USN Naval Aircraft Factory OS2N Kingfisher Accident Reports

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Date A/C Type BuNo Squadron Wing Base Action D Pilot Country State Location Remarks Crew/Passenger 1 Crew/Passenger 2
420309 OS2N-1 01218 Ferry

TOA B Whitney, Orin J. USA NC Elizabeth City Ferry Flight

420313 OS2N-1 12919 VS1D7
NAS Banana River TAC B
USA FL NAS Banana River Training

420408 OS2N-1 01229 Ferry

FLEF B Feher, Anthony USA NC Reidsville Pilot facts - 7000hrs flying 15yrs & 7 accidents

420520 OS2N-1 01245 VO-2
USS Tennessee (BB-43) TOA C Silberstein, Howard J. USA CA NAS Alameda Night flying Schaner, D. E.
420604 OS2N-1 01261

MCAS Parris Island LAC B Beatty, USA NC MCAS Parris Island
420615 OS2N-1 01270 VS1D15
NAS Coco Solo KC A Sooter, Cecil D. Canal Zone
NAS Coco Solo Anti-Submarine Patrol Evertta A. Erb
420630 OS2N-1 01221 VS1D13
NAS Kodiak TOA B Heifner, Frederick R. USA AK NAS Kodiak Convoy Patrol Page, G. J.
420708 OS2N-1 01296 VS1D10
NAS San Juan TOA A Rees, Rys W. Puerto Rico
NAS San Juan Transport of Personnel Mattox, Raymond H. Jr.
420710 OS2N-1 01295 VS1D10
NAS San Juan KFLEF A Cool, Raymond John Puerto Rico
NAS San Juan Search for VP aircraft Adams, Victor H.
420721 OS2N-1 01284 VMS-3
MCAS St. Thomas LAC D Groth, Robert F. Virgin Islands
St. Croix, St. Johns Airfield Training Merritt, Donald B.
420729 OS2N-1 01287

MCAS St. Thomas KC A Kerwin, David Malin Virgin Islands
MCAS St. Thomas Night Formation Practice Van Hook, Richard Paul
420810 OS2N-1 01242 VO-3
USS Idaho (BB-42) LAC A Schrader, Frederick R.

USS Idaho at sea Observation & Inner Air Patrol Conway, Harry B.
420811 OS2N-1 01227 VO-2
USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) LAC A Joyce, Edward P.

USS Pennsylvania at sea Patrol Allenby, John L.
420820 OS2N-1 01341 Ferry
NAS Seattle C A Roebuck, M. J. CAN BC Calvert Island, Fitzhugh Sound Ferry Flight - Hit mtn Goddard, S. S.
420825 OS2N-1 01285 VMS-3
MCAS St. Thomas LAC C Edmondson, Robert W. Virgin Islands
MCAS St. Thomas (Bourne Field) Special Patrol McGuinnese, Clarence R.
420826 OS2N-1 01342 VS1D13
NAS Sitka C A Risbee, Clark J. USA AK Port Conclusion Patrol Adams, David J.
420826 OS2N-1 01313 VS6D14
NAS Dutch Harbor ACC C Miller, W. L. USA AK Dutch Harbor


420830 OS2N-1 01306

NAS Sitka C A Sanderson, John P. USA AK Vicinity of Sitka Sound Operational Preston, Lewis J.
420914 OS2N-1 01324 VMS-3
MCAS St. Thomas C A Alexakos, Theodore N. Virgin Islands
Virgin Islands area Patrol Magy, John
420917 OS2N-1 01411 Ferry

F A Middletown, Robert L. USA GA Atlanta Ferry Flight

420921 OS2N-1 01373 VS2D10
NAS Guantanamo Bay KC A Mulroy, James F. CUB
Windward Point, 9mi from Section Tactics Chartier, Eugene J.
420930 OS2N-1 01246 VO-2

RACC A Joyce, E. P.

