T-38A s/n 61-0928
18 APR 67
Devils Canyon, AZ


Virtual Crash Site Tour

This site is designed to allow the visitor to be able to visit a crash site as close as possible without actually going there, by using only still photos and the Internet. There are over 25 web pages with almost 100 large photos to view of the crash site. In January 2001 AAIR lead a group of aviation enthusiasts from throughout Arizona area to the crash site of T-38A s/n 61-0928 and these are the photos from it. Special thanks to Charlie Schultz for the photos he contributed.

Click on the numbers or letters in either the aerial photo or chart below to inspect  that part on the ground. 

The numbers refer to parts that are in the official USAF report's wreckage diagram (see diagram below photo). Not all of the numbers are listed as not all of the parts are still there! The letters refer to parts visible in the aerial photo, but not listed in the official USAF report's wreckage diagram.

1. Portion of the rudder
2. Pieces of internal wing & speed brake
3. Right hand flap
4. Right hand wing
5. Aspirator
6. Cabin pressure regulator
7. Pressure regulator
8. Front instrument panel

9. Left hand wing
10. Aft fuselage
11. Aft instrument panel
12. Tail section & engines
13. Left hand flap
14. Cabin temperature control valve
A. Canopy rail section
B. Miscellaneous parts
C. Small miscellaneous parts
D. Nose gear
E. Wing skin & canopy frame section
F. Section between the cockpits w/     ejection seat rail
G. Wing skin
H. Center wing section
 I. Horizontal tailplane
J. Tail cone/ exhaust pipe
K. Air Scoop
L. Control surface skin
M. Small miscellaneous parts


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