B-23 Dragon s/n 39-052
29 JAN 43
Loon Lake ID
Page 2


Quite surprising walking through dense woods and then seeing this. Looking into the remains of the cockpit section.
The fuselage with the vertical and the rudder poking out behind the brush. Looking down the side of the fuselage with the aft crew entrance open.
To think that over 55 years ago several very excited crewmen hurried their way out of these hatches into the cold Idaho wilderness to escape a possible fire. The left wing burned between the engine and the fuselage. There was also another fire in the fuselage just aft of the cockpit and you can see the burn area on the right side of the right hand picture. I do not know if these fires were from the crash, were started as rescue signals, or to help the crew keep warm.
Craig inspecting gashes in the fuselage caused by the landing in the trees. The burn area in the fuselage is visible in the upper left and in the lower right you can see the burn area in the wing. Looking down the top of the fuselage.



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