Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress
B-17C s/n 40-2047
2 NOV 1941
Tells Peak, 25 east of Georgetown CA


The very top picture and the picture to the right are before the damage which took place sometime between August and November 2002. The photo to the left and just above this text is after the damage, compare it to the left arrows in the picture above it. In the photo just above and to the right, compare it to the right arrows in the very uppermost picture as well as the picture below and to the right.


This is the aft, or trailing edge of the wing.


In the two photos below you can see the before and after of the trailing edge of the right wing (the wing section landed upside down)


The photos below show the front, or leading edge of the wing. The first and third rows show the plane before the damage with red lines showing where it was cut. The two photos in the middle row are close ups of either side after the damage.

Thanks to Monte Hendricks for sending AAIR the photos of the damage.

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