E
Crenshaw, Rex D
Creo, Andrew B
Creo, Andrew C
Crep, George E
Crepa, David L
Crepean, Victor J
Crepeany, Lawrence T
Crepeau, Daniel J
Crepeau, Kenneth J
Crepeau, Lawrence T
Crepeau, Victor J
Crepin, Francis R
Creppa, Bert H
Crepps, B H
Crepps, Bert H
Creps, David L
Crerie, Robert F
Crery, James D
Cresap, Jackson B
Cresbaugh, Walter C
Crescibene, Henry A
Crescibene, Henry, Civilian Pilot
Cresco, Roma
Cresey, Leonard S
Cresh, George E
Cresham, Charles B
Crespeau, Victor J
Crespin, Albert
Crespin, Arhtur (NMI)
Crespo, Alberto M
Crespo, Joaquin E
Cress R
Cress, Ernest J Jr
Cress, Richard L
Cressey, George G
Cressey, Stanley B
Cressler, E J
Cressman, George W
Cresswell, A S
Cresswell, Robert W
Cressy, Barton W
Cressy, Hamilton E
Cresthill, Raymon P
Cresto, Joseph L
Creswell, B E
Creswell, Boyce L
Creswell, Boyce L, Capt
Creswell, Haskell L
Creswell, Loyal S
Creswell, Ony E
Creswell, Ory E
Creswell, Raymond H
Creswell, Raymond M
Cretinon, Edouard (nmi)
Creuch, Blake B
Crevebing, Louis G
Creveling, Louis G
Crevier, Donald J
Crevitt, John T
Crevonis, Edward B
Crevonkovitch, O
Crew Chief
Crew Names Undiscernible
Crew Of Six, Names Not Available
Crew Unknown
Crew, Carl D
Crew, J M
Crew, James M
Crew, Jeff C
Crew, Joseph F
Crew, Joseph H
Crew, Ralston L
Crew, William E
Crew, William L
Crewe, Loyal W
Crewell, B E
Crewell, Ralph W
Crewford, Iven L
Crewmember, Naval Aircraft
Crews, Albert H, Capt
Crews, Albert M
Crews, Edsal J
Crews, Ernest W
Crews, James F
Crews, John W
Crews, Lonnie M
Crews, Paul O
Crews, Russell R
Crews, Thomas R
Crews, Thomas W
Crews, Thomas Z
Crewson, Charles R
Crewswell, Carlton G
Cribard, John
Cribari, John A
Cribb, Vance M
Cribb, Vance N
Cribbs, Richard E
Cribbs, Thomas J
Cribbs, W D
Cribi, Charles L
Cribley, Clyde A
Cribley, Clyde E
Crice, George E
Cricenti, George S
Crichton, Douglas E
Crichton, William E
Crick, James M Jr
Crick, Leroy D
Crick, Paul A
Crickett, David N
Crickette, David N
Crickette, David W
Crider, Buell H
Crider, Harvery A Jr
Crider, Harvey A Jr
Crider, Jacob E
Crider, John W
Crider, Paul F Jr
Crider, Robert L
Cridland, William C ()
Cries, Donald A
Cries, Ralph A
Crigalunas, Edward A
Crighton, David B
Crighton, Donald E
Crighton, Robert E
Crighton, T M
Crigler, Wilburn R
Criglio, Yvan
Crihvela, Jose
Criley, Carlos L
Crim, Brodie A
Crim, Charles W
Crim, Edwin D
Crim, Harry C
Crim, Herman L
Crim, Roland F
Crimaldi, John A
Crimi, Joseph T
Crimi, William K
Crimins, Lloyd E
Crimmel, Howard R
Crimmings, Alfred W
Crimmins, Adrian B
Crimmins, Alfred W
Crimmins, Dennis C
Crimmins, F T
Crimmins, Fred T Jr
Crimmins, Fred T, Jr
Crimmins, Howard F
Crimmins, Lloyd
Crimmins, Lloyd E
Crimmins, Timothy E Jr
Crimmins, Timothy E, Jr
Crindell, Robert D
Crinder, Harry I
Crine, James D
Crinklaw, Virginia
Crinklaw, Virginia B
Crinklaw, Virginia B (wafs)
Crinkley, Robert A
Crinnion, Charles C, Jr
Cripe, Herbert R
Cripe, Hubert P
Cripe, Hubert R
Cripe, Lawrence A
Crippen, Bobby J
Crippen, Charles W
Crippen, Clyde M
Crippen, Lawrence S
Crippen, Willard F
Crippen, Willis D
Cripps, John M
Cripps, John M Jr
Cripps, Keith J
Cripps, William H
Criqui, Eugene E
Cris, H N
Cris, Jack D
Criscoe, J R
Criscoe, James R
Criscuolo, Antonio T
Crise, Jw
Crise, Sherman F
Crisell, Caloin Dale
Crisenti, Stanley W
Crisias, Elysee
Crisias, Elysse
Crisler, Robert C
Crisler, Robert W
Crisler, William J
Crisman, Clarence N
Crisman, Fred L
Crisman, L R
Crisman, L R>
Crisman, Lee R
Crismon, F M
Crismon, Frank M
Crismon, Oliver W
Crisp, D
Crisp, Dennis
Crisp, Dennis (nmi)
Crisp, Donald H
Crisp, H
Crisp, Hubert
Crisp, Jack P
Crisp, James H
Crisp, James R
Crisp, Wallace A
Crispi, Harold L
Crispin, Harold L
Crispin, W T
Crispin, William K
Crispino, John
Crispino, Joseph C
Criss, Carl W
Criss, Donald A
Criss, George W
Criss, Hubert O
Criss, J W
Criss, Jack D
Criss, Ralph A
Criss, Richard M
Crissman, Warren D
Crist, Donald W
Crist, Henry E
Crist, Merlen D
Crist, Ralph J
Crist, Raymond C
Crist, Raymond H
Cristadore, Maurice A, Jr
Cristadoro, M A
Cristadoro, Maurice A
Cristadoro, Maurice A J
Cristadoro, Maurice A Jr
Cristaudo, Anthony
Cristedore, Maurice
Cristensen, Norman M
Cristiani, Augustine B
Cristiano, Theodore
Cristner, Alan S
Cristner, L L
Cristwell, Criswell, Charles R
Criswell, Arthur L
Criswell, Billy S
Criswell, Caloin, Dale
Criswell, Charles R
Criswell, Clyde A
Criswell, Clyde A Jr
Criswell, George
Criswell, Harold L
Criswell, J E
Criswell, James
Criswell, John E
Criswell, John M
Criswell, R W
Criswell, Russell W
Criswell, William S
Critchell, Howard M
Critchfield, James C
Critchley, George T
Critchlow, David M
Crite, Jay E
Critella, Michael D
Crites, Ardith E
Crites, Carl R
Crites, Doyle L
Crites, Drekel E
Crites, Drexel E
Crites, Eugene
Crites, Eugene W
Crites, Frank W
Crites, Jonathan
Crites, Jonathan A
Crites, Loren
Crites, Loren (nmi)
Crittenden, C
Crittenden, George A Jr
Crittenden, George A, Jr
Crittenden, James E
Critz, B W
Critz, Harry T
Critz, Harry T Jr
Critz, James E
Critz, James G
Critz, Julian P
Critz, William S
Crivaro, James B
Crivelli, Albert A
Criz, A
Criz, Albert
Criz, Albert (nmi)
Crobsy, Richard G
Crocamo, R C
Crocano, Ralph C
Croce, E
Croce, Leo R
Crochow, Ernest O
Crock, James K
Crocker, Arnold B
Crocker, B C
Crocker, Benard (nmi)
Crocker, Charles J
Crocker, Edward E
Crocker, Emery B
Crocker, George L
Crocker, H G
Crocker, Harold E
Crocker, Harrison G
Crocker, James Q
Crocker, John C
Crocker, John P
Crocker, Leland (tr Dr.)