At sea Inner Air Patrol Allenby, J. L.
421001 OS2N-1 01415 VS2D12
NAS Alameda KC A Hodges, Jack USA CA Clear Lake Cross-country Training & Familiarization Jones, Dewayne
421004 OS2N-1 01409 VS2D15
NAS Coco Solo LAC B Kreller, Joseph L. Canal Zone
Fort Sherman Military Reservation, Camp Pina Gunnery Test Fraser, Harold J.
421008 OS2N-1 01326

MCAS St. Thomas FLoG A Booth, Philip E. Virgin Islands
Bourne Field, 4mi. E Operational Stewart, W.
421010 OS2N-1 01238 VO-3
USS New Mexico (BB-40) LAC A Wooten, Amos L.

USS New Mexico at sea Simulate Spotting Payne, D. E.
421013 OS2N-1 01316 VS1D13
NAS Kodiak ACC B Keenan, Edward J. Jr. USA AK NAS Kodiak Convoy Patrol Lawrence, Harry L.
421016 OS2N-1 01293 VS4D10
NAS Trinidad EA A Rehbery, Earl James

At sea Operational Sortie Mission Bibbo, Domenico N.
421017 OS2N-1 01403 VS2D15
NAS Coco Solo C A Merry, Leslie F. Canal Zone




421017 OS2N-1 01335 VS1D13
NAS Kodiak C A Sanderson, John P. Jr. USA AL Cape Fair Weather, 10mi. W Convoy Coverage Kennedy, Henry M.
421021 OS2N-1 01408 VS2D15
NAS Coco Solo KTOA B Paulson, Arthur N. Columbia
Cartagene Operational Moore, Peter J.
421105 OS2N-1 01266 VS1D15
NAS Coco Solo KC A Halladay, Robert Monroe Canal Zone
Canal Zone Depth Bomb Practice Wilson, James F.
421110 OS2N-1 01397 VS1D15
NAS Coco Solo LACWL B Neidl, Frank E. Jamaica
NAS Jamaica, 1mi. N Operational Fraser, Howard J.
421113 OS2N-1 01375 VS2D10
NAS Guantanamo Bay TAC C Young, H. S. CUB
NAS Quantanamo Bay Patrol McMullen, Thomas E.
421115 OS2N-1 01304 VS1D13
NAS Kodiak LAC B Voelker, Clyde T. H. USA AK Chichago Island, Port Althrop Scouting Normand, William F.
421120 OS2N-1 01321 VO-3
USS New Mexico (BB-40) MAC A Fuqua, Forney 0. USA
Oahu Island, Waianae Beach, 3mi.SE Mid-air collision with OS2N-1 #5365 Appel, George C.
421120 OS2N-1 01321 VO-3
USS New Mexico (BB-40) MAC C Wooten, Amos L. USA
Oahu Island, Waianae Beach, 3mi.SE Perhaps this entry is for #5365?

421122 OS2N-1 01308 VS1D13
NAS Kodiak MIS A Vuylsteke, Robert E. USA AK NAS Sitka, 290deg. 19mi. Patrol Hand, William E.
421127 OS2N-1 01443 VS2D15
NAS Coco Solo MIS A Brady, Thomas B. Canal Zone
Cristobal, 12mi. N Operational Booth, Edwin F. Jr.
421130 OS2N-1 01355 VS1D14
Samoa KC A Evans, Jack Courtland Hoorn Islands
Wallis Island Operational Staub, Stanley Harry
421215 OS2N-1 01482 VS7D14
NAS Alameda TAC C Nickerson, John Henry USA CA NAS Alameda Gunnery Practice Rirsch, N.
421219 OS2N-1 01305 VS1D13
NAS Kodiak KFL B Ingersoll, Henry Gurney USA AK Dundas Bay Patrol Sealing, George Wilbur
421219 OS2N-1 01307 VS1D13
NAS Kodiak LAC B Stobie, William R. USA AK Port Althrop Patrol Krasowich, Harold L.
421225 OS2N-1 01354 VO-3
USS New Mexico (BB-40) TACWL B Miller, W. E. Fiji
Saweni Beach Ferry Flight Dinterman, R. A.
421225 OS2N-1 01386 VCS-2
USS Memphis (CL-13) FLEF A Stearns, S. H. SOATL
03.20S x 21.53W Scouting Govier, J. W.
421229 OS2N-1 01245 VO-2
USS Tennessee (BB-43) FLW B Almquist, H. A. USA CA Macdoel Movement of aircraft Scharer, Dean E.
430108 OS2N-1 01387 VCS-2
USS Memphis (CL-13) LAC B Stearns, S. H. SOATL
02.50.03N x 23.27.05W Scouting Wright, I. W.
430118 OS2N-1 01427 VCS-3
USS Concord (CL-10) RACC A Carabee, Giles G. SWPAC
14.07S x 148.15W Scouting Pelham, W. F.
430130 OS2N-1 01474 VCS Det

