B-23 Dragon s/n 39-052
29 JAN 43
Loon Lake ID


Special Thanks to Richard H. Holm Jr. for sending these pictures.

 Freeborg family via Richard Holm Jr.


The two photos in the row above are taken in July 2002. When compare them with the two photos on the right and below, you can see how much it has collapsed. While the fuselage was damaged (the small holes in the side), it was structurally strong and one could walk through it. On the inside it looked and felt like an airplane, while it is possible to still craw through it, it has lost it's "feel." An interpretive sign was placed at the crash site, which was something that was needed so that hikers could learn the true story of the crash, it would have been nice if they had also reinforce the fuselage after removing the bulkheads.

Thanks to Dave Wheeler for this 3D rendering. It was compiled from PAP (Pole Aerial Photography) photos taken during the TIGHAR 2009 survey.
Click and drag the image to rotate the plane.

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