Crocker, Raymond E
Crocker, Reyburn E
Crocker, Reyburn F
Crocker, Robert M
Crocker, Sherman N
Crocker, W R
Crocker, William J
Crocket, Frederick W
Crockett, A L
Crockett, Allan A
Crockett, Atha L
Crockett, Cecil C
Crockett, Charles R
Crockett, Charles S
Crockett, Clifton M
Crockett, David W
Crockett, Elmer B
Crockett, Frederick W
Crockett, George W
Crockett, Ivan F
Crockett, James C
Crockett, James M
Crockett, James P Jr
Crockett, James P, Jr
Crockett, James R
Crockett, Jerry
Crockett, John A
Crockett, Leroy G
Crockett, Orville A
Crockett, Ralph E
Crockett, Reginald J
Crockett, Samuel H
Crockett, Stuart H
Crockett, Theron A
Crockett, Tom A, Jr
Crockett, William (nmi)
Crockett, William B
Crockett, William D
Crockett, William H
Crockett, William Jr
Crockett, William, Jr
Crockett, Woodrow W
Crockwell, Frank Auren
Croddy, Robert M
Croekmur, Thomas C
Croes, William J
Crofcheck, L L
Crofford, H S
Crofford, J T
Croft, A A
Croft, Dale O
Croft, Donald L
Croft, E C
Croft, George G
Croft, George J
Croft, Jack O
Croft, Jacob C Jr
Croft, Jacob C, Jr
Croft, Robert (NMI)
Croft, Robert W
Croft, Seymour W
Croft, Travis J
Croft, Wiliam H
Croft, Willard F
Croft, William D
Croft, William H
Crofton J Jack
Crofton, Clayton
Crofton, George E
Crofton, J Jack
Crofts, Arthur A Jr
Crofts, Val J
Crogan, J B
Crogan, Richard
Croissant, El
Croit, Jack C
Croke, Harry R
Croke, Harry R Jr
Croke, Hary R
Croker, Charles J
Croker, David K
Croker, George A
Croker, George R
Croker, Howard J
Crolly, E A
Crom, James B
Crom, W H
Crom, William
Crom, William H
Cromack, Dana B
Cromartie, Byron B
Cromarty, A M
Cromarty, Arthur M
Crombie, William
Crombie, William S
Crombley, Lee
Cromeens, T A
Cromer, Clifford J
Cromer, James A
Cromer, Walter W
Cromerty, A M
Cromley, Richard W
Cromm, James W
Crommett, Ralph L
Cromp, Frank
Crompton, Bernard C
Crompton, Harold R
Crompton, R C
Crompton, Robert G
Crompton, Roy C
Cromwell, C W
Cromwell, Curtis
Cromwell, Curtis W
Cromwell, Edwin B
Cromwell, Eldred A
Cromwell, Eldred A Jr
Cromwell, Eldred A, Jr
Cromwell, Frederick P
Cromwell, H
Cromwell, Herbert F
Cromwell, Herbert S
Cromwell, Jack W
Cromwell, John E
Cromwell, Paul M
Cromwell, Richard D
Cromwell, Robert C
Cron, Frederick W
Cron, Rodney L
Cronan, Henry
Cronan, John M
Cronan, Richard B
Cronan, Robert A
Cronan, T
Cronau, Robert T
Cronbie, J
Crone, R E
Crone, R K
Crone, Robert E
Crone, Theodore
Crone, Wesley A
Cronemiller, Lynn C Jr
Cronemiller, Lynn F Jr
Cronen, John M
Croner, Charles R
Croner, Herbert H
Croney, Lawrence A, Capt
Croni, Patrick P
Cronican, Richard A
Cronin [or Gronin Or Oronin] [hard To Read]
Cronin, August J
Cronin, Bernard J
Cronin, Charles J
Cronin, David
Cronin, Frank J
Cronin, Harold J
Cronin, James
Cronin, James W
Cronin, John F
Cronin, John H Jr
Cronin, John L
Cronin, Joseph
Cronin, Joseph F
Cronin, Lawrence C
Cronin, Neal J
Cronin, Neil
Cronin, Patrick P
Cronin, Russell W Jr
Cronin, Russell W, Jr
Cronin, Thomas A
Cronin, Thomas F
Cronin, Timothy J
Cronin, Vivanna
Cronin, William M
Cronin, William R
Cronk, H M
Cronk, Jack E
Cronkhite, G I
Cronkhite, John L
Cronkhite, John, Chase, Albert L
Cronn, Fred W
Cronwell, Frederick P
Crook, A E
Crook, Albert
Crook, Billie L
Crook, Boyd F
Crook, Charles D
Crook, Don G
Crook, Erwin
Crook, Erwin T
Crook, Fred S
Crook, Harry J
Crook, Henry Montague Jr, 2lt
Crook, Jack A
Crook, James K
Crook, John M
Crook, Lonnie H
Crook, Ollie E
Crook, Robert L
Crook, Timothy D
Crook, W
Crook, W R
Crook, William V
Crooke, Robert S
Crooke, Tom
Crooke, Vernon E
Crooker, Allen R
Crooker, Benard
Crooker, Clifford, 1lt
Crooker, Edmund P
Crooker, Raymond E
Crooker, Robert B
Crooker, William G
Crookham, Harold
Crookham, Philip W
Crookham, Philipw
Crooks, C E
Crooks, Charles A
Crooks, Charles F
Crooks, Elsie
Crooks, Elvis E
Crooks, Frank C
Crooks, G H
Crooks, George H
Crooks, James F
Crooks, James H
Crooks, Robert J
Crooks, Robert S
Crooks, William B Jr
Crooks, William R
Crooks, William Ross
Crookshanks, J R
Crookshanks, Jessie R
Crookston, Gerald I
Crookston, John
Crookston, John R
Croom, Erbbie L
Croom, Marvin E
Croom, Mcmillan E
Crooms, Oliver Jr
Croon, Harold D
Croon, M F
Croop, Howard G
Crootof, Harold W
Cropait, Robert
Cropp, Charles E
Cropsey, Howard G
Crorey, Theron A
Cros, Robert W
Crosa, Armando P
Crosbee, Leslie
Crosby Jr, Avery A, Captain, Pilot, Fatal
Crosby, Ben T Jr
Crosby, Charles B
Crosby, Charles P
Crosby, Claude L
Crosby, Donald B
Crosby, Donald C
Crosby, Donald D
Crosby, E
Crosby, Frank A
Crosby, Gerald D
Crosby, Gwendolyn
Crosby, H H.
Crosby, H. H.
