Air Force Aircrew Name List - A

This scrollable table (as required) displays names listed in USAF or USAAF accident reports for all crew positions and time periods. You might also find additional information by searching on last name on our Air Force Accident Reports Database Search page. To learn how to order a report visit our Order Information page.

Aircrew Member Name
Aabel, Gene E
Aabel, Gene M
Aaberg, C A
Aaberg, Clarence A
Aageberg, James B
Aagesen, Donald C
Aal, Olger I
Aaland, Richard D
Aaland, Walter K
Aalbu, Sigurd
Aalbu, Sigurd J
Aalen, Milton I
Aalto, Elmer E
Aaltonen, Kullervo T
Aanenson, Quentin C
Aanes, Edward A
Aar, Robert M
Aarnhym, Albert A
Aaroe, Alden P
Aaron, Diyce L
Aaron, Doyce L
Aaron, Floyd R
Aaron, George
Aaron, I A
Aaron, I E
Aaron, Joseph E
Aaron, Robert S
Aaron, Seymour A
Aaron, Victor E
Aaron, William
Aarons, Theodore Z
Aase, Osmond H
Aasen, Edwin J
Aason, Edwin J
Ababuko, Myron L
Ababurke, Myron L
Ababurko, Myron L
Abadi, Abe
Abadie, Emile J Jr
Abadie, L L
Abadie, R E
Abadie, Robert A
Abahomson, Paul M
Abair, Donald L
Abar, Everett P
Abar, Everett R
Abar, Exerett, P
Abare, R W
Abart, Leonard L
Abate, M
Abato, M J
Abbadie, Henri (nmi)
Abbas, Henry M
Abbate, Frank
Abbate, Paul F
Abbatiello, Michael J
Abbatiello, Mihcael J
Abbe, Darland E
Abben, L E
Abbett, Norris P
Abbey, Charles F
Abbey, Edward F
Abbey, Evers
Abbey, G
Abbey, H L
Abbey, Henry L
Abbey, Kenneth
Abbey, L M
Abbey, Richard S
Abbey, Robert
Abbey, Robert M
Abbey, Thomas G
Abbey, William A
Abbinanti, Philip
Abbinanti, Philip (nmi)
Abbitt, Conrad D
Abbot, Carlyle
Abbot, George B
Abbot, W G
Abbott, Barton R
Abbott, Brian E
Abbott, C A
Abbott, C V
Abbott, Carlyle
Abbott, Charles E
Abbott, Charles W
Abbott, Chester R Jr
Abbott, Donald L
Abbott, Donald P
Abbott, Earl L
Abbott, Earle M L
Abbott, Elmond H
Abbott, Elwyn M
Abbott, Forest M Jr
Abbott, Fred H
Abbott, Fred H Jr
Abbott, Frederick M
Abbott, G A
Abbott, Gardner Jr
Abbott, Gardner, Jr
Abbott, Guy E
Abbott, Harold
Abbott, Harold A
Abbott, Harold D
Abbott, Harold E
Abbott, Harold, D
Abbott, Homer E
Abbott, Ishmael L
Abbott, J M
Abbott, Jack L
Abbott, James M
Abbott, John L
Abbott, John L (civ)
Abbott, Joseph A
Abbott, Keith M
Abbott, Lyle C
Abbott, Malcolm K
Abbott, Manley A
Abbott, Max S
Abbott, Mr.
Abbott, N M
Abbott, Nathan M
Abbott, Norris F
Abbott, Phillips, (nmi)
Abbott, Raymond C
Abbott, Raymond J
Abbott, Raymond J P
Abbott, Richard L
Abbott, Robert L
Abbott, Robert L, Major
Abbott, Robert R
Abbott, Robert W
Abbott, Roy G
Abbott, Samuel M
Abbott, Thomas Jr
Abbott, Thomas W
Abbott, Thomas, Jr
Abbott, W G
Abbott, Walter L
Abbott, Walter W
Abbott, Wayne T, 2/lt
Abbott, William
Abbott, William B
Abbott, William C
Abbott, William G
Abbott, William R
Abbott, William W Jr
Abbott, Woodrow W
Abbotts, John (nmi)
Abbotts, Lloyd F
Abbring, Thomas R
Abbruzzese, Frank J
Abbtt, Robert H, Jr
Abbuhl, Charles Jr
Abby, Evers
Abby, Kenneth
Abby, Lm
Abcouner, Simon
Abdalla Hassan
Abdallah Edward A 2lt.
Abdallah, Edward A
Abdallah, Subrey
Abdallah,lewis E
Abdella, Francis J
Abdon, Bert H
Abdoo, F F
Abdoo, Thomas F
Abegglen, Robert C
Abeil, Benjamin C
Abeil, Helen T
Abel, Bill
Abel, Charles E
Abel, Charles F
Abel, Dewey E
Abel, Donald
Abel, Elmer H
Abel, Frank L
Abel, Frank R
Abel, George H
Abel, George K
Abel, George L
Abel, Goerge L
Abel, Harry E
Abel, John H
Abel, Luther J
Abel, Richard K
Abel, Robert A
Abel, S
Abel, Sydney
Abel, Walter E Jr
Abel, Walter E, Jr
Abel, Willie A
Abel, Willis A
Abele, John J
Abelein, Jay D
Abeles, Alfred B
Abeles, Alfred H
Abeles, Anson
Abeles, Anson S
Abell, Glenn
Abell, Glenn (nmi)
Abell, Harry M
Abell, Helen T
Abell, Henry F
Abell, Howard L
Abell, James W Jr
Abell, Jessie B
Abell, S I
Abell, Stuart S
Abell, Willis A
Abellera, Thomas
Abelman, Robert M
Abeln, Terence E
Abelson, Joel
Abelson, Joel (nmi)
Abelson, Sidney
Abend, Mark M
Aber, E J
Aber, Earl J
Aber, Earl J Jr
Aber, Earle J Jr
Aber, Kenneth A
Abercrobie, Russell T
Abercrombie, Aaron R
Abercrombie, C L Jr
Abercrombie, Cl,jr
Abercrombie, Clarence L
Abercrombie, Clarence L, Jr
Abercrombie, John W
Abercrombie, L A
Abercrombie, Norman T
Abercrombie, Robert B
Abercrombie, Russell T
Abercrombie, William H
Abernathy, Andrew J
Abernathy, Ashbey H
Abernathy, Ashby H
Abernathy, Burl
Abernathy, Curtis A
Abernathy, Edward D
Abernathy, Hugh B
Abernathy, Ishmael W
Abernathy, James D
Abernathy, James E
Abernathy, James L
Abernathy, John B, Capt
Abernathy, Julian R
Abernathy, Julian R Jr
Abernathy, Julian R, Jr
Abernathy, Julian Ray Jr
Abernathy, Louis K
Abernathy, Louis M
Abernathy, Louis W
Abernathy, Odus R
Abernathy, Paul H
Abernathy, Robert J
Abernathy, Robert L
Abernathy, Robert W
Abernathy, Thomas J
Abernathy, W E
Abernathy, William E
Abernethy, Curtis A
Abernethy, Robert J
Abevasio, James A
Abeyounis, Voltaire J, 2/lt
Abeyovnis, M L
Abeyownis, M L
Abhalter, Robert J
Abicaik, Sabastiano
Abinant, Harry S
Abinanti, Harry S
Abiuso, John
Ablard, Geln M
Ablard, Glen M
Able, Charles F
Able, Charles R
Able, William J
Ables, C W
Ables, Clarence
Ables, Cw Jr
Ables, Lee K
Ables, Robert E
Ablett, Norman E
Ablett, Norman F
Ablonczy, E F
Abmyer, Richard R
Abner, Joseph S
Abner, Paul
Abney, Archie D
Abney, Charles L Jr
Abney, James A
Abney, L D
Abney, Lindon E
Abney, T T
Abney, Thomas H
Abney, Thomas M
Abney, Thomas Y
Abngy, Thomas M
Abolafis, Jacob
Abolt, Warren G
Abott, Max S
Abplanalp, Charles R
Abraham Clayton S1lt.
Abraham, Albert
Abraham, Albert (nmi)
Abraham, Bruce H Jr
Abraham, Clayton S
Abraham, Daniel A
Abraham, Harold F
Abraham, Jack W Jr
Abraham, Jack W, Jr
Abraham, Jake L
Abraham, James G
Abraham, John A
Abraham, Paul P
Abraham, Spero
Abraham, Stanley
Abraham, Stanley Nmi
Abraham, William J
Abrahamian, A A
Abrahamian, Abraham A
Abrahams, H
Abrahams, L J
Abrahams, Martin
Abrahams, Martin (nmi)
Abrahams, Sardou W
Abrahams, Wilbur P
Abrahamsen, Hans J
Abrahamson, C N
Abrahamson, C W
Abrahamson, Kenneth M
Abrahamson, Paul M
Abrahamson, Verne A
Abrahamson, Walfred V
Abrahamson,walford V
Abrahaus, Arthur
Abram, Lawrence
Abram, Lawrence R
Abram, R C
Abram, Robert C
Abram, William
Abramezyk, Stanley E
Abramoeitz, Leonrard
Abramowitz, Irving (nmi)
Abramowitz, Leonard
Abramowitz, Leonard (nmi)
Abramowitz, Leonrard
Abramowitz, Murray
Abramowitz, Theodore
Abrams, Arnold A
Abrams, Arnold R
Abrams, B A
Abrams, C V
Abrams, Carl V
Abrams, Dean E
Abrams, E P
Abrams, Elton P
Abrams, Emanuel J
Abrams, Harold S
Abrams, Harris C
Abrams, Irving B
Abrams, James S
Abrams, L R
Abrams, L W
Abrams, Lawrence R
Abrams, Leonard
Abrams, Leonard H
Abrams, Maynard A
Abrams, Morton
Abrams, Morton (nmi)
Abrams, Raymond M
Abrams, Robert C
Abramson, Charles E
Abramson, Elbert L
Abramson, Eli A
Abramson, Joel
Abramson, Leonard W
Abramson, Roy A
Abramson, Shelly L
Abramson, Sydney
Abranovic, Albert
Abranovic, Albert (nmi)
Abranson, Andrew E
Abrashoff, Kero
Abrasson, Shelly L
Abreach, Robert J
Abrehamson, Clifford
Abrell, John D
Abresch, Robert J
Abreu, Ralph C
Abriel, William E
Abromowitz, Elliot
Abromowitz, Elliot A
Abromowitz, Louis H
Abronovic, A
Abronovic, Al
Abrose, Joseph
Abruzzo, Thomas S
Absair, Donald L
Absenger, Charles W
Abshear, Harold E
Absher, James H
Abshier, Frederick L
Abshier, Stuart N
Abshire, Joseph P
Abshire, Jospeh P
Abshire, Wilbert
Abshire, Wilbert (nmi)
Abshire, William H
Absmeier, Carl J
Abt, Francis E
Abt, Leroy J
Abts, Henry W
Abts, T J
Abts, Thomas J
Aby, Charles
Aby, Charles E
Aby, Chase
Abzalone, Edmond F
Acampa, Victor J
Accas, G A
Accas, George A
Accident Occurring When Unknown Person In A
Accobee, Oliver
Accola, Roy A
Accord, Chester W
Accosta, Bradley A
Accosta, Gabriel Gil
Accurso, Joseph R
Acebedo, Bruce H
Acer, Charles D
Aceves, Jose H
Aceves, Juan N
Achary, Joseph E
Achberger, Eugene G
Achbrenney, Donald R
Achen, Norman W
Achenbeck, Donald A
Acher, Virginia V
Acheson [hard To Read]
Acheson, G R
Acheson, John R
Acheson, Leonard E
Achey, Herbert D
Achman, Lawrence A
Achramowicz, Walter T
Achtenbenger, H L
Achter, Meyer R
Achterberg, Robert W
Ackalusky, William R
Ackeberg Lester R
Ackeberg, Lester R
Ackelson, George W
Ackeman, Leonard S
Acker, Arey L
Acker, Charles I
Acker, Charles P
Acker, Douglas J
Acker, Edward J
Acker, Hoyt Jr
Acker, Hoyt, Jr
Acker, John N
Acker, Joseph P
Acker, Kl
Acker, Lewis F
Acker, William J
Ackerberg, Lester R
Ackerley, Robert A
Ackerlind, Curtis E, Jr
Ackerly, Robert A
Ackerly, Robert L **
Ackerman, Charles E Jr
Ackerman, Claude W
Ackerman, Clifford B
Ackerman, Ellis J
Ackerman, Eric
Ackerman, F V
Ackerman, Fred W
Ackerman, George C
Ackerman, H G
Ackerman, Harold G
Ackerman, Harry (NMI)
Ackerman, Harvey A
Ackerman, J B
Ackerman, James C
Ackerman, James F
Ackerman, James M
Ackerman, Jb
Ackerman, John B
Ackerman, Leonard S
Ackerman, Leopold Ii
Ackerman, Marion C
Ackerman, Marvin S
Ackerman, Marvin S *
Ackerman, R H
Ackerman, Ray
Ackerman, Ray D
Ackerman, Ray R
Ackerman, Sam (nmi)
Ackerman, Sgt
Ackerman, Trent
Ackerman, William P
Ackerman, William P Jr
Ackerman, William P, Jr
Ackernaan, Julius R
Ackers, John
Ackerson, Alan S
Ackerson, Dale
Ackerson, Dale G
Ackerson, Earle L
Ackerson, Laurence C
Ackerson, Lawrence C
Ackerson, William
Ackert, Duane B
Ackins, George D
Ackise, Wa
Ackison, C A
Ackiss, W A
Ackland, Gerden G
Ackland, Gordon G
Ackland, V
Ackles, A L
Ackley, Duncan
Ackley, Duncan R
Ackley, George C
Ackley, James H
Ackley, John B
Ackley, John W
Acklin, Evan C
Ackmann, Florence A Jr
Ackrill, T B
Ackrill, Thomas B
Ackrill, Thomas Benton
Aclin, Roy (nmi)
Acmoody, Gordo R
Acock, Benny E
Acocks, M E
Acocks, Malcolm E
Acomb, Harold K
Acord, Chester W
Acord, Ralph K
Acord, Randall K
Acosta, Argent J Jr
Acosta, Courtney S
Acosta, George A
Acosta, John S
Acosta, K E
Acosta, Rl
Acosta, Walter (nmi)
Acosterman, Authur
Acquilino, Allen A
Acre, J P
Acree, Claude
Acree, Kenneth G
Acree, Raymond E
Acree, William F
Actis, Luigi R
Acton, James Howard
Acton, Phillip J
Acton, William J
Adago, D R
Adair, A P
Adair, Allan P Iii
Adair, Archie S
Adair, Asa A
Adair, C B
Adair, Claude B
Adair, Donald A
Adair, Ellis H
Adair, Frank G
Adair, G
Adair, Glenn A
Adair, Howard B
Adair, Iliver L
Adair, J A
Adair, James R
Adair, James W
Adair, John A
Adair, Norman R
Adair, Ralph E
Adair, Richard
Adair, Thomas W Jr
Adair, V
Adair, William G
Adair, Willis A
Adam, Albert G
Adam, Charles A Jr
Adam, Charles A, Jr
Adam, Donald A
Adam, George E
Adam, George F
Adam, John J
Adam, John J Jr
Adam, Martin G
Adam, Sclick
Adamack, Boris P
Adamcik, Stanley A
Adamczak, Joe
Adamczewski, Stephen
Adamczyk, John E
Adamczyk, Joseph T
Adamczyk, Mitchell P
Adamer. George E
Adamina, Robert A
Adamo, A
Adamo, Edward E
Adamo, Joseph
Adamovaga, J F
Adamovage, J F
Adamowicz, Raymond A
Adams Frank Bcapt.
Adams Roscoe C2lt.
Adams Russell J,jr1lt.
Adams William S
Adams, Arthur J
Adams, A I
Adams, A J
Adams, A W
Adams, Aaron R
Adams, Alan F
Adams, Albert S
Adams, Alexander
Adams, Alexander A
Adams, Almon F
Adams, Alonzo P Iii
Adams, Alva T
Adams, Alva T Jr
Adams, Alvin P
Adams, Andrew J
Adams, Andrew J Jr
Adams, Arnold E
Adams, Arthur
Adams, Arthur F
Adams, Arthur I
Adams, Arthur J
Adams, Arthur P
Adams, Arthur T
Adams, Arthur U Jr
Adams, Arthur U, Jr
Adams, B
Adams, B (nmi)
Adams, B F
Adams, B L
Adams, B T
Adams, Ben M
Adams, Ben W
Adams, Benjamin H
Adams, Benjamin S
Adams, Billie
Adams, Billy
Adams, Billy G
Adams, Bruce L
Adams, Burnell W
Adams, C F
Adams, C J
Adams, C K
Adams, C M
Adams, C S
Adams, Calvin C
Adams, Carl
Adams, Carl F
Adams, Carl M
Adams, Carl R
Adams, Cf .
Adams, Chambers D
Adams, Charles A
Adams, Charles B
Adams, Charles E
Adams, Charles E Jr
Adams, Charles Irving
Adams, Charles J
Adams, Charles K
Adams, Charles M
Adams, Charles S
Adams, Charles W
Adams, Chester A
Adams, Chester Ashley
Adams, Clarence E
Adams, Claude M
Adams, Claude T
Adams, Clemont R
Adams, Clifford P
Adams, Clyde E
Adams, Clyde M
Adams, Clyde P
Adams, Colman L
Adams, Cyrus P O
Adams, Cyrus S
Adams, Dallas O, Capt
Adams, Daniel E
Adams, Daniel M
Adams, David J
Adams, David P
Adams, Dean
Adams, Dencil J
Adams, Dennis S
Adams, Dewey Brice Jr
Adams, Dewey Price, Jr
Adams, Donald
Adams, Donald D
Adams, Donald E
Adams, Donald Earl
Adams, Donald L
Adams, Donald W
Adams, Dwight E
Adams, Dwight, E
Adams, E M
Adams, Earl F
Adams, Earl M
Adams, Earl P
Adams, Earl Wayne
Adams, Edsel E
Adams, Edward C
Adams, Edward G
Adams, Edward J
Adams, Edward R
Adams, Edwin M
Adams, Edwin W
Adams, Elliott (nmi)
Adams, Elliott M
Adams, Elwood H
Adams, Elwood R
Adams, Ernest A
Adams, Eugene D
Adams, Eugene E
Adams, Eugene F
Adams, Eugene S
Adams, Everett O
Adams, F E
Adams, F S
Adams, Fay G
Adams, Firman S
Adams, Fletcher E
Adams, Floyd (NMI)
Adams, Francis C
Adams, Frank D
Adams, Frank G
Adams, Frank L
Adams, Frank O
Adams, Frank R Jr
Adams, Frank W Jr
Adams, Frank W, Jr
Adams, Frank Wilton, Capt
Adams, Fraser L
Adams, Frederick John
Adams, G
Adams, George
Adams, George C
Adams, George E
Adams, George F
Adams, George G
Adams, George H
Adams, George J
Adams, George L
Adams, George R
Adams, George S Jr
Adams, George W Jr
Adams, Gerald
Adams, Gerald L
Adams, Gerald M
Adams, Glen
Adams, Grady B
Adams, Grant M
Adams, Gustav J
Adams, Guy A
Adams, Guy E
Adams, H L
Adams, Hamilton B
Adams, Harold V
Adams, Harold W *
Adams, Harrison
Adams, Harrison, Pircio, Joe C
Adams, Harry B
Adams, Harvey
Adams, Harvey E
Adams, Hawes N
Adams, Henry D
Adams, Henry G
Adams, Henry Q
Adams, Herman
Adams, Homer
Adams, Homer E
Adams, Howard F
Adams, Hughie D
Adams, I V
Adams, Ira A
Adams, Iseral
Adams, Iseral V
Adams, Israel V
Adams, J
Adams, J A
Adams, J H
Adams, J M
Adams, J W
Adams, Jack
Adams, Jack C
Adams, Jack N
Adams, Jack Q
Adams, Jack R
Adams, Jacob D
Adams, James
Adams, James A
Adams, James B
Adams, James B Jr
Adams, James C
Adams, James D
Adams, James E
Adams, James G
Adams, James H
Adams, James M
Adams, James R
Adams, James W
Adams, Jerome A
Adams, Jesse B
Adams, Jesse P
Adams, Jesse R
Adams, Jimmie V, 1/lt; Usaf
Adams, John
Adams, John A
Adams, John B
Adams, John Black
Adams, John C
Adams, John D
Adams, John D, Jr
Adams, John E
Adams, John G
Adams, John H
Adams, John J
Adams, John L
Adams, John M
Adams, John P
Adams, John Q
Adams, John R
Adams, John S
Adams, John S Jr
Adams, Joseph E
Adams, Joseph E **
Adams, Joseph G
Adams, Joseph J
Adams, Joseph P
Adams, Joseph P Jr
Adams, Joseph V
Adams, Julian
Adams, Julian B
Adams, Julian R
Adams, Kenneth
Adams, Kenneth C
Adams, L F
Adams, L M
Adams, Lawrence A Jr
Adams, Lawrence E
Adams, Lawrence W
Adams, Lee B Jr
Adams, Leon, Jr
Adams, Leonard
Adams, Leonard R
Adams, Leroy A
Adams, Leslie J
Adams, Lester
Adams, Lewis A
Adams, Lloyd W
Adams, Louis C Jr
Adams, Louis C, Jr
Adams, Louis J, Jr
Adams, Louis W Jr
Adams, Lowell
Adams, Lowell E
Adams, Lowell K
Adams, Lyle M
Adams, M V
Adams, Marshal C
Adams, Marshall C
Adams, Martin E
Adams, Martin L
Adams, Marvin
Adams, Mayo R Jr
Adams, Melvin B
Adams, Melvin L
Adams, Melvin T
Adams, Merle E
Adams, Michael J.