KEA A Dobler, Joseph J. J. Solmon Islands
Guadalcanal-Tulagi Operation RINGBOLT - Search Petrick, Vernon L.
430131 OS2N-1 01289 VS1D10 (VS-63)
NAAF Antigua FLEF C Ohland, Otto A. III BWI
Antigua Ferry San Juan, P.R. to Antigua Miller, Charles F.
430223 OS2N-1 01458 VS3D10 (VS-44)
NAF Hato Field C A Ertz, Donald C. NWI
12.45N x 68.40W Utility - Message drop Franco, Maurice C.
430226 OS2N-1 01497 VS4D14 (VS-34)
NAS New York FL A
USA NY At sea


430320 OS2N-1 01505 VCS-10
USS Boston (CA-69) LACGL B Mengel, Arnold S. USA NY NAS New York Glide Bombing Practice Brown, Daniel C.
430321 OS2N-1 01486 VS-57
New Caledonia TOA D Kimball, Pierce M. New Caledonia
Noumea Harbor Patrol Blow, William T.
430324 OS2N-1 01503 VS-58
New Caledonia FLEF B Sessums, Walter SOPAC

Anti-Submarine Patrol Stem, Charles N.
430324 OS2N-1 01596 VO-5
USS Texas (BB-36) LAC B Chesley, F. R.

USS Texas at sea Patrol

430329 OS2N-1 01513 VCS-2
USS Omaha (CL-4) RACC A Rockwell, George C. SOATL
12.42S x 21.11W Scouting Cangeme, C. W.
430331 OS2N-1 01512 VCS-2
USS Omaha (CL-4) LAC B Crowe, John W. SOATL
11.20S x 21.13W Scouting Gilmore, J. R.
430403 OS2N-1 01239 VS-49
Afognak, AK C A Messenger, Keith B. USA AK Afognak Village, 6mi. NW Patrol Thomas, David Kenneth
430403 OS2N-1 01348 VS-63
NAS San Juan FLEF A Wood, Louis Puerto Rico
NAS San Juan Patrol Scott, C. E.
430408 OS2N-1 01317 VS-49
Sand Point, AK C A Erickson, Norman Webster USA AK Sand Point, 20mi. N Transport of Personnel

430420 OS2N-1 01493 VS-54
Guadalcanal MIS A Varnado, Alvin Laycester Solmon Islands
Guadalcanal, Henderson Field Operational Clein, Andrew S.
430427 OS2N-1 01276 SOSU-2
NAS Norfolk LACGL A Thompson, Raymond S. Jr. USA VA NAAS Chincoteaque Familiarization Street, Francis E.
430503 OS2N-1 01459 VS-44
Aruba C A Morse, Lloyd C. South America
Paraguay, Santa Rosa Mountain Anti-Submarine Sweep Kent, Wayne E.
430503 OS2N-1 01507 VO-5
USS Texas (BB-36) LACWL A Turner, William A.

USS Texas at sea Anti-Submarine Patrol Vaughan, Thomas J.
430503 OS2N-1 01312 VOS-1
USS Raleigh (CL-7) LAC A Chesquiere, G. D. NORPAC
USS Raleigh at sea Sector Search Gooch, W. J.
430516 OS2N-1 01419 VS-58
Efate LAC A Phelps, Walter W.

Efate Transport of Personnel

430516 OS2N-1 01423 VS-66
Wallis Island FLEF A Reading, Arthur George Hoorne Islands
Wallis Island Search Almond, Everett Hardin
430523 OS2N-1 01417 VO-6
USS Massachusetts (BB-59) TAC A Bolton, Frank H.

USS Massachusetts at sea Tow Sleeve for AA Firing Hardison, S. G.
430526 OS2N-1 01425 VCS-9
USS Trenton (CL-11) LAC B Kercheval, R. M.

