Memorial Case Study

This is presented to give a sample of what can be done to create a memorial of a crash site.

AAIR set up a memorial for Warren Olsen who, on 24 May 44, was killed in crash 9 miles east of Annapolis, CA while flying P-38J s/n 43-28859.

Initiating the Project

AAIR learned that a property owner was looking to have a "mess" (the P-38 wreck) cleaned up from his property. On a neighbor's property, scrappers had cleaned up a B-24 wreck in the 1950's. We contacted the owner and offered to do it at no charge if AAIR could decide what would be done with the wreckage after the recovery.

Wing flap (left) and engine (right).

Aft section of canopy and cockpit.

Turbo charger Turbo charger and wing section
Impact point Another view of the impact point


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