Adams, Milton
Adams, Milton B
Adams, Moses E
Adams, Neal B
Adams, Neal Brantley
Adams, Norman C
Adams, O G
Adams, Ortus F
Adams, Orville
Adams, Orville G
Adams, Oscar J
Adams, P C
Adams, Paul
Adams, Paul J
Adams, Pc
Adams, Percy C
Adams, Percy H
Adams, Peter H
Adams, Peter Henry
Adams, Peter P
Adams, Porter W
Adams, Postal A
Adams, Postel A
Adams, Preston L
Adams, R D
Adams, R E
Adams, R P
Adams, R W
Adams, Ralph C
Adams, Ralph E
Adams, Ralph E, 1lt
Adams, Ralph R
Adams, Ralph W
Adams, Raymond E
Adams, Raymond H
Adams, Raymond L Jr
Adams, Reginald W, Jr
Adams, Richard
Adams, Richard D
Adams, Richard H Jr
Adams, Richard J
Adams, Richard L
Adams, Richard M
Adams, Richard V
Adams, Richard W
Adams, Robert
Adams, Robert A
Adams, Robert B
Adams, Robert E
Adams, Robert F
Adams, Robert G
Adams, Robert H
Adams, Robert J
Adams, Robert K
Adams, Robert L
Adams, Robert M
Adams, Robert P
Adams, Robert R
Adams, Robert S
Adams, Robert W
Adams, Ronald T
Adams, Roscoe C
Adams, Roscoec
Adams, Ross O
Adams, Roy
Adams, Roy A
Adams, Russel S
Adams, Russell J
Adams, Russell J Jr
Adams, Ruth
Adams, S
Adams, S F
Adams, S G
Adams, Samuel B
Adams, Samuel B Jr
Adams, Samuel E
Adams, Samuel F
Adams, Saumel T
Adams, Scott C
Adams, Seth L
Adams, Sidney C
Adams, Silas E
Adams, Staley
Adams, Staley F
Adams, Stephen E
Adams, T
Adams, T S
Adams, T W
Adams, Theodore
Adams, Theodore R
Adams, Thiel E
Adams, Thomas B
Adams, Thomas Bryce, 1/lt
Adams, Thomas D
Adams, Thomas H
Adams, Thomas L
Adams, Thomas R
Adams, Udell I
Adams, Vincent D
Adams, Vincent O
Adams, Vyrus S
Adams, W A
Adams, W C
Adams, W R
Adams, Wallace E
Adams, Walter
Adams, Walter J
Adams, Walter W
Adams, Warren
Adams, Warren (nmi)
Adams, Wayne
Adams, Wendell W
Adams, Weyman J
Adams, Wiley N
Adams, Willard J Jr
Adams, William
Adams, William A
Adams, William B
Adams, William C
Adams, William E
Adams, William F
Adams, William G
Adams, William G Jr
Adams, William H
Adams, William J
Adams, William L
Adams, William M
Adams, William O
Adams, William P
Adams, William R
Adams, William S
Adams, William T
Adams, William U
Adams, Williams
Adams, Willie S
Adams, Willis T
Adams, Woodrow W
Adamski, Leo J
Adamson, Billy M
Adamson, Charles H (o)
Adamson, Charles W
Adamson, Donald C
Adamson, Elmo L
Adamson, Frank G
Adamson, John D
Adamson, Lindel M
Adamson, Lloyd W
Adamson, Loyd T
Adamson, Loyd W
Adamson, Lyndall L
Adamson, Merlin J
Adamson, Norman F
Adamson, Ray P
Adamson, Richard R
Adamson, Robert H
Adamson, Russell W
Adamson, W R
Adamson, Willard D
Adamson, William I
Adamson, William W
Adamus, Federick A
Adamy, Curtiss N
Adang, Gerard M
Adang, Gerard N J
Adaskervich, Nicholas
Adaskevich, Nicholas
A'day, Merrill N
A''Day, Merrill N
Adcock, Charles E
Adcock, Frank W
Adcock, Herbert H
Adcock, Hugh S
Adcock, Luther E
Adcock, Theodore E
Adcock, Thomas D
Adcook, Theodore E
Adcox, Hardie T Jr
Adcox, Hardie Tearl
Adcox, James G
Adden, William L
Addin, J J.
Addington, Alexander B
Addington, Bill
Addington, Buford H
Addington, Edgar M
Addington, Vernal E
Addinton, Anthony H
Addis, George P
Addis, William R
Addison, Edward B
Addison, George D
Addison, Howard L
Addison, James S
Addison, Max
Addison, Max C
Addleman, Harry
Addleman, Harry B
Addleman, John B
Adduci, V J
Adduci, Vincent J
Addy, Alton
Addy, Alton, Nye, Chester W
Addy, Beatrice
Addy, Clayton O
Addy, Gordon W
Addy, James M
Addy, Noel D
Addys, William R
Ade, Benjamin R
Ade, Frederick A
Ade, Kenneth M
Ade, R C
Adee, Robert C
Adeimy, Thomas E
Adelberger, Robert C
Adelberger, Robert G
Adelesberger, Neal D
Adell, Bruce N
Adell, Robert F
Adelman, Carl R
Adelman, Efrem M
Adelman, Efrom M
Adelman, Harold
Adelman, Harold (nmi)
Adelman, Harry
Adelman, Harry (nmi)
Adelman, Joseph
Adelman, Joseph G
Adelman, Monroe G
Adelman, Robert J
Adelmeyer, Harvey E
Adelsky, Jacob
Adelson, Horace J
Aden, James K
Aden, Leroy W
Aden, Martin J
Aderhold, Harry C
Aderholdt, James W
Aderholt, Harry C
Aderholt, Warren F
Ades, Albert C
Ades, Gilbert L
Ades, Lucius R
Ades, Lucius Ray
Adger, S A
Adin, Aaron
Adin, William M
Adinolfi, Prisco A
Adison, Wallace C
Adkins, Charles W
Adkins, Edward
Adkins, Edwin W
Adkins, Elmor J
Adkins, Eugene
Adkins, Eugene (nmi)
Adkins, Frank E
Adkins, George D
Adkins, George M
Adkins, Gerald D
Adkins, H C
Adkins, Harold
Adkins, Harold E
Adkins, Homer F
Adkins, Horace C
Adkins, Jack E
Adkins, James A
Adkins, James C
Adkins, James L
Adkins, Jesse O
Adkins, John Abe., Jr
Adkins, John B
Adkins, John O
Adkins, John R
Adkins, Joseph E
Adkins, K C
Adkins, Kc
Adkins, Lloyd H
Adkins, Orval A
Adkins, Ralph C
Adkins, Robert C
Adkins, Robert W
Adkins, Roy
Adkins, Roy C
Adkins, Roy W
Adkins, Sig
Adkins, William M
Adkins, Winston A
Adkins, Winstona
Adkinssion, William R
Adkison, Darrel R
Adkison, Hollis L
Adkission, William R
Adkisson, Rolland E
Adleman, Milo M
Adler, Arthur I
Adler, Daniel J
Adler, E E
Adler, John P
Adler, Marvin
Adler, Norwood A D
Adler, Richard
Adler, Richard (nmi)
Adler, Richard L
Adler, Richard S
Adler, W Clifford
Adley, Albert S
Admans, Jesse B
Admeyers, Glen S
Admire, Roach L
Admyers, Glen S
Adolf, Daniel N
Adolfao, Herman J
Adolfson, Carl A
Adolph, Donald R
Adomanis, Augustine J
Adorni, Roy F
Adoue, Eugene L
Adovasio, James A
Adragna, Joseph M
Adrian, Henry
Adrian, Joseph D, 1/lt (pilot)
Adrian, Joseph J
Adriance, Elmer R
Adrianse, Lyle A
Adrien, George Jr
Adscherosch, Philip J
Adsit, Heit F
Adzejak, Ralph S
Aefer, George A
Aegerter, Henry (nmi) Jr*
Aegerter, Henry Jr
Aegesen, Donald C
Aeh, Paul R
Aenchbaclen, Arthur E
Aensive, W
Aery, Louis W Jr
Aeschbacher, William E
Aesehbacher, William E
Affelder, Ray E
Affeldt, Martin F
Affinito, Theodore V
Affleck, R
Afflerbach, R L
Afflerbach, Robert L
Affolder, Henry L
Affrine, Milton B
Afoes, Albert H
Africa, Daniel D
Africk, Sanford
Afromsky, H
Afromsky, Herbert M
Afromsky, Herburt
Afronsky, Herbert M
Afton, John H
Again, Thomas C
Agan, A C Jr
Agan, Ac,jr
Agan, Arthur C
Agan, Arthur C, Jr
Agan, Herbert W
Agan, John D
Agan, Lloyd F
Agan, Robert H
Agan, Robert L
Agard, Alfred J
Agard, Leland H
Agee Lyon E,jr1lt.
Agee, Charles F
Agee, Charles R
Agee, Chesley B
Agee, Christopher G
Agee, Jack D
Agee, James W
Agee, John
Agee, John E
Agee, John F
Agee, Lewis W
Agee, Lyon E
Agee, Lyon E Jr
Agee, Lyon E, Jr
Agee, Oscar L
Agee, Oscar L Jr
Agee, Sam W
Agee, Wayne W
Agenbroad, W H
Agerton, Spurgeon H
Ages, William H
Aggers, William R
Aghamalian, George L
Agin, Lambert
Agin, Lambert J
Aginsky, Milton
Agle, Addison D
Agler, Albert W
Agler, Carl F
Agler, E H
Agler, Elden H
Agler, Eldon H
Agliata, Anthony J
Agne, Howard C Jr
Agne, Melvyn L
Agnese, Mario J
Agness, Mario J
Agneta, Nicholas J
Agneta, Nicholas, Jr
Agnew, Casper
Agnew, Clark
Agnew, Ernest R
Agnew, Eugene I
Agnew, Francis M
Agnew, Francis N
Agnew, Frank P
Agnew, Harman C
Agnew, Herman C
Agnew, James R
Agnew, John P
Agnew, Louis F Jr
Agnew, Louis F, Jr
Agnew, Malcolm J
Agnew, Martin F
Agnew, Robert E
Agnew, Samuel
Agnew, Samuel (nmi)
Agnew, William M Jr
Agnew, William W
Agnon, Robert R Jr
Agnon, Robert R, Jr
Agnor, Robert W
Agnota, Nicholas Jr
Agnow, Frank P
Agoes, Joseph L
Agorastus, Panagiotis A
Agostinelli, John J
Agostini, Amerigo L
Agriesti, Joseph L
Aguanna, Anthony
Aguiar, Alranio De Silva
Aguiar, Mancel L F
Aguiar, Manoel L F
Aguiar, Odair Fornandos
Aguillar, Adolf
Aguiree, Gilberto
Aguirre, Gilberto
Aguirre, Rudolph M
Agular, Lezar L
Agular, William (NMI)
Agun, Edward W
Agwin, Elmer W
Aharonian, George K
Ahart, Charles W
Ahborn, Raymond G
A'hearn, C J
A'hearn, Clarence J
Ahearn, Edward J
Ahearn, George L
A'hearn, J
Ahearn, James J
Ahearn, James J J
Ahearn, James J J.
Ahearn, Joseph B
Ahearn, Thomas F
Ahearne, John H
Ahearns, John H
Ahern, Daniel R
Ahern, David R
Ahern, Francis
Ahern, Francis X
Ahern, Ira B
Ahern, Ira R
Ahern, John J Jr
Ahern, John J, Capt
Ahern, Robert W
Ahern, Robert W Jr
Aheron, Frank R
Ahiers, Ernest J
Ahilborn, Raymond G
Ahl, Charles E
Ahl, H L
Ahl, Nils P F
Ahlbeck, Torsten W
Ahlberg, Theodore R
Ahlberg, Wesley E
Ahlborn, H L
Ahlborn, Raymond B
Ahlborn, Raymond G
Ahlborn, Robert H
Ahldimann, Richard J
Ahler, Cletus C
Ahlers, John F
Ahlers, Otto H
Ahlers, R C
Ahlers, Robert C
Ahlert, Joseph F
Ahles, George N
Ahlett, Norman E
Ahlgrim, Howard G
Ahlheim, Richard F
Ahlm, J A
Ahlm, Ja
Ahlman, Harold N
Ahlman, Wilfred R
Ahlmann, Allen M
Ahlmann, Richard A
Ahlstrom, Joseph D
Ahlstrom, Kurt A
Ahlstrom, Mary B
Ahlstrom, Mary B (wasp)
Ahmad, Khurshid N, 2/lt, Pakistan Af
Ahmad, Thomas O
Ahmad, Zafar I, 1/lt Pakistan Af
Ahner, Lewis R
Ahola, Teuvo A
Ahola, Truvo A
Ahom, Lall
Ahom, Thane
Ahorn, Robert W
Ahr, William A
Ahrendt, Richard O
Ahrendts Raymond S
Ahrendts, Raymond S
Ahrenholz, Leo M
Ahrens [or Abrens]
Ahrens, Frederick C
Ahrens, George L
Ahrens, George V
Ahrens, George W
Ahrens, Harold E
Ahrens, Irving B
Ahrens, Kenneth F
Ahrens, M H
Ahrens, Marvin H
Ahrens, Rudolf W
Ahrens, Walter C
Ahrns, Howard E
Ahynes, Weldon C
Aiavolasiti, Nicholas A
Aicardi, William F
Aichen, Robert
Aicher, Robert
Aicher, Robert E
Aidem, John R
Aiden, John R
Aider, James E
Aiello, Joseph B
Aiello, Ralph J
Aiello, Richard V
Aigeltinger, Harold O
Aigentinger, H O
Aigner, N L
Aigret, Jean M
Aiken, A L
Aiken, Claude T
Aiken, Davide
Aiken, George D
Aiken, James J
Aiken, John C
Aiken, Joseph H
Aiken, Joseph M
Aiken, Junius A
Aiken, Warren R
Aikenhead, John E
Aikens, Edwin C
Aiker, Robert D
Aikey, Roy R
Aikey, Royal H
Aikey, Royal R
Aikin, Donald C
Aikin, Paul D
Aikins, Winston A
Aikman, Paul B
Aikman, W
Ailen J G
Ailen, J G
Ailes, James R
Ailey, Carl E Jr
Ailison, Albert M
Ailshouse, William W
Ailstock, Earl H
Aimee, Kenneth E
Aimes, Robert Marlin
Aimo, Joseph
Aimquist, Adolph S
Ainaire, Omar W
Ainaire, Omar W, Ltcol
Ainairo, Omar W
Aines, Howard B
Ainlay, John M
Ainsley, Alwyn
Ainslie, Harry S
Ainslie, James A
Ainsworth, Bertram J L
Ainsworth, Gilbert A
Ainsworth, John L
Ainsworth, Robert D
Ainsworth, Royce R
Ainsworth, W L
Ainsworth, Wayne D
Ainsworth, Wayne R
Ainsworth, Wilton L
Airborne Troops
Airey, Richard L
Airey, Thomas F
Airhart, Bernard E
Airhart, L G
Aisner, Julius Jr
Aisner, Julius, Jr
Aitchison, John C
Aitken, Charles P
Aitken, Ellsworth W
Aitken, G M
Aitken, Glendon M
Aitken, Gordon R
Aitken, John Jr
Aitken, John, Jr
Aitken, Joseph
Aitken, Joseph M
Aitken, Melvin R
Aitken, Richard L
Aitken, Robert J Jr
Aitken, Robert J, Jr
Aitken, Robert P
Aitkeny, Earl
Aitterman, Sidney
Aitterman, Sidney (nmi)
Ajello, Louis P
Ajuz, Nilton M
Akan, Turgut
Akard, Richard J
Akard, Richard R
Akard, Richard R J
Akard, Richard R Jr
Akarman, Thomas H
Akaskervich, Nicholas
Akehurst, Louis W
Akelaitis, Alfred P
Akeley, James T, Capt
Akelman, Herbert
Akens, David S
Akerberg, Robert C
Akerland, Gustave J
Akerlund, Robert R
Akerman, John B
Akerman, Wallace I
Akeroyd, James W
Akers, C W
Akers, Clark H
Akers, Dale M
Akers, Donald O
Akers, Frank C
Akers, Frank J
Akers, Herbert C
Akers, J E
Akers, James F
Akers, John D
Akers, John E
Akers, Marion Jesse
Akers, Maurice B
Akers, Maurice R
Akers, Owen M
Akers, Pleas H
Akers, Roy E
Akers, Rush L
Akers, Stanley G
Akers, Stanley W
Akers, T K
Akers, Wayne H
Akers, William C
Akers, William M
Akerson, George E
Akerson, Philip L
Akert, Chester W
Akey, Franklin R
Akey, Franklyn Raymond
Akhtar [or Arhtar]
Akielaszek, Stefan J
Akin John Hcapt.
Akin, Arthur C
Akin, Arthur C Jr
Akin, Donald H
Akin, Ira C
Akin, James H
Akin, John H
Akin, Lloyd E
Akin, William Clyde
Akins, A A
Akins, Dudley S
Akins, Francis E
Akins, Harold
Akins, James B
Akins, James H
Akins, James J
Akins, Junior C
Akins, Kenneth L
Akins, Kenneth L, Dewey, Charles E
Akins, Leslie C
Akins, O L
Akins, Ralph E
Akins, Wallace C
Akins, Wallace O
Akins, William L
Akins, William T
Akkola, Tovio L
Aklman, Ernest J
Akre, R O S
Akre, Richard O S
Akre, Roland O S
Akre, Ros
Akrha, John R
Akridge, James M
Akscin, Raymond J
Aksilewies, Joseph S
Aksilowicz, Joseph S
Aksyin, John T
Akuc, Nevzat
Akutagawa, Norio
Alabaster, J H
Alagma, Vincent J
Alahadeff, Issac N
Alaimo, Anthony A
Alaimo, Salvatore D
Alan, Robert
Alan, Robert (nmi)
Alanis, Alfonso M
Alanis, Jess C
Alaniz, Alfonso M
Alansky, Anthony W
Alar, Peter
Alarcon, Carlos E
Alarcon, Carols E
Alardin, Leonoldo
Alardin, Leopoldo
Alarie, Gerald W
Alarie, Philip G
Alaroon, Carlos E
Alarsher, Kenneth S
Alarson, Carlos E
Alawneh, Mathhar J, 2/lt
Alba, John J
Alba, Joseph A
Albach, Anthony T
Alban, Ellas B
Alban, Ellis B
Alban, Gail
Alban, Gail H
Albanese, Frederick T
Albanese, Joseph A
Albano, J R
Albano, Louis F
Albany, E J
Albany, Edward J
Albarelli, P A
Albarelli, Philip A
Albarelli, Phillip A
Albarty, Walter F
Albaugh, Darrell E
Albaugh, H M
Albaugh, Harry M
Albaugh, Roy H
Albaugh, Troy E
Albaum, Elvin (NMI)
Albee, L H
Albee, Lidias H
Albee, Raymond A
Albee, Winfred K
Alben, Carl J
Alber, Frank E
Alber, George A
Alber, George D
Alber, John E
Alber, John J
Alber, Wayne R
Alberca, Aurelien (nmi)
Alberchiwi, H
Alberghini, H
Albers, Edgar H
Albers, Edgar H Jr
Albers, Frazie W
Albers, Frezie W
Albers, Robert J
Albers, Walter G
Albert W Buk
Albert, Aristide A
Albert, C W
Albert, Charles R
Albert, Corade (ro)
Albert, D B
Albert, Edgar J
Albert, F
Albert, Frederick A
Albert, Georga A
Albert, George H
Albert, Goerge H
Albert, Howard E
Albert, Irving S
Albert, John
Albert, John E
Albert, John F
Albert, Joyce A
Albert, Kenneth B
Albert, Kenneth D
Albert, Kenneth, Cecho, Joseph
Albert, Lawrence
Albert, Leonard L
Albert, Lloyd C Jr
Albert, Lloyd C, Jr
Albert, M I
Albert, Melvin I
Albert, Murray
Albert, R
Albert, R C
Albert, Richard A
Albert, Robert C
Albert, Sidney J
Albert, Sumner M
Albert, Victor M
Albert, Warren C
Albert, Warren J
Albert, Warren L
Albert, William A Jr
Albert, William L
Alberti, Arthur R
Albertin, Oscar E
Albertini, Herman A
Alberts, Eugene
Alberts, Eugene (nmi)
Alberts, Richard A
Alberts, Robert J
Alberts, Sidney A
Alberts, W E
Alberts, Warren E
Albertson, Benjamin H
Albertson, Bobby R
Albertson, Marvin E
Albertson, Philip E
Albertson, Robert E
Albertson, Varvin E
Alberty, Ernest H
Alberty, Ernest H Jr
Alberty, Vic
Alberty, Walter F
Albin, Arthur C
Albin, G
Albin, G L
Albin, Grady L
Albin, Samuel J
Albin, Theodore G
Albinger, Gunther J (n
Albino, Albert A
Albinson, Ralph H
Albion, Knight (nmi)
Albiston, Franklin R
Albondi, Salvatore M
Albondy, Anthony D
Albracht, Claudia A
Albrecht, A D
Albrecht, Alfred A
Albrecht, Claudia A
Albrecht, Donald E
Albrecht, F J
Albrecht, Frederick J
Albrecht, George R
Albrecht, H
Albrecht, Louis J
Albrecht, Pierre
Albrecht, Thomas W
Albrecht, Vernon F
Albrecht, William E
Albright, Bernard R
Albright, C L
Albright, Caly
Albright, Carl H
Albright, Cecil L
Albright, Cecil L Jr
Albright, Cecil Len, Jr
Albright, Charles G
Albright, Clarence S
Albright, Claude
Albright, Clay
Albright, Clay (nmi)
Albright, Clinton R
Albright, Dewey E
Albright, Edward M Jr
Albright, F
Albright, Forest M
Albright, Forrest M
Albright, Frank J
Albright, Hobart M
Albright, Jack C
Albright, James K W
Albright, James R
Albright, John S
Albright, John W
Albright, Leilan (nmi)
Albright, Leland D
Albright, Norton K
Albright, P J
Albright, P L
Albright, P O
Albright, Ralph N
Albright, Raymond T
Albright, Robert E
Albright, Robert W
Albright, Townsend L
Albright, Voigt B
Albring, William C
Albritton, Charles E
Albritton, Dempsey P
Albritton, Edward L
Albritton, G W
Albritton, George W
Albritton, J W
Albro, Ames S
Albro, Waite
Albro, William C
Albrook, Frank P
Albuquerque, Luis F
Alburn, Cary R
Alburn, Cary R Jr
Albury, C D
Albury, Charles D
Albury, Charles G
Albus, John R
Albyn, Everett H
Alcecoa, Alfonso
Alchorn, George C
Alchorn, George G
Alcorn, Armer M
Alcorn, Armer N
Alcorn, Estel C
Alcorn, Harry J
Alcorn, Jay V
Alcorn, Lavern R
Alcorn, R J
Alcorn, Rj
Alcorn, William F
Alcox, John W (fe)
Alcure, John F
Alday, John P
Aldea, Robert E
Aldecoa, Manuel J
Aldem, Louis W
Alden, Frank R
Alden, Cyril L
Alden, Douglas G
Alden, Elizabeth R
Alden, Frank A
Alden, Frank R
Alden, John E
Alden, Lawrence M
Alden, Stanley M
Alden, William A
Alder, Alfred C
Alder, Conrad C
Alder, Don B
Alder, G A (civ Flt Tst)
Alder, Glen M
Alder, John J
Alder, Robert T
Alderdyce, Charles W
Alderfer, Maynard G
Alderman, Frederick J
Alderman, Howard C
Alderman, James E
Alderman, John E
Alderman, Melvin (nmi)
Alderman, R W
Alderman, Ralph T
Alderman, Raymond D
Alderman, Richard L
Alderman, Richard L **
Alderman, Walter
Alderson, Emory L
Alderson, Jack L
Alderson, John W
Alderson, Raleigh L
Alderson, Ralph E
Alderson, Russell I
Alderson, S
Alderson, S W
Alderson, Sam W
Alderson, Stanley
Alderton, A W L
Alderton, Donald L
Alderton, Felix R
Aldous, Charles G
Aldred, John R
Aldredge, Cecil F
Aldredge, Cleo B
Aldredge, Cleo D
Aldredge, James H, Jr
Aldredge, Robert L
Aldrich, Charles S
Aldrich, Donald J
Aldrich, Donald T
Aldrich, Douglas E
Aldrich, Dwight H
Aldrich, Emerson H
Aldrich, Ernest L
Aldrich, George
Aldrich, George L
Aldrich, George S Jr
Aldrich, Harley F
Aldrich, Hart W
Aldrich, Herbert E
Aldrich, Herbert L
Aldrich, Keith
Aldrich, Keith R
Aldrich, L C
Aldrich, Lee Roy E
Aldrich, Lester F
Aldrich, Orris L
Aldrich, Richard T
Aldrich, Robert D
Aldrich, Robert E
Aldrich, Robert F
Aldrich, Robert J
Aldrich, Theodore B, 1lt
Aldrich, William B;
Aldrich, William M
Aldridge , Dean C
Aldridge William Scapt.