Crosby, Harry H
Crosby, Jesse W
Crosby, John A
Crosby, John R
Crosby, Lewis J
Crosby, O Gwendolyn
Crosby, Orville L
Crosby, Oscar L
Crosby, Richard G
Crosby, S E
Crosby, Theophilus A
Crosby, Thomas J
Crosby, Thomas M
Crosby, Wagner L
Crosby, Warney L
Crosby, Wilton B
Crosby, Wyche
Crosher, Kenneth
Crosher, Kenneth R
Crosier, Gordon W
Crosier, Jerritt W
Crosier, Paul E
Crosier, Raymond B
Croskery, Keith S
Croski, Stanley T
Croskrey, Richard G
Crosland, Daniel
Crosland, Donald M
Crosland, Harry C
Crosland, Harry G
Crosland, Roy T
Crosley, Robert Marion
Crosley, Robert W
Crosley, Robert Wayne
Crosman, James H
Cross [or Gross Or Cruss Or Gruss]
Cross [or Gross]
Cross B
Cross, A D
Cross, Adelbert D
Cross, Adelbert E
Cross, Adelbert F
Cross, Albert S Jr
Cross, Albert S, Jr
Cross, Allen G
Cross, Arl B
Cross, Bernard J
Cross, Carl E
Cross, Cecil J
Cross, Charles N
Cross, Charles W
Cross, Clifford E
Cross, Clinton E
Cross, Donald E
Cross, Dwight S, Jr
Cross, Ernest J
Cross, Frank T
Cross, Gene R
Cross, George T
Cross, Glen C
Cross, H T
Cross, Halstead W
Cross, Halstead W Jr
Cross, Halsted W
Cross, J R
Cross, Jack S
Cross, James D
Cross, James E
Cross, James F
Cross, James W
Cross, Jerome R
Cross, Jim M
Cross, John
Cross, John C
Cross, John J
Cross, John M
Cross, John R
Cross, Joseph (NMI)
Cross, Leonard
Cross, Leslie M
Cross, Lewis M
Cross, Louis D
Cross, Melvin E
Cross, Merril H
Cross, Milton C
Cross, Norman C
Cross, P L
Cross, Peter D
Cross, Price E
Cross, R E
Cross, R L
Cross, Ralph J
Cross, Ralph M
Cross, Raymond T
Cross, Richard G
Cross, Richard H
Cross, Richard I
Cross, Richard W
Cross, Robert A
Cross, Robert H
Cross, Robert V
Cross, Roy E
Cross, Vernon E
Cross, W W
Cross, Walter W
Cross, Willard D
Cross, William J
Cross, William Jr
Cross, William, Jr
Crossan, Donald F
Crossely, Edward G Jr
Crossen, Alfred G
Crossen, Jack B
Crossen, Morris C
Crossett, Jack C
Crossfield, Albert S
Crossfield, Edward S, 2lt
Crossheider, Edward A
Crosslan,d William Jr
Crossland, Carlton E
Crossland, Robert F
Crossland, William A Jr
Crossland, William A, Jr
Crossland, William Alexander Jr
Crossley H H
Crossley, Harold H
Crossley, C H
Crossley, Cruiser H
Crossley, Cruiser H Jr
Crossley, Edmund G
Crossley, Edmund Gq
Crossley, Edward G Jr
Crossley, H H
Crossley, H H.
Crossley, Harold H
Crossley, Howard J
Crossley, Howard W
Crossley, Jessie F
Crossley, Norman
Crosslin, Bynum R
Crosslin, Herschel
Crosslin, Hershel (nmi)
Crossly, Cruiser H Jr
Crossman, D M
Crossman, Donald O
Crossman, Harry D
Crossman, Philip J
Crossman, Raymond A
Crossmann, Frank H
Crosson, Earl T
Crosson, Gerald G
Crosson, Gerald J
Crosson, William L
Crosswell, A J
Crosswell, Horace
Crosswell, Horace A
Crosswell, William J
Crosswhite, Leslie H
Crosteau, Hubert P
Crosthwait, Stanley W
Crosthwaite, D T
Crosthwaite, Duane
Crosthwaite, Duane T
Crosthwaite, John C
Croston, G C
Croston, John J
Croston, Thane D
Croswell, Felton H
Croswell, Horace A
Croswell, Ray V
Croswell, Wiley J
Crotean, Hubert P
Croteau, R L
Crother, Douglas A
Crothers, Bernard O
Crothers, Clifford R
Crothers, Orville L
Crothers, Robert R
Crothers, Roy M
Crothirds, Goyle H
Crotts, Jacob C
Crotts, Larry W, Capt
Crotzer, Elmer E
Crouch John L
Crouch, Albert
Crouch, Alexander C
Crouch, Arthur B
Crouch, Emery D
Crouch, Emmett L
Crouch, Emmett L Jr
Crouch, Endison E
Crouch, Garland H
Crouch, Geraldine
Crouch, H E
Crouch, Harry
Crouch, Harry B
Crouch, Henry Lloyd
Crouch, Howard E
Crouch, J C
Crouch, James C
Crouch, James M
Crouch, James S
Crouch, Joel L
Crouch, John L
Crouch, Melvin L
Crouch, Robert E
Crouch, Robert K
Crouch, Roy A Jr
Crouch, Truett W
Crouch, Wilbur E
Croucher, D M
Croucher, William R
Crouchley, John D Jr
Crouchley, John D, Jr
Croughan, Joseph M
Croughan, Joseph W
Crouse, Arthur D
Crouse, C D
Crouse, Carl E
Crouse, David P
Crouse, John M
Crouse, Norbert E
Crouse, Robert N
Croussore, James W
Crout, Thomas H
Crouzade, Andre
Crouzade, Andre (nmi)
Crow, Alex J
Crow, Bruce L
Crow, Bruce W
Crow, C D
Crow, Charlie D
Crow, Clifford R
Crow, E E
Crow, Earl E
Crow, Earl S Jr
Crow, Edward D
Crow, Edwin H
Crow, Enoch G
Crow, Ernest F Jr
Crow, Forrest W
Crow, Frank W
Crow, Frederick Austin
Crow, George H Jr
Crow, George H, Jr
Crow, Harlow B
Crow, Harry H, Jr
Crow, Howard M
Crow, J B
Crow, J F
Crow, Jack W
Crow, James L D
Crow, James L O
Crow, John A
Crow, John H
Crow, Lillie U
Crow, Marvin
Crow, Marvin E
Crow, Maurcie M
Crow, Maurice M
Crow, Millie U
Crow, Otto E
Crow, R W
Crow, Richard D
Crow, Robert H J Jr
Crow, Robert J H Jr
Crow, Robert T
Crow, Robert T Jr
Crow, Wayne M
Crow, Wesley B Jr
Crow, William L
Crow, William S
Crowcroft, Edward A
Crowcroft, Frank A
Crowden, Gerald J
Crowder, Allon E
Crowder, Charles W
Crowder, Charlie E
Crowder, Chester C
Crowder, Dale E
Crowder, Elmer L
Crowder, Harlan B
Crowder, J A
Crowder, Jess W
Crowder, Joe A
Crowder, Joseph E
Crowder, Lucien G Jr
Crowder, Murray W Jr
Crowder, Nathan L
Crowder, Ray E Jr
Crowder, Robert L
Crowder, Rodophil J
Crowder, Roy E
Crowder, Thomas B
Crowder, Troy F
Crowder, Wallace
Crowder, William E
Crowder, Woodrow W
Crowdus, W L
Crowe, D J
Crowe, Dolphus M
Crowe, Donald A
Crowe, Donald R
Crowe, Douglas R
Crowe, Doyle G
Crowe, Edwin B
Crowe, Enoch G
Crowe, Forest W
Crowe, George R
Crowe, George W
Crowe, H P
Crowe, Harold F
Crowe, Harry H Jr
Crowe, Henry D Jr
Crowe, Henry D, Jr
Crowe, Iril Woodward
Crowe, James W
Crowe, Kenneth O
Crowe, Lawrence F
Crowe, Loyal W
Crowe, Marion R
Crowe, Marvin D
Crowe, Peter E
Crowe, Philip P
Crowe, R L
Crowe, R Lee
Crowe, Roger
Crowe, W F
Crowe, Walter A Jr
Crowe, William F
Crowe, Wordener B
Crowell, Alex H