USS Trenton at sea Gunnery Practice Dardani, P.
430601 OS2N-1 01236 VS-46
NAS San Pedro TOA B Shea, John L. USA CA NAS San Diego Gunnery Tow Kusick, John D.
430621 OS2N-1 01356 VS-51
NAS Astoria FLEF A Freel, Elmer L. USA OR 15mi off shore Reconnaissance Floch, Robert C.
430701 OS2N-1 01260

MCAS St. Thomas FLoG A Bonman, BWI
18.30N x 63.42W Operational Stearn,
430711 OS2N-1 01277 VCS-2
USS Cincinnati (CL-6) FLEF A Epes, Horace South America
Brazil, Off Ferrying

430716 OS2N-1 01265 VS-59
Advance Base ACC B Pouliot, Vernon L. South America
Advance Base Utility Hershey, C. C.
430720 OS2N-1 01378 VS-43
NAS Guantanamo Bay LAC C Andrews, Karney CUB
NAS Guantanamo Bay Patrol Pennington, J. W.
430720 OS2N-1 01388

NOB St. Thonas ACC C Hay, William P. Jr. BWI
Channel btwn Tortola & Just Van Duke Anti-Submarine Patrol

430802 OS2N-1 01345 VS-63
NAS San Juan LAC A Brewer, William A. SOATL
Mona Island Submarine Sweep Clements, John T.
430824 OS2N-1 01367 VO-7
USS Alabama (BB-60) C A Greenberg, Marvin Caribbean
USS Alabama at sea Observation Altice, P. W.
430910 OS2N-1 01431 VS-44
Aruba FLoG A Ponderberg, Harlan T. Caribbean
San Nicolas, Ardoa 1mi. W Anti-Submarine Patrol Harsh, Carles H.
430912 OS2N-1 01385

MCAS St. Thomas KC A Gabler, Walter Henry BWI
St. Croix, Christiansted, 3mi. NW Operational Reed, Merrell A.
430919 OS2N-1 01268

MCAS St. Thomas KTOA A Cordell, Howell BWI
St. Kitts Airport, 1/2mi. NW Anti-Submarine Patrol Schickerling, Alfred Theodore
430928 OS2N-1 01235

MCAS St. Thomas KC A Frantz, John H. BWI
St. Lucia Operational Dearborn, John H.
430929 OS2N-1 01449 VS-60
Jamaica KC A Priest, J. BWI
Jamaica, Portlake Point off Operational Farwell, W. R.
431002 OS2N-1 01450 VS-60
Jamaica C A Mills, Warren H. BWI
Jamaica, Portland Point, off Operational Coan, D. J.
431007 OS2N-1 01385

MCAS St. Thomas TOAGL C Blount, Newton B. BWI
MCAS St. Thomas Operational Bayless, Clarence H.
431025 OS2N-1 01430 VCS-3
USS Trenton (CL-11) RACC C Humes, Robert W.

USS Trenton at sea Utility Flight Cooper, J. M. H.
431026 OS2N-1 01503 VO-2
USS Tennessee (BB-43) KLAC A Chapman, Harry Powell

USS Tennessee at sea Operational Herren, William J.
431030 OS2N-1 01248 VO-6
USS North Carolina (BB-55) LAC A Roller, Frederick Harold

USS North Carolina at sea Operational Paseka, Stanley
431107 OS2N-1 01456 VS-44
NAF Hato Field LAC A Decker, Henry P. BWI
Curacao south of Anti-Submarine Patrol Varzaly, George
431109 OS2N-1 01496 VO-4
USS Colorado (BB-45) C A
USS Colorado at sea


431113 OS2N-1 01374 VS-43
NAS Guantanamo Bay TOA C McCann, Thomas P. CUB
Santigao Familiarization

431115 OS2N-1 01318 VS-49
NAS Dutch Harbor LAC C Theiling, Victor C. USA AK Akun Island, Surf Bay Convoy Coverage Rogers, H. S.
431202 OS2N-1 01462 VS-44
NAF Hato Field LAC C Bartholdi, John J. South America
Venezuela, LaGuaria Airport Anti-Submarine Patrol Larose, Calen R.
431203 OS2N-1 01349 VS-63
NAS San Juan LAC A Behringer, William E. Puerto Rico
NAS San Juan Training McGann, James A.
431204 OS2N-1 01442 VS-59 FAW-3 NAS Coco Solo LACGL C Watson, Robert E. Canal Zone
New France Field Scouting Dundas, Edwin C.
431206 OS2N-1 01350 VMS-3 3-MAW MCAS St. Thomas TOA D Shipp, Robert C. Virgin Islands
MCAS St. Thomas (Bourne Field) Training Dumore, Emerson K.
431222 OS2N-1 01253 Ferry
NAS Norfolk FLoG B Sunday, William G. USA GA Tallapoosa Ferry flew to New Orleans