Aldridge, Charles H
Aldridge, Dean C
Aldridge, Elton R
Aldridge, Eugene F
Aldridge, Eugene G
Aldridge, Frank S
Aldridge, Harry Y
Aldridge, Herbert J, Capt
Aldridge, J E
Aldridge, J H
Aldridge, Jack H
Aldridge, Richard A
Aldridge, Robert P
Aldridge, Stanley G
Aldridge, Truman R
Aldridge, Walton M
Aldridge, William S
Aldrige, Denny P
Aldrin, E E
Aldrin, Edwin E
Aldrin, Roger L
Aldritt, Roy J
Aldworth, E H
Aldworth, Edward H
Aldworth, Richard T
Aleander, L V
Alecander, H
Aleccia, Anthony
Aleksejczyk, Frank T
Aleksich, Bronco, Major, Pilot
Aleksick, John T
Aleksyn, Albert J
Alenius, Albert A
Alesander, John C
Alesandrini, Angelo J
Alesauskas, John S
Aleshire, Franklin D
Aleshire, Glyn E
Alesi, Dario J
Alesiani, Herman
Alesiani, Herman, Carstedt, Harold L
Alessi, Salvatore F
Alessi, Salvatore L
Alessi, Vincent A
Alessi, Vincent J
Aleszka, Edmond A (ro)
Aletto, Dante J
Alevy, Victor I
Alex, Joseph
Alexakos, Theodore
Alexandar, Robert L
Alexander E H
Alexander Edward H
Alexander, A (civ)
Alexander, A B
Alexander, A D
Alexander, A L
Alexander, A T
Alexander, Akbert L, Jr
Alexander, Albert D
Alexander, Albert L
Alexander, Allen B
Alexander, Alonzo D
Alexander, Alonzo T
Alexander, Andrew J
Alexander, Arch J
Alexander, Arthur K
Alexander, Arva D Jr
Alexander, Arva D, Jr
Alexander, Aubrey A
Alexander, Aubrey H
Alexander, B J
Alexander, Barthule
Alexander, Ben L, Capt
Alexander, Bernice A
Alexander, Bert Francis
Alexander, Bruce C
Alexander, Bruce D
Alexander, Carl A
Alexander, Carl E
Alexander, Carl S
Alexander, Cecil
Alexander, Charles J
Alexander, Charles K
Alexander, Charles M
Alexander, Charles W
Alexander, Claude V, Jr
Alexander, Clay R
Alexander, Clemson M
Alexander, Clyde T
Alexander, Cyril I
Alexander, D B
Alexander, David C
Alexander, David W
Alexander, Don B
Alexander, E B
Alexander, E H
Alexander, Earnest R
Alexander, Eben R
Alexander, Edgar T
Alexander, Edward L
Alexander, Eleanor A
Alexander, Eleanor A (wasp)
Alexander, Eric T
Alexander, Erlet
Alexander, Ernest R
Alexander, Floyd E
Alexander, Floyd R
Alexander, Frederick F
Alexander, Frederick H
Alexander, G H
Alexander, George
Alexander, George (nmi)
Alexander, George H
Alexander, George J
Alexander, George R
Alexander, George W
Alexander, Gerald N
Alexander, Glen H
Alexander, Glenn H
Alexander, Gordon W
Alexander, H B
Alexander, Halbert L
Alexander, Harold (nmi)
Alexander, Harold R
Alexander, Harold, Hieglee, Joseph
Alexander, Harry (nmi)
Alexander, Harry C Jr
Alexander, Harry C, Jr
Alexander, Harry S
Alexander, Harry S Jr
Alexander, Harvard S
Alexander, Hayward S
Alexander, Henry L
Alexander, Herman (nmi)
Alexander, Holbert L
Alexander, Houston
Alexander, Hubert F Jr
Alexander, Isaac E
Alexander, J C
Alexander, J E
Alexander, J L
Alexander, J V
Alexander, Jack
Alexander, Jack P
Alexander, Jack W
Alexander, James A
Alexander, James B
Alexander, James C
Alexander, James D
Alexander, James E
Alexander, James H
Alexander, James L
Alexander, James P
Alexander, James P, Jr
Alexander, James R
Alexander, James W
Alexander, James.
Alexander, Jay K
Alexander, Jerome
Alexander, Jerome C
Alexander, Joe E
Alexander, John A
Alexander, John C
Alexander, John D Jr
Alexander, John E
Alexander, Joseph C
Alexander, Joseph R
Alexander, Julian P
Alexander, Juliun P
Alexander, Kenneth H
Alexander, Kenneth M
Alexander, Kenneth N
Alexander, Kenneth S
Alexander, Kenneth S Jr
Alexander, Kenneth S, Jr
Alexander, Kirby W
Alexander, L E
Alexander, L R
Alexander, L V
Alexander, Lawrence E
Alexander, Lawrence G
Alexander, Lloyd C
Alexander, Lyle M
Alexander, Mj
Alexander, Morris L
Alexander, N B
Alexander, Orin R
Alexander, Orin S
Alexander, Paul R
Alexander, Pierce L
Alexander, Preston S
Alexander, R A
Alexander, R B
Alexander, Raymond A
Alexander, Raymond C
Alexander, Rbert L
Alexander, Richard L
Alexander, Robert
Alexander, Robert B
Alexander, Robert C
Alexander, Robert E
Alexander, Robert J
Alexander, Robert L
Alexander, Robert M
Alexander, Robert S
Alexander, Robert W
Alexander, Rubert W
Alexander, Scott M
Alexander, Shelby T
Alexander, Shuford M Jr
Alexander, Sidney L
Alexander, Sidney L, Jr
Alexander, Signey L Jr
Alexander, Stamatios G
Alexander, Stanley L
Alexander, Theodore M
Alexander, Thomas D
Alexander, Thomas E
Alexander, W A
Alexander, Wallace C
Alexander, Wallace F
Alexander, Wallace R
Alexander, Wayne H
Alexander, William
Alexander, William C
Alexander, William H
Alexander, William J
Alexander, William L
Alexander, Wyatt G
Alexander, Wyatt H
Alexander, Wyatt H Jr
Alexander, Wyatt H, Jr
Alexandre, Jerome
Alexandrowicz, Stanley
Alexandrowicz, Stanley J
Alexanian, Jacob H
Alexanian, John (NMI)
Alexczuk, Serge
Alexis, Roy E
Alexnader, James C
Alexoff, Romie
Alexzka, E A
Aley, Earl S
Aley, Robert
Aleyczuk, Serge
Alf, Carl V
Alfandre, Jack (nmi)
Alfano, George
Alfonso, Ferraro
Alfonso, Forraro
Alfonso, Jose K
Alford, Arthur T
Alford, Bryon
Alford, Clifton H
Alford, D G
Alford, David G
Alford, Donald E
Alford, Evan C
Alford, George G
Alford, Grant L
Alford, Harold G
Alford, Harold L
Alford, Harold Laforce
Alford, Howard F
Alford, James A
Alford, James E
Alford, James L
Alford, James M
Alford, James S
Alford, John A
Alford, John T Jr
Alford, John T, Jr
Alford, Lionel D
Alford, Marvin B
Alford, Noah F
Alford, Noah F Jr
Alford, Perry C
Alford, Philip E
Alford, Pierre L
Alford, Preston B
Alford, Robert R
Alford, S T, Jr
Alford, Samuel B
Alford, Steve A
Alford, Thomas L
Alford, Thomes L
Alford, William M
Alford, William T
Alfortish, W R
Alfred, Carl R
Alfred, Marshall
Alfred, Pierre L
Alfred, Wilburn E
Alfred, Winifred W
Alfredson, Carl W
Alfrey, M P
Alfrey, Malcolm P
Alfrey, Malcom P
Algar, Philip M
Alge George W
Alge, George W
Algee, Jimmy L
Algeo, John B
Alger, Albert W
Alger, Bruce R
Alger, Shirl R
Algeria, Alfred
Algermissen, Robert L
Algero, Frank M
Algosi, Albert
Algren, Arthur
Algren, Arthur E
Alhadeff, Isaac N
Alhbrecht, Arthur H
Alheim, P F
Alhright, Bernard R
Ali, Jabar
Ali, Sk G
Ali, Sk Gafur
Ali, Syed M, 2/lt; Pak Af
Alien, Clyde A
Aliman, Austin A
Alinger, Henry J
Aliphin, Guy N
Alishio, Vincent H
Alison, Denis J
Alison, Dennis J
Alison, John R
Alison, Robert F
Alito, Joseph F
Alkalay, Leopold N
Alkana, Abraham A
Al-khalifa, Abdulla M, 1/lt Foreign Pilot
Alkin, George L
Alkine, Ted J Jr
Alkins, George
Alkins, George W
Alkipe, Paul E
Alkira, Walter A
Alkire, Darr H
Alkire, Iley W
Alkire, John P Jr
Alkire, Larence
Alkire, Larence H
Alkire, Michael E
Alkire, Paul E
Alkire, Ted J Jr
All, George W
Allaback, Jack B
Allahan, Evans J
Allain, Byron M
Allain, Frederick H
Allain, Jules B
Allain, Lawrence T
Allain, Leroy J Jr
Allain, Rs
Allaire, Leroy J
Allaire, Roanld L
Allaire, Ronald L
Allaman, Evans J
Allan, A
Allan, C C.
Allan, Charles C, Jr
Allan, Charles O, Jr
Allan, Dean S
Allan, Harold D
Allan, Harper C
Allan, James
Allan, James B
Allan, James B Jr
Allan, James B, Jr
Allan, James D
Allan, John B Jr
Allan, John H
Allan, Lloyd
Allan, Lloyd S
Allanson, James C
Allard, Charles A
Allard, Charles J
Allard, Conrad M
Allard, Edward F, Jr
Allard, Jean H
Allard, John R
Allard, Lawrence F
Allard, Lionel C Jr
Allard, Marcel E
Allard, Norman W
Allard, Robert H
Allard, Robert M
Allard, S P
Allard, Scott R
Allard, Wilfred E
Allard, William T
Allaria, A J
Allart, Jacques A
Allatt, Horace E Jr
Allatt, Horace E, Jr
Allatt, Horace L
Allavie, John E
Allaway, Dale L
Allayaud, Donald (nmi)
Allbaugh, Raleigh E Jr
Allbee, Harold J
Allbee, Raymond A
Allbirght, William F
Allbright, James L
Allbright, Richard D
Allbright, Robert E
Allbritton, Buford W
Allday, Edgar M
Allddredge, Gordon D
Allder, M L
Alldirtt, Roy J Wetzel, M J.
Alldredge, Cecil F
Alldritt, Roy J
Alle, Charles P Jr
Alle, Clarence
Allee, Donald W
Allee, Edward S
Allegier, Robert H
Allegreth, Louis
Allegretti, E E
Alleman, Alden A
Alleman, Aldon A
Alleman, Alfred J
Alleman, Charles R
Alleman, John P
Alleman, Paul M
Alleman, Ray R
Alleman, Ro G
Alleman, Virginia A
Alleman, Virignia A
Allemang, William R
Al-lemhim, Abdul Hameed Abdul Azeez, 2/lt, Saudi Af
Allen Gus W
Allen Alfred R
Allen Clarence E2lt.
Allen Ira R
Allen R
Allen Roscoe R
Allen Sterling N
Allen Vaughn T
Allen, Albert N
Allen, Alex J
Allen, Alfred R
Allen, Alvin D
Allen, Alvis E
Allen, Annie R
Allen, Arthur A
Allen, Arthur F
Allen, Arthur G
Allen, Arthur H
Allen, Arthur H Jr
Allen, Arthur H, Jr
Allen, Arthur L
Allen, Arthur R
Allen, Augustus J
Allen, B G
Allen, Bennett Y
Allen, Bernice A
Allen, Bibb
Allen, Bibb (nmi)
Allen, Bilie C
Allen, Billy L
Allen, Brook
Allen, Brooke E
Allen, Byron D
Allen, C B
Allen, C G
Allen, Calvin L
Allen, Carl V
Allen, Charles
Allen, Charles C
Allen, Charles D
Allen, Charles E
Allen, Charles G
Allen, Charles H
Allen, Charles Howard
Allen, Charles J
Allen, Charles J Iii
Allen, Charles J, Iii
Allen, Charles M
Allen, Charles P Jr
Allen, Charles R
Allen, Charles T
Allen, Chester A
Allen, Claarence E
Allen, Clarence A
Allen, Clarence W
Allen, Claude W
Allen, Clyde M *
Allen, Clyde T
Allen, Corben E
Allen, D F
Allen, Dale E
Allen, Dalton M
Allen, David A Jr
Allen, David C
Allen, David F
Allen, David P
Allen, David R
Allen, David W
Allen, Delmont C
Allen, Ditty V
Allen, Don
Allen, Donald F
Allen, Donald G
Allen, Donald L
Allen, Donald S
Allen, Donald W
Allen, E
Allen, E E
Allen, Eacott A
Allen, Eacott G
Allen, Earl E
Allen, Earl K
Allen, Eclan J
Allen, Eddie
Allen, Eddie C
Allen, Edgar D
Allen, Edgar E
Allen, Edmund T
Allen, Edward A
Allen, Edward E
Allen, Edward H
Allen, Edward R
Allen, Edward S
Allen, Edward V
Allen, Edwin C
Allen, Edwin W
Allen, Eelen J
Allen, Elwood J
Allen, Emmette P
Allen, Eric C
Allen, Erville E
Allen, Estil E
Allen, Euel H
Allen, Evan B
Allen, F S
Allen, F T
Allen, Fay E
Allen, Fay F
Allen, Floyd J
Allen, Floyd W
Allen, Forrest G
Allen, Francis E
Allen, Frank C
Allen, Frank M
Allen, Frank W
Allen, Franklin S
Allen, Franklin S Jr
Allen, Fred B
Allen, Frederick L Jr
Allen, Frederick L, Jr
Allen, Frederick T
Allen, Fulton T
Allen, G W
Allen, Gail F
Allen, Gary P
Allen, Gaylord S Jr
Allen, Geln Foster
Allen, George
Allen, George B
Allen, George E
Allen, George F
Allen, George J
Allen, George S
Allen, George W
Allen, Glen
Allen, Glen C
Allen, Glen F
Allen, Glenn C
Allen, Glenn W
Allen, Goerge
Allen, Grant J
Allen, Greff
Allen, Gus W
Allen, H
Allen, H G
Allen, Hans V
Allen, Harmon W
Allen, Harold O
Allen, Harold P
Allen, Harry B
Allen, Harry D
Allen, Harry G
Allen, Harry J
Allen, Harry S
Allen, Harvey K
Allen, Hazel
Allen, Henry B
Allen, Henry M
Allen, Herbert I
Allen, Herbert T
Allen, Herbert W
Allen, Herman F
Allen, Hernlof
Allen, Herrold E
Allen, Holt M
Allen, Homer
Allen, Homer E
Allen, Homer R
Allen, Hoyt E
Allen, Hubert E
Allen, Hugh R
Allen, Hyrum J
Allen, Irvin M
Allen, Ivan V
Allen, Ivan V Jr
Allen, Ivan V, Jr
Allen, J
Allen, J M
Allen, J P
Allen, J R
Allen, J W
Allen, Jack
Allen, Jack H
Allen, Jack M
Allen, Jack R
Allen, Jack V
Allen, Jack W
Allen, James
Allen, James A
Allen, James B
Allen, James D
Allen, James Franklin
Allen, James G
Allen, James G Jr
Allen, James J
Allen, James K
Allen, James L
Allen, James M
Allen, James P
Allen, James R
Allen, James S, Jr
Allen, James T
Allen, James W
Allen, James William
Allen, Jamuel O
Allen, Jarvis (NMI)
Allen, Jesse M
Allen, Joe K
Allen, Joel
Allen, John
Allen, John Jr
Allen, John C
Allen, John F
Allen, John G
Allen, John H
Allen, John H Jr
Allen, John H, Jr
Allen, John J
Allen, John L
Allen, John M
Allen, John M Y
Allen, John P Jr
Allen, John R
Allen, John T
Allen, John W
Allen, Joseph
Allen, Joseph L
Allen, Joseph R
Allen, Joseph W
Allen, Jospeh W
Allen, Keith
Allen, Keith N
Allen, Kenneth C
Allen, Kenneth F
Allen, Kenneth W
Allen, Kenneth Y
Allen, Kermit A
Allen, L C
Allen, Lawrence L
Allen, Lawrence R
Allen, Lawrence T
Allen, Lc
Allen, Leaman H
Allen, Leamon
Allen, Leamon H
Allen, Lee A
Allen, Leon J
Allen, Leon S
Allen, Leroy
Allen, Leroy E
Allen, Lester E
Allen, Lew Jr
Allen, Lewis D
Allen, Lewis F
Allen, Llod H
Allen, Lloyd G
Allen, Lloyd H
Allen, Lloyd S
Allen, Loyal F
Allen, Lyndon C
Allen, M
Allen, Malcolm W
Allen, Martin
Allen, Martin E
Allen, Martin L
Allen, Marvin K
Allen, Marvin L
Allen, Maurice S
Allen, Maxwell P
Allen, Merle F
Allen, Merle F Jr
Allen, Milton E
Allen, Milton H
Allen, Milton I
Allen, Mont
Allen, Monte
Allen, Morrow
Allen, N
Allen, N W
Allen, Neil (nmi)
Allen, Nelson
Allen, Norman F
Allen, Norman F Jr
Allen, Norman F, Jr
Allen, Norman R
Allen, Oakley H
Allen, P O
Allen, Pace A
Allen, Paul C Jr
Allen, Paul F
Allen, Paul T
Allen, Paul V
Allen, Pault
Allen, Philip
Allen, Quentin
Allen, Quentin (nmi)
Allen, R
Allen, R A
Allen, R C
Allen, R E
Allen, R L
Allen, R M
Allen, R S
Allen, R V
Allen, Ralph F
Allen, Randolph W
Allen, Ray B
Allen, Ray W
Allen, Raymond E
Allen, Raymond H
Allen, Raymond Jr
Allen, Raymond, Jr
Allen, Rex C
Allen, Ric E
Allen, Richard
Allen, Richard E
Allen, Richard H
Allen, Richard J
Allen, Richard L
Allen, Robert
Allen, Robert A
Allen, Robert B
Allen, Robert C
Allen, Robert C, Major
Allen, Robert Clyde Major
Allen, Robert E
Allen, Robert F
Allen, Robert G
Allen, Robert H
Allen, Robert J
Allen, Robert K
Allen, Robert L
Allen, Robert L Jr
Allen, Robert N
Allen, Robert O
Allen, Robert R
Allen, Robert S
Allen, Robert T
Allen, Robert W
Allen, Ron V
Allen, Ronald A E
Allen, Ronald S Jr
Allen, Ronald S, Jr
Allen, Roscoe R
Allen, Roy
Allen, Roy A B Jr
Allen, Roy L
Allen, Roy W
Allen, Royal M
Allen, S L
Allen, Samuel
Allen, Samuel L
Allen, Samuel O
Allen, Samuel V Jr
Allen, Samuel V, Jr
Allen, Samuel Z
Allen, Shirley M
Allen, Sidney E
Allen, Sidney W
Allen, Sobey F
Allen, Spotswood (nmi)
Allen, Spotswood Altenburger, Donald C
Allen, Standley M
Allen, T W
Allen, Tate M
Allen, Theodore B
Allen, Thomas D Jr
Allen, Thomas E
Allen, Thomas F
Allen, Thomas F Jr
Allen, Thomas F, Jr
Allen, Thomas P
Allen, Truman D
Allen, Truman L
Allen, Truman W
Allen, U G
Allen, Vaughn T
Allen, W C Jr
Allen, W D
Allen, W H
Allen, Wade L
Allen, Walter E
Allen, Walter H
Allen, Warren C
Allen, Warren G
Allen, Warren H
Allen, Warren J
Allen, Weldon J
Allen, Willard A
Allen, Willard R
Allen, William
Allen, William C
Allen, William C Jr
Allen, William C, Jr
Allen, William H
Allen, William H Jr
Allen, William H, Jr
Allen, William J
Allen, William K
Allen, William L
Allen, William M
Allen, William P
Allen, William R
Allen, William S
Allen, William T
Allen, William W
Allen, Willie W
Allen, Wlater E
Allenbaugh, Lloyd D
Allenby, Donald R
Allender, James R, 2/lt
Allender, Marne W
Allendorf, William P
Allendorph W G
Allendorph, William G
Allenmang, R
Allenson, Clifford A Jr
Allenson, Clifford A, Jr
Allensworth, Dwight L
Allensworth, William B
Aller, Daniel I Jr
Aller, Daniel I, Jr
Aller, J C
Allerd, Owen R
Allerd, Wilfred E
Allerdice, David W
Allerdice, David, W
Allerdice, John G
Allerdice, William H
Allerdice, William H Jr
Allerdice, William H, Jr
Allerdice, William Jr
Alleridge, David W
Alleritton, Arummond C
Allerman, James E
Allern, Robert M
Allers, Gustave J
Allerton, Daniel R
Allerton, John
Allerton, John C
Alleruzzo, Nunziato G
Allery, Kenneth E
Alles, Donald H
Alles, Edward S
Alles, George J
Alles, Lawrence C
Alles, Walter
Allesina, Clarence E
Allesina, Clarnece
Allessio, Charles J
Allevato, Tony
Alley, Amos D Jr
Alley, Amos D, Jr
Alley, Bert A
Alley, Dalton E
Alley, John S
Alley, John S Jr
Alley, John W
Alley, Joseph F
Alley, Max P
Alley, O
Alley, Orris B
Alley, R W
Alley, Richard L
Alley, Sidney V
Alley, Warren (nmi)
Alleyne, Morris C
Alleyne, Sydney F
Allez, F W
Allgood, Bryon W
Allgood, Byron W
Allgood, Vernon L
Alligood, Coney E
Allin, Thomas E Jr
Allin, Thomas E, Jr
Alling, Leo
Allinger, Warren E
Allingham, William H
Allington, Alonzo E
Allinson, Clinton
Allinson, Clinton M
Allippi, John J
Allis, John M
Allis, John M Ii
Allison, A M
Allison, Albert M
Allison, Andrew J
Allison, Arthur E
Allison, Bernard J J.