Crowell, Ben E
Crowell, Benjamin E Jr
Crowell, Benjamin E, Jr
Crowell, Dean D
Crowell, Dean G
Crowell, Dick M
Crowell, Evans R
Crowell, Evans R Jr
Crowell, George H
Crowell, George H Jr
Crowell, George H, Jr
Crowell, George T
Crowell, Gordon W
Crowell, James B
Crowell, James Jr
Crowell, James M
Crowell, James, Jr
Crowell, Jeryl D
Crowell, John E
Crowell, John L
Crowell, John R
Crowell, Mack
Crowell, Maxwell H
Crowell, Raymond A
Crowell, Raymond E
Crowell, Robert E
Crowell, Robert W
Crowell, Weymouth (nmi) Jr
Crowell, Wiliam W Jr
Crowell, William W, Jr
Crower, James A
Crowier, Wallace
Crowl, H
Crowle, Ray J
Crowler, Charles L
Crowley, Bernard T
Crowley, Charles P
Crowley, Cornelius F
Crowley, Craig E
Crowley, D F
Crowley, David C
Crowley, Donald F
Crowley, Donald R
Crowley, Edward F
Crowley, Edward M
Crowley, Ellis B
Crowley, Frederick D
Crowley, James J
Crowley, James L
Crowley, John F
Crowley, John M
Crowley, John T
Crowley, Joseph B
Crowley, Joseph F
Crowley, L
Crowley, Ray J
Crowley, Robert
Crowley, Robert E
Crowley, Robert M
Crowley, Robert Wayne
Crowley, Sidney M
Crowley, T M
Crowley, Thomas J
Crowley, Timothy J
Crowley, Walter H
Crowley, Walton H
Crowley, Ward W
Crowley, William E
Crown, John L
Crown, Richard K
Crownover, Dick M
Crownover, E
Crownrice, Roscoe L Jr
Crownrich [hard To Read]
Crownrich, Roscoe L
Crownrich, Roscoe L Jr
Crowood, W L
Crows, Iril Woodward
Crows, Walter A, Jr
Crows, Wordener B
Crowson, William J
Crowther, Alan R
Crowther, Benjamin P
Crowther, Douglas A
Crowther, Edward L
Crowther, George W
Crowther, Hugh C;
Crowther, John J
Crowther, John K
Crowther, Nelson C
Crowther, Phillip C
Crowther, Warren E
Crowthers, Ray M (n)
Croxford, R J C
Croxton, Ellen
Croxton, Leon V
Croxton, Leon W
Croy, A L
Croy, Leroy (NMI)
Croy, Stanley M
Crozer, Robert L
Crozier, Eugene J
Crozier, Gordon W
Crozier, Harry J
Crozier, Jack D
Crozier, Joseph O
Crozier, Leonard A
Crozier, Robert E
Crozier, Ronald J
Crtalic, William
Cruamer, G F
Crubbs, William E
Cruce, William E
Cruch, Robert K
Cruciotti, Italio J
Cruciotti, Italo J
Crudden, John T
Crudder, Lawrence J Jr
Crudgington, C E
Crudgington, Charles E
Crudo, Horace P
Cruel, Peary O
Cruetter, Donald R
Cruey, Claude G
Cruey, Edward H
Cruff, Frederick E
Cruger, Nicholas W
Cruickshank, David E
Cruickshank, Maurice J Jr
Cruickshank, Maurice J, Jr
Cruickshanke, Gordon W
Cruickshanks, Gordon W
Cruikshank Arthur W Jr
Cruikshank, Arthur W Jr
Cruikshank, Charles B
Cruikshank, Garner T
Cruikshank, Garner, T
Cruikshanks, Gordon P
Cruikshanks, Gordon W
Cruise, James A
Cruise, James H
Cruise, Thomas J
Cruise, William H
Cruise, Willis
Cruise, Willis S
Cruit, Carl E
Cruit, Harold E
Crull, Charles R
Crull, George W
Crull, James R
Crum, Allen (g)
Crum, Carl J
Crum, Charles J
Crum, Charles R
Crum, David N
Crum, Floyd R
Crum, George R
Crum, Gilbert J
Crum, Glenn (nmi)
Crum, J C
Crum, J O
Crum, Lawrence C
Crum, Marion H
Crum, Melvin H
Crum, Merle B
Crum, Peter B
Crum, Peter S
Crum, Ray
Crum, Robert E
Crum, Vernon J
Crum??on, Earl (nmi)
Crumal, Jack C
Crumb, John H
Crumbach, Leland W
Crumbauch, Leland W
Crumbaugh, Leland W
Crumbaugh, Robert D
Crumbie, James H
Crumbley, Lonnie V
Crumbliss, Darrel
Crume, Joseph W Jr
Crume, Joseph W, Jr
Crumley, James R
Crumley, Lewis J
Crumley, Newton H
Crumley, Paul M
Crumly, Charles E
Crumm, William J
Crummett, Richard M
Crummett, William F
Crummett, William T
Crump, Alan F
Crump, Charles A
Crump, David O
Crump, E C
Crump, Elvis R
Crump, Enoch
Crump, Garland N
Crump, George L
Crump, Geroge L
Crump, Homer W
Crump, James T
Crump, James, Colonel
Crump, Richard B
Crump, Robert G
Crump, Robert S
Crump, Robert V
Crump, Samuel E
Crump, W P
Crump, Walter P
Crumpacker, Donald L
Crumpacker, William P
Crumpler [or Grumpler]
Crumpler, Carl B
Crumpler, Carl T
Crumpler, George B
Crumpler, Joseph H
Crumpton, Ardis
Crumpton, Ardis L
Crumpton, Grady L
Crumpton, Lloyd A
Crumpton, Prentis
Crumrine, Russel B
Crunk, James A
Crunk, R E
Crunk, Robert E
Crunt, R A
Cruon, Jean (nmi)
Crusay, Robert R
Cruse James E
Cruse, Charles H
Cruse, Ellis V
Cruse, James
Cruse, James E
Cruse, John J
Cruse, John L
Cruse, Marshal H
Crusin, Henry T
Crusta, C M
Crutcher, H
Crutcher, Harry
Crutcher, Harry Jr
Crutcher, J A
Crutcher, Lee W
Crutcher, R J
Crutchfie [full Name Possibly Cut-off Here] [possibly "crutchfi
Crutchfield, Charles E
Crutchfield, Cloe R
Crutchfield, Earl D Jr
Crutchfield, James F
Crutchfield, Robert L
Crutchfield, Victor
Crutchfield, Victor H
Crutchfield, Wilfred B
Crutchfield, William B
Crutchirds, Gayle
Crutchley, Edward W
Crutchlow, Russell F
Crute, Wyatt
Cruthers, Zura B
Cruthhfield, James O
Cruthirds, Leslie S
Crutsher, Harry, Jr
Crutsinger, William J
Cruttenden, Albert W
Cruttenden, Arhtur E
Cruttenden, Arthur E
Crutz, James
Crutz, James E
Cruver, Howard E
Cruxton, Albert P
Cruxton, Albert P, Eichele, Kenneth F
Cruz, A O
Cruz, Andres O
Cruz, David R
Cruz, Mario M
Cruz, Oswaldo
Cruz, Romo R
Cruze, Raymond K
Crvenkovich, D D
Cryer, Edwin Duncan
Cryer, Thoams V M
Cryer, Thomas V M
Cryer, Thomas Vm
Crymes, Chester T
Crynjak, John T
Crysler, Jack E
Crystler, John R
Cryttenden, R J
Crytzer, Lynn B
Crzeskiewicz, Isador V
Csar, Edward F
Csentes, Oliver M
Cser, Frank
Csernits, Elmer D
Csernits, Elmer L
Cserpnyak, Steve
Csizmadia, Joseph A
Csontos, Oliver M
Csoros, John
Csoros, John (nmi) Jr
Csupak, Joseph
Ctrejm Adan H
Cuadano, Robert H
Cuar, Frank W
Cubana, Joseph Louis
Cubbage, Donald R
Cubbins, William R
Cuberly, Ray M
Cubr, Robert S
Cuburnek, J
Cuburnek, Juluis
Cucchiaio, Anthony M
Cuccia, Tom C
Cuccio, Jasper
Cuccio, Pauline
Cuccio, Peter
Cucco, Joseph F
Cucinetta, Frank P
