F-5E Aggressor
Central Nevada



I knew it was going to be a good day because as we started hiking F-16s and F-15s were dogfighting high above. They were just loud enough to keep you looking to the sky, but too high to really see anything other than tiny dots in the sky. Then all of the sudden, the noise grew louder, as a matter of fact VERY LOUD as a B-1B popped up over the hill and flew directly over us at only 200 feet above the ground. I just barely had time to snap a shot before he dove back down below the saddle in the ridge (left picture). Then I thought "what about his wing man?" as I spun around and got one shot off before the 2nd B-1B disappeared behind a hill (right picture). I only wish I had time to get the telephoto lens. These were shot with a 35mm lens, no zoom!


Nose section of the F-5. The shiny stainless steel boxes are the 20mm ammo boxes.
Left, a skin panel from the bottom of the nose.

Right, Doug Scroggins from
Lost Birds examines a wing.



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