Allison, Carl A
Allison, Charles G
Allison, Clifford (nmi) Sr
Allison, David L
Allison, Dean R
Allison, Dixon M
Allison, Dixon McCarty
Allison, Dixon N
Allison, E M
Allison, Earl L
Allison, Earl T
Allison, Elmer C
Allison, F
Allison, Frank
Allison, Frank M
Allison, Fred M Jr
Allison, Fred M, Jr
Allison, G F
Allison, George B
Allison, George D Jr
Allison, Glen
Allison, Glen C
Allison, Glen W
Allison, Harry A
Allison, Harry L
Allison, Jack W
Allison, James B Jr
Allison, James B, Jr
Allison, James L
Allison, John
Allison, John H
Allison, Joseph E
Allison, Joseph L
Allison, Kenneth C
Allison, Kenneth E
Allison, L E
Allison, Lawrence E
Allison, Max M
Allison, Myrlin S
Allison, Newell S
Allison, Norman
Allison, Norman W
Allison, Olen G
Allison, Otis E
Allison, Paschall, C P
Allison, Philip J
Allison, R B
Allison, Ralph T
Allison, Raymond W
Allison, Razz A
Allison, Rb
Allison, Reed D
Allison, Richard H
Allison, Robert
Allison, Robert C
Allison, Robert D
Allison, Robert G
Allison, Robert G Jr
Allison, Robert J
Allison, Robert K
Allison, Robert N
Allison, Robert W
Allison, Robert W Jr
Allison, Royal B
Allison, Russell H
Allison, Samuel A
Allison, Stanley M
Allison, Thomas D
Allison, Thomas E
Allison, Wayne N
Allison, Wesley R
Allison, William B
Allison, William R
Allison,c Harles G
Alliston, Slade
Allman, Alfred
Allman, Billy L
Allman, Conrad S
Allman, G
Allman, Gale R
Allman, James L
Allman, James S
Allman, Johnnie M
Allman, Murel M
Allman, Thomas E
Allmannsberger, Robert A
Allmendinger, Robert C
Allmon, Charles G
Allmond, Kenneth P
Allnutt, William F
Allorn, William F
Allors, Gustave J
Alloway, Jack R
Alloway, William G
Allphin, Guy M
Allphin, Robert C
Allread, Dewitt T
Allread, Harold G
Allred, Alfred N
Allred, Arthur J
Allred, Dewitt T, Jr
Allred, Frank L
Allred, Fred D
Allred, Gary R
Allred, James V, Jr
Allred, John P
Allred, John T
Allred, Lena E
Allred, M G
Allred, Owen R
Allred, Perry L
Allred, Robert E
Allred, Roscoe
Allright, F E
Allry, Russell D, 1lt
Allshouse, Herman D
Allsip, John W
Allsip, John W Jr
Allson, Arnold
Allson, Arnold (nmi)
Allsop, George R
Allsop, Goerge R
Allsop, L M
Allstock, Earl H
Allston, Edward F Jr
Allston, Howard L
Allsup, Percy B
Allton, Elmer J
Allvin, Eldon R
Allyn, Ralph J
Allyn, Robert H
Allyn, Robert Howard
Allyn, Webster S
Alm, Bernhard T
Alm, D A
Alm, George A
Alm, George K
Alm, John B
Alm, L A
Alm, Lewis A
Alm, William H
Alm, William K
Alma, Albert, Jr
Alma, Jay G
Almand, John I
Almand, Marion A
Almand, Monroe R
Almand, Paul W
Almanzor, Berton F
Almeida, Antonio, Jr
Almeida, Henrique F
Almeide, Lou A
Almeide, Louis A
Almen, C E
Almes, Guy C
Almgran, Edward S
Almgrem, C R
Almgren Edward S
Almgren, Carl R
Almgren, Edward S
Almlie, Harlan C
Almoina, Vincent (nmi) Jr
Almoino, Vincent, Jr
Almon, Everett L
Almon, S L
Almon, Sam L
Almon, Thomas F
Almond, Craven P
Almond, Donald D
Almond, George H
Almond, Grant M
Almond, Irvis H, Jr
Almond, J R
Almond, J R>
Almond, Joseph D
Almond, Julius H
Almond, Monroe
Almond, Newell
Almond, Ralph A
Almond, Ralph G
Almond, Terry J
Almond, Vernon K Jr
Almond, Vernon K, Jr
Almoslino, Albert
Almour, Richard Capt
Almquist, Arnold E
Almquist, Rueben B
Alms, Jay G
Almy, James E
Almy, John A
Alnabrook, William P Jr
Alness, Charles E
Alness, Harvey T
Alnwick, Mortimer A
Alogado, Simon E
Alois, Frank J
Alojado, S E
Alonge, Nicholas S
Alongo, C
Alonso, Don A
Alonzo, A A
Alonzo, E S
Alonzo, Julio R
Alowso, A M
Aloy, Richard N
Alpenn, Edward N
Alpern, Edward A
Alpern, Edward W
Alpern, Jack
Alpert, A L
Alpert, L
Alpert, S M
Alpert, Stanley
Alpert, Stanley (nmi)
Alpert, Sumner M
Alpert, William
Alphen, Pierre
Alphen, Pierry (nmi)
Alphert, Stanley
Alphin, William N
Alphonse, K Roy, Jr
Alphonse, Louis G
Alphonze, Louis G
Alpine, Raymond A
Alred, Jack E
Alred, Winifred A
Alric A
Alrick, William H
Alright, Jack C
Alsabrock, Willaim P Jr
Alsbrook, William
Alsbrook, William N
Alsheuse, B E
Al-shihri, Abdul R, 2/lt
Alshouse, B E
Alshouse, Richard H
Alsleben, William J
Alsobrook, James E
Alsop, Harold W
Alsop, Hw
Alsop, Robert J
Alsop, W J
Alsop, Walter J
Alsop, William G
Alsopiedy, Joseph J
Alspach, Lester D
Alspaugh, John C
Alston, Jack H
Alston, James M
Alston, Philip S
Alston, Phillip S
Alston, Raymond A
Alston, William
Alston, William C
Alstrin, Kenneth R
Alsup, John C Jr
Alsup, John C, Jr
Alsup, R E
Alsup, Robert E
Alsup, Rodney J Jr
Alsworth, Charles N Jr
Alsworth, Charles W
Alsworth, Donald N
Alt, Ellis J
Alt, Robert M
Alta, Joseph
Altea, John D
Altemus, Nicholas A
Alten, R A
Altenbaugh, Robert R
Altenburg, W M
Altenburg, William M
Altenburger, Donald C
Alter, David S
Alter, H E
Alter, Robert L
Alter, Robert N
Alteresco, Joseph
Alterescu, Joseph
Alterie, Earnest
Alterio, Earnest
Altgelt, David M
Altgelt, John M
Althaus, Carl E
Althaus, Henry C
Althaus, Marvin
Althaus, Wesley A
Altheide, Vernon W
Althemn, Edwin J
Althen, Kenneth W
Althenn, Edwin J
Althens, Kenneth W
Althof, Gene (civ)
Althoff, Erwin G
Althoff, Gene
Althoff, Gene A
Althoff, Herman J
Althoff, John R
Althohh, Herman J
Althouse, Harold
Althouse, James G
Althouse, Joseph
Althouse, Richard L
Althouse, Wilbur C
Althouse, Wilbur G
Altiere, Fred J
Altieri, Michael Angelo, 1/lt, Afres
Altimus, E E
Altimus, Edward E
Altizer, Emmett
Altizer, Robert
Altizer, Roby
Altizer, Roby (nmi)
Altland, William D
Altman, Arthur T
Altman, Arthur T Jr
Altman, Carl E
Altman, D S Jr
Altman, D S, Jr
Altman, Francis W
Altman, Frank L
Altman, H D
Altman, H H
Altman, Manuel
Altman, Marvin H
Altman, Oscar Jr
Altman, Oscar, Jr
Altman, Paul A
Altman, Samuel L
Altmanshofer, Ivan B
Altmeier, Harry A (civ)
Altnow, Elmer J
Alto, Lawrence L
Alton, C F
Alton, Carol W
Alton, J
Alton, John
Alton, R A
Alton, Thomas L
Alton, Tl
Alton, W J
Alton, William D
Alton, William J
Altor, James R
Altott, Henry
Altree, John R
Altschuler, Richard L
Altschwager, H J
Altschwager, Henry J
Altum, James W
Altuna, Jose J
Altwater, Hubert
Altwater, Robert M
Alubowicz, Bernard F
Aluiller, R
Alukonis, Stanley (NMI)
Alumbaugh, Lester E
Alva, B
Alvarado, A
Alvarado, Alexander
Alvarado, Angelo L
Alvarado, Dorteo M
Alvares, Jesse J (ice)
Alvarez, Angelo M
Alvarez, Jesse J
Alvarez, Jose V
Alvarez, Joseph
Alvarez, Leo A
Alven, Harold F
Alverio, Samuel J
Alverson, Alfred J
Alverson, Charles W
Alverson, Dwight F
Alverson, William C
Alves, Alfred A
Alves, Robert J
Alvestad, Richard O
Alvey, Andrew
Alvey, Andrew (nmi)
Alvey, Ernest B
Alvey, Irving F
Alvey, John H
Alviller, Rubyn
Alvin, Paul D Jr
Alvino, Charles H
Alvis, James F
Alvis, Paul D Jr
Alvord, Charles H
Alvord, Charles H Jr
Alvord, F
Alvord, Frederick R, 1/lt
Alvord, G P
Alvord, Kenneth E
Alvord, W H
Alward, Robert P
Alward, Robert P **
Alwine, Paul R
Alwood, Roger W
Aly, Joyce R
Alyward, James F
Am Rhein, Anthony W
Amacker, Jefferson Zeon, 1/lt; Usaf (pilot)
Amadio, Dominic J
Amadio, Tony J
Amado, Frank
Amado, J C
Amadon, Harold G
Amadon, Harold O
Amador, Antonio
Amador, Earl A
Amador, Earl M
Amador, Karl M
Amador, Louis L
Amaduio, N S
Amahein, Harold F
Amaker, Robert B
Amalavage, A J
Aman, Anton
Aman, Robert D
Aman, Seth J Jr
Aman, William G
Amann, Donald L
Amann, John R
Amann, Richard M
Amann, William D
Amann, William M
Amaon, George M
Amara, Phra
Amaral, Eugene J
Amaral, James P
Amaral, Ramond
Amaral, Ramond T
Amaro Avilla, Ernesto (nmi)
Amason, Charles H
Amason, Elthelbert F
Amason, Ethelbert F
Amason, Robert N
Amatangelo, Raymond P
Amato, A J
Amato, Fortunate G
Amato, Fortunato G
Amato, Forunate G
Amato, Frank J
Amato, John J
Amato, Joseph
Amato, Joseph (nmi)
Amato, Matthew J
Amatutz, Richard M
Amatuzio, Albert J
Amatuzzi, L J
Amau, Lloyd D
Ambabo, George C
Ambalagi, Armando
Ambalagi, Armando H
Ambelles, Paris L
Amber, Joe R
Amberg, Irwin S
Amberg, Linns E
Amberg, Walter W
Amberson, Jack E
Amberson, James P
Amberson, Theodore S
Ambert, Joe R
Amble, Elmer F
Ambler, Elmer W
Ambo, Walter F
Amborn [hard To Read]
Amborski, Donald R
Ambrecht, John F
Ambrister, John J
Ambro, Stanley T
Ambrocik, John E
Ambrogetti, Walter J
Ambron, Charles H
Ambrose R
Ambrose, A A
Ambrose, David E
Ambrose, Earle H
Ambrose, Edward F
Ambrose, Hollis H
Ambrose, Jack S
Ambrose, James G
Ambrose, John C
Ambrose, John L
Ambrose, Joseph
Ambrose, Joseph R
Ambrose, Kenneth W
Ambrose, Lawrence R
Ambrose, Robert S
Ambrose, William M
Ambrosia, Harry C
Ambrosino, Nicholas
Ambross, J K
Ambrough, Joseph L
Ambruster, David
Amburgey, Henry L
Amburgey, William M
Amburn, Elderidge W
Amburn, Gail R
Amdal, Grant L
Amdrews, William R
Amdur, Harry
Amdur, Harry.
Amedia, Chester A
Ameel, Lewis J
Amelang, Laurence M
Amelang, Lawrence M
Amell, Earl
Amell, Zane S
Amelse, Anthony C
Amend, Aaron S
Amend, Billy T
Amend, Charles E
Amend, F R
Amend, Frank R
Amend, John J
Amenson, Donald L
Ament, Harry H
Amer, Oliver
Amerian, Albert
Amerian, Albert (nmi)
American Airlines Contract Carrier Division
Amerine, Ernest M
Amerine, Mervin W
Amerkhanian, Ruben
Amerman, Arthur E
Amerman, David S
Amerocik, John K
Amerongen, Werner W
Amerose, Richard M
Amery, John T
Ames, Alvin A
Ames, Clinton G
Ames, Daniel Jr
Ames, Douglas M
Ames, F K
Ames, Forrest K
Ames, Gerald W
Ames, J B
Ames, James E
Ames, James P
Ames, James R
Ames, John A
Ames, John L
Ames, Kenneth
Ames, Kenneth (nmi)
Ames, Ned
Ames, Ned.
Ames, Randall W, Capt
Ames, Richard N
Ames, Vaud V
Ames, Vernon C
Ames, Victor H
Ames, Walter J
Ames, Walter M
Ames, Warren E
Ames, Warren, E
Ames, William H
Amesbury, Irving M
Amet, Lee H
Amic, M
Amick, Harold D
Amick, Melvin M
Amick, Tom C
Amidio, Douzine
Amidon, George M
Amidon, Howard W
Amidon, Richard C
Amidon, Richard H
Amidon, Robert
Amidon, Robert (nmi)
Amidon, Roderick E
Amidon, Roy H Jr
Amidon, Toy H
Amiel, Jean
Amiero, Albert F
Amigh, Paul M
Amigh, Paul N
Amilton, Dale
Amiot, Donald J
Amis, James W
Amis, William M
Amis, William N Jr
Amlberg V
Amman, William M
Ammann, Donald W
Ammann, Eugene G
Ammann, Frank C
Ammering, Roy R
Ammerman, David S
Ammerman, Gale R
Ammerman, H W
Ammerman, John E
Ammerson, John
Ammirati, Pasquale
Ammirati, Pasquale F
Ammon, Glendon L, Capt
Ammon, Paul G
Ammon, Robert H
Ammon, Robert W
Ammons, Ernest D
Ammons, Jesse C
Amnon, Robert W
Amodeo, Albert A
Amodeo, F A
Amodeo, L P
Amodeo, Lawrence P
Amodeo, Victor J
Amodon, Harold O
Amodt, Leonard D
Amoit, Donald J
Amolsch, Charles E
Amon, Harold E
Amonett, Darwood L
Amonett, Derwood L
Amorde, Richard C
Amorde, T A
Amorose, Domingo
Amorose, G J
Amoroso, Domingo
Amorous, W N
Amorous, W W
Amorous, William W
Amory, Clement G
Amory, John C
Amos, A S
Amos, Arthur E
Amos, Arthur W
Amos, C
Amos, Ernie C
Amos, George R
Amos, James E
Amos, Joe S
Amos, John A
Amos, Leon W
Amos, Miles E
Amos, Richard
Amos, Richard E
Amos, Robert J
Amos, Stanley
Amos, Victor H
Amos, William J
Amos, William L
Amoss, Dudley M
Amoss, R T
Amoss, Ulina I
Amosse, Julien J F
Amoto, A J
Amoury, Thomas J Jr
Amphlett, Warren E
Ampson, Oscar C
Amrahein, Frank
Amrahein, Frank Jr
Amrhein, Anthony W
Amrhein, Howard F
Amrhein, William W
Amrhen, Anthony W
Amrick, Stephen F
Amsberry, Willys I
Amschler, Ludwig J
Amsden, Don B
Amsden, Don E
Amsden, John T
Amsler, Thomas A
Amspaugh, Paul E
Amstell, H
Amundon, R K
Amundsen, Earl M
Amundson, Alvin J
Amundson, Floyd A
Amundson, Glenn R
Amundson, H C
Amundson, John R
Amundson, Lyle M
Amundson, Maynard M
Amundson, Maynard N
Amundson, R K
Amundson, Ray L
Amundson, Veryl A
Amundson, Veryl A>
Amussen, John E
Amy, Marion E
Amy, Robert H
Amy, Robert M
Amyouny, Robert G
Amyx, H B
Amyx, Hurst B
Amyx, Joseph W
An, Dee-yah
An, Ti W
Anacker, Lyle E
Anacker, William E
Anagnoston, George N
Anagnostopoulos, Michael P
Anagoston, George W
Anamia, August J
Ananian, Harry
Ananinn, Harry
Anast, Nick (nmi)
Anastasi, John B
Anastasi, Joseph S
Anastasia, Joseph J
Anastasios, Vamvoukas
Anastos, Ramon P
Anatra, Bartolo
Anaya, Alfred
Anaya, Alfred (nmi)
Ancelet, Saul L
Ancell, Claude F
Ancet, Marc (nmi)
Ancheta, Mamerto A
Anchors, Charles N
Ancker-jensen, Paul E
Ancker-jensen, Poul E
Ancresgavage, Joseph S
Anctil, Laurence E
Anctil, Laurnece E
Anctil, Ralph J
Anctil, Robert J
Anctil, Robert J M
Andalora, Frank
Andelson, Morse E
Anderau, Charles W
Anderegg, Alfred
Anderegg, Alfred F
Anderegg, Alfred J
Anderegg, Clarence R, Capt
Anderle, James J
Anderman, James F
Anderman, Roy F
Andero, Raymond L
Anderon, Lelan.
Anders, Charles T
Anders, E
Anders, Edwin R
Anders, Harry Q
Anders, Loyd, Joseph,jr
Anders, Royce C
Anders, Theodore D
Anders, Virgil M
Anders, Weldon E
Anders, Willis H
Andersen, Albert E
Andersen, Andrew R
Andersen, Arland J
Andersen, Arne.
Andersen, Arthur
Andersen, Arthur H
Andersen, Borge M
Andersen, Charles J
Andersen, David V
Andersen, Douglas G
Andersen, Eniar A
Andersen, Fredrick R
Andersen, Homer P
Andersen, Howard W
Andersen, Hunter W
Andersen, J R
Andersen, Jens P
Andersen, Kenneth G
Andersen, Kenneth L
Andersen, Laney D
Andersen, Peter S
Andersen, Robert D
Andersen, Robert N
Andersen, Robert S
Andersen, Roger E
Andersen, William B
Andersen, Wyman D
Andersen,richard (nmi)
Anderseon, Ernest L
Anderseon, Ted E
Andersin, Richard D
Andersn, O C
Anderso, Robert M
Anderson William Y
Anderson Aleck R
Anderson Arthur E
Anderson Clarence O
Anderson Everett J
Anderson H
Anderson Robert Scapt.