Cucinotta, Anthony F
Cuda, F Jr
Cudd, Charles B, Jr
Cudd, Charles Jr
Cudd, Howard V
Cuddeback, Harolde
Cuddeback, Howard W
Cuddeback, Roger E
Cudderack, Harold E
Cuddihee, James E
Cuddihee, Jams E
Cuddihee, John E
Cuddihee,james E *
Cuddington, Gerald H
Cuddington, Irving J
Cuddington, Irving J Jr
Cuddington, Irving S
Cuddy, Arthur J
Cuddy, Charles R
Cuddy, Charles R Jr
Cuddy, Charles R, Jr
Cuddy, Deryle C
Cuddy, Earl N
Cuddy, Edward J
Cuddy, Gerard P
Cuddy, James H
Cuddy, Willaim V
Cuddy, William V
Cude, Jack G Jr
Cude, Jack G, Jr
Cude, Richard F
Cude, Richard V
Cudgel, Robert L
Cudlitz, Solly,
Cudney, Ej
Cudney, Robert F
Cudworth, Elmer L Jr
Cudworth, Richard W
Cudzilo, Raymond S
Cuellar, Clifford E
Cuellar, Ted S
Cuenca, Albert F
Cuer, Frank W
Cuerton, Ouris H
Cuff, Charles T
Cuff, James W
Cuff, Lawrence J
Cuff, Robert J
Cuffe, Frank C Jr
Cuffe, James F
Cuffel, Lynn
Cuffel, Malcolm M
Cughelman, M Ruehelm
Cugier, Theodore T
Cugini, Richard E
Cuglietta, Leonard
Cuillin, M E
Cuinet, Pierre B
Cuiot, Howard V
Cukken, William R
Culberson, B
Culberson, Dave H Jr
Culberson, Harry
Culberson, Harry L
Culberson, Leonard D
Culbert, John L
Culbert, Norbert W
Culbert, Samuel J Jr
Culbert, William F
Culbert, Willliam F
Culberton, John H
Culberton, John R
Culbertso [full Name Probably Cut-off Here] [possibly "culberts
Culbertson, A T
Culbertson, Allman T
Culbertson, Benjamin E
Culbertson, Benjiman E
Culbertson, Charles E
Culbertson, Charles G
Culbertson, Elmer D
Culbertson, Harry E
Culbertson, John K
Culbertson, Leonard D
Culbertson, Lloyd K
Culbertson, Omar W
Culbertson, Richard N
Culbertson, Robert E
Culbertson, Robert W
Culbreath, Huel M
Culbreth, Cecil
Culbreth, Cecil B
Culbreth, Russell T
Culbreth, Winton W
Culey, Ray R
Culham, Robert H
Culhane, Dale A
Culhane, John T
Culhane, Rj
Culick, Harry V
Culick, James H
Culiinan, Hugh X
Culkin, Frank
Culkin, Lawrence P
Cullen, A V
Cullen, A W
Cullen, Albert A
Cullen, Arthur V
Cullen, Daniel N
Cullen, Daniel W
Cullen, Edmund
Cullen, Edward (nmi)
Cullen, Herbert
Cullen, Herbert L F
Cullen, Herbert Lf
Cullen, J A
Cullen, James E
Cullen, James J
Cullen, James L
Cullen, Jerome
Cullen, Jerome (mechanic)
Cullen, Jerome P
Cullen, John B
Cullen, John J J
Cullen, Joseph P
Cullen, Joseph V
Cullen, Kathleen
Cullen, Martin N
Cullen, Morriston M
Cullen, Paul T
Cullen, Richard J
Cullen, Robert I
Cullen, Robert J
Cullen, Robert M
Cullen, Ronald D
Cullen, Walter J
Cullen, William E
Cullen, William L
Cullen, William P
Cullender, Joe P
Cullens, Zack A Jr
Cullens, Zack A, Jr
Culler, Harry H
Culler, J D
Culler, Philip
Culler, Phillip H
Cullerne, Wilford B
Cullerton, E F
Cullerton, Edward F
Cullerton, William J
Cullette, George W
Culley, James F
Culley, Jerome J
Culley, Lamar.
Culley, Raymond F
Culley, V
Culligan, Douglas D
Cullimore, Earl F
Cullina, John F
Cullinan, Clair T
Cullinan, Claire T
Cullinan, Daniel L
Cullinan, H X
Cullinan, Hugh X
Cullinan, John J
Cullinan, Kevin F
Culling, William A
Cullins, John P
Cullip, William L, Jr
Cullison, Jesse A Jr
Cullister. John H
Cullition, Jack R
Culliton, James A
Cullity, William M Jr
Cullity, William M, Jr
Cullman, G R
Cullman, George R
Cullman, Gr
Cullom, J C
Cullom, James F
Cullon, J C
Cullum, F W
Cullum, Feider W
Cullum, Felder
Cullum, Felder W
Cullumber, Gene S
Cully, G H
Cully, Kirk W
Cully, Kirk,w
Cully, Namon J
Culmer, Bruce N
Culnon, Harold R
Culp, Benjamin T
Culp, Charles H
Culp, E A
Culp, Harold F
Culp, Herbert J
Culp, Ira L
Culp, J B
Culp, Jack H Sr
Culp, Ralph B
Culp, Royal J
Culp, Tony E
Culp, William B
Culpepper, Belah A
Culpepper, Belah A Jr
Culpepper, Edward L
Culpepper, Harold M
Culpepper, James E
Culpepper, John W
Culpepper, Royce L
Culpepper, Stephan C
Culpepper, Steve C
Culps, Wallace D
Cultheri, Armando A
Culton, Richard S
Cultra, Drane B
Culver, Albert A
Culver, Billy L
Culver, C C.
Culver, D
Culver, D E
Culver, D E Jr
Culver, Daniel E
Culver, Daniel E, Jr
Culver, Donald W
Culver, Drewey L, Capt
Culver, Frank
Culver, Frank B Iii
Culver, Fred J
Culver, G P
Culver, G W
Culver, George M
Culver, George W
Culver, German P
Culver, Harry G
Culver, Harry S
Culver, J M
Culver, Jerry
Culver, John M
Culver, Julian (nmi)
Culver, Marvin W
Culver, Miles O
Culver, Robert B Jr
Culver, Robert B, Jr
Culver, Robert M
Culver, Robert M Jr
Culver, W R
Culver, William R
Culwell, Orrel
Culwell, Orrell
Culy, Harold F
Cumal, Jack C
Cumbaa, Noel T
Cumbaa, Walter B
Cumberland, H B
Cumberland, Harold E
Cumberland, Horace
Cumberland, Horace W
Cumberledge, Theodore O
Cumberpatch, James T
Cumberpatch, John R
Cumberpaton, James
Cumbie, Horace H (ag)
Cumbie, John J
Cumbie, Lynwood W
Cumbie, Lynwood Wallace
Cumbie, William F
Cumblad, Frederick A
Cumblie, William F
Cumings, Francis J
Cumlander, Leonard E
Cumming, Barney
Cumming, Barney E
Cumming, Bruce H
Cumming, Gene T
Cumming, Herbert W
Cumming, Herbert W [79fs]
Cumming, Robert L
Cummingham, Floyd D
Cummingham, John J
Cummingham, Louis
Cummings Charles M
Cummings, A M
Cummings, A S
Cummings, Aaron S
Cummings, Alfred L
Cummings, Allen R
Cummings, Alpheus
Cummings, Archibald M
Cummings, Archibald M Jr
Cummings, Archibald M, Jr
Cummings, Arthur B Jr
Cummings, Barney
Cummings, Carl M
Cummings, Charles M
Cummings, Charles R
Cummings, Charles T
Cummings, Clair V
Cummings, Claude W
Cummings, Dale F
Cummings, Donald C
Cummings, Donald E
Cummings, Donald M
Cummings, E M
Cummings, E W
Cummings, Edward
Cummings, Edward J
Cummings, Edward P C L
Cummings, Edward R
Cummings, Edward S
Cummings, Edward W
Cummings, Eldria A
Cummings, Francis J
Cummings, Gale F
Cummings, Gene T
Cummings, Hollie M
Cummings, Hugh D
Cummings, Iris
