Camping set up with the truck

Full Load including 21 gal of water, but no firewood, tipping the scale at 5769 lbs.

A light camping load, less stuff and only 11 gal of water.


Typical campsite set up
(Just happens to be one of those rare occasions where we are in an improved camp ground rather than dispersed camping)
Camping with friends at Bryce Canyon National Park, UT. April `06

Everything, including the kitchen sink. Hot water heater acting as the kitchen sink faucet, but it is also a shower.
The kitchen pantry. Washing up for dinner.
When you can cook like this, you can eat like this!  Fajitas & Margaritas, now that's roughing it!


Pictures of various camp sites we have gone to

Camping at Mojave National Preserve, CA, March `08



White Mountains, AZ, Spring 2005

Lunch break using some of the boxes to create shade. Heading out on a hike with a full camp load in the back of the truck.
2 early (in the `04 trucks life) camping pictures.
 29 Palms Mountains, CA, April `08 Santa Maria River, AZ, August `06
North of Las Vegas, NV, March `07 Desert National Wildlife Refuge, NV, Nov `07
Joshua Tree National Park, CA, April `06  


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