Anderson Theodoree B
Anderson, William Y
Anderson, A
Anderson, A D
Anderson, A K
Anderson, A M
Anderson, A V P
Anderson, Adolph C
Anderson, Aj (o)
Anderson, Alan A
Anderson, Alan M
Anderson, Alan S
Anderson, Albert E
Anderson, Albert F
Anderson, Albert H
Anderson, Albert L
Anderson, Albert O
Anderson, Albert W
Anderson, Albin G
Anderson, Aleck R
Anderson, Alfred A
Anderson, Alfred R
Anderson, Alfred W
Anderson, Allan D
Anderson, Allen
Anderson, Alton D
Anderson, Alvin E
Anderson, Alvin G
Anderson, Alvin M
Anderson, Alvin V
Anderson, Alvord V P
Anderson, Anders K
Anderson, Andrew C
Anderson, Andrew G
Anderson, Andrew H
Anderson, Andrew H L
Anderson, Andrew T (sp)
Anderson, Andrew W Jr
Anderson, Archibald S
Anderson, Arland J
Anderson, Arnold H
Anderson, Arnold M
Anderson, Arnold R
Anderson, Arthur B
Anderson, Arthur C
Anderson, Arthur E
Anderson, Arthur G
Anderson, Arthur Q
Anderson, Arthur R
Anderson, Arved W
Anderson, Arvid W
Anderson, Aubrey R
Anderson, Avp Jr
Anderson, Avp,jr
Anderson, B
Anderson, B C
Anderson, B L
Anderson, B Y
Anderson, Benjamin
Anderson, Benjamin F
Anderson, Benjamin L
Anderson, Beriger A
Anderson, Bernard A
Anderson, Bill J
Anderson, Billy T
Anderson, Boyce C
Anderson, Bryant Y
Anderson, Bryce L
Anderson, C A
Anderson, C Alfred
Anderson, C D
Anderson, C J
Anderson, C L
Anderson, C M
Anderson, C R
Anderson, C S
Anderson, Calvin O
Anderson, Cameron D
Anderson, Carl (nmi)
Anderson, Carl D
Anderson, Carl F
Anderson, Carl J
Anderson, Carl M
Anderson, Carl R
Anderson, Carl W
Anderson, Carl, Jr
Anderson, Carlos K
Anderson, Carlton E
Anderson, Carrel A
Anderson, Cecil L
Anderson, Charle H
Anderson, Charles (nmi)
Anderson, Charles A
Anderson, Charles D
Anderson, Charles E
Anderson, Charles F
Anderson, Charles F Jr
Anderson, Charles F, Jr
Anderson, Charles G
Anderson, Charles H
Anderson, Charles I
Anderson, Charles J
Anderson, Charles L
Anderson, Charles M
Anderson, Charles O
Anderson, Charles P Jr
Anderson, Charles P, Jr
Anderson, Charles R
Anderson, Charles S
Anderson, Charles T
Anderson, Charles W Jr
Anderson, Chester D
Anderson, Christian R
Anderson, Clare C
Anderson, Clarence
Anderson, Clarence A
Anderson, Clarence C
Anderson, Clarence D
Anderson, Clarence E
Anderson, Clarence E Jr
Anderson, Clarence L
Anderson, Clarence O
Anderson, Clarence V
Anderson, Clarnece E
Anderson, Claude I
Anderson, Claude T
Anderson, Clayton L
Anderson, Clifford C
Anderson, Clifford E
Anderson, Clifford E Beegle, Robert R
Anderson, Clifford J
Anderson, Clyde R
Anderson, Cobert C
Anderson, Conde K
Anderson, Conde N
Anderson, Conoly G
Anderson, Conrad A
Anderson, Cornelius
Anderson, Cortney M
Anderson, Culver L
Anderson, Curtis A
Anderson, Curtiss
Anderson, D C
Anderson, D J
Anderson, D L
Anderson, D V
Anderson, Dale E
Anderson, Dale Eugene
Anderson, Dale L
Anderson, Dallas
Anderson, Dalphia R
Anderson, Daniel G
Anderson, Darrell H
Anderson, Darwin
Anderson, David
Anderson, David B
Anderson, David B Jr
Anderson, David O
Anderson, Davis G
Anderson, Davis Graham
Anderson, Dean B
Anderson, Deaver L
Anderson, Delynn E
Anderson, Delys
Anderson, Don L
Anderson, Donald
Anderson, Donald A
Anderson, Donald C
Anderson, Donald E
Anderson, Donald F
Anderson, Donald J
Anderson, Donald T
Anderson, Donald W
Anderson, Doris J
Anderson, Douglas W
Anderson, Dwight M
Anderson, E
Anderson, E A
Anderson, E F
Anderson, E H
Anderson, E L
Anderson, E V
Anderson, E W
Anderson, Earl
Anderson, Earl B
Anderson, Earl G
Anderson, Earl O
Anderson, Earl O Jr
Anderson, Earl R
Anderson, Earl V
Anderson, Eddie
Anderson, Edmund B
Anderson, Edward F
Anderson, Edward J
Anderson, Edward L
Anderson, Edward Martin
Anderson, Edward W
Anderson, Edwin
Anderson, Edwin A
Anderson, Edwin B
Anderson, Edwin E
Anderson, Edwin L
Anderson, Edwin M
Anderson, Edwin P
Anderson, Einer R
Anderson, Eldon E
Anderson, Elmo A
Anderson, Elwood W
Anderson, Emmett R
Anderson, Eric W
Anderson, Ernest
Anderson, Ernest E
Anderson, Ernest H
Anderson, Ernest L
Anderson, Ernest P
Anderson, Ernest W
Anderson, Eugene
Anderson, Eugene C
Anderson, Eugene D
Anderson, Eugene H
Anderson, Eugene L
Anderson, Everett E
Anderson, Everett J
Anderson, F D
Anderson, F E
Anderson, Floyd A
Anderson, Ford F
Anderson, Fordyce (nmi)
Anderson, Forrest L
Anderson, Forrest P
Anderson, Foster N
Anderson, Francis D
Anderson, Francis E
Anderson, Francis W
Anderson, Frank B
Anderson, Frank L
Anderson, Frank R Jr
Anderson, Frank W
Anderson, Franklin J
Anderson, Fred E
Anderson, Fred Jr
Anderson, Fred W
Anderson, Fred, Jr
Anderson, Frederick
Anderson, Frederick E
Anderson, Frederick L
Anderson, Frederick R
Anderson, Fredrick E
Anderson, Fredrick R
Anderson, G D
Anderson, G F
Anderson, G P Jr
Anderson, Garnie E
Anderson, Gene A
Anderson, George
Anderson, George (nmi)
Anderson, George A
Anderson, George B
Anderson, George E
Anderson, George F
Anderson, George K
Anderson, George R
Anderson, George W
Anderson, Gerald D
Anderson, Gerald W
Anderson, Gilman K
Anderson, Glen W
Anderson, Glenn A
Anderson, Glenn L
Anderson, Glenn W
Anderson, Gordon B
Anderson, Gordon D
Anderson, Gordon F
Anderson, Gordon G
Anderson, Gordon R
Anderson, Gp,jr
Anderson, Grady B
Anderson, Grant R
Anderson, H
Anderson, H C
Anderson, H E
Anderson, H L
Anderson, H M
Anderson, H R
Anderson, H W
Anderson, Harold
Anderson, Harold C
Anderson, Harold E
Anderson, Harold E Jacula, Peter M
Anderson, Harold H
Anderson, Harold M
Anderson, Harold P
Anderson, Harold R
Anderson, Harold S
Anderson, Harold T
Anderson, Harold W
Anderson, Harry
Anderson, Harry F
Anderson, Harry M
Anderson, Harry N
Anderson, Harry P
Anderson, Harry R
Anderson, Harry W
Anderson, Harvey J
Anderson, Henning G
Anderson, Henry
Anderson, Henry A
Anderson, Herbert
Anderson, Herbert H
Anderson, Herbert K
Anderson, Herbert W
Anderson, Herert W
Anderson, Herman G
Anderson, Herman L
Anderson, Herman P
Anderson, Herschel C
Anderson, Herschel G
Anderson, Hf
Anderson, Hiram I Jr
Anderson, Holly W
Anderson, Homer
Anderson, Homer R
Anderson, Horace
Anderson, Horace C
Anderson, Howard D
Anderson, Howard E
Anderson, Howard G
Anderson, Howard H
Anderson, Howard L
Anderson, Howard T
Anderson, Howell P
Anderson, Hubert E
Anderson, Hubert W
Anderson, I F
Anderson, I R
Anderson, Ingmar O
Anderson, Irvin
Anderson, Irvin G
Anderson, Irwyn R
Anderson, Ivan E
Anderson, Ivan F
Anderson, J
Anderson, J R
Anderson, J A
Anderson, J C
Anderson, J D
Anderson, J D Jr
Anderson, J E
Anderson, J H
Anderson, J L
Anderson, J P
Anderson, J R
Anderson, J S
Anderson, J W
Anderson, Jack D
Anderson, Jack E
Anderson, Jack F
Anderson, Jack K
Anderson, Jack M
Anderson, James
Anderson, James A
Anderson, James C
Anderson, James D
Anderson, James E
Anderson, James E Jr
Anderson, James E, Lt/col
Anderson, James F
Anderson, James G
Anderson, James H
Anderson, James L
Anderson, James M
Anderson, James O
Anderson, James R
Anderson, James W Jr
Anderson, James W, Jr
Anderson, Jay W
Anderson, Jean B
Anderson, Jerry D
Anderson, Jesse R
Anderson, Jesse R Jr
Anderson, Jesse R, Jr
Anderson, Jessie A
Anderson, Jh
Anderson, Joe E
Anderson, Joe H
Anderson, Joe S
Anderson, Joel H
Anderson, John
Anderson, John (nmi)
Anderson, John A
Anderson, John Allen
Anderson, John B
Anderson, John B, Ltcol
Anderson, John C
Anderson, John D
Anderson, John D Jr
Anderson, John D(fatal)
Anderson, John D, Jr
Anderson, John E
Anderson, John F
Anderson, John G
Anderson, John G Iii
Anderson, John H
Anderson, John J
Anderson, John Jr
Anderson, John K
Anderson, John L
Anderson, John M
Anderson, John O
Anderson, John P
Anderson, John R
Anderson, John T
Anderson, John V
Anderson, John W
Anderson, John W Jr
Anderson, John W, 2lt
Anderson, John.
Anderson, Jorgen.
Anderson, Joseph
Anderson, Joseph A
Anderson, Joseph C
Anderson, Joseph D
Anderson, Joseph E
Anderson, Joseph E Jr
Anderson, Joseph G
Anderson, Joseph H
Anderson, Joseph L
Anderson, Joseph M
Anderson, Joseph R
Anderson, Joseph W
Anderson, Joseph W Jr
Anderson, Joseph W, Jr
Anderson, Joseph W,jr
Anderson, Julian B
Anderson, Julian D
Anderson, Julian P
Anderson, Julius D C
Anderson, Jw
Anderson, K A
Anderson, K M
Anderson, Kai G
Anderson, Karl A
Anderson, Karl A Jr
Anderson, Karl A, Jr
Anderson, Karl R
Anderson, Keith J
Anderson, Keith W
Anderson, Keller M
Anderson, Kenneth
Anderson, Kenneth A
Anderson, Kenneth G
Anderson, Kenneth K
Anderson, Kenneth L
Anderson, Kenneth M
Anderson, Kenneth R
Anderson, Kyle T
Anderson, L D
Anderson, L F
Anderson, L O
Anderson, Lanoy
Anderson, Lanoy D
Anderson, Laverne E
Anderson, Lawrence C
Anderson, Lawrence E
Anderson, Lawrence H
Anderson, Lee H
Anderson, Lee W
Anderson, Leif Germund
Anderson, Leighton O
Anderson, Lelan
Anderson, Lelan (nmi)
Anderson, Leland
Anderson, Leland (nmi)
Anderson, Leland G
Anderson, Leland H
Anderson, Leo
Anderson, Leon E
Anderson, Leonard A
Anderson, Leonard G
Anderson, Leonard L
Anderson, Leonard W
Anderson, Leroy
Anderson, Leroy C
Anderson, Leroy G
Anderson, Leroy J Jr
Anderson, Lester S
Anderson, Lester W
Anderson, Levi F
Anderson, Levi F Jr
Anderson, Lewis C
Anderson, Lewis F
Anderson, Lloyd G
Anderson, Lloyd P
Anderson, Loren G
Anderson, Loren R
Anderson, Lynn R, Capt
Anderson, M M
Anderson, M S
Anderson, M X
Anderson, Maj
Anderson, Malcolm S
Anderson, Malcom S
Anderson, Marion
Anderson, Marion C
Anderson, Marion D
Anderson, Marshall J
Anderson, Marvin L
Anderson, Mason E
Anderson, Mathew G
Anderson, Matthew G
Anderson, Maurice V
Anderson, Max
Anderson, Max O
Anderson, Mel
Anderson, Melvin
Anderson, Merlyn K
Anderson, Merlyn W
Anderson, Merrill E
Anderson, Merwin E
Anderson, Miller A
Anderson, Milton A
Anderson, Milton H
Anderson, Milton L
Anderson, Milton O
Anderson, Monte D
Anderson, Murl H
Anderson, N
Anderson, Nels A
Anderson, Newell
Anderson, Newell (nmi)
Anderson, Niels
Anderson, Niles A
Anderson, Nils A
Anderson, Norman E
Anderson, Norman G
Anderson, Norman J
Anderson, Norman S
Anderson, Norman T
Anderson, Norris L
Anderson, O
Anderson, O A
Anderson, Olaf
Anderson, Oliver M
Anderson, Oliver P
Anderson, Orin L
Anderson, Orin M
Anderson, Orio D
Anderson, Orvil A
Anderson, Orvill M
Anderson, Orville M
Anderson, Orville S
Anderson, Oscar J
Anderson, Oscar M
Anderson, Oscar T
Anderson, Otto G
Anderson, Owen H
Anderson, P K
Anderson, Patrick
Anderson, Patrick M
Anderson, Paul B, Capt
Anderson, Paul E
Anderson, Paul G
Anderson, Paul J
Anderson, Paul R
Anderson, Phillip L
Anderson, Q W
Anderson, Quentin G
Anderson, Quentin L
Anderson, R A
Anderson, R B
Anderson, R C
Anderson, R D
Anderson, R E
Anderson, R I
Anderson, R K
Anderson, R V
Anderson, R W
Anderson, Ralph C
Anderson, Ralph E
Anderson, Ralph H
Anderson, Ralph L
Anderson, Ralph R
Anderson, Ralph R Jr
Anderson, Ralph R, Jr
Anderson, Randolph D
Anderson, Ray W
Anderson, Raymond A
Anderson, Raymond D
Anderson, Raymond E
Anderson, Raymond F
Anderson, Raymond K
Anderson, Raymond L
Anderson, Raymond W
Anderson, Reginald G
Anderson, Ren H
Anderson, Rex B
Anderson, Ri
Anderson, Richard
Anderson, Richard A
Anderson, Richard B
Anderson, Richard D
Anderson, Richard E
Anderson, Richard H
Anderson, Richard I
Anderson, Richard J
Anderson, Richard L
Anderson, Richard P
Anderson, Richard R
Anderson, Richard W
Anderson, Robert
Anderson, Robert (nmi)
Anderson, Robert A
Anderson, Robert B
Anderson, Robert C
Anderson, Robert D
Anderson, Robert E
Anderson, Robert F
Anderson, Robert G
Anderson, Robert H
Anderson, Robert J
Anderson, Robert K
Anderson, Robert L
Anderson, Robert M
Anderson, Robert O
Anderson, Robert P
Anderson, Robert R
Anderson, Robert S
Anderson, Robert T
Anderson, Robert W
Anderson, Roger
Anderson, Roger L
Anderson, Roger N
Anderson, Roger P
Anderson, Roger, Capt
Anderson, Ronald D
Anderson, Ronald E
Anderson, Ronald P
Anderson, Roscoe
Anderson, Roscoe E, Capt
Anderson, Rosse E
Anderson, Roy
Anderson, Roy C
Anderson, Roy E
Anderson, Roy H
Anderson, Roy L
Anderson, Rudolf, Jr
Anderson, Rueben R
Anderson, Rufus C
Anderson, Russel A
Anderson, Russell A
Anderson, Russell B
Anderson, Russell C
Anderson, Russell G
Anderson, Russell J
Anderson, Russell O
Anderson, S E
Anderson, S R
Anderson, Sabin L
Anderson, Samuel C
Anderson, Samuel E
Anderson, Samuel F
Anderson, Scott G, Major
Anderson, Se
Anderson, Sheldon K
Anderson, Shelton (nmi)
Anderson, Sidney L
Anderson, Simon K
Anderson, Stanley M M
Anderson, Stanley P
Anderson, Stuart J
Anderson, T K
Anderson, T L
Anderson, Ted E
Anderson, Theodore A
Anderson, Theodore B
Anderson, Thomas C
Anderson, Thomas E
Anderson, Thomas G
Anderson, Thomas H
Anderson, Thomas J
Anderson, Thomas Jr
Anderson, Thomas L
Anderson, Thomas O
Anderson, Thomas W
Anderson, Thomas, Jr
Anderson, Travis E
Anderson, V L
Anderson, V M
Anderson, Vachel W
Anderson, Van B
Anderson, Van C
Anderson, Vaughn R
Anderson, Vermont O
Anderson, Vernon
Anderson, Vernon A
Anderson, Vernon C
Anderson, Vernon E
Anderson, Vernon H
Anderson, Vernon W
Anderson, Victor L
Anderson, Vincent E
Anderson, Vincent P
Anderson, Virgil D
Anderson, W
Anderson, W A
Anderson, W F
Anderson, W J
Anderson, W M Jr
Anderson, W M, Jr
Anderson, W W
Anderson, Wallace A
Anderson, Wallace B
Anderson, Wallace G
Anderson, Wallace L
Anderson, Walter B
Anderson, Walter C
Anderson, Walter V
Anderson, Warren E
Anderson, Warren R
Anderson, Wayne E
Anderson, Wesley A
Anderson, Wheeler N
Anderson, Wila A
Anderson, Wilbur M
Anderson, William
Anderson, William K
Anderson, William (nmi)
Anderson, William (nmi) Jr
Anderson, William A
Anderson, William B
Anderson, William C
Anderson, William D
Anderson, William E
Anderson, William F
Anderson, William H
Anderson, William I
Anderson, William J
Anderson, William K
Anderson, William K Jr
Anderson, William L Jr
Anderson, William L, Capt
Anderson, William L, Jr
Anderson, William M
Anderson, William N
Anderson, William S
Anderson, William T
Anderson, William Y
Anderson, Willie H
Anderson, Willis J
Anderson, Winston P
Anderson, Woodrow W
Anderson, Wyman D
Andersonk Arthur W
Andersonn, Floyd A
Anderstrom, Robert
Anderstrom, Rpbert
Andert, Paul A
Anderton, J C
Anderwald, Ernest V
Anderwald, K V
Andes, Fred S
Andes, Otis K
Andes, Roy H
Andes, Walter G
Andews, John W
Anding, Marvin E
Andis, Carl L
Andle, Clyde A
Andolics, Joseph R
Andonian, Harry
Andonoplas, John
Andorf, Herman E
Andorn, William W
Andra, Vincent G
Andrade, Joseph
Andrade, Joseph A
Andre, Daniel
Andre, Harold A
Andre, Homer J
Andre, Paul H
Andre, Paul N
Andrea, Charles J
Andreae, Andreas A
Andreakis, George A
Andreani, Fernand
Andreas, Andreas A
Andreas, Frank
Andreas, Frank (nmi)
Andreas, Harry R
Andreasen, Dinal S
Andreasen, Howard E
Andreason, Clifford W
Andreason, Francis W
Andree, Peter
Andregg, Ward Z
Andrejewski, John J
Andreoli, Peter D
Andreotti, Peter A
Andres, Joseph E
Andres, Roy K
Andres, W D
Andres, Warren D
Andres, William J
Andres, William J Jr
Andres, William J, Jr
Andres, William Jr
Andresen, Andrew J
Andresen, Donald W
Andresen, Einar A
Andresen, Ralph E
Andress, Clifford D
Andress, Crystal L
Andressen, Bahne H
Andrew, Castleman M
Andrew, Col.
Andrew, Hugh S
Andrew, J D
Andrew, J M
Andrew, James W
Andrew, John V
Andrew, Joseph P
Andrew, Lowell V
Andrew, Maurice, D
Andrew, R O
Andrew, Ralph
Andrew, Ralph E
Andrew, Ralph W
Andrew, Robert O
Andrew, Stephen W
Andrew, Wayne E
Andrew, Wayne Ewing
Andrew, Wilbur J
Andrew, William M
Andrewartha, Donald J
Andrews Cpl
Andrews, A M
Andrews, Albert H
Andrews, Alec B
Andrews, Alexander M
Andrews, Allen
Andrews, Alton R
Andrews, Arlie G
Andrews, Bruce D
Andrews, Budd H
Andrews, Budd M
Andrews, Byron G
Andrews, C D
Andrews, Castleman
Andrews, Castleman, M
Andrews, Charles
Andrews, Charles C
Andrews, Charles D
Andrews, Charles L
Andrews, Charles M
Andrews, Charles P
Andrews, Charlesl
Andrews, Chase
Andrews, Chesley S A
Andrews, Chester
Andrews, Clarence D
Andrews, Cm (fe)
Andrews, Curtis
Andrews, Curtis (nmi)
Andrews, Cyril O
Andrews, Daniel W
Andrews, David Ballou
Andrews, Donald R
Andrews, E J
Andrews, Edward C
Andrews, Edwin W
Andrews, Elbert D, Jr
Andrews, Emmet J
Andrews, Ernest O
Andrews, Everett
Andrews, Everett D
Andrews, Everett V
Andrews, Everette V
Andrews, F
Andrews, F E
Andrews, F L
Andrews, F M
Andrews, Fountain J
Andrews, Francis E, Jr
Andrews, Frank
Andrews, Frank A
Andrews, Frank M
Andrews, Frederick L
Andrews, G L
Andrews, Garfield W
Andrews, George
Andrews, George A
Andrews, George C
Andrews, George L
Andrews, H D
Andrews, H L
Andrews, H S
Andrews, Harold F
Andrews, Harold S
Andrews, Harry C
Andrews, Homer (nmi), Jr
Andrews, Homer Jr
Andrews, Homer, Jr
Andrews, J A
Andrews, J M
Andrews, Jack A
Andrews, James E
Andrews, James K
Andrews, James P
Andrews, James R
Andrews, Jerome C
Andrews, Jimmie B
Andrews, Joe P
Andrews, Joe T
Andrews, John
Andrews, John A C
Andrews, John H
Andrews, John J
Andrews, John M
Andrews, John R
Andrews, John S
Andrews, John W
Andrews, John Welker
Andrews, Joseph
Andrews, Joseph (nmi)
Andrews, Joseph P
Andrews, Joseph W Jr
Andrews, Lawrence E
Andrews, Leland S
Andrews, Leon.
Andrews, Lloyd J
Andrews, Lloyd J Jr
Andrews, Louis W
Andrews, Martin
Andrews, Martin (nmi)
Andrews, Martin H
Andrews, Marvin E
Andrews, Melvin
Andrews, Milton L
Andrews, O D
Andrews, Onofiro, 2lt
Andrews, Paul A
Andrews, Philip P
Andrews, R B
Andrews, R H
Andrews, R O
Andrews, R V
Andrews, Ralph H
Andrews, Ralph P
Andrews, Rance A
Andrews, Richard C
Andrews, Richard T
Andrews, Richard W
Andrews, Robert A
Andrews, Robert B
Andrews, Robert E
Andrews, Robert G
Andrews, Robert L
Andrews, Robert M
Andrews, Robert O
Andrews, Robert P
Andrews, Robert U
Andrews, Robert W
Andrews, Rollin C
Andrews, Roy F
Andrews, Russell W
Andrews, Sherman J
Andrews, Stanley C
Andrews, Stanley O
Andrews, Tedford G, Jr
Andrews, Terry B
Andrews, Truman O
Andrews, Vernon L
Andrews, Vernon M
Andrews, W A
Andrews, W C
Andrews, W E
Andrews, W H
Andrews, W T
Andrews, Wade E
Andrews, Wallace A
Andrews, Walter M
Andrews, Warren E
Andrews, Warren L Jr
Andrews, Wayne E
Andrews, Wesley
Andrews, Wesley F
Andrews, William C
Andrews, William D
Andrews, William E
Andrews, William F
Andrews, William H
Andrews, William K
Andrews, William K, Jr
Andrews, William V
Andrews, Willie S
Andrews,james R
Andriana, Conrad D
Andridge, Herbert W
Andridge, Herbert W Jr
Andridge, Herbert W, Jr
Andries, Maurice C
Andriesse, Arnold N
Andrino, Richard J
Andrist, Anson
Androcopolous, William A
Androm, Virgil C
Andromedas, Theodore J
Androshie, Joe A
Androshio, Joe A
Androski, Jp
Andrum, Elam A
Andrus Don G1lt.