Cummings, J
Cummings, J F
Cummings, J R
Cummings, Jack
Cummings, Jack C
Cummings, Jack T
Cummings, James H
Cummings, John C
Cummings, John F
Cummings, John H
Cummings, Joseph F
Cummings, Joseph T
Cummings, Junior A
Cummings, Kenneth
Cummings, Lawrence R
Cummings, Louis D
Cummings, Louis H
Cummings, Marvin R
Cummings, Milner A
Cummings, Od
Cummings, Paul F
Cummings, Philip E
Cummings, Rex O
Cummings, Richard
Cummings, Richard C
Cummings, Richard W
Cummings, Robert D
Cummings, Robert E
Cummings, Robert J
Cummings, Robert K
Cummings, Robert L
Cummings, S F
Cummings, S P
Cummings, Stephen B
Cummings, Theodore G
Cummings, Thomas L
Cummings, Thomas S
Cummings, Vernon L
Cummings, Virgil W
Cummings, W C
Cummings, W W
Cummings, Walter L
Cummings, Will B Jr
Cummings, William
Cummings, William B Jr
Cummings, William E
Cummings, William H
Cummings, William P
Cummings, William R
Cummings, William T
Cummings, William V
Cummings, Ww
Cummings,charles M
Cummingsm, Iris
Cummins, Arnold N
Cummins, Carl W
Cummins, Charles R
Cummins, Chester L
Cummins, Clifford D
Cummins, D O
Cummins, Dean E
Cummins, Ernest R
Cummins, Eugene H
Cummins, Eygene H
Cummins, Frank B
Cummins, Frank R
Cummins, Guy S
Cummins, Henry T
Cummins, Herbert E
Cummins, J A
Cummins, J E
Cummins, James D
Cummins, John C
Cummins, John R
Cummins, Marvin C
Cummins, Marvin R
Cummins, Thomas W
Cummins, W A
Cummins, William A
Cumner, Thomas C
Cumnlad, Frederick A
Cumpson, John A
Cumpston, W L
Cumpston, Wilbur L
Cunard, Robert W
Cundall, Robert H
Cundell, Nelson B
Cundiff, Basil K
Cundiff, Basis K
Cundiff, Clark E
Cundiff, Donald W
Cundiff, John M
Cundy, John S
Cundy, Thomas
Cunea, Gordon C
Cunefare, Noel A
Cuneo George G
Cuneo, George G
Cuneo, J L
Cuneo, John L
Cuneo, William
Cuneo, William J
Cungliari, Henry A
Cunha, Ayers A
Cunha, Fred (nmi)
Cunic, F L, Jr
Cunin, John R
Cuningham, O D
Cunio, F L, Jr
Cunliffe, Charles S
Cunliffe, Robert
Cunliffe, Robert (raf)
Cunnane, John J
Cunneen, J
Cunney, John C, Capt
Cunnick, John W
Cunnick, John W Iii
Cunniff [or Gunniff]
Cunniff, David D
Cunniff, Vincent L
Cunnigham, Ernest W
Cunnigham, Francis V
Cunnigham, Harold R
Cunning, Robert L
Cunningha [full Name Probably Cut-off Here] [probably "cunningh
Cunningha, Donald E
Cunningham (civ)
Cunningham, A W
Cunningham, Allen H
Cunningham, Anthony W
Cunningham, Arthur F
Cunningham, Blake B
Cunningham, Blake H
Cunningham, Bruce
Cunningham, Bruce (nmi)
Cunningham, Byron B
Cunningham, C C
Cunningham, C C.
Cunningham, C H
Cunningham, C L
Cunningham, Calvin E
Cunningham, Carl L
Cunningham, Charles (NMI)
Cunningham, Charles C
Cunningham, Charles D
Cunningham, Charles D Jr
Cunningham, Charles J
Cunningham, Charles K
Cunningham, Charles L
Cunningham, Charles R
Cunningham, Charles V
Cunningham, Charles W
Cunningham, Chester D
Cunningham, Clarence A
Cunningham, Clarence L
Cunningham, Clarence W
Cunningham, Clayton R
Cunningham, Cletus
Cunningham, Cletus A
Cunningham, Dan B
Cunningham, Daniel L
Cunningham, Daniel P
Cunningham, Donal B
Cunningham, Donald E
Cunningham, Donald J
Cunningham, Donald M
Cunningham, Donald W
Cunningham, Douglas E
Cunningham, Dudley H
Cunningham, E W
Cunningham, Earl E
Cunningham, Earle H
Cunningham, Edward E
Cunningham, Edward G
Cunningham, Edward W
Cunningham, Edwin R
Cunningham, Elmer (nmi)
Cunningham, Ernest W
Cunningham, Estie W
Cunningham, Eugene
Cunningham, Floyd D
Cunningham, Francis V
Cunningham, Frank J
Cunningham, G C
Cunningham, George C
Cunningham, Glen L
Cunningham, H M
Cunningham, Harley D
Cunningham, Harold R
Cunningham, Harold T
Cunningham, Hugh R
Cunningham, J A
Cunningham, J H
Cunningham, J J
Cunningham, J M
Cunningham, J S
Cunningham, Jack
Cunningham, Jack E
Cunningham, James C
Cunningham, James H Jr
Cunningham, James L
Cunningham, James M
Cunningham, James T
Cunningham, James T Jr
Cunningham, James T, Jr
Cunningham, Joe W
Cunningham, John
Cunningham, John (nmi)
Cunningham, John B
Cunningham, John B Martinez, Marcelle M
Cunningham, John C
Cunningham, John E
Cunningham, John F
Cunningham, John G
Cunningham, John H
Cunningham, John J
Cunningham, John R
Cunningham, John W
Cunningham, Jonathan
Cunningham, Jonathan M
Cunningham, Jordan L
Cunningham, Jordon L
Cunningham, Joseph A
Cunningham, Joseph L
Cunningham, Joseph S
Cunningham, Jt
Cunningham, Kenneth A, Capt
Cunningham, Larquis W
Cunningham, Lee O
Cunningham, Lemuel H
Cunningham, Leo F
Cunningham, Leo P
Cunningham, Leroy D
Cunningham, Louis W
Cunningham, Milton D
Cunningham, Norman H
Cunningham, Norval V
Cunningham, O D, Jr
Cunningham, O M
Cunningham, Owen
Cunningham, P D Jr
Cunningham, P E
Cunningham, Paul D Jr
Cunningham, Peter J
Cunningham, Phillip
Cunningham, Q H
Cunningham, Quentin H
Cunningham, R M
Cunningham, Ralph L
Cunningham, Raymond E
Cunningham, Raymond H
Cunningham, Richard N
Cunningham, Rm
Cunningham, Robert A
Cunningham, Robert E
Cunningham, Robert J
Cunningham, Robert L
Cunningham, T W
Cunningham, Ted D
Cunningham, Thomas D
Cunningham, Thomas F
Cunningham, Thomas J
Cunningham, Thomas R
Cunningham, V E
Cunningham, Victor J
Cunningham, W L
Cunningham, Walter M
Cunningham, Wayne E
Cunningham, Will Jr
Cunningham, William A
Cunningham, William A Jr
Cunningham, William F
Cunningham, William J
Cunningham, William J Jr
Cunningham, William M
Cunningham, William R
Cunningham, Willkie L
Cunnings, John C
Cunningtubby, Daniel
Cunnison, I P J
Cunnison, I P M
Cunnningham, Daniel P
Cunnungham, Jacob H
Cunnungham, James T Jr
Cunnungham, Milton D
Cunnungham, Robert M
Cunnungham, William A
Cunnyngham, Horice I
Cuno, M A
Cunyus, Carl K (vo)
Cunzich, Joseph J
Cuolbraugh, James S
Cupernall, Hanley G
