AD-6 Bu# 135254 & AD-6 Bu# 135264
26 AUG 54
Mount Saint Helena California

Special Thanks to Todd Black for the photos of LCDR Hubert Worrell. Todd is the grandson of LCDR Hubert Lawrence Worrell, who was fatally injured in Bu# 135254.

I have lost Todd Black's contact information and would like to get back in touch with him or any other relatives LCDR Worrell for further background information on LCDR Worrell. Please contact me at

Two photos of LCDR Worrell


The pilot of the second plane was LTJG Roger Weston Tillson. LTJG Tillson was a 1951 US Naval Academy Graduate.
I would also like to get in touch with any relatives of LTJG Tillson for research I am doing on this accident. Please contact me at

LTJG Tillson


The tail section of Bu# 135264. The tail section of Bu# 135254.
AAIR team members on the left inspect a section of the fuselage . A195 can faintly be seen on the side of the fuselage indicating the squadron number VA-195.
Air team members just above the crash site. 511 the plane number on the side of the tail. From the crash report it can be determined that this plane is Bu#.135264. Doug Scroggins of LostBirds holding a bomb rack with the Bu#,135264, stenciled on it.


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