Andrus, A George
Andrus, Alma G
Andrus, B C
Andrus, Bertram C
Andrus, Burton C
Andrus, Burton C, Jr
Andrus, Don G
Andrus, Donald (nmi)
Andrus, Ivan I
Andrus, J
Andrus, John A
Andrus, L T
Andrus, Laron C
Andrus, Paul C
Andrus, Robert D
Andrus, Robert E
Andrus, Robert Edward
Andrus, Robert H
Andrus, Russell D
Andrus, Willis J
Andruscavage, John J
Andruskevich, Joseph V
Andruss, Lee J Jr
Andrychok, Steve
Andrychok, Steve (nmi)
Andrychowski, Bernard J
Andrychuk, Steve
Andrychuk, Steve (nmi)
Andryishyn, John
Andrzewjewski, Arthur P
Andy, James J
Anecker, William E
Anelio, Vincent
Anella, Sam
Anello, V
Aneloski, George I
Anema, T
Anen, Matthew G Jr
Anen, Matthew G, Jr
Anex, A
Anex, Arnold P
Aney, William C
Anfinson, N P
Anfray, Guy
Angel, Donald H
Angel, Edward G
Angel, J A
Angel, James A
Angel, L (e)
Angel, Leo S
Angel, Marion M, Capt
Angel, T B
Angel, Thomas
Angel, Thomas B
Angel, Thomas B Jr
Angel, Thomas B, Jr
Angel, Thomas Jr
Angelacos, John P
Angelakos, George
Angelakos, George (mechanic)
Angelakos, George, Leyva, Placido
Angelakos, Peter N
Angele, Francis J
Angelica, Pasco A
Angelicola, Ernest R Jr
Angeline, Charles W
Angelini, Dominic
Angelini, Dominic (nmi)
Angelini, Joseph S
Angell, Benjamin E
Angell, Chester W
Angell, David H
Angell, Donald A
Angell, E L
Angell, H H
Angell, Henry R
Angell, J Gilbert
Angell, J J.
Angell, Joe J
Angell, Norris J
Angell, R F
Angell, Robert F
Angell, William F
Angelle, James C
Angello, Emmanuele W
Angello, Emmanuelo W
Angelo, Edwin J
Angelo, Eldon L
Angelo, Emmanuele W
Angelo, Joseph C
Angelo, Joseph G
Angelo, Joseph R
Angelo, Walter L Jr
Angelo, Walter L, Jr
Angeloch, Frederick W
Angeloff, William
Angelone, Joseph
Angelone, Joseph (nmi)
Angelosanti, Erulio
Angelosanti, Erulio F
Angelson, James P
Angelson, Joseph F
Angelucci, J A
Angelucci, James A
Angelus, Grant N
Angenedt, Harry E
Angenendt, Harry E
Anger, Albert J
Anger, Albert J Jr
Anger, E Y
Anger, Edward
Anger, Ernest P
Angert, Richard K
Angestadt, Ralph T
Angevine, Frank W
Angia, John
Angie, William M
Angier, John F
Angier, Melbourne E
Angle, C A
Angle, George A
Angle, R S
Angle, Robert S
Angle, William D
Angle, William M
Angley, Clyde C
Anglim, John E
Anglin, John C
Anglin, John W
Anglin, Marvin D
Anglin, Raymond E
Anglin, Robert E
Anglin, Samuel C
Anglin, William R
Angluin, David
Angott, Thomas V
Angove, Garfield G
Angst, Theodore R
Angstadt, Ralph T
Angsthelm, Rene A
Angstman, Forrest B
Angston, William R
Angus, Donald E
Angus, Jack N
Angus, John R
Angus, Ralph H
Angyal, Zolton J
Anholt, Dean H
Anidon, Howard E
Aniello, John
Ankelein, W J
Anken, Ross J
Anken, W L
Ankeney, Earl F
Anker, Richard
Ankerbrandt, William E
Ankers, E
Ankney, Gordon
Ankney, Gordon L
Ankney, Paul
Ankrim, Thomas R
Ankrin, T R
Ankrom, Lowell J
Ankrom, Virgil C
Ankron, Virgil C
Ankrum Nobby B
Ankrum Nobby B
Ankrum, Donald G
Ankrum, Elam A
Ankrum, Nebby B
Ankrum, Nobby B
Ankrum, Wobby B
Anlwardt, Donald L
Annable, W E
Annable, William E
Annala, John J
Annan, Robert K
Annan, William
Annan, William M
Annas, Floyd
Annas, Floyd (nmi)
Annas, Floyd H
Annas, Fov A S
Annas, Foy A
Annas, Foy A Jr
Annas, Foy A S
Anne, Herbert B
Annear, Warren R
Anneberg, Craig T
Annecchiarico, A
Anner Frank J
Annett, Harold N
Annette, Edward J
Annin, James L
Anning, James A
Annis, George S
Annis, Hazen T
Annis, James W
Annis, Philip
Annis, Warren R
Annoni, George John
Annucci, Edward J
Anokas, Erick R
Anold, Donald R (fatal)
Anotil, Laurence E
Anrold, John A
Ansaldi Marc A
Ansbro, Mathew J
Ansbro, Mathew John
Anschute, Leo W
Anschutz, Leo W
Ansell, Archie
Ansell, David
Ansell, Herbert
Ansell, Morris J
Ansell, Norris J
Ansell, Vincent C
Anselmi, Joseph
Anselmo, John J
Ansink, Roger M
Ansky, C M
Ansley, Frank A
Ansley, John S
Ansley, Walter S
Anslow, James R
Anson, Edward E
Anson, Roland E
Anspach, Richard S
Anspach, Robert J
Anstatt, Donald F
Anstell, H
Anstett, Donald F
Anstett, Lawrence W
Anstey, Robert
Anstey, Robert L
Anstley, Robert C
Anstott, Lawrence W
Anstutz, Lester L
Ansy, William Clarke
Antailli, Gerard C "jerry"
Antanaitis, Adolfos
Antanavicgus, Frank (nmi)
Antanaviczus, Frank
Antanovich, Alex (NMI) Jr
Ante, Joseph F
Anthes, Calvin L
Anthis, J W
Anthis, Joe H
Anthis, Joseph H, Jr
Anthon C
Anthon, Edward C
Anthony, Alden P
Anthony, Charles E
Anthony, Claude H
Anthony, Dean E
Anthony, Delbert O
Anthony, Delbert O Vines, Perry C
Anthony, Don A
Anthony, E (nmi)
Anthony, Everett
Anthony, Francis F
Anthony, Gerald M
Anthony, Glen R
Anthony, Henry S
Anthony, Henry S Jr
Anthony, Henry S, Jr
Anthony, James
Anthony, James H
Anthony, Jim
Anthony, Jim (nmi)
Anthony, John
Anthony, John F
Anthony, Lee E
Anthony, Luther J
Anthony, Mark J
Anthony, Maurice
Anthony, Moretti J
Anthony, Myron J
Anthony, P W
Anthony, Paul J
Anthony, Paul W
Anthony, Pern B
Anthony, Richard C
Anthony, Robert B
Anthony, Robert E
Anthony, Robert M
Anthony, Shiban J
Anthony, Shibian J
Anthony, Walter H Jr
Anthony, Walter H, Jr
Anthony, William J
Anthony, William J Jr
Anthony, William T
Antila, Philip A
Antill, James E
Antilla, Erwin E
Antilla, John V
Antilley, Thomas L
Antin, Sidney
Antin, Sidney (nmi)
Antis, Elmer L
Anto, Frank P
Antoine, Ernest L
Antoine, William J
Antol, Joseph E
Antolick, Daniel
Anton, Andrew G
Anton, Eugene
Anton, J Betlem
Anton, J E
Anton, James E
Anton, Robert E
Anton, Soren E
Anton, Thomas E
Anton, William P
Antonacchio, Felix A
Antonavage, E P
Antonavage, Edward P
Antonelli, Frank
Antonelli, J M
Antonelli, James F
Antoni, Rudolph
Antoni, Rudolph (nmi)
Antoniades, Arthur J
Antonides, Ralph L
Antonides, William O
Antonini, Edmund J
Antonini, Edmund M
Antonio, Armando A
Antonio, Samuel B
Antonius, James D
Antonucci Fillipo (phillip) D2lt.
Antonucci, Fillipe D
Antonucci, Phillip D
Antonucci, Ray P
Antony, Jim (nmi)
Antony, Roy
Antras, Jean B
Antras, Jean B
Antrim, Guy L
Antrim, William D Jr
Antrobus, P
Anttila, John V
Antunovics, Mitar M
Antuyl, Frederick A
Antweiler, A C
Antweiler, Adam C
Antwiler, A C
Antwine, James M
Anulo, Sigredo
Anuskiewicz, Robert W
Anutta, Frederick T
Anwyl, Philip R
Anythony, Paul W
Anzalone, B W
Anziani, M
Anzore, Edward J
Aolson, Q N
Aomstedt, Raymond P
Apaka, Richmond A
Apakian, Leon M
Apedaile, John W
Apel, Billy G
Apel, Charles W
Apel, Joel
Apel, Joel H
Apelt, Hebert L
Apfel, John R
Apfrey, Malcolm P
Apgar, Donald E
Apgar, Warren
Apgar, Warren L
Apgar, William J
Apibalsree Aua
Apibalsree, Aua
Apice, Nick
Apico, Nick (nmi)
Apirian, Robert H
Apking, Norman E
Aplegate, Stephen W Jr
Aplin, Charlie C
Aplmer, Harry E
Apodaca, Manfor A
Apodaca, Manfor L
Apodaca, Melacio
Apodaca, Melacio M
Apodaca, Paulino (nmi)
Apodace, D A
Apodoca, Raymond G
Apodruk, J
Apoian, Harry (nmi)
Apolinski, Casimer S
Apostol, Christos (NMI)
App, Joseph F
Apparently From China: Chien, Tsu-lun
Appel ,charles A
Appel, Charles A
Appel, Clay A
Appel, Edward W
Appel, George F, Jr
Appel, Kenneth C
Appel, Leon F
Appel, N S
Appel, Robert D
Appel, Robert H
Appel, Robert R
Appel, Ronald B
Appeldorn, Philip
Appeldorn, Philip L
Appelgate, Stephen W Jr
Appell, Hayes L
Appelt, Herbert L
Appelthans, Theo
Appenzeller, Herbert
Appenzeller, Herbert (nmi)
Apperson, Edward B
Apperson, Leland B
Apperson, Leland B Jr
Apperson, Leland R, Jr
Apperson, R
Apperson, Robert R
Appert, D
Appert, D A
Appert, Donald A
Apperti, James M
Appier, Charles
Appier, Charles, Barron, Robert W
Appigzani, George P
Apple, Addison A
Apple, Albert B
Apple, Charles H Iii
Apple, Chauncey W
Apple, Edward W
Apple, George A
Apple, John J
Apple, L C
Apple, Leroy M
Apple, Rifton D
Apple, Thomas R
Applebaum, Morris
Applebaum, Norris, Nekola, Frank R
Appleby, E V
Appleby, Ernest
Appleby, Ernest (nmi) Jr
Appleby, Ernest Jr
Appleby, George C
Appleby, Ivan D
Appleby, Ivan D, 1lt
Appleby, James R
Appleby, James S
Appleby, John M
Appleby, Louis E
Appleby, R G
Appleby, R K
Appleby, Rk
Appleby, Robert C
Appleby, Ronald K
Appleby, William B, Jr
Appleby, William P Jr
Applegarth, A E
Applegarth, A R
Applegate, C E
Applegate, Charles E
Applegate, Donald W
Applegate, E H
Applegate, Elmer H
Applegate, John L
Applegate, Leroy W
Applegate, Ramon
Applegate, Robert E
Applegate, Robert G
Applegate, Stephen W Jr
Applegate, Stephen W, Jr
Applegate, Thomas M
Applegate, Timothy P
Applegate, Vernon C
Appleman, D C
Appleman, Donals C
Appleman, H S
Appleman, Stratton
Appleman, Stratton M
Applemen, Floyd M
Appleton, Daniel H ?
Appleton, E M
Appleton, Edward J
Appleton, Hyman
Appleton, Kenneth W
Appleton, Oliver C
Appleton, William S
Applewhite, Fred L
Applewhite, Jack A
Applewhite, James F
Applewhite, Thomas B Jr
Appleyard, Thomas W
Appling, C S
Appling, Carl L
Appling, Carroll
Appling, Carroll S
Appling, Grady L
April, John D
Apringer, Dalton F
Apsan, Adolph F
Apt, Milburn G
Aptekar, R
Aquilina, Nicholas
Aquilino, Joseph (nmi)
Aquilino, Stanley R
Aquilio, Dominick James
Aquino, Joseph M
Aquino, William P
Aquirre, Lionel G
Araiza, Joe L
Arakas, Adam
Arallano, Rafael G
Aralt, Richard P
Arand, Clarence W
Arand, John S
Arands, David
Arandt, Alfred T
Araneo, Frank W
Arango, Douglas
Arango, Gaston
Arant, Harry E
Arant, John
Arant, John S
Arant, T F, Jr
Arantz, John C
Aranyos, John A
Arapain, Edward L
Arapian, Edward L
Araskos, Warrenv
Arasmith, Lester L
Arato, Michael R
Araujo, Peter
Araujo, Peter (nmi)
Arbegast, John H
Arbeit, Sidney
Arbeit, Sidney (nmi)
Arbery, James
Arbib, E J
Arbib, Edmond J
Arbington, Edward A
Arblaster, John W
Arbo, Harden L
Arbo, Harding L
Arbogast, Carroll M
Arbogast, Filbert E
Arbogast, James E
Arbogast, Philip S
Arbogust, Harold C
Arbogust, Harold O
Arbon, Paul
Arborgast, Philip S
Arbrister, John J
Arbuckle, Andrew M
Arbuckle, Donald E
Arbuckle, Ernest L
Arbuckle, Hugh
Arburn, John B
Arbuthnot, George S
Arbuthnot, G S
Arbuthnot, George S
Arbutina, Millard
Arbutnnot, Samuel
Arcaro, Anthony G
Arce, Rafael E
Arcenaux, Richard L
Arceneaux, Artomon L
Arceneaux, Eddie J
Arcer, Earl J
Arcese, H R
Archackie, Frank.j
Archambault, Charles E
Archambault, Roland E
Archambeau, Guy L
Archambeau, Robert
Archambeau, Robert T
Archambeault, Robert W
Archbold, Henry L
Archbold, William E
Archdale, P S
Archdale, Percy J
Archer, Aaron N
Archer, B
Archer, Cecil E
Archer, Cecil O
Archer, Clarence C
Archer, Dale H
Archer, Don S
Archer, E W
Archer, Earl J
Archer, Francis O
Archer, George H
Archer, Harold
Archer, Harold L
Archer, J T O
Archer, James G Jr
Archer, James H
Archer, James, Jr
Archer, John A
Archer, John C
Archer, John H
Archer, Joseph F
Archer, L C
Archer, Lawrence
Archer, Lawrence C
Archer, Lawrence V
Archer, Lee A
Archer, Mahatma R
Archer, Max E
Archer, Max M
Archer, Neal J
Archer, Neal J Jr
Archer, Neil J T
Archer, Nel J
Archer, O'Neal J T
Archer, O'Neil J T
Archer, Robert E
Archer, Thomas C
Archer, Thomas G
Archer, Vernon W
Archer, Wilfred E
Archer, William B
Archer, William E Jr
Archer, William F
Archeth, Frank
Archeth, Frank (nmi)
Archetko, Paul
Archibald, Carroll E
Archibald, David B
Archibald, Elmer V
Archibald, George E
Archibald, James H Jr
Archibald, John H
Archibald, Kenneth S
Archibald, Robert
Archibald, Robert J
Archibald, Thomas G
Archibald, William D
Archilla, Elial
Archilla, Eliel
Archilla, Eliel (nmi)
Archimal, Herman L
Archinal, Herman L
Archiopoli, A J
Archiopoli, Andrew J
Archuleta, E T
Archuleta, Harry M
Arciniega, Mike E
Arciszensk, Chester T
Ard, James B
Ard, John M
Ard, John W
Ardaya, Walter W
Arden, Dan D
Ardent, Jean C
Ardern, William E, Capt
Ardery, Carlton B
Ardery, Carlton B, Civilian Pilot
Ardis, Harrison
Ardis, William H
Ardison, R J
Ardman, Benjamin
Ardoin, Sherley B
Arduengo, Joseph A
Arduvino, Carella.
Ardzinski, Anthony J
Arednt, John L
Aregood, George R
Arehart, Charles L
Arellano, Jose A
Arellano, Rafael C
Arellano, Victor T
Arena, Joseph T
Arenas, Vernon L
Arend, John S
Arendell, James E
Arendnt, John L
Arendsen, Henricus W, Major
Arendt, John L
Arens, Herbert W
Arens, R A
Arenson, F W
Arenson, Kenneth L
Arent, Calvin S
Arent, Joseph W
Arent, Robert E, Capt
Ares, Raul D
Arey Warreb F
Arey, Carlyle W
Arey, Samuel D
Arey, Samuel D Jr
Arey, Stanley H
Arey, Warren F
Arfline, William C
Arford, Lewis M
Argabright, Eldridge L
Argabright, Frederick V
Argall, William W
Argandar, Mike
Argandar, Mike A
Argenbright, William
Argenbright, William D
Argene, Barnett
Argeros, Charles
Argeros, Michael A
Argo, Atlow F
Argo, Clinton E
Argo, Neil D
Argo, Russell M
Argubrig, Darrell
Arguello, Darrell L
Arguello, Waldo S
Argyle, Budd G
Argyle, Kenneth Alan
Argyrakis, James J
Arham, Charles L Iii
Arhar, Frank J
Arhelger, Vernon C
Arhid, Edmond J
Arhman, George A
Ari, John M
Ariano, Joseph D
Ariano, Richard A
Arias, Alfred T
Arias, Armando C
Arias, Francois C
Arias, Luis
Arias, Roger F A
Arice, Louis J
Arick, Lawrence C Jr
Arico, Louis J
Arie, Nic O
Arie, Nic O **
Arieff, Ellis
Ariel, L M
Ariens, Virgil C
Aries, Jack
Arigoni, Robert D
Arillo, Michael
Arillo, Michael (nmi)
Arimond, Edward M
Aring, W W
Aring, Wilbur
Aring, Wilbur W
Aris, Earl H
Arizpe, Ca
Arkett, Phillip J
Arkfield, Gerald L
Arkin, Sam
Arl, Theordoro A
Arledge Coburn G2lt.
Arledge, Coburn G
Arledge, Colburn G
Arlie, Robert E
Arlin, Leo
Arlin, Leo (NMI)
Arlin, Lloyd B
Arline, William C
Arling, Egbert J
Arlinghaus, Leo B
Arlington, Matthew T
Arlizoni, Joseph A
Arlotta, Philip T
Arlotta, Phillip T
Arlstrom, Mary B
Armacost, Robert S Jr
Armacost, Rowland B
Armagost, D W
Armagost, Donald W
Arman, Richard C, Capt
Armand, J Suliber
Armanet, Juliean
Armanstrong, George W
Armantrout, George S
Armato, John J
Armato, Peter W
Armbrecht, Louis P
Armbrester, William B
Armbrister, Roger W
Armbrister, Rogewr W
Armbrust [or Armbrost]
Armbrust, C W
Armbrust, Carl N
Armbrust, Carl W
Armbrust, Norman A
Armbrust, Robert J
Armbrust, Ronert
Armbruster, Charles C
Armbruster, Charles J
Armbruster, Edward
Armbruster, Elmer M
Armbruster, George H
Armbruster, Glen L
Armbruster, Loren S
Armbruster, O A
Armburst, Carl W
Armell, Jesse J
Armell, Jessse J
Armendaris, Juan M
Armenderiz, A T
Armengul, Armando N
Armentrout, Dale M
Armentrout, Elvin J
Armfield, Ithamer
Armfield, John M
Armfield, M
Armington, George F
Armistead, G
Armistead, George
Armistead, George S
Armistead, George S (naa)
Armistead, Joseph R
Armistead, L A
Armistead, Nathaniel L
Armistead, Nathaniel L Jr
Armistead, Thomas H
Armistead, Victor
Armistead, Walter M
Armistead, Walter M *
Armistead,nathaniel L,jr
Armistead. Wirt F
Armit, Lewis W
Armitage, Arthur E
Armitage, Arthur E Marmor, Charles, Tanke
Armitage, Edward D
Armitage, Joe
Armocost, Rowland B
Armond, Henry P
Armor, Herbert C
Armor, John L
Armor, Raymond H
Armory, John C
Armoska, Raymond
Armoska, Raymond (nmi)
Armoska, Raymond (nmi) *
Armostrout, Dale W
Armour, Adrain W
Armour, Adrian W
Armour, Charles B
Armour, Charles D
Armour, Charles J
Armour, Donald F
Armour, Harold M
Armour, John C
Armour, Oscar L
Armour, Raymond L
Armour, Richard P
Armour, S A
Armour, Sam A
Arms, James B
Armsby, Sherman (nmi)
Armsstrong. Clyde J
Armstead, Eldridge
Armstead, Fred H, 2/lt
Armstead, Seth A
Armstring, Nelson E
Armstron, Charles H
Armstron, Frank A
Armstron, J J.
Armstron, Jack
Armstron, John G
Armstron, Joseph V
Armstron, Neil G
Armstron, Porter B
Armstron, William R
Armstrong Richard J2lt.
Armstrong, Alexander
Armstrong, Alexander B, Jr
Armstrong, Alexander Jr
Armstrong, Anthony E
Armstrong, B W
Armstrong, Benjamin F
Armstrong, Bernard F
Armstrong, Bon
Armstrong, Burton
Armstrong, Burton W, Jr
Armstrong, C K
Armstrong, C L
Armstrong, Cecil R
Armstrong, Charles
Armstrong, Charles B,jr
Armstrong, Charles F
Armstrong, Charles H
Armstrong, Charles M
Armstrong, Charles N
Armstrong, Charles O
Armstrong, Charles P
Armstrong, Charles R
Armstrong, Charles W
Armstrong, Charles W, 1lt
Armstrong, Chestley J Jr
Armstrong, Clifford F
Armstrong, Clyde J
Armstrong, Clyde W
Armstrong, Cyril J
Armstrong, D
Armstrong, D H
Armstrong, Daniel C
Armstrong, David A
Armstrong, David H
Armstrong, David S
Armstrong, Deibert
Armstrong, Delbert C
Armstrong, Don
Armstrong, Donald
Armstrong, Donald C Jr
Armstrong, Donald C,jr
Armstrong, Donald H
Armstrong, Donald N
Armstrong, Donald R
Armstrong, Donald W
Armstrong, Earl M
Armstrong, Edgar H
Armstrong, Edward G
Armstrong, Edward O
Armstrong, Edward R
Armstrong, Eric B
Armstrong, Eugene F
Armstrong, Eugene S
Armstrong, Eugene S Jr
Armstrong, Eugene S, Jr
Armstrong, F A
Armstrong, Francis
Armstrong, Francis H
Armstrong, Frank
Armstrong, Frank A
Armstrong, Frank A Jr
Armstrong, Frank A, Jr
Armstrong, Frank H
Armstrong, Frank W
Armstrong, Frankie E
Armstrong, Frederick
Armstrong, Frederick A
Armstrong, Frederick M
Armstrong, G D
Armstrong, Garland L
Armstrong, George H
Armstrong, Gerald D
Armstrong, Gerald S
Armstrong, Gerald W
Armstrong, Glendon L
Armstrong, Gordon
Armstrong, Hal B Jr
Armstrong, Hal B, Jr
Armstrong, Harold F
Armstrong, Harry R
Armstrong, Harry W
Armstrong, Herbert G
Armstrong, Herman D
Armstrong, Howard (nmi)
Armstrong, Howard D
Armstrong, Howard J
Armstrong, Hugh W
Armstrong, Isaac V Jr
Armstrong, J J.