Cupka, Albert
Cuplin, Edd A
Cupo, Fran J
Cupo, Frank J
Cupp, Charles E Jr
Cupp, Gordon
Cupp, John P
Cupp, Neil J
Cupp, R L
Cupp, Ray
Cupp, Ray V
Cuppels, G J
Cupper, Andrew J
Cupper, Andrew Joseph
Cuppernell, Marion A
Cur, George W
Curb, C E
Curb, Cyril E
Curbo, James R
Curby, Charles J
Curchin, Kenneth H
Curcio, A E
Curcio, Anthony E
Curcio, Antony E
Curcio, D E
Curcio, Domenick E
Curcio, Joseph L
Curcio, Salvatore
Curcio, Salvatore B
Curcoe, Alfred P
Curcuru, L A
Curcuru, La
Curd, Wilber J
Curd, Wilbur J
Curdes, Louis E
Curdiff, Jack B
Curdo, Robert C
Curdy, D J
Curdy, David J
Curdy, Paul F
Curelli, Rocco A
Curelli, Rocco A *
Curen, Marvin G Jr
Cureton, James E
Cureton, John B
Cureton, Ouris H
Curfman, Harrison V
Curfman, J R
Curfman, John R
Curfman, Robert W, 1lt
Curik, Steve J
Curin, James F
Curio, George O
Curione, Peter (NMI)
Curius, M W
Curkendall, T L
Curl, Don B
Curl, Don R
Curl, Frank T
Curl, James G
Curl, Lester C
Curl, Orren D
Curl, William R
Curland, William H
Curlee, Joe T
Curlee, Robert E
Curles, Robert B
Curless, Beverly
Curlett, Earl J
Curlett, Jack M
Curley, Douglas P
Curley, Edward J
Curley, Harry
Curley, Harry W
Curley, James F
Curley, James P
Curley, John
Curley, John H
Curley, Robert M
Curley, Thomas J
Curley, William B
Curley, William S J
Curlin, Tom W
Curling, John J
Curnane, Chester A
Curnane, Chester A Jr
Curneal, David
Curnett, J R
Curnock, Clifford
Curnock, Clifford A N
Curnock, Clifford N
Curnow, Charles F
Curnutt, J R
Curnutte, George F
Curnutte, Omer D
Curnutte, William A
Curosh, George S
Curphey, George D
Currall, Derak O
Currall, Derek O
Curran, Arthur R
Curran, Charles J
Curran, Charles R
Curran, Daniel F
Curran, Donald H
Curran, Donald W
Curran, Edward D
Curran, Edward E
Curran, Edward O
Curran, Edward S
Curran, Edwin B
Curran, Edwin E
Curran, Emmett E
Curran, Eugene L
Curran, F E
Curran, Francis E
Curran, Henry W
Curran, Herbert A
Curran, Howard J
Curran, Howard T
Curran, Hugh C
Curran, J R
Curran, James C
Curran, James D
Curran, James R
Curran, James T
Curran, John F
Curran, John T
Curran, Joseph F
Curran, Kenneth J
Curran, R W
Curran, Richard
Curran, Richard (nmi)
Curran, Robert E
Curran, Robert J
Curran, Robert W
Currance, James W
Currat, Carl J
Curren, Donald H
Curren, Howard J
Curren, John F
Curren, Wayne M
Currey, Brownlee O, Jr
Currey, Clement L
Currey, David P
Currey, Douglas V
Currey, Jake L
Currey, Kenneth B
Currey, Kenneth D
Currey, Robert B
Currey, Stanley W
Curriden, Herbert D
Currie, Albert L
Currie, Alexander
Currie, Alexander D
Currie, Bruce Alan
Currie, Clifford G
Currie, D C
Currie, David C
Currie, David D
Currie, Donald A
Currie, Edward H
Currie, Gail G, Jr
Currie, George D
Currie, George Donald
Currie, Gerald A
Currie, J R
Currie, Jack W
Currie, James B
Currie, James W
Currie, Joe B
Currie, John W
Currie, Junien R
Currie, Leonard L
Currie, M A
Currie, N A
Currie, Paul M
Currie, Robert B
Currie, Roswell E
Currie, T I
Currie, T L
Currie, Thomas L
Currie, W F
Currie, W P
Currie, Wallace P
Currie, Wilson P
Currieo, Royce A
Currier, Donald R
Currier, George R
Currier, John F
Currier, John F Jr
Currier, John F, Jr
Currier, John R
Currier, Philip H
Currier, Philip Haworth
Currier, Phillip N
Currier, Russell C
Currier, Sylvester F
Currier, W C Jr
Currier, Warren O
Currier, Warron O
Currier, Wendell
Currier, Wilson C
Currier, Wilson C Jr
Currier, Wilson C, Jr
Currio, Peter
Curris, Donald A
Curro, Joseph R
Curry [or Corry]
Curry, Ben Jr
Curry, Ben, Jr
Curry, Benjamin P
Curry, Buddy B
Curry, Burnice W Jr
Curry, Burnice W, Jr
Curry, Charles R, Capt
Curry, Deane G
Curry, Everaid
Curry, Francis H
Curry, Francis W
Curry, Fred L
Curry, George A
Curry, George M
Curry, George T
Curry, Hughie L
Curry, Hughis L
Curry, J T
Curry, Jack C
Curry, James L Jr
Curry, Jerry
Curry, John D
Curry, John J
Curry, John P
Curry, John S
Curry, John S(fe)
Curry, Joseph L
Curry, Joseph T
Curry, Melvin H
Curry, P L
Curry, Paul A
Curry, Paul D
Curry, Paul S
Curry, R G
Curry, Ralph C
Curry, Ralph J;
Curry, Ralph Jack
Curry, Richard C
Curry, Richard G
Curry, Richard W
Curry, Robert L
Curry, Stanley W
Curry, Thomas J
Curry, Trafford L
Curry, Vincent W
Curry, W L
Curry, William
Curry, William D
Curry, William D, Jr
Curry, William H
Curry, William L
Curry, William R
Curry, William T
Curry, William W
Curry, Willis
Curson, Albert Allen
Curston, James E
Curteman, Marven J
Curteon, John B
Curth, R H
Curth, Richard H
Curti, Anthony J
Curtice, Ceylon W
Curtice, R L
Curtice, Raymond L
Curtin, Clyde A
Curtin, Francis F
Curtin, Horace A
Curtin, J C
Curtin, James F
Curtin, John
Curtin, John C
Curtin, Leo A Jr
Curtin, Leo A, Jr
Curtin, Lewis A
Curtin, P R
Curtin, Paul R
Curtis (unk)
Curtis F
Curtis John P
Curtis, Andrew D
Curtis, Andrew R Jr
Curtis, Andrew R, Jr
Curtis, Beverley C
Curtis, Beverly C
Curtis, Bill R
Curtis, Burleigh E
Curtis, Burleigh E **
Curtis, C
Curtis, C G
Curtis, Carl
Curtis, Carl (nmi)
Curtis, Charles L
Curtis, Clark W
Curtis, Curtis D
Curtis, Dale E
Curtis, David E
Curtis, David S
Curtis, Don J
Curtis, Don W
Curtis, Donald E
Curtis, Donald L
Curtis, E
Curtis, Edgar A Jr
Curtis, Edgar E
Curtis, Edward R
Curtis, Eugene C
Curtis, F
Curtis, F A
Curtis, Ferd J
Curtis, Ferdinand J
Curtis, Ford, Jr
Curtis, Frank M
Curtis, Frank W
Curtis, Frazier
Curtis, Frederick J
Curtis, G M
Curtis, G S Jr
Curtis, G S, Jr
Curtis, Gene
Curtis, Geno W
Curtis, George E Jr
Curtis, Gilbert
Curtis, Gilbert L
Curtis, Glenn E
Curtis, Goerge E, Jr
Curtis, Gwyne S
Curtis, Gwynne S
Curtis, Gwynne S Jr
Curtis, Harold
Curtis, Harold E
Curtis, Harry I
Curtis, Harry I Jr
Curtis, Henry W
Curtis, Horace A
Curtis, Howard S