431231 OS2N-1 01218 VS-39 FAW-12 Walker Cay TOA A Spelletich, Kalman BWI
Settlement Point Utility Flight to Walker Cay

440216 OS2N-1 01425 VS-59 FAW-3 NAS Coco Solo FLEF A Hunt, Thomas M. Canal Zone
9.28N x 075.56W Convoy Coverage Payne, Sidney D.
440217 OS2N-1 01303 VS-56 FAW-4 NAS Attu ACC D Harrison, Arthur F. USA AK Western Aleutians Patrol Williams, L. 0.
440217 OS2N-1 01228 VS-49 FAW-4 Otter Point C A Jernigan, J. F. USA AK Chugadak Island Search for missing personnel Shackellford, V. V.
440215 OS2N-1 01311 VS-56 FAW-4 NAS Attu TAC B Morgan, Joseph Eugene USA AK Western Aleutians Patrol Norman, Melvin Graham
440324 OS2N-1 09443 Test
NAS Norfolk DTC C Young, F. M. USA VA NAS Norfolk Test after Overhaul Conner, M. J.
440328 OS2N-1 01301 VS-45
NAS Guantanamo Bay FLEF A Raymond, Blane Alan CUB
NAS Guantanamo Bay, 25mi. W Navigation Training Flight Cooley, Jackson Worrell
440429 OS2N-1 01264 VO-6
USS North Carolina (BB-55) TAC A
Truk Island vicinity Search & Rescue

440502 OS2N-1 01509 VO-7
USS Iowa (BB-61) ACC C


USS Iowa at sea Deck accident Reeder, W. E.
440514 OS2N-1 01289

NAS Norfolk MAC
Ellis, Charles E. USA VA NAS Norfolk target area. 2mi S of target Navigation Flight

440605 OS2N-1 014xx VS-48

LACGL C Horten, David A. USA AK Yakutat Airfield Ferry Flight Ballachey, W. G.
440612 OS2N-1 01329 VO-
USS Houston (CL-81) TOA A Kuntz, Deanell Robert Mariana Islands
USS Houston at sea near Saipan Rescue Mission Elebs, Raymond Gerard Peterson, N. E.
440714 OS2N-1 01331 VS-56

KC A Kost, Kemper Joy USA AK Kasatochi Island Patrol Morkin, Ray Lester
440724 OS2N-1 01448 VCS-2
USS Memphis (CL-13) TAC A Brastow, T. A. SOATL
06.45S x 23.15W Submarine Search Godin, H. R.
440802 OS2N-1 01388 VCS-17
USS Pasadena (CL-65) LAC B Brownfield, R. W.

USS Pasadena at sea Ferry & Acceptance Flight Schley, L. L.
440807 OS2N-1 01340 VCS-1
USS Detroit (CL-8) RACC B Holladay, J. M.

USS Detroit at sea Gunnery spotting for Battleship Greisman, H. L.
440811 OS2N-1 01216 VO-10
USS Missouri (BB-63) TOA C Mahoney, William T. USA VA Chesapeake Bay Transport Mail Livingston, Lawless T.
440813 OS2N-1 01438 VCS-1
USS Detroit (CL-8) ACC A






440821 OS2N-1 01265 VCS-17
USS Vicksburg (CL-86) LAC A Hana, Mark Norman Caribbean
Barbados, Carisle Bay Navigation Training (Card says #01265 or# 01255) Oates, William Wyatt
440911 OS2N-1 01499 VO-9
USS South Dakota (BB-57) LAC C Church, J. W.