Armstrong, J K
Armstrong, J M
Armstrong, Jack B
Armstrong, Jack M
Armstrong, Jack W
Armstrong, Jackson
Armstrong, Jackson G
Armstrong, Jacob B Jr
Armstrong, Jacob, B, Jr
Armstrong, James C
Armstrong, James C Jr
Armstrong, James C, Jr
Armstrong, James E
Armstrong, James F
Armstrong, James J
Armstrong, James K
Armstrong, James L
Armstrong, James M
Armstrong, James R
Armstrong, James S
Armstrong, John A
Armstrong, John B
Armstrong, John C
Armstrong, John D
Armstrong, John E
Armstrong, John F
Armstrong, John H
Armstrong, John L
Armstrong, John R
Armstrong, John S
Armstrong, John W
Armstrong, Joseph L
Armstrong, Joseph V
Armstrong, Lawson R
Armstrong, Lonzo P
Armstrong, Lorraine F
Armstrong, Luther E Jr
Armstrong, Luther E, Jr
Armstrong, Lyle E
Armstrong, Malcolm G
Armstrong, Marshall B
Armstrong, Merle D
Armstrong, N E
Armstrong, Norman E
Armstrong, Orville R
Armstrong, Peter J
Armstrong, Porter B
Armstrong, R
Armstrong, Ray
Armstrong, Raymond G
Armstrong, Raymond J
Armstrong, Reed
Armstrong, Reed, Murphy, Walter A
Armstrong, Rex E
Armstrong, Ricdard E
Armstrong, Richard E
Armstrong, Richard J
Armstrong, Richard K
Armstrong, Richard V
Armstrong, Richard W
Armstrong, Robert D
Armstrong, Robert E
Armstrong, Robert G
Armstrong, Robert H
Armstrong, Robert L
Armstrong, Robert T
Armstrong, Ronald C
Armstrong, Russell G, 1/lt
Armstrong, Russell H
Armstrong, Rx E
Armstrong, Sam G
Armstrong, Stanley L
Armstrong, Sterling D
Armstrong, T W
Armstrong, Theodore E
Armstrong, Thomas
Armstrong, Thomas (nmi)
Armstrong, Thomas **
Armstrong, Thomas H
Armstrong, Thomas M
Armstrong, Thompson W
Armstrong, Tobin (nmi)
Armstrong, Truman Jr
Armstrong, Verne
Armstrong, Verne (nmi)
Armstrong, Victor D
Armstrong, Virgil C
Armstrong, W
Armstrong, W C
Armstrong, W G
Armstrong, W W
Armstrong, William
Armstrong, William A
Armstrong, William C
Armstrong, William D
Armstrong, William F Jr
Armstrong, William F, Jr
Armstrong, William H
Armstrong, William O
Armstrong, William P
Armstrong, William R
Armstrong, William T
Armstrong. John G
Arn, Robert E
Arnaiz, Donald J
Arnaud, George V
Arnberger, Herbert F
Arnberger, Herbert F, Capt
Arndt, Clifford R
Arndt, G R
Arndt, George R
Arndt, Lon M
Arndt, Richard W
Arndt, Robert J
Arndt, Russell L
Arndt, W C
Arndt, Wilfed C
Arndt, William A
Arne, Vernon E
Arneberg, Willis M
Arneman, G E
Arnesen, Thomas E
Arneson, Allan W
Arneson, Allen W
Arneson, Edwin P
Arneson, J A
Arneson, Kenneth L
Arneson, Olaf F
Arnet, Charles D, 1/lt
Arnett, C
Arnett, Carl W
Arnett, Charles T
Arnett, Edward F
Arnett, Harry L
Arnett, Howard T
Arnett, Jack S M
Arnett, Jack S M
Arnett, Millard F
Arnett, Millard F Jr
Arnett, Samuel
Arnett, Theron H
Arnett, Vern H
Arnett, Verne
Arnett, Verne H
Arnett, Walter B
Arnett, Wayne A
Arnett, William C
Arnette, K R
Arnette, Kenneth R
Arney, Athel V
Arney, Hector
Arney, Mafalda E
Arney, Mufalda E
Arney, Rector
Arneycastle, L C
Arning, Eugene
Arning, Eugene (nmi)
Arnista, Anthony
Arno, Allen C
Arno, David H
Arnold B
Arnold, A
Arnold, Albert G
Arnold, Albert Jr
Arnold, Albert K
Arnold, Alfred A
Arnold, Alfred Adolph
Arnold, Alfred L
Arnold, Arthur L
Arnold, Arthur L Jr
Arnold, B
Arnold, B F
Arnold, Bernard C
Arnold, C Leonard
Arnold, C W
Arnold, Charlee J
Arnold, Charles
Arnold, Charles J
Arnold, Charles L
Arnold, Charles T
Arnold, Charles Thomas
Arnold, Charles W
Arnold, Claud
Arnold, Claude
Arnold, Clifford G
Arnold, Clyde L
Arnold, Conway H
Arnold, David A
Arnold, David D
Arnold, Dennis L
Arnold, Dennis O
Arnold, Dixon J
Arnold, Donald D
Arnold, Donald T
Arnold, Douglas (nmi))
Arnold, E E
Arnold, Eber J
Arnold, Edgar F
Arnold, Edisen F
Arnold, Edison F
Arnold, Edward A
Arnold, Edward W
Arnold, Ellis E
Arnold, Elroy W
Arnold, Ernest
Arnold, Ernest A
Arnold, Ernest F
Arnold, Eugene
Arnold, F E
Arnold, F L
Arnold, Frank E Jr
Arnold, Fred J
Arnold, G C
Arnold, Gene G
Arnold, George A
Arnold, George C
Arnold, George F
Arnold, George T
Arnold, George V
Arnold, George W Jr
Arnold, Gilbert
Arnold, Goerge A
Arnold, H C
Arnold, H F
Arnold, H H
Arnold, Harold B
Arnold, Harold B
Arnold, Harold L
Arnold, Harold S
Arnold, Harry E
Arnold, Harvie J
Arnold, Henry G
Arnold, Herbert C
Arnold, Herbert W
Arnold, Howard B
Arnold, Hugh C
Arnold, Jack D
Arnold, Jack T
Arnold, James
Arnold, James C
Arnold, James R
Arnold, James T
Arnold, James W
Arnold, Jean H
Arnold, Jerry L Iii
Arnold, Jesse A
Arnold, Joe M
Arnold, John A
Arnold, John A Jr
Arnold, John A, Jr
Arnold, John B
Arnold, John C
Arnold, John H
Arnold, John K, Jr
Arnold, John W
Arnold, Jonas
Arnold, Joseph R Jr
Arnold, Joseph R, Jr
Arnold, Joseph S
Arnold, Kenneth V
Arnold, Kenneth W
Arnold, Lacy H
Arnold, Larry A, Capt, Ac, Student, Fatal
Arnold, Laurell I
Arnold, Lee E
Arnold, Leonard C
Arnold, Leonard D
Arnold, Les R
Arnold, Leslie P
Arnold, Leslie R
Arnold, Lester
Arnold, Lewis J
Arnold, Lloyd E
Arnold, Lloyd P
Arnold, Lloyd R
Arnold, Llyod E
Arnold, Lorenzo R
Arnold, M V
Arnold, M W
Arnold, Martin E
Arnold, Max W
Arnold, Melvin E
Arnold, Milton W
Arnold, Norris V
Arnold, Oliver
Arnold, Patrick A
Arnold, Patrick R
Arnold, Paul D
Arnold, Paul H
Arnold, Paul W
Arnold, R A
Arnold, R H
Arnold, R W
Arnold, Ralph F
Arnold, Ray E
Arnold, Raymond K
Arnold, Raymond M
Arnold, Raymond V
Arnold, Reuben E
Arnold, Rex D
Arnold, Ria L
Arnold, Richard B
Arnold, Richard D
Arnold, Richard E
Arnold, Richard H
Arnold, Richard T
Arnold, Robert
Arnold, Robert C
Arnold, Robert E
Arnold, Robert F
Arnold, Robert L
Arnold, Robert Leroy
Arnold, Robert W
Arnold, Roy A
Arnold, Sidney C
Arnold, Stewart (nmi)
Arnold, Stuart
Arnold, Thomas C
Arnold, Thomas D
Arnold, Thomas Dean
Arnold, Thomas E
Arnold, Thomas T
Arnold, Tom M
Arnold, Vernon E
Arnold, W E
Arnold, Wallace E
Arnold, Walter E
Arnold, Walter E Jr
Arnold, Walter E, Jr
Arnold, William A
Arnold, William A Jr
Arnold, William C
Arnold, William E
Arnold, William R
Arnold, William W
Arnold, Willie J
Arnold, Winfred D
Arnold. Robert O
Arnoldi, Bernard J
Arnot, Roy W
Arnot, William G Jr
Arnot, William G, Jr
Arnote, George
Arnott, David H
Arnott, G R
Arnott, William S
Arnoult, Hubbuard B
Arnoult, Hubbuard B Jr
Arnoult, Hubbuard, B, Jr
Arnour, R W
Arnowitz, Jack
Arns, G P
Arns, George P
Arns, Laverne C
Arns, Lyle
Arns, Lyle M
Arns, Robert V
Aro, Arthur A
Aro, William
Arola, Sulo H
Aron, William E
Arondt, John L
Arone, Joseph F
Arone, Joseph T
Aronhime, Charles H
Aroni, Robert Lester
Aronica, Salvatore
Aronica, Salvatore R
Aronowitz, Jack
Aronowitz, Jacob
Aronsohn, Lee W
Aronson, Alvin S
Aronson, Arnold L
Aronson, Carl G
Aronson, F W
Aronson, H M
Aronson, Harold M
Aronson, Lloyd H
Aronson, Marshall F
Aroree, Robert A
Arory, Charles M
Aros, Alexander, 1/lt
Arp, Elwood D
Arp, Elwood, D
Arp, H C
Arp, Harry C
Arp, Howard E
Arp, J H
Arpe, Henry F
Arps, Henry F
Arquilla, Oliver P
Arquilla, Oliver P, Major
Arransts, Clyde A
Arrant, Harry E
Arrants, Clyde A
Arras, George W
Arratia, Adalia (nmi)
Arratia, Adalid L
Arrecha, Angel A
Arredondo, W E
Arredondo, William E
Arredondo, Wim
Arrell, Leonard P
Arrell, Virgil
Arrell, Virgil H
Arrendale, James G
Arrendiel, Robert W
Arrenholz, Ervin E
Arreola, Albert J
Arrigo, Donald A
Arrillaga, John E
Arrillaga, John F
Arringron, Lane
Arrington, Carl A
Arrington, Curtis H, Jr
Arrington, E A
Arrington, E W
Arrington, Edward A
Arrington, John R Jr
Arrington, R A
Arrington, Richard (NMI)
Arrington, Robert M
Arrington, Thomas M
Arrington, Thomas N
Arrison, Joseph P
Arrivey, William C
Arrogust, Harold
Arronenzi, Mariano A
Arrott, Charlie F Jr
Arrott, Charlie F, Jr
Arrout, Charles R
Arrowood, Dan R
Arrowsmith, Dick
Arrowsmith, Henry R
Arrowsmith, James T
Arrowsmith, Norman M
Arroyon, Frank E
Arrundale, Walter
Arsanault, Arthur D
Arsdall, Van Arsdall, Eugene T
Arsenault, Arthur D
Arsenault, Lloyd L
Arseneau, Bernard A
Arseneau, Julian B
Arseneault, Clayton M
Arsnow, Raymond L, Jr
Arstingstall, Robert L
Arstingstall, Robert L Jr
Arstingstall, Robert L, Jr
Artean, Donald K, Capt
Arter, Jason R Jr
Arter, Jason R, Jr
Arterburn, Haskel
Arterburn, Haskel E
Arth Gene Lmajor
Arth, Eldred W
Arth, Gene I
Arth, Gene L
Arthand, P
Arthaud, Jack M
Arthaud, P
Arthuad, Charles C
Arthur, Albert L
Arthur, Charles E
Arthur, Charles W
Arthur, Chester H
Arthur, Dogan H
Arthur, Harry S
Arthur, J A
Arthur, James H
Arthur, James M
Arthur, James O
Arthur, James R
Arthur, James S
Arthur, James S Jr
Arthur, Lloyd
Arthur, Lloyd (nmi)
Arthur, Marvin W
Arthur, Merle
Arthur, Merle E
Arthur, Robert M
Arthur, Russell D
Arthur, Thomas R
Arthur, Wilbert L
Arthur, William C
Arthur, William G
Arthur, William T
Arthur. Wilson C
Arthurs, John D
Artig, Abraham J
Artiglia, Aldo
Artimez, Joseph A
Artis, Donald R
Artis, Mahmut
Artkinson, Berkeley
Artland, P
Artley, Lewis H
Artman, Karl A
Artrip, Noah D
Artroc, Arthur N
Artruc, Arthur N
Artuso, Antonio B
Artwhol, William
Artwohl, Arpod J
Artwohl, William
Artwohl, William (nmi)
Artz, Donald D
Artz, Irvin E
Arundale, A G
Arvan, Frank J
Arvay, Frank J
Arvher, William E, Jr
Arvidson, Jack L
Arvin, Sherrill J
Arwine, Marcus L
Arwood, G
Arwood, Joe B
Arwood, Joe E
Arwood, Joseph B (cp)
Arwood, Joseph G
Aryers, Jerry H
Arzbecker, Joseph C
Arzouian, Jacob
Asay, Brent F
Asay, Gene R
Asbeck, Jack E
Asbel, Herbert J
Asbel, Herbert Jack
Asbell, Norville C
Asbell, Robert E
Asbridge, Julius
Asbridge, Julius B
Asbury, Dalmar J
Asbury, H J
Asbury, James A
Asbury, Joseph Jr
Asbury, Joseph L
Asbury, Joseph L Jr
Asbury, Lace M
Asbury, Maurice L
Asbury, Paul L
Asbury, R B
Asbury, Richard B
Asbury, Robert B
Asbury, Theodore R
Asbury, Theordore R
Asby, Sidney L
Ascan, Fred J
Ascani, Fred J
Ascari, Carlo S
Ascenzi, Richard (nmi)
Asch, Alfred
Asch, Alfred (nmi)
Aschbrenner, Donald R
Aschbrenner, Rueben W
Aschburner, Ronald E
Aschenbach, Allen D
Aschenback, Allen D
Aschenberner, Anton R
Aschenbrener, Anton R
Aschenbrener, Robert W
Aschenbrenner, Leroy E
Aschenbrenner, Robert R
Aschenbrenner, Robert W
Aschendorf, Irving
Ascher, Bordner
Ascher, Bordner F
Ascherfeld, Karl C Jr
Ascherfeld, Karl C, Jr
Ascherfield, Karl C
Ascherford, Karl C
Aschettino, Carmen A
Aschoff, John F
Asciuto, George J
Ascough, H M
Asensio, M J
Ash Bahadar
Ash, Arnold R
Ash, Curtis E
Ash, D
Ash, David P
Ash, George
Ash, George C
Ash, George E
Ash, Harold J
Ash, J L
Ash, James C
Ash, James R
Ash, Lauren E
Ash, Lonnie J
Ash, Paul B
Ash, Ralph E
Ash, Ralph K
Ash, Raymond S
Ash, Richard M
Ash, Stanley J
Ash, Thomas F
Ash, Warren H
Ash, William A
Ash, William J
Ash, William J Jr
Ash, William O
Ashabranner, Davis H
Ashba, John W
Ashback, Robert L
Ashbaugh, Bill B
Ashbaugh, Billy B
Ashberry, James B
Ashberry, James R
Ashbridge, Georga A
Ashbridge, George A
Ashbrook, Joseph L
Ashbrook, Truman R
Ashburn, I W
Ashburn, N P
Ashby, Charles B
Ashby, Clifford T
Ashby, Donald R
Ashby, Hervert J
Ashby, Hugh R
Ashby, Joseph T
Ashby, Robert.
Ashby,joseph T
Ashcraft, Archie B
Ashcraft, Archie B Jr
Ashcraft, Blain
Ashcraft, Blaine
Ashcraft, Blaine (nmi)
Ashcraft, Bradford B
Ashcraft, Bradford N
Ashcraft, Herman H
Ashcraft, Howard W
Ashcraft, Ivan C
Ashcraft, James A
Ashcraft, John T
Ashcraft, Miller G
Ashcraft, Robert G, Capt
Ashcraft, Yvonne C
Ashcroft, Joe R
Ashcroft, Richard C
Ashe, Gene
Ashe, Haxel
Ashen, C T
Ashenbrener, Rudolph C
Ashenfelter, R L
Ashenfelter, Rd
Ashenfelter, Robert L
Ashenfelter, Robt L
Ashenhurst, Curtis D
Ashenmacher, Joseph M
Asher, Alvin
Asher, Alvin B
Asher, B J
Asher, Colman R
Asher, Edward L
Asher, Galen V
Asher, Irving
Asher, J
Asher, James
Asher, James L
Asher, Jerome M
Asher, Jerome M F
Asher, Robert D
Asher, Robert Taylor
Asher, Steven D
Asherman, Aldon M
Ashford, Arnold W
Ashford, Hugh R
Ashford, John D
Ashford, Sheldon E
Ashford, Theodroe H
Ashkims, Milton H
Ashkins, Milton H
Ashland, Arthur E
Ashland, Kermit A
Ashland, Robert F
Ashler, Elmer W
Ashler, Frederick L, Capt
Ashley, Alvin W
Ashley, Calvin V
Ashley, Frank A
Ashley, Gordon B
Ashley, J D
Ashley, James E, Major
Ashley, Joe B
Ashley, John C
Ashley, Julian B
Ashley, Lorraine A
Ashley, Melvin E
Ashley, Robert C
Ashley, Robert H
Ashley, Robert L
Ashley, Robert M
Ashley, William E
Ashley, William M Jr
Ashley, William M, Jr
Ashley, Willie
Ashlock, J
Ashman, Harold E
Ashman, Richard C
Ashman, Robert
Ashmead, John A
Ashmead, John C
Ashmore, Carl G
Ashmore, Gene M
Ashmore, Gerald U
Ashmore, Robert R
Ashmore, Walter E
Ashmore, William F
Ashmore, William M
Ashner, Herman
Ashpole, Donald J
Ashton, A T
Ashton, Albert J
Ashton, Arthur T
Ashton, Charles R
Ashton, D B
Ashton, David B
Ashton, Edward R
Ashton, Harry
Ashton, John D
Ashton, John J
Ashton, Leonard C Jr
Ashton, Peter
Ashton, Ralph J
Ashton, T M
Ashton, William J
Ashurst, Charles L
Ashurst, Roger D
Ashurst, Walter T
Ashwill, N A Jr
Ashwill, Nelson A Jr
Ashwill, Nelson A, Jr
Ashwood, Donald H
Ashwood, Howard A
Ashworth, Dean H
Ashworth, Earl E
Ashworth, G M
Ashworth, George (NMI)
Ashworth, Jack O
Ashworth, James T
Ashworth, Linville P
Ashworth, Wilfred
Ashworth, Wilfred B
Ashworth, William L
Ashyk, B J
Asire [hard To Read]
Asire, Donald E
Asire, Donald H
Asjes, Hermanus C
Aske, Alf (nmi) Jr
Askelson, Howard S
Askew George W,jr1lt.
Askew, George W
Askew, George W Jr
Askew, Herrell C
Askew, Leo G Jr
Askew, R E
Askew, R S
Askew, Robert
Askew, Robert E H
Askew, Robert L
Askew, Warren E
Askew, Willard D
Askey, C
Askey, James N
Askey, Stanley L
Askin, Eldred W
Askins, John J Jr
Askins, Lyon D
Askman, Nils M
Askonnis, Gust
Askounis, Gust
Askounis, Gust (nmi)
Askounis, Gust.