Curtis, Jack F
Curtis, Jack J
Curtis, Jack M Jr
Curtis, James D
Curtis, James F Jr
Curtis, James H
Curtis, James L
Curtis, James R
Curtis, James R Iii
Curtis, John C
Curtis, John F
Curtis, John J
Curtis, John M
Curtis, John P
Curtis, John W
Curtis, Joseph C
Curtis, Joseph G
Curtis, Joseph R
Curtis, Lawrence J
Curtis, Lemuel R
Curtis, Lester S
Curtis, Lewis A
Curtis, Lewis S
Curtis, Lloyd A
Curtis, Marvin J
Curtis, Neal D
Curtis, Neal Dow
Curtis, Neil L
Curtis, Orlo D
Curtis, P C
Curtis, Paul H
Curtis, Paul P, Major
Curtis, Philip E
Curtis, Ralph L
Curtis, Ralph R
Curtis, Rene M
Curtis, Richard
Curtis, Richard C
Curtis, Richard C Ii
Curtis, Richard K
Curtis, Richard L **
Curtis, Richard O
Curtis, Robert D
Curtis, Robert G
Curtis, Robert L
Curtis, Robert P
Curtis, Roy E
Curtis, Samiel L
Curtis, Samuel L
Curtis, Thomas H
Curtis, Thomas J (cp)
Curtis, Thomas J Jr
Curtis, Thomas V
Curtis, Vernon L
Curtis, Victor M
Curtis, Victor N
Curtis, W M
Curtis, Wakeman B
Curtis, Walter
Curtis, Walter E
Curtis, Walter G
Curtis, Warren B
Curtis, William B
Curtis, William J
Curtis, William M
Curtiss, Donald;
Curtiss, Edward F
Curtiss, Edward F Jr
Curtiss, Gerald W
Curtiss, Keith A Jr
Curtiss, Kenneth M
Curtiss, Neil L
Curtiss, Rolad S
Curtiss, Roland C
Curtiss, Stephen H
Curtiss, Thomas H
Curtiss, V T
Curtiss, Willard J
Curtiss, William C
Curtissee, Haley
Curtman, Marven J
Curto, Domenico A
Curtright, Maurice F
Curts, W
Curts, W B
Curts, William B
Curtsinger, Thomas A
Cury, Enver C
Cusack, Thomas P
Cusanelli, Carl J
Cusator, James A
Cuseo, Francis A
Cushenber [hard To Read] [or "oushenber"] [full Name Possibly C
Cushing, Arthur L
Cushing, Don A
Cushing, Edward L Jr
Cushing, Emory C
Cushing, Francis W
Cushing, Gerald L
Cushing, Henry C
Cushing, John C
Cushing, Whitney
Cushman, Clyde A
Cushman, Edward
Cushman, Harry E
Cushman, Robert A
Cushman, Robert C
Cushman, Stanley
Cushman, T J
Cushman, Thomas
Cushman, Thomas A
Cushman, Thomas J
Cushman, Thomas R
Cushmeyer, Leonard
Cushner, Stephen
Cushner, Stephens
Cushner, William
Cushwa, Paul E
Cusick, E S
Cusick, Edward J
Cusick, Harold D
Cusick, William M
Cusimano, Thomas F
Cuskey, Robert E
Cussack, Unknown
Cussen, Paul E
Cusson, Edmond P
Cusson, Henry J
Cussons, Lionel L
Custar, Charles H
Custard, George H
Custard, Hollis C
Custard, Norman R
Custard, William H
Custer [or Coster]
Custer, A G
Custer, A G, (io)
Custer, Clyde R
Custer, Glen R
Custer, James S
Custer, Max W
Custer, Raymond E
Custer, Robert E
Custer, Robert H
Custer, Robert L
Custis, L R
Custy, John J
Cusworth, Maynard C
Cutchens, Leon D
Cutchens, Walter F
Cutcheons, Leon D
Cutcher, S
Cutcher, Solomon
Cutcher, William C
Cutcomb, Donald G
Cuthbertson, Ernest J
Cuthbertson, Harry E
Cuthbertson, Hugh P
Cuthertson, David D
Cuthill, John F
Cuthnertson, William H
Cuthrie, Dale F
Cuthrum, Roy
Cutino, Rudolph (NMI)
Cutler, B W
Cutler, Bertram S
Cutler, Burton W
Cutler, Byard M
Cutler, C M
Cutler, Dale E
Cutler, David C
Cutler, David G
Cutler, Donald J
Cutler, Douglas M
Cutler, Edward
Cutler, Edward W
Cutler, Ernest W
Cutler, Frank A
Cutler, Frederick J
Cutler, George C
Cutler, Gilbert P
Cutler, Horace B
Cutler, Horace E
Cutler, James B
Cutler, James P
Cutler, James R
Cutler, John M
Cutler, Kay
Cutler, Kay R
Cutler, L M
Cutler, Lester M
Cutler, Sg
Cutler, Walter J
Cutler, William A
Cutler, William A Jr
Cutler, William A, Jr
Cutler, William M
Cutler, William R
Cutley, Lester M
Cutliff, Leonard C
Cutohens, Walter F
Cutos, William J
Cutright, Edward P
Cutright, James M
Cutright, Maurice F
Cutrona, J
Cutshall, Donald E
Cutsinger, R C
Cutsinger, Roscoe
Cutsinger, Roscoe C
Cutsinger, Roscoe C Jr
Cutter, Clarence M
Cutter, Clarence W
Cutter, William P
Cutting, Emerald G
Cutting, John B,jr (civ)
Cutting, Milton J
Cutting, Robert D
Cutting, Robert H
Cuttler, S
Cutts, James M
Cuva, James V, Jr
Cuyler, Harold S
Cuyler, Robert H
Cuyyone, George
Cuzowcki, Charles
Cvengros, Robert
Cvitanovich, Anthony
Cvitanovich, Antony
Cvitkovic, Anthony J
Cvitkovich, John P
Cwach, Emil E, 1lt
Cwach, James
Cwiakala, Oscar E
Cwiek, Mitchell S
Cwiertz, C T
Cwik, John H
Cwiklinski, Arthur C
Cyan, Roger T
Cyborski, Raymond J
Cybulski, Joseph A
Cyckowski, William A
Cycmanick, William F
Cyer, Donald L
Cyer, Robert F
Cyganski, Richard J
Cyhewning, Samuel H
Cykoski, John
Cykoski, John (nmi)
Cyler, George C
Cyler, John W
Cylwelk, Orrell
Cynkar, Stanley A
Cynmoure, Robert N
Cypert, R B
Cypert, Ras A
Cypert, Ras B
Cypher, Harry T Jr
Cypher, Harry T, Jr
Cyphers, Boyd N
Cyphers, Emerson L
Cyphers, Harry W
Cyphers, John C
Cyphers, John R
Cyphon, Paul
Cypryla, Antonio
Cyr, George W
Cyr, Henry B
Cyr, Lewis
Cyr, Lewis (nmi)
Cyr, Percy H
Cyr, Ra
Cyr, Raymond
Cyr, Raymond J
Cyrus, John Volney
Cytal, Alex
Cytarzynski, Edward
Cytlak, Charles E
Cyzmoure, Robert N
Czach, J F
Czach, James F
Czachorowski, C J
Czajkowski, Francis
Czajkowski, Louis F
Czamerda, John J
Czapanskiy, F R
Czapar, Charles H
Czapla, Eugene L
Czapla, Stanislaw J
Czapliskie, A L
Czark, Stanley R
Czark, Stanley, R
Czarnecki, Alfred
Czarnecki, Edward J
Czarnecki, Eugene M
Czarnecki, Theodore S
Czarnota, Leo J
Czarnowski, John A
Czech, Walter J
Czech, Walter J J
Czechanski, Robert L
Czekaj, Walter (nmi)
Czekanski, Edward J
Czekowski, Joseph
Czelna, Albert W
Czemerde, John J
Czernecki, Edward V
Czernecky, Edward V
Czerwiec, Edward
Czerwinski, Edmond J
Czerwinski, Edmund
Czerwinski, Edmund J Jr
Czerwinski, Stanley L
Czerwinski, Stanleyl
Czerwinski, Teddy H
Czerwinski, Walter J
Czerwonka, Joseph A
Cziguth, Frank P
Czimek, Edmund J
Cziniak, Leo
Czora, Wilfred G
Czubaj, Alois W
Czuczko, Michael N
Czukor, Eugene J
Czzowitz, Lewis