Cessna UC-78 Bobcat
UC-78B s/n 43-7968
24 JAN 45
10 miles south of Arlington AZ

Today 1945 crash report photo.
Today 1945 crash report photo.
Today 1945 crash report photo.

Two more views of the Tube frame

Another view of the crash site, note the cowling on the right The other cowling is still around the engine
Main Gear Magneto, generator and motor.
Pitot tube and seatbelt harness. Note the fire damage on the top of the pitot tube (left). The plane did not burn at the time of the crash as evident in the crash report photos above, but has definitely burned at one time since then. Several one gallon cans (above right) were found in the wreckage. It is not know if the USAAF set fire to wreckage right after the investigation, though the cans look more modern than that, or if the CAP or BLM set it on fire at a later date to make it less visible. Any metal can experts out there who can date this can?

This crash has a very interesting story of the crash, the struggle to bail out and the rescue of the crew, be sure to read the crash report excerpts by clicking on the link below. If anyone knows the current whereabouts of any of the people involved, what they went on to do in WWII, or has a yearbook with pictures of the crew, please contact AAIR.


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