Askovnis, Glost
Asla, Felix R Jr
Asland, Richard D
Asler, William A
Asleson, Floyd V
Aslin, Ralph R
Asltonen, Kullervo
Asmer, Lewis J
Asmodt, Duane A
Asmus, Clifford M
Asmus, E P
Asmus, Edward P
Asmus, Edward R
Asmus, Paul O
Asmussen, George A
Asmussen, John
Asmussen, John E
Asneski, John
Asp, Clayton T
Asp, Melvin B
Asparato, Maximo S
Aspavig, Leroy D
Aspeasi, Francis L
Aspegren, Cleo I
Aspell, Dorothy I
Aspell, Francis D
Aspen, Adolph F
Asper, Donald R
Asper, O C
Asper, Orlando C
Asper, Richard H
Aspessi, Francis L
Aspey, J
Aspinall, Edward C
Aspinnall, Randolph H
Aspinwall, Peter C
Aspinwall, Randolph H
Asplund, Earl D
Asplund, Erick O (o)
Asplund, Erik O
Asplund, Kaino J
Asplund, Paul D
Asplund, Robert H
Asplund, Stanley W
Aspol, Irving
Asptey, William R
Assad, Joseph Jr
Assad, Thames C
Assad, Thomas J
Assam, Moneer
Asselin, Henry O
Assell, Lawrence B
Assenheimer, Robert F
Asseo, Sam
Assey, Samuel M
Assip, Eugene F
Ast, John P
Ast, Richard E
Ast, Zygmunt A
Astasauskas, Edward A
Astewe, Bertram
Astier, Claude
Astin, Claude S
Astle, Joseph E
Astley, Harry J
Aston, Edward C
Aston, James B
Aston, James E
Aston, Samuel M
Aston, Thomas H
Astone, Thomas C
Astor, John J
Astoreno, Andrew
Astreve,bertram (nmi)
Astrove, Bertham
Astrove, Bertham (nmi)
Astrove, Bertram
Astrove, Bertram (nmi)
Astrove, Bertran
Astrup, Fleming
Astuto, Michael
Astuto, Mike
Asvestos, Nick A
Aszman, Burton H
Aszmen, Burton H
Atak, Nehmet
Atamian, Harry H
Atcherley, R L R
Atcheson, B R
Atcheson, Benjamin
Atcheson, Benjamin R
Atchinso, Delmar W
Atchinson, Frank M
Atchinson, Richard B Jr
Atchison, Brooks U
Atchison, Delmar W
Atchison, Frank K
Atchison, Jerre J
Atchison, Richard F
Atchison, Richard Lee
Atchison, Robert E
Atchisow, James R
Atchley, Ben D
Atchley, J A
Aten, Arley F
Ates, Leroy D
Ates, Mortimer A
Atfield, Alva R
Atha, Edward E
Athas, Christ
Atherton, Henry C
Atherton, Holt
Atherton, James W
Atherton, John L
Atherton, K L
Atherton, Leslie B
Atherton, Louis E
Atherton, Robert F
Atherton, Roy L
Atherton, Vernon J
Atherton, Warren
Athey, Edward M
Athey, Milton W
Athey, Stanley T
Athey, Wallace C
Athin, D
Athmann, Delore L
Atins, Frederick Rlaine
Atkelski, Bernard T
Atkin, Alfred E
Atkin, Norman
Atkin, Norman M
Atkin, Robert J
Atkin, Thomas W
Atkins, Alfred E
Atkins, Arthur H
Atkins, Byard E
Atkins, Charles N
Atkins, Clinton P
Atkins, Dale
Atkins, Donald Blake
Atkins, Everett R Jr
Atkins, Frank A
Atkins, Frederick B
Atkins, Gus H
Atkins, Harold
Atkins, Harold W
Atkins, J
Atkins, J, Jr
Atkins, James F
Atkins, James L
Atkins, James P
Atkins, Jerome P
Atkins, John
Atkins, John F
Atkins, John G
Atkins, John M
Atkins, John N
Atkins, John W
Atkins, Joseph E
Atkins, Lester C
Atkins, Philip F
Atkins, Philip N
Atkins, Ralph F
Atkins, Richard A
Atkins, Richard A Jr
Atkins, Richard S
Atkins, Robert F
Atkins, Rogert (NMI)
Atkins, Skaddon M
Atkins, Thomas E
Atkins, Thomas F
Atkins, Thomas R
Atkins, Turner J
Atkins, Ulys S
Atkins, Vincent L
Atkins, W F
Atkins, Walter J
Atkins, Wayne F
Atkins, William Edward
Atkins, William L
Atkinson, Anderson W
Atkinson, Benjamin T
Atkinson, Berkeley
Atkinson, C B
Atkinson, C V
Atkinson, Challen P
Atkinson, Charles E
Atkinson, Clarence E
Atkinson, Clarence R
Atkinson, Courtney B
Atkinson, Donald T
Atkinson, Earl G
Atkinson, Edward N
Atkinson, Edwin
Atkinson, Elmer S
Atkinson, Emmett
Atkinson, Ernest J
Atkinson, Eugene T
Atkinson, Evert D
Atkinson, F R
Atkinson, Frank L
Atkinson, George R
Atkinson, George W
Atkinson, Gwen G
Atkinson, Hal F Jr
Atkinson, Hal F, Jr
Atkinson, Harley
Atkinson, Henry W
Atkinson, Herbert B
Atkinson, Howard C
Atkinson, Howard G
Atkinson, Hugh H
Atkinson, Ivan C
Atkinson, J H
Atkinson, J L
Atkinson, J M
Atkinson, James B
Atkinson, James D
Atkinson, Joe A
Atkinson, John F
Atkinson, John L
Atkinson, John S
Atkinson, Joseph
Atkinson, Joseph (NMI)
Atkinson, Joseph (nmi)
Atkinson, Joseph H
Atkinson, Leland R
Atkinson, Marion H
Atkinson, Marvin B
Atkinson, Mervin B
Atkinson, Milford P
Atkinson, Obbie O
Atkinson, Owen G
Atkinson, P W
Atkinson, Philip E
Atkinson, Phillip H
Atkinson, Ralph J Jr
Atkinson, Rhamy (ro)
Atkinson, Richard L
Atkinson, Richard M
Atkinson, Robert S
Atkinson, Robert W
Atkinson, Samuel H
Atkinson, Samuel M
Atkinson, Thomas J
Atkinson, Thomas W
Atkinson, Tom F
Atkinson, Vernon C
Atkinson, W T
Atkinson, Walter C
Atkinson, Walter G
Atkinson, William A
Atkinson, William J
Atkinson, William T
Atkinson,joseph H
Atkison, Howard M
Atkisson, John S
Atland, William D
Atlas, Joseph
Atlas, Robert C
Atlass, Jesse N
Atlee, Samuel J
Atler, Lloyd B
Atmar, Robert C
Atohley, J A
Aton, Bert B
Aton, Terry
Ator, Samuel J H
Atrey, August E
Atristain, Ramon P
Atroshenko, Daniel A
Attabarry, James I
Attaberry, James L
Attali, Sylvain (nmi)
Attard, Carmelo
Attardo, Sebastion S
Attaway, Bill T
Attaway, James
Attaway, James A
Attaway, Michael E
Attebary, Chester
Atteberry, Et
Atteberry, Eugene T
Atteberry, James L
Atteberry, Ray N
Atteberry, Rodney W
Attebery, Alan C
Attenberry, E T
Attenberry, Ray N
Attenborough S C
Attenborough, C C
Attenborough, Sidney C
Attenbring, Harold
Attenbury, Iven M
Atterberry, Ray N
Atterbery, Alan C
Atterbury, I M
Atterholt, Charles W
Attig, Daniel W, 1/lt, Afres, Fatal
Attilio, Sebastian J
Attison, L R
Attix, Wilbur G
Attkinson, L D
Attlesberger, Woodrow
Attolico, Samuel
Atton, Joseph R
Attone, Jacob C
Attridge, James F Jr
Attridge, James F, Jr
Attutis, Justin C
Atwater, Alfred A, Jr
Atwater, Alfred S
Atwater, Alfred S Jr
Atwater, Alfred S, Jr
Atwater, Daniel C
Atwater, Frank C, Jr
Atwater, John H
Atwater, John S
Atwell, Arley L
Atwell, Arloy L
Atwell, C E
Atwell, Edward V
Atwell, Edward V Jr
Atwell, Edward V, Jr
Atwell, Maurice P
Atwell, William D
Atwill, Dwayne C
Atwood, Albert
Atwood, Albert P
Atwood, Bayard N Jr
Atwood, Benjamin W
Atwood, Calvin G
Atwood, Cecil M
Atwood, Charles J
Atwood, Edwin O
Atwood, Frank W
Atwood, Franklin D
Atwood, George M
Atwood, J F
Atwood, James F
Atwood, James W
Atwood, Lamar T
Atwood, Luther E (wg)
Atwood, Norman
Atwood, R T
Atwood, Ralph D
Atwood, Richard T
Atwood, Robert W
Atwood, Simeon H
Atz, John F
Atzberg, Arthur J
Au, William J
Aubart, William B
Aubaud, Georges (nmi)
Aube, Louis J
Aubele, Frederick E
Aubert George J
Aubert, Bernard J
Aubert, Bernard T
Aubert, George J
Aubert, William B
Aubill, George F
Aubin, Joseph
Aubin, Martin R
Aubin, Oscar A
Aubin, Raymond H
Aubke, Marion D
Auble, Donald C
Auble, Ronald G
Auborn, Seymour E
Aubreten, Yves
Aubreton, Yves
Aubrey, George, Jr
Aubrey, Guy J
Aubrey, Henry S
Aubrey, James T
Aubrey, Lawrence E
Aubrey, Lawrence E
Aubrey, Lawrence E>
Aubrey, Ralph E
Aubry, Jacques
Aubry, Jacques (nmi)
Aubry, Joseph D
Aubuchon, Lee F
Aubuchon, Theodore L
Aubuchon, William B
Aucella, Eugenio A
Auchincloss, Bayard C
Auchter, Fred
Aucker, Lon E
Auckland, Gordon R
Auclair, Roger
Auclair, Rogers
Auclair, Rogers (nmi)
Aucoin, John J
Aucoin, Maurice J
Auda, Robert F
Audd, Oren L
Auderer, Albert F Jr
Audette, Albert E
Audette, Lee R
Audette, Leo R
Audette, William T
Audia, Benjamin J
Audia, John
Audia, Joseph B
Audin, George
Audino, Emanuel P
Audio, Joseph B
Audius, John W
Audleman, Forrest M
Audonnet, Pierre
Audus, John W
Aue, Gabriel L
Auer, A M
Auer, Edmond F
Auer, F J
Auer, Francis J
Auer, Lloyd Stuart
Auer, Oliver (nmi)
Auer, Richard L
Auer, Vernon A
Auerbach, David T
Auerbach, M S
Auerbach, Robert A
Auermueller, Gustav
Auernheimer, Walter
Auernheimer, Walter S
Aufdemorte, Lewis G Jr
Aufderheide, John H
Aufford, William Allerton
Aufiery, John D
Aufmuth, Lester H
Aufner, Carl G
Aufner, Cerl G
Aufrichtig, Robert E
Auga, Richard A
Augar, Roby D
Augarten, Rudolph
Augarten, Rudolph (nmi)
Augarten, Rudulph
Augasun [or Adgason Or Adgasun]
Auge, Richard A
Augelli, Archille P
Augenstein, Karl V
Auger, H F
Aughinbaugh, Paul E
Aughsnbaugh, Sidney H
Augsberger, Maximillian C
Augsburger, Harold F
Augspringer, Harold F
Augspurger, Harold F
Augsupuger, H F
Augur, Robert E
Augur, Roby D
August, Harry C
August, John H
August, R L
August, William J
Auguste, Robert A
Augustenborg, Jorgeh J M
Augustenborg, Jorgen
Augustin, Charles R
Augustin, Harold J
Augustin, Oswald E
Augustine, J J.
Augustine, Jack L
Augustine, James W
Augustine, Jm
Augustine, Jospeh J
Augustine, K E
Augustine, Lloyd H
Augustine, Marlyn C
Augustine, Thomas J
Augustus P
Augustus, Robert C
Augustus, Robert D
Augustyn, Teddy
Augustyn, Teddy (nmi)
Auker, Richard E
Aukerman, Roscoe R
Aulbert, Willis L
Auld, David H Jr
Auld, David H, Jr
Auld, Dewitt C
Auld, Joseph J
Aulenbach, William F
Aull, Arthur H
Aull, H M
Aull, Herbert
Aull, Hubert M
Aulsbury, R J
Aulsbury, Robert J
Ault, C J
Ault, Charles E
Ault, Clifford J
Ault, Clifford John
Ault, Clyde E
Ault, Clyde N
Ault, Frank G
Ault, Frank G Jr
Ault, Herbert C
Ault, Jr, James J
Ault, Kenneth D
Ault, Richard A
Ault, Thomas G
Ault, W
Ault, William H
Ault, Winton
Ault, Winton W
Aultman, Curtis L
Aultman, E L
Aultman, Elton
Aultman, Elton L
Aultman, Ronald W
Aulwes, William W
Auman, Edward W
Auman, W B
Auman, William B
Aumann, Edward W
Aument, George C
Aumock, Ray M
Aune, Edward H
Aune, Herbert B
Aune, Lloyd R
Auner, Thomas W
Aungst, Donald H, Capt
Aunspaugh, Merle W
Auprey, Albert
Auranen, Allen H
Auria, Joseph L
Auringer, Francis
Auringer, Francis (tractor Driver)
Auringer, Frank J
Auringer, Max A
Ausband, Frank C
Ausburn, Franklin E
Ausburn, Henry G
Ausburn, Jese J
Ausburn, Jess J
Aush, B J
Ausherman, J D
Ausherman, Jd
Ausherman, John D
Auslander, Pincus H
Aus-lander, Pincus H
Ausman, Homer F
Ausman, Neal E
Ausmus, James W
Ausmus, Leon F
Aust, Abner M
Austad, Quisling G
Austad, Robert G
Austed, Robert G
Austell, Harry L
Austell, James R
Austenfeld, Eugene J
Auster, Lionel S
Austermuhl, George A
Austin, A E
Austin, Alan Y
Austin, Alfred
Austin, Alfred H
Austin, Alfred N
Austin, Arthur E
Austin, Arthur F
Austin, Bennett T
Austin, Burton L
Austin, C A
Austin, C M
Austin, C W
Austin, Calvin N
Austin, Claude S (ph)
Austin, Clyde B
Austin, Coy L
Austin, Coy Lee.
Austin, Daniel S
Austin, Daniel V
Austin, Dillard D
Austin, Donald A
Austin, Donald W
Austin, Donn R Jr
Austin, Edward G
Austin, Elbert H
Austin, Erwin G
Austin, Eugene H
Austin, Eugene L
Austin, Forrest A
Austin, George B Jr
Austin, George C
Austin, George K
Austin, George L, Jr
Austin, George M
Austin, George R
Austin, Gordon H
Austin, Guyu B Jr
Austin, H C
Austin, H W Jr
Austin, Harold
Austin, Harold R
Austin, Herbert W
Austin, Herman C
Austin, Horace W Jr
Austin, Horace W, Jr
Austin, Howard C
Austin, Howard D
Austin, Howard D, Major
Austin, Howard K
Austin, J A
Austin, J G
Austin, J H
Austin, J R
Austin, James A
Austin, James C
Austin, James C Jr
Austin, James P
Austin, James R
Austin, James V
Austin, Joe Jr
Austin, Joe, Jr
Austin, John A
Austin, John E
Austin, John G
Austin, John K
Austin, John M
Austin, John T
Austin, Joseph J
Austin, Keith M
Austin, Kenneth S
Austin, L E
Austin, Laurice
Austin, Laurice Q
Austin, Lawrence E
Austin, Lawrence H
Austin, Leroy L
Austin, Lewis C
Austin, Lewis G
Austin, Linus J
Austin, Loval V
Austin, Loyal D
Austin, Loyal V
Austin, Luval O
Austin, Lynford A
Austin, M L
Austin, Mack E
Austin, Marshall S
Austin, N D
Austin, Norman D
Austin, Oliver
Austin, Omar A
Austin, Orville L
Austin, Ralph
Austin, Ralph H
Austin, Ralph T
Austin, Raymond E
Austin, Richard S
Austin, Robert
Austin, Robert E
Austin, Robert N
Austin, Royal L
Austin, W E
Austin, W J
Austin, Walter W
Austin, Warren G
Austin, William C
Austin, William L
Austion, Laurice Q
Australian Infantryman
Autan, Russell H
Autdemonte, Lawrence G Jr
Auten, Chelsey J
Auten, Chesley J
Auten, Dean H
Auten, Donald W
Auten, F C Jr
Auten, F C, Jr
Auten, Frank C Jr
Auten, Frank C, Jr
Auten, Howard R
Auten, Richard L
Auten, Russell H
Autery, J L
Author: Riel, Samuel C
Autin, Gerald A
Autissier, Roger
Auton, Jesse
Auton, Jesse A
Auton, Jesse.
Auton, Richard L
Auton, Robert W
Auton, Thomas E
Autorina, Joseph
Autrey, Clifford E, Jr
Autrey, M M
Autrey, Marius M
Autry, H L
Autry, Richard L
Autry, Robert C
Autry, Roger W
Autula, Bernhard
Auvil, Dan
Auvil, Don
Auvil, Earl W
Auxier, Clayton F
Auxter, Charles N
Avaery, Frank E
Avakian, Luther (nmi)
Avance, Donald E
Avansino, Harold V
Avant, Mercer W
Avant, Peggy
Avarello, Charles
Avarello, Charles A
Avaritt, George H
Avdek, George M
Avdevich, Fillmore
Avdevich, Fillmore T
Avedisan, Souron S
Avelino, Fernando A
Aven, William C
Avenard, J C
Avendane, Joseph
Avendane, Joseph (nmi)
Avendano, J
Avendano, Joseph
Avendano, Joseph Jr
Avendano, Joseph, Jr
Avene, Anthony
Aveni, Anthony C
Avent, Meercer W
Avent, Mercer W
Aver, Kenneth R
Avera, Benjamin W Jr
Avera, Sirman
Avera, Sirman W
Avera, Sirman W Jr
Avera, Sirman W, Jr
Avera, Sirmon W Jr
Avera, William W
Averet Cpl
Averett, Bert
Averett, Clyde M
Averett, E R
Averett, Elbert R
Averett, J
Averett, Jack
Averett, Norvin K
Averhamer, John G
Averil, Paul C Jr
Averill, C P
Averill, Donald G
Averill, Lester W
Averill, Paul C
Averill, Paul C Jr
Averill, Robert G
Averill, Roderick H
Averings, Byron C
Averitt, Kenneth
Averitt, William T
Aversa, Vincent J
Avery, A J
Avery, A J, Jr
Avery, Alden I
Avery, B C
Avery, B F
Avery, C W
Avery, Charles
Avery, Charles E
Avery, Charles M
Avery, Charles W
Avery, Clyde E
Avery, Delwin B
Avery, Donald H
Avery, E A
Avery, E S
Avery, Edward S
Avery, Edwin D
Avery, Emerson A
Avery, Emmett M Jr
Avery, Eugene V
Avery, Frank E
Avery, Gerald
Avery, Gerald E
Avery, Harold B
Avery, Jack W
Avery, Jefferson F
Avery, John B
Avery, John P
Avery, Lois (nmi)
Avery, Lyndall J
Avery, Melvin S
Avery, Milton L
Avery, R B
Avery, R E
Avery, Randall J
Avery, Raymond B
Avery, Raymond R
Avery, Rex E
Avery, Richard E
Avery, Sherwood T
Avery, Sherwood.
Avery, Shewood T
Avery, William J
Aves, Ellis
Aves, Ellis D
Avey, John S
Avgerinos, Byron C
Avichouser, Howard R
Avighi, Amadeo Luiz
Avila, Ambrosio G Jr
Aviles, George Jr
Avilez, George (nmi), Jr
Avinger, Herbert M
Avinger, Ronald Q
Avis, Bennie L
Avis, Robert F
Avise, Donald C
Avra, Carl J
Avrea, Walter C
Avriett, Giles C
Avrutis, Hilliard
Awagain, Albert E
Awalt, Melvurn R
Awanius, James G
Awanson, Dale S
Awe, Charles
Awe, Donald E
Awenius, James G
Awenius, Willard R
Awerner, David (nmi)
Awezec, John S
Awrajcewicz, Charles F
Awtry, William C
Ax, George B
Axby, L F
Axe, Albert R
Axelgood, W
Axelowitz, Jack
Axelrod, Elliott J
Axen, Laurice G
Axen, Luarice C
Axford, F A
Axford, Francis A
Axland, Roger C, 1lt
Axlegood, W
Axley, John H
Axmacher, Harol G
Axmacher, Harold G
Axman, Charles A
Axmann, John H
Axmann, John R
Axson, Jason M Jr
Axson, Ralph L
Axson, Ralph L Jr
Axt, Donald F
Axt, Richard C
Axtater, Carl S
Axtater, Karl S
Axteli, Alan T
Axtell, Alan T
Axtell, Daniel E
Axtell, Darrel E
Axtell, Don L
Axtell, Duane L
Axtell, Eugene D
Axthelm, David E
Axthelm, Deon D
Axton, John T Iii
Axton, John W
Axton, William S
Axvig, Willard E
Ayaay, Victor N
Ayala, Jaime (nmi)
Ayala, Olavo G C
Ayars, Robert H
Aycock, C E
Aycock, George L Jr
Aycock, George W
Aycock, H W
Aycock, J
Aycock, Joseph M
Aycock, Julian C
Aycock, William T Iii
Ayd, Charles J
Aydelotte. Jarvies A
Ayer, Elliott D
Ayer, Herbert J Jr
Ayer, Ivan R
Ayer, Samuel J
Ayer, William H
Ayer, William W Jr
Ayer, William W, Jr
Ayer,s Joseph B
Ayers, Alton C
Ayers, Clarence F
Ayers, Ernest J
Ayers, Fay E
Ayers, Francis N
Ayers, Henry
Ayers, Henry (nmi)
Ayers, Howard F
Ayers, J W
Ayers, James E W
Ayers, James W
Ayers, James W **
Ayers, Jerry H
Ayers, Jerry M
Ayers, John
Ayers, John D Jr
Ayers, John P
Ayers, Joseph B
Ayers, L R
Ayers, Merle T
Ayers, Morgan A
Ayers, Owen W
Ayers, Paul F
Ayers, Philip W
Ayers, Robert H
Ayers, Robert L
Ayers, Robert R
Ayers, Robert S
Ayers, Russell V
Ayers, Vincent B
Ayers, Wilbur L
Ayers, Williard W
Ayers, Wilmer A
Ayersman, Richard L
Ayesh, Richard R
Ayle, Howard H
Aylen, Robert J
Ayler, Harley Jennings
Ayler, John W Iii
Ayles, Robert L
Aylesworth, Leonard E
Aylesworth, T R
Ayling, Albert E Jr
Ayling, Thomas
Aylor, Harley J
Aylor, James L Jr
Aylor, Meredith M
Aylstock, Robert
Aylstock, Robert W
Aylsworth, George F (ce)
Aylsworth, Paul R
Aylward, Richard R
Aylworth, Milo
Aymar, Gordon C Jr
Aymer, Gordon C Jr
Aymeric, Henry
Aymond L
Aynes, William
Aynes, William (nmi)
Ayneswirth, Horace D
Aynesworth, Horace D
Ayo, Jackson J Iii
Ayo, Jackson J, Ii
Ayobjotes, Jarvies K
Ayon, Henry L
Ayoob, Kenneth C
Ayotte, Austin C
Ayotte, Lionel A
Ayotte, Mn
Ayre, Stanley H
Ayres, Eldon D
Ayres, Henry
Ayres, James W
Ayres, Joseph C
Ayres, L E
Ayres, Marion J
Ayres, Paul W
Ayres, Ward O
Ayres, Willard W
Ayrest, Robert
Ayrest, Robert C
Ayrolles, A
Ayrolles, L
Ayscough, Harry
Ayscough, Harry C
Azarte, Luis P
Azat, Joseph A
Azat, Joseph H
Azevedo, John J
Azevedo, Joseph P
Azgapetian, A V
Azgapetian, Ahzat V
Azimont, Jacques M
Azkers,donald W
Azlin, William J
Aznarez, Paul
Aznavoorian, Martin P
Azzara, Blaise A
Azzinnare, Gerald
Azzinnaro, Gerald
Azzolina, Rocco Jr
Azzolina, Rocco, Jr