USS South Dakota at sea Photographic Flight Zalkend, S.
440914 OS2N-1 01479 VCS-13
USS Santa Fe (CL-60) ACC A
USS Santa Fe at sea Non-combat mission

440914 OS2N-1 01412 VO-2
USS Tennessee (BB-43) C A
USS Tennessee at sea


440914 OS2N-1 01409 VCS-10
USS Boston (CA-69) RACC A Crutzmacher, Charles E. PHI
USS Boston off south coast of Philippines Rescue Mission

440920 OS2N-1 01488 VCS-5
USS Pensacola (CA-24) LAC A Williams, J. J.

USS Pensacola at sea Anti-Submarine Patrol Sharp, H. L.
441005 OS2N-1 01426 VS-70

LACGL B Freeman, Allen H. USA AK NAS Kodiak Patrol Kaponyas, Alex L.
441029 OS2N-1 01420 VO-7
USS Iowa (BB-61) KLACC A Riggins, A. J.

USS Iowa at sea


441118 OS2N-1 01237 VS-56

FLEF A Klockenkemper, Joseph B. USA AK Western Aleutians Patrol Verding, Richard T. Jr.
441201 OS2N-1 01424 VCS-17
USS Pasadena (CL-65) RACC A Brownfield, R. W.

USS Pasadena at sea Gunnery Observation Jones, D. F.
441223 OS2N-1 01346 VCS-2
USS Memphis (CL-13) RACC B Mathis, Kenneth J.

USS Memphis at sea Training Ship & Aviation Personnel Diaz, Manuel A.
450121 OS2N-1 01343

USS Astoria (CA-34) ACC A
USS Astoria at sea Non-combat mission

450221 OS2N-1 01510 VCS-17
USS Wilkes Barre (CL-103) FLEF A Collins, V. W. JPN
USS Wilkes Barre off Iwo Jima Spotting Naval Gunfire at Iwo Jima Smith, C. W.
450224 OS2N-1 01447 VCS-2
USS Omaha (CL-4) LACC A Wood, Thomas A.

USS Omaha at sea Operational Mezzatesta, Joseph R.
450307 OS2N-1 01444 VCS-10
USS Quincy (CA-71) RACC A Francis, William J. Caribbean
21.56N x 74.48W Torpedo Runs for Ships Radar & Detection Mesnard, Kenneth E.
450314 OS2N-1 01441 VCS-2
USS Cincinnati (CL-6) FELF A Schaack, F. A.

USS Cincinnati at sea Test Flight Phoere, F. R.
450328 OS2N-1 01490 VCS-13
USS Boloxi (CL-80) ACC A
USS Bolxi, Okinawa area


450406 OS2N-1 01416 VO-6
USS North Carolina (BB-55) RACC A Oliver, Almon P. JPN
27.5.4N x 129E Rescue Mission Means, Eldon Emmett
450424 OS2N-1 01465 VO-2
USS Tennessee (BB-43) ACC A


USS Tennessee at sea Search

450425 OS2N-1 01473 VCS-1
USS Trenton (CL-11) LAC B Hailstrom, Gordon M. USA AK Bering Sea Familiarization Rossi, Joseph W.
450426 OS2N-1 01407 VCS-2
USS Marblehead (CL-12) LAC C Metzger, F. C.

USS Marblehead at sea Returning to ship

450501 OS2N-1 01393

USA AK North Pacific Non-combat mission

450505 OS2N-1 o1475 CASU(F) Pool



450528 OS2N-1 01380 VN8D5
NAF Annapolis ACC C Kiess, Norman J. USA MD NAF Annapolis Familiarization

450627 OS2N-1 01504 SOSU-1/VCS-6
USS San Francisco FLEF A Whispell, Raymond J. USA HI 20.58N x 157.14W Spotting, Kahoolawe Island Small, J. M.
450804 OS2N-1 01454 VN8D5
NAF Annapolis TAC A Clark, G. W. USA MD NAF Annapolis Instruction, Midshipman Indoctrination Training Crump, F. L.
450903 OS2N-1 01372 VN8D5
NAF Annapolis TAC C Centner, Richard L. USA MD Severn River Training

450909 OS2N-1 01341

USS Richmond (CL-9) LAC A Melton, Ben L. JPN
Ominato Bay, Honshu Dusk Patrol Collins, H. C.

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